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“Kumar Exclusive, has been painstakingly talking about the H1-B violations, and how ‘desi’ consulting companies have been abusing the American immigration laws for decades. I hope enough people are watching this channel and waking up to the fact that most Indians’ lives in America are far from rosy, and how desperation and greed can lead them into a rabbit hole (the murky world of Indian Incs, Vendors, Prime Vendors, and their various ‘layers’), which offers no respite or hope. It’s all the more heartening to know that an Indian is talking about ethics, morality, and doing the right thing, because — and there’s no other way to put it — Indians aren’t the most moral lot. People can of course point towards the social and economic realities as the reasons for our dishonesty, but here’s the thing: What’s wrong is wrong. Which is why it’s so heartening to see an Indian not mince words and talk about this underground industry, which has taken an economic and mental toll on tens of thousands of Indians, particularly young graduates, who can do better in life than fake resumes, stage interviews, dupe employers. It is because cheating comes naturally to Indians and If you don’t cheat, society will treat you as an imbecile who never grew up.
KE YouTube channel, in particular, was a great source of help for many investigative journalists to investigate further or write books on H1-B topics.”

This is how KE is helpful not only to several Indian victims in the USA/India but also displaced Americans/unemployed locals to know the truth and several Dream America aspirants across the globe for not to pit fall into the trap of brokers while searching for jobs in the USA.

The above is written by Tanul to KE on Thursday‎, ‎March‎ ‎09‎, ‎2017‎ ‎07‎:‎20‎:‎14‎ ‎AM‎ ‎EST.

KE has no friends, not associated with any placement agencies or educational agencies either in India or US. Someone from Illinois USA is NOT KE’s friend. Basically, he is a hater. Please ignore him or report. Secondly, h1b at USA email id operated by a Hindu converted Christian person from Boston MA USA who claimed that he was friend to KE is false and not associated with KE. He charged several subscribers H-1Bs fees and none of them got the money back. KE has no friends so do not pay any money to anyone if they refer KE name. Please report to local police if you have any threats from haters. Do not hesitate and send the same copy to KE. Several Indians in the USA are trolling KE and others. KE ignore them but if you want to report about those Indians haters like social forums, please go ahead and report to FBI. Several Telugu Indian youtubers in the USA are also attacking KE, careful with their misguidance on career or H-1B. Caution: do not pay any money to anyone for admissions to UNIV and jobs or visas to USA. Collecting money for h1b visas is crime and paying also. Report to local police in India if anyone asking for H-1B fees, visa is free.

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