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Sender wrote in Telugu.

Indians IQ is very low, we or they treat broker as GODs.

My replies: you should understand one point.

800,000 bodyshops- whoever support them become super rich and famous
The 12 Best Recruitment Agencies in Vancouver [2023 ]

Yes Kumar

People are too worst
When someone speaks reality.
Everything in India is injected as a drug
Caste, region
In professional groups also,
They use vulgar words (Ms teams)
One of my friend who is working in Wipro said
English is not necessary
Telugu or Hindi is enough to sustain.
Caste in India is dangerous than gun culture in USA.

An American Recruiter call a day keeps the Desi layer away.

By reading this lines, I got laugh
No where, no one will get American recruiters call
Just imagine, how many bodyshops 
Each bodyshop, hundreds of people working in India, night shifts 
Indian outsourcing companies formed a layer for all top companies. 
To get direct American client job 
Same like your situation 
2010 story 
First you need to join in some consultancy than you will be communicating with client. 
Client will offer full time job 
If you have gc than life is green 
Having GC also 
Not like that girl 
GC person need to mingle with everyone 
One call in 1000’s of recruiter calls will be American recruiter call 
Almost, all Indians change names to American
I saw a name 
I thought American 
He is Indian recruiter who changed name. 
In America, software is scam
GC, USc citizen also 
It’s difficult to face Indians. 
Corrupted hiring managers
Almost all criminals in USA 
If you are lucky, you will get American recruiters calls 
USA is for criminals 
In this layoffs also, 
Mostly Americans are fired and they will hire cheap Indians as a cost cutting. 
H1B is scam which allowed everyone to do crime legally in USA. 
You said about one person  he got job from mechanical 
In other fields, somehow you can get 
If you try hardly 
In software, no choice 
I said above 
Join consultancy 
Get a job 
Kick everyone 
If you have GC
There will be one percent hope in getting that kind of American job 
Every Indian will be happy with 5000$ monthly 
Staying in USA. 
In India, they need to beg 
To clean America 
America need to deport all Indians back 
Who entered USA from 1990
Which is impossible. 
Everyone comparing apples to oranges

If you give 1000$ or 1500$

For Indian in America
He will be happy
Just Indian need to be alive in USA
Back home hype
If he comes to India than need to beg on streets
So everyone will die in USA
Will be happy with that less dollars by multiplying 82.
If you noble prize also
They won’t return India
If father CM or ambani
Than will return to India
Hawai chappal, red bus batch begging in USA
India lo BMW, Nike vunta
America vadaa vastadu India ki
Indians need money
Remaining everything is bullshit drama
Better not to listen Indian stories
Reality money
What they speak
Parents, emotional attachment
If someone is that emotional
In first place, he don’t get a thought to leave India
Plane akka varakaa india, Indian
Than USA dollars
It’s better to forget who boarded flight to USA.

Indians = Dongalanjodukulu  , langalu

Brokerism okataa vastadii Indians ki
Cheating also
Talent anadi zero
Indians anywhere
Animals are much better than Indians.
America is a soft country



I opened myvisa jobs website
I saw Tcs, Infosys  ,IBM
Reviews are too bad
Vulgar language
Many people attached website links to expose the cheating they underwent
Mostly Telugu reviews.
Kumar will say aim of  $50,$100 hourly

Indian students version
Part time $5,$10 hourly
You are in USA for MS and to get good jobs $50,$100 hourly
Indian students :
No, We are in USA for $5,$10 hourly part time jobs.



Welcome to America

People thinks that it is a land of opportunities, but it is also a land of replacement and displacement. Be prepared for everything or anything.


This is what I do whenever I lose h1b
 My own experience
He or h1b has to follow this model

60 Days Clock Over-Kumar’s caution to 90,000 Laidoff H-1Bs || Kumar Exclusive


GM about to kick out 38,000 employees who worked more than 5 plus years with them across 25 centers.

GM offers buyouts to ‘majority’ of U.S. salaried workers https://cnb.cx/3YuhPsp


  • Some people are writing to me about FAQs for US IT JOB MARKET. This page is for those followers to know about IT market.

What do you do in India? Offshore

What do you do in USA? Onsite

Here you go:

  • Do not go for PMP/Scrum master/BA/QA/Manual Testing etc. – It has no job market and mostly Americans are very good at PMP/Scrum master jobs. 
  • You’re here for highly skilled IT jobs so if you are lazy looking for non IT easy jobs, then market is very limited. 
  • Types of Work permits: F1 OPT, F1 CPT, Day1CPT, H4 EAD, L2S, L2EAD, GC EAD, TN, E3, GC, USC people can apply without any layers.(who is a layer, layer is a resume supplier to the end client or a broker or illegal broker to another resume supplier)  
  • The below is a picture speaks volumes for you.
  • https://kumarexclusive.com/50layers/
  • H-1Bs from consultancies can work only in corp-corp model
  • H-1Bs from Indian outsourcing companies cannot apply jobs like this as they’re tied-up with their H-1B petitioners(Outsourcing companies) unless leave them and get a New H-1B work permits with new employers.
  • Some followers asked me, is it possible to get a job in Embedded Systems or VLSI etc. – It is NOT easy to get those jobs if you are on H-1B with Consultancies as no recruiters take your resume for such IT jobs. 
  • You have to bargain with vendors like demand vs supply rates. If you ask $100 an hour, they will come to $80 an hr. If you ask $50, they will pay $25 an hr. This is while bargain with vendors while submitting the resumes.(If you are from India or outside USA, you must have a US format style resume otherwise recruiters considered you do not have US experience and reject your resume on the spot). Example if you work 10 years in India, you write the client names but not the employer names on the resumes so that you do not need FAKE your resume like other Indians. Majority fake the resumes here to get a job very easily. If you’re honest, you do not need to fake it.
  • Newly arriving into USA- watch these videos
  • Kumar’s Tips for job search: F1 H1B H4EAD, GC & USC || Kumar Exclusive
  • Video on “How to get a first job – USA?”. EDU-Epi 9 Kumar Exclusive


Another video is:



HOW TO MARKET YOUR RESUME?|H1B-Episode 70 || Kumar Exclusive

Job Search Tips:


If you have L2S or L2EAD or GC or USC, apply directly to these kind of jobs to top 10 American prime vendors job sites.

The below are today’s samples of US IT JOB market, rates etc.

Recruiters send emails for candidates like this below.

Job Title : Office 365 Engineer

Duration: 1 Year

Location: Hybrid partially Onsite In (AUBURN HILLS, MI)


Only US Citizens & Green Card

Rate Is $35-40/Hr on W2 All INC


Job Description:

The Office365 Engineer position is part of advanced digital workplace services team to support implementing and rolling out VWGOA Office365 and all of its related core technologies including AAD, Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, AAD Connect, Federation, guest users, Intune and Viva

Work closely with the Office 365 architect and other team members to provision Office365 applications, security configurations, and business functions identified in the project

Execute migration and implementation plans to deploy Office 365 solutions and migrate environments from on premise systems to Office 365

Develop and update scripts for the office 365 applications roll out and maintenance

Develop and maintain technical documentation related to functional architecture, security architecture, application and data integrations, process flows etc.

Administrator, update and support Office 365 policies and configuration, provide technical enhancements and bug fixes as needed for Office365 applications

Manage, order and optimize Office365 licenses

Develop and maintain technical documentation related to configuration, usage, troubleshooting, etc. for Office365 environments

Manage and monitor Office365 services and message center for and incident, upcoming updates and releases

Highest level of escalation for support and troubleshooting in resolving problems and responding to Office365 tickets.

+5 years of Office365 administration experience

Expertise with Office Azure.

Expert in PowerShell scripting

Expertise of Office Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, tenant configuration, federation, and related M365 Admin Centers

Expertise in developing, maintaining and contributing to technical and process documentation.

Enterprise administrator expert MS101

Advance to expert Microsoft graph API, Power app and automation

Job Title: SR Manager Automation

Location: Remote

Duration: 6 Months Contract

 Define the product strategy and roadmap, including alignment to vendor support and product roadmaps, as well as to emerging employee use cases.

Enable the anywhere workforce by enabling modern management, endpoint analytics, remote provisioning/onboarding, and remote-support capabilities.

Oversee automation-oversee deployment as well, Microsoft endpoint management, in-tune

Business Process and Global processes and cultures

Working with Depot, HR teams new hires, supply

Deployment experience, onboarding tasks, and experience Day 1 readiness

Business-results orientation. Seeks to understand business needs and works to anticipate, identify, and meet end-user needs.

Tech Savvy. Ability to quickly learn, implement and utilize new technologies.

Analytical and problem solving. Combines and organizes information into meaningful patterns; identifies underlying relationships, causes and effects; and combines pieces of information to form conclusions or general rules.

Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to work across business lines at senior levels to influence and effect change to achieve common goals.

Automation exp using Microsoft Manager to build auto work flows for automation, imaging, of devices

Technical experience, communication skills ability to work with global cultures and regions

fast-paced environment, complex and needs organizational and structure skills

Experience with MS Intune mgmt, SCCM experience with managing (Mobile, Virtual, hardware devices)

Has a clear End point management perspective and experience for large Global environment across many regions and countries including outside the US

Comfortable in a diverse environment dealing with different cultures and priorities

Technically sound, willing to learn end point mgmt. for a large organization

Good organizational skills and has the ability to function is an fast pace, complex environment



Continuously analyze hardware configurations to ensure the best end user experience for all J&J end users.

Organizational Leadership to manage and develop the team supporting management and deployment of physical end user devices.

Maintain responsible services to the highest level of quality and the best price point.

Work with hardware partners to ensure proper inventory of PCs for Consumer globally

Lead the PC lifecycle management (PCLM), break fix and new hire processes

Manage the budget and purchase orders for PCLM globally

Delivery of in-scope services per current SOPs and approved OLAs/SLAs.

Ensure services are delivered in a quality manner and in compliance with all corporate and standard operating procedures and processes using Metrics, Compliance Checks and Reports.

Partner with key stakeholders to ensure testing and preparation for new and updated releases and been conducted.

Lead the deployment of Windows/Office/3rd Party application & security patches

Define the product strategy and roadmap, including alignment to vendor support and product roadmaps, as well as to emerging employee use cases.

Consistently determine how to maximize business value from product.

Closely monitor vendor’s roadmap, release notes and feature sets.

Support the analysis of business processes and functional requirements of the product.

Work closely with automation, virtualization, device strategy and mobile service teams, as well as service-delivery and operations

Represent the product and communicate benefits to external partners and stakeholders

Manage product dependencies and identify opportunities to streamline processes.

Maintaining continuity of digital workplace technology and simplifying IT administration to enable the anywhere workforce.

Monitor, manage and report on usage and impact of the product within the digital workplace.

Mange annual capital and expense budget for these services.

Enable the anywhere workforce by enabling modern management, endpoint analytics, remote provisioning/onboarding, and remote-support capabilities.

Ensure alignment with requirements that support onsite, hybrid and remote workstyles.

Ensure endpoint diversity support by examining solutions that support critical capabilities on emerging endpoint platforms (Linux, Chrome OS).

Work closely with ISRM on future-state integration and expanded security with Microsoft Endpoint Protection integration

 Technical areas of responsibility:

PC Operating System

Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) and Integration with Azure AD

Windows co-management and cloud-native management

Windows Autopilot and post provisioning automation

SCCM platform for ServerOS Patch Management

Integration with ServiceNow (IT service and asset management, ODS)

Provide leadership for local, regional and/or global projects and activities undertaken by IT in support of its mission as opportunities arise. Achieve specific target goals on time and within specifications.


BA/BS required and degree in STEM field preferred

8+ years relevant technology experience

2+ organizational/people management

Prior experience leading teams of direct reports and/or MSP resources

Demonstrated experience managing enterprise IT services, technical products, or projects

Ability to multi-task with solid analytical and problem-solving skills

Ability to organize priorities and act with a sense of urgency when necessary.

Industry best practice knowledge of Windows OS, automation, and deployment.

Ability to troubleshoot advanced Windows problems in a complex desktop environment.

Proven understanding of automation scripting using Powershell in Windows.

Knowledge of Endpoint analytics tools and processes

Hardware troubleshooting capabilities to enable global deployments

Understanding of ITIL concepts, including IT change management

Experience with enterprise ITSM platforms, preferably ServiceNow

Deep technical expertise in systems and endpoint management technologies and end-user-computing cloud services.

Proven track record of taking ownership and successfully delivering results in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

Experience creating technology roadmaps and considering business requirements

Experience driving technology adoption and reporting on workplace technology adoption

Digital workplace tool management expertise: management tools, techniques, monitoring, and integration

Experience with configuration management, identity and access management, active directory, desktop virtualization, collaboration platforms and other cloud-based services

Experience with a continuous engineering or other agile methods to keep pace with frequent changes and to reduce complexity

Experience using automation to drive continuous improvement

Working knowledge of how machine learning (ML) can enhance automation


Pragmatic and detail oriented. Consistently takes a thorough, accurate, organized, and productive approach.

Deep technical expertise across multiple disciplines of both traditional and cloud computing

Always takes holistic systems view, evaluating and comparing all potential short- and long-term options to achieving desired business outcome and enable optimal JNJ future state

Always designs, develops, and measures our services with a “best in class” mindset

Responds objectively to challenge or pushback, never lets ego get in the way of doing what’s best for JNJ

Guides, mentors, and develops individuals on direct team and across the group

Acts as a role model for continuous learning

Is a major asset in driving a results-oriented culture across the teams in our area

Influence. Ability to gain agreement and support for ideas and initiatives.

Business-results orientation. Seeks to understand business needs and works to anticipate, identify, and meet end-user needs.

Tech Savvy. Ability to quickly learn, implement and utilize new technologies.

Analytical and problem solving. Combines and organizes information into meaningful patterns; identifies underlying relationships, causes and effects; and combines pieces of information to form conclusions or general rules.

Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to work across business lines at senior levels to influence and effect change to achieve common goals.

Communications. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Enablement mindset. The ability to focus on empowering and ensuring that employees have the motivation and knowledge to fully exploit IT-supplied technology.

Change Management. The ability to effectively guide and sustain change in a dynamic and complex operating environment.

Leadership. The ability to build teams, balance team and individual responsibilities and achieve goals through others not directly under the leader’s supervision.

Strategic thinking. Does not shy away from big ideas.

Flexibility. Willing to roll up the sleeves and help, or diving into details when necessary.

Digital dexterity. The ability to learn and utilize digital workplace technologies to catalyze new ways of work.

Vision. The ability to see and explain how the users can realize maximum value from technology to improve employee experience and engagement.

Title: Cloud Security Architect
Type: Contract to Hire (6-9 months) or Long-Term/Open Ended Contract
Location: Remote & 3x per week onsite in Midtown NYC (Madison Avenue) or Clinton NJ (Tuesday-Thursday)
Rate: $95-$103anHr W2 on Contract – Salary Conversion: $197k base + 20% yearly bonus

This role requires a strong technical understanding of all security domains to help secure a large-scale IT environment (including Cloud), focusing on maturing the ability to protect assets and applications with applying controls around the four pillars of prevent, detect, respond and remediate.


– Looking for a hands on Architect.
– Looking for someone who can help continue to build their cloud security practice with a focus on AWS (Azure is a major plus).
– Need strong knowledge of Network Security/ Infrastructure Security
– Ideal Certifications: CISSP/CCSP (SABSA is a major plus)
– Frameworks: NIST/CIS & Standards (OAuth)
– Tools: Kubernetes, Docker

Product Security Engineer/ Application Security Engineer role with one of our top clients. Some details about the role are below, and if you OR someone you know would be interested, please feel free to contact me

AWS/ Cloud Experience
Device Testing Experience, Hands of Experience with Devices of Any Kind, or Medical Device Experience, or Experience Testing on Product

PERM W2 Role- No Corp 2 Corp- Must be able to work W2
$140k-165k per year Salary 

Are you Looking for Visa sponsorship for H1?

Are you  OPT, CPT, STEM OPT, H4-EAD? We (consultancy name removed).  is filing H1-B’s this year,

if you are interested please do let me know ASAP,

most of the people who got  H1 are who applied multiple application. You can do 2 or 3 applications for more chances to pick your H1. We got succeeded by doing this. (if you have your employer also, you can file with us. IT’S legal to file multiple.)

Our Head of the Office is Siri Info Solutions.

you can check our website .

we do have 1800+ Own H1-B Consultants on our Payroll and we do have 19+ Sister companies, and we have 60+clients to get multi projects throughout the years.

We are large in IT Industry we will get into the Job within 2 weeks,

We work with Direct clients and prime vendors as well

  • Majority of the Indians apply for the above jobs if they know technically 50% of the job requirement. rest of the 50% they will learn on the job
  • Some apply for jobs without knowing 100% of the job requirement. Such people telephone and skype interviews will be attending by fellow Indians for $2000 rate and proxy job support for $2000 a month etc. if they get fired, they will repeat this cycle. Careful at job if you come across such people because they threaten you at work presuming that you will find about them and will report about them to manager. If manager is corrupt, you’re gone.
  • So recruiters need a resume with the above job requirements fully copied into your resume otherwise recruiters will NOT submit your resume to the USA client. Ofcourse hiring managers also will not short-list your resume if you do not have those job requirements in your resume.


see the job list at onsite- for consultants

The Telecommunication Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) consults multinational corporations and government agencies regarding their cybersecurity posture, as well as advising executive leadership teams, advisory boards, and boards of directors through cybersecurity incidents and strategic planning.
As a member of this world-class team of consultants located across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC you will be a part of a group that leads thousands of cybersecurity investigations and other proactive engagements while annually authoring the industry-leading Data Breach Investigations Report and Data Breach Digest going back to their inception in 2008.

What you’ll be doing:
• Working remotely (with occasional travel) in the continental U.S. as an integral part of a global response team.
• Leading and supporting complex engagements with a variety of clients across a wide range of
business silos.
• Leveraging diverse methodologies to investigate cybersecurity incidents, which may include ongoing breach investigations, privacy issues, and non-compliance matters in order to provide an impact assessment and remediation recommendations to clients.
• Producing high-quality oral and written work products to present complex technical matters,
clearly and concisely, to a variety of stakeholders.
You’ll need to have:
• Four years of relevant digital forensic, cyber intrusion and incident response work experience, or similar.
• A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university (may be substituted for additional years of
relevant work experience).
• Ability to function in a dynamic environment, managing multiple priorities and deadlines.
• Ability to make recommendations to remediate complex security threats.
• Ability to synthesize data from multiple sources and present concise, relevant information to a non-technical audiences.
• Excellent communication skills with the ability to present to a variety of audiences.
• Ability to set and manage competing expectations and priorities with technical and senior stake- holders.
• Well-developed analytic, qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills
• Demonstrated creative problem-solving abilities and ability to share knowledge with colleagues.
• Possess a valid driver’s license.
• Willingness to Travel; Comfort with intermittent periods of significant travel, evening and weekend hours.
• A valid Passport. This can be obtained after position acceptance.
• One or more technical certifications in areas such as incident handling, forensic analysis, reverse malware engineering or forensic tool-specific training.
• Experience with…
o Developing and managing incident response programs
o Network infrastructure and communication protocols
o Packet capture and TCP/UDP traffic flow analysis
o System and network log analysis
o Programing or scripting languages(such as Python, PowerShell, etc.) in an incident handling environment.
o Advanced understanding of computer exploitation methodologies.
o Current information security solutions and technologies, including network and host-based products
o Implementing NIST information security guidelines
o Using forensic tools such as EnCase, FTK, Sleuth Kit, Volatility, Axiom, Cellebrite, Black Light, X-Ways, or similar.
o Experience with SIEM, EDR, IDS, and DLP technologies.
o Memory and volatile data analysis.
o Knowledge in enterprise cloud infrastructure (AWS, G-Suite, O365, Azure, etc.)
o Command line tooling (grep, sed, awk, PowerShell, etc.)
o Conducting security assessments, penetration testing or ethical hacking.
o Managing day-to-day aspects of privileged and confidential customer relationships
o Managing remote engagements with a variety of remote communication methods (video conferencing, telephonically and chat-based platforms).
• An advanced degree in a relevant field of study.
• Interest in authoring industry thought articles on technical and non-technical topics.
• Law enforcement, military intelligence, investigative or professional security services background preferred, but not required.

Title: System Engineer
Location: MD; Bethesda(Hybrid)
Duration: 12+ months (CTH)
PR Range: $50 – $60 /hr. Employee benefits include, but are not limited to, health insurance (medical, dental, vision), 401(k) plan, and paid sick leave (depending on work location).

Job Description:

Leads workgroups and/or functions as a technical expert. Resolves and makes decisions on more complex, non-routine service requests with limited to moderate risk.
Performs research, analysis, design, creation and implementation of applications to meet current and future user requirements.
Directs Service Providers to modify and maintain existing applications to address changes in business processes.
Ensures Service Providers achieve contracted service delivery outcomes.
Collaborate and prioritize working with Security,
Monitors multiple projects by Service Provider to successful completion, maintaining scope within the time

• 8-10 years’ experience in information technology application development and support
• Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience/certification Preferred
• Graduate degree
• 8+ years’ domain expertise relevant to supported business function; Industry and competitive landscape knowledge
• Experience in creating business presentations and communications documentation.
• Experience in guiding and advising others
. • Experience in working with varied architectural concepts, principles, and tools relevant to infrastructure, information, applications, organizational structure, etc.
• Knowledge of emerging technologies (new to the *** Environment as well as those that are new to the information systems industry)
. • Technology certifications
• Technology leadership experience in a sourced environment CORE



• 8+ years’ Information Technology infrastructure engineering experience that includes 3+ years supporting business services running in the public cloud
• Undergraduate degree in computer sciences or related field or equivalent education, certifications, and experience.
• 4+ years’ experience in two or more of the following
o Public Clouds
Amazon Web Services (AWS) / EC2
Microsoft Azure
o Private Cloud Infrastructure
VMware / vRealize / VMware Integrated OpenStack
Endpoint Technologies
Network Security Technologies such as Next Gen Firewalls, SASE
Cloud Security for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS offerings
• 2+ years direct team management or team lead role implementing T1 controls
• 3+ Years in automation
• Experience in creating business presentations and communications documentation.
• Experience in guiding and advising.
• Experience in working with varied architectural concepts, principles, and tools relevant to infrastructure, information, applications, organizational structure, etc.
• Knowledge of emerging technologies (new to the *** Environment as well as those that are new to the information systems industry).
• Technology certifications
• create a configuration benchmark to approve and implement new system components on *** Assets
• Stand-up test lab environment for development and maintenance of baseline configurations
• Experience with Central vCenter & ESXi Licensing
• vCenter out of band management plugins
• Replacement field technology where standard compliance is required
• Oversee experience in a sourced environment


What do recruiters expect from you in a resume?

Resume should be USA format – For Indians – 7 pages and For Americans – it is only One page.

Here are the samples for your reference.

Indians resumes: Srinivas Kandepi_Artech (1)

Americans resumes: type in Google, US citizens one page resume


Majority of the recruitment is taking place from India especially H-1B Consultancies. So they do not take one page resume unless you have 7 pages with US 10+ years IT experience. It is their managers told them so. They do not select one page resumes but they pretend to be Americans with fake American names and email ids with Indian accent. Avoid submitting to such people as it goes in circles and goes no where. Submit only to American prime vendors or prime vendors to the clients.

Do not submit your resumes to Indian outsorucing companies as prime vendors as they eat your money and also expect to be at onsite 24x7x365

For public awareness: All Indian outsourcing companies in India are doing a simple LLC resume supplier broker job in the USA for local 1/H-1Bs/L2EADs/GC/USC by inserting one or two more illegal layers mostly sharing salaries of contractors with their companies HR and Delivery managers in the USA.

Only in India, people feel proud of those who get campus placement during BTECH by these companies. In reality they pay very less wages in India or USA and expect to work 24x7x365.

“KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Infosys is just like a staffing agency similar to Kelly, Adecco, Aeroteck which only specializes in IT services. It is not a product based company. Usually, Americans say it is a chop-shop company.” this is what a subscriber wrote from Canada.

Today, the same JD(job description) sent 100s of recruiters. Do not submit your resume. Google it, who is the prime vendor of this jd and submit it to Prime Vendors only.


Title:  Cloud Security Consultant

Location: Salisbury, NC  (Day 1 onsite)

JOB Description:   

  • Application Gateways
  • Azure Security
  • Palo Alto Firewalls


  • Public cloud hands on experience (Azure / GCP/ AWS)
  • Direct experience designing and managing application gateways and web application firewalls (Imperva/Incapsula, Cloud Armor, AWS WAF)
  • Experience with firewalls (GCP/AWS and Palo Alto virtual firewalls), Palo Alto firewalls chassis-based firewalls and Juniper SRX Firewalls.
  • Strong routing and switching skills
  • Should have good understanding and extensive hands-on experience on various security technologies including NAC ( Aruba CPPM) , Web Proxy, VPN’s and IDS/IPS
  • Should have good presentation skills – shall be able to participate the review meetings and be able put across the points of concern
  • Should have Capability to conduct risk analysis, impact analysis, dependencies on customer/internal teams,
  • Coordinate with COE resources for resolution of technical issues/problems before escalation to OEM
  • Working knowledge of IT service management (e.g., ITIL-related disciplines) :
    • Change management
    • Asset management
    • Incident management


Technical Responsibilities

  • Configuration of Application Gateways / WAF/ Palo Alto Firewalls
  • Articulate or highlight risks/dependencies.
  • Participation in an on-call support rotation required.
  • Firewall Auditing and review access control lists and updating firewalls as needed.
  • Interacting with various teams in managing the log management solution.
  • Adhering to high-quality standards and best practices, high performance, and scalable, repeatable processes and deliverables in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and investigate network security-related incident based on security platform reporting, network traffic, log files, host-based and automated security alerts
  • Evaluate systems using vulnerability scanners and manual techniques to verify system security settings and configurations.

For honest recruiters and genuine hiring managers.


This is how many Indians are doing this:

How do Indian f1 OPT/CPT/H1Bs/H4 EADs making Skype Proxy?

How can I run multiple Skype accounts at the same time?


It’s possible to run more than one Skype account on your computer at the same time. This might be useful if you have, for example, a Skype account you use for work and another account just for personal use. If you want to be signed in to both accounts at the same time, you need to start a new instance of Skype.


Be aware that if you have multiple instances of Skype running, you may need to use the Task Manager to close Skype.


To run another instance of Skype on Windows desktop:

  • Press the Windowsand R keys on your keyboard at the same time.
  • In the Run window, type %programfiles(x86)%/skype/phone/ and click OK.

  • If you get an error, try again but this time type %programfiles%/skype/phone/ in the Run window.
  • Right-click the exe file and select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).

  • Find the shortcut you just created on your desktop, then right-click it and select Properties.
  • On the Shortcut tab, in the Target field add /secondary to the end of the path. The Target field should now read “C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /secondary (or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /secondary if you’re running a 64-bit operating system).

Click OK. Now each time you double-click the Skype shortcut on your desktop, it opens a new instance of Skype.


Survival at onsite after getting through PROXY; Proxy Project support.


  1. Google
  2. Phone friend or proxy friend $5 to $10 an hour for support
  3. Screen shares from work from home option or night at room to Proxy friend
  4. Employer’s Proxy support
  5. Employer’s Faculty proxy support
  6. Spouse(husband/wife) proxy support online – same time and send answers.
  7. Corrupted Indian Hiring managers – support at desktops
  8. Corrupted Indian hiring managers-conflict of interest (layer company) – shielding the fake resume OPT/CPTs/H1Bs/H4 EADs etc.
  9. Last option – go to rest room for every 20 minutes and stay there for 20 minutes, send screen shots to batch mates and get the replies.
  10. Anything that saves his/her job at site- complaining/blame game about other experienced peers to corrupted bosses.
  11. India offline support costs $2000 for 1 to 2 months
  12. Both male and female voice available
  13. if you know hiring manager in caste groups, you can avoid above expenditure and manager himself/herself is guiding you well by taking the double the amount from you monthly.
  14. USA may not know unless victims come out and complain or speak publicly with proof or evidence. Till then this crime continues forever.


Remember; everybody aware of this, if you do not know it, then it is something new or news to you which is there in the existence from 2000s.


Thanks for reading this.

Kumar Exclusive – writer

07/12/2017, New York.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!

An American Recruiter call a day keeps the Desi layer away.


Linux Engineer

Today’s market. Do not know this is real or fake job advertisement. You can google it and apply directly. Layer offer rate is $62, no layers then will get more.

Immediate Need – Linux Engineer – Remote JOB

Client – Zoetis

Location – remote

Rate : $62/hr on w2

Need independent US Citizen or Green Card

Open to Remote Candidates in Eastern or Central Time Zone working hours

The Role

This is an engineering-level role on the Linux Platform team.

You will lead a modernization project for our Linux Platforms.

You will partner with our Linux Engineering Lead to engineer new Linux operating systems for both On-premises and Cloud environments.

You will partner with our Business and Application Teams to determine appropriate migration paths to the latest supported versions of our Linux Platforms and help to ensure smooth transition.

You will use your vast Infrastructure experience to guide the Linux Operations Staff through the migrations.

There is significant opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain real world, hands-on experience in Cloud, Automation, and CI/CD pipelines.


The Infrastructure Platform Services Team

The Infrastructure Platform Services Team is responsible for the base Infrastructure Platforms for our cloud and on-premises environments and its strategy

Public Cloud – Azure & AWS

Private Cloud – Zoetis Datacenters & Remote sites

Current platforms include:  Azure, AWS, Virtualization (VMware/Nutanix), Automation (Control plane) and Automation Tools (Terraform/Chef), OS (Linux/Windows), Storage, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Tech patterns, CI/CD Pipelines, Configuration Management, Monitoring

We partner with Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Partners who work with us to provide the operational day-to-day support of our platforms



Knowledge, Skills, Ability Requirements:

Education: University Degree in a recognized, relevant technical/business-related field  or  equivalent practical experience

Experience: at least 4-6 years of experience in the following areas/5-10 years of overall IT experience:

Clear understanding of IT Infrastructure lifecycle: Architecture, Design, Implementation, Operations, Decommissioning

Strong working knowledge of all areas of IT Infrastructure – Servers, Storage, Virtualization, Networking, Identity and Access Management (AD).

Strong communication skills and ability to work with internal customers across all Zoetis regions – US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia.

Familiarity with system development and operational process methodologies such as ITIL

Experience working across diverse technical teams

Desire to work in a team-oriented environment and proactively drive technical solutions that meet business needs and increase business productivity and/or business efficiency

Ability to work independently, with minimal oversight, while achieving project goals

Knowledge of pharma/animal health or similarly ‘regulated’ businesses including audit response experience

Experience managing MSP operational activities


Qualifications  (Training, Education, & Prior Experience):

Excellent understanding of RHEL  running in a virtualized environment such as VMware – relevant certification is a plus.  (Ubuntu or other relevant Linux Platforms is a plus.)

Excellent understanding of kickstart process and customization.

Strong knowledge of virtualization (VMware), related networking architecture concepts, and storage platforms.  Understanding of Public Cloud platforms is a plus.

Proven ability to architect, engineer, design, deploy, and document new and existing technologies for large enterprises

Familiarity with automation and cloud monitoring tools such as Terraform, Chef, CloudHealth

Familiarity with Data Protection solutions, Disaster Recovery (Zerto/SRM/ASR) and replication solutions

Ability to take input from multiple sources and formalize stable, cost-effective solutions

Ability to write technical documentation in a format understandable and usable by on- and off-shore Level I, II and III personnel

Understanding of Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Experience implementing and utilizing stringent change management processes

Ability to script is a plus e.g.  Bash (preferred), Python (bonus)

Experience with Leapp is a plus

Position may require off-hours work in support of required technologies

System Engineer

Today’s market. Do not know this is real or fake job advertisement. You can google it and apply directly.

Role        : System Engineer

Location : Waukesha, WI (Day 1 Onsite)


Job Description:


  • Work with the Systems Engineering team for any technical design reviews, technical discussions, investigation and retirement of technical risks as they arise during new product development and installed base programs.
  • Work closely with product definition, clinical and marketing teams to clearly understand customer needs.
  • Develop effective system performance requirements from customer/user requirements.
  • Responsible for system requirements flow down and allocation to the subsystem teams.
  • Work closely with customers, marketing, applications, chief engineers, principal engineers, service and field personnel to define product quality targets and ensure key CTQs are satisfied.
  • Define system acceptance criteria that will meet customer expectations. Drive quality evaluation of system features with complex designs.
  • Responsible for the identification of areas to drive continuous improvement for efficiency and
  • simplification to enable the system engineering team to more easily, effectively and consistently facilitate the execution of projects.
  • Work across functions and team boundaries to help define, design, and implement the next generation of MR products.
  • Develop strong customer relationships and serve as the interface between customer and GE HealthCare.


Technical Skills:


  • Master’s Degree with 2 years relevant work experience in Engineering or Life Sciences:
  • Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, or a closely related field.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills. Ability to document, plan, market, and execute programs.
  • Demonstrated record of innovation in technology development.
  • Proficient in the use of software tools for analysis, modeling and simulations.
  • Experience with modality specific device operation and troubleshooting issues.
  • Experience with research collaborations.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative, matrixed, and customer focused environment.
  • Excellent communication, influencing skills and ability to gain buy-in for initiatives.

How do you hit a job?

  • Join as a fresher for low pay or no pay in Start ups in Indian companies?
  • Fake experience like many Indians with 8-10 years-> proxy interviews-Proxy job supports->fire and repeat this cycle?
  • Reference?
  • Recommendations?
  • Kitchen to COBOL in 1990s? Husbands fake resumes of Indian wives and take them to their offices via backdoor entries.
  • Trust in GOD?

Do not get cheated by “K” k means 000. 

2080 hours work we do so total amount by 2080 hours -minus federal and state taxes and medical and etc= then the rest is your take home. Cities like New York City, it is nothing but cents.

Role – Oracle DBA
Salary Range: $120-130K Full time candidate
Experience: 9 – 12 Years
Location’s – (1) Irving TX (2) Jacksonville, FL (3) Tampa, FL (4) Rutherford, NJ (5) Columbus, OH (7) New Castle, DE (Pl confirm which location will work)
Hybrid Onsite Job

Job Description:

• Significant experience in Oracle Database Management
• Experience with Oracle 12c or 19c.
• RAC and high availability
• Advanced backup, restore, and recovery strategies
• Experience in upgrading, patching and migrating databases
• Database performance and tuning experience
• Experience in database contingency planning, configurations and support
• Experience running SQLT Explain plans and other Advisors
• Application SQL tuning experience is a plus

They do not pick non Indians resumes.


Sr. VDI Admin (100% remote role)

Please find the job description given below and let me know your interest.

Position: Sr. VDI Admin

Location: 100% remote role

Job Description:


One of our Premier Clients is looking for a Sr. VDI Admin.
The Sr VDI Admin/Engineer is responsible for assisting with the deployment of a new Virtual Desktop environment built on VMware Horizon and VCE infrastructure.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in building user profiles and app stacks.
  • Administer UEM and App Manager
  • Provide rollout and production support to end users.
  • Document as-built configurations
  • Other duties and projects as assigned.


  • VMware Horizon View
  • VMware Identity Manager
  • VMware vCenter
  • Vmware Workspace ONE
  • vROps
  • Linked Clone VDI
  • UEM
  • App Manager
  • Windows 10 on Horizon View
  • Windows Server OS administration
  • Active Directory
  • ADFS, SAML Federation
  • GPO administration
  • Strong Horizon View linked clone and app stack development skills and experience
  • Experience with Horizon View VDI rollout and support
  • VMware certifications preferred.
  • Microsoft certifications a plus
  • O365 and Azure AD a plus
  • One Drive for Business
  • SharePoint
  • ————————

Remote – must be located in the United States

Title: Senior Cloud Engineer

Location: Remote – must be located in the United States

Duration: 12 month contract

Domain: Government

Top Skills & Years of Experience:

  • 3-5 Years Senior Cloud Engineer Experience
    • 3-5 Years Cloud Architecting for Cloud infrastructure
    • Design and deliver secure cloud solutions on Azure, AWS, GCP.
    • Strong understanding of Linux OS.


Job Title: Systems Administrator II

Duration : 3+ months contract to hire

Location : Remote Job

Pay Rate: $45.45/hr. on W2 without benefits


Job Description:


Required Function 1:

Required Function 1:This position will be focused on administering, supporting, & maintaining Unix/Linux operating systems, some architecture designing, software/hardware upgrading of servers and storage systems; in addition, managing HMS middleware infrastructure including WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat, DB2, and JBoss. Applies the necessary technical expertise to adequately sustain and implement server systems while communicating with peers, customers and leadership.

Required Function 2:• 3-5 years Unix/Linux system administration experience (Red Hat, AIX, VERITAS). • Experience working in virtual environments including VMware ESX.• 2+ years scripting (bash, shell, or perl)• Experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud is a major plus.• Will work on an on-call rotation.• Collaborates and communicates with peers, customers and leaders of the health, capacity, patch level and overall status of systems.• Provides technical recommendations and solutions for how to meet business problems. • Applies the patches and upgrades for systems, and performs system checkout and verification of change. • Implements new systems and retires older equipment.• Develops and follows change management documentation including back out plans,.• Documents system changes through change management, team process and procedures, configuration management databases and system diagrams.• Collaborates and communicates with other IT groups to stay informed of changes and developments that may impact the production, QA, and development systems.• Optimizes current processes and develops new processes as required. • Assists in establishing performance metrics and measurement and reporting of established metrics. • Provides level 2 and/or 3 support. • Writes technical specifications for purchase of hardware and systems software. • Makes recommendations for software/hardware based on research in support of procurement efforts, when appropriate. • Builds servers and new system implementation. • Troubleshoots network, storage, server, cabling, database, operating system and application elements of a system.• Acts as a liaison and advocates for systems and the tools, processes, and procedures necessary throughout the lifecycle of technology. • Administers and implements security processes and procedures.• Monitors the performance and availability of systems. • Documents policies, procedures and systems architecture.

Required Function 3:• Average manual dexterity work in use of a PC, phone, sorting, filing and other office machines.

Required Function 4: Bachelors Degree in a technical field or an additional year of experience

LLC = Resume forwarding company gets $25,000 per candidate if selected. Outsourcing companies gets $75,000 per candidates if get placed in the USA. I doubt these Outsourcing companies pay any taxes in the USA for that amount as they operate from India ????????.

How it works?


 19 minutes ago

US it recruiter gets paid 20k or 25k, ok there are different layers in US it recruitment lets say 100k goes for these recruiters. out 61.5lakhs 1 lakhs goes to recruiting batch and the rest of 60 lakhs is profit???????? , and they must place 3 people every month minimum 1. Or get fired if there’s no closing in 3 months. Wonder what they do with all that money.



 4 minutes ago

Filthy rich H-1B consultancy owners in US || Kumar Exclusive https://youtu.be/92fGCVam5CY

Dear Shir,
You should under this:
TIPS for US IT Recruiters – Knowledge Transfer

2. agency gets that amount but not recruiters.
3 recruiters are these types:
A no salary unless place someone into job and he/she stays in project for 6 months
B salaries only if capable to trap MS students from UNIV to GH, Guest House where everything is free
C trap someone from another bodyshops to this bodyshops who is in project or place MS students from GH to Onsite projects via fake and proxy gets $1 to $2500 a month salary for that recruiter.
4. Yes, multiple layers form to eat more money or share salaries of end candidate or their employees.
Example Agency A insert his friend or spouse as layer B and chain continues till G or H letters.



 04/04/2023: Wintel Manager

Employee benefits include, but are not limited to, health insurance (medical, dental, vision), 401(k) plan, and paid sick leave (depending on work location).

Wintel Manager

Cleveland, OH


Full time

Salary :- $140- $160k

Cleveland, OH – USA

Job Description Required Skillsets:



*              VX RAIL, POWER FLEX

*              AWS AND Azure – primary

*              Experience on VMware ESX 6.0, 7.0 and on V sphere would be preferable.

*              VROPS and VRA

*              WSUS, Tanium

*              IIS 5 and 6 and diagnostic tools

*              Windows Clustering and troubleshooting

*              Bug Checking (Dump Analysis)

*              Registry Editor

*              Performance Monitor

*              Remote access tools

*              KVM -DSVIEW , ILO /RIB , RDP

*              DNS, WINS, DHCP

*              Backup Technologies

*              Generic

  1. Strong understanding of VMWare – Dell power Flex environment
  2. Firmware upgrades and OS/ Security patch update for network switches and storage appliance
  3. Advanced knowledge and experience in OS and security patching using WSUS and Tanium,
  4. Strong Understanding of virtualization on VMWare technology
  5. Good Understanding of MIM / AZURE / Intune
  6. Knowledge in AD and ADFS
  7. Handling/ Setting/Configuring LPAR and HA
  8. Good hands on Experience in diagnostics & troubleshooting of Linux environment.
  9. Administration and Troubleshooting of Windows 2003 servers, DHCP, DNS, IIS, ISA, Antivirus.
  10. Administration and Troubleshooting of Microsoft ISA Proxy Server.
  11. Implementation, administration of Active Directory and Group Policies.
  12. Sound knowledge on Installation and Administration of Windows Cluster.
  13. Working knowledge with generating/renewal of certificates.
  14. Operational support with flexibility for 24×7 support


                                                                                                                 A Job email from a recruiter ->layers-> USA clients. 

I am  XYZ, a recruiter with  Consulting, Inc. a leading staffing organization. I came across your profile in one of the job boards and feel that your skills and professional experience would be a good fit for a position with one of our premier clients. Please review the job description below. If you are interested in this position please forward your updated resume for immediate consideration and preferred time to discuss this opportunity further.

Title: Senior Active directory Engineer/Infrastructure Engineer Specialist 
Location: McLean VA 3 days/week hybrid
Duration: 3+ Month contract to hire

PR Range: $70 – $75/hr.(Salary $130K-$150K PA) Employee benefits include, but are not limited to, health insurance (medical, dental, vision), 401(k) plan, and paid sick leave (depending on work location).

Job Description:
Must Haves:
Active Directory, Group Policy Management, Domain Admin Experience (Min. 5 years), PowerShell (Min. 5 years), Microsoft SCOM, AWS, and Azure are preferred. Prior hands on experience with Active Directory migrations would be a big plus.
5-8 years’ experience
College Degree or equivalent experience
4+ years of experience as a Senior Level AD Engineer
5+ years’ experience with PowerShell
Must have a proven sense of accountability for performance and continued improvement of execution
Must not only lead current technical trends, but also anticipate our future state technologies
An eye for automating common processes
AWS\Azure experience is a plus
Ansible experience is a plus
Keys to Success in this Role:
Communicates well within the team to optimally relay status and accomplishments to management
Demonstrates deep job specific knowledge and best practices to drive effective change and transform how work is performed
Elevates team members via mentoring and knowledge sharing. Highly effective team leader. Top influencer for other IT and business partners.
Meaningful contributions to strategy and objectives. Knowledge leadership in all areas of expertise for areas of responsibility.
Thinks beyond individual sphere

Thanks and Regards,

Consulting, Inc

USA | Canada | UK | India | Singapore