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Sender wrote in Telugu.

Indians IQ is very low, we or they treat broker as GODs.

My replies: you should understand one point.

800,000 bodyshops- whoever support them become super rich and famous
The 12 Best Recruitment Agencies in Vancouver [2023 ]

Yes Kumar

People are too worst
When someone speaks reality.
Everything in India is injected as a drug
Caste, region
In professional groups also,
They use vulgar words (Ms teams)
One of my friend who is working in Wipro said
English is not necessary
Telugu or Hindi is enough to sustain.
Caste in India is dangerous than gun culture in USA.

An American Recruiter call a day keeps the Desi layer away.

By reading this lines, I got laugh
No where, no one will get American recruiters call
Just imagine, how many bodyshops 
Each bodyshop, hundreds of people working in India, night shifts 
Indian outsourcing companies formed a layer for all top companies. 
To get direct American client job 
Same like your situation 
2010 story 
First you need to join in some consultancy than you will be communicating with client. 
Client will offer full time job 
If you have gc than life is green 
Having GC also 
Not like that girl 
GC person need to mingle with everyone 
One call in 1000’s of recruiter calls will be American recruiter call 
Almost, all Indians change names to American
I saw a name 
I thought American 
He is Indian recruiter who changed name. 
In America, software is scam
GC, USc citizen also 
It’s difficult to face Indians. 
Corrupted hiring managers
Almost all criminals in USA 
If you are lucky, you will get American recruiters calls 
USA is for criminals 
In this layoffs also, 
Mostly Americans are fired and they will hire cheap Indians as a cost cutting. 
H1B is scam which allowed everyone to do crime legally in USA. 
You said about one person  he got job from mechanical 
In other fields, somehow you can get 
If you try hardly 
In software, no choice 
I said above 
Join consultancy 
Get a job 
Kick everyone 
If you have GC
There will be one percent hope in getting that kind of American job 
Every Indian will be happy with 5000$ monthly 
Staying in USA. 
In India, they need to beg 
To clean America 
America need to deport all Indians back 
Who entered USA from 1990
Which is impossible. 
Everyone comparing apples to oranges

If you give 1000$ or 1500$

For Indian in America
He will be happy
Just Indian need to be alive in USA
Back home hype
If he comes to India than need to beg on streets
So everyone will die in USA
Will be happy with that less dollars by multiplying 82.
If you noble prize also
They won’t return India
If father CM or ambani
Than will return to India
Hawai chappal, red bus batch begging in USA
India lo BMW, Nike vunta
America vadaa vastadu India ki
Indians need money
Remaining everything is bullshit drama
Better not to listen Indian stories
Reality money
What they speak
Parents, emotional attachment
If someone is that emotional
In first place, he don’t get a thought to leave India
Plane akka varakaa india, Indian
Than USA dollars
It’s better to forget who boarded flight to USA.

Indians = Dongalanjodukulu  , langalu

Brokerism okataa vastadii Indians ki
Cheating also
Talent anadi zero
Indians anywhere
Animals are much better than Indians.
America is a soft country



I opened myvisa jobs website
I saw Tcs, Infosys  ,IBM
Reviews are too bad
Vulgar language
Many people attached website links to expose the cheating they underwent
Mostly Telugu reviews.
Kumar will say aim of  $50,$100 hourly

Indian students version
Part time $5,$10 hourly
You are in USA for MS and to get good jobs $50,$100 hourly
Indian students :
No, We are in USA for $5,$10 hourly part time jobs.

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