I am writing this in a context for Americans who are losing jobs to India’s caste systems in the USA. Mainly my followers – Americans, Indian Americans next generation kids and Displaced Americans. My intention is not to defame any caste or any caste groups in particular. This is for an educational awareness post. 

  1. Understand what is Caste?
  2. Before that, understand who migrated first from India to USA?
  3. What happened in 1990s mainframe era when gates opened for H-1B floods.
  4. Then what’s happening currently in 2023 in the USA.

What is caste?

Google or internet says: each of the hereditary classes of Hindu society, distinguished by relative degrees of ritual purity or pollution and of social status. the system of dividing society into hereditary classes.

  • any class or group of people who inherit exclusive privileges or are perceived as socially distinct.
    “those educated in private schools belong to a privileged caste”

    Broadly, Hinduism has FIVE major castes and 25,000 PLUS sub-castes. Each person illtreat the other person as subhuman. So if you give VISAs to Indians, caste becomes a global problem and locals lose jobs in those countries. That is what happening in the USA now. Americans do not understand what is caste?

  • Before that, understand who migrated first from India to USA?

  • I typed this in Google for your information- who migrated to USA first from India.
  • Immigration to the United States from India started in the early 19th century when Indian immigrants began settling in communities along the West Coast. Although they originally arrived in small numbers, new opportunities arose in middle of the 20th century, and the population grew larger in following decades.

    History of Early Indian Immigration to USA Since the 1700s


2023: Chowdary caste aka Kammas meeting in the USA.

A platform for the NATA meeting in Dallas, Texas – Afpkudos

What is BBC version?

What happened in 1990s mainframe era when gates opened for H-1B floods. 

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Then what’s happening currently in 2023 in the USA.

What is the end results? 

Virgil Bierschwale’s analysis, 20 million Americans displaced by India’s caste systems in the USA. He is one of my followers from 2011/13 ever since I am in YouTube making videos on H-1B and caste etc.

Seattle becomes first US city to ban caste discrimination (


Detailed analysis on lay offs from the News Minute YouTube channel –

What did Kumar Exclusive say?

KE kept 33 plus videos on Caste. In fact, I have been confronting the caste based hiring in the USA at caste groups.

CASTE Spread to America, every place wherever Indians are there. 

Watch this first:



Second watch this video

PhD lecture on Kamma caste

Dominant Caste and Territory in South India

(PDF) Princeton talk on Kamma caste | Dalel Benbabaali –

Follow-up Vid: 67% of Dalits in America, treated unfairly by the UPPER CASTE Indians || KE

67% of Dalits in America, treated unfairly by the UPPER CASTE Indians

Truth, Indian Caste groups USA, Canada || Kumar Exclusive

At work also, Telugu caste people or Indian caste people fight each other and this is NOT visible to Americans unless someone get fired and sue the client for hiring manager torture based upon the caste discriminations. Read CISCO HCL caste case.


here is the tip of the iceberg:

CHASE Hiring manager torture in Ohio || Kumar Exclusive

A caste based hiring manager get into any USA clients, they follow this method. He or She only hires his/her caste people first by charging money at caste groups. Then insert illegal layers as his friends and take 50% of salaries from other caste people. If they confront, they will show the HELL in the USA at the USA client onsites. You can see that in the videos. They drink blood of Indians if confront. They give torture like this, a sample of Chowdary caste people harassment in the USA.


Date received this email: Friday, June 10, 2016 at 05:07:08 PM EDT,
Dear Mr. Kumar
I have seen your videos, most of them. I am basically from Hyd, been here for 14yrs, US citizen now. You are doing a great job of making a case for legitimate, genuine well deserved people to live in US peacefully. Really appreciable work by you.
I have few suggestions/comments/improvements whatever you call.
Your videos are focussed on how the middle layers/vendors ‘ghanta’ companies act as $2 to $25 commission agents. They are ofcouse.
But I think we should go beyond it to provide more bigger picture for audience. These people who run these ‘body shops’ – what do they do ?
They run politics, they groom, support, nurture politics back home and here. They formed a cartel – a vicious circle where things are going per understanding with each organizations. When they grow, they are forming tax free organizations – TANA, ATA, NATA, NATS, TDF.
After formation of Telangana, the situation has become even worse. Now they are promoting region/caste/party/group politics.
The irony is, how US govt is tolorating these fringe groups ? All the organizations that are set up are tax free voluntary orgs – non-profit based registrations on sole purpose of social service and culture promotion. But what are they really doing – bringing political leaders, bringing TV/movie actresses, doing ‘recording dances’, promoting vulgar double meaning songs in name of culture. Is this what our NRIs kids are leaning for future generations ?
Do you know what these TV/movie beautiful actresses are doing here ? I have seen them with arrangements of prostitution with $3000 to $5000 per night. Thats why they line up in Hyd to come to US. They have 2 or 3 managers who are coordinators here for negotiation and privacy/secrecy. Otherwise, why managers are needed here for few days/weeks pleasure visite – with no shootings and no sessions ?
This is what is going on here in name of these H1b companies, blood sucking commission agents, our own telugu businessmen are doing. We already have become a laughing stock with non-telugu community with this kind of strange culture, before it goes and trickles down to all house holds – it should be made aware of whats going on.
I am sending you this email with anonymity, because i cannot reveal my real name – but I would really appreciate if you can bring to notice of wider audience on the way things are going here with these telugu poisenous organizations ruining indian culture in general and telugu pride in particular. I am a Telangana person, but Indian first, Telugu second – lastly a Telangana person I believe.
Kumar, you can do it no issues.
Trump’s america is getting into a different mode of society, if our desis dont stop these kind of habits or methods – we will be targets for these americans to cause harm too. I hope you agree.
కుమార్ గారు,
ఇది తెలుగు అండ్ ఇంగ్లీష్ లో రిలీజ్ చెయ్యండి, మనోళ్ళకి ఇంకా ఇండియాన్స్ కి కనెక్ట్ అవుతుంది.
Hi Kumar garu,
No problem, if you are reconsidering it – thats fine.
I just thought to bring to your notice as you are doing a great job.
Please continue with your efforts. All the best sir.
Krishna kancharla JPMorgan Achut Kadam BOA Alok Nigam CVS-TCS 100s of recruiters or managers from bodyshops illegal layers are live examples in my case. If I were a girl ? these guys would do gang rape by now.

Mohammed Nizamuddin 

Received one of the highest number of hearts from you

• 9 hours ago

Los Angeles Times reported 1 year ago the insane troublesome agony of a lower caste Indian in the USA –



Telugu video: Indian fringe groups, Kudos to you – few suggestions || Kumar Exclusive

Indian fringe group, Kudos to you – few suggestions || H1B-E387 || Kumar Exclusive
MS Students Involved in Street Fight in the U.S.

Read more at:

Telugu video: MS Students Involved in Street Fight in USA || courtesy: mirchi9 || Kumar Exclusive

Caste: Even in the US, South Asians say it has proved hard to escape | CNN


R Visa scams.