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Happiness is a choice

A lady who was over 90 years old, had a great flair towards dressing up well, applying makeup and arranging her hair in beautiful patterns. She and her husband had been married to each other for 70 years.

After the departure of her beloved partner, having no children and no one in the family to care for her, She decided to move to a nursing home.

Even on the day when she vacated her home for good, she dressed up elegantly and looked gorgeous.

After arriving at the nursing home, she had to wait patiently in the lobby for hours before room was ready.

When an attendant helped her make her way to the room, she gave the lady a visual description of the tiny space that she was meant to occupy.

“I love it”, the lady expressed with the enthusiasm of an eight year old who had just been presented with a new puppy.

“Mrs Jones, you haven’t even seen the room yet… Just wait.” The attendant remarked.

“Well, my joy has nothing to do with the room,” The lady replied.

“Whether I like my room or not, doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged, it depends on how I arrange my mind, happiness is something you can decide ahead of time. And I have already decided to love my room, to love the people around me, to love my life. It is a decision that I make every morning when I wake up. You know what. The greatest asset we all have is the power to choose how we feel.”

The lady continued speaking, as the attendant listened attentively with her mouth wide open.

“I can spend my entire day in bed thinking of the pain I am in, focusing on the parts of my body that no longer work or I can get out of bed and be thankful for those parts that do work. Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes can still open, I will continue to focus on today and all the happy memories I have stored in my mind, just for this time in my life.”

The attendant was astounded by the positive attitude of the elderly lady, whose life from an external point of view, was only full of problems and hopelessness.

Actually, ‘problems’ happen automatically whereas happiness is a choice we all can make.

“Hatred” happens automatically, while “love” is a choice we all can make.


“Complaining” is automatic whereas “Gratitude” is a choice we all can make. Let us choose to Celebrate abundance of Joy and Happiness, always.

One of the followers sent this. 02/23/2022


Why do Indians prefer Ukraine? 

Medicine degree is expensive in India. Out of millions of students appear for medical entrance examination in India every year, the seats are very less to get admissions in the public and private universities in India. On top of it, India has reservations systems too.  So the parents who has money but no seat available for their children left with a limited choice to send their children to study abroad. Especially Ukraine because it is very less expensive compared to India. I found the below video is interesting when I search Indians in Ukraine keywords. I thought it has more details on it hence sharing that video link below.

Why do so many Indians choose Ukraine to study medicine? – YouTube

Telugu vid: Ukraine లొ మెడిసిన్ ఏమిట్రాబాబు! || Kumar Exclusive – YouTube

One of my subscribers wrote the below:

For past 20-years, lots of Indian students going for Ukraine, Kazakistan and Belarus for medical education. Example: Heroine Sai pallavi studied in Tbilisi, Georgia . Reason: affordability, huge craze for medical education in Indian community and it is a lucrative business in India pushing students to go for non-English speaking countries. If they want to practice in India, they need to clear Medical council of India ( MCI) exam. Various consultancies in Hyderabad act like middlemen , poach parents and students. You will see these consultancy ads in May and June month ( after intermediate exam results) in Telugu news channels. Why these universities hiring only Indian students? After soviet collapse in 1991, these universities are cash strapped. Question: These students really fit for medical education? Answer: No These students have very mediocre academic standards/ history.



Indians workers lives in Gulf Countries.

One of the KE subscribers sent these pictures to make videos on the lives of the Indian worker conditions in the Gulf Countries. Most of them are migrated from Telangana state in India.


20 from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh booked for trying to get U .. 

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A follower wrote

China is a good friend with Modi and NSA There is an organisation Vivekananda International Foundation in New Delhi,it is like a branch of RSS and it has taken funds from China I saw a report by a UP freelance journalist which told how Nationa security advisor and RSS members made this as Modern day think tank to rule the Country. India is anti-muslim, corruption infested,Indian judges and beurocracy is filled with too many RSS members. Media is a sold out bitch to modi Indians hate poor people and lower section of the society (caste wise) Recently a teacher fires shots at principal of a primary school In UP because he was filling his attendance of previous days .