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#f1 Intl Students Car Crash, what’s next? #India parents worries || Kumar Exclusive

Indians after moving to abroad, they are starting caste/regional/language/religion groups especially to spread #India’s political HATE to those countries. Thread.

Indian Graduate Students Caught Shoplifting in ShopRite U.S.

Indian Graduate Students Caught Shoplifting in ShopRite U.S.


You will stay in a room share asap landing into the USA, at least 5 to 15 members in one apartment.
Black Panther
Hi Kumar sir, Myself anil, I have completed btech in mechanical engineering 2022 passed out. Now currently working as software engineer from past 3 months in a MNC with in-hand salary of 30,000 rupees. I am from lower middle class family. Now I wanted to do masters as earning are more in USA for the same work doing here. Can you please suggest me is it good idea to move to usa or stay back in india

 Chose the path from this: Visas for Indian Students: Country-by-Country Guides

Alternative Option:  Also try for Singapore and European nations

I shared my Singapore visit visa experiences.

Go to Germany for Free MS in Germany and come fro USA for H1B work.

From Australia E3 Visa to work in USA

Immigrant to Canada and visit USA to see the progress or Change

OPTION2. Get into top 10 H1B USA/MNC/Indian companies

Top 10 H-1B Employers

Wipro Limited

iGate technologies Inc

Syntel Consulting Inc

Syntel Inc

Infosys Limited

CogniZant technologies Solutions US Corporation

PriceWaterhouse Coopers LLP

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Mphasis Corporation

OPTION 3. Finally “Try for H1B filing through consulting in USA without paying application cost to middle men in India”

SKIP America, see Canada:

Hello Kumar garu,

I hope you remember me. It’s been many days since I reached out to you. Just checking to make sure you’re doing okay. I think I have told you that I am in Canada now and I got my Permanent Residency last year.
I started to watch your videos in 2015 when I was studying for my CCNA exam so that I could get a job in IT just so that I can come to the US. But I have come a long way now and I am not in IT and I am in Canada and I am happy with how things turned out.
I used to watch a lot of your videos and your videos spoke the truth.
Yesterday I was in Buffalo, NY just visiting the city and I remembered you made a video from Webster NY once and you were showing how beautiful it was –
In 2015 if someone had told me that I would be in Canada 3 years later I wouldn’t have believed it. But you are still here and making videos. If it wasn’t for you nobody would have steered me in the right direction.
I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life. I would love to meet you. Please let me know if you’re free sometime so we can meet.
Thank You –
Truth about MS or MBA or Masters in USA by Telugus & Indians || Kumar Exclusive

Watch “ICE: Undercover video shows students at fake Michigan university knew they were breaking the law” on YouTube

Welcome to America: You lead a life like this initially.

HOME TOUR: Indian Telugu students living style || Kumar Exclusive


Compilation of 280 videos of H1B my experience episodes:
(A tip of the iceberg )

Mon, May 23, 2016 at 3:23 PM

No idea what is going on in America for many here and outside America too. Honestly and truthfully sharing my experiences after I gave couple of visa attempts from 1995 to 2008. I did not come across single Indian Incs who can file H1B without charging fees(taking $10,000 from candidates is crime, of course paying also) from 1996 except one or two. During my interactions with people here, nobody is in a position to accept that crime is wrong here. Instead it’s implicitly understood everyone breaks it so nothing wrong in it. So according to them, everybody is guilty until and unless proven innocent.
If America knocks at the door, will understand clearly or check your WhatsApp at POE (port of entry)while re-entering or entering the country  will speak volumes.

Illegal – collect fee or paying too. All fees in h1b are employer payable so you can imagine how much damage is done and how dare our guys are breaking all USA laws and immigration laws since 1990s?
Many write even, with Fake BTECH certificates entered USA during 1990s. You name it any laws/immigration laws, our guys can break it here without shame at the cost of fellow Indians and locals. On top of it,
No Indian employer(either Indian Incs or Indian companies ) has a habit of paying OT, Time and half.
Here, employees of h1b referred by h1b book as indentured servitude nexus with accused for dollars and green cards due to fear of going back to mother land, India for survival after exposing to best of best here.

I can say without questions, Indians blood is corrupted.
So If you approach Indians for F1 studies in USA or H1B filings, you are just gone, they suck your blood, drink your urine too assume that it has a dollars smell. Our guys are idiots here, doing pimping business. Indian hiring managers also corrupted, they place through their own companies which is conflict of interest or take $10 to $20 from h1bs/opts through their friends stupid dot com companies.  This is where exactly American hiring managers also replicating this Indian dirty crime business model: “Conflict of interest ” that is managers becoming illegal unethical unlawful layers while working with USA clients to poach contractors money at the rate of  $45 to $65 an hour. Nobody can prove this crime as parties running shell companies on two different last names of a couple or family.

Without questions, I can say Indian H1B employers are thieves here. Big farce is, America does regarious background checks for employees. Probably, the greediness for dollars making many guys criminals here. Green Card is a bench mark for their endless crime or heights of crime here.
It is for your betterment of life or career, advising you seriously  to get American clients full time jobs otherwise for sure, you build your career on crime in USA. Becautios, because if American clients outsourcing it to Indian companies, they simply ditch you and left with no choice except leave the country which no Indian likes to go back hence pay $30 000 to $50,000 to wilful h1b Indian incs to file h1b petition +green card (labor, i-140 & 485).
So simply search for projects everyday,don’t trust anybody.
That is fake resume, felony(your technical telephone interview will attend by some one either male or female for $1000 per call from India or USA ),
$2000 for proxy project support,
$2000 for faculty or training,
$10 to hiring managers,
$10,000 for h1b filing,
$25,000 for green card processing
fake transportation bills to claim $2000 in tax returns, 50% salary in USA and 50% in cash format in India to avoid taxes,
fake projects to file h1bs,
paying h1b fee $10,000,
$25000 for green cards,
Indian Attorneys and Indian h1b petitioners hold green card papers of yours not to run away from them to what not? This kind of practice like employers snatch passports of labor takes place in middle east by locals or Indian agents but unfortunately the educated Indian attorneys and h1b petitioners are practicing that slavery in USA, a land of freedom.
Given the above scenario, people still writing filthy to me about talent and merit etc on h1b. You let us know where does talent fit in the above crime list? And also “O” visa is for talent but not H1B. You have to prove that you are right.
If you think, am wrong, just check this on your paychecks: HOURS WORKED mentioned  OR NOT? If not ask your employer in email and forward that email to DOL.
Here, your paystubs and bank deposits is a proof that your Indian employer is a thief.  If you have any additional illegal deposits then you too doing crime here. If you want more proof, just check the paychecks of your American peers.  When American employers mention hours worked, why not Indians? You must get paid $45 an hour for 2000 hours in a year without gaps. If yes(gaps) then you lost your immigration status and your employer is a willful violator.
You are doing crime here along with your employer it is as simple as that. Ignorance of laws and immigration laws is not an excuse at all.
If any questions on your paychecks,  you address it to your employer but not KUMAR. Because, you and your employer cannot promote crime here for easy life or easy money.

Irony is educational consultancies loot from parents of Indian students in India or any country for that matter. America does not recognize any educational certificates from India so it awards points. So what is great in telling MS or Masters in America to people in India when they considered out BTECH from IITs or street college as tissue paper? Does it make any sense to you?
No student from India incs get any job without mentioned MS or Masters on their resumes except fake 7 or 10 years local experience. If so isn’t MS or Masters a tissue paper in India? Answer is YES.

F1 is just a port of entry to USA for those who do not get jobs in India.
Indian Incs is a back door entry to USA
Indian companies (H1B/L1/L2/B1-illegal work) is front door dangerous revolving glass door which fires local H1Bs/OPTs and then Americans at large.

America is simply a land of
ditching and poaching highly paid American Jobs through caste, corruption and fake,felony.

70% of resumes are fake in USA
80% of Indian h1bs do not have stuff.
O visa is for Talent and H1b is a cheap labor highly skills and low paid through multiple illegal unethical and unlawful layers.

Today, I can say my haters who ever writing daily filthy to me are criminals who are doing crime in USA without shame.
I am writing truth, speaking truth and fighting for h1b rights and asking implement h1b rules. So what’s the heck these guys write filthy to Kumar or Truth? So definitely America must check their WhatsApp, personal emails, paychecks, their employers business offices to get the evidence of crime.
People get struck here for the below three reasons. Not generalizing it, but majority.

You don’t need to blame anyone, just blame yourself.
Here you means, generic you but not you.

Compilation of 277 videos:-H1B Epi 278




REPORTING ANOTHER FRAUD BUT CONCERNED ABOUT HONEST PEOPLE: Dubious IT Consulting Jobs in USA. FAKE UNIVERSITIES, FAKE resume, Fake Interviews, Fake Indian IT companies, Fake Hiring managers creates FAKE JOBS! Here are some samples from my followers who includes GC holders, Americans and some Indian US citizens (I call them as FAKE patriots).

WES (World Education Services) is an international organization that evaluates a student’s college certificates to check if they’re authentic or not. Many colleges had checked his certificates through WES, when he was applying to US colleges. But it looks like the current Indian students from India are able to fool this organization as well. WES and EP reports where they convert fake certificates to genuine credentials report and based on that USA, Canada issue i-20 to Indians especially from Southern parts of India. Many used this route to get into USA and study in 3rd grade UNIV. Example: There are hundreds of fake universities in India and students enrolled opting directly to FAKE UNIV in USA. Indians started UNIV in USA are bogus. If UNIV terminate SEVIS then these students approach any of the Indian UNIV in USA or BODYSHOPS for Unofficial Asylum Centers to remain in the USA. Once h1b picked up, they do jobs through proxy/felony and if not also, they do those IT jobs. Indian Attorneys helping FAKE BTECH students in 1990s arrived to USA during MAINFRAME ERA and acting as CEOs of Indian Incs on LINKEDIN. 90% of such CEOs are FAKE CEOs and FAKE PROFILES. They are all inter connected and doing this fraud uninterruptedly.

Here are some samples from my followers who includes GC holders, Americans and some Indian US citizens (I call them as FAKE patriots).

Disclaimer:All information is gathered on actual conversations and electronic communication with followers of my videos. Although I can not guarantee the accuracy, it is my assumption all information provided is factual and true. My opinions are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any threats made against my family or myself is in violation of The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L. 101-12 and will be reported to proper authorities.


  • 100 Possible VISA Interview Questions with answers
  1. Why this university?

Ans. Sir, the first and foremost factor for selecting this university was the amount of quality research going on there in the field of Computer Science and Soft Engg. I came to know that my research interest matches with that of the faculty there. Hence, I want to be a part their research group and learn more. The main goal of the research there is to develop and investigate end-user software engineering technologies for enabling End Users to Shape Effective Software. Besides this, the University has its own Laboratory for Empirical Software Testing Research where students study software testing techniques by empirical means. There is also an Usability Testing Facility which is used as a testbed for systematically evaluating the usability and robustness of software tools and interfaces, across a range of common desktop platforms. Above all, the courses being offered there are designed in such a way that they are more research oriented. Specialization in Softw Engg @ Oregon State University is highly reputed and its ranked 5 worldwide for Softw Engg specialization.

[Something like this….Any 3 points of this would do…. Make it short and simple].


  1. Why do you plan to do MS? Why MS in CS ?

Ans. Having worked for 2 years in an IT company I learnt a lot about software development and I have a good know-how of Computer Science and Software Engg, but a bit more technical knowledge and research in the field will serve greatly when I come back here and join the company of my choice. Higher qualifications give a better place. So I wish to complete my MS and strengthen my knowledge and grasp the opportunity.


  1. Why do you wish to study in the US ?

Ans. US grad Schools are way ahead in research in fields like Computer science and Software Engg. when compared to other countries of the world. They also have advanced courses related to Programming  Field which is absent in Indian Universities. Moreover, they stress on practical knowledge. A degree from US is globally recognized as the academic standards. USA is the mecca of education.

  1. Why Don’t you study in India ?

(This is the same question as the second but you can answer it in a different way. Any one qn. will be asked. If 3rd q is asked, stress on + points of US schools and if why not India is asked, show the negative side of Indian Universities. In both the cases you have to show the plus points of US Universities with compared to Indian Universities)

Ans. Masters Education in India lays more emphasis on the theory part rather than the practical, Hence a Masters degree from India does not really help in fulfilling the career goals of a person like me. Indian Universities do not have enough facilities to support students in their research, whereas US Universities have sound infrastructure to support students to gain both the theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Moreover, the courses in India are not flexible as in US.

[Directly lifted from Univ website ]


  1. Which was your undergraduate college?

Ans. I did my Bachelors of Engineering in ****** which is affiliated to #### University.


  1. How many admits/ rejects?

Ans. [Explain]


  1. What was your first choice ?

Ans. Oregon State University was my first Choice.


  1. What is your GRE/TOEFL score ?

Ans. [Explain]


  1. What are your grades like ?

Ans. Sir, We have a percentage system, and I scored ___ overall.

[Else tell ur CGPA]


  1. Did you have any backlogs ? [if any]

Ans. Yes Sir, I had # backlogs during ^%^&%^& sems. It was very unfortunate that I was unwell.

[Don say u were involved in sports, hence couldnt concentrate during exams… Saw 2 ppl in edulix get reject coz of this answer]


  1. What was your bachelor’s degree in?

Ans. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in ^&%^&%.


  1. Why did you switch fields from Electrical and Electronics to Computer Science ? Why are you changing your stream?

Ans. During my college days, apart from my coursework in college I learnt computer languages out of my own interest. In the process I completed courses in C, C++, JAVA, J2EE. I became a Sun certified Java Programmer during my 3rd year. The additional interest that I had for Comp Science also made me take up a job as a Software Engineer. I became well trained and gained valuable industry experience during my job. But, I always had it in my mind, that once I strengthen myself in my field, I will go on to enhance my skills in the field of Computers and Software Engg. Hence I chose to pursue my masters in Computer Science.


  1. What is the purpose of your trip?

Ans. To pursue my Masters in Computer Science at Oregon State University.


  1. Which university are you planning to go to?

Ans. Oregon State University, Corvallis


  1. Who is planning to sponsor you?

Ans. Sir, my father is supporting me for my higher education. I have also got a bank loan sanctioned for ** lakhs.


  1. Your passbooks show that a large amount of money has recently been deposited. How would you explain that?

Ans. [Explain it… whatever may it be.. Convince him you were always rich]

  1. What do your parents do ?

Ans. [Explain]

  1. Does any of your relative stay in the US?
  2. Your brother/sister is studying too. How will your parents support both of you?
  3. Why is your GRE score low ?

Ans. I answered the first few questions incorrectly and I couldn’t improve my score later even after performing well later. But you can see that the TOEFL score is decent which shows my proficiency in the English language.


  1. What are you plans after Graduation?

Ans. Sir, I like the present company I am working for now. So I wish to complete my MS and strengthen my technical knowledge and get back to India Post-MS and rejoin the same company.

[Have some valid reason]

  1. What is your parents’ annual income?

Ans. My family’s annual income is  lakhs. My father’s annual income is &&& lakhs and my mother’s annual income is ### lakhs.


  1. Do you intend to come back ? or What if you are offered a job in US ?

Ans. Yes! I really like the company that I am working at present. But, I am planning to return back and re-join the same company after my Masters. I am going to US to upgrade my skills in computer science and update my knowledge in the latest Software Engg practices. This would surely enable me get better results in the competitive field here.

  1. Tell me about your University’s location ?
  2. How many time s have u attended VISA interview before this? IS this your first time?
  3. What are the courses offered ? or What type of courses are there ?
  4. What do you know about the University ?

Ans. NPU is a public research university located in California, fremont, United States. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees . There are over 200 academic degree programs offered through the university. The University offers around 60 courses to graduates and. There are more than 7000 students in the University.

  1. How did you come to know about your University ?

Ans. I came to know about the University through internet and email exchanges with the seniors.

  1. Do you plan to work in the US supposing on-campus ?

Ans. I have no plans to work while studying. I want to complete the course as early as possible and come back and join the IT industry in India.

  1. How many members in a family ?
  2. Even in this condition of economic recession, you want to go US. Why ?

Ans. I am going there for studies and I want to return back after my studies. So, economic recession in US doesn’t affect me.

  1. Why not #####. It is ranked higher than this ?

Ans. Oregon State University offers new and advanced courses like Machine Learning, End-User Software Engineering, Functional programming etc. I came to know from my email correspondence with Prof. ***** that we had similar research interests and I wish to join his research group. Besides this, the University has its own Laboratory for Empirical Software Testing Research where students study software testing techniques by empirical means. There is also an Usability Testing Facility which is used as a testbed for systematically evaluating the usability and robustness of software tools and interfaces, across a range of common desktop platforms. All these combined together made me chose Oregon State University over #### University.

  1. Name some professors of your University ?

Ans. ———————————————————

  1. How did they manage to save all that money?

Ans. [Explain]

  1. So if your dad is a businessman, why you going for Computers?

Ans. I want to follow my own dreams.

  1. How many people work under your father ?

Ans. [Explain]

  1. What about your second year fees?

Ans. [ Explain it as per ur CA statement]

  1. What kind of money is he using to fund your studies?

Ans. All the money is in Saving Bank accounts. [Similar to this]

==43. They can’t support you from this income?

Ans. I have got a loan of 11,7000 lakh rupees sanctioned from the bank. My family’s annual income is  lakhs per annum. Other than this we also have enough savings and and rental income to support the family. Hence finance will never be a problem.

  1. When did your parents starting saving for your education?

Ans. For the past 4 years.


  1. How much your parents would be providing you?

Ans. My parents would be paying me around ** lakhs. Remaining amount would be paid via bank loan obtained.


  1. Where did all these funds come from suddenly? How do I believe ur funds in the passbooks are genuine as the entries are recent and huge?

Ans. These have been maintained for atleast 6 months. My father obtained this money by #%&^^&&. Also, I also have the bank certificate issued by the bank manager as an additional proof for the cash balance given in the pass book.

  1. Can you tell me how did you get this amount? How did you get this money?

Ans. [Explain]

  1. Tell me last three months transaction. How much money is been deposited in three months.

Ans. [Explain as per pass book]

  1. Why does the passbook have only 1 page filled? How long have you had this account ???

Ans. As this bank is near to my house my father opened an account here. I also got my educational loan sanctioned from this bank. Since all our future transactions for my studies abroad will take place from this bank, my father transferred money from his other accounts to this account.

  1. You look like Potential immigrants (OR) I dont think you will come back to India


(a) I am from a well-to do family and money is not at all essential for me. The only thing I lack is Masters from a reputed university which will make me a better software professional. As far as opportunity is concerned, because of recession most of the US Companies are turning towards Indian companies for their software solutions. So I am certain that with my degree I will get an equivalent opportunity and pay packet in India.


(b) I am from a well-to do family and money is not at all essential for me. The only thing I lack is Masters from a reputed university which will make me better software professional. Also, I am highly satisfied with the present company I am working for. So I wish to complete my MS and strengthen my technical knowledge and get back to India Post-MS and rejoin &*^&$.

  1. Who is going to pay for such an expensive course? Isn’t this an expensive course to afford?

Ans. I have got a bank loan approved for [_]lakhs and my father will sponsor me for the remaining amount from his savings. It’s an affordable course considering my financial background and we look at it as an investment. I can reap rich dividends from this course for rest of my life.

  1. Do u think u will get the visa

Ans. I have shown sufficient funds required for my MS and I have shown strong intent to return to India so I don’t see why u will reject my visa.


==58. Tell me about the current project you are working on ? [For working ppl obviously]

Ans. [Explain]

  1. How you will transfer money to US?

Ans. Through wire transfer.

  1. Why do you seem so nervous?

Ans. It’s a big day today so nervousness is there a bit.

  1. Are ur parents happy with ur decision?

Ans. Yes they are. They are educated and they know very well that a MS from US is very important for my career growth

  1. What will your education abroad bring u in India? Same as… WHY MS ?

Ans. Having worked for 2 years in an IT company I learnt a lot about software development and I have a good know-how of Computer Science and Software Engg, but a bit more technical knowledge and research in the field will serve greatly when I come back here and join the company of my choice. Higher qualifications give a better place, a better standard in today’s competitive world. I have seen that there is a dearth of persons with greater technical know-how in this field, and whosoever has it will be benefited highly. So I wish to complete my MS and strengthen my knowledge and grasp the opportunity.

  1. What is ur opinion about USA? What is the thing you like best in America? What kind of good things do you know about America?

Ans. USA is the most developed country in the world. People there are very friendly and helping. Education and research is at its best in USA. A degree from an US university is globally recognized as the academic standards are very high there. USA is the mecca of education.

  1. How can u adjust with a new environment ? Do you have any problem in language, living there and studying ?

Ans. Americans are very friendly and helpful. They will never let you feel that you are a foreigner. It is very easy to adjust with them. So I do not think I will have any problem in mixing with them


  1. Have u referred any websites for this visa interview?

Ans. None. Except for the VFS-USA website.


  1. How did you prepare yourself for this interview? Did u join any yahoo group to help u with the interview preparation? Why did you take help from educational consultants? Did you go to some consultant?

Ans. No preparation. Just collected all my documents as mentioned in VFS site and now I am in front of you.


  1. What sort of job will u get here ?

Ans. I will get a jobs as a Software Development Analyst or Software Engineering Manager.

[Explain it.. based on ur area of specialization]

  1. Who is a Software Engineer? [Or….Whatever profession ur in at present]

Ans. A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software’s and systems that make computers or anything containing software work.

  1. What sort of companies will take you? Who is going to hire you? So for what kind of companies do u want to work ? Where all you can work?

Ans. I am looking to come back and work in the same company I am working for now.

  1. With which American companies u would like to work with? [again a trap]

Ans. I am open to not only to US MNCs but all MNCs

  1. What would be your salary after coming to India? How much salary are you expecting?
  2. With the kind of salaries you are offered there, why will you come back? How much do you expect to get? How much pay are u expecting in INDIA

Ans. MNCs like ****** are paying [_] lakhs per annum


  1. The documents you have produced r highly questionable. Your documents are faked

Ans. Sir all of them are genuine and they have been signed by authorized signatories [Here a smile is a must]


  1. What locations would you see there?

Ans. I am going there for studies, and since my stay in US is for 2 years only so I don’t think I will get time to freak around.

  1. Why MS after 3 yrs since GRE ?

Ans. Having given my GRE during my 3rd year in Engineering I decided to learn more in computer science, software engineering practices and gain enough software production experience before getting involved in research. So I applied for masters 3 years after my GRE.

  1. What if I reject you ?

I have tried my best to fulfill all the requirements to get a visa. With the kind of academic and financial background that I have, I never thought that such a question would ever arise.

  1. Why should I allow you a visa ?

(here if q91 is asked, don’t expect q92 to be asked as it is one and the same q)

Ans. Sir , In my opinion, I have a strong educational and financial background and a genuine reason to go to US. My profile is good enough for pursuing Masters’ in USA and an admit from an university like Oregon State is a testimony to that. I have tried my best to fulfill all the requirements to get a visa. So, I expect a visa from you.


  1. How big is the company ?  94. What’s this company all about ?
  2. How many people working ? 96. What business does your father do ?
  3. For how long is he involved in this business ? 98. How many children your uncle have ?
  4. How about ur uncle’s kids ? 100. Won’t he save money for his children ?


US Visa Mock Questions (F1)–

  1. Which university and degree?
  2. What major (Computer Science…etc)?
  3. What are the Specialization in major (Computer Science)?
  4. Tell me 5 points about your University?
  5. Which is the Mascot of your University?
  6. What research is going on in the Department that you are going?
  7. Have you contacted any professors?
  8. Where did you complete your under-graduate/graduate degree?
  9. What is your undergraduate Academic GPA/Percentage?
  10. Do have any KTS? How many?
  11. Do you have a year drop? And Why?
  12. What is your GRE/TOEFL Scores?
  13. Why so less score in GRE/TOEFL?
  14. How do you know about this university?
  15. Have you joined any Counseling? If no then how did you manage to select these Universities/Visa?
  16. How long will you study in USA?
  17. How many Universities you applied?
  18. Tell me you Admit/Reject status?
  19. Why have you selected this university above all the other Admits that you got?
  20. Do you plan to study Ph D after MS?
  21. Why studies in US why not any other country?
  22. What is your first year fee as per the I20?
  23. Who is going to sponsor your education and how?
  24. What does your father do?
  25. What does your Mother do?
  26. What is your family’s annual income?
  27. Have you got any loans?
  28. How will you finance your education for 2years? (generally you have to prove that you can fund the first year of your education but we suggest that you be prepared with this answer)
  29. Your bank pass book shows large transactions recently been deposited? Can you explain that?
  30. How many brother and sisters do you have?
  31. Do you have any relatives in USA?
  32. Have you travelled to US?
  33. Have you made any Travel arrangements?
  34. What are your plans after graduation?
  35. After your Masters are you coming back to India? How you can prove that you are going to come back?
  36. Where do you see yourself 10 year down the line?
  37. Give me three reasons why should I grant you this Visa?
  38. Why did you apply to only 1 school?
  39. Are you going to this university because this is the only admit you have?

Work/Job Related USA Visa Interview Questions

  1. Where are you currently working?
  2. Show your work experience letter
  3. What is your current salary?
  4. Why are you leaving you current job? (if you are working
  5. Have you resigned from your work?





ANS) —>The course work that i have Selected is pretty good in this university..

—>This University offers Mee Everything I thought of great education and at the same tym gives me an oppurtunity to learn many things like work culture in CS In Us…

—>seeks students for internships,summer work programs,and research projects.

—>Moreover i have recieved a positive reply from the alumni of the skool…

—>this university ranking is so nd so…


ANS) —>I feel that higher qualifications give me a better place…,better edge in todays competition world….

—>Most of the multinational Companies are setting up their research centres in India and this is the right tym for me to equip myselves with the masters degree so that i can cme bak to india and contribute to the ongoing research in a better way…

—>so in order to gain more technical knowledge I have decided to pursue my masters


ANS) —>> Us is far a head in engineering compared to other country’s in the world..

—>> Most of the univ in US are going in parallel with the latest technologies …Educating myself in these technologies give me a better picture to start something of my own in the future…

—>>American education sys has a practical approach of study with excellent lab facilities..

–>these points allowed me to choose Us for pursuing my masters..

—>Great flexibility in coursewrk and masters in Us is widely recognized..


ANS)->> After my gre and toefl xams…,i brwsed thru various websites and found out wich matches my prfleand course interests..


ANS)—?? i wld lyk to specialize in so nd so…

–>i wld gain d research xpreince by wkrng under one of the esteemed prfsrs wich cld help me a lot when i cme bak to india…


Q7)why shld i giv u de visa???

Ans) —>I am a bnfde stdnt satisfying al de essential credentials for acquiring the masters dgree..

—?? I have an I20 of de university…,gud academical bakgrnd with sufficient financial assistance..

—?? besdies all dese i have a supportive family which is encrgng me to pursue mah higher edctn…

so cnsdering all dese factorss i believe u cld grant me de visa..




ANS)—?? I have fulfilled all the requirements of the american cnslte system and moreover i am academically gud enuf with sufficient financial spprt…I believe that i wnt be let down…



I have a total savings of Rs_____ with a bank loan of Rs ———

My savings are individualy divided into…

1)bank balance of Rs ——–     2)Provident funds of ——–

3)gold ornamnts of Rs ——–     4)LIc of Rs ———-

Finallyy summing it up v get an amnt of Rs ——–

12) Why are you going to US? Or Why only US?

  1. Sir I have been working for the past — years. I always wanted to do research. I think this is the best time to pursue my goals as I have the required industry experience and good academic background to support me.
  2. For master of sciences in computer science
  3. I have been to many job interviews and I have found that many MNC prefer students with international degree and exposure to univs research even though not having experience.

Why masters in US?

  1. Better research opportunities& infrastructure
  2. Good research, practical knowledge & diversity….
  3. Why not India – mainly theoretical knowledge, not good exposure to research.
  4. In B.E. we just have the overview i.e. the fundamentals of all the subjects rather than the specialization which can be done only through MS
  5. Say that you felt that higher qualifications give a better place, a better standard in today’s competitive world. You felt that you have a good know-how of your field, but a bit more technical knowledge in “the field you are going for MS in” will serve you greatly, when you comeback here and join the industry of your choice
  6. My Bachelor’s gave an introduction to my interest in (field) and Master’s degree will provide me with graduate course work and exposure top latest research facilities

Why not in India?

1.Sir, in India institutes like IITS are there but limited number of seats and more competition but where as in US opportunities are more and practical exposure is more

  1. I am looking for an international exposure and global competitiveness and also the latest research facilities which are available in this Univ.
  2. Sir I have been to many job interviews and I have found that many MNC’s prefer students with international degree and exposure even though not having experience than compared to people who have Indian degree and hands on experience.
  3. Sir, American degrees are highly respected back here in India and I’m very confident that after I come back with my MS degree I would be placed at a better level and would gain more respect in the society
  4. The courses in the field I am interested in are not being offered

(or very few institutions offer such courses). In addition to that the research going on is something I would like to be associated with. (Speak about the facilities as well). Talk about a few researches being conducted in that field. Technical words work out when other things do not.

Do you plan to study while you are working?

Do you intend to come back after your studies?

  1. Usual — family ties and all our property are located in India.

I will return to India and work in a big company

  1. After my MS I am going to come back to India as I have very good prospects in companies like Wipro etc as they are developing and researching in the field of VLSI which I am going to specialize in.
  2. Back here in India we have companies dealing with n/win network telecomm like Bharti Telecom, MTNL, BSNL etc also there are some companies based in India with tie ups with like Hughes, Orange etc, I’d like to be a part of any of these.
  3. Of course, but my intention is only to study and not to earn in US;

I will return back to India and join in oracle

==What are you plans after Graduation?

Be really well prepared for this question. This answer is not fool

proof, but its you who can make it seem so. The basic things are:

  1. Your field is what you will pursue
  2. Your field is on a high in India
  3. Your field has great opportunities
  4. You get those opportunities even now
  5. You get better opportunities once you do your MS
  6. Show foreign companies coming to India investing in your field

Here is what I prepared as an answer to his question:

“Sir, I plan to go to University of Maryland, College Park, to do my MS

in TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Telecom industry is booming today in INDIA.

Various International companies like HUGHES, Orange, AT&T, and Hutchison

are investing huge amounts of research funds and are looking forward to

launch advanced Telecommunication methods in India. Besides them, various Indian Telecom Giants like RELIANCE TELECOM, Bharti Telecom, and VSNL are also investing in behemoth amounts into this arena.

==Why this specific university?

  1. The course offered by the University fits my background as well as my area of specialization. I also contacted the seniors there to know more about the university and got a very positive reply from them. The course is designed in such a way that it develops knowledge of the functions and techniques of CS. With all these this university has got state of the art computing facilities, Creative cum learning work environment, Highly qualified, experienced and resourceful faculty….. the University is home of advance and cutting edge technology Top of Form



ALL THE BEST… WISH YOU GOOD LUCK,within%20a%20week%20or%20so.

You need to inform the DSO that you have arrived in the United States and want to transfer immediately to another SEVP-certified school. You must show proof of acceptance to your new school. You must report to your new school and enroll in a full course of study within 30 days of arriving in the United States.

Transfer university in the USA || 5 Easy Steps – Domestic & International transfers – YouTube

Someone forwarded this:

Indian H1B visa holder’s life in the USA in 9 steps! ⌛

Those who are already in the USA: Let me know if I miss anything. And tell me which step of the script you are in right now. ????????