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I have a few followers who are investigating just like me and share the content daily with me. Since I could not find time to do further investigation on those topics to make videos. Hence I am just posting that content as it is. This is for public awareness and not to defame anyone in person or any company.


Date: 03/28/2023

Hello Kumar garu,

I hope all is well andi.
I’m one of the followers on YouTube for you channel and really appreciate exposing the fraud out there.
Recently I saw a post on Instagram where Indian students are working on fake docs in us. Asala f1 status untae off campus work a cheyakudadu alantidi they are working using fake documents. I don’t know how meserable their life’s will become if they get caught. Seeing all these frauds I really want to inform dhs or ICE, only life padepotadi ani agutna.
I’m attaching few pictures of that post for your reference.

TOPIC: Bodyshops aka film producers. 

Subscriber or follower: SaboteurAK47
KUMAR EXCLUSIVE What about this company, ‘Mouri Tech’?
KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Yes that true. What about these directors then, who followed the same path of leaving USA and making movies in India? – Nagesh Kukunoor – Praveen Sattaru – Deva Katta
KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Yeah I know. Even in Open heart with RK interview, when RK asks about their occupation in USA to producers of Pushpa, they openly answer that they run job consultancies. Watched it when it was aired on TV, I guess the YouTube version has been edited and I couldn’t find that part in it.


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 @KUMAR EXCLUSIVE  Yes that true. What about these directors then, who followed the same path of leaving USA and making movies in India? – Nagesh Kukunoor – Praveen Sattaru – Deva Katta


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 @SaboteurAK47  pushpa director and many from USA. Producers have bodyshops or bodyshops owners become producers

Displaced American:


Bugger! This getting more complicated than a Mafioso crime family organization chart – I can’t keep it straight anymore, Which leads to another nutty thought – are there Desi crime families in NJ, and have they replaced the Italian crime families?

Another silly question – are these H-1B bodyshop bosses using film production as a form of money laundering?

Mouri Tech – 93 H-1B in 2022, 81 in Texas, 85% paid below median wage.


Date received this email: Friday, June 10, 2016 at 05:07:08 PM EDT,
Dear Mr. Kumar
I have seen your videos, most of them. I am basically from Hyd, been here for 14yrs, US citizen now. You are doing a great job of making a case for legitimate, genuine well deserved people to live in US peacefully. Really appreciable work by you.
I have few suggestions/comments/improvements whatever you call.
Your videos are focussed on how the middle layers/vendors ‘ghanta’ companies act as $2 to $25 commission agents. They are ofcouse.
But I think we should go beyond it to provide more bigger picture for audience. These people who run these ‘body shops’ – what do they do ?
They run politics, they groom, support, nurture politics back home and here. They formed a cartel – a vicious circle where things are going per understanding with each organizations. When they grow, they are forming tax free organizations – TANA, ATA, NATA, NATS, TDF. 
After formation of Telangana, the situation has become even worse. Now they are promoting region/caste/party/group politics. 
The irony is, how US govt is tolorating these fringe groups ? All the organizations that are set up are tax free voluntary orgs – non-profit based registrations on sole purpose of social service and culture promotion. But what are they really doing – bringing political leaders, bringing TV/movie actresses, doing ‘recording dances’, promoting vulgar double meaning songs in name of culture. Is this what our NRIs kids are leaning for future generations ? 
Do you know what these TV/movie beautiful actresses are doing here ? I have seen them with arrangements of prostitution with $3000 to $5000 per night. Thats why they line up in Hyd to come to US. They have 2 or 3 managers who are coordinators here for negotiation and privacy/secrecy. Otherwise, why managers are needed here for few days/weeks pleasure visite – with no shootings and no sessions ?
This is what is going on here in name of these H1b companies, blood sucking commission agents, our own telugu businessmen are doing. We already have become a laughing stock with non-telugu community with this kind of strange culture, before it goes and trickles down to all house holds – it should be made aware of whats going on. 
I am sending you this email with anonymity, because i cannot reveal my real name – but I would really appreciate if you can bring to notice of wider audience on the way things are going here with these telugu poisenous organizations ruining indian culture in general and telugu pride in particular. I am a Telangana person, but Indian first, Telugu second – lastly a Telangana person I believe.
Kumar, you can do it no issues.
Trump’s america is getting into a different mode of society, if our desis dont stop these kind of habits or methods – we will be targets for these americans to cause harm too. I hope you agree.
కుమార్ గారు,
ఇది తెలుగు అండ్ ఇంగ్లీష్ లో రిలీజ్ చెయ్యండి, మనోళ్ళకి ఇంకా ఇండియాన్స్ కి కనెక్ట్ అవుతుంది.
Hi Kumar garu,
No problem, if you are reconsidering it – thats fine.
I just thought to bring to your notice as you are doing a great job.
Please continue with your efforts. All the best sir.
A follower sent this morning.

On 15/01/2023 09:08,  wrote:

Hello Kumar,

I hope you are doing well. Please check this Instagram post I have
shared below. I know this is supposed to be funny post, but look how
shamelessly these guys are admitting that they take support for jobs
and do nothing to gain some knowledge in their domain.

Link – [1]

Another Instagram post but it’s regarding students cheating GRE exam –


A follower shared this information this morning 9/6/2023. “BDP TECHNOSOFT SOLUTIONS” scams.

———- Forwarded message —-

Hope you are doing well.

We are hiring fresh/experienced graduates with, Direct Work Permit

Open Work Permit and

PR – Permanent Residence candidates.

Those who are looking for *Training and Placements in

Java Developer
DevOps /Build release engineer
Full stack Developer
Salesforce Developer / Admin
Quality Analyst
Business analyst
Data Analyst
Data Engineering
Big data

We have a well-experienced marketing team who can get you placed in 4 to
5 weeks, We also Take care of on-boarding documentation and background


Benefits we are providing:

We provide training on your chosen technology(45-60 days)

We prepare Resume based on your technology and as per market

You will be assigned an experienced marketing person for your market

Technical interviews will be handled by our real-time
SME(initial/Non-technical calls should be handled by the consultant)

Due to any circumstances if you are removed from the project we will
start your new profile

Will provide proper Back Ground Check

One-year contract with C$1000  registration charges.

C$1500 initial deposit immediately after receiving your offer letter
from the client before joining which is refundable in the last month of
one year contract.

22% finder fee on the candidate salary amount calculated before taxes
from the annual pay rate to be paid monthly to us.

If they lose their job in between the period of a one-year contract, we
will help them to get placed for a new job without any additional


Thanks & Regards

Recruiting Lead
Gopi Krishna
BDP Technosoft Solutions

Date: 10/22/2023:

A friend of mine shared a video and I have started from there, googled it and watched and understood this complete story.

Here you go:

A Telegu woman based out of IL USA cheating Telegu people it seems. Media report. She cheated 70 people and scammed $1,000,000 approximately. I watched these two videos and one more. Understand that a group of people working in a travel agency and pharmacy are doing this scam.

1 NRI Talk Show | Srinivas Kaveti and Victim | Telugu Women Cheats Students and Employees @SakshiTV- A Telegu video from Telugu media channel

2 Telugu Women Cheats Students and Employees | Flight Tickets Fraud | Chicago | USA @SakshiTV -A Telegu video from Telugu media channel

3. Flight Tickets Fraud Case In Chicago | Telugu Students And Employees Cheated By Telugu Women In USA – YouTube – a friend shared this video



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