Episode 2
On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 7:56 AM, Kumar 

Americans have no future in America because of H1B, outsourcing and Americans prefer cheap labor to save cost to the companies and benefit the middleman(a stupid broker system to supply resumes).
(You are reading truth on my wall, if you are an honest Indian, welcome to read but an hypocrite then get last from here).
Here you go:
1. Americans displaced by Indians and Indian companies, displaced American writing here http://keepamericaatwork.com/
2. Highly paid American jobs are poached by Indians and Indian Companies and at the same time, that prevailing wages are not paid to cheap labor but the middlemen are getting benefitted for forward resume between multiple Indian layers. Layer business is not wrong but ripping candidates for forward between multiple layers is unlawful.
3. Indians are slaves and doing modern day slavery to employers/ American corporations and America either by doing illegal gas station or part time jobs or peanuts salaries. None of them are interested to ask why? but mourn in depression. On the other hand, give a different dimension back home for our activities here.
The lust for Dollars and Green Card can bend you to do anything because you love America than anything else on this earth. The only difference is some admit but majority deny it. Honestly, we do not love India including my brothers and sisters there. If answer is YES, we do not know what is America? We would build our nation like USA or at least kicked out caste(racism), poverty and corruption by this time. In fact, we started all caste groups and corruption here too.
4. On top of it, all Indian Castes, regions, religions started their batches to mint easy money. Caste is spreading here like anything to break America’s EEOC so Americans are ruled out to hire if hiring managers are Indians. Anyways Indians and Indian Companies do not hire Americans in America.
Ppl comments:
Unfortunately, Google did not let me watch your video(H1B-Episode 47 90% Indians Employers spoiled H1B IT Business in USA Daily I receive emails on how Indian employers (90%) cheat them by taking $6000 from them who ever in India or outside America. I have been doing lots of study on this and shared my experiences how Indians(both employers and employees) spoiled America and ditching Americans and America by proxy calls, proxy interviews, proxy project supports etc apart from no guest house, no bench salaries, no Over Time Paid etc, charging Green Card money from $5000 to $25,000 apart from employees paying fee for Labor, I-140 and 485 from their pocket than by the employers.
Many argue that they are correct and in fact Indians are so blind that they could not identify the difference between LAW, Immigration laws and SCAMS so all (90%) involving in SCAM and CRIME and practicing crime in USA. They are bringing shame to India and Indians here. kumarexclusive.com.  An “error occurred, blah, blah”   Let me start by saying I will be completing my Associates degree in IT to become Microsoft certified. After that I go out on my own.   I see the anti-American climate out there by scummy politicians looking for a quick buck before social security collapses due to no one funding it.  The tech companies aren’t looking at qualified Americans at their front door.  They looking at the “best and brightest” H1B Indians, Chinese, etc in the side door.  They making side deals with politicians. Now– why is social security not getting funded?   Doesn’t take a 5th grader to figure out that companies are not willing to pay qualified Americans what they are worth.  The liabilities to social security will just keep increasing as the boomers get older and live longer.  Fewer people paying into the system due to lack of good paying jobs, and politicians letting corporations open the side door.  Just heard today Chinese are hacking into American systems.  No sh-t sherlock.  What is the saying “If you build it they will come’.  Chinese build it so Big Corp can save a buck. But they will come to collect what is owed to them. What goes around comes around.  Chinese already looking to establish their own internet completely firewalled from the internet of the West.
First of all I’ve never met a poor Indian in the US. They either own a diamond store, or a gas station. They are more likely the rich bosses of companies in India where jobs got outsourced to. They, being very localized here, also create a path for their family and friends. The environment politcian’s create for them must be very favorable since it requires considerable time, energy, money, and risk, to move and settle in a foreign country. (A hypothetical interview with an Indian: Indian speak English? Yes? Barely understood but good enough. You are hired)
I want to state that I am not racist before what I am about to post – I am an American worker who has worked around H-1B workers in the government for the past 10 years and I can say without a doubt that it hurts the majority of Americans and I think it is a very unfair process.
Within the US, many prime American government jobs that start off around 65k-100k are flooded with Indian workers, who migrated here and work in these prime jobs while so many qualified Americans cannot find work or get these opportunities.
Not only are these luxury jobs given to these workers, many lie on their 20 page long resumes about their qualifications and get put into positions that pay extremely well and they do not have to do much work to keep their job. They are also treated differently within the workplace, double standards exist everywhere. Indians will usually do the minimum required on any project, nothing more and nothing less, will not ask to move on and await for someone to do something, meanwhile they have no problems watching TV on their phones, running off in groups to talk and hangout while on the clock, come in late and leave early while claiming 8 hours on these jobs knowing full well they were not on-site for the required 8 hours. If anything is said to them, you get accused of being racist, you cannot take action against them without being prejudiced. They form many inner circles, watch out for themselves and build their areas up with only other Indians – all the while moving their entire family members over in the process while they have this secured cushion jobs that many Americans here are not even allowed to be considered towards.
One of these places, I met and got involved with an Indian girl, who was an American, she migrated here through college 20 some years ago, she was not a H-1B worker and she even taught me a lot of things about the Indian culture and how they go about securing these types of jobs for themselves and how they cheat the system along the way to get these jobs.
Many Americans do not even have a clue how large of an enterprise this is and how many of these luxurious jobs are given to Visa workers while they struggle and pay taxes, and cannot find jobs, even barely minimum wage jobs. But meanwhile nice upper middle class jobs are given away in the thousands to H-1B Indian workers and they go back and forth from India every few months, paid maternal leave, Husband and Wives work for the same dept, it goes on and on.
These work visas are killing the American dream for true citizens and it isn’t fair by any means the large scale and thousands of jobs that are given to Indian H-1B workers. I am hoping that this will become more exposed to more Americans because they will become outraged with the truth is finally out there.
Now I am all for Immigration, just as my GF is and allowing others to start new lives with their families but not under this horrible program. No offense to you or anyone you may know working like this but it is just a terrible unfair process and I am pushing for legislation to make it stop ASAP.