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I will write each Americans stories and #h1b or H4EAD or L2ead that I come across. Please let me know what’s the violation by end clients/layers/employers/candidates. This is to update my blog with courtesy your name or inputs. Thank you. (THREAD)


Please read replies from Moore an American and take precautions if you are a tech worker.


H-1B domestics visa renewals

White-Collar Workers of America on X: “Here is the State Dept rule that discontinued visa restamping in the U.S. in 2004. State Dept will need to issue a similar rule in order to bring it back. https://t.co/s95aETtmhK https://t.co/NnUKR9Adfy” / X (twitter.com)

Federal Register :: Discontinuation of Reissuance of Certain Nonimmigrant Visas in the United States

RED CARPET FOR H-1B VISA HOLDERS: resume domestic visa revalidation || Kumar Exclusive – YouTube


https://www.livemint.com/news/world/for-h-1b-visa-holders-us-may-soon-resume-domestic-visa-revalidation-11676011548235.html https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2004/06/23/04-14245/discontinuation-of-reissuance-of-certain-nonimmigrant-visas-in-the-united-states


JOB Searching TIPS:

Many asked me how to hit jobs in the USA. Here are my tips.

Do not loose FOCUS.
1 Set the Goal
2 Set the Path
3 Forget the Goal
4 Follow the Path
5 ThePath should take you to the Goal-> whether it is F1 VISA or any new job!

Step-1: this is for H-1Bs and three steps only for GC/USC etc. you should have a target date and time to hit jobs. My experience is two weeks to 2 months max(45 business day). In fact, I always get two offers same time and I choose the one. I also do re-engineering on jobs that I apply/calls that I receive from vendors/Prime vendors and USA client interviews etc. You need to do this. Otherwise you stuck in the process.

60 Days

60 days CLOCK for Laidoff H-1Bs || Follow Kumar’s 10 STEPs Model!


STEP-2 A recruiter brother shared this below tip. 

You need to do a Lot of Cold Calling and Thorough Intensive Search on Portals.

Cold Calling will help! Make unsolicited telephone call to vendors & clients, in an attempt to sell his profile (his/her candidature).

There is no other go, you have to keep trying. You need to do more cold calling to companies, demonstrate your technical expertise and ask if they have job for you. I suggest you some primary vendor companies who can help you in introducing you to their vast clientele.

KForce, Modis, Experis, TekSystems, CIBER, Robert Half Technologies, RandstadUSA, CyberCoders, Mitchell Martin, ProjectOne, SignatureConsulting, Oxford&Assoiates, Judge Group, RevolutionTechnologies, Computer Aid Inc, EttainGroup etc. You need to call these companies, build rapport with the technical recruiters, who will help you find their hot opportunities.

Market is low right now but consistent search will make you land on the right position.


Step-3 you should have an Interview draft to speak in Interview but not resume. I have prepared this upon the advice of my friend in 2008 in USA.

Please see attached.

sample interview draft

Step-4 Have interview questions google it. Do not relax if no project/job.

Please see attached.


20_answers_to_help_interview_Robert Half

Step-5 Check your local state desi job sites- I do not recommend much but in case.

Like this: https://www.miindia.com/jobs

Step-6: Vendors list shared by followers. You lose lots of money by supplying your resume but in case.

vendor contacts

Step-7: Contact all your friends/relatives or network of friends in the USA, share your USA format resume

Step-8: upload your resume into all job sites of USA Branches. I trust only Monster USA job site. Recruiters wants this format resume if you are NOT a US Citizen. 


 Step-9: Search on companies or clients job sites/career locations online and submit your resume. 

Example: https://careers.microsoft.com/v2/global/en/home.html


Step-10 Repeat the above until you hit one and never relax in job and continue to be on wheels of training and always attend interviews.

In USA, Americans least bothered about your degree or masters certificate. They give preference to skills of IT and communication skills.


Indian youtubers in the USA are charging 95 to 120 dollars for 30 minutes to talk to Indians. Remember they’re not attorneys. Anybody has to come into USA either on F1 or L1A L1B or H-1B or Canada TN visa to green cards or etc. Basically Indians are looting Indians to clear their simple doubts. I don’t think Americans don’t cheat fellow Americans in the USA like this.

H-1B Layoffs OPTIONS: B1 B2, Non profitable H-1B and Compelling Circumstances EAD || Kumar Exclusive


What is 60 day rule in US visa?
H1B 60 days Grace Period Meaning: The H1B 60 days grace period means that you will not be considered “out of status” for almost 2 months after your unemployment. This will give you the opportunity to look for another employment or apply for a visa change of status.

Note: A compelling circumstances EAD is a discretionary stopgap measure intended to assist certain individuals on the path to lawful permanent residence by preventing the need to abruptly leave the United States.

How to Apply. You must file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, to request an initial grant of employment authorization under category (c)(35) or (c)(36). You must receive an EAD from USCIS before you can begin working under this employment authorization.Apr 6, 2017

Tech Layoffs and Compelling Circumstances EAD

People travelling to the United States on a business or tourist visa can now apply for new jobs and even appear in interviews, a federal agency said. These visas include B-1, B-2, the agency said while asking prospective employees to ensure the applicants have changed their visa status before they begin the new role.


Newly arriving into USA

Kumar’s Tips for job search: F1 H1B H4EAD, GC & USC || Kumar Exclusive

Video on “How to get a first job – USA?”. EDU-Epi 9 Kumar Exclusive


Another video is:



HOW TO MARKET YOUR RESUME?|H1B-Episode 70 || Kumar Exclusive

Job Search Tips:


If you have L2S or L2EAD or GC or USC, apply directly to these kind of jobs to top 10 American prime vendors job sites.


Title: Cloud Security Architect
Type: Contract to Hire (6-9 months) or Long-Term/Open Ended Contract
Location: Remote & 3x per week onsite in Midtown NYC (Madison Avenue) or Clinton NJ (Tuesday-Thursday)
Rate: $95-$103anHr W2 on Contract – Salary Conversion: $197k base + 20% yearly bonus

This role requires a strong technical understanding of all security domains to help secure a large-scale IT environment (including Cloud), focusing on maturing the ability to protect assets and applications with applying controls around the four pillars of prevent, detect, respond and remediate.


– Looking for a hands on Architect.
– Looking for someone who can help continue to build their cloud security practice with a focus on AWS (Azure is a major plus).
– Need strong knowledge of Network Security/ Infrastructure Security
– Ideal Certifications: CISSP/CCSP (SABSA is a major plus)
– Frameworks: NIST/CIS & Standards (OAuth)
– Tools: Kubernetes, Docker


Possible Options for H4 Children Dependents Turning 21.

A child can no longer stay in the U.S. as an H-4 dependent once they turn 21. In order to remain in the U.S. , the child must change to a different nonimmigrant visa status e.g. , F-1 student, B-2 visitor.
Aged-out kids in US: Must opt for international student-visa or self deport





1 Continue above 10 steps and continually prepare for the interviews as long as you are in IT fields.

9 mistakes and blunders to avoid in your next job interview (careerbuilder.com)



Non Reliable Indians marriage proposals. Otherwise, your life suck in a foreign land.


Check credentials of NRI grooms: Ministry issues fresh advice – Indian Express


H4 Domestic violence –

how to report bad H-1B Husband 


Honestly, no one understand your situation. Neither the government of USA nor India. You have to fight for yourself. BE STONG and BE BOLD. 

Here you go:

The main culprits are parents of a girl child in India. Because the parents of India want a foreign based son-in-law for their daughter without enquiring anything about him or the USA immigration issues. So that lead to this disasters situation. The world is men dominated society and India or Asia is completely MEN dominated. With this mindset, how come parents send their daughter(s) with an unknow person to abroad? What happens if that person beat your daughter? Does she trained to complain to local police in that country? If not, what for that marriage? Sex slavery?

I think or guess that both USA and India are cheating the Indian women in both in USA and INDIA especially those are on non immigrant visas and facing domestic violence’s in a foreign country. First she loses her immigration status for complaining against her husband who is a primary applicant. Secondly she loses her children to husband. third, deported from the country. Not just H4, any dependent visa is a disastrous visa in the USA. 

7 Things A Husband Must NEVER Say To His Visa Wife And Rub In Her Dependent Status


Neerja Saraph vs Jayant V.Saraph on 6 October, 1994


YOU must consider  reporting to USCIS from INDIA.- USCIS online but they may take action little slow.
provide them all the detail and your contact numbers to reach you by USCIS if required.

 FOCUS on your financial independence and kids future rather than waste time on the chasing the criminal. I mean, report about him but do not waste your time in coming back to USA on F1 or B1 visas to meeting your criminal husband. There is no point in meeting him once he disconnected or departed from you.  You have to book him under the law and law takes it own course. 

One of my haters acted as a subscriber sent this site and I do not know how far it is true. 


Best hey are united and if the situation is not resolved this manner contact:

With the help of the sister and/or her family, simply send the true copy of his warrant to his known address by FedEx with signature requirement. That will be legal service. USA law then kicks in, otherwise USA law cannot act. Good wishes to all

One of the H4 Victims/subscribers told me this “Arrest warrant will need to give on H-1B Cruel husband. It’s not easy. When required if he does not come to court then only it can be done.”

I welcome your suggestions or HELP on this for Indian sisters or victims out there.

H4 Domestic violence – how to report bad H-1B Husband

Abandoned Indian wives and US born kids in India.


 Q and A: 


Where are his parents staying in India? Go there with local police and media but do not go alone as they may kill you or harm you also. Record those conversations and uploading into social media and at least he should watch it and get scared and return to India. Do not leave his parents back home.

Subscriber: Sir can I convert my son’s citizenship or what can I do to save him is there any way


Look for options to give up USA passport and citizenship and get Indian passport. You have to do research on this. Don’t trust anyone and don’t pay any money to any brokers for that job either in India or US

Subscriber: My son was born there and what about his Custody how can I save my child from him



If he can’t sign for your son’s USA passport renewal and expires, USA embassy in India take your son into their custody and if he applies from USA for the custody, he will win the case. Sorry sister, it’s a very sad tricky situation.

He cannot renew your H4 Visa. All you need to do is, contact the H-1B Petitioner of that H-1B person and tell them that he is absconding, either renew your H4 visa or stop renewing his H-1B petition. Send those emails to Dr. S. Jaishankar @DrSJaishankar India government official External Affairs Minister of India. Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) from Gujarat State.



https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/experts/husband-absconded-after-signing-an-mou-651326.asp do research on how to bring him back to India and get arrested by police in India. In USA, courts and law enforcement support the accused is what my research shows.

https://www.uscis.gov/report-fraud/uscis-tip-form also enter his details here, write in simple words H-1B husband domestic violence, absconding.

Help the Abandoned H4 visa spouses


What is USA attorney say about this?

read the below and watch this video.


Shah Peerally, Esq

The law does not provided a remedy for the h4 visa holders to stay in the United States. Our petition online is trying to remedy to that. Please sign, share and subscribe to our channel. #immigration #uscis #unitedstates #h1b Sign the petition online https://www.change.org/abandonedh4vis… Also sign the H4 visa aged out children https://www.change.org/H4childrenageout Abused spouses under H4 visas are actually at the mercy of their spouses. The VAWA petitions apply to those who are married to a US citizen and permanent resident and U Visas to those who are victims of domestic violence. But how about those who are mentally abused? Unless there is a situation of domestic violence, the law does not presently completely protect the victims. There is an ability to obtain a work permit (EAD) as an abused spouse, but no ability to maintain status unless a separate status such as a student visa. This means that the H4 visa holder is left at the mercy of the system and cannot really be legally present in the US. Those who are emotionally abused have no way to continue a legal stay in the US! The situation is often worsened when H1B abandons H4 visa holder and files for divorce and custody in USA as kids are naturalized USA citizens and come under USA jurisdiction and the abused H4 visa victim is either at verge/risk of deportation or has to come on tourist visa as there is no other way an H4 visa holder can make an entry to United States. Thus it leads to another emotional trauma as protective parent is separated from the child because of not being able to sustain a legal status in USA. We request that the law is changed to protect the H4 visa holder status on humanitarian grounds. The situation is unbearable for many.

Americans comments on this. 

Topic: Indian women with Fake resumes in the USA

KE respect Indian women.

KE has many followers’ Indian women in India/UK/USA etc.

KE has many women followers from USA, Nepal, Pakistan, and other countries.

This post is about Indian women with fake resumes, proxy interviews, proxy job supporters, hiring managers from outsourcing companies, Full time jobs of USA clients, “All Indian Fraudsters and Indian Fraudulent MS Students- female, women with fake resumes, proxy interviews, proxy job supporters, who corrupted US Staffing System by faking their experience to get jobs are highly offended by our truth expositions. Now those Cheap, Crooked, Immoral, Unethical, Shameless Indians defaming Kumar, spreading hate speech, using derogatory comments and profane language against Kumar. Everyone in USA must be educated about this massive employment”.

They enter jobs in wrong routes for easy money $5000 to $10,000 a month. They want jobs because other neighbors’ Indian women getting jobs, they want jobs because their husbands force them to work because they came to USA for dollars. Some husbands force them to fake it though they do not like it. Some are forced to commit this crime because their husbands bought big houses, for the mortgage they need it. So, they are in jobs now across 50 states.

What do they do at work?

First, they bring lunch boxes to Indian hiring managers. They connect by caste Indian hiring managers either male or female. If it is Indian male managers, line is clear to offer anything, anything means anything. Some Indian hiring managers ask openly “stand out nights”. Some voluntarily offer to get a client full time jobs withing 6 months to 12 months. There are news items about rev parties also. Naked dances in a private house with whole team members.

What is your problem?

Sarees business, and all types of Indian business online by neglecting clients’ work. Eventually you will do that work and they do not show interest in learning to work.

They speak loudly in Indian languages at the desk over the mobile phones during lunch time or any time with India personal calls or offshore team calls. If it is offshore team calls, they need to book a conference call, but they do not. Lazy.

They nexus with Indian hiring managers and humiliate you to any extent. So, the result is, you lose health, mental peace, and project abruptly. They go reverse attacks by complaining to hiring managers who support them though it is none of your fault.


What is your TIP?

For your betterment, better look for another project if you are on nonimmigrant work visas. If you are full time job with USA client, better change to another group or team immediately where you get an American boss, and all are Americans in the Team.



Can I complain or report it?

Most of the cases, you cannot get justice except very few cases. You need to have solid evidence between hiring managers and that woman nexus to eliminate you. Otherwise, they both eliminate you and bring bad name to your career.

Silence is NOT an option to complain but at the same time, look for another project immediately. You never know how corporate politics works – behind the scenes.

NOTE: Do not think, all are like this, KE subscribers wrote, men hiring managers did the similar things to innocent Indian women workers at the site.