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Non Reliable Indians marriage proposals. Otherwise, your life suck in a foreign land.


H4 Domestic violence –

how to report bad H-1B Husband 


Honestly, no one understand your situation. Neither the government of USA nor India. You have to fight for yourself. BE STONG and BE BOLD. 

Here you go:

The main culprits are parents of a girl child in India. Because the parents of India want a foreign based son-in-law for their daughter without enquiring anything about him or the USA immigration issues. So that lead to this disasters situation. The world is men dominated society and India or Asia is completely MEN dominated. With this mindset, how come parents send their daughter(s) with an unknow person to abroad? What happens if that person beat your daughter? Does she trained to complain to local police in that country? If not, what for that marriage? Sex slavery?

I think or guess that both USA and India are cheating the Indian women in both in USA and INDIA especially those are on non immigrant visas and facing domestic violence’s in a foreign country. First she loses her immigration status for complaining against her husband who is a primary applicant. Secondly she loses her children to husband. third, deported from the country. Not just H4, any dependent visa is a disastrous visa in the USA. 

7 Things A Husband Must NEVER Say To His Visa Wife And Rub In Her Dependent Status


Neerja Saraph vs Jayant V.Saraph on 6 October, 1994


YOU must consider  reporting to USCIS from INDIA.- USCIS online but they may take action little slow.
provide them all the detail and your contact numbers to reach you by USCIS if required.

 FOCUS on your financial independence and kids future rather than waste time on the chasing the criminal. I mean, report about him but do not waste your time in coming back to USA on F1 or B1 visas to meeting your criminal husband. There is no point in meeting him once he disconnected or departed from you.  You have to book him under the law and law takes it own course. 

One of my haters acted as a subscriber sent this site and I do not know how far it is true. 


Best hey are united and if the situation is not resolved this manner contact:

With the help of the sister and/or her family, simply send the true copy of his warrant to his known address by FedEx with signature requirement. That will be legal service. USA law then kicks in, otherwise USA law cannot act. Good wishes to all

One of the H4 Victims/subscribers told me this “Arrest warrant will need to give on H-1B Cruel husband. It’s not easy. When required if he does not come to court then only it can be done.”

I welcome your suggestions or HELP on this for Indian sisters or victims out there.

H4 Domestic violence – how to report bad H-1B Husband

Abandoned Indian wives and US born kids in India.



Help the Abandoned H4 visa spouses


What is USA attorney say about this?

read the below and watch this video.


Shah Peerally, Esq

The law does not provided a remedy for the h4 visa holders to stay in the United States. Our petition online is trying to remedy to that. Please sign, share and subscribe to our channel. #immigration #uscis #unitedstates #h1b Sign the petition online https://www.change.org/abandonedh4vis… Also sign the H4 visa aged out children https://www.change.org/H4childrenageout Abused spouses under H4 visas are actually at the mercy of their spouses. The VAWA petitions apply to those who are married to a US citizen and permanent resident and U Visas to those who are victims of domestic violence. But how about those who are mentally abused? Unless there is a situation of domestic violence, the law does not presently completely protect the victims. There is an ability to obtain a work permit (EAD) as an abused spouse, but no ability to maintain status unless a separate status such as a student visa. This means that the H4 visa holder is left at the mercy of the system and cannot really be legally present in the US. Those who are emotionally abused have no way to continue a legal stay in the US! The situation is often worsened when H1B abandons H4 visa holder and files for divorce and custody in USA as kids are naturalized USA citizens and come under USA jurisdiction and the abused H4 visa victim is either at verge/risk of deportation or has to come on tourist visa as there is no other way an H4 visa holder can make an entry to United States. Thus it leads to another emotional trauma as protective parent is separated from the child because of not being able to sustain a legal status in USA. We request that the law is changed to protect the H4 visa holder status on humanitarian grounds. The situation is unbearable for many.

Americans comments on this.