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I am writing here, everything about my life, journey from India to America. 

“Kumar Exclusive, has been painstakingly talking about the H1-B violations, and how ‘desi’ consulting companies have been abusing the American immigration laws for decades. I hope enough people are watching this channel and waking up to the fact that most Indians’ lives in America are far from rosy, and how desperation and greed can lead them into a rabbit hole (the murky world of Indian Incs, Vendors, Prime Vendors, and their various ‘layers’), which offers no respite or hope. It’s all the more heartening to know that an Indian is talking about ethics, morality, and doing the right thing, because — and there’s no other way to put it — Indians aren’t the most moral lot. People can of course point towards the social and economic realities as the reasons for our dishonesty, but here’s the thing: What’s wrong is wrong. Which is why it’s so heartening to see an Indian not mince words and talk about this underground industry, which has taken an economic and mental toll on tens of thousands of Indians, particularly young graduates, who can do better in life than fake resumes, stage interviews, dupe employers. “

KE YouTube channel, in particular, was a great source of help for many investigative journalists to investigate further or write books on H1-B topics. This is how KE is helpful to many Indians victims in the USA/India and several Dream America aspirants across the globe. -KE.

Thai is what Indians who arrived to the USA did to Indians in India.
I too thought the same and hence I cleared those doubts to people. 

Tue, Feb 26, 2019, 6:06 AM

Dear Kumar garu, Regularly i am watching your videos I SALUTE YOUR HONESTY. //God bless you// 


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