PART1-My Life Story- Kumar

PART1-My Life Story- Kumar

My Childhood/Education/Work Experience in India.

1975, One of my uncles took this photograph in India, you can see Kumar in driver’s seat and his cousin Kish in the back seat. 

For non Indian readers, here is about India.

Date: 6/23/2022 uploaded this pic from Google images.

28 states:  There are 28 states and 8 Union territories in the country. Union Territories are administered by the President through an Administrator appointed by him/her. From the largest to the smallest, each State/ UT of India has a unique demography, history and culture, dress, festivals, language etc.

Life in Andhra Pradesh

I born in a small town in Southern states of India, Andhra Pradesh it is called. First video from hometown Kumar Exclusive – YouTube My First language is Telugu, a state official language, Second Language is Hindi national official language and third language is English. My father loves me so much. When he buys biscuit packets for his children, he used to buy two packets, one for me and one for my elder siblings. That made one of my siblings to become a feminist.  I raised in a town called Kakinada and studied from my childhood to 6th grade in Christian run Machinery private school where the owner Mr.Ganapathi is a Hindu married a Christian.

This state Andhra Pradesh is called United Andhra Pradesh once upon a time. Now it is divided into two Andhra Pradesh with capital city Amravati and Telangana state with Capital Hyderabad.

Life in Bhimavaram

Bhimavaram is a city in West Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh state of India. It is my mom’s motherland. So every summer holidays the gap between academic year, academic year starts in India in June and ends in March with final exams, we all used to meet here. One of my uncles is a Math’s lecturer/principal so he taught entire Math school books of next Academic year in the summer holidays inadvance to cousins and some school children in the town. This helps a lot in schools to relax as need to focus on other subject. After grandfather died we stopped meeting here.

Life in Eluru

Due to job demands, my father took me to another city called Eluru in neighboring district of the same state. For the firs time, I played tennis here during the special camp training.  I enjoyed a lot. I met Mr. Shanmukha Srinivas in Tennis who happens to live in the house which is next street of our house.

Shanmukha Srinivas, is accomplished Kuchipudi dancer and set a record of performing it for 24X7 for one complete day by that time I played with him as a Tennis partner after practice sessions in the coaching. Later he entered cinema.

Unfortunately, I could not continue Tennis 7th grade is a public in India, that is answer sheets verified or corrected by teachers in another district. Hence parents force kids in India not to play too much sports and games in 7th grade and 10th grade.

I joined in this  St. Xaviers High School, Eluru few months. My dad took a decision, send me to uncle’s house for rest of the childhood for combined studies with a cousin.   I was sent to another small town called Giddaluru in Prakasham District by changing a bus and a train with over night journey. My uncle worked as Judge in the Judiciary department there. It is to combined study with my cousin who is there in the above picture.

Initially my aunt told, we will send you back to parents in Eluru after ten days so I used to count days 1 to 10. My aunt got angry for asking me to send back to parents. I understood, that it is for my betterment, parents send me to aunt’s house who controls children with her anger.  The very first thing my uncle did good thing is, he asked me to open the “The Hindu” English Daily newspaper and read it and underline with pencil for any unknown words for me and then open the dictionary and understand the meaning of it. Then phrase a new sentence by using that word. That is how started learning English while studying in Telugu medium schooling. I have been practicing that habit even now.

Life in Giddaluru

Teacher told, why corrupt

I admitted into the Government public school in this town for 7th and 8th grades. We used to walk 3-5 kilometers to school from home both ways. Later in 8th grade we used to go by bi-cycle. We (my cousin Kish and I)both admitted to National Cadet Core. The School Teacher cum the NCC officer is same and he explained why he took bribes(loot students breakfast food to feed alcohol and non vegetarian food to inspectors) by offering low quality breakfast and less quantity of food for the students to feed the Army Officers who visits this town to test NCC A and B certificates and distribute to the students there including us. For the first time, I came to know in my life at the age of 12 plus why do people get corrupt in India and that too from a school teacher who suppose to teach about honesty, ethics and values. I am not sure whether to appreciate him for his honesty or hate him for his corrupted behavior and I stayed calm.

I still remember the school principal name Mr. Alfred who teaches English classes. The students afraid of him for his personality and controlling the students. I continued in the same school for eighth grade. To my surprise, for the first time, I witnessed that the parents give slips or books to students through windows to do mass copy by students to pass the examinations. The police do vigilance but one or two policemen in uniform unable to control hundreds of parents standing outside school for final examinations days of the students. I lost 30 minutes time watching this on my first day of the final examinations of the seventh grade. Seventh exams are treated as board exams in our state hence parents in that town die hard to give answer sheets to the their children. The 30 minutes bell rang counted as half an hour and then focused on writing my exams without looking at the others. Neither the teachers nor the police could stop this mess or crime.

My dad regret for sending me there for studies but already two years spent in that town. When comes to sports and games, we played every sport and games in the school and outside school given the town atmosphere and the people around.  I would say, lucky childhood. I also learnt different accents of the same Telugu language dialect in the same State of same language speaking people. I noticed the food habits also different from the other parts of the state. I do noticed that some students having last name as REDDY here but I did not fully understand caste yet but I am sure, this REDDY community dominate the people here. I used to visit my parents during the holidays between examinations in India. We have exams every 3 months throughout the year. Academic starts in India in the month of June and ends with final examinations in the month of March/April in next academic year.

I came to parents after the 8th grade but parents did not agree to study here in Eluru and then forcefully,  I moved to ninth grade to another town called Nuzvid of Krishna District of AP state in India.

Life in Nuzvid

It is because my Judge uncle transferred to this town this time. This time, we played shuttle badminton through out the year. It was a Christian Missionary school attached to the Christian Brother’s training college. We also went to Vijayawada for sports center and understand that Vijayawada is NOT just a politics center but also sports and games nexus with politics.

Sports and games: Played many games and sports in those small towns or cities due to schools are having the infrastructure and outside schools also. Shuttle Badminton- this sport we played extensively in indoor stadium in this small town.  I also played circlet on Sunday matches and people are very friendly and liked me a lot. I have my own cricket bat to play for the matches.

Life in Kakinada

Later moved to Kakinada for 10th class to stay with my parents as my uncle go transferred back to Giddaluru area.  It was fun and very happy to be with my parents and siblings. I am the only son to my parents. I played Cricket in the college grounds every day. I wanted to retire in my life here, my final destination, I love that much this town. It is the same school where I have studied from 1st to 6th grade. I am happy to see my old buddies in 10th class. The school divided students into three classes A for Average, B for Brilliant and C for Clever. Headmistress admitted me into Class B of 10th and asked me to sit in the last bench of the classroom due to my height. Again last bench is considered as something rude or useless in India.

My class room group photograph of Tagore Convent High School on last day of the Tenth Grade Kakinada India 1987-88

The re-union of the friends of Xth Class in Kakinada India 2014

Memory of my school life- Photos taken by schoolmates

Kumar School principals and class teachers in Kakinada.

My math sir Joseph 

My teachers in schooling 1-6 and 10th grades. 


I scored 60% first class student up to 10th grade. But with the marks that I acquired in this 10th grade, does it fetch me any seat in Intermediate(11th grade) college in this town is what fear or hype created by friends and relatives forced me to re-join with my cousin and uncle who are in Vizianagaram District of the same state AP India. He is now becoming the District Judge and influenced me to get an admission in the neighboring village college. Given the population in India, scarcity for water, milk and everything and on top of it, getting admissions into schools or colleges is NOT A JOKE. It needs recommendations, recommendation letters and influence from high profile people or just beg. I studied from 1st to 10th in Telugu Medium schools and now from 11th and 12th grade it is in English Medium College. It does not mean people talk in English but the school or college books printed in English. I felt so happy for the English Medium because the books are very easy to understand especially mathematics, Physicals and Science. Telugu, it is very difficult to understand, reproduce it during the examinations. The language is easy to speak but it is difficult in reading school or college books. I mean the words, terminology is very tough to pronounce or understand it that quickly compared to English.

Life in Vizianagaram

A Rajasthan migrated community donated land to a private college in the outskirts of the city. It is called LDGJ College Dharmapuri Village.  We(Cousin Kish and I) used to ride a cycle for 30-40 kilometers a day due to uncle house located on one end of the town /city and the college is located in another village which completely opposite side of the town. On top of it, we used to go to Math, Physics and Chemistry tuitions privately. That means, in the colleges, teachers/lecturers do not have enough time to teach everything there. So going to college is just for fun, meet friends and discuss movies and politics. I met a friend who explained us whole text book of math in a single night before the exams day. I did not know till that day, one day is enough to pass the exams if you know the logic or sequence of questions framed by the lecturers for exam question paper. I met one of the Mathematics books author Mr. Peri Sastry here in this town and lucky enough to have math classes from him.

Of course you need to know the basics first. Lots of good and bad memories here. It is a transition period between schooling and graduation is called Intermediate and crucial era to decide your career/future.

Graduation B.A in Kakinada

Mostly, people I mean students divided here for science degrees(BSC-3 years degree or MBBS- 5-6 years medicine) or Math(Engineering) and commerce (BCOM) and History (BA) etc. I took mathematics assuming that I will move for Engineering like any other stereo type Indians. Unfortunately things are not happen as we wish and I have landed up in BA. And I do not want to blame anyone except myself. I have studied my graduation here in P R Government college Kakinada India  

The fees of this government college in my country those days is 100 INR per semester or annum,  I am NOT sure of it. Those days one dollar is 60 to 70 INR. so I paid college fees is less than $10 for three years. NON STEM Graduation is that cheap in India. That is the beauty in India.

  Google Images. 

Life in Hyderabad

The photos are taken by Kumar

Worked at- Godrej Secunderabad India

I worked very short time here and the company closed its centers due to some management issues. Someone systems senior person asked me to come to Bombay for interview and I afraid to go as Bombay is a big city and do not know how to manage it life there.





I came to Hyderabad in 1995 August after my graduation in Kakinada. I went to Rao’s IAS coaching center  located in Raj Bhanavan Road. It is to have Civil Services examination Preparation. He said, you need two years of rigorous coaching to attempt this exam.   The very next day, my uncle took me to APTECH Basheer Bagh Center for Computers training basics to have a computer at home for my Civils preparation. He purchased a computer for me.  My mind is curious to know how it works on the hardware side and went to Koti for an Institution to train on the computer hardware side. They said it is for six months and I said, I do not have time and wanted to learn in 3 months and completed a diploma in hardware in three months.

Now I wanted to get a job on it with Hardware diploma with BA and walked from shop to shop in Hyderabad. It is in peak demand but my BA qualification rejected by the big companies and someone hired. They manufacture computers for rugged industries. My mind does not stop there, now curious to know how computer to computer talk each other, that is Networking. I quit that job and completed Novel Network Certifications and Microsoft Certifications. Still companies especially software Indian companies denied based upon my Degree. They want BE but not BA. But someone from America knocked at my door for my MCSE in 1996/97.

I learned French here for Canada immigration purpose and Sanskrit Indian language out of interest in a Nizam’s night college for one month. Sanskrit is a classical language of South Asia that belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. It arose in South Asia after its predecessor languages had diffused there from the northwest in the late Bronze Age.

I went to Mythas(reverse of SATYAM IT company name) get into real estate. I have asked them after their AV presented to me and a friend visiting from the USA. The question is, who is going to buy these expensive villas or apartments in this Hi-tech City? they replied, NRIs. Non Resident Indians from the USA. I was wondering is that America makes our Indians super rich there? it is so sad that one has to flee India to USA to buy an apartment or villa? Is the Indian economy that worse? I am asking these questions to people whom I met in Ameerpet coming from the USA.

Post Graduation in Hyderabad

I have done Master of Computers and Applications and Master of Philosophy in computers here while working and aimed to do PHD in Computer.

Life in Tirupati

The photo is taken by Kumar

Tirupati is a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Its Sri Venkateswara Temple sits atop one of the the 7 peaks of Tirumala Hills, attracting scores of Hindu pilgrims. Sri Venkateswara National Park, home to the temple, also contains the Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park with lions and primates. Nearby, next to a waterfall and cave believed to be sacred, Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. ― Google

It is called temple town in India. Device coincidence I got a job here through APTECH HYDERABAD placement. APTECH Tirupati  owner came to Hyderabad to conduct the interview and looking for a network engineer and group leader. He selected me after having an interview with panel. Aptech HYD put a condition not to go for 10,000 INR as salary but I went for 6,500 with free accommodation in Tirupati. Dr. I.V.Subba Rao IAS was the E.O of the TTD during that time. It was very excited and fascinating but I have not made a decision yet as I have already applied for jobs in Government in Hyderabad.

I met my spiritual Guru and he said, go ahead and work in TTD and it is best place. Hence I made a decision and informed them and board the train to Tirupati along with my brown color two wheeler scooter Chetak Scooter packed in package wagon.  The day one is very excited and visited TTD office at Tirupati. I met  Superintend of the Computer Section who explained about the project, my job, roles and responsibilities. I was shocked for a moment and draw the road map on the paper and noticed it needs 12 members in a team to start the project.

I emailed to friends and folks that I know in my network of people. I got a response from one friend in Chicago IL. Referred me a person who got his F1 visa refused and working in Chennai TN State. I have asked him to comedown for the interview. He came along with his father for the interview. I said, I have to learn Oracle before I take interview for you. So you please explain what do you know in Oracle so that I will listen. I have seen his great attitude, communication skills and team player. I told my decision to my boss and TTD Supervisor. They never said no to my decisions as they trusted me. That night I met Bjay and his father in the hotel and we three had dinner and I said he can join tomorrow. Bjay came to my rented free accommodation. I was shocked to know that his dad is super rich and he does not need a job but his student visa refusal and God of Tirupati bought him from Chennai to Tirupati and it is destiny we both have a common friend in Chicago IL connected it. He came to my apartment and we both went to the terrace watching the lightings of Tirupati Hills.

I think we did not sleep that night as we have seen 50% of corruption in the town and we have yet to see full and then make a computerization projects for all departments and also hire many more people. The next day, we started talking to new members, most of them are hiring by the local APTECH person but we had an interaction and explained about the project to do. Once they feel comfortable, we told our decision. We are set with 12 members and charted out a plan to meet the department heads.

Dr. I.V.Subba Rao IAS E.O has given letter to do computerization of all department but his assistant strike down the letter and allowed only to enter four departments. Meanwhile, we saw and met Professionals with degrees from IIM, SATYAM and RAMCO companies,  met the same officer who denied them an entry. I am not sure whether Bjay accompanied me or not, went to the official guest house of the temple and met those professionals. They felt sad for not getting permissions to do projects but they are very happy that I got a permission to do. They advised me do not leave this project as you will get lots of experience and also it is a great divine coincidence. Till then, I have a feeling that my qualification is BA and CNE + MCSE and they are BETCH people and they know more than I know. That inferior feeling is gone with their boosting and confidence given to me and I never stopped.

The local unemployed BTECH passed in Chennai and Tirupati also came to the TTD office to see me, who is that person who came from Hyderabad to work there. I met them and talked to them in a friendly way. They have no clue of what I did in networking in CNE and MCSE in Bangalore. Because that is the only place the internet was available in Bombay in those days(1995-96). They told me, you will go to America and become CEOs etc. stories. I did not buy anything. They try to demotivate like local vs non local feelings. I do not understand why do people who fail in their hometowns aim for success in a foreign land? What is the secret?

We went to four departments and met the heads and staff and noted down every single point in detail and came back to the computer department room and discussed and move forward with the job split into parts and stated working on it. Each day, different sections of the department and collected or gather information how are they doing manually and how to automate it. Sametime, computer training program also charted out. Till then everyone is login as administrator on servers and working. We have to educate them that is wrong, created users and removed admin permissions. Team started training similar to make them ready to use the projects or products in the oracle.

Transportation department: The assistant general manager had tears in his eyes while explaining how the corruption rampant here. He gave us permission to do fleet value comparisons between bus transportation between the HILLS and local down bus station. This is where we got to exposed how the entire TTD transportation and local government transportation works technically. Corruption is unlimited and work is unlimited. Most of the staff got a fear that they lose jobs and bribes due to computerization. This is the most common fear among any government employees due to change in the systems from manual to machine. We are ready with a product in Oracle to implement it there and I mean present it to the Assistant GM and he was transferred for bringing the change into the system. We presented it to the new manager and tested it successful. Implementation phase is God knows.

The first month salaries of people taken any away by the head of the computers section  as GIFT is what boss told. It is around 12 members salaries approximately 1,00,000 plus INR. God is there is what I believed because the guy who ate our money admitted in hospital in Hyderabad after a drink party and the hospital put him a bill of the same amount. We understand that India is full of corruption in all walks of life especially dealing with the government or government projects.

Most of them got opportunities abroad and few of us went to Hyderabad for job offered after an year completion. Here, NIIT or APTECH has to swing every year alternatively to do projects in IT. Hence APTECH contract ended in an year. Luckily by that time, I got a job offer from AP Government Hyderabad. I returned to Hyderabad united AP India.

Visit to Hindu Temples


Visited 5 temples same day. I have covered this by four wheeler along with some other people.

Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Temple is a Hindu shrine located in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The cave is situated at an altitude of 3,888 m, about 141 km from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, reached through Pahalgam town. The shrine represents an important part of Hinduism. Wikipedia

In the year 2001, I went to this Shrine by trekking 25 kilometers one way and two ways 50 kilometers on the high altitude. I do not have any trekking experience but I met Indian army officer who guided me and gave tips. Also stayed with him in his official tents on both the ways. I do not have any cell phone or camera and he took a picture for me at the end point but could not send as he works at the border and I felt sad for missing this photo. It is a thrilling experience and life time memories.

Google Images. 

I reached Pahalgam first from Kashmir and after military check by look at the identity and card for the yatra people are allowed. Then went by a truck to Chandanwadi and from there, started the trekking. It was cold some times and hot some times. India’s 80% Army is placed in Kashmir is what one of the soldiers who speaks Telugu language told me  in Kashmir. It is most beautiful place in India.  If you are in India, if you did not visit Kashmir then there is no excuse. You are missing paradise on earth.

Visited some of the prominent temples

I have covered this by my two wheeler Royal Enfield Bullet Campus model Bike while working in AP Government during 1999 to 2005 along with few other colleagues on bokes. And rest with four wheeler along with some other people.

I covered/traveled many temples by my new Bullet Bike.

Work Life in India: 

Profile of Kumar Sreenivas Pandruvada

“Having completed my graduation in arts, I graduated in Bachelor of Arts with English Literature as my major. After my graduation, I understood the importance of technology in the rapidly changing world and thus, shifted to Computers by upgrading my technical skills in computers. Microsoft Certified Technology specialist & Systems Engineer, Certified Novel Engineer which includes Certified Novel Administrator and Oracle Certified Administrator, Higher Diploma in Software Engineering and Diploma in Computer Hardware and Maintenance were the computer related certifications and degrees I pursued after my graduation. I have set the record as First CNE in Twin cities in 1996.

The article published in India about Kumar’s achievements. 

Besides these qualifications, I underwent training in administration of ERP- SAP, Oracle, and UNIX. I have completed my master’s in computers and Applications and Master of Philosophy in Computers. This wide exposure to various professional environments has made me understand better the importance of human endeavor and human intellectual in the field of technology as well as business.

Thus, basically having trained in literature, then shifting to a more utilitarian field, I found the synergy of the two supposedly isolated aspects of human intellect. The juxtaposition of the said independent fields can better be synchronized with the acquiring of managerial skills. Thus, I have decided to shift to management education so that I can better utilize my literature skills and technical skills in such a way as I can develop a unique humanistic blend of aesthetic aspect and technical aspect of humans which results in business environment which nurtures, rather than pampers, human needs in business milieu.

The work experience I have put up during twelve years between 1996 and 2008 has prompted me to acquire better skills to improve my career opportunities. I have started my career as Customer support –for (Hardware and Networking) and moved to System Administration of HP Unix in Godrej, Secunderabad OA Division for very short time.  APTECH Ltd, Hyderabad given me an opportunity to work in temple town rather than Bahrain. Then I have moved to temple town called Tirupathi as suggested by one of the TOP IAS officers whom I know in person and taken up Group Leader role for 12 members’ team in IT section of TTD Tirupathi for about a year for System Analysis of TTD and computerization of four departments with Oracle back end.

Later, I was into system administration in a government owned organization Dr. MCR Human Resource Development Institute of Administration for more than five years and this job, though gratifying, unfortunately tends to be a ‘dead-end’ employment with a limit due to change in guard in 2005 in Andhra Pradesh. But I got an opportunity to meet and work with prominent personalities in government at cross section of functionaries from lowest section to Hon’ble Chief Minister level. I got a chance of liaison officer during Tony Blair (former PM, British). I closely worked with Ex. CM and Hon’ble CM of AP. I can say proudly, I have trained Mr. Naidu in Dr. MCR HRD IAP (Govt of AP) in Lotus notes R/5 and his entire cabinet and all 2000 staff from Asst Section Officer to Chief Secretary in Lotus Notes R/5 workflow in six months time. Apart from this, I have trained all MLAs and Ministers from 1999 to 2005 every year in AP State Assembly by setting big computer networks with my team.

Even though I have worked as Systems Administrator major job, I was involved in Computer training and elevated to a position as Executive ASST (IT) to Special Chief Secretary to CM Late Sri P.V.R.K.PRASAD IAS, who worked as Personal Advisor/secretary and Cabinet Secretary to Late. P.V.Narashima Rao former Prime Minister of India. The great experience in working with my ex. boss and later my religious/Spiritual Guru, bought lot of change both in lifestyle and Philosophical after successful completion of but teaching/work experience in coordination with Harvard and IIM Ahmadabad Professors is marvelous during my tenure in govt. The most fascinating part of my work is working as Advisor/Executive Asst to an IAS Officer who worked as Spl Chief Secretary to Chief Minister Late Dr. YSR.

In 2005-06, one of my ex colleagues Mr. Sarma (who died with heart attack recently) and I went to the Andhra Pradesh High Court (Tribunals) against the State Government’s wrong doings of sacked the people working in the Sanctioned posts. Mr. Sarma and I were in AP CM Sanctioned posts but not the regular contract nor regular employees. The AP High Court took an year by the Judge and differed the case to another High Court Judge by saying Kumar is his relative. The same uncle where I raised in his house. Thanks for his honesty and straight forwardness but took an year to deliver that information.

Another Judge took an year and gave Judgement in favor of the AP government. In India, you know, the Judges thinks that always employers are right. By that time, the judgement came, I left two jobs and the country India. The Judiciary that slow in India. For the first time, I understood that there is no Justice and the term “Justice” is simply BOGUS. Because they are 100,000 Contractor lecturers and other IT workers are working the AP State in India during 2005. They all are facing the same music due to change in the guard. The corrupt IAS officers introduced layers systems to loot money approved by the politicians just like hiring managers in the I.T.

Unfortunately, neither I could win against this nor stop the crime hence 100,000 contractors lost their jobs. In India, you can buy anyone, I mean you can give bribes to anyone and it is called Bail for sale. In such circumstances, come across honest Judges is almost an herculean task. I am fortunate to be raised in my Judge Uncle’s house. May be his honesty, sincerity and straight forwardness made me today like this in I.T and life.

Thus, I shifted to private sector ATI Technologies (now called AMD). Because of my exposure in managements/event managements, they offered me a position of Executive Secretary to CEO and personal secretary position rather than Systems position and given the task of event management 19th International Conference for VLSI and 5th Embedded Systems. I was successfully handled the position and got an opportunity to interact & work and meet all CEOs of VLSI and Embedded Systems around the world. Due to conflict with previous work of technical and current, I quit my job and learned ERP-SAP and gave training for some guys in SAP Basis Versions 4.6 and 5 to strengthen my skills and got again into System/Network administration position in Aztecsoft Limited (now called MINDTREE) which provides ample opportunities. This entire long journey in the career has proved the vital importance of skill-up-gradation on daily basis and of singular combination of skills I possess. The synergy of arts, technology and management is what fascinates me and I am here today.

To realize this unique goal, I surely need an education environment in which interaction and academic endeavor find themselves in finest blend. Thus, naturally Europeaneducation is what fulfills this signature requirement. I, with this understanding, find Management Degree in management to be best fit to enrich my pursuit of knowledge. I am greatly impressed by the possibilities of my academic success in the long run.”

As you know, I came to Hyderabad Telangana (once upon a time part and parcel of united Andhra Pradesh) in 1995 after my graduation completed in my hometown in Andhra Pradesh State. I have started couple F1 Student visa attempts and my F1 VISA got refused and 1999 March my first H-1B get rejected with 221g form with a stamp on the Indian passport about it. Someone from the USA called me and took the interview in 1997-1998 for MCSE position in the USA. He asked me to send 6 papers of MCSE to him once I clear the examinations. I have cleared CNE by that time so I do not need to write 6 papers in MCSE and 5 is enough as Networking paper is cleared in CNE exams. After sent the results, the person in the USA sent the H-1B papers. Here is the H-1B Visa interview experiences in the 1999. I had been working in I.T for almost a decade starting from 1996 to 2006. The seed of America planted in my head sometime in the 1990s. Hence the offshore/onsite work model even fired inside my mind to continue pursue onsite opportunities for having international work exposure. The work experience I have put up during twelve years between 1996 and 2008 has prompted me to acquire better skills to improve my career onsite opportunities.

Here are some of the pictures of  my(Kumar)’s work locations in India during 1999 to 2008.

This photo is taken in Hyderabad India during UK Prime Minister’s Visit to India for Center for Good Governance. 

CM Mr. Naidu and IAS officers and ISB and Kumar, colleagues during Hyderabad 5K run.

The then Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Kumar’s ex colleague  and  Kumar Pandruvada during 1999 Nov to May 2004.

The then Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh late Dr. YSR and few other ex colleagues and IAS Officers Special Chief Secretary to CM and Kumar in May 2005.

The then Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh late Dr. YSR and few other ex colleagues and IAS Officers Spl CS to CM and Kumar in May 2005.

The then Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh late Dr. YSR and few other ex colleagues and  introducing to the newly elected CM and Kumar May 2005. Interaction session with the Chief Minister who is the Chairman of this Government Institute.

Government provided residential quarters and tennis courts etc. and Kumar’s two wheeler bike Royal Enfield Bullet.

The board of governors of this Institute. 

Experiences with Government

I met every Swamiji/bapuji/Guriji and foreign nationals including the former Prime Minister of U.K on a visit to CGG in India. It is because of my services in the Government. I went to State Secretariat often on office work. I have noticed that people here working between tea and lunch breaks. If you want to meet someone lower grade officers at the Secretariat, you have to meet them at canteen first. Because 1130am, nobody is available at the desks. Tea breaks, lunch breaks and evening lunch breaks. Ofcoruse my working hours are also from 10.30am to 5pm with breaks.

  • Interviewed RK

It was thrilling experience to interview this person during Naxal First round of talks in the Government. I was representing from the Government side and need to make arrangements to them. It was while RK is leaving at the end of the peace talks with the Government and having dinner at that time, one of my ex colleagues told, PK, why do not you go and interview him? It was stated a causal talk and I have asked serious questions like, Why do you hold guns etc? he asked me, what is your job? I have replied it is semi contract and semi government. RK asked me, can you make your job regular? I said even if I go to Court, I cannot be possible. RK said, that is why he is holding the guns and without gun, government or no one listen to them. Why do not you enter politics and clean the democracy and help poor? The conversation with him was mesmerized and I told at the end, I am married and If I were a bachelor, I would have come with you.  I have nothing with him to give except a pen and I gifted to him. He has that pen in the pocket while he was addressing the press conference after our conversation and dinner in the government. It was highly secured by police during their talks time for two days and nights at our campus. “Amidst tight security arrangements, the momentous talks commenced at the board room of Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute in the posh Jubilee Hills area.” We had this conversation next board room in the dining hall and my other colleague is in charge of food arrangement and logistics for this building.

The below is a new article published by news magazine in India about the talks.

News article about Naxal Peace talks with AP Government India 2004

  • Met Professors in the Government 

I met many professors that are coming from across India. One of them is from Lucknow and he is a book author for management books. He studied in the USA and returned to India. He is highly professional, polite and talked to me hours in the Tennis court after tennis. He stayed in the Government campus Guesthouse which has all facilities. He shared his life time experiences and also told Kumar, if you go to the USA, write a book on Life in America. I did not imagine this in 1999-2005.

Declined Malaysia Job offer for MCA(Post Graduation)

Based upon the experiences and MCSE, I got an offer from Malaysia here. I got a job offer in 2000 year for Malaysia based upon my experiences in Lotus R/5 nd MCSE subjects/skills set. I thought of go to Malaysia and I have called my God Father in the USA. He said, it is 1am in the USA, he will call me next day and wait. He called me and explained lack of post graduation in Technical, you have been facing hell in India. So decline any foreign offers and do not leave India until get a post graduation in Technology. But this Malaysia offer is waiting for two more colleagues in the Government and they were afraid if I reject they also lose it. Because I was offered team lead position there and rest of them are my team but I told them do not worry about it. The job offers made to Biva and Basavannya and left government contract jobs and left for Malaysia. I too thought of quit my job and do full time post graduation in Technology. I went to Chennai neighboring state to join full time.

Before I pay the fee, I saw that UNIV has a center in Hyderabad and I just came out of the office and called HYDerabad office. Once confirmed, I with draw from Chennai and rushed to Hyderabad where I can study on weekends without resigning from my government job. That is how I have completed MCA Master of Computers and Applications in Hyderabad India. This now adding up to my education for any foreign chances like my friend said: 10(1-10th grades)+2(11th and 12th grade)+3(BA)+3(MCA)= more than 16 years of education to get qualifications for abroad and locally also. Otherwise, earlier, 10(1-10th grades)+2(11th and 12th grade)+3(BA)+ 2 points ATECH HDSE diploma but locally it is tough to get into IT MNCs.

Kumar does not remember the fees of his post graduation but he might paid very less compared to USA MS or anything else. He paid from his salary for his post graduation.  The total post graudation costs Kumar in between $1000-$3000 during 2000-2003.

This government job gave lots of time to focus on studies and continue studying after MCA also for M.Phil Computers. This M.PHIL fees and all would costs $1000+. That is  the beauty in America. Kumar able to afford it from his salaries in spite of living in a metro city.

Learned life time lessons from the CEO of ATI/AMD in Hyderabad India. 



Group photo with CEO Hyderabad India. Azctechsoft(now called as MINDTREE).  2008

Mindtree(earlier called as Aztecsoft)Group Photograph with coworkers 2007-08

Kumar at his desk in Hyderabad Mindtree Office branch in India.

Kumar at his desk in Mindtree Hyderabad Office branch in India.

Kumar at Mindtree Hyderabad Office branch in India.

Coworker and Kumar at Mindtree Hyderabad Office branch in India.

Over all work culture in India:

The hourly payrate in India is $2 an hr and working hours are minimum eight hours per day to to sixteen hours a day including Saturday and Sunday if manager calls. We do not know what is weekend culture. Most of the time, I have entered the office at 8am and end time is either midnight or after 2am. It is because of the companies in India depends upon the projects for UAE/USA/Europe etc. So one is expected to work in IST and other time zones also. One time, boss was on vacation and still calling to do micromanaging in the MNCs and the supervisor scolded him not to practice that kind of work culture. The caste, regions, languages and religions shows a great impact on the people in the I.T filed. In fact, either you work in Indian companies in India or Foreign companies in India, still people majority of them are Indians and work culture remains the same but the payments will be differ. The worst work culture in India is better than working with Indians in the America.


  1. One has to give importance or must follow company policies and process next
  2. Off shore is like a home where you have a freedom and flexibility of work hours but long hours and tasks need be completed by EOD (end of the day).
  3. 50% of the projects might be out sourced from Europe and other nation’s not just USA so you may adjusted to work in different time zones
  4. Any guy work in off shore can work at on sites easily without much difficulty (in terms of technical aspects but not travel or logistics)
  5. We use same email id(company email id) for multiple purpose

(There is no exception to any one and I am not an exception while working but we may focus much on company rules)

  1. If you are heading the team or manager then you can live like a King both at home and work locations
  2. Travel may not be an issue as company vehicle may takes care of it otherwise no much travel
  3. We may work Monday through Saturdays and even if needed on Sundays also
  4. Due to nature of company business, we may expected to work minimum 14 hours a day without an extra payments or OverTime Paid
  5. We may or may not know what is comp off or over time here
  6. You may have lots of leaves and can avail provided less or no work
  7. If you are in development different story of BENCH (salary without work) but no BENCH for support service administrators/engineers
  8. Vacation means NOT Vacation here at off sites and boss or some one will disturb you. And If boss or Team lead on Vacation also, he/she calls you and bother because we (not all but majority) do not know meaning of vacation or we do not enjoy time in Vacation.


For those who cannot read English and can understand only Telugu, here is the above in Telugu video.

Telugu video series 3 || Kumar Exclusive



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