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how did you get this H-1B Offer in 2007


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Indian John vs American John

Sam aka Paul is a Telugu MS student trolling Kumar online and Andhra friends website from 2015 till date. He called John or John call MS Student worker not sure and that Telugu student worker is abusing John with vulgar words. OfCoruse John also trolling Kumar from 2020 March till date. Indians are attacking Americans – displaced Americans do not like this. John attacking Kumar also do not like by Displaced Americans. Both of them are wrong. Listen to their audio conversation. This is how MS Student or fake resumes OPT CPTs collided with Americans.

Indian John (his picture is not available)

                                vs                                                               American John

These haters do not have guts to have that file on YouTube and they reported it to Youtube to remove it. That is the level of their fear.


Who stopped H-1B EAD for 900,000 H-1Bs

Human beings are imperfect creatures on this earth/planet.
Please read some of the mean comments on positive videos.
Virgil Bierschwale 1 hour ago

I think what a lot of people are missing on your videos is this.

When you first came to America, you did not know what to expect.
Like everybody else, you were seeking the opportunity to be all that you could be which is something that we Americans also seek.

As time went on you began to become friends with the Americans that became displaced because of the things that you are now educating people about and you saw first hand what was happening and realized that it is wrong.

So you fight it, as I do with my Keep America At Work site.

Most people can’t get past the fact that you too are over here on a H-1B so they attack you.
And the Vultures of India that prey on their own people here in America attack you anonymously.

I myself was totally unemployable for the last five years even though I have the most sought after Systems Analyst skills that are requested in the H-1B program.

Yet I couldn’t get hired anywhere and only survived those years with the help of yourself and a few others.

So you keep on doing what you are doing as we need more Americans like yourself and less vultures of India that are willing to prey on the people of India by Displacing Americans in America.
acalanes1 15 hours ago

Hi sir, I really like the way you are educating the people about whats going on with h1 and work visas. I salute you. Building career in a person life is important.
Alphabets 26 8 hours ago

what a saga of life? thanks for your videos and write ups. All the best!

tripleterrific 2 hours ago

then why are you here…go back to India bitch …bitch about the program after you come through the same program….don’t stereotype Indians….you are one of a kind…just trash…and I am pretty sure you pee in your pants when you speak to a Caucasian …you bigot…trash?

tripleterrific 3 hours ago

trash…come here on an h1b…get your green card …get into a safe zone and then bitch about the program….wow?

acalanes1 3 hours ago

Hi sir, I really like the way you are educating the people about whats going on with h1 and work visas. I salute you. Building career in a person life is important.



tripleterrific 3 hours ago

rightly said Jake Anderson… I thought he had trashy videos but then he lacks gratitude as well….


acalanes1 3 hours ago

sir Mr kumar I like the way you explain whats happening. Consultancy is nothing but pimping. Asshole indian employers and scumbags. Why cant these indian employees be honest at work. Talking about students, why cant ‘ they get a job in there respective disciplines. Shame on you students.
acalanes1 2 hours ago


I will upload videos that are informative to the public.

Some of it are taken down by YT due to false claim by haters.

John Chemers impersonating Kumar Exclusive and calling my subscribers with my photo on the WhatsApp.

He is misleading public with fake email ids created on my name and videos. Please ignore him or report him.

PUBLIC AWARENESS NOTICE: I do not make random hate/troll posts on social media. I also do not send random hate/troll emails or texts. If you get such a message somewhere on social media or an email that appears to be from me, it is not. It is fake. There are a number of fake emails and fake social media accounts that use my name and picture. I only use my official email for communication. My official email is listed below Contact:

Rosemary Ward had filed a harassment case against Chemers John 

This is how John Chemers is writing emails daily from 2020 March till date with death threats. 

This is called Indian Johns.

They troll Americans and Indians here. John of USA writing on this site as Kumar.

Indian Johns are trusting him as KE. That is the level of Indian Johns IQ. This USA JOHN considered that site as bench mark. 


The following links were created by MAFIA to defame Kumar.

Please report to those sites to help Kumar.