If you are online in any social media and speaking truth, you will face this kind of music from various sections of the society.



I will publish the details of the haters who attacked me from 2009 ever since on social media, first on Facebook.

Later on YouTube and Twitter etc. Several haters wrote emails with abusive words.

I will expose them here.

One of my subscribers wrote this to me,

Dear Kumar,

One thing You Should Know

First of All We have Been Watching Kumar Exclusive Videos from Past 6 Years.

We Knew that Kumar Doesn’t Do This Kind of Xenophobic, Shit & Blatant Racism Videos or Threatning Emails

We Knew There are Some Sort of  Assholes, frauds, Narcisstic’s, Psychopaths and Fake Bodyshop Consultancy Gang Who are Against Kumar.

Don’t Worry. Ignore haters Report it to Facebook, Youtube About those fake Posts, Fake Emails.

Also Ignore American Hater.

date: Aug 30, 2021, 4:33 AM


I hope you are well aware of this:


Select CIVIL Case, and search by name Chemers John

You will see that even back in 2003 a person named Rosemary Ward had filed a harassment case against him in cook county court in Illinois.

Click on the case



Another hater named Robert created this fake profile and blog on my name.

One Displaced American helped in getting removed it.

Twitter removed fake profile created on my name by a hater Robert. 


Andhrafriends.com a telugu website is hosting a platform for my haters to trolling me daily with my personal details published out by Indian and American haters. 

Hater created fake YT channels

Anddhrafriends.com website is trolling me from 2015 till date. 



Telugu Indian hater


For several years this hater, wrote emails in Telugu English but not English. He cannot type emails in English but warned me not to make YouTube videos and he cannot type emails in English but abused me that I do not know English etc.

Indians feel they are the owners of the USA and kick other Indians. This is what especially many Telugu Indian haters and Hindi speaking haters wrote to me. They got US Citizenship by marrying an American or my naturalization or worked in Military for USC purpose then started attacking other Indians. 

Another Telugu blog who did not remove my content and entertained Telugu Indian haters who trolls me daily for making videos on H-1B topics.


Feb 2019, A Telegu speaking Indian from Texas started a YouTube channel on H-1B Visa and life in America. 

Recently subscribers wrote, he targeted me in 1 to 20 videos.

I aired one proxy video recorded by Indian hiring manager’s request. Later he begged me to delete it as the people in the proxy crime and vendors started attacking him. Later he colluded with them and all together combinedly attacking me. Later those went to this guy channel and started trolling me in abusive language and targeted my family. This fellow Telugu speaking Indian did not even delete those comments. That is his level of heartedness against me.

In his recent videos, he is preaching people, do not make controversies but he himself started a controversy and a channel to abuse me. When I say crime is wrong, he is saying Kumar is wrong. So you can imagine how much openly he is supporting crime and criminals and my haters.


Ponga Pandit <dapongapandit@gmail.com>

– Indians Americans behavior in the USA.

One of my subscribers presented this MAGA cap to me.

This man Ponga Pandit started sending filthy abusive emails to me non stop from New Jersey USA. He says he is a US citizen Indian so he only has right to live in the USA but not me.


For wearing a MAGA cap, this idiot got angry and started abusing me. #MAGA


Hater named SaiReddy Reddy,

A reddy caste person wrote filthy words in Telugu for making videos on H-1B and F1 visas etc. 

This hater does not even what is asylum meant for. Such idiots also make it to USA, so why cannot you make it to USA? 
John Chemers created fake ids. 

Indian Johns

this is John’s work:




Home | Kumar Exclusive Pandruvada

John created this – American hater.  https://kumarexclusivepand.wixsite.com/kumarexclusivepandru

Tone of #h1b bodyshops H-1B is NOT for IT jobs – Indians made it for IT, a FRAUD || Kumar Exclusive – Page 2 – Discussions – Andhrafriends.com


Punjabi shoplifting guy at airport arrested sent me defamation letter. Stalker a Telugu man NJ who kept GPS on white woman’s car also emailed me to remove the video abusing the white woman. For public awareness.

Cease & Desist