Desi or Indian H-1B Consultancies aka Bodyshops aka Vendors aka Vultures aka Human Trafficking Agencies. 

My research on this topic have started sometime in 1990s in Ameerpet of Hyderabad India. I have seen people without BTECH degree going to USA on Mainframe by learning the spelling of COBOL in English and boarded the flights. I know something is fishy or wrong in both in India and USA but not sure of 100% of it unless I have landed here and started digging into it. Initially I thought that they are doing it for easy money but I was wrong. They are doing it for their caste people to bring in, second, charge money for other caste people, may file H-1B or may not file and change consultancies names either in India or USA. Later on, it is very interesting to know that they are becoming not only owners of real estate in India but also producers of Film Makers.

I do write the content that is received from my followers/fans/subscribers. I am NOT defaming any one in particular.

The H-1B is a temporary (non-immigrant) visa category that allows employers to file petition for highly educated foreign professionals to work in “specialty occupations” that require at least a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. – Internet.

This is the company who typically we with H1B visas work for. These companies sponsor our H1B Visa and also Green Cards. A consultancy can be a vendor if they are big. Also it can be an implementer too. – Internet 

the employer

Filing Fees: According to the Immigration and Nationality Act and federal regulations, each of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) fees associated with an H-1B filing must be paid by the employer and cannot be borne by the H-1B employee – Internet.


“Yes, I am Victim. Those bastards are cheating many students and experienced guys who need Visa assistance.

They are cheating everyone. All their cousins formed a gang in Frisco, opening many layer companies to eat employee salaries.
I tried all possibilities to insist on them, to get paid. They managed prime vendors and even client management also.
Now, I lost hope. Gave up my salary for their last rights.

Outsourcing Companies in India:employees


Srinivas Kandepi_Artech (1) A sample of USA style of resume- without this format, recruiters of Indian origin from USA and India consider that you’re NOT an India and not having USA experience and do not take it.

Out of this $25 an hr, the candidate will pay $10 an hour to PORXY Interview support and Proxy job support Guys.

PLUS, if you know CASTE based hiring managers at CASTE GROUPS->he or she will take that amount and he or she will does your job at ONSITES.


Version 6.0 Employer Search (

H1B Bodyshop Report – Oct 22, 2020

Americans research about Indian Bodyshops

H1B Dependent Employers that got COVID Bailouts

H-1B and OPT employers receiving PPP

H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 21, 2020

H-1B bodyshop research | Illinois | 2019

H-1B Dependent Employers 


Black listed on 8th slide you can see the name :

Reliable Soft CEO RAVI VELLAM in YSRCP REDDY meeting ran away before I open my mobile and show his text to F1 student trapping of offering $45,000 offer

TIPS for Recruiters:

H1B Bodyshop Report – Oct 22, 2020



Ramesh Babu Peddeti and Sridevi Akkineni Spate Business Solutions of Detroit MI, H-1B employees received NOIR for their H-1Bs. 

She has come USA on B1 visa did babysitting illegally, somehow got GC, started #bodyshops like any other Indian. But her buildup or hype is too much.

MiracleSoft ceo also claims as Software development instead of #bodyshops

There are thousands like her .I dont understand y Ndtv interviewed her.She must have given big amt to uma of Ndtv hyd.Her story does not seem convincing.
 Dec 11, 2018 – a follower wrote to me an email, this person is NOT paying salaries tworkers.
Film actors do often visit USA from Telugu states for funding from NRIs, bodyshops etc. Bodyshops owners do often visit India to fund politicians and films in Telugu states or India.

Victims wrote to me about this fellow 

He takes money for H-1B filings from India and the USA and no client and no support to employees.
– Poor marketing and false promises – – Naveen Kumar – 2/14/2016 – flag as inappropriate – comment
It all started at a restaurant in Richmond, when the owner of the company met by giving all sorts of promises about many jobs in Richmond and Capitalone. The offer was nice, no h1b transfer fees. immediate job, etc. I was able to find job myself in DC area and he initiated the h1b transfer and after 2 months my project ended. They do not have any marketing team and had trouble finding another job. Started saying h1b has to be withdrawn etc etc.
Thank god I found another project and moved and got my h1b approved as well. but I moved to another company immediately after my h1b approved.
I highly recommend to stay away from the owners false talks. Dont get into his fishing traps.


An investigative journalist from  Date:Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 17:27 requested my help to visit the following bodyshops to make a story on H-1B with camera.
  1. New York Technology Partners
  2. Fulcrum Worldwide/Fulcrum Logic
  3. U.S. Tech Solutions
  4. Terra Infotech
  5. SCM Data
  6. Softnice
  7. JSMN
  8. PERI Software (Newark)
  9. Data Connexions Inc (Hackensack)
ChargePoint Offer Letter – Venu Madhav Polimerasetty Sept 13.pdf
Startups in California hired F1 students for $15-$20 an hr.
Attached: She wrote his story while he was in the USA.
Venu talked to Bloomberg journalists before left America
She is a journalist from San Francisco Chronicle

Seven Hills Software Technologies Inc

One of my subscribers wrote this to me, he is fighting for his salaries
He is not paying salaries to him.
Seven Hills Software Technologies Inc
Carnegie Office Park, Building Six
800 N.Bell Avenue, Suite 255
Carnegie, PA 15106
1-412-450-1316 Ext 201
Seven Hills Software Technologies Inc.,
(O) 412-450-1316 Ext No: 101
he is not paying the Salary and he is not responding to my emails 

In that case, this website and other websites write or allow people to write reviews.

Victims wrote

Victims wrote

Victims wrote

Blocking her to join full time – employees/contractor harassment case

Workers in IL being harassed by an Indian vendor and his prime vendors to relieve her of a client full time job.
Both of them are Indian bodyshops that have PPP funds.

PPP Funds

List of Indian Owned IT Companies – PPP Loan recipients

This information is given by displaced americans.

I do have this thing where you can show the data by state, and then by city

and here is the same data sorted by most used address, I think this might lead to some fraudulent companies, but not sure of it

companies claim money from the same address

most used address 
this is from GOVT website

H1 VISA SPONSORSHIP FILING. – recruiters from India send emails like this.

Fraud Consultancy List – Report to USCIS

Today, a follower sent this email: 03/04/2023 07:00

I’m sharing a Reddit link below which consists a list of fraud consultancies.

Link –


Follow up: Excel list of consultancies
byu/bot2699 inh1b

List of fake Consultancies

In the job description, the listing stated: “Only Born US Citizens [White] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas, Texas “Don’t share with candidates”.”
Arthur Grand: Tech firm criticized for discriminatory job listing |


Arthur Grand: Tech firm criticized for discriminatory job listing |

Check the images for proof of violation:


Tekwissen Llc, Reviews |

Victim sent.

Htc Global Services, Inc., Reviews |

Msrcosmos, Llc., Reviews |

Hire It People, Llc, Reviews |

Dan Nandan CEO


Ardent Technologies Inc, Reviews |

Softpath Technologies Llc, Reviews |


Exclusive — Pawan Kalyan “fight” on H1b — Hypocrisy exposed (


Autotechmation Inc., Reviews |

Lorsiv Technologies, Inc., Reviews |

Pritna Inc, Reviews |

Miracle Software Systems, Inc, Reviews |

Telugu video: The Lakireddy Bali Reddy Case || Kumar Exclusive

Baps, Cisco-HCL, Lakireddy Balireddy cases- victims are Dalits || Kumar Exclusive

Baps NJ, Cisco, CA & Lakireddy Balireddy CA cases- victims are Dalits.

H-1B and OPT employers receiving PPP

H-1B and OPT employers receiving PPP


US Company Ordered To Pay Over $300,000 To H-1B Employees For Underpaying Them

Western District of Tennessee | Collierville Businessman Pleads Guilty To Obtaining Fraudulent Work Visa Permits | United States Department of Justice

Asian-Indian Ramesh Basa Pleaded Guilty to Obtaining Fraudulent H1B (Work) Visas; Stop S386 | Mining Awareness + (

vendor contacts

A follower shared this in 2021.


Indians in USA afraid of Indian Muslims in USA and discriminately openly. NOT all but only a Majority.

Nityo infotech: please do not submit Muslim candidates recruiting message || Kumar Exclusive – YouTube

CAIR-NJ, CAIR-San Diego Call on Nityo Infotech to Probe ‘Please Do Not Submit Muslim Candidates’ Recruiting Message, Take Disciplinary Action   – Insider NJ

Americans research about H-1B Indian Bodyshops

H-1B Dependent Employers

H-1B bodyshop research _ Illinois _ 2019

H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 21, 2020

H-1B and OPT employers receiving PPP

H1B Dependent Employers that got COVID Bailouts


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