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This is a popular site where you can see H-1B sponsors list and reviews by victims.

Here are some of them, I wrote my experiences with cruel consultancies, some of them, my followers, victims shared their stories. Some of them my friends or followers especially Americans shared.



Here you go:


L&T Technology Services Limited, Reviews |

Hcl America, Inc., Reviews |

Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Reviews |


Google Inc., Reviews |

Read about my story here for Google Client interview with multiple layers for $25 for H-1B at CA.
bodyshops are part of caste groups.

Google inserts illegal layers and they are part of this group.
Indian fringe group, Kudos to you – few suggestions || H1B-E387 || Kumar Exclusive

Go here and read about Jnaneswar Gubbala SoftPath Technologies – Victim Stroy-2 of Google Client H-1B

Compunnel Software Group, Inc., Reviews |


Virtusa Consulting Services Private Limited F/K/A Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd., Reviews |

Virinchi Technologies Ltd, Reviews |

Reliable Software Resources, Inc, Reviews |

Code Gravity Llc, Reviews |

Soft Labs, Inc., Reviews |

Surprisingly there is no review button for this.

A boy posted this on my video in YouTube channel.


“Harsha JK 4 hours ago

i paid 3.5 lacs in 2014 and this consultancy called Zenith inc never returned back and just emailed saying the appln was not picked…. it was so hard earned money. i even do not know if they applied also. (    i never knew the amount is returned also the company claimed that amount is lost if lottery is not picked up…  how can people be so bad”

This website myvisajobsdotcom has removed the review button for the above bodyshops. Mr. Tanul Thakur has provided this screenshot. The website removed it in 2014-15.

Kreeya Llc, Reviews |

Arrow Strategies, Llc, Reviews |

Aita Consulting Services, Inc., Reviews |

Dynamic Enterprise Solutions, Inc., Reviews |

Renee Systems, Inc., Reviews |

Trm Consulting Inc, Reviews |

Futran Solutions, Reviews |

Pyramid Consulting, Inc., Reviews |

Empower Professionals, Inc, Reviews |

Ness Usa, Inc., Reviews |

Collabera Inc.,, Reviews |

Some followers shared

Key Software Solutions, Inc., Reviews |

A famous ‘whistleblower’ cheated me and my four subscribers || Kumar Exclusive

Missing reviews button and contact details.

“Yeah, it’s because the company must have paid money to MyVisaJobs to be a Verified Sponsor. Typical. It is of course an Indian Inc, as can be seen from its 2016 page. ”




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