PART2-My Life Story-Kumar

My Life Story- Kumar

You will see and read two parts of my life story. First part is my life in India, a commoner and in government work life, led a king size life a golden era. The second part of Life is, Life in America, an Indentured Servitude, that is nothing but H-1B worker visa. No H-1B ever wrote book on this till now in personal life and no one has come forward to help the fellow Indians by aired cell phone number as helpline.

HIGHEST AMBITION FOR ANY INDIAN: I know it may not be possible for all. At least those who want India to be changed must visit the USA. You must see and experience how drastically they changed over the decades. They have driven out inequality, poverty & discrimination from the face of their nation. I think every Indian should have the experience of working abroad for a while to see the progress that Western nations have made (better living, best work culture, better minds and better hearts). I do hope that one day you can come back home, and I also hope that you can/able to contribute something to the society that gave you birth. I think that is the highest ambition for any Indian.

Welcome to America.

The Photo is taken by Kumar

This photo is taken by Kumar in Edison NJ during 2011-2015.

PART2-My Life Story- Kumar

Here you go:

The Journey to America.

Kumar bought this USA flag from the Walmart.

I am very excited about writing the book on my life.  I really think there is a story there that a lot of people will care about–my story about my experiences in the US.  Perhaps it will be full of sad instances, funny happenings, the many challenges I have faced and continue to face.  But all in all, it will be a very human story–something everyone can relate to, and not just Indians.  

 I used to cry on Day 1 when I land in USA due to home sick, later due to lack of project i.e. no money, later I was crying due to ill health or some thing or the other. Now I am not crying because I over come that facing sadness and enjoying joyfulness. Now I felt like both smile and cry are same no much difference and both are temporary. 

 Life is full of choices that we take and its because of destiny that we may come across each other in life. What is most important is courage to face it and resolve it on time, because time is money especially in USA.

1999 H-1B interview at Chennai


  1. Did you pray on the morning of your 1999 visa interview?

Yes went to Ganesh temple at 230am near consulate and it was closed but prayed from outside.

2. Can you please describe what you did that day—from the time of waking up to reaching the American consulate—in as much detail as possible?

In the train from HYD to Chennai, two people were there near my or next to my berth or seat. One from HYD and another coming from SGP(Singapore). They introduced to me and told they are going for VSIA interview to Chennai. They asked me to stay with them and I too stayed in their room, I mean we 3 stayed together in a big room.

3. How did you reach the American consulate (who dropped you)?

Like I answered in the above, THE SGP guy went first day and second day I went and I think one of them came to the consulate or I went alone, not remember 100%. I think I went alone as the other guy was in depression for rejection of his H1b visa.

4. Were you feeling nervous, excited, or confident?

All three.

5. Did you feel confident of getting the visa?

Not 100% sure because of this guy’s visa rejected but I know HYD FAKE BTECH RACKET is GOING ON. With BA, CNE, MCSE and h1b papers, I cannot even imagine that I come to USA consulate. Actor Jagapathi babu was sitting next to me in the consulate and he took my pen to fill it and returned in the evening 330pm to me. All h1bs rejected in March 1999 except one Lecturer that he hales from Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh India, he claimed in Edison New Jersey. He teaches SAS for $2000 per head in the New Jersey. Another guy from the same company of mine got h1b visa I guess. He was a Bank manager in HYD Computer sections and he took me to his office. I am not sure of more details.

6. Around how many people were standing in the queue at 3 in the morning—more than a dozen, two dozens, or very few people?

1000s. US consulate gate to the line is never ending may be more than 1 km.

7. When was the gate supposed to open?

6am to 9am only.

8. Why had you and so many others arrived so early?

It was like that in those days.

9. Can you please describe the queue in as much detail as possible—was it quiet or noisy? Was it moving a lot? What kinds of people were there in the queue?

Horrible noisy and people sell biscuits, tea, cigarettes, idly smabar(South Indian Chennai Breakfast) etc. and pan etc. to the people standing in line. I forgot to tell you that the local Tamilians sell the spots those days.

I mean someone stands for you at 3am and you can come at 6am. But you have to pay huge money for that person because he hold it for you. This was a very big business in 1990s.
Lack of online systems and only center in South India for 🇺🇸 visas.

10. Did you talk to someone at the queue?

Yes, before and after me I mean in front and most of them are from IT companies in HYD India. One guy HP company HYD and his father cried after the interview where we had breakfast/brunch there. Sarvanan Bhanavan Hotel.

11. For how many hours did you stand in the queue?

3am to 6am and before 9am entered the consulate and 3pm we got the results. I think.

12. Did you feel tired? Were you sweating?

Yes, tired.

13. Can you please describe what all did you have to do once you entered the consulate?

Fill the form and hold all the original documents and wait in line, show or submit it and they take all originals and return in the evening. Meanwhile, go to the main hall and wait there until they call for you by name.

14. Were you feeling more confident, more nervous, or something else, after entering the consulate?

For me, 1st thing, I did not expect that I get visa as my mind stuck with BA but my MCSE got me here is what I feel. Looking at the crowd, I feel what’s going on?

15. Did you talk to another H-1B applicant, basically someone like you, inside the consulate?

Yes, talked to few and in the return journey also.

16. Did you see/listen someone else’s visa interview?

Yes, I noticed but I did not see anyone got VISA that day, just got 221g forms.

17. How many questions did the officer ask you? Can you please talk about them and your answers?

No questions asked, just called me to the counter and handed over 221g form with my passport. Same thing for all that day.

18. How did you find out that your visa was rejected?

They told, rejected and gave 221g form for reasons for rejection and printed on the back page of passport referred to AFU” because of this, no h1b consultancies in HYD ever filed my h1b.

19. What were your feelings after that? Were you feeling very sad? Or it didn’t affect you much?

My dad bought be a blazer and suit for this interview (he gave money) and I felt that is wasted money otherwise, I did not feel much. But the will power to attempt again has got fired me inside.

The above 19 questions asked by Mr. Tanul India.

One of my friends left for the USA in 1990s. He has become a God Father in Guiding especially Career and immigration front. He and his friends guided me a lot from 1999 to current. One time he gave up his hopes on my USA attempts especially h-1B after having these hiccups and advised me to try for European nations for “work Abroad” rather than to the USA.


People go to this temple in India for visas. I too went no exception. In fact I bought a bike to cover prominent 100 temples in AP state. Every body make 11 rounds before wish for US VISA and after full filled it, he/she must make 108 rounds around this temple. In 2006 to 2008, on an average 30,000 people visit a day and never know how many people roam or running around this temple. Last but one time I visited with my ex. boss in AP government and forcibly made rounds as he needs company to do so. His wishes were full filled i.e. son got admission into IIT, now doing PHD in USA and daughter might be completed MBBS by this time now. Both availed reservation quota system is a different story.

I was so religious then 5am I did a prayer at home and 7am I did the second prayer in this temple with the traditional dress as soon as the temple opens. It was little far off from the city then and it was that calm and peaceful in those days until it was exposed in the electronic  media. I still remember that the son of the temple priest used to call from USA 7AM IST and I wonder how come priests and their families travel to USA either for studies or R visa? Because according to Hindu dharma crossing seas, violation of their hindu dharma and I see many temples here and I too traveled several temples in North America after buying that book in Pittsburg Temple in PA. I did research on this subject since I worked in TTD, Tirupathi and sent my email queries innocently to all my ex. government peers and friends who are SMEs in this subject. None replied except one person saying it’s for DOLLARS but nothing else. The questionnaire includes why did TTD staff visiting USA in the name of GOD or services? Surprisingly later Badrachalam Temple members tried similar rounds to cover all major cities in USA for collections. $500 per head prayer for thousands of people and it’s a scam as these guys did not submit or deposit to government. Truth is, they wanted to visit America at the public expenses and collected dollars in the name of God and deposited into their personal pockets.

I also met this temple priest while in government who was invited to discuss, debate on endowment act and issue against Government poaching TTD and other temples jobs and looting their money for their election promises funds. Only God knows the end results of these meetings. In general, my government friends used to say, meeting means “meet for tea” so nothing happens and a senior ex. officials says , “decisions will be taken in hurry”

This temple has no hundi(loot money) is the greatness among all other temples.

And also no VIP treatment for anybody, all are equal in front of GOD is their approach and this is not the case in other temples, they have lines for rich, poor, middle class and VIPs, VVIPS and Ministers.

of, course the same culture(no vips) seen in all temples in North America but I heard lots of corruption in temples here too from friends who told me that the temples are divided to start new temples because of financial conflict among temple management misusing funds collected.

This temple also fighting against Endowment Act of Government looting Temple’s money but none of the Hindus are fighting it though they claim Hindutva etc. I also got this question, when Indian government won’t interfere in Churches and Mosques, why would they control only temples? Is it because of money and secularism? If god gives USA VISA, why GOD displace Americans in America? Will God do justice to 25 million Americans here? Who especially kicked out from their jobs by Indians, Indian layers, Indian Companies in the name of globalization and outsourcing? Why God won’t remove poverty and corruption in India? Forget about corruption in India, there is huge corruption from Alipir entrance to main temple in TTD Tirupathi, why God is silent on this? Why staff of 13,500 of TTD won’t fear of GOD? If corruption is crime, why God won’t kill these people? I mean savior punishment to them because they are looting poor man’s money in front of GOD right?


No idea why this hype in India?

It seems to me like they know there are no jobs in India so by getting you a visa to go to America, this keeps them in an elevated position in your eyes.

I could be wrong, but that is how it appears.



Company sent FAQs and Answers for US H-1B Visa Interview

After H-1B VISA ISSUED Feb 2008

  1. How was saying goodbye to your family?

Ans: Parents gave send off at local railway station as father underwent surgery so cannot travel at that time. I was with him for 10 days in hospital for some major surgery on his body. All my cousins or none believe that am going to USA as several times visa refused so only siblings came to station and mother. My father requested someone to give some money and gave it to me while leaving the hometown. That is around $1000 because I do not have any money and the company did not send any money and may need money to survie in the USA. It is very awkward situation for me. Later after 12 hours night journey when I reached HYDERABAD state capital then cousin called me, sorry for not coming to local station as he did not believe it.

My siblings in HYD family also came to airport and next stop is in Bombay. I also met coworker another colleague from   joined in Mumbai earlier called Bombay. he was working in Pune and both got same ticket together from the same company. I bought classic miles cigarettes in Mumbai airport because I love it and I rarely smoke in India due to lack of freedom I never smoke or drink openly and very rare due to financial issues too. I donated one classic miles to a homeless in the USA and another packet completely smoked and it’s 24 small packets in each big box.

  1. Who brought you to which airport in India?

Hyderabad International Airport.

  1. Did you cry? Or have you been full of happiness?

    I did not cry but I know am departing it but very happy for going to USA. Full of happiness is unlimited.

  2. Who was wishing you what for this new start in your life? (Was there for example something your father told you?)

Father told, just come back after two years or as soon as VISA expires. Maximum two years, he requested.

  1. What were your thoughts in the airplane?

Excited and same time departing from India is a great depression. It is like traveling between hell and heaven.

  1. What did you feel when you landed at JFK?

    Sorry, its Newark Airport.

What did you feel making the first steps on American ground?

Wonderful experience

Can you please be more precise what wonderful experience means? What were your thoughts? Thank you!

  1. When exactly did you arrive at JFK? Date and time, please.

EWR Tue, 08 Jul 2008

  1. Who was supposed to show up there?

Car Driver from the office , some one an Indian donated 1 $ coins and make a call to office. he was the Indian Muslim person sat next to me in the airplane.

My manager   answered it and sent the driver. That gentleman sat next to me in airport and shared his experiences and he is an Indian Muslim, and he is there on my LinkedIn contacts.

  1. What did you feel when you noticed no one was there? Did you become nervous?

Yes, we are but after speaking to manager happy.

I bought two cups of coffees in airport, Coworker  gave his money for coffee, and I do not understand why people stop sharing money like in India, we buy for other person, that’s stopped by all in USA as soon as we land.

  1. How were you able to call the manager that the driver was not there?

A gentleman (Indian American) who sat next to me in airplane understand our situation and gave a coin and explained how to call from a dialing machine.

  1. How long did it took him to come there?

just 25 minutes to 30 minutes, max 45 minutes.

12. What kind of dodge was it? Modell, color?

Blue color DOGE VAN and may be very old 1990s.

  1. Did you sit on the back seat?

    Yes, me Coworker sit in the back seat and he continuously talked for 30 minutes and asked questions about Hyderabad is famous for what? I replied- bangles for women. He imports everything to USA who ever has contacts and sell it here for 10 times is what I understand from the conversation. but even today I feel he is better than Indians having some pure love toward reception and taking truth like you do drive a car like this, do not worry, it’s matter of time.

None of the Indians told me this until I moved to another guest house in the same building which we visited. That is the clash between Telugus and Tamils etc.

  1. The driver from Pakistan? How old was he maybe, how did he look like?

he was humble, polite and good in nature.

Indians have wrong impression about Pakistan people but during my short 14 days job search trip to Singapore in 2000 year, I met people from Pakistan, they are very generous. I found this Pakistan driver also that generous.

15. What did you see on the drive to the guesthouse? (Again: Please as detailed as possible)

889 green street, Iselin, new jersey USA


  1. What was different to India?

totally amazed, organized here USA, planned, no honking by cars, signals, people follow traffic rules etc.

  1. How did the guesthouse look like? (Interior, color)

Wooden walls, carpet every where is not digestible or understand what is it?

No jet lag, but could not understand or adjusted for a while, everything looks amazing.

  1. With how many and whom did you share a room?

    Myself slept in sofa in the living room most of the time but one room shared by me and a Nidhulan guy who speaks Tamil language, I wrote about him without motioned his name in my book, I mean his peculiar character. he is the one told no jobs here as soon as enter the guest house. shocked. He used to scold his wife who is working in Chennai over the phone from USA. I told him, be polite as you know Indian husbands do micromanagement from USA too.

Another guy just married and board the flight to USA worried about his wife and his first night.

He was room mate for short time. and Nidhulan guy too,  or any one has sneezing habit(generally Indians) so I used to sleep, study in the living room where desk for computer, TVs are there.  he has friends so he is out most of the time.

  1. Where the others in there nice to you?

I moved to another guest house in the same complex where all Telugus, then I started enjoyed with them a lot…strip club only one time as we get $100 a month with food free provided by the company, enjoyed drinks with friends, shared worries etc…and then learned cooking etc.

  1. When did you call your family to let them know that you have arrived safely?

From Guajarati groceries, I used to buy $5 calling cards to make calls.

Used company phone until I got $50 prepaid T mobile phone. Instrument I got it from India which works in USA too. later after second project in 2009, I bought my first used black berry without camera used it till 2010 December. Later I bought HTC with cell phone and keep updating it to Samsung s5 unlimited talk time and Vonage phone to India to call $40 per month India phone and $100 my phone.  now Vonage is $10 per month.

  1. Did you tell them right away that there was no job? Or did you make up a story at first?

I did not understand the situation for the first 6 months what’s happening though Nidhulan said that there are no jobs here within 2 hours of landing, employer told second day, thought of go back to India but as you know my situation in India, right?

I do not know how long I cried for this dream America. I was depressed a lot but did not inform to parents or sisters or wife in India.  I told them a lie what ever my employer told me to answer the US consulate in India. In house job but not client job.

2009 January I told I got a job, but March 2009 I lost it due to recession.

I told them truth in first project but that’s lost in no time.

They started forcing me to come back as they know truth by 2009 March.

March to April I was in guest house, health down unbearable pain in left hand, family doctors in India asked me to come back.

Doctors here wrote tests for heart etc but no treatment or tablets for reducing the pain.

Here are some of the questions asked by Times Magazine in 2015 sharing it for your information.

H-1B Interview 2007

In the year 2006-2008, I have submitted my resumes to friends/relatives in the world for any onsite opportunities. During this time, I was with one of the Indian MNCs in Hyderabad India. In response to my emails sent to various people, I got replies from few friends and relatives. One fine day morning in Jan 2007, I have received a call from the Edison New Jersey USA for Interview at India time 7am IST on my cell phone in Hyderabad India. Mr. Chidatala Apparao is calling on the other side from an Agency. He is basically an Agent. The other side of the person is telling that received my resume from one of his subordinates in the office for an onsite opportunity and they would like to file H-1B petition for me if I proceed with the interviews.

That moment when received the phone call on my cell phone, I was getting ready for the job (I mean work in Hyderabad) but the other side of the phone, he wants to conduct the first round of interview in hurry, and I said OKAY. After 45 minutes of talk/discussion, he told, you must reach their headquarters in Mumbai to attend the in person technical interview. I agreed. Later they changed the venue to Bangalore Karnataka State. I took a train to Bangalore from Hyderabad and stayed in hotel/lodge at my expenses and attended the technical interview. After few days, I have received a call from the USA that they told I have selected for a network engineer job but not in India but in the Head Quarters of the USA. I was shocked for a moment and realized quickly; VISA is 100% luck, so I came to ground realities quickly. AGENT said, they will send the BOND papers and where myself and my spouse must sign on it.

I did not understand anything until I received any MAIL or email communication from them. One fine day, I have received a mail envelope from Mumbai India asking me to sign and my spouse and send it to back to them. Here is the below a copy of the offer letter in the email from Edison New Jersey USA. My current salary in India is 25,000 INR(25,000 Indian Rupee equals 328.95 United States Dollar) in 2006 and take home would be 18,000 INR(18,000 Indian Rupee equals 236.85 United States Dollar) . With this given figure in India 16 hrs a work day from Monday through Saturday and Sundays whenever boss calls or 24x7x365 days available to office, and these figures anybody pit fall into the trap of Indians offers from the USA. Here is a very big financial institution in India so I thought it is different from DESI Consulting Companies. Though it is very way less than to the local wages in the USA.

BOND for H-1B


H-1B Job Offered letter Jan 2007


To: Kumar
Cc: company 
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 9:40 PM

Subject: H1B Offer


It was a pleasure speaking with you. As per our discussion, Company  Consulting would be interested in hiring you for our consulting practice in the US. We
would offer you a salary which annualized would be $55,000.00. You would be entitled to a paid vacation of 14 days and single medical insurance coverage. We
would arrange for your travel to the US once you have an endorsed visa from the US consulate.

Attached is a copy of the Loan/Security agreement that you will need to sign for us to proceed with filing your H1-B. Please review the same and let me know
your decision ASAP.

If you accept this offer, Send me you complete mailing address with contact info.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Look forward to hear from you. Thanks


Chidathala Apparao

We Indians also do these reverse calculations: 55000 US Dollar = 41,75,571 Indian Rupee (INR). As you know I am against the signing of bonds for jobs as we are human beings but not slaves or sex slaves to anyone on this earth. I gave a serious thought to it and understood it is to tell them that once land in the USA, I work for you but do not flee from airport to other employer is the essence of that page’s story. So, I have signed immediately after I understand it and requested my spouse to sing it. The cost of that BOND is three lakh Indian Rupees, 300,000 Indian Rupee equals 3,959.19 United States Dollar. Candidate must pay in case break the bond.

After few months, I have received mail notifications that my H-1B papers approved from the USCIS. I did not believe this because in 1999 I had very bad experience so I cannot trust anything, so I stayed calm. I think Nov 2007, my H-1B papers approved and they have informed me in January 2008 asking me to go for H-1B visa stamping in India. They sent my H-1B papers in the MAIL to Hyderabad Address in India. There is no online appointment systems then and I have started to Chennai after talked to my manager at the HYD office for leave approval. They hesitate to give a leave but finally approved with lots of conditions to work on weekends after come back.

The USA people also put a condition that I must resign from my current job in India and send the scanned copy of my resignation to them (USA) to send the air tickets from Hyderabad India to New York USA. I went to Chennai for H-1B visa stamping and got h-1bvisa stamped and did not believe it until I check the VISA copy.

The next day, I went to office in Hyderabad India and informed to my supervisor in Bangalore India (head quarter of my current office in 2006-2008) that I am resigning from my current job and serving one month notice. My madam (In India we call Sir or Madam to bosses) did not agree. You cannot leave in one month and wrote a reply, you must stay either 45 days or train someone a BTECH graduate fresher and transfer all your knowledge to him/her and then go.

Meanwhile, I scanned and sent my resignation letter of current employer to the prospective new employer in NJ USA. I am good at documentation and documented every bit and piece of information in the company for the company documentation purpose and my madam advised me to write a manual for network/systems administrators and completed that book also. Also handed over my running notes to the new guy who steps into my shoes for his day-to-day technical issues and fixes. Irony is my superiors and subordinates also left the company assuming that merger of this company with new company may fire them and some for more pay or better opportunities. So, the work load is very high and more than 16 hours a day. In India, managers expect you to do three shifts of job in two shifts by one person. So, there is no work culture, ethics and morals and values in the work location. It is due to outsourcing models. In India, we do not tell the truth to the current employers in India, where are we heading as it is NOT safe.

So, finally I exit from the MNC in Hyderabad India. But the company offered me job in the Mumbai and New Jersey USA did not respond and after few months, told me the recession is hitting hard so they cannot send the air ticket. By that time, I have vacated my apartment in the Hyderabad and sent my family to mother-in-law place and almost like living on the streets of the Hyderabad especially Ameerpet computer institutions in India until they send air ticket. I also emailed to people in the USA whom I met in Ameerpet. One of such inexperienced person went to USA and become a manager in SAP company replied to me.

Sequence of events

Resigned from my permanent job in India

Bottom-Line: DO NOT TRUST ANY COMPANIES OR CONSULTANCIES ESPECIALLY INDIANS IN THE USA. They ditch people in India and do not resign your jobs until land in the USA and feel safe or secured. If you do not resign, you have still option to go back if you do not like h1b slavery life in the USA. I mean, do not close the doors, let it open.

Ameerpet Batch emails from America 2008

From: kumar sreenivas pandruvada <>
To: siva 
Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2008 12:02:28 AM
Subject: hi

Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2008, 12:59:49 AM EDT
Subject: Re: hi
Hi Srinivas,
                  Congrats ! Very nice to hear that. And the market for SAP is good. Don’t worry about that. SAP BASIS is a better choice for now. So, stick with that. Let me know if you have any questions. Give me a call if you want to talk to me. My contact numbers are below (in my signature).



SAP BASIS/Net Weaver admin

Ameerpet, ppl call United States of Ameerpet.

You will come across all types of people in India here including NRIs(Non Reliable Indians or Non Residents Indians). Indians working in the USA steal softwares or pyrate it and bring it to Ameerpet. So that is how institutions are running here. 99% Engineering collages in India teach nothing so students come here for computer courses after BTECH-pass or fail. From here they take off to various countries with that experience, skills and knowledge. The person replied to me from the USA is also product of Ameerpet. Everyday new set of students and professionals enter this street. To trap them, all institutions form a strategy everyday night. The next day morning, the boys hired to throw pamphlets on the students, professionals and pedestrians. Those who are new and eager to join collect those items and go to those institutions. 90% of the faculty staff teaching here are having fake experience. The 10% genuine experiences faculties have no time to teach fully. That is how it starts and once students reach the institutes, the beautiful young lady sitting in the front desk has a task to enroll the students at any cost by offering so many fake discounts and 24X7 lab. All is well including the first free demo session like a movie trailer. Once paid full fees, there ends the matter. It is a two bed room apartment, living room is a lab cum reception area and two other small bed rooms are theory class rooms for all technologies. Faculty repeats the demo or first session until all the broken seats filled with heads(students). Then 50% of the time or days in a calendar. Either you fed up and drop coming in or argue with them for fees return and they ask you to get out. Majority of the institutions are like this only except the 10% institutions.

What is the advantage of Ameerpet? It is network of people and people from all over the world come here to learn IT or latest IT in less time with less money if opted for the right institute. I met a person here who learned all courses and went to South Africa and he got an IT job and settled well there. After come back, he offered me to come to South Africa if my H-1B visa rejected in 2008 also. He knows it was rejected in 1999 March. He is now citizen there locally and like that thousands of stories are there.

Mainframe is a computer course hype/demand created here in 1990s. Just because there is a demand in the USA. So those who knows the spelling of COBOL software boarded the flight to the USA in 1990s. I have seen and heard and seen people returned to Ameerpet from America and demanded their fees back. It because these institutions collected $10,000 from each one in 1990s and pushed them to the USA with fake BTECH certificates who just passed 10th standards. One of such institutions, my friend also enrolled for computer course for 30,000 INR in 1990s.

One time, I worked as hardware/Networking engineer in 1996 and did a set up for a computer institution as a freelancer.  Set up days and nights without break, did the entire set up with 100 high computers and servers and network for PeopleSoft HR software module. Institute collected $10,000 from each candidate with job guaranteed scheme in America. After six months, I am curious to know what is the status of this institute and went there to see what’s going on? To my surprise, I do not see anything there, it is missing. The owner absconded or vanished. There are positive and negative stories here. Irony is, every BTECH student who did not get campus placement in India, land up here to learn everything in Information Technologies here.

2008 when I got H-1B Visa, I sat under the tree and answered the FAQs on F1 and H-1B/RFEs/221g form issues to Students and IT professionals there. Someone writing all my answers and went to the nearest photocopy shop/store to make it multiple copies for the people around me. That Photoshop store(We call XEROZ SHOP) asked him to wait and made a copy and kept secretly for the store and made hundreds of copies and selling it for $5 to others. That is how the shops steal information and make photocopies business here.

H-1B Consultancies: Consultancies here are most of them are fake and have relatives in the USA. These guys charge 1-10 lakhs for one H-1B petition. People come and deposit money here. They do not get any receipt or acknowledgement. In my recent visit to Ameerpet in 2019, I noticed Police of Telangana state put a sign there “do not pay money for visas etc” but still people pay without any receipts etc. People fed up in IT companies and do not get onsite opportunities walk in here and deposit money assuming that these guys will stamp H-1B visa and board them a flight to America. Local political leaders also involving in these scams so one cannot argue with them to return the money. One of my ex colleagues in Government paid huge money for SAP ABAP job guaranteed  scheme/scam and the owner of the shop is a brother of former minister in united Andhra Pradesh state. So there is no way, anyone can go against him to complain for such crimes.

Bottom-Line: If BTECH colleges in India teaches IT, these students need not come to Ameerpet. I do not see any one having experience in IT and left for the USA from Ameerpet. Most of them or majority of them learned IT from Ameerpet and boarded the flight to the USA.

Sleepless “Last Night” In India

I was traveling from Bangalore Karnataka state to Hyderabad United Andhra Pradesh State(now divided and called Telangana State) in Indian Railways Train with my family. The very next seat is another family and the man is introduced himself and working as Charted Accountant in MNCs in Bangalore. As you know in India or Indians ask all personal questions to the co passenger and get all answers and also they give advises. The same way, this gentleman asked me where are you going and what are you doing? I am over excited and said, I am going to America tomorrow. He said, who is the employer? He said check pros and cons of it? What if after you land in the America if they fire? or company get closed etc. Since he is working in finance department so he posted several FAQs. It is time 9PM and sleeping time in Indian Railways as the six berths people sleep by lifting the seats to open the berths. I did not sleep the whole night. After midnight this gentleman came to me and said, Srinivas do not worry, God is there, all is well going to happen. He shacked me a lot with his questions.

Flight Tickets, Journey to America 2008

One fine day morning, Agent from USA Mr. Chidathala Apparao  sent air tickets clubbed with another person named Mr.Bhavan Reddy from Pune India who is going work for the same prospective employer in the USA.

Kumar has boarded in Hyderabad and went to Bombay.

I met him in Bombay (now called Mumbai) and I talked about my experiences of resign and stayed on streets. Mr.Bhavan Reddy shared his experiences that he sent a fake resignation letter to the company in the New Jersey USA and worked till the last day of boarding the flight to the USA. Because Indian employers cheat so we must cheat them is Mr.Bhavan Reddy’s policy.

I came out of the airport to meet my brother-in-law who was working in the Bombay and spent time there. Once came in, the coworker and I had Cigarette outside the lobby and introduced each other in detail about work experience etc. Once announced the connecting plane, we were standing in the line for immigration check and ready to board with the boarding passes. Meanwhile, I opened the book “Wings of Fire  Abdul Kalam” presented by ex-colleagues of MNCs in Hyderabad and reading it. While reading the book, I felt like to leave the airport and stay back in India forever.

Once announcement made, we(I and  Mr.Bhavan Reddy) both are slowly walking into the aero plane and so excited of leaving the India to the USA as my dream land. We buckle the seats and listening to the announcements of the airhostess and when the plane is started moving slowly, the heartbeat is raising as we are disconnecting with motherland. It is NOT just motherland but leaving my spouse, children and parents and flying 10,000 miles far off for a new job. More than the excitement of international travel the departing with beloved is more saddened. The Mr. Bhavan Reddy and I enjoyed the flight journey and had alcohol and good food.

One of the passengers next to me was returning to the USA after visiting his siblings. He is an Indian Muslim Mr. Khan by religion and did not expect that he will speak that much truth about his journey to the America. American made him RICH and Mr. Khan earned money after came to USA only. Mr. Khan shared his professional work experiences in the USA and difference between India and the USA etc. He is much senior to me in comparison to the age and he got his US passport by naturalization, and he is happy to be an American. We slept for a while and the 18 hours 30 min plus journey is almost completion stage and getting ready for landing. We are getting ready to get down and it is so excited to land in the USA.

Hyderabad is starting point, reached Mumbai. This is taken from Google Images.

This is taken from Google Images. Mumbai to EWR Flight Journey.

This is taken from Google Images. Mumbai to EWR Flight Journey costs average one way ticket today (March 2022).

The above is taken from google maps the air distance/travel from Hyderabad, Mumbai India to EWR Airport New York USA.

Date of landing and location: EWR Tue, 08 Jul 2008.



Once landed, we unbuckle the seat belts and slowly taking our bags and came out of the plane and said bye to the Indian friend and walking towards luggage or baggage section to collect our bags by me and Mr. Bhavan Reddy. We identified our bags, and we exit the customs check. The very next thing we do not know what to do? Because in India, generally at airports, drivers from the companies arrive with a placard displaying the names for the new joiners of the company and we expected the same here and nobody is there outside waiting for us both.

For a moment we do not know what to do. We slowly walking and noticed a phone box in the EWR Newark International airport. But we do not have any change to make a call. Luckily the person whom I met  Mr. Khan in the airplane passing by and noticed our troubles and handed over two-dollar coins. For that we said several times thanks to him. We put the coins in the coin box phone and called the office to the manager  Mr. Chidathala Apparao that we are arrived and do not see anyone outside with displaying our names. The other side Mr. Chidathala Apparao said, “wait, sending the office van”.

We waited in the airport and meanwhile, I bought a black coffee for both of us and immediately the coworker returned some cash for the coffee that I bought. We had coffee and almost most of them get down from the plane left airport except we both. So, the van driver came and noticed us easily and asked us to walk to his Dodge Caravan of blue color along with our baggage’s. We loaded our stuff in the van and I sat in the front seat next to the driver and buckle the seat belt.

Once the driver started driving, I cannot imagine the speed of the vehicles moving out on the highways. He introduced himself as a Mr. Abdul a Muslim man from Pakistan and came to the USA and become American citizen now and Abdul is the only first person said welcome to America and said, do not get surprised, one day, you will buy a van like this, and you will also drive faster like this. Abdul asked me what is famous in Hyderabad and collected all the information in business aspect like pearls etc. famous in Hyderabad. I realized Abdul is NOT just a van driver for the company, Abdul does more than that like imports and sell it. The 45 minutes’ drive is so exciting and finally Abdul drove to a street named Iselin in New Jersey State and stopped in an apartment complex and asked us to get down.

This is taken from Google Images, the location the Driver drove from EWR to 889 green St Iselin NJ 08830

We both get down and slowly carrying our luggage’s and walking the steps in the apartment in the second floor. As soon as we enter the apartment, there is one person sitting in front of a monitor with very big Nidhulan and thought that he is our manager or in charge of this apartment etc. Mr. Nidhulan said, why did you come to the America? I did not understand why is he asking like that? We are tired and vexed and not sure of this unknown man asking this shocking question. I tries to ignore him and walking into the room as directed by the  Abdul van driver. Finally, the Abdul driver left as soon as we entered the room inside the apartment. We both came to the living room. This fat man Mr. Nidhulanasked again, why did you guys come to the America? Looks like Mr. Nidhulan is NOT leaving us without answering the question.

Indian Groceries Store in Iselin NJ next to the Guest House 


I asked him is there any Indian groceries store here because I need make a call to India by using a calling card. Nidhulan directed me to an Indian groceries store outside of this apartment complex and I just ran there to buy a calling card. As soon as I went inside by opening the door, a 25 years old International student Mr. Patel from Gujarat of India sat in the counter and asking, why did you come to the America? I was shocked for a moment because Nidhulan in the apartment also asked me the same question. Maybe this guy recognized me that I traveled from India just now, so I was thinking like that. Mr. Patel said, are you from Hyderabad? or Hyderabadi? I said yes. Then Mr. Patel changed his language from English to Hindi with little Gujarati accent and started introduced himself as a Gujaratis speaking Indian man and came to the USA for MS on F1 visa and fired 6 times in the jobs and showed his SQL book in his hand preparing for the 7th IT JOB. You Hyderabadis coming on H-1B and taking over F1 jobs etc. and argument started very seriously by him. I noticed that I am tired and excited to call my family and parents in the India that I reached India but what is this nonsense? I just asked Mr. Patel, please give me a calling card and then he directed me to pick one $5 or $10 calling cards with India map symbol on it. I just paid him the cash and told him, “Geoduck” for your job search. I rushed back to the apartment and requested Nidhulan to show me how to use the phone once to make a call to India. He gave me the phone cordless and showed how to dial in. At last, I made a call to India and talked to his family and very happy for a moment after listening to their voice after crossing 10,000 miles away.

Now, I went to toilet and relaxed with a glass of water. Now, I have asked this Nidhulan, what is your name? he introduce his name and asked again, why did you come to the America? I told him; my manager called me to come to the America to join in the job. He said, there are no jobs for him, what’s the heck you guys do? Literally I did not understand anything, and I looked at him as something like a mad person. Suddenly another tall person came from inside. he said, he arrived at the USA in the month of Jan 2008, and it is July 2008 and more than 6 months without job and what this Nidhulan told is correct. Still, it is more confusing what is this? I keep quiet and listening to their saga of tragedies for hours. Later they told, if you feel hungry eat some Indian food in the kitchen and take rest. We both had some food and relaxed and slept.

This is about Day One in America. Everything is shocking to me because in India, everything is made of cement houses and here wooden houses and carpet floors and wooden walls, and toilets are called restrooms here. Sit and pee is what Brajesh are told and we never did that in India as we always stand and pee. He said it creates loud noise so please sit and pee. I went to the restroom and was shocked to see that when I turn the tap to the left side, hot water is coming and when I turn right side cold water is coming. The curtain in the bathroom completely looks dark due to not changing for a while. The bathtub is also something new to me which I have not seen in India. I spent lots of time watching every bit and piece of the apartment.

Finally, I came to the kitchen and asked the Nidhulan on how to operate the stuff. It is electrical and that is even more shocking to me. He said, to make a coffee, you need to put milk in the cup and heat it for 2 minutes in the microwave. I also heard the word microwave for the first time I heard in the USA. Because we never had microwaves in the kitchen, and we always make coffee or tea by boiling it on the stove and then mix BRU powder or black coffee. This tall man introduced that he is from Bombay and waiting to get work otherwise he would return to India and he is living in a room separately. He cautioned me, do not give alcohol to this Nidhulan in case if you buy because that man does not buy and if anyone buys it, he requests for it and mix both whiskey + beer and omit in the living room and spoil the restrooms. Finally, we have to clean the carpet as the next day he forgets what happened last night.

While moving room to room to meet all the people, I noticed that in one of the rooms, a young man is crying nonstop on his bed. He looks like speak the same dialect that I speak Telugu and I have asked him in Telugu, what happened? He said, he boarded the flight to the USA just before his first name of his marriage. The bride on the other side of the globe that is India, she is crying so he is crying here. I was shocked for a moment that people are this much crazy for America. Innocently, I have asked, why cannot you bring here to the USA? Then he replied, where is the job?

This third time I heard from a different man apart from that Nidhulan and also the tall man said. That is “where is the job?”. I understood that this company bought me to the USA by saying that I have a job here and why these people are saying, where is the job? Though it is excited on day-1 something is fishy is what I noticed it. It is almost spent the day and it is evening, some are planning to go for walking and we too went out to walk on the pavement alongside of Iselin till the Library and returned to the apartment. This is for the first time this Brajesh told me, Kumar this is called GUEST HOUSE where H-1Bs come from India and reside here. In my life, for the first time I heard this because in India, Guest house is something company employees from Bombay to HYD City and stayed for one or days and they go back. I did not understand what is this Guest House concepts in the USA? Staying forever in the Guest house is something I could not understand it. Brajesh buys daily liquor from the nearby store but need to cross the big road junction by watching the signal stops and it is called US one highway. Finally, we entered the liquor store and again it is Indians store and I was shocked to see those many types of beers, whisky and wine. I mean variety of the drinks which I have never seen in India my lifetime. Brajesh paid for the bottles, and we were walking towards the Guest House. It is becoming dark, and we entered the Guest House. Brajesh is from especially Bombay, so his food habits are slightly different from us rest of the south Indian Telugu and Tamil speaking people. So, he advised, let him cook first for him and then you guys can use the kitchen. He explained that the Pakistani van driver from Office comes every week, and he fills the refrigerator with readymade food and all the items he purchased it from Pakistani Groceries rather than Indian groceries, so we throw most of the food by weekends and he refills it. Brajesh told, he confronted with Admin in charge of this Guest Houses give us the money and we buy it from Indian groceries rather than the driver fill the refrigerators.

Everything is shocking and something new to me. Because in India we use refrigerators only to store vegetables and rest of all the stuff every day we buy afresh like milk packets at morning 6am.  Here I saw everything in big tons or quantiles either the ice creams, milk, alcohol etc. In fact, a very BIG Red Label Whisky bottle sitting on the table and couple of glasses unwashed around it. I have never seen such a big whisky bottle in India. I have asked the Brajesh, why did you buy alcohol when already a big bottle inside the guest house. He said, that is for the guests friends of h1bs living here and it is a cheap liquor and taste no good. he prefers quality wine.

Among all, it looks like to me that Brajesh is more honest and transparent and some kind of Confronting nature than to other south Indian languages speaking people in the apartment 110. Anyways, he also explained the heat and A/C control buttons and explained one guy thin person put 75 heat and it is very dangerous and 60 enough and more heat creates skin problems for us. Since that thin guy and Nidhulan fight over this, so he thin person goes to his brother’s house often. The Brajesh and I started mix wine in the glasses and sat in the balcony and talking and the desk phone is ringing but no one is attending to it. I told Brajesh, the phone is ringing and he said he does not care.

For knowledge, I understand except me and the new coworker arrived from India has no cell phones so that is why no one is attending to the land line phone and immediately I rushed to the phone desk location. I lifted the phone receiver in hurry and I said “hello”. The other side is my manager and he said, hello Kumar, how are you? I was shocked because in India, after 5pm or before 5am managers call and disturb and in the USA also looks like it is a practice. It was almost 730pm and I said, I am fine. He said, get ready tomorrow 11am, he will take me and the new coworker arrived from India to LUNCH. I said, thank you and hung up the phone. I slowly walked into the balcony and told this message to Brajesh and told him, let me convey this message to my other coworker. I told him but to my surprise he is going to sleep very early and not coming to the living room to talk to others.

Day-2, Lunch Meeting with Manager

Then I came to balcony and having my glass of wine and enjoying my drinks and talking to the Brajeshabout his experience in Bombay. He told his sad story that he missed his beloved wife for more than six months because of this dirty company cheated him and lost his job there and no job here. I still could not understand, how come people get visas when there are no jobs? I keep quite and thought that my manager will clear these doubts in tomorrow lunch meeting.

We both had dinner and said goodnight each other and I went to my room. The young man still mourning in depression and crying in low sound. I do not want to spoil my happy mood of having wine and so I came to living room and slept in the couch with a pillow and a blanket. The TV is ON even after the Nidhulan left. I understood since it is Guest House no one takes any responsivity and I wake up and switch off the TV with a remote and went to couch for sleep. It was not a pleasant night because there is only one rest room in the living room for two rooms so someone or the other coming in the middle of the night and standing up and peeing. That sounds make me to get up and difficult to get sleep again. I noticed that any small sounds in the Guest House disturb your sleep due to it is wooden walls, wooden floors in the three level apartment. Finally I had deep sleep from 230am to 830am.

I wake up on the Day-two when the Nidhulan playing loudly a video on the desktop about Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha’s speech in Tamil Language. Day-Two in America is really excited, I get from the couch and wished good morning to Nidhulan and he did not respond. generally I wish good morning and goodnights to roommates or whoever there next to me where it is.  I went to the room and got my tooth brush and set and towel to the bathroom to wash my face. As soon it is done, return to the room and pick my BRU coffee powder ready made one that I bought from India. Nidhulan told, Kumar you can use one in the kitchen and do not open any stuff that you bought from India. So I went to the room and kept the new bottle there and first time, I learned how to make a coffee here. Because I have never entered the kitchen in India due to the Indian traditions and customs that Kitchen is meant for women. I feel the pain and joy of making a coffee. I pour the coffee into the washed cups from the wardrobe(luckily I find one) and came to the living room.

Nidhulan told, Kumar you looks like very excited today. I said yes because I am going to meet my manager at 11am for lunch. Nidhulan expressed his face something different. I do not know how to write that here, but it something like you watch from the other ship while Titanic Ship is sinking where your rejected girl friend is dying in it. The situation is very indigestible to me but anyways I move forward with that situation and finished my cup of coffee. The moment I am leaving the cup in the sink, this Nidhulan is shouting, Kumar, do not leave the stuff there, just clean it. I have asked him politely that the sink is already full of all uncleaned stuff. He said, you have to clean it. He ordered. I cleaned whatever I can simple items and went to my room. I have collected a pair of clothes and kept on the bed and a new shirt that I bought for this manager as a token of gift from India.

Then I went to bathroom for shower. I took shower for the first time in the USA and something new to me. It is warm water and I never took warm water in India as it takes time to heat it and time consuming process. I felt something great here. As soon as I finished shower, someone in that room attached to the bathroom shouting, do not close the bathroom door and let it open. I do not know why but I opened because of his high pitch voice and walked out of that room to my room. I wear clothes and getting ready and again went to bathroom to see myself in the mirror. I did not see this much big mirrors in the Indian bathrooms in India. Though physically I present in the USA, my mind and heart is beating for India for every moment. Something is missing in my heart and mind and something fishy, a confused state of mind and same time excited to meet the manager. I came to living room and I wear my shoes and laces and getting ready.

Then my other coworker also came to the living room who was with me in the flight journey. It is 11.30am on Day two and the phone ringing and I rushed to the phone. The person on the other side is my manager he said, comedown and hung up the phone. Though he said 11am, we know Indians always hurry and never be on time and always late. I told my coworker that manager called to comedown. We both get up from the couches and walking downstairs and lock the door, we do not have a key but we locked it by closing it. I saw one cream color Toyota Camry parked in the parking lot with window opened and someone is waving the hand.  I sensed it is the manager and we both walked to the car. He said get into the car. My coworker sat in the front seat and offered me to sit in the back seat and he went to the backseat. He said, how is the journey? We said Yes, fine. He never said sorry for not sending the driver on time and never enquired that we both scared and do not know what to do at the EWR airport when do not find the Office car driver. He introduced himself as XYZ (name removed now) and told he did three year B.COM three years commerce degree from Badruka College in Hyderabad India. The manager basically hails from Karnataka State in India who speaks Kannada Language. He speaks Kannada by birth and speaks Telugu due to raised in the Andhra Pradesh State (Now divided into two states as Telangana and Andhra Pradesh due to Telangana people agitation for separate state). Then he did his computer courses and learned Java and worked as Java Programmer in India for 5 years is his claim. He got H-1B Visa, moved to the USA. in 2005. Since he does not like IT programming anymore, and he moved to the Office in Edison as BDM (Business Development Manager) who takes care of H-1Bs coming from India.

The Hotel is arrived. He stopped the engine in the parking lot and asked us to get down from the car and we slowly walking into the Restaurant. While leaving the Restaurant and reaching the car, I gave him the Shirt gift that I bought it from India to the manager. He said, he will send the office Van to the Guest House(GH) and come tomorrow to the Office in Edison New Jersey. We said yes and got into the car. The car he drove us back to the Guest House and dropped and left for his home.

We three waited at the reception until the receptionist arrives. In India, we go to the table and occupy but in the USA, we have to wait until someone attends to you and show the direction to the table. It is buffet that means, you take a plate each time a new plate and pickup food whatever you want. I was very happy to see the Indian food of all varieties and patiently waiting for the person to take us to a table. Then manager said, let’s get food and slowly started towards the food and picking up the items to eat. We three came back to our table with plates full of items what we like.

We sat and about to start eating. Manager said, Kumar, do you have any questions. I said yes. He said, that is fine, you please wait and ask at the end and let him start the lecture why are we here today? He started speaking even before I take a food with a spoon to the mouth. Kumar, you have a job here but not a project so you do not get paid until you get a project. I was shocked by listening to this word. I have asked him, what is project? Because in India, once you get a job, you can retire in the same job and we do not know what is getting project in India. Because that is something sales team does to the companies. I told, I have a job right then why no salaries? He said, that is what he is trying to explain and listen, you have a job here, that is why you got H-1B Visa but you do not have a customer to get money so we do not pay any salaries until you get a customer to us, but you work for us but not salaries.

My mind blocked and I felt like a getting heart attack or pain in heart. It is something from Day One, the Nidhulan and Brajesh were trying to tell on Day One and I could not catch it. Then immediately I have asked him, yes yesterday people in the Guest House told us, Kumar, why did you come to USA? We do not have a project or jobs. Then my manager forces me to reveal the names of the people who told me that in the Guest House. I did not reveal the names because I know what happens if I tell the names the very next moment. This manager drives back to the Guest House and beat them like anything but he is NOT leaving me at the Restaurant for not revealing the names. On one hand, I was starving for LUNCH and on the other hand, he told about the shocking news. I was regret why did I resign my job in India? How soon can I leave the USA? These are the questions on my mind but did not spell out.

My other coworker did not care anything about it as if he knows already about this. To my shock, this manager and my coworker who came along with me in the flight both are best buddies in the Hyderabad India. So he did not even care to the manager while he is seriously interrogating me for revealing the names of the people at the Guest House. I felt like not to eat but since I was hungry and not sure when do I get Indian food so I went to the dining and got few Roti’s(Bread) and little dal in a cup/bowl and came to the table. I have started eating while swallowing my tears into the stomach. Day Two is a great shocking to me rather than Day One.  I understood now in the USA, whenever managers call for LUNCH meeting, something sad or bad news is waiting for you. The manager and the coworker are eating food happily and talking loudly in funny manner about other stuff.


Mirchi Restaurant – Edison, NJ USA. Google Images.

Mirchi Restaurant – Edison, NJ USA.  Google Images.

After lunch meeting is done, the manager gave ride back to the Guesthouse for me and coworker. While leaving he said, get ready tomorrow 9am, he will send the office Van driver to the Guesthouse to pick me to the office located in Edison New Jersey. I said okay and bye to him and walking towards the Guesthouse. Brajesh and Nidhulan persons are anxiously waiting for us to listen to the outcome of the meeting with my manager. I told the manager that someone in the Guesthouse told already that there are no jobs, why did you come to America? By listening to this, they both were shocked and afraid whether I have told the name also. I said, I did not tell the name but I have informed to clarify the meeting notes as the manager also told the same in the beginning that there are no jobs, you have to get a customer to him/company to get my first paycheck otherwise, no salaries and remain in the Guesthouse.

Pain in Heart

I had uncontrolledly crying and eyes full of tears and red in color. No one asked, what happened  because they already went through this phase but did not reveal it outside. I went to the restroom and washed my face but no use, I could not stop it. It is because I have quickly realized that my dreams were shatter and recollect my government colleague saying in India. He said, Kumar going to America is like falling from Pan to stove and you will completely burnt once landed into the America. I felt like I have entered the hell and my golden era of Life (life in India) has come to an end. Why did this company forced me to resign my full time job with Mindtree in India? when they cannot offered me a salaried job? What’s the heck is it? I have $1000 with me which my father gave so I was thinking of buying an air ticket to India and go back. I do not have any credit cards so I thought of request someone to buy me tickets and give this money to them and go back to India. I do not know what to tell my family members in India? Is it for I wind up my life in India? Is it for 12 years I have wasted for US visa attempts? These are the unanswered questions are going in my mind.

Once I reached a saturation point, I realized that there is no reason to cry and I have move forward since I broke the beautiful life in India for America Dream Sake. I have decided to see the end of it. Since nothing is wrong on my side, why should I give up? Let me confront the company and move forward. But Day two is unforgettable in my life time for the kind of message that I have received from the company.  As usual, I had a peg with Brajesh and our chit chat continued for that night and relaxed in couch in the living room.

Here is what I wrote the work cultures of Indians in a nutshell in India and USA. 

Indians worst work culture in India is better than

Indians work culture in the USA

అమెరికాలొ , భారతీయుడిగా సిగ్గుపడుతున్నాను, ఒక తలవంపు!


Day-3, visiting the Office

The next day morning, 9.30am, the office can driver came and gave a call tot he Guesthouse phone and asked me to comedown. I was ready by that time and reached the Van. He started driving to Edison New Jersey and for the first time, I saw the Office in the USA. All of them are Indians, most of them are from South India except the driver and the front receptionist. She is a Punjabi woman. She said, welcome onboard with an artificial smile. She asked me to wait in the lobby in the couch. The Manager came and took me to his manager’s office. To my surprise, that the manager’s manager also from Karnataka State of India. That means both are connected by Kannada Speaking Language rather than English. Then manager took me to cafeteria area where the staff eat lunch. It looks like a typical Indian office set up. I noticed they are people for accounts, HR and immigration but mostly it is one man show that is my manager and his boss front end faces of the 100 H1Bs that are arriving into the USA from 1990s to current. Manager asked the driver to take Kumar to the Bank near the office to open the account for Kumar. I have deposited the money that I bought from India $1000 that is borrowed by my father in India. Then we returned to the office.

P.K.Sreenivas becomes Kumar

I did not expect that is going to be a long day here. Then manager took me to a small cabin and closed the door. He brought his laptop on the desk. I do not have any laptops so I sat next to him and he opened a blank Microsoft Word document and typed my name as Kumar. In India, people call by either last names or nick names that is initials and I could not understand that for a moment. It is like this: I was called in India, P.K.Sreenivas (either people go by PK or Sreenivas or Pandruvada) and now Manager removed Sreenivas, expanded K as Kumar and it is now on wards it is KUMAR PANDRUVADA. He said, this is America, you have to go by your FIRST NAME KUMAR but not PK or Sreenivas. He also advised, stop signing as India name signature, sign as KUMAR PANDRUVADA only. He strictly advised me to create an email id reflects my name as Kumar rather than using emails that created in India.


The real work started now. He has a big list of all items in the information technology and started asking questions one after another and it never ended until evening 7pm. The list of questions are like this: Do you know Java? If the answer is Yes, he entered Java in the skills set of the MS Word Resume of Kumar. If no, he will go to the next question like Do you know .Net technologies? etc. By that time, we completed the list, my resume is having this. In India, my resume is maximum two pages and here the skill set itself is one full page and professional summary is another one full page.



Finally we both sit together for ten hours and made eight pages resume with lots of confrontation and shocking things to accept. That is 10 years experience projected in the USA and he removed my India ten years experience by saying if we tell vendors in the USA, that you have just arrived from India, they pay less dollars per hourly billing. I do not understand the word “Vendor” and “billing” etc. These terms, I never heard in India while working. I know monthly paycheck and go to ATM of any Bank and draw the cash of the check deposited as salary. First of all, I am great shock for the day-two and now day three, this name change and FAKE Resume of eight pages. He is trying to explain, it is called TECHNICAL RESUME and it should be eight pages as per the local vendors and we cannot go less than this. He picked up different client names, different states names in the USA and different years and adding it on to the resume. I do not understand, why should I fake when I worked ten years in India? Manager unable to justify this question to me. Finally he lost his patience and said “GET OUT”. I walked out of the room and sat in the lobby and the time is 8pm. After sometime, the office Van driver came and knock the door and asked me to come out to get into the Van and he dropped me back at the Guesthouse.

The Nidhulan is waiting for me to ask the Resume. He told a lie that he will submit my resume to his known friends and took a copy and give it to Malayalee speaking Keralite friend of him and happens to be living in the other Guesthouse. It is to steal our ten hours handwork on the resume and he simply changed the name on the resume and using it for his job search expansion in different skills set. I felt like a fox is waiting outside graveyard for diabodies to eat.

As usual, that night, I chit chat with Brajesh(basically from Mumbai and more honest than to others and he also confronted the same way to the company) and we both had drinks and spend some good time. That is the only relief I had from this painful stories.

Bottom-line is: My case is not unique and that this is a standard procedure in Indian Incs set the standards of FAKE RESUME with EIGHT pages in the USA for H-1Bs. Otherwise, they do not even entertain the candidate in the first place. If it is one page, they simply reject it by saying it is an American’s Resume. This is how the USA IT market functions to filter out locals resumes compared to non locals. I hope you Americans understand this and I hope this will clear Indian people’s misconceptions about USA style of Indians resumes etc.

Agent created email to all 1000 H-1Bs

This agency created email ids for all 1000s of H-1Bs arrived, arriving but I noticed none of them are using that agent’s email id for various reasons. Agency read emails, less space, if leave agency lose the data are some of the reasons.

Day-4, Manager circulated FAKE Resume

The day started as usual and suddenly I see volumes of emails and calls coming in.  Manager called and said, just attend the “Vendor” calls and represent him as Manager. I have no choice as he said previous night “GET OUT” of the office for my confrontation. I understood, the manager has pumped out this “FAKE RESUME” to 1000s of the Vendors list. I did not even remember the locations of the USA states that were mentioned in the resume. I do not know what to answer to the vendors. My mind is blowing and do not know how to handle this mess? Again, India came to my mind. Why should I tell lies to someone where I had 12+ years of REAL TIME experience in India. My manager expected that I will hit a project in a week or two.

I have received a call from a Vendor in Boston, MA. He said, he will submit my resume to the client, a transport department there. My manager told, write down the people calls, names, company names in a spreadsheet. I have started tracking or managing it. The list is huge. I took print out the resume and paste it on the wall to go line by line and remember the locations of it. Now got some clarity on the resume but still my heart is NOT accepting the word FAKE. To my understanding that manager is circulating my resume with $120(highest hrly rate) to $85 (lowest billing hrly rate) to the vendors. Manager did not inform this but the vendors told me.

This is very tough that we(Vendors) cannot pay this much. During lunch time, I told manager, some vendor told me this- billing is high. Manager scolded me by saying, who asked you to discuss the billing rates with Vendors? For anything, manager is rude, loud, scolding who never worked in IT in the USA. I do not understand his attitude and behavior. I thought of complaining about him to his boss but his boss also speaks the same language of Indian origin and it will bounce back on my head. I try to explain, that I did not discuss, it is the vendor told me.

Vendor A receives resume from manager, Vendor A calls Kumar to confirm that there is a Resume, there is a person and then he/she will forward it to Vendor B. When Vendor B calls, I have to tell a lie that I am employee of Vendor A company. The Chain continues till A,B,C,D,E,F and G is the Prime Vendor and H is the Client. If I leave the Guesthouse, I do not know how to remember this chain if they call. Because Vendors call from California, Texas, New Jersey and India time zones. So I used to write on my palm Vendor A name, etc. represents correctly to next vendors. If you do not represents, they do not submit your resume. If you misrepresent, the then the first vendor comes and scold you like anything in abusive language for misrepresenting. They consider it as bypassing them or avoiding them. If so they lose $25 to $45 an hrly cut. So for that, they go to any extent while speaking in Indian languages on the phone. Manager cautioned, do not speak to any vendors in Indian languages expect in ENGLISH. But Vendors do not speak in English and they ask, Are you from Hyderabad, do you speak Telugu? If I say Kumar, they ask, Do you speak Tamil?  Kumar means Tamil, Srinivas means Telugu is what the vendors assume.

Bottom-line is: My case is not unique and that this is a standard procedure in Indian Incs set the standards of FAKE RESUME with EIGHT pages in the USA for H-1Bs. Otherwise, they do not even entertain the candidate in the first place. If it is one page, they simply reject it by saying it is an American’s Resume. This is how the USA IT market functions to filter out locals resumes compared to non locals. I hope you Americans understand this and I hope this will clear Indian people’s misconceptions about USA style of Indians resumes etc.

Indian Incs & fake Resumes, AMERICANS MUST WATCH || Kumar Exclusive


Vendor aka ‘ghanta’ companies

First time I heard this word in the USA in Information Technology market. In India, vendor means, someone who sells peanuts in the Railways and Bus Stations. In the USA, Vendor means a person who registered LLC ( limited liability company) with few dollars and then start sitting between any two people(either two vendors or candidates or the clients etc.). Why do they sit? Just because he/she received your resume from your email id or your employer’s email id to them. How much they eat? They eat not less than $25 to $65 an hr from your salaries. Can I avoid vendors? You cannot avoid vendors especially Prime vendors if you are on H-1B visa but you can avoid them if you are an American citizen by taking full time jobs with the USA clients. What is Law saying? Law says, illegal, unethical and unlawful who sits between a H-1B Petitioner(Indians call him//her as Employer/GOD) and Prime vendor of the USA clients. Does hiring managers have vendor companies? yes, Indian outsourcing companies managers, HR managers, Hiring managers in the USA clients have vendor companies. Is it Legal? No it is illegal.

Basically, vendor is a BROKER. In India, in Mumbai RED LIGHT AREA(Prostitution centers) Brokers supply women for men to do prostitution. In the USA, these vendors(brokers) supply resumes to the another Broker(vendor) to poach the candidates salaries. One of two Indians in the USA are having this vendor business. It took six months for me to understand this Vendors business. I hope you understand in one line with above classic example of Mumbai.

How the middle layers/vendors ‘ghanta’ companies act as $25 to $65 commission agents?

These people who run these ‘body shops’ – what do they do?

They run politics, they groom, support, nurture politics back home (India) and here. They formed a cartel – a vicious circle where things are going per understanding with each organization. When they grow, they are forming tax free organizations – Chowdary’s or KAMMA caste group, REDDY CASTE GROUPS, Telangana Region Groups, Vysyas Caste Groups, Brahmins Caste Groups,  All the organizations that are set up are tax free voluntary orgs – non-profit based registrations on sole purpose of social service and culture promotion. But what are they really doing – bringing political leaders, bringing TV/movie actresses, doing ‘recording dances’, promoting vulgar double meaning songs in name of culture?

Do you know what these TV/movie beautiful actresses are doing here? They do arrangements of prostitution with $3000 to $5000 per night. That’s why they line up in Hyderabad to come to US. They have 2 or 3 managers who are coordinators here for negotiation and privacy/secrecy. Otherwise, why managers are needed here for few days/weeks pleasure visit – with no film shootings and no sessions?

This is what is going on here in name of these H-1B companies, blood sucking commission agents, our own Telegu businessmen are doing. We already have become a laughingstock with non-Telugu community with this kind of strange culture, before it goes and trickles down to all households – it should be made aware of what’s going on.

What is a Job?

Please refer to this topic to understand what is a job? “H-1B Job Offered letter Jan 2007” it has 8 hours work a day, Monday through Friday and 10 paid holidays and need not look for a project. This is mostly Outsourcing companies model. 

What is a Project?

Project has a start date and end date with a limited budget. For a layman to understand, you have money and you wanted to buy a dinning table into your house. You have a choice of go to ready made shop and purchase it or buy wooden, bring it to home and hire carpenter to do the table and chairs. You call a contractor to bring to bring carpenter and manage his/her work and you give some Lump sum to the contractor to do pay to the labor. Imagine the same in information technology. Contractor A call contractor B and chain continues till F and then F has labor(h-1bs) in his or her guesthouse. Any contractor anytime in between run away with that money and end labor (h-1bs) die.

Who is a client?

Client is GOD for all. The USA client is the one who releases the money every week to their American Prime vendors and that includes Over Time Money(Time and a Half) of contractors. Then vendors to the chain till the layers or brokers who writes illegal bonds between them to HOLD the money for 3 to  6 months cycles to release to the next layer and so on.

$100 a month Salaries for 1000 H-1Bs

Manager took a session for me, Kumar you are going to work for salary for the first year. So it is irrelevant for you, what is the billing rate that company gets or vendors pay.  I have asked, where is my salary? He said, company pays $100 a month to you and all H-1Bs in the Guesthouse because we are providing free accommodation and free food. I spend $50 for T-Mobile pre-paid immediately and saved the $50 for any emergencies. But I have to work from the Guesthouse in assisting him in his job and any other works that he assign. Company gets projects from the clients, instead of outsourcing it to India branch, they make people in the Guesthouse to work for free because H-1bs at the Guesthouse are getting free accommodation and free food is their logic behind it. The H-1Bs primary job is to attend Vendor calls for the jobs. For the work done, they are paying $100 a month cash. The office van driver comes and gives it to all.

Apply for SSN

The coworker and I went to SSN office near(near means less than 2 miles) Guesthouse by walking to the office. We waited for 7 business days to get it. SSN is mandatory to work in the USA for H-1Bs. Many work without this also but that is illegal.

What is SSN:

In the United States, a Social Security number is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents under section 205 of the Social Security Act, codified as 42 U.S.C. § 405. Wikipedia

What is SSN used for?
A Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number that the U.S. government issues to all U.S. citizens and eligible U.S. residents who apply for one. The government uses this number to keep track of your lifetime earnings and the number of years worked

Driving Test

In India, I have a driving license for two wheeler (BIKE) and four wheeler(CAR) and we do not have any written test or road test. In the USA, I came to know we have to write written test first and give a gap, prepare for Road Test it seems. Nidhulan and I together went to Trenton, the capital of New Jersey to write the exam and we both failed. I understood that the test is purely based upon commonsense and twisting questions. That’s where I failed and prepared well by reading the manual and few simulated tests and passed the written test this time. For the first time, I came to know that it is so messed up our naming systems in India that they do not follow one set of standard as it is not showing my full name there except with initials. So DMV did not recognize my international driving licensees and India license as the names are not matching with Passport.  In India, they go by initials. That is where I failed to get DL but some of them received it as the last name or surnames are matching with DL, Passport and the USA SSN. So I have to give a road test and I postponed it as it needs money for road test classes/preparation.

My First Credit Card in Life and USA

In India, we do not have credit card systems at least during my times we did not have it. We purchase by cash or debit card. In the USA, people purchase everything on credit except few. Nidhulan guy took me to Capital one Office near Guesthouse to apply for one. I have applied and the credit limit is $500 is nothing to use for day to day requirements. Especially booking tickets to Maryland and accommodation etc. But this card is of no use due to its limits on it.

In the USA, everything is built on history, credit history, rental history etc. Anyone came to the USA without SSN or credit cards of international, definitely their credit history is zero. They have to apply for SSN and credit card and swipe card for everything and re-pay it on time. That is how people fall into huge credit crunches here. The other way, we can call it as purchasing power. Since we do not have this in India, so we tend or intend to swipe for no reasons and keep buying stuff where as Asian culture is savings and American is work hard and play hard models.

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My First in person Client Interview in America- Part1

In USA, in person interviews are called F2F, Face to Face. Many people SKIP this as nobody pays these expenses to the candidates and some SKIP due to fear of facing the client.

I got a call from a recruiter from Boston based three digits telephone number. He said he received my resume from my manager and asking me questions on the resume. Generally Indian recruiters ask basic questions to know whether you know ENGLISH or not. Then they will get into Indian languages based upon the language that you choose either Telugu or Tamil etc. Average south Indians know more than three languages and North Indians know only Hindi and English etc. He said, he submitted my resume to his client and you will receive a call from an American Prime vendor. For the first time I heard a word “Prime vendor”. I understood that the word Prime means, FIRST BROKER next to the USA end client.

Vendor is nothing but a broker, a middlemen. Every vendor or broker refers the word client to the next vendor or broker. within minutes, I got a call from the Boston based three digits USA telephone number and this time he is American. Based upon the voice, business email, etc. understood he is the first broker that is prime vendor. He asked me again generic questions on my resume but not technical. Generally they do have a basic ten questions on technical subjects pick up from the google search or internet. Mostly, I answer 9/10 questions. Because I have prepared 150 questions based upon my resume and nobody ask anything beyond that 150 especially technical questions. He said, he is going to submit it to his end client. I said okay. I did not believe this story but within minutes, I got confirmation that they do not take telephone technical interview and since you mentioned your location is Boston, so client wants to see you. I understood that my manager is submitting my resume to 100s of people without marking a copy to me and do not know what he is mentioning in it. Like Kumar is local to that station. Example, job requirement is California, he might have mentioned Kumar is local to California and so on for the 50 states of the USA. That is how H-1bs hit the market but without having Driving License, car and money, how can I go to Boston to attend the in person interview? I called my manager and asked him how can I go to Boston? He said, take a bus and hung up the phone.

For a moment, I become hopeless and helpless in the USA. I have started searching in Google, Amtrak(Train), Bus route from Iselin New Jersey to Client site in Boston MA state. I really do not know how to manage it. I do not have a credit card, do not have Driving License and nobody in the Guesthouse has Driving License except one guy. He came on L1 Visa to USA and jumped into this Guesthouse for H-1B. He already worked in the USA but does not want to help anyone. I booked a ticket to Boston for a Bus from New York City and then reached by a cab to an office. He Is a H1B guy of the middle vendor company and cross checking whether my resume is FAKE or not. He guided me how the client interview would be. Then took a cab to the Prime Vendor location because in the USA, one must meet American prime vendors before/after meeting the USA client interview. They will guide how to answer the client questions and after the interview, they do analysis how the interview goes and they will come to a conclusion. I met the Prime vendor also. I do not know where to go now? Searching for cheapest motels to stay. Then the first recruiter Sivalingam called me and asked me to go to his company’s Guesthouse.

Bus Journey with Bengali Babu

He studied BTECH in West Bengal state of India and worked in different Indian outsourcing companies in India. He is very polite and talked to me about where I am going and then started sharing knowledge on technologies that he worked on for 10 years in India. He then shared some documents online to read for my interview.

Due to hate in India between different languages and states people, he is unable to give up that though he moved to the USA. He hate Telugu people it seems or South Indians. He started generalizing all south Indians are bad etc. I have not been to West Bengal in India but I do respect all Indians or all people. I do not understand why do this guy or many Indians are carrying this much hate in their minds while moving to western countries?

He also referred my resume to one of the top Indian outsourcing companies in Mysore for my resume or jobs in the USA and India. One interview, I have cleared all rounds and it went on hold due to change in guard and another one, I could not for a position in the USA. I took his resume for local jobs as he jumped from Indian outsourcing companies to bodyshops. I have forwarded his resume to my Indian vendors list and he got a job through them by avoiding them as layers and wrote filthy emails to people whom I introduce by India hate- south Indians especially. India sells Hate well is what I understand from him.

Guesthouse in Boston MA

This is another trauma, saw people full of H1Bs, F1s in this Guesthouse, except one guy North Indian, none would like to welcoming me. They are afraid, scared, hated me for coming from New Jersey for a Face to Face interview when they are waiting for the client interview for months together and no interviews for them. It is tall apartment, no furniture and most of them are sleeping on the floors in their own beds purchased from Walmart. No food to eat. Thank God someone took me to the kitchen and gave me two rotis(bread) and some left over curry. It was cold on the floor but I have no bed no blanket and slept on the floor that night. The person offered me food is an SME(Subject Matter Expertise) in the Microsoft Technologies especially Exchange Mail servers. We exchange the knowledge for a time and went to sleep.

The next day morning, I get early and getting ready for the interview. I carried my blazer and set of resumes and left for the client site on the Cab. I do not how much money that I spent for cabs, tickets etc. and food by the money that I bought from India. Thanks to my father.

The recruiter Sivalingam who asked me to stay free in this Guesthouse has a weakness. He dragged me to meetings and lectures of Hindu to Christian Conversions. He get millions may be so he started this business by inculcate hate on Hinduism and preaching only section of Christianity. As you know Christians four two types. I think he is from Catholic Church.

Lessons learned: In the USA, if you take anything free from India or anyone, they damage from the backside.

My First in person USA Client Interview in America- Part2

I went to the Interview and this is my first USA client interview. The Client is very simple as the middle vendors and prime Vendors told too much about hype but I do not see them in their body language and attitude. In fact, client took my resume print out in Notepad and carrying a pencil and took me to the conference room. All of them get up and wished me and gave shake hands. In fact, many told how to give shake hands and saw several videos on it. Americans are honest and simple is what I learnt in the first place. Secondly, asked me to seat and seated and they have asked me no questions since manager/vendors told them I am local to Boston. Otherwise they would definitely ask, which US highway you travel to reach here and how is the traffic would be my first question. People told, “Tell me about Yourself” is the first question. In fact, I purchased a books on behavioral questions and other general questions.  Nothing sort of such type of questions.

They simple asked me, can we start? I said Yes. They started explaining why this position is opened up and what are they looking for and started explaining about their environment. I mean technically. I am listening very patiently and with interest and curiosity. After about ten to fifteen minutes, they have asked me, could you please share your experiences, thoughts on this problems and how do you go about it? Any road maps with your expertise. Since I worked in India on Novell Netware versions 3.x and 4.x and also on Microsoft Technologies MCSE versions, so it is no big deal for me and started sharing my experiences how I did the setup for similar road transportation government department back home and simulate those examples. It is like a hot cake for me and I have explained how I will handle confidently with team player spirit. They were impressed. Middle Vendors and Prime Vendors in the USA train candidates, do not say NO to any technical questions but I said no to some questions because, if selected, it is the candidates have to face the client but not the middle vendors or prime vendors. I also told, technology is not new to me, every day, I learn new technologies and if I do not know anything in it, I will spend time to learn quickly as I am a self learner and quick starter. Vendors gave a hint to me, if they come to personal questions then you’re selected not just this question, do you have any questions.

They have asked me, do you have any questions? I have asked, why did you select my resume or why did you you pick me for this job? why not others. I do not see them reacted quickly. Secondly, I have asked, is it new position created because of this migration from Novell to Microsoft or replacing someone? They said, created a new position. Last question they have asked me, when can you start? I said as soon as possible. Vendors told two weeks notice but one of my uncles back home advised me, such questions, you should say I will start now. They said, they will let the Prime vendor know the results after discuss with the teams internally and inform me. It was nice interview experience and I came out the building after handed over the visitors pass. I reached Prime vendor’s office and I thought of call him and explain but they were thinking that I am local to Boston and have a car so asked me to reach them. I took a cab again and went to their office and explained bit by bit. They make a notes on it. They are positive on this. I came to Boston Bus Station to catch the New York City bus. Then reached New Jersey by Train and from the train station, I was walking to the Guesthouse. I saw vehicles or cars pass by and felt like begging them to give a ride. It is very small railway station and oddly see cabs during odd time. It was dark, scary and lonely and walked 4 miles to reach the Guesthouse.

My First in person USA Client Interview in America result came- Part3

I am curiously waiting for the results but at the same time, I am attending every single call from the vendors and vendors do prefer google chat or Yahoo chats to ping job requirements in the chats. Vendor called me from Boston MA and told, you got selected congrats Kumar on the phone. But he said, wait for the email confirmation from all parties as paperwork is NOT signed by your employer. I have called my manager though he said, wait. He said, we do not sign because that vendor did not pay/release 6 months salaries to some of our H-1Bs. Hence we are not going with that vendor. I have asked him in the email after the call, if vendor is not good, why did you submit my resume in the first place? I have received a call from manager and he warned me on the phone, DO NOT SEND SUCH THINGS IN THE BUSINESS EMAILS. I have been using company email and I stopped using it as lots of limitations on it. He said, come to office and talk and never send business emails such matters like Not singing PO and MSA etc. He said, we send MSA to India legal team to study.

First time, I heard PO and MSA. I do not know what is it for? He neither explained too. PO means Purchase Order. Once candidates clear the interview, each vendor release PO to next layer/broker. MSA is nothing Master Service Agreement. That agreements says, you(middle vendors) cannot take Kumar on your company roles and if so, you have to pay this company $50,000 to $100,000 fine etc. It is to HOLD the H-1Bs. I am depressed for this kind of attitude of the company. There is a saying in Telugu, if I write it in English, there is a mother, she neither feed the kid nor allows the kid to go to the streets to beg for food and eat. Finally the kid starve inside home and died. My situation is like that in this Guesthouse. The manager neither he gets a paying job nor sign the PO that gets by me after clearing the technical interview at my cost of travel to Boston MA.

America is a saga of tragedies for Indians

Khan’s Story

Khan is an Indian Muslim friend and H-1B arrived to the USA in Jan 2008 and got a project in Texas. He has been working there and his father expired in the India. He left his car in Texas and leased apartment by paying rent and went to the India. He lost his project as you know H-1Bs have no leaves and one has to work 2080 hours in an year to the USA clients/prime vendors/middle vendors/employers to get money either you get sick or not. 2080 hours = 365 days, Saturdays and Sundays excluded and 11 public holidays or client holidays. If you do not go to work, it is loss of pay leave for 1 or 2 days. If you are out for week days, you lose you’re job and client gets a new guy. That is how Khan lost his job.

But after arrived to the USA, he gets another project just like me Boston story but manager refused to do the paperwork that is signing of Purchase Order and MSA. He went to the office in Edison New Jersey and throw the tables and chairs and broke the furniture and glasses. Then manager and his boss got scared and signed the contract. He returned to the Guesthouse and loaded his stuff into the used car and I helped me in moving his stuff. He told me, Kumar this is worst company and unless you go to office and break the furniture they do not sing the paperwork. They are very lazy, lethargic, dumb and eating H-1Bs money by sitting in the office from 1030am to 430pm with lunch breaks daily in the Indian restaurants and taking hourly $1 from each H-1Bs salaries for placing them though each H-1b get their own projects.  That is H-1B gets a customer to the company but still the manager takes $1 from the H-1Bs salary as commission for placing or signing the PO and MSA. This is apart from their salaries $100K and other benefits.

Now I understood, why my manager moved from his JAVA programmer job to this manager role in to the office. It is like a government job in India, go to office and eat people money.

Brajesh’s Story

He settled well in Mumbai India. America dragged him to a leading bank in India and they pushed him to bodyshops in the USA. He noticed very quickly he was cheated and lost his time and huge money. 11 months on BENCH in the Guesthouse and no money and I guess he was paid $500-$1000 a month salary due to his confrontation. He is honest and not caste-ist like south Indians. He shared his experiences about this company of talking to vendors for 11 months. He said ” this company does not have any USA CLIENTS”. the company website speak all likes like any other Indian consultancies. “This company does not have any tie-up with any top 10 or top 100 prime vendors”. This company also barred by many American top 10 prime vendors to accept the resumes from the H-1Bs of this company directly. So company breaks its own policies is what we both understood.

He worked for one month at client site and returned to India forever.

VARMA’s Story

He is a nice Telugu speaking India man. He stayed almost one year in the Guesthouse with $100 a month salary. The company rule is, if you stay one full year on BENCH(no project but job full time with the company and no salary because you did not bring customer to the client) then company ask you vacate the Guesthouse. So he received that message from the Pakistani American office Van driver.  He said yes and packed his luggage and walked out of the Guesthouse with his big International luggage suitcase and another two hand luggage’s and walking out of the Guesthouse. I have asked him, where are you going? He said, nearest Gas Station. In the New Jersey the rule is, Gas stations, employ locals to pour petrol or gas into the vehicles to avoid unemployment. In other states, you have get down from the car and you have to fill the gas by yourself into your vehicle. But H-1Bs are meant for highly skilled but not to work in Gas stations. He said, they pay cash $1 or $5 an hr and free accommodation in the gas station.

I know with my limited  knowledge about immigration rules because I worked in VLSI company and company has to give return flight tickets to India and have to inform the government. Otherwise it leads to illegal immigration encouraged by this company by leaving h-1Bs on the road without giving back home air tickets and reporting to the government. Looks like they are doing this for several decades.

Jangam’s Story

He is from Tamil Nadu state of India and arrived to this company through U.K. He worked in UK on HSMP work permit model and expertise in Database technologies. He is very smart and used this company to land in the USA and jumped out of the Guesthouse to another USA client’s Prime vendor full time in no time. He stayed with us and I helped him for his guidance as his spouse working in India in one of the Indian outsourcing companies. My childhood friend is in top management in that company. he begged me to introduce me to my childhood friend to see if he can help her sending to the USA on L1A or L1B visa. My friend is very good person but do not entertain this kind of nonsense and he said, either you come back to India or ask your spouse to resign and go to the USA on H4 visa. With this, he took a decision and forced his spouse in India to resign her job and have H4 Visa stamped and landed in to the USA. Jangam also jumped from the Guesthouse.

Anand’s Story

He worked in one of the USA based companies in India office. He was also cheated by this company as inhouse job but not client project like any other 100s of H-1Bs. I still could not understand how come he boarded the flight to the USA on the day one of his marriage FIRST NIGHT? He was in depression ever since entered the Guesthouse and crying nonstop in my room which allocated initially but never stayed in that room. He also tried secretly (without telling anyone) all attempts to bring his spouse to the USA and he jumped from the Guesthouse as soon as she gets H4 Visa stamped in the US Consulate of Chennai India.

Anand and I went to New York City by train from Edison to NYC. As soon as I am coming out from the Railway station, I was shocked to see the tall builds and yellow color cabs etc. We both walked to towards Empire State Building. As soon as we went up after buying tickets and followed the long lines, Anand is bugging me, okay Kumar let’s go we saw the building etc. It was not even 4 minutes after reaching the top of the Empire State Building.

We came down of the building due to his nagging. He crossed the street alone and purchased bananas and ate and then came to me. I was shocked to see his behavior. I told him either I would have purchased for both if you tell me or I would share the money, why did you do this? It is not his fault, H-1Bs from India count 1$ = 70 or 75 INR and do not spend money for others.

Basavanna Story

He is already working as Project Manager in some projects. He came to Guesthouse to meet the Auditor. Auditor of this company came from India and stayed with us instead of the hotel alone. Auditor speaks Telugu and Tamil languages. Tamilian H-1Bs often come to Guesthouse to meet him. Auditor told me, that Kumar they come only to check other h-1bs hourly billings. Crab mentality people. Basavanna told he will drive us to BridgeWater temple because Auditor requested us to take us to that temple. Basavanna started but meanwhile he changed the direction because it is far and he loses money on the gas. In return he did not stopped the car for dinner. Auditor told, he will pay for himself and Kumar then he stopped the car on the way at Chipotle and Auditor purchased for me and himself. Just like Anand Basavanna also miser and did not like to spend money for others. Basavanna is earning handful of money $5000 plus a month.

Bheeshma’s Story

He is a very nice man and kind hearted. But he has hates Andhra speaking Telugu people because he supports Telangana separate state movement in India. He is the FIRST H-1B in this 100 slot H-1Bs of this 2008 year landed in the USA. He worked for an USA client while in India and he moved to the USA by using this company and middle vendor of the client and prime vendors.  His H-1B filed by that USA client and working for the same USA client through two layers systems as soon as he arrived. Once client filed H-1B transfer in premium(like a speed post type or TATKAL Railway ticket in India) and approved his H-1B in ten business days and moved to the Client. But he visits unofficially to the Guesthouses of this company located in three areas. Since he is the FIRST one and he is curious to count the names of the H-1Bs and their cell phone numbers. He told me, Kumar you’re 100th H-1B of 2008. He likes me a lot for my openness and honesty but he hates me because I born in Andhra Pradesh State. He moved to Fords apartment and used to walk from Railway station and cried for his troubles to due to lack of car and family.

Chowdary’ s Story

He is very close friend of mine in the Guesthouse. He depends upon proxy guys in India. He is also the leader of the Chowdary people in the Guesthouse. he calls me “Swamiji” for my religious activities and give blessings to them after prayers and positive motivational lectures. One day, they called another Chowdary man to the Guesthouse. It is beat him and I did not know that. Initially we had alcohol and talking. Brajesh objected for talking loudly and left by sense there is going to be nuisance. The serious arguments and fighting started in the living room. I thought of confront them and ask them to stay calm. My Chowdary friend said, Swamiji you get out, this is our caste problem. So I left to the next floor otherwise, I used to sleep in the couch in the living rooms.

The issue is, one(accused) from the same caste gave bad propaganda to another person in the same caste in their village near Vijayawada City in Telugu state of India. His negative propaganda stop girls parents to give an alliance or matches to this man (victim). At least a dozen of them beat the accused unto death and put him in the car at 2am. I thought of call cops but I realize this caste people or any caste people do the same thing here it seems. Any domestic violence like newly married groom beats bride for more dowry(bribe) and if the girl fell sick due to his violence etc. the accused always call caste groups to settle the matter rather than the local cops.

Anandan’s Story

He worked in an USA MNCs in India and came to the USA on L1 visa and moved to the Guesthouse. He is a Tamil speaking Indian hate Telugu speaking Indians. I know, in this Guesthouse, one day, you need other’s help for any reasons than to hate by language(India has 16 plus languages) or region(Andhra Telugu, Telangana Telugu, Kannada Tulu, Kannadigas, Tamils, North Indians or Hindi speaking etc.).  or religion or caste.

He got a project in Delaware and rented a car for low cost. One day it stopped on US one highway 2 miles away from the Guesthouse. It was evening and cold. He called Guesthouse landline and I have answered it. He begged me to get a gasoline to his rented car from nearby gas station. I did and he felt sad for hating me because of regional languages in India. Finally he moved to Delaware as commute is difficult.

Another time, he has to perform his father’s ceremony as per Hindu tradition. His roommates in Delaware objected to do this and he called Guesthouse and requested me to make all the arrangements and he will send the money before he arrives. I did it on humanitarian grounds and he cried for the kind of help that I rendered. He just gave a hug and left the Guesthouse that night to Delaware. He remembers me and called couple of times about my well beings.

The same person refused to drive a rental car from the Guesthouse to another city which is 25 miles away.  Because one of the Vice Presidents in the US MNCs asked me to visit him. He was Vice President in my first company in Secunderabad India. He wants to give some road map and if possible H-1B transfer to his company. Unfortunately, I could not meet him. Anandan was available in the Guesthouse at that time with Driver License.

In America, you never know who’s help is required at what time so better stay calm and mingle with all is what I understand from his feelings.

Visit to New York City and Empire State Building – First time

The photos in New York City are taken by Kumar in 2008 year.









Kakinada follower’s RFE answered by Kumar

When I was in Guesthouse, friends, followers from outside USA sent emails. One of them referred to me by a friend in the Guesthouse, hey, Kumar this guy is from your hometown, could you please help him out by answering this RFE for H-1B visa stamping. I told my friends and every one, just say help enough and no need for any location or region references.

Since I have answered many FAQs from 1996 to 2008 in India for friends and people in Ameerpet, it is not something new ad luckily I have internet access. I googled it what is what and I quickly found the problem of his 221g form and sent the details to him by looked at his RFE copy. It is very simple commonsense in the H-1B subject and noticed that the 10th standard education is enough to do the immigration paper work in the USA. People call it as “attorney” work, it is not rocket science. The RFE he got is, his employer has to answer it by providing the Tax returns submitted in the past and RFE on the employee(prospective)  is nothing in his case. His RFE cleared by employer sent documents to the US consulate in India and he got his visa stamped and boarded the flight to the USA. He landed in MN state and called me to say thanks. At the end of the day, I am happy for him that his 221g is cleared.

When I got 221g in 1999, I have done enough research on this and he is a lucky guy. So any visa to USA is just 100% luck but not anything else. But the Guesthouse reminds of US VSIA is a Bliss or SIN?

Dignity of Labor

A Mexican American lady came by car to the Guesthouse. Initially we do not know who it was. She came to clean the Toilets(it is called Restrooms in the USA) and bathrooms. It was dirty due to 100s of H-1Bs, F1 International Students are staying here. She comes every week to clean the bathrooms here and same lady goes to Edison office also. In India, you never see a lady come by car to the houses to clean toilets’. There is no dignity of labor in India. Irony is a Mexican bathroom cleaning lady is treated better than Indian H-1B workers at this company and the Guesthouse.

One day she showed the bathrooms and walls how dirty the Indian women staying in the Guesthouse made mess of walls and curtains with hair drier colors etc. She told, they should go to a saloon rather than spoil all the walls and curtains here. I am not sure whether this lady knows whether this company do not allow anyone to leave the Guesthouse and no money for anyone in the Guesthouse.

Walking to Edison Downtown for Tea with H-1B friends

India’s Regional conflicts in the Guesthouse

In one Guesthouse 110, Tamilians harass Telugus and North Indians and it is painful to bear their torture. They claim that they are seniors and rag people coming in after them.  Also this company majority of them are Tamilians in the staff and company belongs to Tamil Nadu people hence company favor Tamil speaking people. Example, Nidhulan received $5000 loan without paper and for Telugus or North Indians if they give $2000 loan to move out of the Guesthouse for projects, they recover in the immediately. For Tamilians, they do not recover.

Telugus divided into two groups: Group -1 Telangana and Group-2 Andhra people. In Andhra Pradesh Telugu people, again caste groups. The Telangana people ask every Telugu entering the Guesthouse, do you support separate state for Telangana? If you say YES, Andhra Telugu speaking people will beat. if you say NO, Telangana Telugu speaking people will beat. You know what, when they asked me this question, I have shown the pictures that I worked with two Chief Ministers of the Andhra Pradesh and they keep quite, I mean they shut their mouths. Also, nobody knows about Telangana separate state movement more than I know because of access to the Telugu Literature while working in AP Government of India. From then they call me “Guruji”.

I do not know whether to call 911 (USA emergency services) during the alcohol parties on the weekends and serious discussions on this Telangana vs Andhra people war.  I think, the neighbors Americans complained on a week day and cops came to disperse crowd. The message reached the office of the company. The next day Van driver came and pasted “no alcohol” sign paper print in the Guesthouse in the kitchens in all Guesthouses.

First haircut

The time has come to do haircut. I went to Oak Tree Road downtown located in Iselin and Edison by walk. I sat in the Indian haircut saloon. I said shave my head to the Indian man who put the black color cloth around the beck and chest. He stated with a blade like in India instead of a machine. I have asked him, how much does it cost? he replied $45. I just get shocked and said, please give me a minute and just get down from the chair and removed those black cloths and just came out of the saloon shop. I have started walking to nearest stores and purchased a machine for $20 and returned to the Guesthouse. I went to restroom and I have started practice or learning how to do my hair cut by myself by placing the newspapers on the floor and restroom area. First time, I took an hour but later it is five minutes job to shave the head/haircut myself. Oh my god, for this the Indian saloon asked for $45 where my monthly income is $100, $50 goes to mobile bill, how can I survive?

I love my bald head and shave my head every week from then onwards. One thing I noticed here is, Indians rip Indians in a foreign land and there is nothing called “I love India or Indians”, is just a joke in front of dollars.

I have decided that I should go with bald head like this for the interviews.

This photo is taken in the Guesthouse Iselin New Jersey.

Caste at Guesthouse

I have seen a MINI INDIA in Guesthouses. Upper caste, lower caste, within upper castes, Chowdarys(aka KAMMAs) and Reddys, Brahmins, Telugu Brahmins, Tamil Brahmins, and so on. They fight on caste discussions in very painful way. Weekends is a torture. Especially, people from Tamilnadu hates Brahmins of  Tamilnadu though both of them speaking the same language, I do not understand their rivalry in the Guesthouse.

SAI BABA Temple Iselin NJ

Whatever the conflicts inside the Guesthouses, outside we are very friendly. H-1Bs have a strong belief here. But once the priest got a green card here started another branch by blaming this Temple staff etc. That looks common in the USA. The Nidhulan introduce this temple to me on fine Thursday. So every Thursday 12pm, I used to come to this temple for 12 O clock prayers. I am very happy to walk from the Guesthouse to temple and temple to Guesthouse. This is 12pm to 1pm lunch time so if vendors calls, I did not answer and return the calls of jobs search after reaching the Guesthouse. One day, Nidhulan got angry with me for not informing him and going to the temple at 12 noon. Everyday he used to ask, did I tell his name to the manager about “there are no jobs in America, why did you come to America?. I told him no but he did not believe it.

One fine day, I met here another great friend of mine whom I met in SAP technologies BASIS 4.6 version training in Ameerpet HYDERABAD India during 2005-2006. He told me, Kumar come on Sunday night to the temple of the basement, he is organizing his second son first birthday in grand manner and come and help the arrangements.  I went by walk to the temple. Helped my friend’s son’s birthday event. He introduced all of his friends and relatives and his brother-in-law to me and family members. He advised me, take their email ids and phone numbers and ask them a job.  They have their own companies or network of friends here. For a moment, I felt like I am breathing Oxygen to survive. I have collected as he said and requested him to drop me at the Guesthouse as it is too late and cold outside. He gave a ride back tot he Guesthouse. I felt very happy that night and I felt like saying thanks to Nidhulan and the BABA. The priest in the Temple said, do not worry, you will get a project and bring your family here. I see now little sunlight at the end of the dark tunnel. I mean HOPE.

Pictures are taken by Kumar at Temple.




My friend Bhaskar and I did SAP-BASIS 4.7 together in HYD (2006), I met him accidentally first time in USA at SAIBABA temple, ISELIN and second time too in the same temple for his family function where he introduced me to all of his friends, who are having companies & consultancies here. Yesterday

Saturday, August 16 2008 , He took me to BRIDGEWATER LORD BALAJAI TEMPLE at 830am. After having the glimpse of LORD BALAJI, went to office where he is working as Manager- Systems.

His friends call him “EXCHANGE GURU”, So you can imagine the grip over the technology of MS EXCHANGE and mail servers those he possess. He is not only having grip over technology but also handled major disasters in his work profile in managing the firewalls, BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange and Exchange servers. The great thing is he has put all his experiences in nutshell and shown on his LIVE environment that itself gave me lots of confidence to me so that I can not only face the interviews but also can handle the job in US with ease. I am sure in India no Manager (Systems) shared their technical experiences in LIVE environment in twelve plus years of experience in Systems. Thanks a lot to my friend once again.

Today (Saturday, August/16, 2008) is really a fruitful day, because we almost spent 12 hrs in a day completely on info structure, Architectures & explaining all his roles and responsibilities as a Manager & how is handling his teams consists of System Admins and cleared my technical queries is really appreciable.

He also offered the job in his company in his team without any layers, direct contract with my employer’s company. My manager rejected out rightly by saying that the billing is low. This is another setback. I am getting customers to the company with my network of friends and the manager is rejecting it. He encouraged me and motivated me a lot by saying, it is okay to go back to India if this company continue to harasses like this and introduced to his friends in the MNCs in India who came to the USA on site visits. My friend gave his Cisco Router a physical network device and software to me at the Guesthouse and asked me to master it and get certified in CCNA, CCNA and CCIE. He motivated me to that extent much and pushing me to that line. I have cleared CCNA exams also. For a minute, I felt sad that I am missing my family and family life but same time a good friend at least diverted my depression in  Guesthouse to technologies. But still feeling sad that I am doing this at the cost of my family life due to stupid company or stupid manager.

The biggest drawback with this good friend is, he pit fall into the trap of AMWAY people in his apartments and wasted huge amount of my time on to it. I said NO to it but he explained about AMWAY daily one hour before we start technical discussions on the upcoming new technologies.  I hate this pyramid money schemes or scams while I was in India also. I told him about that and he did not listen to it.

The pictures are taken by Kumar and his friend in Bridgewater City New Jersey 2008.



There is a cultural activities going on the basement of the temple.

One Day Bhakar took me by force or compulsion by paying a $25 ticket. His friend gave a ticket free for him to get someone to the show by paying $25. I do not have money on one hand and on the other hand, these Spiritual or Religious GURUs looting H-1Bs money in the USA. I read a book in graduation do not say yes when you want to say no. Especially Indians have submissive culture and many good friends exploit this culture.

The ticket is for Yoga conducting by a Religious or Spiritual Guru from Bangalore India. I have already met him while in Government and I know each one of them the darkside also. I was wondering what are these Babas/Gurus are doing in America? I understood that they have lust for dollars so expanding their business to the world for dollars.

You can see the pictures taken by Kumar during Yoga session.


We had humpty number of times discussions on relocate to India for India and parents sake. My friend said “Kumar you have to forget your parents and India like Lord Buddha(Gautama Buddha, popularly known as the Buddha, was an ascetic, a religious leader and teacher who lived in ancient India. ) once leave home, you have to forget home”.


An Indian man with family residing in the apartments next to our Guesthouse liked to paly Tennis with me, especially singles game. He took me daily to the park nearby, I forgot the name and it has tennis courts. We played and he dropped me back, that is gave ride both ways. He would like to play with me so he did not miss one day as long as weather is good outside.

Guesthouse Pictures

You can see the pictures below the apartment where we lived. All the pictures are taken by Kumar.

The first apartment number 110 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.

The firs apartment front side and downstairs an India family is living with children.

The firs apartment front side and downstairs an India family is living with children.

The first apartment where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.

The first apartment 110 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India- rest room.

The firs apartment front side and downstairs an India family is living with children.  You can see children toys and bi-cycle etc. 

The first apartment 110 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Bed rooms. Forced bachelors (married men live together) rooms generally looks like this.

The Second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Living room with computer desks to sit and work but no salaries.

The Second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Living room.

The Second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Store room where we keep International luggage’s here.

The Second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830  where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Corridor

The Second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Steps from the ground floor.

The Second apartment 205, 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- moved to this bed room with another Telugu speaking Indian.

The Second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Washer and drier and we wash our clothes here.

The first apartment 110 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- bed rooms

The first apartment 110 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- bed rooms

The first apartment 110 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Steps from the ground floor.

The first apartment 110 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- balcony view.

The second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- living room.

The Second apartment 205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- Kitchen.

The Second apartment  205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- bed rooms. We 100 H-1Bs shared the above two apartments in Iselin New Jersey.


The Second apartment  205 889 Green St, Iselin NJ 08830 where we lived in with H-1Bs coming from India.- living room, someone slept in the couch and others watching Television. We 100 H-1Bs shared the above two apartments in Iselin New Jersey.


Guesthouse balcony views

Continue to Day two: Telugu video day two in America అమెరికాలొ రొండవ రొజు Pain in heart Kumar Exclusive

My Second Client- US Technical Interview

This time, it was telephonic technical interview. I have prepared interview draft also. Interview draft is different from the resume. Kumar->Employer->illegal vendor A-Illegal Vendor B->Illegal vendor C->Prime Vendor D-> USA client.

It was a four member panel and one of them is Indian. First time I came to know if there is any Indian in the American interview panel, that guy hates candidates of Indians by caste/region/religion/or something or the other. The Indian started conversation and the first question is, where did you live in Boston? He started asking the street names and neighboring street names rather than the technical questions. He noticed my first project is from the Boston MA. I understood that he will fail me in the interview and he hung up the call. Immediately, I have received deadly email from the Prime Vendor to Manager(Employer) to me. My manager wrote, take it easy.

How come I take it easy? I got pissed off and I was almost crying for losing any interview which none of my fault. I have 10 plus years of genuine experience and why should I banged by an Indian in the USA for not my fault? I have blood boiling in my body. I called a cab and took a cab to Edison New Jersey Office.

I met manager’s manager and requested him to change my manager and he said, H-1Bs have no choice or RIGHT to chose their BDM(managers). It is company policy. Then I said, give me tickets to India, I wanted to go back. I know they won’t buy because they did not earn my H-1B and air tickets to USA money yet. They asked me, what is the problem? I said, problem manager created that is creating FAKE resume. Why should I need a fake resume when I worked 10+ years in India in IT.  I will go with my India resume only. Then manager said we will get less billing. I said I do not care about your billing, I care about my ethics and values and I have experience with letters from those companies and why should I fake it?

Now they revealing the truth, they refused two offers because it is $65 an and we are expecting minimum $85 an hr and $120 max to the company on your skills and experience. I still could not understand these billings and hours but I lost my mind for losing two projects by this company. I only left with Khan’s mode of operation to bring them to the table. I said, please do not test my patience and I have seen what Khan did so please let me not repeat it. Let me go with India resume, India experience and get a customer to you. They said, background check also will go to India and kills time and I said, that is fine. Because for everything, you say, we send it to India legal team, it does not matter, let the back ground check also go to the India.

I thought of ask HR name to complain to HR and shocking to HR is dummy lady candidate and everything my manager’s boss manage it. I know there is one more head in the company finance guy. I am walking to his room and knocking at office door. Then my manager’s boss running behind me and said, please this is a small issue, do not make it big and they took me to his room and resolved it by calling my manager.

Now I realize Indian Muslims are having Guts than to Indian Hindus. I am sorry to bring religion here but we have to accept the truth.

India Resume in America

I have uploaded my India resume to all jobs sites and getting emails for jobs and calls. Previously vendors who called me, now calling me and asking for PROXY. The moment these vendors know that you have ten plus years of experience in IT from MNCs in India, they run behind you like anything. It is NOT to submit resumes to the clients or vendors but to beg you to do proxy telephone technical interviews and proxy skype interviews and proxy project support for their company employees on H-1B. For the first time, I heard the word Proxy in the USA. To my shocking, many IT people from India doing this business for F1, MS students and H-1Bs in the USA. of course Many H-1Bs also doing this. I told them, I am sorry, I am not a kind of person that you think or expect.

The billing rate is drastically reduced is what vendors feedback to me and manager is crying for using India resume as he may get low commissions on my head count. Fake resume is what Indian vendors prefer and very few Indians and Americans like genuine candidates.

Again, this time employer’s illegal layer company manager started submitting my resume to vendors. This company website shows all IT fortune 500 clients as their clients but they do not have clients. Even American prime vendors refuse to accept them as a layer company to have tie up. Some even hung up calls or blacklisted this company especially Americans. Employer manager used to argue with them over the emails.

This Punjabi speaking Lady from employer’s pet company breakthrough my India resume to an Indian vendor->another Vendor-American Prime vendor and interview scheduled in Maryland. Again, in person Interview.


Visit to Ganesh Temple Nashville

Meanwhile, one of my friends whom I called “God Father” called my manager and took permission from him to allow Kumar to visit him. I have travel by bus from Edison New Jersey to Detroit Michigan around 14 to 16 hours journey with two locations changing buses. Everything is purchased by him for me. Managers at Guesthouse generally do not allow folks to leave the Guesthouse. it is because the managers of the other companies trap H-1Bs of neighboring Guesthouses. Leaving Guesthouse is NOT an easy Task unless have a proper permissions.

Bus journey is great. Buses also have rest rooms in the USA and which is not the case in India. It tiresome journey but excited to travel in Bus in the US.

It is because my friend prayed for Ganesh Temple in the USA like a VISA GOD in Chilkur India. So he drove me there.  The winter coat and some stuff required at Guesthouse for me is also purchased by my friend. My God father’s dream has come true and he feel proud of me for having great patience, persistence and consistency in my attempts of not giving up for the USA. This trip boosted me with lots of energy and ray of hope in the Life in America.

The pictures are taken by Kumar’s friend in Nashville Tennessee State.


Bhimavaram Batch and NYC City


Maryland In person Interview 2008

I do not have a car, I do have credit cards but I have confidence and character with me because of India resume. I made arrangements from Edison New Jersey to Spring Filed Maryland for cab, bus tickets etc. Googled it, how to buy, where to buy etc in google maps and images to have some idea.  I have prepared technically well and carried my necessary stuff to the Maryland Interview. It is very difficult in the USA without having a car. None help as they have their own priorities and timing and money. It is like no car means no leg, very challenging life in America. At least I reached a hotel near the client location and stayed that night. Luckily the American prime vendor did not force me to meet them before the Interview.

Address is  , Silver Spring , MD.

Kumar’s F2F interview with  client is confirmed for 3:30 EST in MD.

I planned to book a ticket in  start@955am bus from Newark Penn station to Silver Spring Maryland.

I picked up Bus station  nearer to the client location. It is Five hours journey by Greyhound bus services and reached Maryland by four in the afternoon.

For the interview, two people reported at the same time in the reception. One is another Indian Muslim person came by his own car with a driver hired and I. The hiring manager Pakistani American came and asked us, who came first but I told the other gentleman to go first. I came to know he also came from the same spot near by Edison New Jersey and requested him a ride while return. Initially he said yes but after his interview done, his mood looks off and he said sorry Kumar. That is fine and I walked into the Interview room when my turn comes in. It was very pleasant and hiring manager explained about the job, environment and etc. and then asked technical questions about my resume, experiences etc. Since I have interview draft ready, I have explained what I have done in India and told if selected, it is my first onsite project. It is one to one interview but not the panel interview and he said, he will inform the results to American prime vendor. He said, the background check may be goes to India and your onboarding may delayed but I would like you to join at the earliest.

The manager informed the American prime vendor the positive results and as you know the last weeks of December nobody works in IT in the USA hence the joining date will be in Jan 2009 is what vendor told. The next Indian vendors(3) also emailed to me about the results.

My Background check in India and the USA

Huge paper work in the USA. I thought America is most advanced country on the planet and they do not use paper at all. But I am wrong, for each resume submission, vendors need physical sign on a paper and send them to fax or scanned copy of it. That is between each vendors, candidates have to send signature scanned copies. Once get a project, it will be not less than 100 pages of paper work. I went to Staples near by Guesthouse and did the paper work at my cost.

The background check went to India where I worked in India and an agency from Delhi called my supervisors including an IAS officer and CEO of the VLSI company and emailed them. They have patiently answered their calls and told about me and my work experiences.  I was really thankful to them. American Prime vendor came to me and said, your India background check is cleared but not the USA. Do you have an employer or not? They got suspicion about USA employer. I received second time that my manager at Edison New Jersey did not answer the background check team call twice. They will call third time after giving the notice time to answer it but this time I rushed to office and literally beg him to answer it. Manager said he is buy but to my shock, I saw him went to lunch meeting with other fellow managers hence he did not answer the background check calls. The call decides my fate of 2009 onsite project but managers at Indian companies are so reckless and really do not care about H-1Bs though H-1Bs get them a customer without their efforts.

Offer made Dec 18, 2008:

USA Client:  Silver Spring,  Maryland

Broker-1  American prime vendor

Borker-2 Desi vendor  wrote an email asking for Kumar’s relocation

Broker-3 desi vendor(my H-1B Broker’s sister company) it is to reduce payments to H-1B worker.

Broker-4: H-1B Broker

H-1B worker- Kumar


Six months in Guesthouse – my observations in America 

There is a saying in India for probationary officers in Government before getting on to board , the chair will teach you everything. That means once you go to field to do the duty, you will learn everything on the site. The Samways, for H-1Bs the Guesthouse teaches everything in the America. For F1 international students, their shared accommodation(15 to 25 members in one apartment) in the first SIX months teaches everything to them.

One can break any immigration laws here is what I noticed it from the Consultancies. There is a crime behind every fortune business on this planet. Some people do crime behind business and some made crime as business especially human trafficking. What you see or call Guesthouse Business = H-1B Consultancies, unfortunately highly skilled labor which is NOT available locally.  Average one American in IT used to get $250,000 before 1990s Mainframes and replaced by one H-1B from bodyshops get $45,000 and if he/she American replaced by Indian outsourcing companies, 3 at onsite on H1B/L1/B1 work and 6 from offshore do the same job. I am against generalization but all Indian consultancies are doing one and the same job, that is submit your resume (hyped in USA style of eight pages as per vendors) and pay cents to you. Some project as Software Development Companies but not Bodyshops aka Consultancies but they are one and the same, including start up companies by Indians. I took six months to grasp this from the Guesthouse and visit to different places and the phone calls that I have received from vendors(prime, illegal, unethical and unlawful business people etc.)

Bottom-Line is, you break any laws and immigration laws here, government does not care as long as you pay taxes or generate money to the government. There is no place for honesty in the USA though fake resume carries six months jail term, no Indian scared of any punishments in the USA. Unfortunately people outside the USA mistaken that the laws and immigration laws are super strict in the USA. I emailed to my ex boss in last worked station in India. My manager she replied that how come you did not complain if employer is not paying salaries in the USA? Because she heard that “in the USA if employer is not paying salaries, if you complain, cop will come and arrest the employer”. Is it not true? She asked. This is impression that America created outside but inside, many Indians or employees or contractors do not get anything but afraid to go back to India. Because India is a specimen copy of hell once taste the dollars in the USA. You just need a LLC or Inc to do any kind of international crime that is human trafficking and pay taxes to government, government does not care for any of your crimes. This is what I noticed last six months sitting in the Guesthouse. I think 90% of 3 million H-1Bs are facing this music who arrived into the USA through Bodyshops but not Indian outsourcing companies or USA Direct client employment.  

What is relocation?

if H-1B employee or worker moving from one station to another station for work, it is employer or agent or broker’s responsibility to pay the expenses.

Category A: American Clients pay full money to their employees(who are on H-1B work permit) if relocate from one station to another station for work.

Category B: Indian Outsourcing companies of India operating in the USA pay full money to their employees(who are on H-1B work permit) if relocate from one station to another station for work.

Category C: Indian Consultancies aka bodyshops DO NOT PAY any money to their employees(who are on H-1B work permit) if relocate from one station to another station for work. So I bear all the expenses from my pocket.

What is Perdiem?

If H-1B employee working in station A and his/her family or house is located in Station B and the distance between these locations is a overnight stay or worker stays overnight in Station A and meet family on weekends then the H-1B worker is eligible for Perdiem. Example, hourly pay is $50 an hour for a worker, $40 is taxable income and $10 paid as perdiem. In my case, the billing rates are eaten by illegal middle vendors inserted by either hiring managers of Indians corrupts or prime vendors(both American and Indian) hence payments to my broker or agent itself broken all wage rules. So no way my agent agreed to pay perdiem though my billing for some projects that I get customer to him is higher rates, still he denied to pay.

What do Indians do?

Some Indians claim wrongly by showing wrong address in Station B as office 200 miles far from home and claim $2000 tax claims annually. IRS rarely checks it which Indians do not care of it.



Life in Maryland

First Loan $2000 from employer for Logistics in Maryland

Finally my manager answered the call and all set. And I made arrangements to stay first week in a hotel near(4 miles away) from the office in Maryland.

Employer asked me to come to Edison NJ office and took signature on 100s of papers. That says, you will return this $2000 amount and interest rate etc. I have no time to read and if I read also I do not understand their clauses and conditions. They gave me $2000 cash to use it. I mean it is to get out of the Guesthouse to onsite project expenses since no money left with me.

With that money, I thought it is a very BIG amount when I multiply by 75 INR for each dollar. But that amount is gone just like that.


First day at Client Site Maryland

Recession is hitting hard but still I am hitting the projects is really unbelievable. As per American Prime vendors instructions, I wear blazer on day one to work and sitting in the reception before time. Hiring manager came to the reception and took me inside after informed to the front desk. The manager introduced me to the staff or all his team members. It is a big team. There is one African American who s my supervisor.  Another colleagues from SriLanka, India etc. It is for the first time I am meeting and working other nationalities in the same group. I also noticed several people from Indian outsourcing companies like CSC or TCS etc. They are all standing in groups at desks and talking little louder. I was assigned a desk next to my supervisor.  She explained what is that I need to do and also took me to the site visits nearby offices for network configuration devices.

Lunch, I am not sure what to eat and where to eat. I met the team members and found one Telugu speaking young girl (MS student) and introduced herself as Padma in Telugu after the manager introduction. She also introduced me another group manager a Telugu speaking woman Roja head of QA(Quality) division. Her husband owns a pharmaceutical company in New jersey and she works with children in the Maryland and drive back and forth on weekends. We all went to the lunch room and I bought some American food and ate along with a coke drink.

5PM, most of them left but I stayed back and reading the documents though I had a new laptop given by the hiring manager. It was six  in the evening. Hiring manager came to my desk and asked me, why are you staying late? I said, In India, I work more than 9 to 14 hours so as usual, I stayed and reading the network material for the tomorrow’s job at the site. He said, this is America, you should not stay more than 8 hours a day at work. if you stay, it leads to issues without the over time money approvals and unless manager asked to stay with permissions. Please come by 8am and leave by 5pm with one hour lunch. Never stay after 6PM he cautioned. Another Indian man came to my desk and told, this area is NOT safe after 6pm, do you have a car? I said no. he said, he does not know how you handle it but this is very unsafe place and heard lots of bad news outside. I just packed my stuff into the laptop bag and I just stated running to the bus stop nearby. It was dark and lonely at bus stop. I called a friend and he said, if someone ask money or laptop at gun point, do not resist and just give them everything, you can buy it again or get it again but not life. The scene or situation is like that outside the office. It was also cold.

Padma told, she is living in Gujarati’s house and paying $750 per month and they charge $15 a ride to the office one way and another way $15. In case if you want to move in, please let her know to introduce him at office tomorrow.

Evening 10PM, the illegal vendor (After American Prime Vendor) scheduled a call with E-commerce expert. First I thought it is part of my job and came to know quickly it is about AMWAY business. I thought of drop but the vendors are on the call. The vendors, illegal vendors blackmail H-1Bs in the USA to trap them to this AMWAY money circulation business by saying if you lose project, you have a second income etc. AMWAY is, you pay $1000, in order to get your money back, you get two more innocents people and ask them to pay $1000 so that you will get your $1000 back from them after 6 months. I hate this business in India and already have worst experience with Edison friend.  I said a BIG NO to these illegal layers.

$750 rented room in BASEMENT in Guajarati’s house

Padma introduced me to her landlord (house owner) and I said I will see the basement room and decide. He gave me a ride to his house along with Padma and charged $15. I saw the basement house and it is horrible and scary to stay in or move in but with no car and less money, limited choice so I said yes. Because Padma gave an idea, we both can call cab and share the price rather than paying $60 to him daily so that we can save $30 together.  The owners sell food also, there is a rate for everything in the house, $5 for one beer, $1 for roti(bread) $5 for curry(Indian food item). All together it costs $1500 in the house but I told them, I will cook myself as I have no money to pay $1500 a month inclusive of food etc. I paid $750 cash to the Gujarati landlord. I moved to this basement house on Jan 11th 2009 because I have to checked out the hotel.

Rats are running in the basement all over. The make shift restroom built by the owner is worst conditions, water is leaking in the restroom. The washer and drier is located in the basement so the people put clothes in the washer and drier in the night time. The sounds are horrible apart from the rats playing music. I have managed a week days here. It is painful to stay there with the given deadly cold conditions. Basement is very cold. The next day, I went to the upstairs and told, I am sorry, I cannot stay any more here. The owner settled the amount and returned 50% of the amount. Sametime, another American at work offered a room in her apartment located in the 11th floor. It is $550 but very far from the work and need to walk for the bus and bus station to the apartment. I feel that is better than to living in the basement.

Moved to American’s apartment

Photos taken by Kumar in 2009









My American landlord took me to Indian Dresses Store. She purchased one dress in that store in Maryland 2009. 

Bus Journey with Padma (MD to NJ to MD)

MD = Maryland state, NJ= New Jersey State.

I have to give road test in New Jersey. I took two days loss of pay leaves as no leaves for h1b contractors in the USA. No work no pay concepts by Indian employers. We both decided to come to New Jersey and she has  to do babysitting her sister’s children in New Jersey. They do not like to spend money to the baby sitting. Hence they sponsor MS in a community college for Padma. That is how she came to USA by departing with her BTECH lover, she showed the photograph of him and said, she will marry him in India. She has no USA dream and want to marry him and settle in India. It is her sister forced her to come to America to do babysitting her children. Because babysitting costs $2000 for two kids where as her MS costs $10,000 in a community college and did free babysitting. She cried for missing her lover. We reached New Jersey and she said bye. Her sister’s husband appears to me as GOD as he noticed that I do not have a car and dropped me from his house to Guesthouse around 25 miles. I said at least 10 times Thanks to him. He said, Kumar do not say thanks so many times, just give a free ride to people whoever ask, that itself is a very big help in the America. First time I saw a human being in the America.

I gave my road test after hired Keralite Indian American driver who charged me $500 given my pathetic conditions of lack of a car for road test. He was shocked that I got DL because I failed in parallel parking though did rest of the tests very well in Rahway New Jersey. In my Guesthouse, people celebrate big parties whoever get Driver License. I felt very happy and no time to had parties this time. I was ready to back to Maryland and went to Bus station and met Padma. She looks very sad this time.

She told, her refused her to go back to India to marry the BTECH friend/lover and her marriage is going to be fixed in the USA with H-1B guy. It is no use to bring him on H4 dependent visa to bring to the USA where he can not work. This is America, everyone has to earn more right? She asked very innocently as her sibling posed this question to her. She is working in Java. For her America means, babysitting, community college, Maryland and Java.

Project ended

The Pakistani American came to my desk and called me to his office. He got tears in his eyes and closed the door and asked me to sit. He said, Kumar, he felt sad to convey this sad news that last in first out and you have joined the team as last member and you need to go. He is giving time to me 2 weeks where as 1800 contractors and 2000 FTE(full time employees of the client) left same day evening. Everyone asked to come to conference rooms, either small or large room and one must join the call. They do not have time, just leave your office laptops at desks and go. One friend in Indian company left his laptop and just walked out. I came to my desk and have tears in the eyes.

The supervisor African American has given work experience letter and she wished me Good luck. The USA client’s work experience letters carry a lot of weightage for vendors and American prime vendors for references.

Another Indian colleague came to my desk and he told, he said Kumar do not cry and do not waste your time. Download your resume into the office laptop and start applying for jobs. If I were you, he would call his spouse to pack the stuff, put the stuff into the car and drive to the next project location. He meant, that you have to have project search every day and if one project is gone at breakfast time, you should be able to drive to another project by lunch time. You should be that fast. I followed his advise.  Meanwhile employer recovered more than $2000+ loan amount and BENCH Pays salaries.

The hiring manager gave a reference to the same client in the California branch where a position is opened. I have received a call from another vendor (Tech company) asking me to file H-1B transfer to them in order to work in the California. With the given salaries, conditions, recession, H-1B transfer issues, I simply rejected the vendor’s offer.

Bottom-Line: Lessons learned in Maryland Project: In India, if you join in a job you can retire in it but in the USA, you will never know when you get FIRED and it does not matter Full Time job with the client or contractor or subcontractor. Always search for a new project daily and you’re dead when you stop upgrading skills both technical and non technical and stop applying for jobs, that is the end of your life in the America. Because of Java technologies and core development area, Padma was not fired and rest of them are out.


Back to Guesthouse

I have seen HELL here. When I was back to Guesthouse New Jersey, I found dozens of International students in the Guesthouses. Both male and female. There is no space to get in. As usual, I dump my luggage into the store room and sat in couch in the living room. I came to know that these guys are from other companies. This company purchases other small companies or consultancies. So that is how these F1 International students are getting trapped by those small tiny consultancies. These students have no clue but assumed that Guesthouse means, a house with all facilities and 2 people can live in one room against their shared room in studies 12 members to 25 members in one bed room apartment. The only difference now is, they have to adjust into two or three bed room apartments.

They are excited, jovial and having birth day parties and having sex. On onside, they are excited and on the other hand, I was saddened and depressed for given mu situation. Suddenly, I got unbearable pain in my left hand and rushed to an Indian doctor opposed to the Guesthouse who suggested me to go to Edison downtown to get all Hear related tests. I do not have money to pay for those tests as they do not cover under employer’s medical insurance. Suddenly I have received call from my manager and said, who asked you to come to Guesthouse, you must vacate immediately. Guesthouse is meant for people on BENCH but not for you. You have to pay money to the company to stay in the Guesthouse and also pay company taxes and your taxes due to no project. I do not understand for a moment and shocked. Before I ask my questions, where is my Maryland projects salaries, he hung up the phone.

I have no clue and started searching for best buddies in my contact list those who can help me out by giving temporary accommodation for free. To my surprise, I found one India friend who worked with me in AP Government India, his name is Vanthosh. He is working in Maryland and called him and explained about my situation and he said, no issues come and stay as long as possible as his spouse and kid went to India.  Luckily Khan also came to New Jersey on a visit and he told, do not worry Kumar, he will drop me with all my stuff to Maryland. Generally he does not charge money  but due to recession, he has financial problems so he charged $100 for gas from NJ to MD to his location etc. He looks like a savior to me because I do not have a car and money.

Before leaving the Guesthouse, these MS students requested me to share my experiences, working knowledge, and how to get projects etc. One girl even asked me, her seniors told her, Kumar is treated as Swamiji in the Guesthouse so Kumar can tell your fortune by look at the Palm. I do not know who circulated this rumors’. She requested could you please tell me when she gets the project. I said, because of my religiousness, fellow Indians call me Guruji or Swamiji but I really do not know about Palmistry. She did not believe so I just said tomorrow you will get a job in Java in NYC by look at her Palm.

She called me when I reached Maryland to share the good news. She got a call the next day and went to New York City by train from the Guesthouse and attended the interview. She did B.Tech in Mechanical in India and MS in Mechanical and the job is in JAVA. She got a job but multiple layers plus Indian outsourcing company and the client.  Later I came to know from the outsourcing companies friends that they fed up with 25 male in the team and demanded at least one female in the team. The delivery manager of outsourcing company called this company manager who speaks the same South Indian language Kannada and told the problem. He gave a solution, fire someone F1 or H-1B from other vendors and hire our girls. That is how she is accommodated and this company manager picked up fair, tall, beautiful female among all the female F1 students in the Guesthouses. It is called “women and diversity” quota. The team is happy now in NYC it seems. They will do her work and she gets $20 an hr so that she can re-pay her MS loan.

When such wonderful young people are available in the Guesthouse, why do any managers allow H-1Bs to stay in?

Prepared to leave USA to India for good

A Godfather of mine purchased an air ticket from LGA to California for $100. He said, come and join to Grand Canyon National Park visit as anyways, you have decided to leave for India for good. I have joined with them from LGA to CA.

Balaji temple in California 

I throw most of the stuff and just packed one bag as I cannot carry any luggage with my left hand. I do not have any laptop also to search for job but I used my friend’s desktop and trying to find internet café centers and it is very tough to walk to those centers if I find one. The vendors are killing me by asking several questions on the phone and asking me to sign and fax/scan signed copies of RTR to submit it to the clients. I do not believe it but same time, I do not want to neglect it so I used computers where ever I get access to internet to send resumes.

We stopped on the way from Grand Canyon to LA air port at hotel half way through. The next day morning, friends stayed back to start late for me to attend an Interview telephone technical with a client in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I have attended the interview and told my situation when asked about when do you want to join? The hiring manager said on the other side, come and join immediately. I am breathless for a moment and felt like I got a life again here. For any questions, I have asked what bout OT? Over Time Hours. Because it is recession, you have to do extra hours is what the hiring manager explained. He said, I can fill those hours in the time sheets.

Time sheets is a spreadsheet either hard or soft copies, where you enter 8 hours a day and extra hours worked as OT and once 40 hours completed regular hours and OT hours, the manager has to sign or approve it. Then you will send this to All layers after the client to your employer. Each one raise invoice in reverse against each other and get money released to each one with 60 to 90 days cycle. USA clients release the money every week or on time but the layers kill time so technically it takes 6 months to get first month paycheck but my company pays salary once in 45 days whenever change projects. By law, employer must pay salaries no matter whether vendors paid or not. But in reality, majority Indian employers do not pay unless illegal vendors pay to employers.

Though no money, I have seen or visited Grand Canyon one of the top places to visit in the USA.

The photos are taken by professional photographer at the site and Kumar bought it.

Places you must see before die

Grand Canyon, one must see both sun rise and sun set. I am fortunate enough to have the glimpse of it both and it is a wonderful experience.

I told my friends this good news and  Booked an air ticket to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to join in the second onsite project. I have never slept after my project ended in Maryland and until I hit this project. I have summitted those many resumes, job applications, reading books on technologies. So recession hitting hard is not an excuse to get a job here. Instead of going back to India, moved to Pennsylvania.


Client: Government Medical and health.

Layer1- One of the world’s number one consulting company

Layer2- Another Broker (illegal according to USCIS rule books)

Layer3: Broker

Worker: KE.

Second Loan $2000 from employer for my first Van in the USA

This time another series of paper work for the $2000 loan. There is no salary or money after Maryland Project. I beg employer to give some advance. They do not want to give an advance but a loan so that they can recover unlimited like the landlords in India to the poor. Finally they grab the land in the name of rate interest on the loan is double the loan amount. Something like that employer is doing business here with employees. Since I do not have credit history in the USA, credit card applications keep rejecting so no choice except to beg the employer.

I came to know this company give $5000 to Nidhulan in the Guesthouse without any paperwork. That is if you are Tamilian, manager is Tamilian then no bonds, just they donate $5000 for car or whatever you want. This is noticed by the external auditor of the company who resides with me in a hotel told me. The company gives loans to employees and eat employees salaries as interest to the loans.

I waited for my first paycheck after 45 business day, that is two months and meanwhile I survived with this amount. Again, I took some more money from friends to buy a Dodge Caravan used one which traveled 200,000 miles on it. It costs me $3000. Because managing by cabs costing much and transportation between states for relocations or any travel it needs a car must in America. Otherwise feels like no legs.

Life in Pennsylvania

History repeats

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: First week in Motel/Hotel and then looked for shared rooms in the Indian websites to live in limited money or less money. Got into Indian roommates, One MS Student worker named REDDY and I are in one bed room and another guy in a separate room, to lessen the financial burden, MS student worker who is on the  lease of the apartment accommodated one more guy into our room and three more people into the living room. All of them have only two bathrooms and all of them are working for the same client and reporting time is same 8am. It was painful to live with Indian roommates as less resources and more people.  We charted out a plan, cooking for me, cleaning for another guy etc. When comes to others turn for cooking, someone or the other escapes and it did not worked out. So finally end up eating subway(a bread footlong with vegetables)  food outside day and night.

Reddy and other three more roommates  went to a temple by my van. I have purchased a book called Temples in North America in a city called Pittsburg. I have started visiting temples mentioned in the book.

Reddy’s story

Reddy used to watch Telugu movies on Internet and used to go to his Tamilian speaking Indian boss every day night to cook chicken curry. He used to purchase the chicken stuff and materials daily from nearby stores. I have asked him, why are you doing this every day? he said, he does his SQL job at work so his condition is to cook at his house daily. I advised him, what if he or you fired from the job? So at least make a beginning by learning SQL instead of watching and wasting time on Indian movies. He has no medical insurance and I used to massage to his back and lower back due to his L5-L6 disk slip issues. It because he used to do laborious carry weights illegal part time job in Indian groceries during his Masters.

Ramu’s Story

I met all guys on Board after joined in project. ,Ofcoruse I have sevior pain in left hand and some one helped me wear my blazer on that day. I met some Telugu speaking guys asking for room share as I put up in Hotel.
One of them introduced and during conversation, he told me his story; His father was died and he got the news and he could not go back because he has no money and he brought his wife to USA after he just got married and spent all his savings etc. and he has no valid visa and h1B work permit is under renewal. Once exit, then gone case, return to the USA is almost impossible. Some one has to give money for his return tickets. On top of it, H-1bs have no leaves especially from Indian shops or outsourcing shops, he spent all his money and loss of pay days for marriage in India and returned to the USA with his newly married wife/spouse. He cried by telling his story at work lunch time on day one. For a moment, my heart stops a beating. It is very sad once you leave India, if anyone die in India, Indians living outside India cannot attend the last rights for that person. It is because of visa issues, work and leave issues and financial issues especially for those who do not have local citizenship in those foreign countries.

Fake Resume Masters Students

2008 opposite Guesthouse, one MS Student working in Indian groceries cried by looking at me on day one when I step in to purchase the India calling card. I heard from him how he fired six times in SQL. I have seen with my eyes that Masters studied International students from India faking resumes as local 10 years experience guys though neither worked in India nor in the USA are unable to manage the jobs at the USA client locations. Some of them are my roommates here and colleagues at work. It is very pitiable situation for them as they cannot even talk in English with basic knowledge in the Information Technology. I understand that someone attended their telephone technical interviews and skype(Video) proxy interviews and they step into the jobs. Most of them fired because of having trouble understanding with the clients.

Ofcourse, they get their 15 days paychecks to the vendors but not sure whether these guys get paid by the employers.

Sudheer’s Story

As usual, I am working from 7am to 3pm shift and one day, Sudheer called on my desk phone. He commute from Philadelphia city to Harrisburg daily by train because his wife lives in Philadelphia and she is carrying(Pregnant) hence he did not move to Harrisburg and also his project is very short due to Software testing. He asked me to pick him up from Railway Station to work. He called me around 745am. I said, take a cab and come to work as I cannot leave my desk as I have to work on Active Directory stuff tickets during 7am to 8am and by 8am I have to give a report to my team lead. He hung up the phone and he started walking to work, his shirt if wet with sweating and he shouted at me. He open his wallet and showed me, he has a Green Card. I said so what? Because I did not know what is Green Card. He said he is from Chowdary Caste RICH caste and you have to come as you are a new joinee here etc. I listened to him very calmly and he went to his desk. I wondered even the cab costs $5 because most of them railway station take shared cab as people come into this government building.

I went to my team lead and complain about him shouting at me for not coming to the station to pick up. My team lead complain to his team lead and his project ended and asked to get out for his rude behavior. I felt happy but they clubbed his testing job to my job and from then I did two jobs more than 8 hours a day but pay is only for 8 hours.

H4 curse visa – neither heaven nor hell

H4 woman called me, a reference from a reference in India MNCs. His sister landed in to the USA on H4 visa and husband is a civil engineer on H-1B visa. She hates life here and in depression. She told her agonies on a phone call. I could not understand anything about H4 visa what is speaking about. Because my spouse is in India so I do not know the life on H4 visa. For a moment, it is shocking, surprising and news to me. My ex colleague from HYDERABAD India MNCs last work station keep pinging me saying that please help his sister. She is crying and in depression for being stuck in America is what I sensed from her call. But the help she needs is a client letter to file H-1B by her friend’s bodyshops(Consultancy). Now I understood what she wants and trying to explain her, unless someone physically present, no USA client give any letter. She said no it is possible and hung up the call. Later I have updated my friend about it. People in India, no way to understand even 0.1% of the situation on the ground in the America. Her projection to India is different and her need is different here. She is looking for a client letter to move from H4 to H-1B rather than stay on H4 status. Indians life is very complicated in America is what I understood.

Health down at Work due to over time

The hiring manager who said claim over time in time sheets refused to accept it. He fired one guy and clubbed that job with my job. He said recession. It is for 8 hours pay but two jobs. The end result is, my health got damaged or spoiled with neck stick to monitor for more than 8 to 14 hrs a day. I cannot skip this job as my family just joined from India after I depart from them in 2008 March/July India. So I continued with two jobs for one pay at the client site. In Maryland, if I stay after 5pm, manager Pakistani American said no, do not stay. Here, if I try to leave after 5PM, Indian hiring manager refused to let me go. I do not understand why do Indians violate the USA laws?

Indian vs Americans Doctors’ opinion on C5-C6 Disk Slip issues

C5- C6 Disk slip image from MRI -Kumar.

Subject: Indian vs Americans Doctors’ opinion on C5-C6 Disk Slip issues

Location Pennsylvania USA.

Time:  2009 May to December

Client:  Government Medical and health. Harrisburg PA

Layer1- American vendors- One of the world’s number one consulting company

Layer2- Desi vendor Another Broker (illegal according to USCIS rule books)

Layer3: H-1B Broker Agent NJ USA

Worker: KE.

Issue: Overtime work leads to sevior spondylitis.

Precautions: SKIP OT(no money and no comp off, a kind of slavery) and those vendors and stop meeting wrong doctors – India/US.

Here you go:

I was working on two jobs clubbed in the client location due to recession hitting hard. When I write in timesheets about the Over Time Hours, the supervisor said as you know we do not pay over time money but you have to work over time. The continues sitting on the system for more than 8 to 16 hrs leads to sevior spondylitis. I did not know that it is sevior spondylitis. I felt pain in the left hand and then neck is bended and unable to lift it up. The supervisor consulted his boss and told, 911 does not take patients if they are able to walk. Then I took off from the work and drove my Dodge Van to the nearest emergency available hospital. The Hospital did all tests quickly and did not notice anything abnormal. The doctor went to his office and brought a collar neck and asked me to try. Then I feel like my neck have some support and able to lift up. Then doctor asked me, who is your regular general physician. I told her name and doctor noticed that something wrong she did the treatment. Back to the story, I met that doctor for the first time with a complaint of pain in left hand. She started treatment for Left hand carpel tunnel by prescribe a small device that press too much in the palm/hand. After a week I went to her hospital and cried with unbearable pain. This is what our doctors say in the USA. This is NOT India to give an injection, what to do? This is America, bear the pain. This is what she also said. I suspect that something is wrong and she is unable to do the treatment properly and doing the treatment for a part of my body which is fine and that caused the new issue. Apart from the sevior regular pain.

  1. First Doctor (Indian origin)- confirmed it is CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME and
  2. First Doctor referred to Physical therapy(American Doctor) and attended Physical therapy for weeks.
  3. Physical therapy Doctor(Second Doctor): Physical Therapy identified as Neck related issue
  4. Third Doctor Another Doctor (Indian origin) New Jersey: Identified its not a CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME, identified an orthopedic related issue.
  5. Fourth Doctor(American): Rushed to Spine specialist in the USA: He identified as Spine issue
  6. Fourth Doctor(American) referred to Fifth Doctor(American) and he faxed all my copies to him
  7. Nerve Conduction tests/Blood Tests and MRI final Report. He advised me to carry the CD DISK of MRI while meeting him.
  8. Fourth Doctor(American) wrote a letter to Fifth Doctor(American)

“Thank you for your kindness in evaluating and treating my patient who will be seeing you for the following problem: cervical C5 disc herniation on my review of an MRI done in Harrisburg PA. Treatment to Date has included: exam has confirmed a median nerve dysesthesia We will obtain old records and forward to you upon receipt.”

He sent a fax to First Doctor (Indian origin) to send all my medical reports including EKG, but they couldn’t find EKG when I was leaving Harrisburg, PA.

As long as that C5 issue is not rectified, the pain in the entire left hand is common as the maiden nerve passes through the left hand and that’s why index and thumb fingers have numbness. The problem is on the top(neck) but not in the left hand shoulder blade or left hand/ left palm but all my physical therapy done on my left hand was a time waste program, that is his opinion. Hence he doesn’t want to suggest for third Doctor Another Doctor (Indian origin) New Jersey.



I quit Life in America with family

Finally, Fourth Doctor(American) advised me to rush to India for a surgery. So started to India last minute by throwing all the stuff in the apartment in USA. In India, it is a different ball game. The moment if you say, you’re coming from USA, and shows your medical insurance card, they will rip you like anything. I have met one of my uncles who happens to be a Doctor (Sixth Doctor in my list) and visiting Professor to the USA on the subject Radiology. He was SME(Subject Matter Expertise) and he died recently due to covid19 effect and Heart Attack. He saw my reports from the USA and checked the MRI from the USA. he told me that 90% of people working in IT facing monitors more than 8 hours a day have this problem called “spondylitis” . In your case, it is very extreme. All that it needs a 10 days complete BEDREST. Not to get up for shower except for bathroom and eat breakfast/lunch at the bed. Bed means, a wooden plank without bed but with a towel roll it and place it under the neck. I think I have made a video on this too to educate my followers who are facing this similar issue. He advised me to meet a Doctor(Seventh) at Top-1 Corporate Hospitals in HYD India for second opinion. He referred to a nerve specialist Doctor(Eight Doctor) Top-2 Corporate Hospitals in HYDERABAD INDIA. He said, he is nerve specialist and he is supposed to do a surgery but not the other one Doctor(Seventh). From there to Top-1 to Top-3 Corporate Hospitals in HYDERABAD INDIA. Each of these top three hospitals did MRI again but denying the USA reports are bad or not valid in India. Each one saw medical insurance card and eager to do the surgery. They do not let me go out of their hospitals. They know if I go, they do not get the scapegoat again. They just wanted to cut the neck and charge thousands of dollars both from me and the insurance coverage. One of siblings accompanied asked them(Doctors) the questions and mainly no doctor answered the question: what is the success rate of this surgery? That’s where we came out of the Doctors’ offices. Finally met Doctor (Sixth Doctor in my list) Radiology expert. He told me, he sent me to doctor for second opinion and the chain never ended there and it is not for Surgery but their opinions purpose. He advised me to go home and take rest is the only remedy.

After that get up, do not carry weights and if at all need to carry, carry with both hands equally.

What is shocking to me is, getting Doctor degree in the USA is very difficult for Indians/Indian standards but do not know how come some of the Indian doctors in the USA passed medicine and doing absolutely wrong treatments without knowing the basics or do not even attempt to see the root cause of the issue.

Fourth Doctor(American): Rushed to Spine specialist in the USA and the Doctor (Sixth Doctor in my list) are BEST and rest of them either Indian or American no use and harm to the patients. In India, people are thinking that treatment in the USA is great and Doctors in the USA are great etc.


Returned alone to the USA

After 10 days of bedrest, opted for wheelchair in the airports in India and the USA and returned to the USA. At port of entry, they have asked me, why are you in wheel chair? I told because of disk slips. No money, reached friend’s place. Took 10 days bed rest but on the bed, applying jobs non stop and hit a project in Durham North Carolina this time. The Indian outsourcing company took a project in the pharmaceutical company. They said they will pay the flight tickets to someone a local H-1B who can rescue them until their get H-1B or L1A, L1B, B1 visas to come to the USA. So this is purely Americans displacement/replacement by Indian outsourcing company project. I feel sad to go there.

The client, Indian outsourcing company, two illegal layers and employer and Kumar. One of the illegal layer demanded me to take a light to the client site due to lack of time and the company will reimburse later. My friend helped me with his credit card and booked the air tickets and reached the client site.

Time:  2010 Jan to April

Client:   Private client – Pharma Medical and Sciences.

Layer1- Desi outsorucing company located in Chicago and Bangalore India – Indian outsourcing company (Bangalore India)

Layer2- Desi vendors- Another Broker (illegal according to USCIS rule books)

Layer3: Telugu Desi vendors – Another Broker (illegal according to USCIS rule books)

Layer4: Agent who hold my H-1B

Worker: KE.


Life in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina

History repeats

Change in project takes 45business days to get first month salaries, that is 2 months. No money and need to get into an Indian roommates room share. This time a Punjabi gave an advertisement for rooms are in Durham NC. I came to a hotel in Durham NC and credit crunch and no money so I was in rush and met this Punjabi speaking Indian man. He looks nice and understand my financial situation. He asked me to pay rent and advance $500 plus $500 once I get salaries. Once I get in he is vacating the apartment. When I enquired he said, the landlord of this two bed room apartment another North Indian hindi speaking person has American girl friend who stay in living room and they both make mess every night so he is leaving. He said, if you want to leave, pay $1000 today and you get another Indian into your room and vacate.

I lost my Dodge van here and complained to police and they recovered it in two hours but it is total loss. Insurance paid some money and the Indian (North Indian hindi speaking) noticed that I am carrying money and looted $550 from my bag by cheating.

Life in Clayton North Carolina

I left this apartment to the Clayton Village, 5 miles distance to the client work location. I get into a hotel for short time and then moved to American landlord house. He has a cat and himself in the house with two jobs to meet the mortgages. I used to walk one way to the home and another American helped by giving ride to the office by charging $250 per month. Punjabi man suggested do not buy any car and manage with bi-cycle so that you can at least re-pay your loans. It is very difficult but I managed it without cycle or car in this village. No cab services here due to remote place or cab cannot come for $10 from neighboring village just to drop one person.

Meanwhile Manager forcing me to quit the project as deadline is reaching to file H-1B extension. I have no car so attended interview for next jobs at the office room. As it is cold outside, I cannot sit in anyone’s car to attend the interview.


The pictures are taken by Kumar in Clayton and surround cities. 



Pacthes – the cat name











Americans replacement project = Indian Outsourcing shops

Who said, USA is a land of opportunities? It is full of replacement and displacements only. The moment I have entered the client site, people hate me assuming that I am an employee of Indian outsourcing company. They do not know they are three layers after that company and I should not reveal as per the protocols of these layers. I do not have company laptop and started with my personal laptop on working of documentation on all IT stuff from the outgoing American workers. The CFO told, they do not like the Americans to go but it is board decision to go for outsourcing. We, the know outsourcing companies performance is worst but we have no choice.

Indian outsourcing shops need just a BODY nut NOT the BRAINS. In India, I have huge respect for Indian companies though they denied an entry for me based upon my BA qualification in 1995 with CNE and MCSE certifications. In the USA, these Indian companies are considered as third grade or low grade companies. Indians born here do not prefer these companies to join these companies so you can imagine the USA clients staff refuse to work with them but it is the board decisions so the middle and lower staff have no choice.

I was asked to sit in the cafeteria as no place in the computer room. One African American is replaced by a dozen outsourcing company employees, 6 from India and 5 from IL and I am at the site. One more American also waiting to take that position but this outsourcing company want to push him out. Indians are taking in Tamil language in the office conference calls. Neither I nor American understand it and American complained to the client about not speaking in English in business calls.

The person from IL handling this made mess and he is on L1 visa. he was asked to go back to India due to the complaints received by me and Americans to the company. His position offered to me in IL. My manager forcing me to change the project as the client has given a client letter to file my first H-1b extension and Indian company refused to give one. manager simply said, change project and hung up the phone before I say no problem, I will go back to India. Whenever h1bs say India, managers have a convincing theory.

I returned to my friend’s place/state where I left my Dodge Van by flight and driving back to North Carolina.

A picture speaks better than the lines.

Account department woman at this Client located in a village called Clayton of North Carolina, client outsources to Financial outsourcing company in Delhi in India for their accounts and finances sections. I have seen this American lady in accounts worked for several years and aged 55 was getting tears like this at the office location on her LWD last working day. The people from Delhi arrived are very happy while talking to me as the company got new projects by replacing Americans.

Client says No to H-1Bs/Indian (outsourcing) companies

I have seen an American colleague Smith in IT systems department worked there for few years and aged 40+ was getting tears like this. I also not guaranteed if I were kicked out by his friends or anyone for loosing or take away his job.  Nobody knows that I am a sub-contractor(H1B) to Indian outsourced company  but not Indian company Employee but as per understanding we have to tell lie that was an Indian company Employees. That day, I felt like a poor man H-1B took risk in life by leaving spouse and kids in India for stupid dollars in America. Irony is none of them either Indian company cooperated in giving work experience letter for my H-1B extension as per USCIS rules and employer agreed to file H-1B extension with this USA client letter without Indian company (Layer-1)’s letter.


Americans receive this as soon as H-1B from Indian outsourcing companies enter USA onsite.

Americans who are working 10-30 years in the same client location have to train the H-1Bs and have to quit without any questions. It is like digging their own graveyard for Americans.

American honest hiring managers and top level do not like Indians to come and replace their valuable resources but it is the collective decision by the board members of any USA client hence individually they are in helpless situation. But the irony is it is a BIG FEAT for Indian companies delivery managers and HR managers who insert two illegal layers to hire local H-1Bs until their employees get H-1B, L1A, L1B and B visas to the USA. One American fired replaces with 6 to 8 Indians, Two H-1B at site and half a dozen Indians work from India in night shifts.

It is because they do not like Indians working style, that is for new laptop ticket, outsourcing companies created 6 to 12 tickets for money and the laptop will be dispatched from Bangalore India to Clayton NC, USA. You can imagine the time killed in the process. On top of it, outsourcing companies follow their policies rather than client policies. Technically, Client says NO to restart the production servers in the chemicals lab but someone from Bangalore demands the staff at computer room to restart it. If something is broken, the staff in Bangalore are safe but the not the contractors at the Clayton. client kick them out at the site.

Americans feel this whenever they see Indians at the onsite.

Manager Mr. Chidathala Apparao gave a deadline to quit project

Finally the day has come for me to quit this never ending project. It is because manager told “warning” quit project. I have started searching for projects on my own from 2009 so as usual, started uploading resume to Monster job site and applying and attending to the vendor calls. Finally got a job interview from Helena Montana. The client gave three questions and asked me to google it in 30 minutes and he will call me back. First time, I am facing this kind of interview. I called my friend in Edison NJ and advised me not to waste time, just recollect what you know on those questions and google only the one which you do not know. Because google search before interviews kills the time. Finally client called me and answered the three questions from my desk phone as you know I do not have a van to sit and attend outside client building.

The client who is going to offer a job wanted to talk to hiring manager in Harrisburg Pennsylvania for two reasons. Reason one, both clients are of same environment technically and medical and health and secondly, wanted to hear from that manager how did Kumar performed.   The Montana client manager left voice message to the hiring manager in the Harrisburg PA. Three days passed and the three layers(one primary and two illegal) called me and scolded me by saying your resume is fake that is why Harrisburg PA manager did not return the call to Montana manager. I felt sad for their abusive words on the phone.

In between  Prime vendor in PA state client refuse to give project references to MT client Chief Information Officer for my the project I did during my tenure in 2009. If layer-1 won’t give OT and references to H-1Bs, why would they hire H1Bs as sub contractors? All are using H-1Bs like anything here like a prostitute in India and throw pennies on her body. It is because both PA and MT states medical departments clients have same technical environments and connect to them would be helpful is the idea for MT chief of the client. Same time, he wanted to know from that Indian hiring manager how did Kumar performed. I literally beg that Indian hiring manager in the PA to return the client of MT by his cell phone rather than from the office desk on humanitarian grounds. I do not know how fake people manage this scenario. For real genuine people, America is not easy way of life.

I wrote emails and made phone calls to Maharashtrian Indian in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. You know what he replied, company policies and client policies he should not return the call from office and desk and should not give any references to the contractors. So just use and throw “contractors” is his policies. I told him, on humanitarian grounds please come out of your desk and make a phone call from your cell phone. It worked out and Montana manager is happy and sent paper work to prime vendor. Then the three vendors called me and extolled me to the skies and congratulate me.

I have  prepared to leaving Clayton to Helena Montana State.

Proof of Indians and Indian companies break USCIS RUELS 

Unprofessional, unethical, unlawful and illegal activities by those folks 

Client: USA client located in Clayton NC – world’s second largest pharmaceutical industry

Broker-1: Bangalore based Indian outsourcing company

Broker-2: desi vendors  Raleigh NC 27606 based vendor 

broker3: NH state broker

broker4: NJ broker

H-1B worker: Kumar at onsite.

Client has provided one letter addressing to USCIS for evidence that H-1B worker is working here. This is after explained H-1B rules to HR of the client. The next broker denied and refused to give one by saying if they give it to Kumar, they have to give it to 2000 H-1B subcontractors. I told yes you have to give it to all H-1B contractors otherwise how does USCIS know that h-1b worker is working here at on site? So these Indian outsourcing companies break USCIS rules and denied to provide evidence to USCIS about worker hired and working at site. The next layer also time passed and gave one and the next broker has given one. But the 4th broker- H-1B Petitioner denied to file an extension and it is my manager job to beg them but he forced his job to me and forced me to quit the long or never ending project because broker-1broke rules.

As per Broker 4 company rules, having middle layers is also violation of their rules and USCIS rules. As per USCIS, anyone between Prime Vendor(broker-1) and H-1B Petitioner is illegal, unethical and unlawful. But all of them give letters to USCIS on paper and some they deny because those illegal layers are insert by those prime vendors.

H-1B worker has to fill time sheets in the website of the broker-1. Most of the client locations, the middle illegal vendors fill time sheets on behalf of h-1b workers and broker-1 approves it. You must see those illegal relationships between them.

Requested multiple times to Broker-1 for the H-1B Extension letter.

Broker 3 begging broker 1 to issue one: Broker one denied to give this letter to USCIS


Broker one denied to give this letter to USCIS

Broker one denied to give this letter to USCIS

Broker-1 India company did not give any office laptop and I worked with my personal laptop for three months.

Unprofessional outsourcing company providing services to the USA client. 


Searching for American roommates in Helena MT

Craigslist, you see Americans advertisements. Sulekha is for Indians roommates since I had terrible experiences with Indian roommates in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina, preferred only Americans. The photos looks nice so I have asked twice for confirmation, that I cook Indian rice and it is not ground floor or basement and the person on the phone said yes.

Middle Vendor Instructions for MT project

I packed my stuff into two card boxes to USPS in Clayton and booked it in USPS to a new address in Helena MT.


and throw rest and a hand luggage to carry in aero plane. Life is simple and moving is easy due to no Van.

Suddenly I got a call from California for an offer in Boston MA a full time job offer from a childhood friend’s start up company. It is very big offer which I can buy a house in Boston MA he said. But I trusted this employer and committed to Montana project and vendors hence rejected that offer. Lesson learned is, go for best offers always is what I realized but it is too later. Destiny depends upon the choice but not on chance.  But my friend called me and said, why did you reject Boston offer and scared me for going to Helena MT as 4th largest state and not much people out there. How come are you going alone there? So my mind is thinking, what is wrong with my decisions? since decision is made so I have decided to respect and honor my decisions and moving forward.

Ex colleague in India at Colorado USA advise for MT project to Kumar

It is in house migration project from the Indian outsourcing company and managing that environment. So I have asked SME subject expertise in that for an advise for MT project before go ahead to Montana. Here are his tips on technology and recommendations etc.

Indian companies breaks all RULES

Either Indian outsourcing companies or Indian Incs breaks all rules and nobody cares. The USA client has given an H-1B Extension letter upon my five minutes explanation to the HR in the Clayton. She gave that letter to my desk on the client letter head. The very next layer or broker is called prime vendor is from Bangalore India. They refused to give one such letter address to USCIS. In fact the head of this US and India wing argued with me, if he gives one, he has to give it to 2000 such H-1B Subcontractors and I confronted by saying that yes, you need to give this letter as per USCIS rules otherwise why do you hire local H-1Bs? Then he offered me a full time position with the Indian outsourcing company and I softly denied it. Because of this mess or breaking rules, my manager simply called “change project” and hung up the phone though I told him, submit my H-1B petition without Bangalore India company letter. The illegal layers after the Bangalore India company has given letters. It is to establish to the USCIS that Kumar is working at the site A with client B, with Illegal/ unethical /unlawful layers C and D and employer E.

USCIS needs evidence on the letter heads and they may or may not cross check this:

The USA client – > Prime Vendor -> Illegal layer 1-Illegal layer 2-> H-1B worker’s employer – H-1B Worker

with full details of work nature etc.

Manager one word “change project” costs lots of money to me and lots of logistics arrangements on my own and sleepless nights and travels etc. Since I do not have car nor anyone to give a ride, I booked a shared van drop off to airport which came to my location at 3.20am EST on 5/1/2010. I wake up for this.

Bottom-Line: if there is no continues two paychecks for H-1B employee, there might be two reasons is what USCIS believes. One is H-1B is hospitalized and need a proof of it, and another is his/her employer is proven guilty and fraud and the company is closed. In those circumstances only, H-1B does not have two paychecks. Then USCIS will consider that H-1B as out of system and his/her non immigration status as “illegal”. To board on to the system again, there are few Americans, Indian Incs in New Jersey and  Massachusetts trained Indians are there to rip them by taking their money. Irony is, USCIS does not do anything to those criminals but consider victim H1b as accused and deport him or her or deny visa at the US Consulates outside USA for re-entry by saying you stayed extra time after work permit expired. There is an exemption that one can stay but cannot work due to his i-94 stay permits to stay but the Consulates punish for that also a bar on re-entry to the USA for either 5 or 10 years. Every H-1B must knows these rules because ignorance of laws and immigration laws is NOT an excuse. The Indian outsourcing companies break rules and deny proof to USCIS but want H-1B want to work at onsite 24×7 for 8 hrs pay with illegal layers inserted by those companies. IRS does not care for who is your employer. IRS wants taxes from H-1Bs. USA clients hate H-1Bs and Indians. H-1Bs or staff of Indian outsourcing companies hate H-1Bs of Indian Incs by knowing the billing rates from HR that they get $25 an hr and H-1Bs from Indian Incs get $100 etc. They do not know that their managers inserts two layers to poach that $50 from that $100 an hr billing rate to H-1Bs of Indian Incs. F1 student workers hate H1bs because H-1Bs have already have 10+ years IT work experience in India humiliate the fake MS students but not the genuine MS students who has experience back home. 

I came to know the numbers are very high but not just 90% of 3 million H-1Bs are facing this music, it is 6 to 9 millions H-1Bs who arrived into the USA through Bodyshops but not Indian outsourcing companies or USA Direct client employment. No H-1B dared to talk in the public except crying in private alchol parties or rooms. 



Life in Helena Montana

The photo is taken in Montana State. 

Life is beautiful. The client top manager wants to receive me at airport but due to Indian submissive culture, I have politely refused his offer. Once landed in airport realized that they are no cabs in this state capital small city. Someone gave a ride to the house that I booked on craigslist. Upon arrival Justin gave a bunch of papers to sign on it. I simply signed and understood it is for 6 months lease for a room in basement which yet to build/pain by him and his father. It was shocking to me but tired almost started at 3am in Clayton NC and reached 3pm Helena Montana time zone. Justin told some one Indian family lived here left for India due to someone parent died. They sold this house to his father from India. I noticed that they are Tamilian Indians due to their Hindu Gods and books that they left in the house. It was very cold, small blue color bed and heater is given by the landlord. I beg Justin to take me to Subway bread food as I was tired. He was busy painting the basement room for me along with his father so waited till it complete. After that 5pm, he took me a ride to the nearest subway food and I bought two footlongs for both of us. I slept on the floor after reached home. After 25 minutes, I realized my body is getting cold and rushed to the landlord and he gave me this blue color little high cot and I kept it on the floor and slept. I could not bear the cold in the basement and then he gave a small heater which he used it for wall paint to dry. I slept for that night.

Bottom-Line: I felt like after visiting Kashmir, I felt that kind of beautiful place on earth is Helena Montana. If you are in the USA and did not visit Montana state, then there is no excuse.

First day at work at Helena Montana

Client American clients Helena, MT 59620
Layer1  Telugu Desi vendors from FL 33467
Layer2 Telugu Desi vendors from MI
Layer3 H-1B Broker
H1B  Kumar

According to my H-1B Broker  agent, layers business illegal that is sitting between prime vendor of the USA end client and the H-1B Petitioner. Also  according to their company policies, doing 3rd party marketing is illegal. All their recruiters (they call BDM business development managers) doing only 3rd party marketing. So ultimately I tried getting all my projects on my own except the first one gets by my recruiter. In the above table, Layer 2 is illegal as per USCIS rules and as per my H-1B Broker rules.

The next day morning, I wake up and everything is new to me in this house and so try to adjust to the environment and getting ready. I went upstairs and had coffee. I am waiting for the manager who happens to be the head of the department. He came by his car and stopped in front of the house and I lock the door and went to the car. I wished him Good morning and he too wished Good morning Kumar and asked me to get into the car by open the door from inside. I get into the car and we started the conversation. We reached the office and went inside. It was looks a house, very big adjacent to another big building. Both of the builds are belong to the same department. Looks like there is another big building in the city, which is called corporate building.

First to his office and then took me to my desk and introduced all the staff. Manager explained why the guy left for India and could not come back and this position is opened to handle few different technologies. It is inhouse migration project from an Indian outsourcing project which is totally a different experience. Because the previous station project experience is outsourcing that is taking knowledge transfer from Americans outgoing workers to Indian outsourcing companies employees. It is the other way round and the outsourcing company employees refused to give the knowledge and documentation. It is because the USA client does not like them to continue. It is very challenging project and exciting.

The people and staff are wonderful, polite and very friendly in Helena Montana. Cost of living is less compared to East Cost. People start at 7am to work because it is to meet the East Coast time. Many from India or outsourcing do not understand MT time zone.

Surprised to know one day in a week, you can wear Shorts(a decent one) to the office. I never heard this in my life in India or USA the previous work stations. One of my colleagues here took me to Costco Store and first time I saw a big store especially for wholesale food.  He enrolled me for membership and credit card. I bought bunch of apples and other stuff but I still feel that food is excess to me as I cannot buy less here. My peer said, do not worry Kumar, this Card will very useful and saves lots of money when family joins. For single, this wholesale store is of no benefit. He really very nice person and want me to settled own in the America.  I think he is the first person in the USA wished me to become an American by citizenship to reach my Dream America. He wrote He look forward to the day when Kumar email him that Kumar has taken an oath of U.S. citizenship.  He hopes it happens for Kumar if he wants it to, we call it the American dream. ” He touched my heart. 

First time, I do not see any Indians at work location. The peer told there was one Indian in my place and left for India for marriage and could not return to the USA and that is how this position is opened up.

ONLY 7 Indian Families in Helena Montana

One day, I went to Walmart to buy something and noticed one Indian lady walking with trolley and her little son.  I noticed that she is definitely not from the Sothern parts of India. She told me, if you want to meet Indians, go to outskirts of this city on Thursdays, the 7 Indian family members men play cricket. I felt like oh happy and I said yup. I think she noticed I am the new face here. I am thankful to her and walked to the home.

I try to meet them one time and played cricket and told them it is far off from my place and I do not have a car so I could not meet them.

Left the basement room

After life in Maryland in Basement, I have experienced the same here. On top of it, the landlord objected for cooking Indian rice it smell while evaporating the water from the cooker. He does not like it. I have no car and cooking is mandatory for me. After I bought a car also, I cannot eat every day outside. Hence decided to quit this house though six months lease break and settled the issues with the landlord’s father. He is quite and calm and paid the balance amount and vacated it smoothly.

Bottom-line: I read in and out of rental history and owners disputes here on google. I understood one thing in the USA is, even if you fight for justice, you as a tenant may win the case but lose rental history. And no one will give any rental room or apartments to you. I was surprised to see apartment two bed room costs $550 where as I paid for room $500.

These pictures are taken by Kumar in Montana.

Basement room


Bathroom Shared by two people


Washer and drier

First floor living room

Dinning room



Outside of the house

Outside of the house


Outside of the house, went for evening walking in cold.


Near house 

Changed to another room in the first floor which is 6.5 miles away from the work location.

The first room is deadly cold due located in the basement.

I cooked Indian Food for all at work

It is common in the USA at this client location, each Friday or a day in a month if I rightly remember, all of them bring some or one item each. When my turn comes, I cook Indian food for all.

Here are the pictures taken by Kumar.





Friend advise on Tenant and Landlord disputes:

I wrote to friend, Last two years, I have no major issues though I lived in American houses while cooking Veg Indian food etc. Now in Helena, the 26yr old landlord creating a problem. The question is: what happens if I break lease? Its a six month lease agreement signed on May 1st till Oct 31st. As per lease I must give 30 days notice, before vacate but I don’t like to stay anymore where I am living. In such circumstances, what are the choices I have as a tenant. When I google it, the local courts supports land lord but not tenant. The forum says, either courts dictates to lease breaker to pay the amount till the lease period completes. For example: $500, I pay for month so before I leave I must pay 3 months rent as am not giving 30days notice?

A friend of mine replied to my questions.

After I have informed this incident to few of my colleagues at work, one of them empathize my situation and offered a room in their big house in the second floor. They have aero plane hangers and closed due to recession. It was 6.5 miles one way to the work. Initially I felt very happy but I came to know for the first time, that the H-1B expiration date is linked to the Driver’s license. Hence my DL got expired and I have started riding bi-cycle in that cold to work in the morning 6am on the 70 miles highway speed.  I have seen hell here but not just heaven.

The landlord has a RV and Friday afternoon, they leave the house and back on Sunday midnight. It was lonely, scary and do not see any people around except horses and deer walking all through the night. During windy, rainy time, the noise is very horrible and scary. I felt like “give up life in America” and go back to India.


My second car in US and first car in Montana


These pictures are taken by Kumar.

Entrance from backside of the house to my new room location in Montana. 

From inside room to outside look, my new room location in Montana.

From the balcony, it is located outskirts of the Helena and horse farm houses. 

One of the roommates is a cook by profession so he has a book and cooked items daily different one and we tasted it at this home

One of the roommates is a cook by profession so he has a book and cooked items daily different one and we tasted it at this home



My second car purchased at the cost of $1350.The owners of the car American old couple asked me to take it free if I convert from Hindu to Christian and I said NO.

First time, credit approval so bought this Ford car

Having ice-cream party on day one buying this new car on credit. 

With friends and Kumar. 

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle is a movie name.

The project manager name is Herold hence he told, let us take a photograph for memory.


Outside work location, deer.

Outside work location, deer.

At work

Outside work location, deer.

Outside work location, deer.

Outside work location, deer.

Outside work location

At Gym

At Gym

At my desk work location

At office, outside through window, you can see the deer.


Places visited in Montana

I trek to this place daily after work for few months



I trek for a long time to reach this spot further

Glacier National Park




Kumar’s colleague in Montana has taken these pictures.

My Salaries sharing scheme by FOUR DESI brokers

My payments get stuck with middle vendors as you know, the middle vendors usually run away with the money and neither the prime vendor(first broker) nor the h1-b petitioner (main broker) could do nothing to the victims(contactors or employees). So change project is the only choice or quit America.

Here is the flow of money

  1. USA Client- > releases every week and worst case monthly to FIRST BROKER ($10,940)
  2. First Broker -> Telugu Indian broker located in a shop in Florida- he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  3. Second Broker-> Telangana Telugu Indian broker Michigan-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  4. Third Broker-> Telangana Telugu Indian broker Michigan-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  5. Fourth Broker-> Andhra Telugu, Tamilians, Kannadas Indian broker New Jersey – wait for vendors to pay money, send it to India and bring it back to pay
  6. H-1B worker-> Kumar at on site Helena Montana (gets $1000) at the mercy of the above people in the salary sharing scheme.

Kumar followed with the client and came to know that the first broker gets $10,400 to him. They all are eating or sharing this h1b money just because they forward the resume of Kumar through their business email id.

What is H-1B book rule or law says? Employer(H-1B Petitioner) must pay irrespective of Vendors pay or not.

What is reality on the ground? H-1B petitioners (majority) do not pay salaries unless vendors pay to them. This is illegal, unethical and unlawful.

Bottom-Line: DO NOT GIVE YOUR RESUME TO ANY INDIANS WHO DO NOT HAVE DIRECT USA CLIENTS. If you avoid DESIS(Asian), your life will be set in the America, otherwise, they share your salary and your body into the above chain model.

All religions Prayers

I met some people in dance classes in downtown and they introduce me to professors who do all religions prayers. For the first time in my life, I did that and it is wonderful experience. The professor asked me, Kumar why do Indians especially women form a group when they come to out house? Some of the seven Indian family members in Helena used to come here to meet and talk each other but ignored the professor and Americans around it seems. I do have any answers for such an embracing moment and said, we Indians are like that only.

Professors take each or prominent lines from each religious book and write it on a paper and chat and some play music instruments. I found Gandhi book also here.


I met an American called India. She love India that much and changed her name as India. She visits India every year the louts temple Delhi and other places. She runs a big Yoga center in Helena Montana. I had lunch here Indian lunch that day and they offer each day different lunch for various nations. It was a wonderful experience here and seen a wonderful place in Helena.


My American room mates used to do trekking the mountains and I too got inspired and started doing it every day after work,, that is the main exercise like up and down the hill. It was nice and thrilling and challenge.


I learned various dances like Zumba, Tango and Belly Dances etc. in Helena downtown and joined Belly Dance classes. The teacher told, you are the first man in Montana to learn Belly Dance. I have attended workshops in neighboring cities for Belly Dance. I drove 100 miles one way to work shops and met experts in Belly Dance. It is not easy to learn as it needs mind to talk to parts of the body. Since driving license expired, I used to ride bi-cycle from far off located room at outskirts of the city to downtown. Fell down one night due to too dark on the highway.

The below photo is taken by Kumar in Helena Montana

First male Belly Dancer in Helena MT

The teacher told me, Kumar you are the first man in learning Belly Dance in Helena Montana.


American woman

I met several Americans here and especially this woman shared her experiences. She has been doing two to three jobs to maintain the house and three kids. One of it is teaching dance classes as part time in the evenings. She told, she did her job till 30 minutes before the delivery time of her third kid and then drove to the hospital and had a baby and discharged same day evening and drove to her house with a baby.  I was shocked to listening to her because in my previous work station, one Indian couple, his wife is pregnant in her sixth month he bought her parents and in-laws for her delivery on visit visa on rotation basis to take care of the newly born baby. During the delivery day, he asked his friends to apply for leave and their spouses also presented at the hospital outside. When I have explained this, this American lady said, America made life easy and every Indian woman must read a books called “Cinderella complex Book by Colette Dowling”. Because women in India or Indian woman here are made to depending upon the men and they have to learn how to be independent.

Then I understand from her in Helena that Indians are NOT learning anything new in the America except bringing the old stupid Indian habits or cultures to the USA. I do not mean, all habits or cultures are bad but the dark side of the culture is not trying to stop it in USA by Indians.

One week trip to India

I have to visit my family in Chhattisgarh State in India and it is a one week trip including the journey dates. it is expensive and loss of pay. H-1Bs do not have leaves though company says 10 paid leaves every year.

It is so sad that H-1B lose salaries if not reported one day at work, no leaves no paid leaves. On top of it, the end client manager, broker-4 manager have to issue letters to produce at air ports while coming in. If they suspect, they may call to those signed managers and if they do not respond, gone case. Go back to India. Knowing this, Broker -4 always advise to H-1Bs to buy air tickets in such a way that you land into the USA on week ends rather than week days so that airport customs people will not call on weekends.

Bottom-Line: if H-1B stay more days outside the USA, his or her services are no longer required to the America. This is really depressing and trap by America to hold people in as many friends in previous work stations never quit USA as return is not guaranteed though their parents are died in India.

Google Images 

The photos are taken by landlord for Kumar  

The photos is taken by landlord for Kumar

Chhattisgarh state, India


Dantewada is a town and a municipality, or nagar palika. in the Dantewada district in the state of Chhattisgarh, India.It is the administrative headquarters of Dantewada District. It is the fourth largest city of Bastar division

The days on my visa left is 3 months and my son was crying while I was leaving Chhattisgarh to Helena Montana. It is really heart breaking incident for me. His passport is expired and the renewal taking huge time due the conditions in the state of Chhattisgarh. I took a tough decision in life and returned to the USA. It was depressing mood for a week days once you return from the home. Always the flight journey to India is excited and joyful and the return journey is sorrowful.

Met a Doctor from United States Army Hospital in return journey from India to Montana

I met a Doctor working in Army Hospital on the way from India. Initially he did not believe me because I said I am coming from Chhattisgarh State etc. India. Once proved myself, he showed some pictures that he worked in Iraq. He is a very nice man. He referred me to meet HR Recruiters in the Army in Helena MT for IT or jobs. My landlor came to airport and picked me and the Doctor and gave a ride to the Doctor’s Hospital that night. The next day morning, I went to Army Office with my certificates and resume. They only asked one question after showed me the jobs available in the US Army. Do you have a I-140 approved copy or Green Card? I simply said no and I do not know what is I-140 at that juncture. Bad luck, Green Card is required so I returned to the Office to work.


Places you must see before die

Visit to National Glacier Park and Yellow Stone -twice.


The photo is taken by Kumar

Flathead Lake

The photo is taken by Kumar

Tennis friend

I played Tennis here too. One of them drove to my room and pick me up on weekends and took me to Tennis court. He is an European American and invited me to dinner. It was nice gathering of European Americans and nice gathering outside the house on the evening. We had exchange information about India and Europe etc. cultures. I was surprised the way they like Indians and inviting for me a private dinner at home.

A childhood friend experiences:

I have asked my childhood friend an advise about applying for Manager and above positions in IT in India and planning to go back to India. Because of the back home situation.


The friend advised this also met and told me this: “India and Parents are past and USA and Children are Future”. Being said this, he left for India for his parents sake by sold his house in the California. He advised me to meet him in India to refer to his friends companies for job offers. He started his own firm in India. He is the ONLY HERO in my book and two more guys who left for India while their visas are valid.

Mr. Chidathala Apparao demanded $5000 for Green Card from 100 H-1Bs of 2008 BATCH

The amount is around: $500,000 cash is collecting and will not return until get the Green Card and work for six months for them after getting the Green Card. 500000 US Dollar is 3,80,74,529 Indian Rupee. It is an average easy money collection from H-1Bs of any average H-1B shop who has 100 H-1bs to demand for no reasons and it is illegal, unethical and unlawful but H-1Bs are trapped in the USA.

He said, Kumar we are filing the Green Card for you and this 2008 batch. Please send $5000 in Money Order without writing the company name or To address on it. I went to post office and the person scolded me for that. I came out and called the manager. He shouted at me by saying go to another center. I have explained him, I took hours off permission at work and riding the bi-cycle as my driving license expired. He shouted again and hung up the phone by saying “send money today”.

On one hand, I do not understand how come managers asking me to send money? Same time, I could not question him because I am sitting on the same branch of a tree and can not cut the branches of it. One thing I understand is, I get trapped into America and this manager who is shouting at me for everything. Finally I ride bi-cycle from one store to another and finally I send $3000 M.O to the manager.

Manager confirmed that he received thousands of dollars from me.

It is so sad that you get a customer to the Broker-4 still, they do all kinds of dramas to sign the paper work like Purchase Order and MSA Master Service Agreement. They tell that broker 3 is Telugu or Hindi or bad guy etc. stories. No American Broker-1 willing to sign a contract with this manager by saying they have blacklisted this guy. In spite of it, they are playing all dramas to H-1bs. P.O is just one single page mention either parties and hourly rate and both parties have to sign in. They say, “we send it to India for legal team to review” and it ends there. No feedback. On top of it, Broker-4 collects the money from H-1Bs. I do not fully understand this crime yet.

Kumar was riding by bi-cycle to Post Offices and other locations by taking time paid off and carrying $3000 cash with Kumar to send Money Order to Mr. Chidathala Apparao AGENT. He is keep calling and demanding Kumar to deposit $5000 for GC. Kumar does not know what is GC? Since tied up with the Agent, Kumar has no choice except listen to Mr. Chidathala Apparao of Agency.

Finally Kumar reached USPS Post office and took Money orders for $2500+ and Mr. Chidathala Apparao insisted not to write his name or agency name on it. USPS office objected to it. Then Mr. Chidathala Apparao shouted at Kumar and advised him to go to another office. Again on the bi-cycle Kumar ride and this time able to get it and took it and Mailed to Mr. Chidathala Apparao in NJ.

MO took by Kumar to Mr. Chidathala Apparao in NJ

Mr. Chidathala Apparao told Kumar, this is per agency rule that 2008 H-1Bs 100 people have to deposit $5000 each to the agency. This is called mandatory “Green Card Safety Deposit”. This will be returned to H-1Bs after working with agency for SIX months after getting the Green Cards. 100 H1Bs x $5000 = $500,000 = multiplied by 75 INR(1$-75 INR average) it will be 37,500,000. The agency sent this amount to India. This is how every Indian after getting Green Card starting this consultancy business and earning lots of money by not paying salaries to H-1Bs or paying 50% of salaries and collecting huge money (1 to 3 months salaries) for Green Card processing which is illegal and earning huge money. That is how Indians with Green Card becoming SUPER FILTHY RICH here.

Visiting DMV weekly

The staff in the DMV wants original paper of the H-1B copy to renewal of it. They did not agree for H-1B filed extension with this Project as manager in New Jersey forced me to quit the Clayton Project. I used to ride Bi-Cycle weekly twice to DMV to see if a new person in the counter accepts my plead and understands it. In the USA, staff follows rules blindly and do not accept the circumstances or understand the procedures of the process or systems. On a fine day, luckily, I have my Driving License extended by understanding my plight of the situation by looking the papers of the H-1B Extension.

I felt very happy that day and ride bi-cycle back to work and after work, I ride bi-cycle to home where I rented a room.  I took the new car parked for few months and rushed to buy a Subway Sandwich to eat and have a coke. I have seen hell till then for not having a valid DL.

How to get Outsourcing projects to India

Mr. Chidathala Apparao trained Kumar on how to talk to the Client to transfer this project to his company so that from India people can work. Another friend ex colleague Mr. BangaRao in India who returned from the USA also step in and trained or trapped Kumar for few hours how to talk to USA people to get projects to them. He offered 10% commission if Kumar get any projects to them. He even started a firm like a start up in India after he returned to India from USA. He is very famous in India and people call him “Testing GURU”. Now, I have knowledge from them but waiting to talk to this Montana Client Chief Information Officer. BangaRao knows I sold my new Bullet Bike to write GMAT and TOFEL in 2006-08 so he trapped emotionally by saying your visa is expiring and if you return to India, you need money to buy back your bullet bike etc. So that is how he convinced Kumar. Mr. Chidathala Apparao in the USA convinced that you get more offers and he is willing to fly to Montana with his boss Mr. GUNDU RAO and you are savior to the company etc. Both extolled Kumar to the skies like anything.

Since I am very honest, I put forward these two proposals. One from Mr. Chidathala Apparao USA and another from  friend BangaRao India. Client said, we did insourcing because the stupid outsourcing company in India cheated them. Hence giving it to India is ruled out. CIO found that both of them are NOT good companies with in no time. When comes to the Mr. Chidathala Apparao USA, Client said he never heard of that company. Because of this reasons my manager in USA project India company as frontendrather to the USA branch. He said, that is also ruled out. He is giving it to the top one USA vendor who got this project and he referred my name to be there on the board for projects to continue. But that vendor did not sponsor H-1B for me and there ends the matter.

Basically, many USA clients do not like to push to India. Point 2, unless you are a US citizen, they do not like to give it. Point3 you must show establishment here but not in India because out of country, law of the land issues and nobody believes or trace you if you are outside the USA.

I dropped this topic forever though several people from Vizag, Hyderabad of India, and other parts of India keep bugging Kumar for “give USA projects” to them.

Bottom-line: USA clients do NOT trust anyone outside USA. Kumar does not understand how come companies in India get projects from the USA. Maybe under the table kick buck like in our government offices in India.

Project ending and Client Offered FTE

Generally H-1Bs are advised to ask hiring managers about the situation of the budget/project extension. Kumar went to his boss and asked CIO(Chief Information Officer), the plight of the situation. He said, we cannot pay $75+ an hr hour Kumar, if you’re interested, we will do direct hire and pay $35 an hr with 30 hours a week and lots of other benefits. Kumar was surprised and shocked for this news and Kumar said yes to him. CIO called Kumar to office and called the client HR manager on the conference call after closed the door. HR Manager an American woamn accent asked only one question: Kumar, DO YOU HAVE A GREEN CARD? Kumar replied NO, he does not have a Green Card. She hangs up the call by saying sorry to Kumar’s boss that we do not hire if people do not have Green Card. Kumar’s boss Chief asked Kumar, Kumar what is Green Card? I too do not know but Kumar’s agent person Mr. Chidathala Apparao took money so Kumar said do not know.

He opened internet search engine and typed what is Green Card? We took an hour to read and understand what is it? We exhale the breathing for missing the resource and opportunities for both parties. I felt sad, depressed and unable to get up from the chair. Same situation for my boss for could not hire me FTE(Full Time Job). We slowly came out of the office and he said, do not worry Kumar, you will get one and Goodluck for the next project and asked me, what can he do to help me in getting the next project? like a reference from the project etc. I said yes, I just need a client experience letter to give it to the American recruiters or recruiters who confirm the interview or job offers.

What is Green Card?

This is what Client did research on Google in front of Kumar. Americans do not trust anyone and they read by themesevles or discover eevrything.

Here you go:

Kumar explained Green Card:

Green Card is for future employment. That means an USA based employer can sponsor this for anyone of his/her future or prospective employees living anywhere in this world. Not necessarily in the USA. Outside the USA, they receive this card upon arrival after having an interview for GC-Step-3 in the US Consulates in their countries.

This is free of cost and all costs must be incurred by employers only. Including his/her H-1B(work permit) sponsorship.

The employment-based permanent residence process is generally comprised of three phases:

  1. PERM Labor Certification: Recruitment and Prevailing Wage Determination
  2. I-140 Application for Immigrant Visa and Proof of Ability to Pay
  3. I-485 Adjustment of Status


  1. What does PERM approval mean?

Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) is the system in place for getting a Labor Certification. It is often referred to as PERM Labor Certification. Obtaining this certification is the requisite first step in obtaining an employment-based immigrant visa for a foreign national looking to come to the U.S. for work


  1. How long does it take to get I-140 after PERM approval?

While the regular I-140 process can take several months, with the premium processing service, your petition will be processed within 15 calendar days. This means the USCIS will make a decision on your case within 15 days and you will know the results of the decision sooner


  1. What happens after I-485 is approved?

Upon approval, the applicant is mailed a Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card. The date the Form I-485 is approved becomes the date of adjustment, which in turn determines how soon the newly adjusted Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) may apply for U.S. citizenship. Permanent Resident Cards are valid for ten years.

Permanent Labor Certification | U.S. Department of Labor (

And place those MO sent to agent Mr. Ch.Appa Rao

2010- MT project he asked me to send money and KE does not know the process of GC then and h1b petitioner(agent) demands anything, slaves cannot say no to it.

Employers do not issue H-1B and green cards, USCIS does.

The employment based green card process looks like this:

  1. The employer files for labor certification for your position, basically showing they cannot hire an American to do your job
  2. Based on labor certification, your employer petitions for permanent residency for you by filing I-140 with USCIS
  3. Once USCIS approves the petition you can file I-485 to adjust status or apply for an immigrant visa. When your adjustment of status is approved, or you arrive in the US your green card will be mailed to you

Until your visa is issued, or adjustment of status is approved your employer can withdraw the petition, but after that point they cannot. Once your residency is approved, you’re completely independent of your employer.

No Work, Never Sleep

Project Search Started

I have started aggressively searching for project but many recruiters calling from India and Indian company people who takes interviews, do not understand MT time zone. When I say, I am in Mountain Time Zone, they say please repeat. Some recruiters just hang up the phone if I say Montana. I understand if you are not in East Coast or West Coast or Texas, these recruiters do not understand other states and locations and time zones in the USA.

At last, one guy schedule a phone interview and did not allow me to hang up the call until confirms it. Later he come back and said, the PA client in PA state canceled phone interviews and direct in person interviews. I told him, it takes three to four days drive from Montana to PA, he said okay, take loss of pay leave and start. I went to my manager about this and he has agreed to leave and he arranged a lunch party for me and the staff.

Leaving Helena, Montana

I have very good American friends here. Some of them do not have a car and asked me to come to downtown to meet them. She ride a bi-cycle from her work location to downtown just to say GoodBye to me. She studied Degree in Hyderabad Central University and can read/write speak Telugu Indian language. I got tears really while she said good bye and going back to her bi-cycle. Because I know we never meet again in life and had good interaction in dance classes and parties. She shared her India experiences and traveling from Hyderabad to West Bengal by train journey etc.

One of the colleagues at work also liked me a lot and he felt sad for me leaving Montana. he gave all the tips for road travel cross country and how to react in emergency situations etc.

I wrote my spouse India number and name and pasted it that paper on the next seat in case of any emergencies I die on the highways hit by trucks or fell asleep while driving.

I have feed PA state in the GPS device and it shows 2500 miles and more than 24 hours to drive and of course breaks will be there. After drove 60 miles on the highway, I got a call from my manager new jersey. He asked me, Kumar did you get a call from the Vendor and I said no. He said, the in person interview is cancelled and he hung up the call. For that moment, I applied breaks and my car went on 70/80 miles highways speed on the opposite direction and get out the road and stopped after dragging a while. I drove back to nearest stop to have a cup of coffee. I get down from the car and rushed inside the store and requested them, going to restroom and looked at the mirror. My eyes are full of tears and red in color. It is uncontrollable and keep on washing my face several times with water. Finally came out and purchased a black coffee, a long cup and came to the car. When I started the engine, my eyes are getting tears because this time, I have no destination to put on but I have something in pipeline to set in.

Here you go:

Cross Country Driving experiences


Montana to Massachusetts

Subject: Driving cross country in 5 days for 16 hrs Data Center migration project

Location: Helena Montana to CONCORD, MA.

Time:  Nov 2010

Client: American client Concord, MA  – Private client, merging of two companies (ERP) Boston, ERP technology dataceters

Layer1- american vendor- One of the world’s number one consulting company

Layer2- H-1B Broker’s sister company- Another Broker (illegal according to USCIS rule books), It is to reduce payment to H-1B worker

Layer3: Broker

Worker: KE.

Its 3000 miles a great experience while driving through several states. For the first 500miles, I felt like driving in Space as I do not see anything. Later it was fun, interest, painful sometimes and pleasure in driving. North Dakota-Minnesota-Minneapolis-Wisconsin-Michigan-Ohio-PA-NJ-NYC-MA. Overall, I love to drive in Montana though I did not come across single car on highways except big trucks carry mines material, no cell phone service and deers crossing roads, prepared to apply sudden breaks couple of times during nights and early in the morning.


Montana is incredibly beautiful among the highway drive next to Wyoming. Driving in Chicago&Chicago-Detriot highway is scary due to rash driving

with 80-90 miles speed just like traffic in Delhi, India. Secondly lots of traffic jams near New York/New Jersey interstate connections/diversions.

It’s thrilling experience of driving from one end to another/cross country in USA but if I hit any project in Montana, no doubt I love to drive back because of beauty

in Montana; sunrise, sunset every day, yellow stone and Glacier National Park. On top of it, life is peaceful in Helena though it is very cold there and only 7

Indian families living there, compared to life & traffic in east coast, I do not see any difference btw North of India and east coast of USA in terms of traffic

and driving.

Here are some of the tips followed, advised by my friend:

–       Be cool and do not be rush on the roads, there is nothing in the universe that cannot wait

–       Maintain the gaps between the cars on free ways

–       Do not cross +5 of speed limit

–       Take more quick breaks, when you take it, wash your face with cold water and have a cup of coffee

–       Target for 700 miles /day, that should be good enough

(I drove 800 miles a day (5am to 9/10pm)

–       When the weather conditions are bad, take a break

–       Have good food, enough blankets to survive in car if get struck on highways, torches, candles, lighter

All the best and have a safe trip

** Call a friend at destination and inform if you drive alone before you start.

** I wrote and kept emergency contacts number in USA/India to contact if I meet any accident and kept this paper pasted next to my car seat.

The Real Story Starts from here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010, Client name XYZ, Helena, Montana after grand farewell party by client, I have started my journey at 2PM Mountain Daylight Time Zone (MDT) to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to drive 2600 miles to attend an in-person interview with the client PENDOT, PA. (vendor XYZ IT did not tell the F2F interview got cancelled)

I have prepared a week ahead of this, but it was postponed to Thursday instead of Saturday due to pressure from the Indian vendor. After traveled 50miels on to US highway, I got a call from my employer. He asked me; Hello Kumar, “Did you get a call from the vendor from PA?” I replied No and he communicated the message that the in-person interview was got cancelled and I do not need to drive in hurry to reach PA. Instead, he helped/advised me to come to company guest house located in New Jersey (same distance) and hanged up the phone. I was collapsed for a moment, but I was in driving the car at 85miles speed on 75miles speed limit US HIGHWAY in single lane.

In Montana there was no speed limit earlier and due to frequent accidents on highways they imposed 75miles speed limit and whereas it is 65miles in other states. For a moment I do not know what to do and I controlled the car and took a U turn though it is not advisable and stopped at nearby GAS station. I stopped the car ignition, and I was sitting in the car and I do not have sense to open the door and lock it to get or fetch a black coffee. I was thinking if someone either come or takes me out of the car or someone can bring a cup of black coffee to my car. But it is Montana, I have googled it before I relocate to this state from NC state. It is one of the fourth largest state in USA and one of the coldest states and less populated state i.e. one million.

You rarely see people pass by.  Finally, I got off from the car, went inside the gas station coffee store and requested the store manager Can I use rest room? And he has showed the way. I rushed to rest room and washed my face with deadly cold water, and I realize or recollect what I heard from my employer. But still it looks like unconscious state and slowly walked to fetch a glass or cup of black coffee (Which I love to drink here). I paid 75 cents to coffee and get into the car. I called SM to seek the advice either to proceed the journey towards east coast or west, back to Helena for night stay.

He advised me to continue the journey as already left the state capital. I suppose to work on Friday also, but I took loss of pay and started early to reach by Monday to face the client interview or to cover the 2600 miles distance all alone. I have re-started/resume my journey by feeding NJ company guest house in GPS(these days, phone can be used as GPS) and my face is full of tears that were dropping from eyes and napkins got over in the car. Then I understood that I should stop crying and concentrate on driving and look at the beauty of Montana. Finally, I traveled 350 miles till 9PM MDT and stopped at a MOTEL on highway.

This is for the first time I get into MOTEL in USA because for safety and security reasons, I preferred to stay in HOTELS than to MOTELS. I have requested them a room and finally I paid for a room and got the keys. The room is small with no room heater and its very cold inside. As I have no choice and I prepared to stay there and ate little chips and water as dinner. I kept an alarm at 4AM MDT and went to bed but I cried uncontrollably for one hour by recollecting the morning incident and I was little scared to drive all alone rest of 2250 miles. I have dialed couple of times my poor wife, who lives in central part of India which is partially ruled by Maoists and phones work on and off. Fortunately, that night the call got connected and I spoke to her two minutes as usual and conveyed the message and I went to bed.

The alarm was ringing at 4AM and I wake up and stopped the alarm and wake from bed and was ready by 4.45AM MDT. My target is to drive the car onto highway by 5AM MDT hence I started the ignition to get the engine heat, seat etc. I packed my stuff and left the key inside and locked the door as advised my Motel manager the previous night and get into the car. I was thirst for a cup of black coffee and after I drive few miles, I stopped for a coffee.

Again, I have started my journey and I was about to hit the deer and as you know Montana was famous for deer which cross highways frequently. It was dark and fortunately I was able to manage it and dropped the sudden breaks and all the stuff in the seat next to me was fell down and everything in car went here and there. As its highway, I could not stop in the middle of it and that too it was narrow single lane highway. I drove until I see sunrise and I topped for a coffee again to re pack the car as well. I went inside the coffee Shoppe and due to its location, there were no gas stations and there are separate coffee Shoppe.

The lady inside asked me “Are you a truck driver?” I said no. She replied to me again, saying that you do not look like a truck driver and mostly here trucks only travel from here to Wyoming State, hence I got a question, she replied. I did not understand now, but I was little eager for my cup of coffee.  She cleaned my coffee big cup and filled it up and I paid 75 cents which is half price compared to east coast. I started my journey, and it was a beautiful sunrise, and I was amazed to see and drive opposite to it. After drove, some distance I have entered Wyoming State and I was shocked to no cars on highway except big truck that carry mines stuff.

Then I have recollected what the lady in coffee Shoppe asked me a question. My cell phone sprint network shows no network and I drove almost 500 miles without seeing any car on the highway and it almost looks like driving in space as I do not see anything means anything. I was scared when my satellite radio also stops working after some time and it was scary if my car gets off the road and anything happens to me. Fortunately, I entered South Dakota and I saw the first car and I felt happy, and I even see a sign with subway. I rushed inside the subway and ordered foot long veggie sandwich without cheese and without meat and requested her to cut into four pieces and the last piece is my dinner whenever I finish it. I felt so happy because that was probably my first good meal after Thursday.

After refill, the car with gas, I have started my journey and stopped at rest area as I was expecting a client technical telephone interview. I was waited for the call and answered it for 40 minutes. I was scared to sit even in car also because it’s not advisable in USA to sleep/sit in car for long time in rest areas as you never know who come and hit you or anything many happens in rest area. Fortunately, nothing was happened and after the interview I have started my journey thru MN State and reached to a hotel this time as I was scared to stay or sleep in Motel the previous night.

As usual I kept an alarm at 4AM and started my journey at 5AM and reached my friend’s place in Chicago, IL for lunch. It was happy to see them and after had brief interaction and project search, I have started my journey to Detroit, MI. After I left my friend’s house, I stopped at gas station and re filed the tank. I suppose to visit a friend in Downtown who is on a visit to USA from India. But I called him and said I cannot drive in Chicago traffic as it is like pain in butt.

I have started my journey to Michigan state, but I was shocked to know that the speed limits in city are 35-40miles per hour and mostly all drivers are driving at 70-80miles speed in four lanes highway with toll gates. My friend advised me not to miss the toll gate to pay but exactly at the same toll gate I missed to stop and pay due to heavy traffic, I could not even imagine changing lanes.

OMG (Oh my god) I am lucky nothing was happened, and I was come out of Chicago. The pain was not ended there, mostly all of them are driving at 80-90 miles per hour from Chicago to Detroit highway and I was also maintained the same for six hours without stop for rest room. Finally, I reached Detroit, Mi to my friend’s house. I took a night halt and I have started my journey to New jersey the next day as usual. I have attended interviews/calls on the wheels and looks like something is going to workout by the time reaching New Jersey.

After reaching New jersey, I got selected for a short project for 36 hours. The manager called and said, do not use your personal car and HR lady arrange the car (rental for you). I know they’re lazy people and called me last minute, no rental cars(a lie) and asked me to go by my car. The client manager called and said, where are you? he though I was already in Boston. Asked me to join the conference call. Meanwhile, I asked for billing rate as 2009 worked for salaries and 2010 hrly rate but manager cheated by saying this is also salary based and you get $250 Kumar. I have a choice to drop or drive. They’re supposed to pay me $750 per day and I swallowed tears. Because no time to cry or argue. The CCIE passed Networking Engineer in the company working there on L1, b1, H-1B told me, Kumar this is $3000 plus day bidding project but not normal project. It was even shocking to know. He explained that you’re a special resource to this company. He said, you’re a golden duck to the company. I did not understand his words for a moment. if he is correct 75% of $3000 is mine but manager said $250 per day is my salary.

I have started driving to Boston, MA and the target is to attend 5.30PM EST conference call with all the team members across the globe is called 24 X 7 Operations through multiple-shifts/follow-the-sun model. I got unnumbered calls from many whether I can reach on time or not. Fortunately, with New Jersey-New York-Boston (first time drivers not easy this route) traffic like Chicago – Detroit highway traffic. After six hours nonstop drive, I parked the car in parking lot in concord, CLIENT and went inside to do security formalities. Someone accompanied and he was Project manager, and the call was just started. They were all discussing who needs to do what.

During the call, the dinner was completed by all, a veggie sand witch again but not with meat and cheese. I took some time to separate both and eat only veggie part. After the 45 minutes call, the work started in datacenters till 2 AM EST. Then I left for hotel and completed the check in formalities and just fell on the bed. I woke up at 6AM EST and 8AM EST again I was at work same location and by evening 6PM EST, I have completed the task which was assigned to me.

I have celebrated a party myself i.e., good food and cup of Tequila in a good restaurant next to hotel. I came to hotel and slept that night and I have started my six hours journey again from Boston- New York- New Jersey. I have analyzed what I did in Boston project, and I have recollected couple of important technical stuff and added in my resume for my next project search and submitted for couple of jobs and got a call from a client in Phillipsburg, NJ and got selected.

Bottom-Line: do not answer the phones on the highway. Throughout the journey attended recruiters calls and couple of times, I stopped to attend the interviews and they did not call on time and lost time in waiting at the rest areas. Life is full of chaos and messed up in the USA because of H-1B.



Life in Phillipsburg New Jersey

Client Private Pharma client
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Layer1  Desi vendors
Canonsburg PA 15317
Layer2 H-1B Broker
H1B Kumar

The client invited me for a F2F (face to face) interview, and I got selected and joined in Project of AD (Active Director of Microsoft Windows Technologies). migrations at Phillipsburg New Jersey. All these job applications submissions, getting project selections and moving to new locations are happening all at the same time. I mean while on the move, I had been applying for jobs or submitting job applications and attending the phone interviews either screening or technical screening.

The photo is taken at the Plant of Pharmaceutical company in 2010-2011 at Phillipsburg New Jersey USA. It was while visiting the plant to work on IT project at the critical locations.


After Boston MA project, I drove to Phillipsburg New Jersey. After attended in person interview with Prime Vendor hiring manager and Client hiring manager, I stayed in the car with all my luggage in the parking lot in a mall. I am waiting for the results of the client interview and no place to go. I am searching for motel to stay and meanwhile, I got a room in Craigslist posted by an American. I drove to her house and I liked it. It is $500 in the second floor, three to four people are living in and my room vacated by an Indian woman it seems.  Her father is an Army Officer and bought her college fees completely cash is what Landlord explained. She left her clothes and books in the room and not cleaned. Landlord wanted to clean it before I occupy it. Since I do not have no place to stay, I am willing to get in.

The Landlord wants to check my background check online and asked me to wait outside. She found that I am good man and then she called me to come in to occupy the room. I am lucky that I got a call from vendor to join the project tomorrow but it is weekly extendable project due to its migration project. I said okay and paper work as usual my manager take his own time to complete it.

The client has no space in the building and he rented a truck to sit in and work for our team. This is totally new to me and others as heating control is slightly different and far from the main building. Walking to the rest rooms and coffee is risky as it is sleet(Ice rain). My other colleague Binivas just arrived from Middle East fell down on the ice while walking to his car. It is his second project and commuted from CT state and staying in Motel. He told his hourly billing rate is $100 an hour for CCIE network engineer role and his Tamilian Indian employer is paying him $25 an hour and holding his H-1B papers. He asked me advise what to do Kumar? Upon my advise, he took a FTE job with USA client in PA State and moved to PA.

About my landlord

She is 70 years old raising three animals and going to work daily to maintain the house. She asked me, Kumar you always say My India is great? If you’re India is great, what are you doing here? Even today, I do not have an answer for her question. She shared her life time experiences with me. She does not like men to do micro management like any other American woman hence gave divorce to her husband. She told me she has a big business but recession forced her to shut it down. She also told, how Indian parents are coming from India and ruined the professional baby sitter jobs in the USA which are meant for Americans. Till then, I did not know that the Air India flights both the ways are full of 50 to 80 years old Indian parents who are unable to carry the luggage’s and etc. are forced to commute between India and USA for every six months until they die. So sad!. H-1Bs or Indians are dying for dollars is what we found in our discussion. Though Indians claim in taxes and get returns for the baby sitting, why do they invite parents to do this slavery? This question also I do not have an answer today. She gave good feedback one time when cop came for background check for my job application. I got shocked because I do not know how fake resume people manage such back ground checks?

The photos are taken by Kumar




Work location















Visited New York City



Two RFEs

RFE means Request for Evidence. Manager called me and asking me to get the middle vendor letters and end USA client letters from them. Generally managers have to do this job but they pass it to H-1Bs. I emailed to middle vendor and he said he is in India, a lie to escape in giving a letter to USCIS. I have asked him, if you are in India, who will pay salaries to your employees in the company? will they wait until you come back from India? he said no, someone will run payroll. Then why cannot you ask someone to issue the H-1B extension letter address to USCIS. Finally he did after follow ups and USA Client has given in less than five minutes. This is the fundamental work culture and ethics differences between Indians vs Americans in the USA. Indians take a week days or never do it and Americans will do it in less than five minutes.

I have forwarded these letters to manager. Manager sent the packet to USCIS. The good news is my H-1B extension is approved for three years and these RFEs are on the Montana project and by that time, I get RFE and cleared, I have done two projects that is Boston 16 hours one and this Phillipsburg Project.

Manager holding immigration papers

The bad news is, manager told, your GC labor is approved that is first stage but we do not give any immigration papers. We HOLD it as per the company policies. Manager warned do not meet the attorneys of the company. I went to the attorney’s office and asked for my immigration papers. I am shocked to see all the staff are Indian women and talking in Hindi language. One lady said, Hey Kumar came, DO NOT GIVE HIS GC PAPERS to another Indian lady in HINDI language. I told, you guys are working in an attorney office and holding immigration papers like Indians hold Indian passports in middle east countries. What is this? Do you think, we H-1Bs are slaves? I stepped out of the Attorneys office before the Indian lady about to say GET OUT in Indian language.

I was shocked for a moment, this is America and unfortunately people outside America assume that Laws and immigration laws are ultimate. Cops or Police will come and arrest if employers do not pay salaries is what my ex manager from Bangalore India asking me very innocently while I was in the Guesthouse.

Bottom-Line: Indian attorneys also break laws and immigration laws here.

I felt Indenture Servitude aka H-1B

2010 November to 2011 April, write whatever negative words in the Dictionary of English, it is applicable to the mindsets of H-1Bs. It is because of getting customer to the brokers, begging them for payments, humiliations in telephone technical interviews by Indians for $25 an hour projects in the California, bodyhops in Detroit Michigan etc. departed from family, lonely, and uncertain future, manager is holding immigration papers and what not? Boston project is clear, whatever the amount you get from the customer, manager pay only $25 an hr or less than that and do recoveries and abusive Indian language over the phone or in the office for no reasons.

I went to gas station cum coffee store near my room in Phillipsburg and purchased long black coffee. Sat in my coup car and recorded my frustration in audio files. I think, I have created a Facebook group and started writing my story as “Confrontation Book, H-1B Indians immigration Boat”. An IT professional from West Bengal requested me to create a page so that many people can read it and I have done that.

I have created an YouTube Channel but not uploaded any videos yet.

I have created Facebook pages for Telugu and English. I have searched online, no Indian ever talking about the atrocities on H-1Bs or Indians cheating Indians in the USA. I have decided to release my voice out and confront the wrong doings of Indians. I felt ashamed to be an Indian in the USA for this kind of torture both physical and mental at the Guesthouses and various places by these managers.

This FB page is hacked by Hindu converted Christian person and KE no longer have this.

This is how Kumar becomes Kumar Exclusive 

Project Search – BENCH

Project search means, I apply for jobs using job sites and network of people. This is the job of my manager to do it for me but he sleeps so I do it for myself. If I hit a project, he takes $1 per hour plus his or her $100,000 salaries for managing H-1Bs. Also managers take money from H-1B during BENCH time, that money is for your medical, taxes and his company taxes etc. There is receipt or fixed number to it. I think here is exactly some H-1B drive taxies and give that money to the managers to run the payroll. This is something I heard from friends that Indians do this is some foreign nations where they work in Hotel industry and employers run payroll for IT. It is to safeguard the immigration status and to remain the country legally.

I have been applying for projects and no work no sleep is my attitude. I have been attending the interviews in person and telephone. I do not know why my manager is not doing paperwork with some of the illegal or middle vendors or vendors. I drove to Rhoda Island, New York City etc.

 In person Interview at Thousand Oaks, CA.

I really fell into depression after visiting this place  Thousand Oaks, CA just for in person interview. A vendor from Michigan prompted me to go as he paid one way ticket. SO he bought a ticket to CA that the flight travel all over the USA and then reached CA. It is a disaster the journey time and tiredness. I lost the interview results and came down to New Jersey. It takes a while for me to recover because this trip costs me $2000 from my pocket. I lost my savings here.

Bottom-Line: Never attend in person or face to face interviews in the USA at your cost. Let the managers or vendors pay for it otherwise demand a video interview otherwise do not apply for such jobs. Because I lost thousands of dollars in traveling at my cost from NJ to RI, NJ to CA, NJ to NY City multiple times etc. If selected all are happy but if not selected all are not going to lose anything but you will end up live in depression. Some interviews called Green Card interviews, you perform well but they fail to prove it to USCIS that you are not a right fit and hence approve their H-1B’s Green card application. This all shops do so eventually you will become a victim here.

Visit Edison for Lunch and Movies on weekends

My Savings are melting like a ice on the streets. Still no clue of hitting one. I cried one time for this mess life in America. To have a change, I get out of the room and drove 45 miles to Indian SARAVANAA BHAVAN for Indian food on weekends and watched a Telugu movie in Edison New Jersey and drove back 45 miles to the Phillipsburg. The moment reaching my room, I get tears.

I watched movies for refresh or some relief as I spent 40 to 80 hours on week days for new technologies, project search etc. without rest.

Split mentality disorder People


One time I met a person named Bhujangarao from Guntur AP India watching the Telugu Indian film “Jai Bolo Telangana” requested my cell phone number. I did not know him in person and since he is speaking Telugu so I just gave. Immediately, I am getting the calls from Guntur AP India for marketing calls of his company to join SAS training by paying $2000 fees. It is very dangerous to give our cell phone number to people here as they sell it for marketing calls is what I understand here. It is because some people sell it for marketing calls purpose in India or here.

Bhujangarao later called me to attend caste meetings also to cheat people to join computer courses. I said, I am fine with what I am getting and I cannot do this kind of cheating business and I moved away from him.

Jai Bolo Telangana movie in brief: “Varshit is the son of a Telangana freedom fighter who gave up his life for the cause. He is not interested in carrying forward the legacy but a trip to his grandparents’ village changes his mind.”

It is interested because the fire is going in Telangana vs Andhra Telugu people split mentality disorder in India. The same people moved here and started groups and fighting over here after poaching locals jobs here.

Bottom-Line: do not merge with Indian caste groups or regional groups here because they have split mentality disorder. Good thing is, you get network connections quickly but there are several negative things also follows. One time, my manager in business email asking me to VOTE for particular Chowdary caste person to be elected as President for that group. In the USA, how does it matters to me Indian castes? We flee India for dollars, green cards and US passports right? Do we care Caste? Do we care humanity, compassion and empathy like my landlord in Phillipsburg?


Moved to Edison

Edison is little expensive due to lots of Indians living here. Rents are higher compared to other areas. Also getting an apartment is NOT easy. Because of Indian vacating it, he or she will inform his or her friend to come and take it or apply so it is always in demand here. Bhaskar my Edison friend whom I met in Sai baba Temple in 2008 advised me to move to Edison. Because he has been living here. Since I feel lonely in Phillipsburg and also far from New York City to attend in person interviews, I have decided to move into Edison into apartment above the Bhaskar’s apartment. It is costing me too much and losing my savings. On top of it, manager Mr. Chidatala Apparao demanding/warning me to pay taxes, medical and Agency taxes.

I got vexed in life and drove to Maryland to return my car on loan to CARMAX and leave for India. I drove to Maryland and get the price quote with a week time limit on it but did not hand over the car to them on the spot. I have packed my stuff and called Bhaskar to drop the apartment keys into his house. He said, Kumar, please do wait until he returns from Florida trip, his family trip. He went there to see his sister and vacation. I thought I am hyper active and fast decision maker so I have waited for his to return to Edison New Jersey.

Here is the total scenes changed. he said, why do you stay alone in the apartment? let us post a room share and give that money to his friend landlord working in SAP technologies in California. He holds this apartment in Edison New Jersey. Because Edison has that much demand and once you vacate it getting apartment is not easy.  A person who completed his Masters name Chowdary and his employer GubbaRao came to the apartment. I told the story and they okay to it. Unfortunately nothing is there in my apartment and another person joined. If I starve okay, I do not want him to starve and I went out and purchased basic vessels to cook Indian rice and a rice bag for him and me too.

Bhaskar came with his spouse and said, Kumar, let us start MCSE curriculum completely and pass the exams and let us train Masters students. Bhaskar is good trying to divert my depression mind to technology as I am suffering and trying to go back to India. I did the set up of servers and desktops and network in the apartment with a white board to explain. Bhaskar called his friends a couple working in a BANK without knowing how to operate a laptop. She has to perform tasks on Storage devices in production environment. Bhaskar advised her not to bring office laptop connected to the BANK. Please come and attend Kumar’s free MCSE training. Meanwhile, new roommate Chowdary and his employer GubbaRao and his wife also came to my apartment. It has become a busy training institute. I lost privacy as it is single bed room and bathroom is in the living room. I told the roommate, you are okay but please tell your employer not to bring his family here and sit whole day as I lost my privacy here.

Some of them get trained in MCSE and got jobs also.

I hit a project here for my hardwork of upgrading skills Set and number of submission of resumes and attended interviews.

Clint: government client in NY NJ

LayerONE: American Prime Vendor

LayerTWO: American illegal vendor who takes $45  a cut per hr

LayerThree: My Agent

H-1B Worker: Kumar. (PW prevailing wages in NYC for h-1b work is $45 an hr, but agent gets $45 an so I get $25 an hr). 

Length of the project: never ending.



EXTORTION; Middle vendor Tom reduced billing from $65 an hour to $46 by saying you are not a senior guy according to his friend Rick of Pomeroy. H-1B Broker  does not show PO as per company rules after 45 days of joining project only came to know about hourly pay rate by middle vendor to H-1B Broker. Thomas M. McDonough middle vendor took $45 an hour from all h1bs/F1 etc by replacing Americans. Health; sick of L5-L6 dis irritation due to carry Servers and SAN of 250 LBS without a machine. Dave Lampe told Rick to buy equipment to carry SANs in Datacenters. Took one week loss of pay for bed rest. Spent money for Doctor treatment. Tillbrook, Richard was about to replace by F1/H1B at site he reported to client.



Pictures are taken by Kumar in Edison Apartment. 







Chowdary’s story

He is from Tanuku village in Andhra State in India. He came to USA for Masters. He lived with 25 members in one bed room apartment during MS. He drove a car without license during his MS time hence I got scared of him and kept my car keys in pocket always. He asked me whether his employer GubbaRao is a good or bad? I said, I cannot tell good or bad but you listen to this audio file and you decide. If I say bad, you will run away from this apartment tonight. Why did you come to this apartment? what did your employer say?

In his college or UNIV of Master, his seniors referred to his friends consultancy who place MS students. He thought Guesthouse means, food, drinks and all free so he came along with GubbaRao. Then I told the truth, this is Bhaskar’s friend working in CA, Bhaskar asked me to pay $500+ to his friend and stay. Instead of staying alone, he asked me to put a room share advertisement. GubbaRao has a full time job in Oracle technologies in Texas and whenever he visits his spouse he teaches Oracle to this Chowdary.

Chowdary understand the Truth and flee this apartment and went to another employer or Guesthouse in the California. Later he called me and said he got a job.

The lease of this apartment is ending and owner name also Chowdary. He is forcing me from California to go to lease office and tell a lie that the owner is in Edison NJ and get the extension of the lease done. The owner is running behind me for the room mate Chowdary’s rent. I told, I am NOT a mediator, your friend Bhaskar forced me to put an advertisement though nothing is there in the apartment for room share as he wants to generate money to you and introduced Chowdary’s employer to you. Why do you run behind me? This Chowdary of California’s pressure, I quit this apartment.

Bottom-line: Indians drink blood for dollars or die for cents.  It is better to live with Americans than to live in Indian’s apartments. 

Moved to Fords NJ single bed room

The Chowdary from California holding an apartment in Edison NJ finally forced me to look for an independent apartment for peace of mind. Though it is expensive for my no salaries project and savings melting. Less expensive here, $1000 single bed room and $1500 two bedroom with single bathroom. This is the cheapest apartments in this area and full of Indians and other nationalities. Mostly Indians. Bheeshma recommended this and he got $250 referral money and on top of it, his condition is, any new comer has to host $250 worth Whisky and beers to him and his friends in this apartment. I took single bed room flat for $1000 upon his advise in the second floor. I could not resist his pressure and bought alcohol to him and his team. I told him, early morning 5am, I have to write to WTC onsite, so please do not disturbed me and I slept. I wakeup at 4am and get ready and left by 5am to drive the car to New York City. They drunk till 4am and while leaving they took away my money that I kept in the living room around $200+ and finished two cartel’s of 24 beer cans and 2 full big Whisky bottles. To my surprise he invited 25 of his friends living in this apartment complex and most of them are Telugus and Telangana people and less of Andhra people. I have asked him after return from the work that my money is missing and he denied by saying that his friends are very honest people.  The H4 Indian woman’s named Padmasri Telugu Indian who’s husband works in Naveda asking my resume by claiming that she is a CEO of an Indian Inc. Upon enquiry came to know that she is working as a recruiter for a bodyshop for free. Until she places someone, she cannot get money so she is running behind me for my resume.

Kumar has taken these below pictures in Fords New jersey USA 

NYNJ Project

Client: government client located in two states

Broker ONE: Prime Vendor gets $130+ an hr (his employees get $84 an hr)

Broker TWO: Illegal middle vendor get $85 an hr, cuts $45 to his pocket

Broker THREE: gets $45 an hr from middle vendor and pays left over to

H-1B Worker: KE. (H-1B rule is $45 an hr PW in NYC).

I also got two interviews from the same client in the New York City and third round they asked me to come to the New York City. I said I got vexed and cannot come at my cost and it costs $100 buck to drive to New York City, please do transfer that amount. The middle vendor told a lie come to join the project. I have asked for $85 an hour and he reduced it to $65 an hour. He sent paperwork to my manager and manager told company policy so we do not share the purchase order. This is the problem with them and do not know how much middle vendor is paying to manager though I get them customer.

Middle vendor told after reaching New York City, sorry Kumar, you have to attend one more round then confirm the job. I know he is lying and playing tricks or dramas with H-1Bs. I have attended half day another round and then asked me to join in the project. The prime vendor took me to the hiring manager to take the interview again. He is Chinese American and he said, why so many rounds of interviews? not required and he is looking into the system to allocate me to the respective projects.

Parking is $35 next to the office and time limit is 7am to 5pm. Food is expensive on day1.

On Day-1 I met John from Keralite Christian Indian full time with Prime Vendor. He is in full josh and jovial and happy roaming and took me every where of this floor and introduced few of his colleagues. He took me out for lunch and it is expensive. I told him, Sorry John, I cannot eat outside as my billing is very low and I do not get salaries for the first two months due to change in project or gap. He said that is fine. He explained how prime vendors changed at this client and how much previous vendor paid$300 a slab rate for on call job on weekends and this guy removed that money etc. He took me to ATM and draw lots of cash. he told, his spouse is a Nurse working, his in-laws also working here as Nurse and trying to bring his brother-in-law from Kerala India to New York for Masters degree. He is sponsoring and he will take care of his two children and it costs a lots of money for baby sitting in the New York City. Hence he is doing this for his brother-in-law and in reverse, he takes care of his children. Community colleges are very cheap to study so he is opting for one. It is just like Padma did and her sister in Maryland, I have recollected. I have yet to meet real International students who have come for really to do Masters here. He gets $85 an hour and it is big money to lead a comfortable life here. Still New York City is expensive to manage the travel expenses.

I met African Americans and American co workers here. Day two, Bengali Babu Barkar took my one dollar cup noodles and showing it to the client. See everyone, Kumar is eating one Dollar cup noodles and the illegal middle vendor is eating $250 lunch outside and this cup noodles spoils Kumar’s health. For his sudden actions on the 11th floor in front of all people, I was shocked to react. The American team lead who is part of the illegal middle vendor warned Barkar. I noticed another Masters student Sundar also joined here. I think we three are joined same time. We went out to have a tea at 3pm and discussed what is going on here. Sundar cried for his loans back home and expenses in the New York City. He fired in jobs due to fake resume and proxy interviews. I advise him to focus on the job and learn technologies. He was posted to a data center from the corporate building.

Given my hardware background, initially asked to cover all 30 datacenters and prime vendor’s other clients data centers across the two states. So we three departed from the corporate building on day three.


I took a train pass $250 from Edison to New York City on Second day and parked my car in the paid Parking $250 a month in Edison NJ at the railway station. Once get down into the Penn Station in New York City, I reach by walk to the work location. Client said, Kumar get your car and drive to Staten Island NY and it is quick. I took a cab to Ferry Station and took a Ferry to Staten Island and then took a cab. It costs me too much money. I understand I have to travel daily to two client locations spread across 30 plus locations in two states.

On top of it, the prime vendor has many clients but not just this client. Good thing is I got a project after gap of 40 days but the bad thing is, credit card expenses are increasing as New York travel includes tolls, gas, miles and food etc. It is NOT one work location. I do understand the prime vendor employees get $1 tolls get paid but sub contractors paid no tolls though it is $15 to $25 to one location to another for clients work travel. This is pure exploitation of Indians or H-1Bs as slaves.

After two months passed on this project, I got my first paycheck. Shockingly, the billing rate is damn low and called the manager. He said middle vendor is holding $45 an hour and paying them $45 an hour which is prevailing wages break in the New York City where H-1B supposed to get $45 an hr minimum in the New York Cit. We pay very little and may need to recover it. I have asked him to show the P.O and he denied. I have called the middle vendor why this $45? I have asked for $65 an hour as agreed on the phone. He said, no Kumar, you are not qualified for the senior role. I have asked him you are an illegal middle vendor how come you decide at the client site who is qualified for the senior or junior? He said he worked as IT Manager at the site and he learned from Indians how to become illegal layers hence he knows and he controls everyone at the site. Remember this is a government site which manages the security of the states.

I have asked the prime vendor to take me on his roles so that I can get $85 an hr as salary. Client billing is $130 an hour. He said, you have to talk to middle vendor as we both wrote an agreement that H-1Bs must work for one full year before coming on to board. The American team lead also part of this salary sharing scheme and they fired employees of the prime vendor and hired all of them through this middle vendor so that they can pay only $45 an hr hour to all sub contractors or sub contractor’s owners/brokers.

Project is never ending, technologies are great, roaming to multiple client sites to fix the problems on the fly is great but billing damn weak. On top of it, it is 16 hours a day job with Over Time Approved by the end client on the spot. Example like: before leaving the house, “start to the site” and at the end of the day leaving the site counts for me. The over time issues started and the middle vendor not showing the hours that he enters into the first broker site. He is telling lies to me and entering full hours. On top of it, only 50% of the hours money releases to my manager. My manager said, he sent that money to India.



You’re FIRED

I went to Edison office and showed my manager, what is this? I am paying $2000 on credit card for travel etc. and I cannot do this anymore if the Over Time money is getting delayed. Exactly here, the Chinese American manager at the client site step into support, fight for my H-1B rights and he said, he will not allocate to Kumar to multiple sites unless his payments released. The war started, that is blame game in IT. Middle vendor sent an email to my manager by threatening him that he will file a case in New York City labor court on him. Manager thought that it is Kumar asked him to file and my manager said, you are fired, get out of the site. Middle layer himself is illegal and threatening my manager/broker. Team lead who controls this mess fired Chinese American hiring manager for his honesty and fighting for Kumar to calm down the issue in front of the client. Generally In India, engineers leave managers but not jobs but here, manager lost his job for engineer’s rights sake. So Sad!.

Bottom-Line: It is most common here Indian managers say You’re Fired. It is to save their skin and they said openly. A friend of mine said, Kumar unless your manager(broker) and client manager is American, your life will NOT set in the USA.

Middle vendor wants to complain to NY Labor Board and the US Department of Justice about broker for not paying OT money to Kumar. 


Since I am honest, hardworking, getting CUSTOMER or CLIENT to the manager, why should I resign or leave project? I told him the same, I got this project(billing) to you so no way I will quit this project and my will be arriving tomorrow. Who will get me a project? He is shouting on the phone by saying, all the projects did you get on your own? I said yes. He hung up the call. That is what least that person can do. I called middle vendor and told, please come on a conference call. My manager misunderstood that I have asked you to send him that above email. You tell him, what is your problem and I will tell my problems and let us sort it out. This is what I do when blame game is ON in Clayton project also with technical folks.

Middle vendor, my manager and I were on the conference call. They both come to an agreement of release my over time money on time. And there will NOT be any delays. I continued in this project till 2015 August. This is when another manager joined and replaced my first manager. Troubles started with this second manager. He is speaks Tamil and he has attachment with Tamil hiring managers and asked me to join those projects by quit this project.

I went to the office and met the top boss and requested him to change my manager. He said, H-1Bs have no right to chose their BDMs(Business Development Managers). I told him he is harassing me and this is NOT the way. Also I have asked him, did the first manager give my money (cash) that he collected from me for the green card? He said yes. All H-1Bs of your batch 2008 paid $5000 as retainer fees. This will be returned after getting green card and after work six months with the company only, the money will be returned.

My observations

Sridevi and Santhosh are two colleagues I met in the 3rd floor in the corporate building of the client. I went to corporate building once in a while as I mostly visit 30 data centers and WTC for installations, configurations etc., RACK and STACK etc. I generally do not dig into other’s lives unless they touch me. Santhosh asked me my bank account details as he has to get some money from someone very urgent. I believed it and gave. Someone sent $1000 to my account. Santhosh requested me to come to nearest ATM of that Bank and asked me to withdrawal that money. I did. He is repeating with others also. Upon digging noticed that he does proxy interviews and proxy skype interviews, proxy support business sitting in the government office building. He beg each one with the same story, he has no BANK account in that particular bank, could you please help him to give those details to get his money from another friend. He and half a dozen others are formed as a team and operating a call center from the office. Client is not aware because most of them are Indians are sitting here. No Americans. You know what, outsourcing companies took projects. He gets average $1000 for 60 minutes dump into banks. Because one interview is done in one hour. So by end of the day, $8000-$10,000 for phone interviews cleared, double the amount for proxy support during nights. This is later requested by some vendors and I refused to give.

Sridevi supports for women who can fake resumes and enter jobs through proxy. Sridevi told, one time she attended interviews 19 times and still the F1 International Indian student fired from jobs as she is unable to perform anything onsite with client laptop. This is what going on the client site. Irony is still everyone able to buy BMW as branded as Indians standard of living symbol here. God knows how do they get money in spite of not able to operate the client laptop but still getting $5000 at the end of the month. May be this is one of the reasons, every year from India 200,000 International students are coming from India for the last ten plus years. I am NOT saying all of them are like that but definitely majority of them are doing this model especially those who do not get USA client FTE jobs without faking their resumes.

Luckily, I left this building very quickly as I got another project which is an airport remodeling work has come up. I worked in confidential projects and some of the sites are not even in google maps and reaching the sites is not an easy task.


Social MEDIA

I was very active on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Media approached me for several issues and needing my help to them.

Though started YT channel on Oct 6, 2011, uploaded my first video on Feb 16 2013.


EXPERIENCE ABOUT LIFE IN USA. Liberty, Life, and LOVE are made me to never sleep for 12 years to reach my Dreams. I will record a video to explain “Life in America” to youth to have an idea and evoke interest on life. The video is for those who are helpless in career, jobless after education, hopeless in government. Some Indians from India criticize and ask me to advise them to join Indian Political party to clean up corruption etc. Read today news paper where President and Prime Minister of India protect criminals in politics after Supreme Court of India denied and finally with drawn for political mileage. When rulers are protecting criminals, search for “Liberty, Life, and LOVE” because we have only one Life. Some Indians live abroad mint lots of money but criticize “No life in West” and sent lists of corruption/crimes/Indians die Abroad to me. “Please do not listen to the people talk negatively and Hippocratic Indians. Unfortunately less Indians speaks/write honestly.” EXPERIENCE ABOUT LIFE IN INDIA. Current experience about “Life in INDIA” from youth/Electronic Media/people every day and night speaks the same:

(1) Corruption (2) Unemployment (3) Poverty (4) Terrorism (5) Crime Against women (6) People or youth hate to vote because majority of the political parties are corrupted If Indian leaders got brains why would it look like that where billions of youth jobless but politician’s corruptions are in billion dollars and majority of Private Sector also got corrupted because people love corruption and only poor cannot afford it in India? Unnecessarily, these politicians created colorful dreams in the minds of students and finally put them in dump.

2 Today news is shocking and “How come Cabinet and president of India want to protect criminals in politics?” What for we have LAW in India? Is there any meaning or respect for Liberty or Life in India? What a shameful political parties running India? If I were in India, I never vote for none, because most of the parties run on black money, politicians have black money, criminal, corruption back ground with caste/religion tags and they also support and protect criminals by neglect next generations except FOCUS on next elections.

3. These three reasons show a major difference in “Life in America” vs “Life in India” on grass root levels. People in India think that stand in line for ration for hours together, struck in traffic jams on dirty roads in metros (of, course no proper or no roads in villages or rural areas), pay bribes to get it from agents for everything to anything, spend millions of rupees for education from KG to PG and end up life as jobless after education with no hope=no life. When I talk to jobless youth in India or students, the call never ends because of saga of tragedies due to visionless, economic less corrupted and communal political parties are leaders of our societies in India. Where do youth/educated youth of India go now? 5. Never sleep until reach your Dreams, or Dream America. DREAM AMERICA is NOT $s as your neighbor defined, DREAM America means “Liberty, Life and Love. I experimented this in my life hence writing this line. Here sleep means never relax and do not complain about finance to any one because except crony capitalists and political class every one in India face this apart from (6) points mentioned above. Good Luck. Thanks for reading this. Kumar Wednesday, October 03, 2013


The parents of Masters students from India requested me to make videos in Telugu. Then I have started speaking in videos in Telugu.

Telugu video: అమెరికా అంటే, అంతా “అప్పు” మరియు “ఫేకు” Kumar Exclusive


I did not request anyone to click on “subscriber button or LIKE button” but I got 2000 LIKES for this video. It is because no Indian ever speak truth from America to this world. Till now Indians arrived to USA hide the truth.

I did not know these many people are watching my videos. I thought only my friends and followers in India are watching it. Then I have started learning options or features in YouTube, paying attention to the content and writing points on a white paper and following the line.

After seeing my popularity, Sivalingam, Bhaskar and Bhujangarao came to me in 2011.

Bhujangarao: he is begging me to tell all the followers to call him for SAS training

Bhaskar: he came up with a plan to train only MS students in Networking and make money

Sivalingam: He said, Kumar your English is bad and he will correct my English before I post it online. I used to write lots of posts on Facebook group and pages. His name is lord Siva but he hates Hindus and scold all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. He introduced me to some people to write my book, they asked me to pay $5000 and I dropped the offer. He wants all subscribers to convert to Christianity. He gave few lines to read at the end of the video and I did for few videos. Daily he is preaching HATE on HINDUISM and love on Christianity. He got a criminal idea and I pit fall into it. That is he created an email id for my channel and he did not share the password. He asked me to give that email id in my videos and I believed in him so blindly for his pure love on Jesus kind of words. He cheated several subscribers.

H1BWiki Guest Post

My Investigations

Several subscribers or followers across the globe helped me in doing research on finding H-1B petitioner who can file H-1B free to them. unfortunately we could not find a single shop out of 700,000 shops. All of them or most of them are asking $10,000 to deposit as cash in India or here though the fees of H-1B varies from $2500 to $3500 max. I do not know why are they charging $10,000. It is non refundable. I have started reading the rules of H-1B and H-1B rights etc.

No where America protects the H-1B but protects the H-1B petitioners or consultancies only no matter what crime they do here.

about H-1B worker rights:

We collected the huge data and audio files of consultancies in India and USA are asking H-1B fees money though it is crime to do.

My ex colleagues sent emails asking me to visit a bodyshop in Edison NJ. I went and told him over the phone, do not pay money to them as it is a one room a pan shop type in India but not a company. He paid and finally landed here and faced problems with the company. I understand that people outside the USA feel as if they are missing something if they do not come into the America.

Except the USA client sponsored H-1B employee, nobody is happy here. Even FTE with Top USA clients are also in depression due to their work hours and pressure. Still they are indentured servitude because they cannot say NO to boss/employer. If h1b say no tp boss, they will fire and lose h-1b and land in India which no Indian would like to go back.

The research on H-1B from 2011 to 2015 made me to give interviews to the media and help media to write articles without my name on it. As it is NOT safe to be in the media as I am into job searching. Still I believe some honest hiring managers out there likes me and my hard work and attitude hence hiring me. is what I believe.


I got a doubt on them, whether they are hiring people or doing human trafficking?  I have also come across very honest genuine and kind hearted followers among them. One even come forward and gave video interview and showed me the living conditions in India and especially working conditions of the recruiters in India, night sift. They lose health also. Working for USA does not count local experience for them. The pay is $50 a month and $2000 a month also some of them are earning. Still they feel that they are also missing America by looking at the Fake resume people getting jobs here.


I am not sure whether MEDIA exposing the crime helps the society or helps MEDIA for more views or reviews than to the justice to the victims. I am also NOT sure whether the Government is PART of the Problem or sleeping after reading the media reports on crime in immigration.


Smith from WSJ contacted me for OPT extension video. Sridevi gave the script, I mean her experiences. No MS student has come forward to speak to him for his article. Media wants F1 International students to come forward for interviews. Already many afraid of media and social media and nobody has come forward though I kept videos upon his advise. It is to bring the change in the system is what he explained.

Al Jazeera English:

An investigative journalist from this media has approached Kumar. Rajiv Dabhadkar from Mumbai introduce me to this investigative journalist. The journalist is doing a documentary on H-1B. I told Sivalingam, recruiter in Boston. He demanded $50,000 from the journalist to share end to end story for the documentary. The journalist came to me and gave two offers: 1 either sit in  Al Jazeera English studio and talk about H-1B abuses. 2 wear button camera or pen camera and take him to 10 worst DOL barred notorious criminal bodyshops in NYNJ. Since I do not like to be on MEDIA though I am one of the face of the 90% of 3 to 9 million h-1bs suffering and opted for two.

I did investigation about him and found his father also having a staffing company. The company ceo’s spouse is from Pakistan and she has a bodyshop. When you and your company is into H-1B abuse, how come do you want to make a documentary on H-1B abuses? DO you want to project that ONLY INDIANS are bad in the USA? He has no answer and I have asked this on the face by sitting in his car next to driver’s seat. His silence is accepted as his defeat. Anyways, I am also interested in doing this investigative research, I went with my SUV and he accompanied me.

What is shocking to me is, the Indian lady HR also talking abusive vulgar hindi language by scolding F1 international students. I feel pity for International students for a moment who are unware of these shops. If I were a cop, I would drag her to the nearest police station for her crime on Indian boys/men in the USA. It was recorded on the camera of  a media without her knowledge.

Some shops, Media is afraid to come in, and I went alone and asked the questions and gave it to them. Remember this is America.

Rajiv Dabhadkar

My Reviews: The Author well narrated all issues pin to pin, wrote well about all angles of human migrations, H1B issues, Indian Companies, consultancies and their activities with an eye opener book to many who aspire for higher studies in USA,, their parents, H1B aspirants, Educational Consultancies must read this book. I will also release a video detailed reviews on it. Please watch it on Kumar Exclusive. I wish the Author Good luck, God bless him for the kind of services he is doing for the world.

Green Carrot 

Rajiv Dabhadkar

The Book Reviews: “Green Carrot – America’s Work Visa Crisis” I have completed reading this book, gave 5* for this book.


A famous ‘whistleblower’ cheated me and my four subscribers

After this Germany article published in 2015, a whistleblower run behind me after introduced by Virgil but I declined that whistleblower but he did not leave me like another Amway person like Bhaskar, Sivalingam and Bhujangarao. With limited options, I opted for this whistleblower. He took $1400 from me and forced me to derail from my green card process system.

A friend wrote: “$1,400 is indeed not a big amount, but the fact that he changed the very direction of your life – caused you to resign from employer/projects, which derailed your Green Card process – putting you in further trouble. which is why I’ve said so many times in the past that he turned out to be worse than Sivalingam or any other desi body shop. ”

One subscriber paid $3000 to whistleblower for filing his green card. The subscriber lived 17 years in the USA on H-1B visa and left for India. Another Subscribers did MS in UK and came to New Jersey USA. He worked for six employers and none paid him salaries and abused him physically. He paid $1500 to whistleblower to fight against them and it is turned out to be a fraud. Another subscriber on H4 Visa was sent to India along with her daughter by H-1B Visa holder husband. He cheated her and daughter and remain in the USA and applied for divorce and took divorce from the USA. She approached me and I have no idea on this because I am NOT an attorney. I told about whistleblower helping Indians and she paid him directly $1500 to fight in the court and deport that H-1B. It is turned out to be a fraud. Another Mexican American married F1 Telugu India and he cheated her. She might have paid another $1500 to this whistleblower and turned out to be a fraud.

Work locations-NYNJ


Carried Servers and SAN storage devices in my SUV. One American colleague advised do not do this if any car crash, Prime Vendor will collect the money from you and you have to work life time here for repayments. Hence I told PV(Prime vendor), please arrange the truck and I cannot do this anymore at my personal expenses. H-1bs are used to this extent in the New York City.

Driving to Airports Data centers

Driving to air port data enters

ONSITES work visits in New York


August 2011


Manager Mr. Chidathala Apparao from agency said, you’re fired, family is arriving at JFK in August 2011 from India after separation with me due to visa expired, passport renewal issues etc. in 2009 and I lost my Ford Car in washed out of sudden floods.

Auto Insurance provided me Ford Escape SUV for one month free. As soon as 30 days ends, I took same kind of model Ford Escape on lease from Ford City stores. It is on lease for three years with 30,000 miles limit. My job needs a car so I cannot survive without car. I have traveled 60,000 miles in three years and while return, I have to pay back money for each extra mile hence I purchased it. Since I do not have credit history, I paid more interest to the banks that gave loans for 10 years and the SUV costs me $30,000.


Virgil Bierschwale

My YouTube Channel got me new friends. He is none other than Virgil Bierschwale. He is from Germany and he is an American. If I trust anyone in America, he is the only person. He told me what’s happening behind the H-1Bs. he introduced me to few attorneys to understand the Rights of the H-1B. I made a video after did research on a topic that Indian recruiters calling from India, deny Americans resumes to accept. That is how they are trained by their bosses. I have shared Virgil resume to them and they refused to accept it. They said please give only Indians resumes. I hope you understand why? Then I made videos on displaced Americans topics.

Virgil has been doing lots of research on the H-1B and IT dark side and hosted on his websites. He is a man of ethics and values. Probably that is why we are connected. But Sivalingam recruiter H2C(Hindus to Christianity) conversion person discouraged me to talk to Americans about H-1B topics. Sivalingam blackmailed me by saying that if you talk to Virgil, he would not correct my English posts on Facebook and he will NOT help writing my H-1B Book.

Sivalingam created a webpage for me to avoid contacting Virgil. He deleted that page for not recorded a video “Testimony of Kumar” by saying that I SAW JESUSS.


Sivalingam’s H2C attacks

Sivalingam, just because he provided free Guesthouse accommodation in 2008 in person interview with a client though he is an illegal vendor in between the chain, he did not leave me for a decade. He sent a Bible in Telugu from India. Though I have studied in Christian Schools in India, no one attacked me like this Sivalingam did on Hinduism and my mind and soul.

He sent a Bible and asked me to read it in 15 days. I read few chapters important ones according to him. Then demanded me daily to air a video “I SAW JESUS”. I did not do that so he attacked me daily and he discouraged me your English is bad so he has to correct it before post it on Facebook and review videos before I air it. He said do not trust Americans and especially Virgil Bierschwale. Because in one email, I used to send my posts and views unlisted for review. Virgil Bierschwale replied, Kumar you do not need anyone’s reviews, whatever you speak or talk on videos must go to PUBLIC. You are a man of truth. This is where Raj does not like Virgil and asked me to boycott Virgil.

Daily one hour he wasted on preaching’s and one time, I still remember, I end the call by saying that I reached my home and I have to spend time with family. He called me and said, what is family? We are talking about eternal world and life after death. Do not worry about family and all. We have to plan for “Life after Death”. I told my spouse and she told, boycott him. He is not trust worthy but I some how believed in him and I did not talk to my spouse and continued relation with him over the phone. Even Bhaskar from Edison told, Kumar, do not trust these H2C batch. H2C= HINDUS CONVERTED CHRITIANITY BATCH. These people are very dangerous as they ditch both Hindus and Christians.

His strategy is, first inculcate hate into Hindus or my mind.  By asking questions why Lord Krishna has 16000 wives etc? Like these questions. I said I followed Swamijis in India, I can connect to them if you want answers. He also inculcate hate on a section of Christianity and praise only one section of Christianity who do not pray for statues.  He said, no being Hindu, you must answer. You ask him any questions, he will answer about Jesus. I hung up his calls but he did not leave me like the Bhaskar AMWAY trapping calls. These people are same in terms of trapping innocent people into their net. I cut friendship with Bhaskar for his AMWAYS trappings and trapping OPT/CPTs on my Facebook page and group for his networking training and placement. I also cut the BhujangaRao for his trapping for SAS courses etc. Now my road is clear with Sivalingam but still some unanswered questions. My problem is, I felt like my English is bad so I have to deepened upon Sivalingam’s reviews. I checked with Virgil and other Americans about my English in English videos, they said, very good, they are able to understand it clearly. Then I understand Sivalingam is suspicious. By this time, he collected $10,000 from twelve of my subscribers because of his email id is given in my videos and the site he created it for me.

He also told, do not trust America and Americans though he claims he got US citizenship because of H2C (H2C= HINDUS CONVERTED CHRITIANITY BATCH). Because his parents converted so his family also got US Citizenship and they are on a mission to Africa. If I convert he wants me to send to that mission to Africa and around the world.

Of coruse some of the videos, I read his lines so you can imagine how much I trusted him but he did not reciprocate. Though I do not like to read papers in my video’s that is I speak from bottom of my heart in the videos so I do not like to read script if someone gives it. I take knowledge from them and then I make videos on OPT EAD etc. which I do not have expertise in it. But in this case, I trusted him, I do not know whether it is JESUS impact or not. Now he is totally controlling me, what to do and whom to reply etc. At a point, he made me to disconnect to all and email, talk only to him. He created a wire chat, proton email, yahoo emails etc. Later he asked me to delete my gmail and yahoo email ids and use only Europe based email servers as American scan your American server emails.

In one project, I requested him to send my resume with his personal email id as I have MS office software problem in my laptop. He did not cc to me but he sent from his business email id and become an illegal layer. Still I did not suspect him and considered as a good friend. Later he becomes a layer and looted my salaries for three months and took cash for h-1b filings and destroyed LCAs. He told get out Kumar. In H-1B consulting business, we work only for Dollars etc. When I asked about Jesus and H2C business he said, that is all thrash. No Jesus.

His name is Sivalingam and he hates lot on Lord Siva of Hinduism. He compared Lord Shiva to Pennies of a man. That is his level or heights of HATE on Hinduism and also hate on another section of Christianity.

Here are the photos taken by Kumar

Bottom-Line: Careful with illegal vendors and vendors, they not only do fake, proxy interviews and AMWAY but also do these H2C (HINDUS Converted Christians) attacks.

Indians Amway trapping at Edison NJ

These are some Indians stand at Water bottles section of Costco in Edison New Jersey. They take your cell phone numbers and they say, do not buy stuff from Costco water bottles and etc. They finally divert you to buy everything from Amway type of websites. They are basically cheaters waiting to trap Indians by Indian language speaking. whatever language you say, they speak in that language. Example if you say Telugu, they speak in telugu, Tamil, they speak in Tamil and Bengali etc.


He is a BSC three years graduate in India, he went to consultancies in India for MS in US. They told, three years graduates are NOT eligible for MS in US. He went to home and typed in YouTube, MS in US and he got my videos. He watched it and contacted me. He shared his work experiences that he worked on Digital Applications in India and shocked to see that. I told him, do not believe in educational consultancies and apply on your own to UNIVs. He did so and the consulate Officer stand up from her chair and shocked for his admission into the World Number ONE University in the New York City. He got admission into it and landed into the USA.  We met and he gave several tips on making videos.

Why do you want to do MS in US, F1 VISA EASY ENTRY TO USA || Kumar Exclusive


About H1B, H-1B My Experiences || H1B-Epi1 2013 || Kumar Exclusive

Until I met Sarat, I used to count my videos on live and then he advised me to segregate videos by topic wise and create playlists etc. Make videos from Camera but not from the phone. He said, Kumar you made enough videos and start making short films.

Truth vs HYPE

Unknowingly, I touched the subject called TRUTH. Sivalingam recruiter said, Kumar you are touching the subject called and please NOTE that Truth has no friends. I went to Canada for H-1B visa stamping. After returned from Canada, I made this video. In India, I went to US Consulate, I told in-house job. In Canada, I have provided USA client letters as proof. So where is my in-house job? These kind of questions I have asked myself once I on the camera. It went controversial.

Truth Vs Hype of H-1B || Kumar Exclusive




ఇండియాపొతే, బస్టాండ్లొ బజ్జిలు అమ్మాలి INDIANS IN USA UNFIT TO GO BACK? || Kumar Exclusive


Great Work Culture and Memorable Work experiences in America

My interesting topic is American work culture and I made videos on this topic. I love to write a lot about this topic. Americans are honest, hard working and trust worthy. Majority are honest. I can write in one line: You can corrupt any Indian in America but you cannot corrupt All Americans in America. That means, our hiring managers are that worse and corrupt and greedy. Americans layers are corrupt but never come across single American hiring manager corrupt. There might be cranky but not corrupt. Ofocruse friends told stories how Americans also corrupt.

American work culture is, macro management, they want end results to be perfect, accurate and no mistakes and perfect no matter if you take more time. They explain everything if you do not know but once explanation is done, they expect you must to do it independently and complete the tasks on time or on fly with accuracy. Ofcoruse documentation also to be done perfectly. If this is done, they hug you I mean, they do not leave you.


Met 1996 colleague in NYNJ

I met him who was my colleague in 1996 Godrej Company Secunderabad India. He comes to NYC every three months to hire people for his company and go back to India. He love India and advised me in 1996, PK, “do not miss family for more than six months then life is waste”. It is when I have asked for MBA in the USA applications submissions time. I still remember him because I miss my family for more than six month due to stupid craziness for dollars and America.

2011-2015 Fords NJ

When I had a trouble with an apartment in Edison NJ landlord, I moved to Fords New Jersey. The lowest rent apartment in New Jersey $1500 for single bath and two bed room. The first floor (Indian language basement) fill with toilet water as people put diapers into the toilets in the second floor. It is a mess but cannot afford to move to another apartment. It was referred by Bheeshama my 2008 H-1B first person arrived.  Bheeshma is a good buy but he has a weakness of bringing all Indians together in one’s apartment every week for alcohols. Then he and his group starts for Andhra and Telangana discussions. Before my family arrives, he demanded me to spend $200 for drinks for the group and I have purchased worth of $200 whiskey and beers. 8pm to 5am, they drunk and I slept in the other room and I said, be quite as I have to sleep and wake up at 4am to go to duty at WTC NY City. Next day, I wake up, the $200 worth of money thru drunk and also my cash $200 is vanished. I have asked Bheeshama but he said all his friends are genuine and honest, nobody takes money like that. Later I said, I am sorry I do not want to attend any of these drink parties here any more.

My family joined in August 2011 on this second floor one bed room apartment. With lots of uncertainties, I bought them air tickets as cannot delay it. The stupid Indian lady named  H4 Indian woman’s named Padmasri Telugu Indian, who’ss husband is working Vegas Nevada State and she is living downstairs knockings the floor and door to scare my spouse and kids on Day-1 they landed. I was traveling to different client sites. I called Bheeshama to see what’s wrong with that Padmasri? He said, Kumar come to his house in the evening. My spouse told apartment management gave notice to do the double carpet on the floor in week days. Evening I went to Bheeshama’s apartment. The downstairs Roja on H4 Status also came there. Padmasri said, she gave a complaint to the apartment. I said, we are NOT from Pakistan and India to fight in the USA. Why do not you come to me and tell the problem instead of a broker Bheeshama to negotiate it? So I do not want to listen to it and I will follow apartment rules.

Apartment management condition is to buy double layer carpet if someone complains and ordered from Office Depot for $1000 plus. Before delivery of the stuff, apartment management called me to their office. They said, pay $1000 to them and cancel the Office Depot Truck and you move to basement apartment for $1500 with a new lease and I followed management orders. That is how I came to the basement apartment from the second floor due to that Padmasri nonsense. In spite of it, she is begging my resume to get her targets reaching to get her salaries from her vendor though she claims that she is the ceo of the company.

She further rented her apartment to B1 visiting Indian woman (from India for an Indian outsourcing company )which is illegal and against the apartment rules. Apartment management asked her to vacate.

Bheeshama also supposed to live with four people but living with 6 people and apartment management noticed and ask them to vacate.

The basement apartment is not good as water from toilet or restrooms come in reverse from others bathrooms. Apartment management says, Indians damping baby diapers into the toilets causing this issue and this is common through out 365 days.

Bheeshama is basically from Telangana part of Andhra Pradesh(United). He has a big network of friends here but not just from the agency that he worked for. He used to invite me every weekend to his friends parties. One time, I noticed he and his spouse invite only Telangana Telugu accent people but not Andhra Pradesh Telugu speaking accent. My spouse told, what is this in the USA? why Telugu women are so racist? In North India, we do not have this much racism as we all speaks Hindi a common language, she said. It is because any Telugu women hosting a party, she invites only her accent or regional people of India. This is very bad.

One day, Bheeshama hosted party (party means alcohol full raw but not beer) and asked me to come – MUST. I went to his apartment. While entering the apartment, his friends stopped me to enter and asked me a question, Do you support Telangana separate state YES or NO? if you say Yes, Andhra People will beat with bottles, if you say NO, Telangana people will beat with bottles. I told them, you idiots, let me go inside and give my lecture or speech. I worked with two former chief ministers at top level in United Andhra Pradesh of India. Even Telangana people also did not read that much literature about Telangana but I read. I understand your dire need for separate state and I am NOT against to it but state will collapse economically and later two states (if divided) fight for water. You guys are very cheap and this is my last party and I left. Later I came to know cops came to disperse the crowd after they had drinks arguments leads to physical abuse and fighting for Telangana and neighbors complained to police.

Indians do illegal things in USA

Roja claim is, she is the Vice President of an Indian Inc forwarding resumes and calling people. Roja is begging my resume to forward it to another Indian broker for $65 a cut. Indian consultancies trap H4s at houses to act as a freelance recruiters and they claim as Vice Presidents. Roja is so shameless Indian lady on one side she complain on my kid walking on the second floor and on the other hand begging my resume to give.

Roja also rented her apartment (sub lease is illegal in this apartment) so I went to the apartment management and told, why did you give notice to me? They said, two children two bed room apartment only. I try to explain them my manager/projects/salaries issues and they do not like to listen. Then I said, there are many Indians are living with parents or in-laws, two children in one bed room apartments and this downstairs Roja rented her apartment to another Indian woman on B1 visa to the USA. Now the management asked me, Kumar, please get the list, we will serve the notice to all to vacate the apartment in a week day’s time. I handed over a huge list and at least 2 dozen of Indians were vacated in no time.

I order double carpet from nearest store for $1000. The trust is about to come and apartment management called me to rush to their office. They said, cancel that $1000 order and give that money to them so that they will move me and family to the first floor two bed room and considered that $1000 as fine or transfer fees from moving to floor etc. or whatever and the issue settled.

Now, the upstairs Gujarati bachelor and one Muslim person got drug addict run all over the midnight. I did not complain but noticed that 12 cops came to stop that issues as neighbors complained. They host parties and so many girls come on weekends and dance like anything and apartment said, Friday night to Sunday night, we cannot do anything.

My spouse also hate these Telugu people because she hales from Chhattisgarh Hindi state and these Telugu women divided over Andhra and Telangana state groups. On top of it, Andhra people divided over caste groups and they do not invite others by caste etc. She said, you Telugu people are so filthy in America that you guys do not even unit by humanity. At least in Hindi speaking lands, we do not have these kind of caste groups.

Bheeshama and group conducts Volleyball games/sports here in the school campus. I do attend but I did not play Volleyball as I play Tennis. Though I was a Volleyball player in my schooling days.

Bottom-line: Apartment managements do not allow a family with two children into one bed room apartment. But how come apartments allow 25 F1 International students to live in single bed room apartments? My Edison MS Student Chowdary told, he stayed with 25 members in one bed room apartment hence moved to my room assuming that is Guesthouse according to his employer. In 2008, we lived 100 H-1Bs in two bed room apartment and do not know how apartment managements allow this? So LAW is NOT equal for all in the USA. Crime wins and Criminals Protected and honest and innocent get punished.

H-1B neighbor with two DUI

One of the neighbors is alcohol addict and he has work from home option available and still drives car with two small Odka bottles inside the pocket after having pan parag chewing. He hit an American woman car from behind her car. It was not the first time and second or third time. He was arrested and taken to hospital. It was might night and raining. His spouse is crying and trying to go alone to the hospital by cab. I step in for volunteer help as my heart is melting for the sister’s horrible and painful life. She follows my videos a lot especially H-1Bs videos.

I drove her to the hospital. Cop and Doctor asked me, who are you? His hands were cuffs with the bed and he is talking something. I said I am his neighbor and she is my sister. Doctor took me aside and asked her, is okay to tell the truth to Kumar.  She said yes. Doctor told he is chronic acholic and he tell lies and he does not know what is he speaking. I was shocked to listen to the doctor. After came out of the hospital, I called his brother in another state may be North Carolina and trying to explain the situation. He said he is not interested and hanging up the phone. I said, I am not related but still on humanitarian grounds I step in, being a brother, cannot you move your butt? Even brothers cannot step in DUI issues in the USA. If police involved.

Then we both went to Police station and police took us to a different location where the car was parked. She drove that car and I drove my SUV to our apartment.

She beg the HR of the Indian outsourcing company to send flight tickets to India. HR knows that he drinks and goes to work and I think Indian outsourcing companies allow drink at work is what I understand from this case. As far as I know, Americans do not allow this at USA client locations. Finally the company wants to send him to Florida for on-site project. He is ready to go though his DL suspended and having 2 to 3 DUI cases pending, spent $10,000 for attorney to stop the deportation cases and effected Green Card process. She does not want to lose the money and took a decision and leaving the apartment and ready to go to airport for India. She is crying while leaving and I said, we have to cry for remain in the America and you should be happy for going to India.


The below is from google for reader’s information.

What is the DUI limit in us?
The federal limit to legally drive in the United States is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08%. But drunk driving penalties are a lot like real estate values — it all comes down to location, location, location.Feb 3, 2020

Is DUI a criminal offense in USA?
With few exceptions, driving under the influence (DUI) is considered a criminal offense. In other words, a DUI conviction will normally show up on your criminal record as a misdemeanor or felony.

What does DUI stand for in America?
DUIs and DWIs have slightly different meanings: A DUI refers to driving under the influence, while a DWI means driving while intoxicated or impaired. With a DUI, the charge could mean that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Sep 10, 2021

Neighbor BJP supporter

My other Telugu Indian neighbor is a BJP Hindu party supported in India and he attend BJP meetings here too. He scolded me for speaking truth over videos about H-1B. Because many Indians scared of Indians on H-1B speaking about H-1B in social media. They afraid either Americans or America stop H-1B is their fear. He told, he also placed lots of videos and did service like me. When I searched his name in YouTube or Google, I did not get anything. He is a victim of Indian outsourcing companies and consultancies.

YouTube: Kumar Exclusive 2013


This channel not only brought good, best friends but also brought haters, criminals and attackers to my fold who ditched me beyond recover. I lost lots of money because of my presence in the YouTube and it costs my life. Not knowing this, Bhaskar used to ask daily, how much money do you get from YouTube? I told him, if YouTube gets money, why did you study BTECH in India? You would have started YouTube channel right? Then he shuts his mouth.

EXPERIENCE ABOUT LIFE IN USA by Kumar Exclusive video Wednesday, October 03, 2013


EXPERIENCE ABOUT LIFE IN USA. Liberty, Life, and LOVE are made me to never sleep for 12 years to reach my Dreams. I will record a video to explain “Life in America” to youth to have an idea and evoke interest on life. The video is for those who are helpless in career, jobless after education, hopeless in government. Some Indians from India criticize and ask me to advise them to join Indian Political party to clean up corruption etc. Read today news paper where President and Prime Minister of India protect criminals in politics after Supreme Court of India denied and finally with drawn for political mileage. When rulers are protecting criminals, search for “Liberty, Life, and LOVE” because we have only one Life. Some Indians live abroad mint lots of money but criticize “No life in West” and sent lists of corruption/crimes/Indians die Abroad to me. “Please do not listen to the people talk negatively and Hippocratic Indians. Unfortunately less Indians speaks/write honestly.”

EXPERIENCE ABOUT LIFE IN INDIA. Current experience about “Life in INDIA” from youth/Electronic Media/people every day and night speaks the same: (1) Corruption (2) Unemployment (3) Poverty (4) Terrorism (5) Crime Against women (6) People or youth hate to vote because majority of the political parties are corrupted If Indian leaders got brains why would it look like that where billions of youth jobless but politician’s corruptions are in billion dollars and majority of Private Sector also got corrupted because people love corruption and only poor cannot afford it in India? Unnecessarily, these politicians created colorful dreams in the minds of students and finally put them in dump. 2 Today news is shocking and “How come Cabinet and president of India want to protect criminals in politics?” What for we have LAW in India? Is there any meaning or respect for Liberty or Life in India? What a shameful political parties running India? If I were in India, I never vote for none, because most of the parties run on black money, politicians have black money, criminal, corruption back ground with caste/religion tags and they also support and protect criminals by neglect next generations except FOCUS on next elections. 3 READ THIS TO KNOW FACTS; “Measure for unconstitutional measure”… 4. These three reasons show a major difference in “Life in America” vs “Life in India” on grass root levels. People in India think that stand in line for ration for hours together, struck in traffic jams on dirty roads in metros (of, course no proper or no roads in villages or rural areas), pay bribes to get it from agents for everything to anything, spend millions of rupees for education from KG to PG and end up life as jobless after education with no hope=no life. When I talk to jobless youth in India or students, the call never ends because of saga of tragedies due to visionless, economic less corrupted and communal political parties are leaders of our societies in India. Where do youth/educated youth of India go now? 5. Never sleep until reach your Dreams, or Dream America. DREAM AMERICA is NOT $s as your neighbor defined, DREAM America means “Liberty, Life and Love. I experimented this in my life hence writing this line. Here sleep means never relax and do not complain about finance to any one because except crony capitalists and political class every one in India face this apart from (6) points mentioned above. Good Luck. Thanks for reading this.

YouTube: Kumar Exclusive 2014 Telugu videos.

Parents of MS or MBA students living in India requested KE to make videos in Telugu language as it is their native language to understand easily about life in America.

Hence KE started making videos in Telugu also.

LiA-TELUGU Video-Ep 1- THE AMERICAN DREAM Kumar Exclusive

Met Subscriber Mr. Sarat at my house and he took these photos  

I purchased these two books to read completely and understand before making videos on Green Card. One Indian professor who took these books scolded me for buying books. he does not know that I buy books to read and then make videos. On top of it, he took my books to apply for US Citizenship for him and his family and returned the books later.


How to deal with haters:

My little son is a born Youtuber. He said do not worry about haters, if you do not have haters, you are not a YouTuber. He has that much insight on YouTube when he was 6. Initially I thought of make videos on Educational systems and about his schooling but I discouraged him to do so. As you know my haters attacks in person went wild. Many followers turn haters and become violet.

People started recognizing me as KE

I do not like media or people attention. I am very silent and clam going type. I started videos because it is difficult for me to answer same two question in 100s of emails to India. How to come to America? F1 Visa interview and H-1B visa interview questions. So one day, 2013, I have uploaded a video and from then my journey started in YouTube. Though I placed a video on Telangana in support movement in 2010, I do not remember the channel name. Someone scolded Andhra people for my support for Telangana movement then. May be I lost that gmail account.

I went to Zoo in New Jersey with my family and suddenly a person named Reddy recognized  me as KE. He follows my videos because I am speaking the truth. That is how people whoever watches my videos and see me where ever I go, expressed their views and stories. That is their journey of life in America and F1 or H-1B experiences. I felt happy to hear that someone out there is listening to my stories or truth.


I have also started writing on LinkedIn and I get warning messages from recruiters and consultancies not to write or expose about crime by Indians in USA on LinkedIn.

Speeding Tickets on DL

New Jersey, 13 points is the limit and I already got 12. The next day, I have to go to court and I did not sleep the previous night because I lose DL and also the job. Because my job demands extensive traveling to multiple datacenters same day. I thought of take a room to the primary work location and primary data center in the New York and ride a bi-cycle to work. American supervisor said, if you lose your DL, you do not have car you do not need to come to work.

I went to court by taking loss of pay of work hours. That day it is my fate, Judge canceled one ticket and it stopped at 12 out of 13. I am so lucky and from then I drove in limits and paid fees or fines for three years to come to zero points and auto insurance went up. Most of the tickets that I got it is during traveling between different work sites of the clients of the prime vendor. I become a good driver.

Bottom-Line: American systems mould people to bend their ways to their systems.



Generally, IT folks think that ONCALL means, just attend the calls. In NYNJ projects, it is not just attend the calls, drive to 30 plus clients sites any time during 6pm to 7am 12-13 hours shift. I drove extensively and some time paid travel and tolls but not other time due to various reasons by manager and the illegal vendor who takes $45 an hr cut from my salaries.

Here is the photo, keeping laptop next to driver seat and checking infrastructure status and drove to the sites.




For this kind of risks, earlier prime vendor paid slab rate of $300 to whoever on the ONCALL. Client changed the vendor and the new prime vendor taken out that $300. It is the end client pay for the travel time to the engineer on the CALL. But the middle vendor (American) insert by prime vendor and the manager eat that money. I hope this is a kind of slavery by Indians to Americans. The H-1B visa tied up like that to do this.

Traveling unlimited in NYNJ

I might have traveled or drive every single street or avenues in the New York City. Every highway in NYNJ. It is because the prime vendor has those many clients and datacenters and not just this NYNJ client has 30+ client locations and data centers.


L4-L5 disk irritation

The kind of travel, the kind of stuff carry 250 lbs weight of SAN storage or servers alone and no equipment provided by the prime vendor leads to a disaster. My health is down with Disk irritation and took two weeks bed rest and loss of pay.

One of the American colleagues suggested a Doctor who does the treatment for New York Football team. He is a very good doctor but I need to drive 45 miles one way to reach the Doctor and I did. For a month, I drove for treatment. I have decided to go back and started applying for jobs in India and two weeks bed rest time, during night time, I have attended interviews for the jobs in India. As mostly they conduct interviews in India IST time zone.

This SAN work gets me Disk issues

India two offers

One I got selected is for CTO in a private Bank in Chennai India and another is for Bangalore in one of the leading outsourcing companies in India who takes 70% H-1B filings every year among the other Indian companies. Both of them asked me to come to India. Chennai job is for in person interview and the Bangalore job is to report there and 15 days travel to the USA and rest of the 15 days to Europe. I am applying for jobs in India to avoid traveling only. The change in guard in the outsourcing companies went the position on HOLD. Chennai job, I dropped as I cannot take risk of going to attend in person interviews. What if they, reject or refuse? This is the question that I have on my mind. They said, no Kumar, we made offer ready but the board of directors want to see you in person. Chennai job, they said, we cannot pay you as much as you are earning there but can offer other facilities etc. In India, the companies think that in the USA, H-1Bs are earning are very high and becoming super rich.

Bottom-Line: No one hire people in the USA for jobs in India, unless you physically present because they afraid of not coming to India. In my case it is serious but no one trusts me.

Indian Community Meetings

Some of my works- Rack and Stack in Datacenters

H-1B My observations

FT on H1B vs H1B on consulting_part1 and part 2 I wrote online for people to know the differences between H-1B full time with a USA client vs H-1B on Consultancies boat. It is because many H-1Bs on Full time with outsourcing companies or clients cry over h1bs of consultancies by look at the USA clients billings.


American peer Advise

One day, I wrote an email to Prime Vendor, cc to entire team members including the people whom I have a complaint. Then my American peer whom I travel all over NYNJ for Rack and Stack advised me this:

It is because I alone did the entire DR set up for the two data centers, one at primary in the New York State and another at New Jersey. The Rack and Stack of NEC servers is NOT an easy task. I also documented it and vendor billed the end client for $2000 for it. The issue is, my supervisor at the primary data center asked me to do the same job at the secondary data center by assisting the person designated there. I drove at my cost to the secondary data center every day after completing my work at the primary data center. It costs me lots of money for tolls in Staten Island, and Holland Tunnel etc. and gas/miles and food for extra 8 hours job etc. I have asked the person SubbaRao at the secondary data center. He said, his senior American advised him do not carry any servers or sans as it leads to L5 disk issues so he does not want to get up from the chair. I told the same to the supervisor at the primary data center. He said, Kumar you go ahead and do it.

One week, I carried myself the 200 plus lbs weights and fixed the new Rack and Stack and mounting the NEC servers which arrived from Japan. It was very painful for me to do it alone without any help from SubbaRao. Then I got a doubt what is this SubbaRao doing at the desk? I went to his cabin and looked at his laptop. SubbaRao watching Telugu movies on YouTube at the client location on the laptop. He did not even noticed me standing behind him and watching. I stand for 5 to 10 minutes until he notices it. He did not feel bad for it.

Then I wrote an email to the Account manager of the prime vendor, cc to every one including the illegal vendor and all team leads. Then my American peer explained, how come you wrote such an email by cc to three bosses in the same email? Do not you think that they are complaining about them to their bosses? He asked me, what if you get fired for this email?

Finally SubbaRao asked to come to corporate building and sit next to his American team lead to monitoring him daily. He was not fired because for illegal vendor body is important but not the brain. SubbaRao and another American sitting at the secondary data centers location got angry with me and shouted at me for that email as scared of losing their jobs. SubbaRao said thanks while leaving the project because after he moved from the data center to corporate building, he got some serious work assigned by his team lead and he learnt how to do it and also focused on MCSE subject. That gets him better billing projects. He did Masters from an University in Texas where most Telugu Indians opt for it as it costs less money with illegal part time jobs. Also product of Hyderabad. His resume is fake and he joined after African Americans fired who are drawing $85 an hr from Prime vendor and placed him through illegal vendor by paying $45 to his employer(H-1B petitioner) and he gets $15 an hr on OPT.

The below is the work Kumar did and taken photo by Kumar.

NYNJ – Outsourcing companies employees tragedy stories

RamaRao’s Story

One guy named RamaRao forced his wife in India to resign her job and brought her to Jersey City New Jersey. He started searching for apartments and applications got refused. The reason is, management of the apartments wrote to him, your salary is $3000, rent is $1950, how do you survive with more than 50% of your salary goes to rent and maintenance hence, you are not eligible to get an apartment in our location. His wife scolded him for forced her to resign her job in India which gets her $2000 a month. So you can imagine his tears and non stop crying at desk and Starbucks coffee shop. One of the colleagues came to me and said, Kumar, why do not you interview him on the camera? RamaRao said, the company will fire him if he goes to social media and his wife will give divorce. I stayed calm because I do not want to harm his food and family.

Bottom-Line: It is the Indian men who are greedy for dollars or crzae at onsite dragging Indian IT female workers to this H4 Trap. Outsourcing companies pay cents but not dollars to their employees but none open their mouths. Timid fellows.

MangalRao’s Story

SAP technologies, client winding up but manager of the outsourcing company came and said to MangalRao, create more work and make it 50% to another lady, which he is going bring her on Business Visa or L1 visa. MangalRao said to me, there is no work for him and he said create more work. How? Meanwhile, the lady arrived from India and sat next to him and most of the time she is not available at the desks he said. Nobody knows where is she roaming. So sad, not knowing this truth in India, employees are thinking that only merit and talented people only selected for ONSITE etc. Reality is different.


JaggaRao’s Story

At one of the onsites location in ones of Airports, where I went for a critical work to be completed on fly. I am coming out of the highly secured building. If you open the door to that data center for more than 12 seconds, it sends an alarm to police. JaggaRao is In charge of this work location. He is from outsourcing companies employee running towards me while I was leaving the building. He said, Sir please wait. I said, please do not say Sir and then said Kumar. He said he is my fan and follower of videos and asked me advise on his career and his children career. He also said, many of his friends in this company are your followers. He requested me not to reveal his identity in any of my videos  because he loses his job talking to H-1Bs of consultancies. A standing instructions for them, not to talk to outsiders at the site. His problem is, stay in the USA or go  back to India? Because the company put him on all kinds of visas to mint money on his head and completed 15 years in the USA with H-1B, Business visa, L1A etc. The time has come, he has to go back. What if he goes back because his children studied up to 11th grade here, where do they fit in India? I said, worst case, you have to jump into consultancies to remains in the country as choices are limited or get a USA client FTE job which is NOT easy in his case. Do not worry about going back to India and worst case, kids may lose one year in the academics due to change in the systems here and there. He had tears in his eyes for speaking for few minutes after listening to his story in the parking lot that night. He has tied up with office for more than 16 hours here due to nature of his job responsibilities. The company maintains the ezpasses and tolls at the airports. So you can imagine the work load for him.

Bottom-Line:ONSITE kills career for some and their children. Jeopardize the lives of innocent Indians. 

LUNCH at Corporate Office

All Outsourcing companies employees go in group to lunch room and finish lunch and go to their desks. They do not talk to Americans or Indians from other consultancies. Upon enquiry, someone told, they were asked not to talk to anyone at the site. It is because they will come to know truth. It is like a sheep follows another sheep in the fields.

Manager from Outsourcing company

Narayana just arrived from India on H-1B visa and excited about America. He watched my some of my Telugu videos and shocked to listen to the truth from my videos. He rushed to my desk by knowing that I am the guy KE working here to give the feedback on the videos. He described the Truth in my videos in Telugu. He is a Telugu hiring manager and honest. He tires to introduce his uncle ceo of a consultancy who did not answer his phone multiple times. He felt embarrassed but I told the truth. Your uncle acts as busy and will return your call after 5PM. Anyone returns the call after 5PM is simply can be ignored. It is not related to business, bogus. He has a spouse and a child and said he does not want to stay more than two year in the USA. This is a very common dialog any Indian tells the other Indians.

Bottom-Line: Every Indian wants to stay forever in the USA but tell a lie to others that he/she wanted to go back to India after two years.

see how life in America is…

NYNU, I have done lots of OT(Over Time). Actually OT means Time and A Half. Example if your bailing is $50 an hr, OT hour must be paid $75 an hr. Forget about Time and A half, if they give regular OT money is fine.

There is an USA client, there is an American Prime vendor, there is an illegal American vendor inserted by the team lead and American Prime vendor and three of us together takes $45 an hr cut and this illegal vendor time sheets into the prime vendor website without giving credentials to the F1 or H-1B or Green Card holder Indian workers. So we do not know what he enters and he does not share the screen shots. My Over Time hours at the client is approved and paid by the prime vendor but the illegal vendor denies it. I have confronted with him for my hours worked. I did not even ask for tolls, gas and miles because I traveled to sites upon the request of the prime vendor. Here that Japan company paid money to the prime vendor for my hours. On top of it, my manager deny illegal vendor not paid, we sent the money to India etc and so on stories and finally eat my money by these vultures.


Life time lessons: 1 Do not accept anything free. It will come and byte in your butt. 2008 H2C Hindus Converted Christian recruiter offered free accommodation in Boston, he took away decades time and 3 months salaries and collected H-1B fees $10,000 from several subscribes.

2 do not go for cheap. A white American offered free attorney services and destroyed my life, immigration status etc. and also destroyed several other subscribers lives and looted my money and others too.

Manager refused to sign projects/customers that I get

Many Indian managers are STUPIDs and Idiots in the USA. Neither they get customer not accept the customers that bring in by H-1Bs. Manager refused to sign the projects, Purchase Orders that I have attended interviews with Indian outsourcing companies as Prime Vendors and no client interview as PV is final. They gave this offer and manager does not like the middle vendor caste so he refused to sign in. Meanwhile, middle vendor staff collected all the confidential documents from me by saying that project is going to start, back grounds checks etc.

Like this I lost several projects in the past. It is very pity that H-1Bs are tied-up with a petitioner to work in the USA in this model. This is not informed by anyone in the past to people in India or outside America. No Indian ever shared the truth that I am sharing in detail. If this is known then why would any break up lives in India and come into this kind of indentured servitude life? Just for extra dollars or money.

India or America?

I do not want to generalize and in fact I am against generalization. Many people writing to me on social media, misunderstanding about my content warned me do not generalize etc. Here outside India, forever Indian always regret that they left or flee India in the name of study abroad or work abroad unless they are orphans in India and someone in the USA adopted and totally cut off the roots in India. I have also met such people in the USA.

Everyday the situation forces non immigrants (those who do not have green cards or local permanent cards) thinking about going back. A friend advised me, Kumar do not think of India because going back to India is a FIVE minutes job that is just buying an air ticket and throw all stuff in the apartment and go to the nearest international airport and board the flight to India. It is that simple.

Winding up, searching jobs in India, attend interviews in India time in the USA is like traveling on two boats. The Hindu converted Christian person, friends in Edison and others sent their list of items on topics like Parents vs we, we vs children, India vs America and so on.

The time has come to visit India.

One of my uncles gave this video script who visited the USA. He told, intention of return to India is great for his children but scope is zero.

Once you leave India, it is almost impossible to go back to India though face the hell in a foreign country. It is because people lose self confidence to go back to face the competition there. A professor in Edison NJ who fled Guntur to USA expressed his inability to get a job in India with the given engineering colleges and their outcomes. On top of it, the sole life for some in the USA, privacy, comfort levels make them to afraid to go back. Especially on religions front, lots of sound pollution (air) and traffic make them settle down in the USA. This is what none would like to express to me in front of camera but told in the emails and in person discussions.

A peon in Government would settle down in a decade’s time in India but an NRI(non resident Indian but my IAS friends in India call us as Non Reliable Indian) or H-1B in the USA return to India, fit nowhere. This is the truth and not knowing this, Indians in India treat Indians outside India as super RICH or something great.

Sivalingam wrote:

He is a Hindu Converted Christian  advise “DO NOT LEAVE”


 MUSIC Concert at Newark NJ Feb 23 2013 

ILAIYARAAJA Live in Concert first time ever in USA

It is a memorable day in my life time. I purchased a ticket worth $250 for this show and attended the program. It is a golden chance to see this great musician in very close proximity. In India, it is impossible but in the USA, it is possible. South Indians attended this Music concert demanding their own state language songs. The then guests said, you should ask MUSIC rather than asking Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam songs etc.

The photos are taken by Kumar


Ilaiyaraaja Concert in NJ Final touch with SPB on February 23, 2013 – YouTube

Maestro Ilaiyaraaja Music Concert 2013 – Telugu – New Jersey, USA

“Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s Live Concert” on Feb 23, 2013 at the Prudential Center, Newark, NJ was a better experience. The show lasted over 5 hours without a break. Truly inspiring and good CONCERT with a mix of song to satisfy the Tamil and Telugu audience.

Isaignani Padma Bhushan Ilaiyaraaja – In a Land of Over a billion people, where watching movies is a way of life, The Maestro ilaiyaraaja is truly the Raaja of the World of Music. Musical Genius ilaiyaraaja is One of the finest music composers ever, ilaiyaraaja has Composed over 4500 Songs in nearly 1000 films in six languages. Ilaiyaraaja is also a poet and an accomplished singer. Among the Several accomplishments to his credit include being the First Asian Composer to perform at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and his Song was featured at the Olympic Games 2012 in London, among the music from 85 Countries.In 2003, according to a BBC International Poll, people from 155 Countries Voted his composition ‘Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu’ from the 1991 Mani Ratnam film ‘Thalapathi’ fourth in the world’s Top 10 Most Popular Songs of all time. Director Mani Ratnam describes Ilaiyaraaja
“as a genius, who could compose music with just one at the scene”.

A Review Of Maestro Ilayaraja’s Concert In New Jersey (


Visited Canada for H-1B Visa Stamping

I have decided to visit India. For that I need a visa(travel document) to visit India and return to the USA. Any non immigrants in the USA have to exit and have to prove that there are no crime records and get a clean chit and then the VISA will be issued at any US Consulates outside the USA. This exercise every non immigrant visa holders have to face it if he/she wants to return to the USA. If visa is NOT issued, what is the plan for H4 dependents to exit the USA is what one must be prepared the family or dependents when primary applicant exit the country.  If the primary applicant die outside the USA, the dependents in the USA lose immigration status and become illegal status. (Subject to correction). So I prepared my family for this exercise.

I went to New York City for Canada Embassy for Canada visitor’s visa. They have verified the documents and issued the visa. The next step is to take an appointment with US Consulate in Canada. The volume is high so getting appointment is not an easy task for Indians. Finally I got one and all set to drive to Toronto Canada alone. It was a heavy snow storm day and do not like to cancel the appointment as getting another day is not easy.


The photos are take by Kumar during New Jersey-New York-Canada to New York-New Jersey Road Trip 2013.

Why do Indians afraid of H-1B Visa stamping?

VISA is a travel document. That is needed to re-enter the country. It is not needed for those who wants to EXIT USA permanently to India for his/her parents sake. It is needed for those who wants to visit India for marriages or death ceremonies of their kith and kin. Otherwise some they take a decision and never EXIT USA but exit or do not exit is NOT in their hands. Whenever USCIS asks RFE(Request for Evidence) to exit USA and re-enter with VISA then, there is NO CHOICE for that non immigrants. This happens especially change of status or H-1B changing employers time and if employers(Indians call them as Gods or Consultancies) commit frauds by giving fake paychecks or fake W2s etc.

Many Indians came to USA on various visas example like F1 visa for MS or MBA study and got H-1B work permit picked up. He/She afraid to go back to India for VISA stamping for the first time F1- H1B visa change of status or any other US Consulate outside USA. It is because of the following reasons: 1 if any individual has DUI driving with drinking or criminal cases or his or her Indian consultancies involving malpractices or unlawful activities and reported by someone to USCIS and then these people will be barred from entering into the USA. Even if they get RFE(request for evidence) these consultancies afraid to provide additional information to those consulates. This is apart from tedious and complex process of getting VISA appointment. Hence many people that I know came to USA on F1visa holders after get H-1B work permits, never exit USA even their parents died in India.

I have prepared my family to exit USA to India in case I do not get H-1B Visa issued by buying them international luggage bags. I do not know how do Indians manage who bought a house and property in the USA? if not H-1B Visa issued? Die with a heart attack in the Consulate if H-1B visa denied or rejected? And their families stay illegally in the USA forever? I am just asking.

US Consulate Interview:

All is well and got the US Visa stamped but need to wait to get the passport. Something a bug somewhere, the passport issue got delayed at the passport delivery center. On my email or online shows Passport delivered but when I went to the passport delivery center, it is NOT arrived. I have waited a week days in Canada to receive the passport. It is some numbers mismatch on their systems and that got this error. Every day evening, for one week, I went to Passport delivery office from my hotel where I put up and cross checked with them. Finally I have received my passport and verified the name on the visa matches to the name on the passport before heading to the USA. For H-1Bs or non immigrants getting the VISA is NOT just enough. A similar kind of interview will be there at POE- Port of Entry while entering into the USA from any where. Until that is through, nothing is guaranteed hence Indians often afraid to leave USA for any emergencies in India. Many Indians slip into deep or great depression in the USA for the sake of green card or avoiding visiting India for their family members deaths or marriages or any occasions.

After received my passport or just before, I placed this video from Canada.

H1B Visa Interview, Stamping in Canada ||H1B-Epi 7|| Kumar Exclusive

Created a playlist and answered online/emails for several queries for H-1B people who aspire to visit Canada.

Re-enter the USA

I have my interview at POE cleared and waited almost 45 minutes to an hour at POE at Canada and USA boarders. If it is citizens, just drive through between countries. I relieved and started driving towards New Jersey via New York upstate. I stopped at the rest area and took these beautiful pictures. It is just fog or evaporation of the top layer just after the heavy snowfall. A rare pictures.

Finally reached home New Jersey after driving through New York in Snowfall.

India Visit 2013.

While leaving the USA, non immigrants or Indians feel very happy or in a happy mood. It is always the other way round. It is depressing to leave India to the USA by disconnecting mother and motherland. It is very common for half a billion Indians living outside India.

I booked my air tickets and took a loss of pay leaves as you know H-1Bs do not get paid “no work no pay” concepts though offer letters promise 14 days paid vacation to India and all that is just paper sake only or simply fake offers.

The below pictures are taken by Kumar when RTA official raid the bus at Eluru, AP INDIA.

I hope for better India unlike how it is now.

My experiences with Volvo bus in India.

It is terrible night and bitter experiences. As you know in India, no one can guarantee any one’s life once leave the house but all the queries we receive is USA safe or not? Here you go: We Indians are highly addicted all kinds of religions rituals or festivals and work is secondary so people should attend to it irrespective of bus or train or roads conditions.

Of, course in my case, I need to see my parents and same thing for any one and no choice. The kind of population we have the 1 or 2 trains are not at all sufficient with limited coaches etc.  Though they introduced tatkal fast track system God knows the pain in getting a berth in the train. Because people goto railway reservation counters one night before the counter opens at 8am next day. Hence it is ruled out and to avoid the huge rush in public transpirations, i opted for private Volvo SVR Travels and got the ticket printer through an agency for RS 2000 for that seat. Which is very high price compared to few years it is 500 INR max for 500 Kilometers distance. So you can imagine how private operators loot money based upon season or festival time or demands and supply and no standard or consistent price systems or control on it.

On the night of journey day, I left sibling’s house to a gas station(petrol bunk in India) and waiting for the Volvo bus. I received a call from Siva from USA who wants to argue on caste discriminations postings and his arguments has no meaning and I told him am waiting for a bus which I never that bus may takes me safely to the destination and I hang up the call. A mini van came to us(group of people standing on the roads side) and picked up and drop at the location to the Volvo Bus. OMG, I never seen that much crowd on road this time in 2014 people waiting for volvo buses due to festive season. I get into Bus and fortunately I have my seat reserved. Since some more seats are unfilled so guys keep boarding it until it crosses the city out skirts. The real journey suppose to starts from here on a highway number 9 but due to fear of Road Transport Authority raids I never seen the highway and God knows how it reached a place called Eluru at 6am and we were get down and informed  BUS journey may be discarded for indefinitely because it was stopped by RTA officials.   I took a picture when they raid the bus and the shocking incident is the second bus driver who is suppose to sleep behind the first driver seat, sleeping in luggage or baggage cabin. In General, the second driver is one who rescue the passengers in the bus when the first driver collapse with heart attack or any other means or bus fell into river or meet any accident. But in this case, the second driver is the one who die first and no one knows except the first driver where he is. This is not the first time or not the first bus at least 100 to 1000 buses travel every day night in India and the same situation prevailed more or less in every bus. Then the RTA officials got pissed off and took the bus documents and the two drivers with them to the official. Later God knows after two hours, the bus resumed its journey. Thanks to almighty that the bus was not catches fire which generally do so.

The Truth is:

Our roads are filthy,  our high ways are death traps but our buses are Volvo. Though money sanctioned for global standard highways, the ministers, officials, contractors share or loot it and lay down low quality or substandard roads. No marking on it and no highway policing and no control of speed either by individual parties or government authorities.  Drink and Driving is most common which I witness since childhood because I love to sit next to driver’s single seat to watch his and highway driving.
Once I get those nice snaps like bus driver sleeping in luggage cabins etc.

I read in local news papers when I was in India:
RTA and Ministry of Transport demanded 3 Lakhs per Volvo BUS or 40 CR INR from Private Bus Owners etc to stop raids on them and continue their illegal activities.

Stories I heard at RTA Kattipudi, EGDIST, AP INDIA in 1984.

There are some or few particular check posts in Andhra Pradesh State and more or less same in all 29 States in India. Unlike in WEST, why do not they check every thing at target and release the bus to the target instead of check suddenly on the highway and screwed up the passengers time, money and criticality of life or attended to some one in hospital emergency?. If any honest officer posted as RTO to any one the prominent check post centers, the staff and Bus owners probably may get him/her transferred.  If not he either will be kicked off by all because he become an obstacle in the entire system where corruption is systematically institutionalized. For example if you are the bus owner and posses all documents then the corrupted officials objected then you become a corrupted business man and if an honest officer stops you at check post then you definitely find a fault with him. Because the previous officer made you corrupt and break rules.  So who will fix it and from does he starts? This is the CRUX of the PROBLEM in India today.

One of such centers, one officer must pay monthly 1 Lakh Rupees to the minister of Transport for not to get transfer from that post or position. It is an auction again to bid that post. So that’s the level of corruption from lower to higher and where do you cut it?  That’s if a Volvo bus burnt alive and 45 passengers die in India, no body cares because all officials concerned, ministers concerned and Owners and drivers very much know well in advance. Only thing who do not know is who is asleep in the bus and burnt alive that night. This is not the something new am writing and am writing after seen life in west, traveled in buses from Maryland to New Jersey, New York, New Jersey to Michigan and various places when I have no car. I know 35 years in India, that’s the life but I realize our leaders, business mafia are responsible for not laying down highways like in USA, our economies make rich richer and poor poorer but not allow every one to buy car and travel on their own like in USA.  After seen so many trains, Volvo busses catches fire or accidents and 15,000 people die only on road accidents every year in one State and do not know about India figures and might be shocking and all this can be avoided by take simple precautions. I could not convince single person to wear a seat belt in my visit and majority are under impression seat belt is only for cars in USA because we drive very speed. Law also failed to implement it. WHO will CHANGE INDIA? When you cannot even wear a seat belt and do not know why to wear it? In fact Volvo buses all seats need seat belts and God knows about emergency Exit and fire extinguishers in Volvo buses. On top of it, the private drivers are not fit enough to drive any of the Volvo Buses. Because they do not know the complete operations of the panel and to study BUS conditions.  It would be better I write less about owners here.


The Photos are taken by Kumar’s nephew and nieces in India for KE’s blog. Here are the beautiful pictures from India.









The beauty and love in India is different from the love with Indians in the USA. It is dollars love. The good thing is, good food, all people of your childhood to adulthood will be around and happy to see all relatives etc. The bad thing is, they all assume only one thing, that is your SUPER RICH because you fled India and living in the USA. No one will ever understand the reality unless visit USA. They are misinformed by the Indians who arrived in the past to the USA by misleading the information like Indian paid media especially Telugu caste media. They were given wrong impression by photos of Facebook or on Facebook and social media but the reality is different. The journey of life in India is very great for any non resident Indian to visit until the countdown starts to return to foreign country. People treat you well because they very sure that your next return is either uncertain or almost impossible.  A kind of joy mixed with tearful eyes speaks volumes from the faces of people surrounded by you in your home country. At the same time, your attachment to dollars and a foreign country win over their love towards you.

Return Journey 

Every time, I return to the USA, my heart is great depressed because of several reasons. One is departing from home and home country and living in great uncertainty in a foreign country under “slavery systems”. That is H-1B indentured servitude. I have visited friends and relatives houses in India and finally reached the HYDERABAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. I am very happy until my luggage check in and board pass issued and walking towards the GATE for boarding the flight, my heart body mind and soul felt heavy weight and depressed. A moment get tears and do not know whether it is happy tears – going to re-unite with family in US or sad event of leaving India. I went to TOILET(in India restroom is called Toilet) and washed my face after looked at the mirror. The attender standing there(in Asian countries it is common) is giving the napkins to wash my face and hands. Slowly I came out of the trauma and sat in a chair with bag waiting for my flight timing. The time is up and walking towards the flight to board the flight. I kept the seatbelt after I kept my bag in the baggage location. Again I got tears in my eyes the moment the flight is ready to taking off. This is the experience most of the emotional people get this while leaving India to any foreign nations.

Returned to NYNJ/USA

I reached to the USA. The day arrival it was heavily snowing and not sure how the flight landed so safely. Walked to the POE(Port of Entry), where the lines are separated for Non-Immigrants(people do not have Green Cards), People with Green Cards and US Citizens at JFK airport. The Non Immigrants will face a music here, that is set of questions asked by officers and once satisfied given an entry into the USA. Provided having all the valid documents. Some of KE ex colleagues were asked to sit in a room and three hours interviews also here. So Kumar tell people, that the US Visa issued is NOT just enough until you clear the POE interview and have the stamp on your passport to stay “time or duration” mentioned on it. Till then it is NOT guaranteed for  people who do not have green cards to enter into the USA. It is not taken it for granted. Case to case it may varies.

I took a cab to the house. My family is happy for return to the home. The very next day, I went to work to report. The manager Mr. Michael at the client location told Kumar give him, Kumar’s access card and leave the project. I said, what happened? Michael said project is over. KE rushed to Mr. Milton boss, we call accounts manager and crossed checked with him. He said, manager Michael told Kumar is leaving for California because Kumar got a job in CA. KE was shocked to know this and told, no Kumar did NOT leaving this project due to Government project never ending and why should Kumar leave when project is NOT ending? Then he said, then stay in project and let me check with the manager Michael. Later came to know that the manager (American) has a layer company and Michael wants to remove people and bring in his employees or contractors into the project. The manager Michael was replaced with another manager Mr. William.

History repeats

Again, at 12 noon at the onsite, the new manager Mr. William. came to Kumar while Kumar was in restroom. Mr. William said, Kumar please give your access card. Kumar have asked why? Mr. William said budget is over. Mr. William told this time, HR manager was also next to him to believe that it is true. Mr. William accompanied or escorted till the end of the front door in first floor to leave the building. Generally in the USA, managers escort the candidates who fires from the jobs till the end of the building. A common practice here. It is because some people may react violet due to emotional breakdown. 

LWD Last Working Day in NYNJ, 2015 || Episode 65 H-1B My experiences || Kumar Exclusive

NYNJ client called Kumar back to work

In the USA, it is very common that is Hire and Fire. It is daily ritual in America. After gap of few weeks, Mr. William called Kumar to join but this time with little low billing and in the night shift in the prime data center. For time in Kumars’ life, worked in completely night shift 11pm to 5am.  The prime vendor’s illegal layer an American and his friend team leader nexus and reduced the hourly billing further low. $40 an hr. This even reduces my payments in NY less than minimum wages of H-1B and PW(Prevailing wages).

The payments are so low that everyone in the chain broke all H-1B rules like PW(Prevailing wages) wages. The Client billing is $135 an hour, prime vendor employees get $85 an hour and the American middle vendor who worked here as manager formed as a layer and takes $45 an hour hrly cut from H-1Bs and pay that $45 to H-1B petitioners in the New York City. Out of which, $25 is my take home and takes, medical, travel for client sites tolls, gas, miles and parking while visiting multiple sites costs lots of money. I borrowed money to sustain in this project apart from the H-1B petitioner’s recoveries from salaries for breaking the PW.  On Facebook or LinkedIn, people think differently if you say you are working in New York City but this is reality. The client is well aware of it but in America nobody cares. Here is the example, who comes to your house to do paint is irrelevant to you correct? as long you are happy with vendor who has taken the house contract for total house painting or partial walls etc. Information Technology also works the same way like any carpenter works etc.

America is all about DOLLARS ONLY. That to earn through commissions by sitting between end USA client and contractors or sub contractors or just Forward resumes and take $65 an hour commissions. Workers die with slavery and agents become super rich and eat filthy expensive $250 lunches in NYC and drinks whisky starting with BLUE Label brands minimum.


Work during Emergencies-Driving to NYC after SANDY

H4 EAD news:

KE placed a video on how to get FTE(Full Time Employee) jobs for H4 women. Many approached KE to share thier fear if 90,000 H4 EADs enter IT market, they lose their jobs etc. Most of them are H-1Bs, GC Indians.

Here are the few clips from the news or social media.

I saved the above news clip in 2015.

Google Images 

Google Images 

No doubt, H4 women entered from Kitchen to Cloud with fake resumes. Though they worked in India, they are home arrest or kitchen stuck for 1 to 7 years and their resumes shows FAKE experience to enter the market. NON IT Jobs, some might be entered without faking the resumes. Suddenly, H1B + H4 EAD = become DOUBLE TURBO Engine INCOME Groups. They started illtreating H-1Bs’ who’s spouses are NOT working with FAKE RESUMES. Indian women stuck in kitchen go lots of financial or economic freedom but still stuck with H-1B husbands’ VISA links as dependent.

Google Images – Either F1 or H4 EADs or H-1Bs are getting placed in the above manner.


Times Magazine 

A journalist watching from Germany for one year, came to the USA. She traveled from Germany to the USA to meet me at my apartment in Fords New Jersey USA for an interview- audio, video and print to the Times Magazine. I advised Media when asked for Germany on H-1B visa type to start in the Germany for International professionals. She wrote my entire story from 2008 to 2015 August in the below article in German language.


She wrote one full page about me in the above article. America’s Servant.

The below Times Magazine Germany edition sent by journalist from Germany by mail to me. 


FORCED to resign from NYNJ never Projects by . 


As you know, America is all about dollars, and commissions per hour and body is important but not the brains. Manager’s friend layer connected to Indian outsourcing company to a Electrical client in Long Island which is 80 miles across New York City to travel daily through and FRO.  I refused to resign from NYNJ and join in Long Island NY project but H-1B is an indentured servitude hence forced to write a resignation letter to illegal middle vendor or layer of NYNJ project. That Long Island project gets more commissions to manager and wanted to recover salaries for they broke H-1B PW and minimum wages. The Tax consultant advised me to tell them in email “STOP DOING ILLEGAL RECOVERIES” from KE’s salaries. KE wrote. The manager called and abused for writing such things in the business emails. This is what Indians do in the USA, this is not an exception but it is a RULE while working with Indians.

Finally, I wrote an email to the illegal middle vendor to quitting the project. This is a blunder and never do this. Because you never know in the new project location right? Especially dealing with stupid Indian outsourcing companies in the USA who expects 24x7x365 days stay at onsite and work for 8 hours pay or may not pay through his insert illegal layers. At the end of the day, the delivery managers and technical managers abuse for their mistake’s and their HR managers disappear.

Also I do not like Indian outsourcing companies as a prime vendor because they are 100% completely Americans displacement or replacement projects. Once their guys land into the USA on L1A/L1B/H-1B/B1 visas, they replace locals again who step in to do KT(Knowledge Transfer from out going American workers) etc. This KE experiences this in 2010 Clayton village of North Carolina State.

Long Island Project Confirmation and Tragedy

In USA, huge paper work. Lots of print outs and manual signature are required and fax or e-fax and lots of email communication for one project confirmation. This is to binding the candidate to illegal vendors.

Illegal Vendor sent Job Description(JD) to Kumar

Vendors call in shortcut JD. That is roles and responsibilities of H-1B at onsite.


Illegal Vendors do background checks of H-1Bs for Outsourcing Indian companies 

I have submitted huge confidential information about my work experiences in India and the USA and certificates copies to illegal vendor marked copy to agent. This is the demand by illegal vendor and Agent said you must provide to illegal vendor. Upon demand by force, I did this. I am skeptical about these illegal vendor(s) misuse my confidential data.


NY Project (Long Island, Island in New York State)


Client: Electrical client located in New York Long Islands

Broker ONE: Prime Vendor from India, Indian outsourcing company

Broker TWO: Illegal middle vendor

Broker THREE: my Agent gets $50 an hr from middle vendor and pays left over to this guy.

H-1B Worker: KE, no salaries paid.

Broker three claims, Broker two ran away with my money.

The Prime vendor harassed me to approve time sheets after worked 132 plus hours at onsite and remote. On top of it, illegal middle vendor called and shouted, scolded Kumar for emailed to client for prime vendor not approving time sheets. because AGENT told me, no matter what, get the timesheets approval to get the salaries. After that, illegal middle vendor ran away with my money is what Agent told. Remember this is Americans displacement or replacement project by the client and Prime vendor of Indian outsourcing companies. 

I sent 100s of emails to Delivery manager of the prime vendor who refused to say “approve”. Finally I emailed to the client and then illegal middle vendor scolded me over the phone for emailed to the end client. Because prime vendor scolded them for client received report for not paying salaries to Kumar who is on H-1B. Still they did not pay salaries. Agent says,  get time sheets approvals then only he will pay. I got the time sheets approvals after 100s of emails, phone calls to the delivery manager and approved finally. Then agent says, illegal middle vendor run away with my money so they cannot pay salaries.

By law, no matter what, it is the responsibility of the AGENT to pay salaries whether illegal middle vendor or prime vendor paid or not to the AGENT. that is NOT the responsibility of the employee or H-1B.

My childhood friend and classmate in Vizianagaram India is working in top management in this Indian outsourcing company. I complained to him about the Delivery Manager.

He replied with this: ” Fw: Trying to reach you #RECRUITMENT# Report to the HR person involved.”  on Nov 3, 2015, 8:15 PM

Fake resume MS Student

Basheer is from Hyderabad India, no work experience and did MS here. He is with his full bag and came to work. The Delivery manager of the Indian outsourcing company asked me to meet him to get KT from him. That student is not aware that I have already started working remotely for this project. He asked me, how many years fake in your resume? That is his introduction or first question. He told a lie he is a green card holder to me and that manager with his luggage in the office and no car. Manager told me, Kumar take a house on lease for people like Basheer and company employees that are coming from India.

I am about to take a hotel room next to this client building but I do not know the dealings between this MS student and this DM(Delivery manager) and DM forced me to take him to his Muslim hotel 20 miles away from this location. I do not understand his recommendation. Basheer is very happy for that.

He put heat on too much since he is not aware that we should not put too much heat causes the issues. He is speaking in Hindi about me to someone on the call badly about me as projecting me as fake resume person assuming that I do not understand Hindi.

I have huge respect for Islam or Muslims until I meet a person like Basheer. This man proved that not only Hindus but also Muslims too fake resumes and tell lies and ditch people in America.

Complaint to DOL

America least bothered about Indian’s crime in the USA.


Life in Webster NY

I have commuted between Webster NY and Fords New Jersey 700+ miles every week for one month and I realize, need to move family there hoping that project is going to extend. It is a good billing but agent started recoveries of the earlier gaps between projects that he has paid medical and his taxes and my taxes money. I got this project like some of my projects from monsterdotcom website.

Client: a local American corporation

LayerONE: American Prime vendor

LayerTWO: my Agent

H-1B worker: Kumar

Project: three months

The photos are taken by Kumar


Life in Webster, NY: 2015 Nov-2018 June 

This village is just 80 miles to Niagara Falls. So I drove several weekends with family to visit this place in all seasons including  Niagara Falls ICE. I mean freezing Falls.

This is a small village in the upstate of New York. This village has only two American clients. One is a famous American corporation with a huge builds and another is one a small American corporation with headquarters here. Indian outsourcing giants as their employees working at this famous American corporate. There are two apartment complexes, one is Americans and Indian mix and another one is full of only Indians employees from Indian outsourcing giants. This has tennis courts and I used to go that apartment complex to play tennis.

My followers/fans tennis partners and H-1B FAQs:

Some of them are following my videos and asked questions on H-1B when their employers ask them to leave as the client layoff employees from Indian outsourcing giants where one of H-1B spouse H4 is carrying pregnancy’s ninth month. I do understand HR managers of these companies operate from India and lack of knowledge in immigration rules, employees often depend upon social forums or people like me.  Attorneys charging $200 for 20 minutes to answer the basic questions.

The other complex where I am living in, people of other nations worked in other states, migrated to this village for work and shared their terrific experiences with Indian outsourcing giants. One guy came from the other side of the USA by left his aged children and spouse there and on the edge of moving them to this village but suddenly project ended is what shocking news given by the American prime vendor.  Since this is a village, people hesitant to come in to this remote area. Initially, they drag people by telling a lie project is located in Rochester another city nearby. Once project confirms that vendor gives the reporting site address. Till then it is a shocking and surprise. Once they get local candidates for less billing, overnight the vendor comes to homes and take or drag the client laptops from the contractors hands and tell them “Goodbye”. This is not only happened to me but also the gentleman came from the other side of the USA. He was crying for lose of money etc.  Later another F1 cum h-1B worker, GC EAD Indian woman and many are fired abruptly. The American manager gave a hint initially but I ignored it and I thought I am working hard and better.

Dropped another projects: Same time, my manager Mr. Chidatala Apparao got a green card and started another shop. he called me to come down back to New Jersey to join in his client without interview. Since he knows me. I refused it politely because this agent paid thousands of dollars for H-1B amendment.

Local Americans experiences: One day, I met locals that is American senior citizens at the Tennis court of the village club. Locals told me that once upon a time, they do not see Indians in this village. Now, they do not see much American IT workers today and it is because of Indian outsourcing giants employees replacing 100% locals. This is very sad to see he said.

TOM: Another day, when I was waiting at tennis court for a slot or my turn to play, one Indian introduced himself as TOM. He thought TOM means, I may misunderstand him as Christian so he gave full of TOM. Thatavarhy Omprakash Mangalarao. I do understand that Indians here cut their names to reflect an American name to impress Americans and same time feel bad to tell that name to fellow Indians and give Telugu or Indian full name. He asked me to play tennis unless his students come. Before I start playing, he asked my introduction and he though I just landed in America and started insulting India and my Indian accent. Later his students another Indian couple came. He did not tell they are beginners and when I hit the ball into them to return, he started attacking me with tennis balls and I have defended it. I realized that he is a mad person. I am about to leave the court but by that time he said, get out in American slang. He started covering up for his madness by telling them, they are new to tennis, how come you hit the ball to them etc. I never talked to him or wish him again but he come across in the indoor stadium of the club whenever I take my kids and he also not only teaches tennis but also teach other games and coordinate Indians by taking money from them. He came to me and wishes me. This is how some Indians living here more than 30 years lives immature, insult India and rip fellow Indians for easy money.

Bottom-line: if you’re good and honest in America, everyone will take you for a RIDE. Be rude to vendors and keep changing projects before they replace with another cheap labor. This is second time, I have come across American vendors also crocked after NYJNJ project.

Fourteenth RELOCATION From Upstate of NY to Ohio:

2016 Feb:

Looks like the American crocked vendors trying to replace me due to more billing and trying to a local person or who can work less than to me. I have started project search. Mr. Chidatala Apparao called again for Network Engineer position in New Jersey to join. This time he conducted one hour interview with his employee Mr. SubbarRao who came from India on L1A and got Green card. Same time I got another one through two illegal layers forwarded my resume to a financial client in Ohio. Unfortunately I took up the Ohio project and kept my family in Webster and commuted every week to Webster NY to Ohio for 750 miles a week/bi-weekly sometimes. One reason is Ohio hiring manager forced me NOT to move family to Ohio and secondly, the only apartments in the USA which accepts rent on credit cards. No salaries or less salaries so I did not move family from here.

Here you go:

I get into a room in ground floor/first floor and later on Dayone, Hiring manager force me to move to a roomshare where the lease owner of the apartment is his student.




Visiting Churches

Sivalingam, my hindu converted Christian friend from 2008 following me, asked me to visit some Churches near my room in Columbus Ohio. Since I am away from the family, most of the time he took it for preaching life after death Hinduism vs BIBLE. He thought that I am his devotee or student but I went to see different cultures and different religions in the USA. So I went to Churches near my room. Some Indians Christians visiting from Kerala India visited this Church.

People welcome me with love and affection. I do not see any differences showing off like temples in India, VIP separate lines etc. Rich and Poor all are equal here. That is really appreciable. This is NOT something new visiting Churches, I do visited Churches in India. My friends have Churches and their fathers are Church father in India and also there is Church opposite to my father’s house in my hometown during my childhood. What is news is, Sivalingam noticed that the division in the Christianity in the USA and also dig out good Churches and bad Churches. According to him bad means who follows Statues like Hindis culture.


2016-2017: During Ohio project, CBS Interviewed me. 

For my safety and security, they did a makeup to cover my face as per media norms. It was hour long interview and 3 hours makeup and a two day trip to Florida. But it was telecasted few minutes of that interview clip for their enter 60 minutes episode. It was completely a secret until I reach there.


60 minutes with his appearance disguised, and voice altered.

CBS’ hard-hitting ’60 Minutes’ on exploitation of H-1B visa has Grassley tweeting to Trump | News India Times


CBS’ hard-hitting ’60 Minutes’ on exploitation of H-1B visa has Grassley tweeting to Trump


Staff Writer

March 20, 2017


Displaced American workers protest outside the UCSF Medical Center. Courtesy of CBS NEWS.

NEW YORK: The hard-hitting ’60 Minutes’ segment on H-1B visas, titled ‘You’re Fired’, which aired on CBS, on Sunday, and focused on how the work visa has been used to displace some American workers by companies based in the US, in tandem with Indian IT service companies, saw a flurry of tweets by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to President Donald Trump urging him to lend support to his bill.

Grassley has sponsored a bill with Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), to reform the H-1B visa. It seeks to close some of the loopholes that allows for American companies to use labor from India in a system which is termed ‘knowledge transfer’. It entails a displaced American worker training his replacement from overseas.

Grassley shot off five tweets to Trump. Three of them said:

If u just saw CBS 60minutes abt ripoff H1B visa program is replacing AmWorkers u shld know my/Durbin bill will correct this injustice.

@POTUS read my previous tweet and thx to Pres Trump for getting on board. REMEMBER we can do somethings bipartisan and H1B is good example

@POTUS In other words I’ve been waiting for six yrs for a president interested in fixing H1B and that person has finally arrived/DRAIN SWAMP

Grassley and Durbin’s bill, titled ‘H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act’, introduced earlier this year, would, if put into place, eliminate the H-1B visa lottery system in favor of a “preference system,” which would benefit foreign students on F-1 visa, who get an advanced degree from the US. It would also give visas to those who make a higher grade salary instead of the $60,000 current starting salary, and require employers to make a “good faith effort” to recruit American workers over foreigners, as well as give the Departments of Homeland Security and Labor more authority to investigate fraud and abuse. The bill also creates new restrictions for companies that have more than 50 employees. Under the proposed bill, companies would not be able to hire more H-1B employees if 50% of their employees are already on H-1B and L-1 visa.

The segment on H-1B visas on ’60 Minutes’ was perhaps the most comprehensive one broadcast yet on the controversial subject of foreign workers in the US.

Reported by Bill Whitaker, the highlights included an interview with Robert Harrison, a senior telecom engineer at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, who last October was told abruptly, along with about 80 of his IT co-workers, that they were being fired by workers from India. Their last date would be Feb. 28. They could stay on working till that date, get paid plus a bonus, if they trained their replacement workers from India

Asked if he was angry, Harrison responded: “Pissed. That exceeds angry. I’m really not a violent guy. I love people. But I’ve envisioned myself just backhanding the guy as he’s sitting next to me, trying to learn what I know. And I was like, God, please don’t let them send anybody to sit next to me, to shadow me. I don’t want to do this. I really don’t.”

Whitaker then asks: “I’ve heard some workers say this is like digging your own grave. Is that what it feels like?”

Harrison says: “It feels worse than that. It feels like not only am I digging the grave, but I’m getting ready to stab myself in the gut and fall into the grave.”

The program also saw an interview with former Congressman Bruce Morrison, then Chairman of the Immigration Committee, who authored the H-1B visa bill 25 years ago.

His response to the way the H-1B visa is now being used: “I’m outraged.” He adds: “The H-1B has been hijacked, as the main highway to bring people from abroad and displace Americans.”

The program also interviewed an Indian worker on an H-1B visa, identified only as Rajesh, with his appearance disguised, and voice altered. Rajesh works at a major Wall Street bank.

Rajesh says of his work: “I have to take all of their knowledge in –basically I have to steal it. That’s my job description.” He says the American workers “cry” when they are fired.

“…I am not the enemy. The main villains are the Indian companies and their American Corporate clients.  They are exploiting us,” says Rajesh.

The program also saw an interview with Mukesh Aghi, president of the U.S.-India Business Council. He said all companies were trying to maximize profits, and that H-1B visa was part of that system


I did not reveal my name but told the story of outsourcing companies insert illegal layers and layers often run away with my money and manager forced me to chase my money etc.

My story on Wired:

One of the journalists from Wired contacted me after this project through another investigative journalists in Al Jazeera. Rajiv Dabhadkar from Mumbai introduce me to this investigative journalist. He introduced me to Al Jazeera in 2011-14 for making documentary films for that channel with my help and I helped them a lot. I gave interview for that Lady of Wired. She narrated my whole story very well except one line incorrect which she refused to change the last line, there is a correction required in the below article. I never said my spouse to fake her resume but she misunderstood and wrote like that.

The YouTube Celebrity Taking the H-1B Fight Public

Al Jazeera English:

An investigative journalist from this media has approached Kumar. Rajiv Dabhadkar from Mumbai introduce me to this investigative journalist. The journalist is doing a documentary on H-1B. I told Sivalingam, recruiter in Boston. He demanded $50,000 from the journalist to share end to end story for the documentary. The journalist came to me and gave two offers: 1 either sit in  Al Jazeera English studio and talk about H-1B abuses. 2 wear button camera or pen camera and take him to 10 worst DOL barred notorious criminal bodyshops in NYNJ. Since I do not like to be on MEDIA though I am one of the face of the 90% of 3 to 9 million h-1bs suffering and opted for two.

I did investigation about him and found his father also having a staffing company. The company ceo’s spouse is from Pakistan and she has a bodyshop. When you and your company is into H-1B abuse, how come do you want to make a documentary on H-1B abuses? DO you want to project that ONLY INDIANS are bad in the USA? He has no answer and I have asked this on the face by sitting in his car next to driver’s seat. His silence is accepted as his defeat. Anyways, I am also interested in doing this investigative research, I went with my SUV and he accompanied me.

What is shocking to me is, the Indian lady HR also talking abusive vulgar hindi language by scolding F1 international students. I feel pity for International students for a moment who are unware of these shops. If I were a cop, I would drag her to the nearest police station for her crime on Indian boys/men in the USA. It was recorded on the camera of  a media without her knowledge.

Some shops, Media is afraid to come in, and I went alone and asked the questions and gave it to them. Remember this is America.

Rajiv Dabhadkar

My Reviews: The Author well narrated all issues pin to pin, wrote well about all angles of human migrations, H1B issues, Indian Companies, consultancies and their activities with an eye opener book to many who aspire for higher studies in USA,, their parents, H1B aspirants, Educational Consultancies must read this book. I will also release a video detailed reviews on it. Please watch it on Kumar Exclusive. I wish the Author Good luck, God bless him for the kind of services he is doing for the world.

Green Carrot 

Rajiv Dabhadkar

The Book Reviews: “Green Carrot – America’s Work Visa Crisis” I have completed reading this book, gave 5* for this book.

Fifteenth RELOCATION From Upstate of NY to Rhode Island:

Life in Woonsocket RI: 2017

Here is the flow of money

  1. USA Client- > releases every week and worst case monthly to FIRST BROKER ($ amount not sure but $150+ an hr)
  2. First Broker -> Indian Outsourcing company from India who replaces Americans to hire local H-1Bs first. Company takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  3. Second Broker-> Tamilian Indian broker from East Coast-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker – inserted by Delivery manager of the first Broker
  4. Third Broker->  Telugu Indian broker East Coast-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker – – inserted by HR Manager of the first Broker
  5.  Fourth Broker-> Agent who bought Kumar to USA , pay only when illegal vendors pay salaries.
  6. H-1B worker-> Kumar at on site RI  at the mercy of the above people in the salary sharing scheme.

I got a project here with multiple illegal layers inserted by HR and DM of one of the Indian outsourcing companies. Generally H-1B Petitioners (Indians call them as Gods or Masters or Job Creators etc. or EMPLOYERS) insert illegal layers by inserting their spouse or friends companies as middlemen to take huge cut from their own employees salaries before pay them full amount of the clients pay to them. These illegal layers often do a check that is integrity of the candidates. Here, they did a background check by taking my full SSN and all sensitive and confidential information over their Gmail ids as their companies ids cannot accept more than 5 MB files. Initially I refused to share but my employer then asked me to share it, no problem. This is very unprofessional way of doing background checks by Indian illegal layers and layers. They expected me to be there at site 24x7x365 days just like Long Island Project in NY.

The hiring manager Pruthviraj is a Maharashtrian Indian who is very crocked who inserted one illegal layer and his HR manager inserted one more illegal layer. He is so worse that when client wants to give an experience letter to me, he said in email to the client, do not give one to Kumar. The client experience letters carry lots of weightage here for getting next project especially with American prime vendors due to Americans reference as they do not trust Indians anymore here due to fake resumes and fake project references by Indians.

Unfortunately I took up the RI project and kept my family in Webster and commuted every week to Webster NY to RI for 750 miles a week/bi-weekly sometimes.

Sivalingam my 2008 Recruiter friend who provided accommodation in his Guest House in Boston MA during 2008 in person interview with the client is in Boston MA. His work location is 57 miles away from me and I well tried to meet him because he is the one for almost a decade days traveling with me and daily has taken one hour of my precious time for H2C= Hindu Converted Christianity hate speeches on Hinduism and Hate speeches on one sect of Christianity refused to meet me. This gave me a benefit of doubt either he is working from India remotely but projecting that he is living in Boston MA or doing crime and scared of me recording him as he knows I do always record with my cell phone wherever I go and whoever I meet especially recruiting agencies who forward resumes and eating money. Hence refused to meet me though I am 57 miles away from his location.

Sixteenth RELOCATION From Upstate of NY to New Jersey:

Life in Pennington NJ 2017 

As usual you know every project has a start date and end date and a limited budget in the USA unless a government projects in NYNJ. Hence I got this project after Woonsocket RI.

The hiring manager Prithvij is a Maharashtrian Indian who is very crocked  fellow. His entire team in India is Maharashtrians in Mumbai and in the USA, almost Telugu speaking and Tamil woman. The telugu manager assistant Mr. Jambalakadi PambaRao is another crocked fellow. They all fired one African American and hired me to work 24x7x365 due to financial client for 8 hours pay without Over Time money or comp off.  Prithvij instructed me to come at 7am and leave at 5/6pm every day. This is to coordinate with India and the USA teams. I have recorded my hours and asked for one day comp off for those hours when he said budget is over. I generally write everything in business emails as it is a practice here and to be honest with the systems. For that he got angry and scolded me with abusive words and asked me to call his  Maharastrain vendor.

Unfortunately I took up the Pennington NJ project and kept my family in Webster and commuted every week to Webster NY to NJ for 650 miles a weekly. This time I stayed in Motel for complete three to four months time.

Seventeenth RELOCATION From Upstate of NY to Maryland:

It is December 2017, Sivalingam entered the picture with full form. He did not leave me from 2008 and it is time for him to file H-1B. He connected to his HR manager Mr. Subba Rao who demanded $10,000 for filing H-1B and immediately took $2000 for filing Labor through Mr. Jutta Damdeballi who is H-1B of his company’s Bank account. This is not an exception but rule in Indian Incs here. Then they started giving offer letters and what not? Their recruiters from India worked hard and submitted resumes along with me for thousands of jobs. Finally got one and interview with prime vendor is done. Demanded me to come to Maryland in person with the client.


The client is a government client in DC. One Indian layer, his school buddies a Tamilian buddy and Telugu buddy as two illegal layers and one hidden American layer and this Sivalingam’s company. I have no choice. I also left with no money so I beg someone in Maryland to give accommodation in the car shed or basement until I get my first salaries. The gentleman agreed and said on humanitarian grounds even if you do not pay also fine. I have started driving to Maryland. It is not an easy journey and tired and slept in the SUV at 12am to 4am on the highway outside gas station. This is very dangerous as someone can take your vehicle at gun point due to the given environment. I risk my life to drive to projects. Hence my kids do not like me to risk life for projects.

Finally I reached the client location. All vendors are keep calling me same time to see whether the candidate is reported to site or not. Because they lose money if candidate does not turn up.

Sivalingam is the one taught almost a decade about Jesus, Bible, Christianity, Hindus converted to Christainity lectures or preaching’s on humanity, ethics, morals and values are gone here. Because he is the one scolded all Indian Incs and MS or Fake MS Students and now it is his turn taken away all my little savings in the name of H-1B filings by his company.  When I asked about the confrontation about wrong doings of Indians, he said, business is business, no ethics and it is called “Consulting Business”. He showed his true colors in 2018.

Sivalingam’s attorney American lady came to know that Sivalingam collected money from me and 150 H-1Bs of his H-1Bs staff for filing H-1B and LCA etc. SHe told, we are filing case on Sivalingam’s company and we are no longer process your H-1B. Then she advised me to look for new employer. I did not inform this to Sivalingam. But Sivalingam told a different story, we have issues and cannot file H-1B so leave the project by vacating the desk. I have vacated the desk as per his instructions. That night, I gave a thought, why should I give up project after getting 100s of resumes submissions and interviews etc. Hence I have decided not to quit the project. The next day, I went to work. Sivalingam got angry and started scolding me while I was at work.

I told Sivalingam, what is this? what do you want? he said, this is consulting business so he wants $10 an hr for 6 months projects to exit as an illegal layer and give NOC to the next employer. He took this much money and also took money of my Dec 2017 to March 2018 salaries from the 3rd layers in the line and ran away.

Here you go:

Step-1: agent(new) gave offer in Dec 2017 and took money from me to file H-1B. 



Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2018 11:02 AM
To: ‘K P’
Subject: Windows Server Systems Engineer – Largo, MD
Importance: High


Hi Kumar,


Please go through the below job description and let me know if you wish to move forward.


Title:Server Systems Engineer

Location: Largo, MD

Duration:6 Months



  • Ensure products and systems comply with requirements and government information assurance and cyber security standards and practices through formal verification methods
  • Assess performance using evaluation criteria and technical performance measures
  • Performs systems administration of server systems connected to local and wide area networks. System management responsibilities involves account monitoring, security, Operating System (OS) installation, and other local area system administration related functions
  • Provide timely support to clients, work with vendor to install, troubleshoot windows server systems
  • Monitor system performance and proactively provide maintenance plans and schedules
  • Provides support for implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance of IT systems
  • Records and reports concerning server operations and maintenance.
  • Harden images, secure images and firewall configurations
  • Troubleshoots performance issues.
  • Analyzes network traffic.

Must Haves:

  • BA/BS degree in Cyber Security Management, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Math, Business or other related field, or 4 or more years of recent experience in cyber security engineering
  • 7+ years Windows server administration, where candidate has installed, configured Windows server systems
  • Experience in troubleshooting Windows servers
  • Designed, installed and configure cluster services in Windows environment.
  • Demonstrates subject matter expertise in Network Security, Secure Remote access, Firewall Management, Security Information, Event management, Logging and Next Generation Firewall
  • Demonstrates Server hardening based on NIST guidelines / standards / checklist
  • Demonstrates DNS/DHCP configuration and vulnerabilities assessment and fix
  • Demonstrates deep understanding and knowledge of routing protocols
  • Experience in documenting security operations, network diagrams and security best practices.
  • Experience with Server logs management and troubleshooting.
  • Desired experience with cyber security tools such as Splunk, EnCase, Nessus, McAfee Endpoint Security, and FireEye
  • Palo Alto experience a plus
  • SCCM experience a plus
  • SCE/MSCA, CCNA, other Security Certifications are desired





Step-3: Check this video, the   HR asking money through Sivalingam and demanded money. 

Step4: Follow up for the interview results



Here is the flow of money

  1. USA Client- > releases every week and worst case monthly to FIRST BROKER ($ amount not sure but $150+ an hr)
  2. First Broker -> North Indian Hindi speaking Indian broker located in a shop in VA state- he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  3. Hiddenbroker-> Hidden American layer.
  4. Second Broker-> Tamilian Indian broker from West Coast-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  5. Third Broker->  Telugu Indian broker Midwest states-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  6. Fourth Broker-> Andhra Telugu,   Indian broker Boston MA – wait for vendors to pay money, send it to India and bring it back to pay
  7. H-1B worker-> Kumar at on site DC (gets $0) at the mercy of the above people in the salary sharing scheme.

All set to drive to Maryland with the above layers.

2018 New H-1B Agent aka Employer or Broker

Here is the flow of money

  1. USA Client- > releases every week and worst case monthly to FIRST BROKER ($ amount not sure but $150+ an hr)
  2. First Broker -> North Indian Hindi speaking Indian broker located in a shop in VA state- he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  3. Hiddenbroker-> Hidden American layer.
  4. Second Broker-> Tamilian Indian broker from West Coast-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  5. Third Broker->  Telugu Indian broker Midwest states-he or she takes 90 days to release the payment to next broker
  6. Fourth Broker-> Andhra Telugu,   Indian broker Boston MA – wait for vendors to pay money, send it to India and bring it back to pay
  7. Sixth Brother-> Telugu Andhra Indian from New Jersey- he does not want to release any money
  8. Seventh Broker-> Sixth broker’s brother, girl friends companies here to stop money here.
  9. H-1B worker-> Kumar at on site DC (gets $0) at the mercy of the above people in the salary sharing scheme.

Fourth Broker advise to Kumar.  broker ran away with Kumar’s two weeks plus salaries in 2018 before dropping. 


Seventh Broker


CEO of broker company is missing. broker and his brother only operating this company and eat H-1Bs salaries. 


I typed in my inbox”H-1B transfer” and I got this guy name pop on the top. Then I called the recruiter and he connected me to his boss. His boss is not taking honestly. In fact he is not the ceo but a shadow Ceo of several companies. I have no choice as Sivalingam ditched me in the middle of it.

This is another sad and pathetic H-1B agent and life is even worse. He is a caste-ist guy has lots of criminal backgrounds in India. He uses foul language and he does not know English. At last upon begging, he gave $1000 for my room rent and food as advance but no salaries. then I moved to close to work as Commute 50 miles daily from Baltimore to DC downtown is not an easy task on the one of the worst top 10 US Highways.

Indians shared room and rented this room for $550 with no facilities. The owner resides in New Jersey and provides proxy support networking jobs for roommates. This room has a rat also. Upon complain to landlord, he denied it. Kitchen is horrible. I told him and confronted this is not the way how it H-1B works and you must pay salaries on time in the email and on the phone also. This fellow has a friend in New Jersey who places MS Students entering this house for MS, place them into Networking Jobs with $50,000 with Proxy interviews and proxy projects supports. His model is, come with suitcase and go with Networking Job. This is just a few miles away from America’s capital. WOW, Telugu people pride in America.