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This is exactly happens with most of the projects in IT companies.

Client: “Our next requirement, we need an elephant”

IT Team: But why don’t you adjust with a buffalo, even it is big…. and black?”

Client: No, we need an elephant only.

IT Team: Fine, I understand your requirement. But our system supports only a buffalo…

Client: We need only an elephant!

IT Team: Ok, let me see if I can customize it for you”

At the Offshore Development Centre :


Design/Development – Client wants a big black four legged animal, long tail, less hair. Having trunk is mandatory.

The same was documented, signed off and sent to offshore for development!

Based on requirement all features are supported in base product (as buffalo), for trunk alone a separate customization is done.

Finally the customization is shown to client below.

Policies vs People

Policies vs People

KE hope this will be helpful for readers especially young generations getting into Information Technology related companies in India or abroad. 

KE worked a decade in India before coming to USA. KE also worked in AP State Government in India.

So KE has huge network of ex colleagues who share truthful information about their journey of life time experiences.

One of such ex colleagues or peers who studied in Canada in 1990s and returned to India shared his experience of two decades in a message.

KE is placing it here for the interest of the public and also conducted polls on YouTube/Twitter and LinkedIn. 



American work culture is best.

But what if you are a contractor/sub contractor or a consultant working for an American client though Indian outsourcing company at on site? 

There will be a conflict between Client policies and Company(outsourcing India). KE kept a video on this. You need to bring them on a conference call to resolve the issue or a consensus. Otherwise a blame game starts between you and client and company policies and people. 

H1B-Epi35 H1B contractor and service provider conflicts & Fix Kumar Exclusive

Employee union files complaint against Accenture for forcefully asking staff to resign

As per Accenture’s statement, the layoffs are a part of their annual performance management process where they assess every candidate on their performance, and if they are fit for the firm

Sonal Khetarpal | August 28, 2020 | Updated 13:42 IST

American said: That does sound bad, working long hours is not fun when you are forced to do it


WFH India

WFH: Work from Home

People are writing to KE about their personal experiences from India during Covid19 Situation.

As you know India has several states but mostly IT firms focused in 8 in major cities.

Bangalore – Silicon Valley of India




NCR – Delhi Noida and Gurgaon

Pune – IT Parks

Kolkata – Salt Lake

Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar – GIFT City

Many wrote, we start the day with Asia and end with US time zones.

Some told, boring also work from home . Because we do not see outside world . At least alternate weeks good.

I.T. is going to get used to this new normal. Lot of work pressure with very little space for social activities. 

Hope we get sometime for this today. People finish day with marathon meetings for 16hrs a day. 

Work from home is bad. They’re making people over work.

Agriculture labour are better than it people. They have fixed hours n fixed wages

Correct, office attire changed. Everyone is wearing a shirt/blazer and a lungi

Health wise people go down, back ache too. 

The below is from Internet for the information.




On YouTube

On LinkedIn

Asians & Indians work Culture in USA

Kumar will continue to write a decade experience in India and USA.

Kumar also share his experiences while working with Indians and in general Indians (outsourcing companies, Body shops, layers, F1 International national students both fake and original resume candidates and H4 EADs, L1, B1, GC, USC etc, B.TECH locals of h1b/gc/usc children ) He shares his observations both positive and negative.
This really educate people in India and off shore who were not selected for H1b purely based upon a word performance as a joke.

Of course some are good, hardworking but it doesn’t mean other hardworking IT professionals are not to be illtreated just because companies have limited h1bs to send guys to onsite. They should not tag them with performance and fire them or whatever.

This will reveal the naked truth from the ground realities how American works, how Indians work, how Fake Resume boys/girls work like a opt boy or girl enter jobs through fake, proxy Skype interviews, proxy jobs support at onsites and how h1b spouses support their spouses at onsites while working at clients sites.

This is not to defame anyone but to expose the MAFIA behind this proxy scams (proxy calls, proxy projects support, proxy call centers and anything illegal the mafia doing in IT just for extra dollars ). Remember, the fake opt paid only $10 to $25 an hour against $120 an hour billing due to Senior XYZ Technology Architecture position that mafia poaching Highly paid American jobs through illegal way.

WSJ told, these fake OPT students are working for free to get experience in USA.
Indian outsourcing companies employees talk in Hindi/Telugu/Tamil/etc in very loud noise.

A girl from TCS daily shouting at her off shore team boys on speaker phone from desk location.

People surrounding her want to complain. I will make a video on this soon.
I have received emails about Asians work culture in USA today 4/24/2020

Indians work culture in USA

2017-09-19 21.02.30 – I wrote this or saved this picture from my Facebook page. This page was deleted without a copy of backup upon the demand of the Indian company.

90% of Indians hiring managers are corrupted and Crooked-H1B-Epi 430


Most of the Indian Managers are adamant, head-weighted, disrespectful, and rude toward other Indian non-immigrant workers like me and other colleagues of F1/H1B/H4 EADs etc. They act very bossy and show superiority over to intimidate people like me. Indians managers look down and belittle individuals like me to satisfy their ego. They take pretty things very offensive. They are always very impolite and ill-manners to their subordinates. These crooked and corrupted Indian hiring managers need a lesson. Indian managers with Green cards and USC are bossy and arrogant like IAS officers in India, NOT all but only a majority.

Majority Indian hiring managers have layer companies so they hire through their spouse illegal layer companies though against USCIS rules. On top of it, these guys have Indian restaurants, market about it and force Indian teams to eat there every Friday.