US elections Americans voice 

US elections Americans voice 

Time to separate truth from lies, people of the Lord and follow the Lord to the pretenders, liars and witches!!!


As the US election is NOW behind us, even with all the lies and foolishness still being spewed to confuse and cause strife among men.  There were so many preachers and persons that called themselves prophets that spoke prophecies and said this is what the Lord had said. I am EXTREMELY angry at both elected politicians and media that have played in dishonesty and conspiracy theories, these people who claim to love this union, wear flags and speak authoritatively. However, they have dealt democracy a life altering blow, NOTHING excuses, the people of the LORD, which is supposed to be a higher calling, and a strict mandate on truth/honesty/love and helping the least among us.  However, they now speak about “alternative facts”, they openly have joined in this dark dishonesty that a free society can NOT survive.  They are smothering freedom in the light of day with glee and cheer.

 The very truths and freedom that they say they believe and love they work against! 

This is the doctrine of demons and spirits of darkness and division that are far from the Lord and father! 

I have never seen so many prophecies come to life than in the last 4 years. 

IF you do not understand what I mean, sit down and read the book of revelations.

These people that call themselves people of God owe an apology and need to pray for forgiveness from the Lord. 

If they are true prophets, this should have already been done.  However, I have not seen ANY of these people MOVE!! 

Even, now far after the end, the Evilness, lies and corruption have not stopped. Even as FOX News has recently moved away and the Attorney General has started to distance himself  from this awesome assault.  The evil childlike president rants and continues to commit ridiculous feats of lies, while clearly attempting to overturn righteous election by the people!!!  This is the essence of self-rule, “democracy”  the overturning of an election, which would make us a true autocracy and puppet government, now at the same time, he is attempting to rush people to executions and pardon himself and family for theft, conspiracy and working with our advisories.  This man never supported the US people or Government, Therefore, why are so many republicans and Christians pastors and prophets scared to move!!  “Read revelations”!!   Can someone show me ANY Christian values in this president or the people around him?  Last night’s rant, that looked straight out of what I saw as a child in countries that had military or dictator’s.  He used the US presidential seal to deliver another in a line of lies, foolish conspiracy theories. Just made up dumb lies and again, silence from the leaders!! 

I will close on this, 2700 American citizens died yesterday, and will continue to died every day, but NOTHING from the leader of the Country, the virus is now out of control. Nothing will slow it at this point, however, NOTHING from the people that made mask wearing look like weakness or an assault on freedom.  I feel dirty!!!

Deuteronomy 18

The Prophet

14 The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the Lord your God has not permitted you to do so. 15 The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your fellow Israelites. You must listen to him. 16 For this is what you asked of the Lord your God at Horeb on the day of the assembly when you said, “Let us not hear the voice of the Lord our God nor see this great fire anymore, or we will die.”

17 The Lord said to me: “What they say is good 19 I myself will call to account anyone who does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name. 20 But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death.”

21 You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?” 22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.

Jeremiah 14:14

14 Then the Lord said to me, “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries[a] and the delusions of their own minds.

Jeremiah 23

30 “Therefore,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me. 31 Yes,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who wag their own tongues and yet declare, ‘The Lord declares.’ 32 Indeed, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” declares the Lord. “They tell them and lead my people astray with their reckless lies, yet I did not send or appoint them. They do not benefit these people in the least,” declares the Lord.

False Prophecy

33 “When these people, or a prophet or a priest, ask you, ‘What is the message from the Lord?’ say to them, ‘What message? I will forsake you, declares the Lord.’ 34 If a prophet or a priest or anyone else claims, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ I will punish them and their household. 35 This is what each of you keeps saying to your friends and other Israelites: ‘What is the Lord’s answer?’ or ‘What has the Lord spoken?’ 36 But you must not mention ‘a message from the Lord’ again, because each one’s word becomes their own message. So you distort the words of the living God, the Lord Almighty, our God. 37 This is what you keep saying to a prophet: ‘What is the Lord’s answer to you?’ or ‘What has the Lord spoken?’ 38 Although you claim, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ this is what the Lord says: You used the words, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ even though I told you that you must not claim, ‘This is a message from the Lord.’ 39 Therefore, I will surely forget you and cast you out of my presence along with the city I gave to you and your ancestors. 40 I will bring on you everlasting disgrace—everlasting shame that will not be forgotten.”


“DOJ has not found fraud that would reverse Biden win over Trump, Attorney General William Barr says”

William Barr breaks with Trump’s election fantasy

Someone’s Going To Get Killed’: Ga. Official Blasts GOP (Republican party) Silence On Election Threats!!!

Fired director of U.S. cyber agency Chris Krebs explains why President Trump’s claims of election interference are false

Chris Krebs, a lifelong Republican, was put in charge of the agency handling election security by President Trump two years ago. When Krebs said the election was the country’s most secure ever,

Mr. Trump fired him. Now, Krebs speaks to Scott Pelley.

Trump Campaign Lawyer Suggested Executing Ex-DHS Staffer Chris Krebs

Trump says DOJ ‘missing in action’ on alleged election fraud /

  DOJ investigating potential White House ‘bribery-for-pardon’ scheme  /

The high rate of executions during Trump’s last weeks in office, explained/

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Earlier H2C vendors, Hindus Converter Christians used to attack Brahmins or HINDUS

and probably this might be enlightening those religious business conversion people.

One of the subscribers sent this.



It is amazing to see that how fiction can become truth in course of time!

Let’s examine truth based on facts and real history.

1. To start with, there is no SINGLE Brahmin God in Hinduism!

2. All Gods are from backward castes, dalits and tribals.

3. Brahmins never created the concept of Gods in Hinduism.

4. There was not even a SINGLE Brahmin King that ruled India.

5. To be able to oppress others requires positions of power. Brahmins were teachers, scholars, priests, advisors but not rulers.

6. The Brahmin’s traditional occupation was that of temple priest (purohit), officiating religious functions. Their sole income was Biksha (alms) given by the land-lords (non-Brahmins).

7. And another section of Brahmins were teachers, that too without salary.

8. Vedic literature was mostly written by non-Brahmins! The most powerful of the dharma shaastra, that gives Brahmins a high status, is the Manusmriti written by Manu, a non-Brahmin. Brahmin means a profession (Varna) – not a caste.

9. If the reading and writing of Sanskrit was confined to Brahmins then how do you have the tribal Valmiki composing Ramayana? Ved Vyas, who classified four vedas and wrote Mahabharata, was born to a fisher-woman.

10. Sanskrit was used mostly by non-Brahmin writers – there are very few scriptures in Sanskrit authored by Brahmins.

11. We consider the teachings of Ved Vyas, Vashishtha, Valmiki, Krishna, Rama, Agasthya, Vishwamitra, Shrunga, Gowthama, Buddha, Mahavira, Tulsidas, Thiruvalluvar, Kabir, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Narayana guru etc as most valuable.

12. If none of them were Brahmins why cry out loudly that “Brahmins did not allow you to learn?” There are numerous works on bhakti by non-Brahmin bhakti saints.

13. Brahmins never prevented others from learning.

14. Brahmins were neither rich nor powerful at any point of time in history. Pick up any old Indian story book, you will see ‘Garib Brahmin’ (Poor Brahmin) quoted as a virtue. (Remember Kuchela-Krishna story?)

15. Though their profession was considered as highest stature of the society, the Brahmin ascetics’ only way of survival was alms given by people.

16. The biggest contribution of Brahmins is sustaining the best language ever spoken in the earth – Sanskrit. If you learn English or Arab, you have commercial benefits.

17. Nobody ever promoted Sanskrit. Without any benefits, Brahmins took up voluntary task of learning Sanskrit. Then, now you accuse them of monopoly in Sanskrit! Besides, Brahmins were never , they were not Kings..

They didn’t enjoy powers and wealth.. Naturally, they worked hard on gaining knowledge, led life of austerity.. So there is no question of exploitation by Brahmins..

When population of Brahmins range from just 2% in Tamilnadu to 12 %in Uttarakhand how can they dominate majority..

After reading all this can anyone blame Brahmins for anything !!

👆Please forward to as many as possible and kill this virus of misinformation dividing the Society.

The world is full of good people

The world is full of good people, an inspiring story.


 Naga Naresh Karutura has just passed out of IIT Madras in Computer Science and has joined Google in Bangalore. You may ask, what is so special about this 21-year-old when there are hundreds of students passing from various IITs and joining big companies like Google?

Naresh is special. His parents are illiterate. He has no legs and moves around in his powered wheelchair.

Ever smiling, optimistic and full of spirit; that is Naresh. He says, “God has always been planning things for me. That is why I feel I am lucky.” Read why Naresh feels he is lucky.

Childhood in a village

I spent the first seven years of my life in Teeparru, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, on the banks of the river Godavari. My father Prasad was a lorry driver and my mother Kumari, a housewife. Though they were illiterate, my parents instilled in me and my elder sister (Sirisha) the importance of studying.

Looking back, one thing that surprises me now is the way my father taught me when I was in the 1st and 2nd standards. My father would ask me questions from the textbook, and I would answer them. At that time, I did not know he could not read or write but to make me happy, he helped me in my studies!

Another memory that does not go away is the floods in the village and how I was carried on top of a buffalo by my uncle. I also remember plucking fruits from a tree that was full of thorns.

I used to be very naughty, running around and playing all the time with my friends. I used to get a lot of scolding for disturbing the elders who slept in the afternoon. The moment they started scolding, I would run away to the fields!

I also remember finishing my schoolwork fast in class and sleeping on the teacher’s lap!

January 11, 1993, the fateful day

On the January 11, 1993 when we had the sankranti holidays, my mother took my sister and me to a nearby village for a family function. From there we were to go with our grandmother to our native place. But my grandmother did not come there. As there were no buses that day, my mother took a lift in my father’s friend’s lorry. As there were many people in the lorry, he made me sit next to him, close to the door.

It was my fault; I fiddled with the door latch and it opened wide throwing me out. As I fell, my legs got cut by the iron rods protruding from the lorry. Nothing happened to me except scratches on my legs.

The accident had happened just in front of a big private hospital, but they refused to treat me saying it was an accident case. Then a police constable who was passing by took us to a government hospital.

First, I underwent an operation as my small intestine got twisted. The doctors also bandaged my legs. I was there for a week. When the doctors found that gangrene had developed and it had reached up to my knees, they asked my father to take me to a district hospital. There, the doctors scolded my parents a lot for neglecting the wounds and allowing the gangrene to develop. But what could my ignorant parents do?

In no time, both my legs were amputated up to the hips.

I remember waking up and asking my mother, where are my legs? I also remember that my mother cried when I asked the question. I was in the hospital for three months.

Life without legs

I do not think my life changed dramatically after I lost both my legs. Because all at home were doting on me, I was enjoying all the attention rather than pitying myself. I was happy that I got a lot of fruits and biscuits.

‘I never wallowed in self-pity’

The day I reached my village, my house was flooded with curious people; all of them wanted to know how a boy without legs looked. But I was not bothered; I was happy to see so many of them coming to see me, especially my friends!

All my friends saw to it that I was part of all the games they played; they carried me everywhere.

God’s hand. I believe in God. I believe in destiny. I feel he plans everything for you. If not for the accident, we would not have moved from the village to Tanuku, a town. There I joined a missionary school, and my father built a house next to the school. Till the tenth standard, I studied in that school.

If I had continued in Teeparu, I may not have studied after the 10th. I may have started working as a farmer or someone like that after my studies. I am sure God had other plans for me.

My sister, my friend

When the school was about to reopen, my parents moved from Teeparu to Tanuku, a town, and admitted both of us in a Missionary school. They decided to put my sister also in the same class though she is two years older. They thought she could take care of me if both of us were in the same class. My sister never complained.

She would be there for everything. Many of my friends used to tell me, you are so lucky to have such a loving sister. There are many who do not care for their siblings.

She carried me in the school for a few years and after a while, my friends took over the task. When I got the tricycle, my sister used to push me around in the school.

My life, I would say, was normal, as everyone treated me like a normal kid. I never wallowed in self-pity. I was a happy boy and competed with others to be on top and the others also looked at me as a competitor.


I was inspired by two people when in school; my Maths teacher Pramod Lal who encouraged me to participate in various local talent tests, and a brilliant boy called Chowdhary, who was my senior.

When I came to know that he had joined Gowtham Junior College to prepare for IIT-JEE, it became my dream too. I was school first in 10th scoring 542/600.

Because I topped in the state exams, Gowtham Junior College waived the fee for me. Pramod Sir’s recommendation also helped. The fee was around Rs 50,000 per year, which my parents could never afford.

Moving to a residential school

Living in a residential school was a big change for me because till then my life centered around home and school and I had my parents and sister to take care of all my needs. It was the first time that I was interacting with society. It took one year for me to adjust to the new life.

There, my inspiration was a boy called K K S Bhaskar who was in the top 10 in IIT-JEE exams. He used to come to our school to encourage us. Though my parents did not know anything about Gowtham Junior School or IIT, they always saw to it that I was encouraged in whatever I wanted to do. If the results were good, they would praise me to the skies and if bad, they would try to see something good in that. They did not want me to feel bad. They are such wonderful supportive parents.

Life at IIT- Madras

Though my overall rank in the IIT-JEE was not that great (992), I was 4th in the physically handicapped category. So, I joined IIT, Madras to study Computer Science.

Here, my role model was Karthik who was also my senior in school. I looked up to him during my years at IIT- Madras. He had asked for attached bathrooms for those with special needs before I came here itself. So, when I came here, the room had attached bath. He used to help me and guide me a lot when I was here.

I evolved as a person in these four years, both academically and personally. It has been a great experience studying here. The people I was interacting with were so brilliant that I felt privileged to sit along with them in the class. Just by speaking to my lab mates, I gained a lot.

‘There are more good people in society than bad ones’

July 28, 2008

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to Prof Pandurangan and all my lab mates; all were simply great. I was sent to Boston along with four others for our internship by Prof Pandurangan. It was a great experience.

Joining Google R&D

I did not want to pursue PhD as I wanted my parents to take rest now. Morgan Stanley selected me first, but I preferred Google because I wanted to work in pure computer science, algorithms and game theory.

I am lucky. Do you know why I say I am lucky?

I get help from total strangers without me asking for it. Once after my second year at IIT, I with some of my friends was travelling in a train for a conference. We met a kind gentleman called Sundar in the train, and he has been taking care of my hostel fees from then on.

I must mention about Jaipur foot. I had Jaipur foot when I was in 3rd standard. After two years, I stopped using them. As I had almost no stems on my legs, it was very tough to tie them to the body. I found walking with Jaipur foot terribly slow. Sitting also was a problem. I found my tricycle faster because I am one guy who wants to do things faster.

One great thing about the hospital is, they do not think their role ends by just fixing the Jaipur foot; they arrange for livelihood for all. They asked me what help I needed from them. I told them at that time, if I got into an IIT, I needed financial help from them. So, from the day I joined IIT, Madras, my fees were taken care of by them. So, my education at the IIT was never a burden on my parents and they could take care of my sister’s Nursing studies.

Surprise awaited me at IIT

After my first year, when I went home, two things happened here at the Institute without my knowledge.

I got a letter from my department that they had arranged a lift and ramps at the department for me. It also said that if I came a bit early and checked whether it met with my requirements, it would be good.

Second surprise was, the Dean, Prof Idichandy and the Students General Secretary, Prasad had located a place that sold powered wheelchairs. The cost was Rs 55,000. What they did was, they did not buy the wheelchair; they gave me the money so that the wheelchair belonged to me and not the institute.

My life changed after that. I felt free and independent. That’s why I say I am lucky. God has planned things for me and takes care of me at every step.

The world is full of good people.

Inspiring story forwarded by one of my subscribers hence posting it here. 10/27/2020.

Lawyers who run away with H-1B money

Lawyers who run away with H-1B money

About Indian attorneys or lawyers in the USA

According to one of the KE Subscribers’:

One of the followers shared experiences how Indian attorneys or lawyers in the USA often run away with F1 or H-1Bs money.

Subscriber told, do not approach Indian attorneys, see the reviews and meet American attorneys in your area.

Also advised, if you follow government websites, you do not need any attorney’s help because they often loot your money and run away like Indian illegal vendors.

Subscriber thinks Indian lawyers in the US are the worst lawyers for immigration.

They usually come online on Facebook along with their white American assistants and give sessions to the audience just to become famous but nothing else.

Here, Lawyers usually prefer to come on TV and Radio to get famous so that they attract innocent clients and do publicity but in reality a true lawyer never needs publicity instead they get publicity by their true hard working nature for a client and through mouth publicity for their good work towards clients.

When Subscriber did some research on lawyers in the US and their service towards clients, they speak as if they understand the pain of International students(F1) and H1B’s(slaves) but they do not.

The way they speak on Indian Telugu channels or Indian languages TV and radio interviews that they are faking a lot.  

In the end of their interviews to Telugu news channels they speak about the fraudulent employers taking H1B fees from students but in reality they are in favor of body shops (even your video shows the same) and fraud IT jobs always as they can make money out of their profession by supporting them.

In general, Indian lawyers are awfully bad in the US and most commercialized.

They suck blood out of their clients by making them come to their offices each day/week and not giving proper appointments, shut doors on the faces of their clients, on the first day talk smoothly until the client pays money and from the immediate next day they avoid clients, try most not to meet them in person or phone, never lift their calls and make the case prolong to the most for years together until they make complete money out of it.

Subscriber’s advice for any clients who seek legal advice is never ever go to an Indian lawyer because they are all connected by caste to your stupid Indian employers. Choose a non-Indian lawyer or just sit and read the law rules from the government website and google. That is the best way.

Firsthand better do not try to fall in any legal issues and if it requires any help then do not choose Indian lawyers instead choose an American lawyer. You can trust Americans in America but not Indians in America.

Always see the google reviews before you choose a lawyer.

You will be shocked to see most of the bad and worst reviews are for Indian lawyers in google.

Everything became business here in the US.

All the professions especially IT, body shops and their owners, middle men in IT jobs, Indian LAWYERS, doctors, health practitioners, consultants like travel ticket consultants, IT recruiters, real estate people, Managers ( they don’t deserve that position as many are with fake bachelor’s degree and have green card) are doing business in US.

In the disguise of wearing a blazer and professionally dressed they are doing cheap business in the US.

If you make them write one exam on the basics of their bachelor’s degree, out of 100, 99 will fail for sure but they act as if they have come up with a hard-working career.

They came with a fake profile and fake career.

This is the famous business by Indians in the US.

Thank you,

Your subscriber.

This is not something new to KE and KE already told Media about this. If you read this article, you will understand more.


All information is gathered on actual conversations and electronic communication with followers of my videos.

Although I cannot guarantee the accuracy, it is my assumption all information provided is factual and true.

My opinions are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Any threats made against my family or myself is in violation of The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L. 101-12 and will be reported to proper authorities.




Americans on If bill s386 passes

If bill s386 passes –

every Indian will forge resume and flood tech jobs in usa.. h1b fraud – please send

email to

Virgil Bierschwale: must have struck a nerve with that tweet because I immediately received this. 

From falsifying documents and setting up fake websites to pretending to be “religious leaders”, Indians are resorting to a variety of tactics in the hope of getting a U.S. visa, according to cables from US diplomatic missions in India published on the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

In the leaked cable dated Oct 2009 and released by WikiLeaks on 24 April 2011, the U.S. Consul in Chennai said in the India Biannual Fraud Update, “Fraudulent civil documentation is common in India, both in terms of documents that have been fabricated outright, and documents issued improperly. (U.S. diplomatic) posts see a myriad of fraudulent documents, including fake civil registry documents, counterfeit entry/exit stamps and third-country visas, employment letters, sponsorship and financial documents, bogus degrees and entrance examination scores, and altered marriage and site photographs.

“Visa consultants sell such documents to applicants who seek their advice about how to qualify for visas. Peddlers of fraudulent documents abound and operate quite openly in major Indian cities and even some of the smaller towns. Government officials are not above fraudulent issuances either. Virtually all birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage registration documents can be purchased from corrupt local government officials or brokers.”

The cable, which offers a detailed compilation of the numerous problems facing diplomatic missions in India, sounds a clear warning to tourism and immigration authorities worldwide about the potential downsides of the Indian outbound travel boom. Although countries which require visas from Indian citizens have some mechanisms in place to detect fraud, the many countries  now offering Indian citizens visa-free or visa-on-arrival access are bound to see a commensurate rise in illegal Indian immigrants. A reopening of the long-standing debate over tourism promotion policies and visa requirements is a foregone conclusion.

The cable notes that inspite of booming economic conditions in India, “an opinion poll published in the popular Times of India in January 2007 noted that 37 percent of the 1.1 billion Indians would emigrate if they had the chance. Many Indians have tried to migrate (to the U.S.) using non-immigrant visas, and a greater number of Indian nationals apply for employment-based H and L visas than any other nationality worldwide.”

Busiest in the World

According to the cable, “India-wide consular operations are among the busiest in the world. In FY-2008, Mission India processed more than 756,000 non-immigrant visa applications and 27,000 immigrant visa applications.

“While the majority of applicants from India are bona fide travelers and migrants, the volume of fraudulent applications is still significant. Some states, such as Gujarat and Punjab, are traditional sources of migration out of India and fraudulent applications from these areas are more common than from other regions of India. The state of Andhra Pradesh, and in particular its capital of Hyderabad, has been identified as a large center of documentary fraud which affects all India posts.”

The cable says, “Mission India processes more H and L visas than any other country in the world, more than 30 percent of the world total in FY-2008. Although H and L visa applications were down slightly in FY-2009 due to the worldwide economic environment, Mission India still processed 120,320 H and L visa applications in the first three quarters of FY-2009, including 60,725 in Chennai alone.

“Mission India processed 192,332 H and L visa adjudications in FY-2008 and 190,087 in FY-2007. Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi have been the three busiest H-1B visa processing posts in the world for the past five fiscal years, and we project that India posts will comprise the top four in the world now that the new Consulate General in Hyderabad is adjudicating visas.”

It says that “in FY-2009, the non-immigrant visa classes most often targeted for fraud were B1/B2 business travelers/tourists, H-1B temporary workers, F1 student visas, and P3 culturally unique artists. Since the implementation of the new petition requirement for R-1 religious workers, Mission India has seen very few fraudulent R-1 cases. The most commonly targeted immigrant visa classes were IR-1s and CR 1s in Delhi and F-2B and F-2A visas in Mumbai and Chennai.

Specific regional areas

“During the six month period from March through August 2009, Mission India’s consular sections identified a total of 3,596 cases of suspected visa fraud (Chennai – 1,237, New Delhi – 949, Mumbai – 809, Hyderabad – 523, Kolkata – 78). 5. Most of India’s fraudulent applicants come from specific and easily defined regional areas within each consular district.

“These states have some of the most mobile populations in India and the largest concentrations of expatriate communities overseas, including in the United States. In New Delhi, cases originating from the Punjab comprise the majority of its IV (Immigrant Visa) and fraud caseloads, while the same can be said in Mumbai with Gujarat. Chennai and Hyderabad’s fraud workload comes principally from Andhra Pradesh.”

It says that “B1/B2 visa fraud is the most commonplace. Regionally-based fraud rings throughout the country, but especially in Hyderabad, continue to produce fraudulent documents for visa application and travel purposes. Some visa “consultants” and travel agents specialize in fraudulent experience letters and fake document packages, which include passport copies of false relatives, bogus financial documents, and affidavits of support.”

It cites several examples: The New Delhi post “uncovered an extensive network of fraudulent Lions Club conference attendees. Mumbai recently discovered a scam involving unqualified children being misrepresented as attending different schools in an attempt to boost their financial credibility as Space Camp attendees. As a result, Mumbai now requires signed affidavits by chaperones and has physically canceled the visas of several large camp groups.”

According to the cable, “H-1B fraud is one of the top two visa categories for fraud throughout Mission India. All posts regularly encounter inflated or fabricated educational and employment qualifications. The vast majority of these documents come from Hyderabad. In the 18 months prior to the start-up of consular operations in Hyderabad, FPU Chennai investigated 150 companies in Hyderabad, 77 percent of which turned out to be fraudulent or highly suspect (ref F). Most of those cases slated for site visits were to verify the experience letters for H-1B applicants who did not meet minimum educational qualifications.”

Tightened Procedures

Applicants masquerading as religious pilgrims were also problematic until the procedure was tightened to be petition-based. The cable says, “During the last two years, most R-1 fraud was detected amongst Tibetan refugees, Sikh raagis, and Hindu priests. Mission R-1 fraud includes both fraudulent beneficiaries and fictitious inviting parties. Since DHS began requiring petitions for R-1 applicants in November, R-1 fraud referrals have almost completely dried up. Since DHS requires 100 percent on-site verification of petitioners, however, many potential R-1 applicants now apply for B1/B2 visas in an attempt to avoid closer scrutiny.”

It outlined religious visa fraud trends from Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata thus:

“Mumbai noted that following numerous Fraud Prevention Unit site visits in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra in which none of the purported Sikhs were legitimate religious workers, CY-2008 R-1 visa refusals have climbed to nearly 70 percent. Mumbai and Kolkata noted similar findings that Sikhs and Tibetan monks had the highest percentage of confirmed fraud during this period. Kolkata confirmed that 85 percent of R-1 Buddhist monks from the Northern District of West Bengal did not belong to the monasteries as they claimed. Most of these fake priests were from Nepal or from the south Indian state of Karnataka. FPU Kolkata observed that Buddhist priests and monks from this region all speak Hindi, and Buddhist monks who claim to speak only Tibetan are not from West Bengal. A recent Mission-wide study of stateless B1/B2 applicants, most of whom were purportedly Tibetan monks, confirmed an overstay rate of over fifty percent.”

It said that “an astute catch by the FPM in Kolkata caught several fraudulent R-1 applicants applying the same week in Mumbai and New Delhi. Based on an A/RSO-I investigation in New Delhi that uncovered fake stamps for an organization in Michigan, Chennai arranged the arrest of three fake Sikhs, and the Kolkata FPM used Watch Phrase to alert U.S. Mission New Zealand about its applicants connected to the same Michigan organization.”

For Performer Visas, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi have all been active in combating fraud of cultural performers and reporting on P3 fraud trends. According to the cable, the highest rate of fraud is in New Delhi, which has developed a mandatory Fraud Prevention Unit prescreening program for these types of cases. Its study validated an overall refusal rate of 56 percent and confirmed an overstay rate of five percent. Mumbai found that while P3 holders did not overstay their visas, several did report being mistreated and underpaid.

“An investigation by the Chennai FPU in 2008 uncovered a visa fraud racket through which famous Tamil film actors and industry associates assisted mala fide applicants to obtain B1/B2 visas, purportedly to scout movie locations. Over two hundred applicants applied for visas under this scheme, and 95 were issued.”

Fictitious Marriages and Divorce

One of the more “particularly troublesome” visas are the F and CR categories (families and relationships). The cable says “posts see false family relationships and fictitious marriages and divorces every day. The Indian custom of arranged marriages makes adjudicating IR and CR cases particularly difficult, as the husband and wife often do not meet until just before their marriage. Many of the IV fraud referrals in Mumbai are CR-1 or F-21 cases stemming from “arranged” marriages between U.S. citizens or LPRs and Indian nationals. Thus, much of the FPUs’ time is dedicated to determining the legitimacy of the family relationships that sustain the claim to immigrant status.”

It adds, “Posts also frequently encounter misrepresentations of marital status in order to benefit from later “current processing dates” (e.g. falsely claiming to be single by denying the applicant has a spouse and children in order to qualify for F1 classification) and misrepresentations of the age of children in order to qualify as part of the family eligible to immigrate. Chennai has seen the largest number of these cases originating from the state of Kerala.”

The cable says that Alien smuggling from and through India using fraudulent travel documents is one of the most serious challenges facing posts in the region.

“Smuggling ranges from individual document vendors to sophisticated criminal organizations that move hundreds of people to the U.S. each year. Delhi and Mumbai have become key transit points for illegal migrants proceeding to the U.S. from India. DS/CR/VPAU, in consultation with DRSO/I New Delhi, and the Austrian, Canadian, British, and New Zealand High Commissions continue to monitor third-country nationals transiting New Delhi with counterfeit documents. Individuals of numerous nationalities, including Armenians, Iraqis, Moroccans, Georgian, Bangladeshi, Congolese, Nepalese, and Sri Lankans have been intercepted attempting to transit New Delhi with fraudulent documents. Other Indian airports have also been reporting similar patterns. From 10/2008 to 04/2009, there were 32 encounters/off-loads involving Nepalese/Tibetans via New Delhi enroute to JFK alone.

It says, “Trafficking in persons (TIP) remains an area of concern. India is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. Internal trafficking of women and girls for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriage is prevalent. The GOI estimates 90 percent of India’s sex trafficking is internal, although estimates of the number of trafficking victims vary widely and are generally unreliable. Recent years have seen an increase in trafficking to medium-sized cities and satellite towns of large cities. India is also a destination for women and girls from Nepal and Bangladesh trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.”

Indian Passport Fraud

It is not just the visa documentation but also the Indian Passport itself which is described as “a significant and continuously worrisome fraud challenge.”

Says the cable, “For all of the security features and improvements in quality control of current Indian passports, quality and issuance control are lax and penalties are so inadequate that virtually anyone can obtain a genuinely issued, but fraudulent passport with near impunity,” the cable says.

“The design of the Indian passport incorporates many good security features that would normally lead to a more favorable rating of this document’s vulnerability. The problem lies in production inconsistency and vulnerable source documents. Quality control is lax at production locations. Thus, genuine passports sometimes are partially or completely missing security features. Genuine passports issued on the same day at the same place can look entirely different – a different batch but the numbers are sequentially close.

“The only documentation required for a passport is proof of birth and proof of residency. Easily reproduced school records can suffice for the former, while a bank statement or utility bill can be used to “prove” the latter. Although police are supposed to verify the information on each application by visiting the applicant’s neighborhood and interviewing neighbors, such checks are often cursory at best. In most cases, police officials will only check warrant records and then hand over a clean record to passport authorities. Notwithstanding these problems, the fact the application process requires a police check is positive,” the cable says.

All these problems mean that significant efforts have to be made to combat them. This is being done through increased use of technology, training programmes, arrests, better internal coordination as well as “an increasing amount of pressure both from the U.S. government and from other diplomatic missions, primarily the U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand” on Indian law enforcement to address smuggling and trafficking issues.”

It says, “All posts have increased efforts to work more closely with Indian authorities in a number of areas of common interest, such as making Indian documents more secure, establishing fraud prevention strategies, verification of civil registry information, and the apprehension of criminals. Airport police and immigration authorities in Mumbai have been aggressive in detaining individuals who DHS deported for fraudulent documents. Law enforcement in New Delhi has been actively involved in arresting visa vendors but has not taken a general interest in arresting persons denied boarding at the airport for presenting fraudulent documents, in part due to the absence of a U.S. presence at the airport.”

Fake Resume :

 H1B Visa Holder Deported – Port of Entry Due to Fake Resume on iPhone

H1B Visa Holder Deported – Port of Entry Due to Fake Resume on iPhone


If you’re a fresh-out-of-college, how can you earn $60 per hour? Fake it. Add 7 years of experience in your resume. Survive. As SIMPLE as that.

Don’t worry as Indian IT Consulting Companies will help you make a fake resumes, a fake H1B approval, help with your fake interview, arrange fake reference and job support. They created a perfect ecosystem of forgery and fraud.

Proxy Interview

Proxy Interview

Have you ever thought how Bharat could crack a job interview that required a 7-8 years of experience? He hired s…

Video: Recruiter catches candidate cheating during Skype job interview



Fictitious Marriages and Divorce

recently American men and women come forward about this.

Love, Marry an American

From falsifying documents and setting up fake websites to pretending to be “religious leaders”, Indians are resorting to a variety of tactics in the hope of getting a U.S. visa, according to cables from US diplomatic missions in India published on the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.  


If you’re a fresh-out-of-college, how can you earn $60 per hour? Fake it. Add 7 years of experience in your resume. Survive. As SIMPLE as that.

One Indian F1 International student attends proxy skype interviews for female candidates. She charges $2000 per call. High demand for her.

she told one time she attended 23 times to USA clients calls for one Indian lady and she could not survive at th work, fired. Her employer ran behind this proxy Queen to attend 24th time.

Subscriber research on IT Fraud career and Divorce Life in US

Subscriber research on IT Fraud career and Divorce Life in US


I am sharing some of my thoughts from all these years of my research work about two topics:

1) Fraud and Fake career in IT 

2) Divorce cases in present marriage system

The research which I did for many years and spoke to many people have given me particularly good knowledge which I am explaining in detail below.

These are my views and opinions and I am expressing them here in detail.

I hope I have a right to express my views and experiences which might help others by not falling into these fraud/fake things in their life.

I hope I am helping others by my writings. I might be right or wrong, but I spent some quality time doing research on these and here are the outcomes.

I wrote it as two parts. Part one has main and general points with a brief experience and part two has some of my experiences in detail.



After talking with some people from these universities and doing some research from google and looking at some reviews written by people studying at these universities,

I understood the below key points and explaining them below.

Indians in some of the Universities are doing fake degrees same like SUV, NPU, ITU (which I came to know as blacklisted and diploma producing mills).Some in my mind are Lamar University, Texas A& M – Kingsville and many more.

In reality, Texas A & M – College Station branch is the top university just like MIT/ Harvard/Stanford but I came to know that some of its branches like Kingsville is very bad and University of Bridgeport (I think at Connecticut), also joins the list and list goes on.

You can see some mentioned in this link and some universities in Virginia too.

But many are not listed in these and by speaking to people who graduated from many other low-grade universities, one can easily identify.

Even good and public universities have some branches which are very bad, and you will see most of the Indians getting degrees from it and that to IT related degrees as it is very easy to get it.

Do you know the impression of Indians in many good Universities is very bad as they fake so much in resume, degrees, projects, TOEFL and GRE scores, IELTS exams, Plagiarism (highly practiced) in coursework, and then join body shops for H1.See the hatred for Indians in the below links

If you make them take one exam like FE (Fundamentals of engineering) which tests the basics of bachelor’s in engineering, I am sure that out of 100%, 90% will fail even after taking training, 8% can pass with training and 2% will pass without training in IT field.

In that you will be shocked even the CEO’s, Managers, senior positions and who are in big positions in big companies in IT will also fail in these exams as many came without the basics of bachelor’s in engineering.

Some do not know the basic 10th std math’s and English-speaking skill is so bad. Many speak in their regional languages like Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and many other at workplaces which is unethical, but they do not care.

Many do not know how to write an SOP (statement of purpose) which is so crucial in applying for Masters.

I think a person who does not know how to write an SOP is unfit to do a Masters.

Every student needs to do their own research on universities from their websites, speak to seniors who are studying there, understand and then apply for these universities instead of going to educational consultancies (which is a big scam in India).

I did everything on my own, I never went to any consultancy.

All they need is some time and patience to sit and do research on Universities they apply so that they do not fall into these scams and get cheated later.

That is all. It is amazingly simple.

It has become so easy to do fraud in the US in the IT field that it is a trap loop for Indians specially for south Indians who come to US with dreams and aspirations to build their career without crime.

But in the end they land up making their careers on a crime basis and living in it for decades and not noticing that they are ruining their career and their children’s career and getting karma in return as deaths or accidents or trouble to parents or in many other ways. What will these people teach their children as how to do crime by faking resumes and degrees or how to grab the jobs of others and build their career, houses, cars, jewelry and much of their living on the basis of crime?

The loop is little big to explain and it is as below:


  1. Produce fake Bachelor’s degree by own or by taking help of someone in IT or in India (many places produces fake degrees which is a crime) or Bachelor’s degree from a university blacklisted in India  —> 
  2. Apply to US – MS for blacklisted Universities —> 
  3. Apply with fake resume and degree and where some of them apply to Universities where no GRE/TOEFL are required like SVU,NPU (as they don’t have basic math and English skills) and many  —> 
  4. after joining MS do plagiarism and complete coursework or mostly will be online and work illegally off campus to earn fees and pay it to Universities  —> 
  5. Use CPT and join body shops —> 
  6. after completing Masters in 1 1/2 to 2 years In OPT join body shops  —> 
  7. produce fake resume with minimum of 5 to 6 years of fake experience ( if you notice the first job shown in resume during OPT will be fake for 99% candidates)  —> 
  8. some do proxy Interviews in Skype and in my experience I saw some friends doing job and interview to others using team viewer  —> 
  9. apply for H1B with all these fake resume and degree  —> 
  10. if selected in lottery then continue the job and might change body shop (employer – where ever there is more pay  —> 
  11. no ethics like putting Brahmanandam GIF’s and comedy gif’s in chat while work with chatting with Manger  —>
  12.  show build up in India as if they came genuinely without fake —->
  13. parents also show build up that their children are working in big companies  —>
  14.  Take HUGE dowry”BRIBE” and get Indian girl and show her Domestic violence in USA/Get married to an American until he/she gets green card and divorce them and look for Indian girl once they get green card/ get married to another IT fake spouse who went in same track and give build up as if they did hard work (many does not even know spelling of hard work / cannot even speak English / some does not even know 10th std Math’s /some does not even know how to do a power point presentation)  —>
  15.  Give birth and raise children here and send it to schools and try for all the good scholarships in the name of fake by their children (have you seen many children specially in places like Virginia, for getting a name in resume they go to Oxford and come back and apply for scholarships/most of the schools you will find these children only/as everyone is doing they join them in all dance and sports class, instead they should entertain their children’s choice, but they don’t care about their children’s choice, Just other family is doing so these people also follow the same. Like the famous Telugu samatha or saying..”Vadu thoda kosukunte nenu meda kosukunta”) —> 
  16. then they go for stamping to Canada/Mexico because easy to get stamping with fake profile  —> 
  17. do darnas on roads in big cities in US for bills to pass like s386 —> 
  18. never ever think of going back to home country and serve the people of our country  —> 
  19. call parents for making them do child care service at homes and these parents come and do also instead they need to say no as their duty is over in raising their children and they need not do it for their grandchildren, it is their time to enjoy and spend time in their old age  —> 
  20. some leave their Parents in old age homes  —> 
  21. some don’t even go when their parents expire to see for the last time as they have visa issues and I am shocked to see that their visa is more important than their parents who gave birth to them…some start investing here in restaurant and rent business  —> 
  22. most of them start buying more than 2 to 3 houses in India specially in Hyderabad and do real estate sitting from here and start blaming people in India and politicians in India when these people sit here and watch TV and monitor everything  —> 
  23. some start their own consultancies here  —> 
  24. some start recommending their relatives to get into body shops to get their careers settled  —> 
  25. some involve in Telugu organizations here in the name of doing fake help and service to Indian people here (but on the other end they earn money in these organizations by being as trustees and in other big positions)  and very few people do good service in these organizations —> 
  26. some start earning on temples in the name of trustees and other positions and ask take huge donations from public —> 
  27. Some temples are so commercialized here that they charge the food almost equal to a restaurant price and for everything there is a price in temple —> 
  28. Some people who get divorced, was shock to see their weird reasons were their parents also support —> 
  29. some use girls/boys till they get pleasure and happiness and when their ego comes, they leave their spouse, get divorced and start blaming their spouse and some leave even after having kids and not even thinking about their kid life and some weird divorce reasons are some people all of a sudden release their spouse affair which was in past before marriage, many and most say mental and physical health reasons like bipolar disorder, snoring, talking to parents for more time, wife exchange (I was shocked to see this reason when one of the boy told me which happens in  his friends circle), illegal affairs even after marriage, most of the reason was spouse was jealous of them, compatibility issues and many more  —> 
  30. Some people come directly from India with a bachelor’s degree but with fake experience of 10 to 12 years directly on H1.





In my experience in talking to divorced people, I have not seen one case who has a genuine reason like me and who has the valid proof to show that their reason was genuine, and they got cheated.

When anyone says a health reason (mental/physical), I want to ask them, what will they do if the same or bigger health reason comes to their parents, will they throw parents outside the house and if the same reason or a bigger reason comes to them, do their spouse need to leave them. The health reason (physical/mental) is the worst reason I hear every time.

I have a friend from Europe and his wife was diagnosed with cancer for 3 years and he takes care of her just like her mother, never left her and she recovered completely now.

This is the example of a real spouse and if you compare it to Indian people’s mindset, they are just leaving their spouse in the name of mental health. Most of them made divorce groups city wise and were shocked to see them all over the US.

Most of them are in the doctor’s profession – divorce reason is an ego as their spouse wants a PG seat and there the fight comes due to USMLE exams.

In IT people divorces, there is only one reason that is ego and their fake lavish life but they cover it with the negatives of their spouse by mentioning compatibility, health reasons, parents or in-laws involvement, career ego’s,

money and divorce reasons and many other weird reasons which are never true. According to me “COMPATIBILITY ISSUE” is the other name or synonym of “EGO” in divorce cases.

In reality, there is no reason for divorce as none of the present generation does not know the real meaning of marriage. For them marriage is a materialistic thing in exchange. There is only 1% reason acceptable for divorce which can also be solved if both parents sit and talk and that is cheating by the spouse with valid proofs. I strongly feel that parents are held responsible mainly for these divorces as they think their child is right without even knowing the reason from the other end. They never care to listen to the other end. In my experience, I saw many in-laws from boy’s spouses are the main reason for the divorce. For them they do not give divorce, but they encourage their kids to give divorce easily and not even try once to sit and convince both or scold their child and ask him to adjust. Instead they take to counseling centers. I think instead they should themselves do counseling to their kids sitting at home as their upbringing (in Telugu they say pempakam) is the main reason for this and they know better about their kid than anyone. Parents need to sit with their child a day before their marriage and explain the importance of spouse and married life and never ever think of Divorce (this was done by my father to me). I have an extraordinarily strong roots and understanding of true meaning of marriage and unfortunately till now I did not notice any one with minimum understanding of marriage. Many marry just for their parents or for their siblings in arranged marriages. Another business in the recent world is by marriage bureaus, they take tons and tons of money and do not even do a proper background check. It is the biggest fraud going on in India and many parents fall into their prey.

Buy big houses and cars, huge vacation trips and live lavishly without doing any genuine work and spend lavishly earned by the money from fake careers and fake life and they start blaming America and suddenly they realize problems in India and India’s infrastructure sitting here and not contributing anything to India. I spoke to many doctors, scientists and specialists who came on with their genuine career and try to convince them to go back to India or at least visit India frequently and start a branch there to help poor people and do their service to them instead they argued with me for 2 to 3 hours saying that we don’t have enough money to invest in India and we don’t want to live there as we have GC’s here and they are proudly saying that they gave lectures in India to encourage people to come here. I stopped talking to such cowardly and selfish people a long time ago.

I saw some good people who recognized this loop in the very early stage and returned back to get into a good fair genuine job and I saw some still in Non- IT and still continuing even if they get less salary. I saw some PhD’s asking for dowry even after their divorce. I observed that the main degrees which got exploited are : IT related degrees in Bachelors/MCA/Masters/BCA, next in line is MBA and next is uncompleted PhD’s in IT or CSE field, people converted from other branches to IT just for job in H1B/ GC/Citizenship.

I think the real big fish is GC and Naturalized citizens and small fishes involved and trapped by themselves or by body shops are the H1 and F1 with CPT or OPT.I saw many GC/ Naturalized citizens helping their siblings by producing contact to the fake projects in their resumes. Fraud and fake resume go on in this way.

I think this is never ending and justice will never be served to genuine people until unless the authorities change the process of assigning visa’s/jobs. Instead of relying on degrees or experience, they need to rely on testing the candidate’s real ability by conducting a basic exam in bachelor’s with Video monitored environment in centers and not at home. That should be the basic 1st step then the 2nd step can be relied on documents. In 1st step 99% of fake IT people will be eliminated as they cannot clear the basics of bachelor’s in engineering. This is my thought.

Part 2:

When I met some students from low grade Universities, in their speech I understood that they joined these to just get a degree in IT field so that they can join a body shop to get H1b and finally many got rfe and fought for many years to clear them. I was shocked to see those. Many are in the same procedure. It is very easy to get an IT – Master’s degree (only coursework) in these universities very easily and on the top, they do off campus jobs to pay their tuition fees. In my experience I met people from both the south and north part of India who are part of these things. Nowadays an IT degree is so easy to get. Even a 10th std fail candidate can get a master’s degree in IT field in the US. There is no value for an IT degree or job. I never give value to people who came with a fake degree or fake job by joining body shops or by a fake career. I do not even speak to them. I speak only to people who have done real hard work and increase their abilities irrespective of the big or small Universities they came from. Once I visited a e-verified body shop to see how they speak and to do some research on them to write in my blog and was shocked to hear when they said they can generate fake pay slips on my name for which I did not agree and just walked away. I am always against fake and fraud careers.

On the other end, I met people with lots and lots of attitude that they came from IIT and a big Universities like Cornell and Texas A & M – College station and Harvard and MIT but in reality they show only attitude and they don’t do small works assigned to them by managers in companies. I had a particularly good experience with this.

On the other hand, my colleague who was from IIT and Texas A & M college station (he is an Indian Telugu guy), he refused to work and told directly to my manager that I am not here to work on such small projects and he never worked sincerely.

Always use to flirt with girls, do time pass by chatting, smoking and drinking always, chit chatting with colleagues and many other time pass things.

My manager got doubt and observed him in the cc camera installed in office and fired him then and there even after getting H1 as he never showed any progress in the project and project work used to get delayed.

All it matters is the hard work, determination and passion one shows toward doing a job or work.

After joining body shops and getting a job in OPT or H1, They start doing their illegal activities like downloading a pirated movie and putting it in other websites, all time watching bad sites and harassing the wife/spouse and demonstrating those on the wife/spouse.Some lose their money by lavish spending in casinos and some do real estate danda in India and also in US, some start their own consultancies/body shops here, some give recommendation and reference to their relatives/siblings to put a fake project in their resume and many more. Some are encouraging the non-it people to join body shops.

If this continues, there will be a day when all the Americans will become jobless and come on roads, all non-it jobs will vanish and non-it fields will end completely and there will be only these fake and fraud profiles doing IT jobs started from body shops. There is at least one fake/ fraud profile in each and every house and at least 1 divorce case in each and every house in India and in US.The real meaning and system of marriage is getting ended by present generation.

I hope and wish for the nation and people to wake up and realize not to  fall and be a prey to this fake world and fake. Fraud career oriented jobs and life. I strongly suggest for any person to get into the right direction and go with a genuine and right way of thinking and build their career not on crime basis.Education helps to build ability and helps to build skill set. Education is not only to get a job but the primary purpose is to get and individual ready for doing a job. Unfortunately, the real meaning is misused by many of us in present generation.Education is to increase one’s thinking ability and get expertise in the field. It helps to answer any concept even when a person wakes up from sleep in the middle of night. That is the real meaning of education.

Marriage real meaning is irrespective of any materialistic thing or irrespective of anyone’s thinking or choice a male and a female needs to stay till the end of their life by understanding and with a “LOVE BOND” which helps in adjusting, understanding and living for each other till the end of our life. This was practiced in our parents era but unfortunately got completely destroyed by present generation and even their parents are playing role in this by supporting their children in this. Instead parents needs to make sit each and every child and explain the meaning of marriage before one gets married and in future if any hurdle arises, parents needs to listen both the ends and scold and make understand their child to live a peaceful happy married life. This is what lacking in present world. According to me, there is no reason for divorce and there is no word called Divorce in the world. It is just we humans created and getting stuck in it and suffering.

According to me, marriage decision should be decided by the two persons who get into it as 24 x 7 , it is the male and female who spend their time and sees each others face and stay with a bond named “LOVE BOND” which never breaks once it got bonded till the end of life.My view is this. Unfortunately I am not finding anyone with the same and honest opinion who is good by character.

My Experience:

I am from a normal and a good University graduate student who got the master’s degree in non – IT field only based on my own hard work and determination and without any plagiarism practice. I cleared all the 5 round of interviews for a very big company and learned all the concepts from one of my PhD friends (daily 1 hour he used to teach me all the new concepts in the research field in non-it) and did a very good presentation and cleared the last 5tn round of interview. Looking and hearing my presentation, Manager in the company immediately hired me saying that I liked your presentation so well and it is so informative with your good communication skills. I was happy and joined the company after attending 5 rounds of interviews for 1 1/2 year in my OPT.

My colleague who was from IIT – bachelors and master’s from Texas A & M – College Station branch (one of the top colleges just like MIT/ Harvard/Stanford) got hired along with me. We both had 6 months of probation period and we both were given different small projects so that the manager evaluates our performance and decides our future in the company. Fortunately, I completed the small project 2 weeks before the deadline in just a month and gave a very good presentation to the client. My client was so impressed and signed another project immediately to our company in front of my manager and the company got a 5 million profit and me and my manager were so happy. So, in that way I did 3 big projects in 6 months to 3 managers in my company, and the rest of the 2 managers asked my manager for my work. So, to learn, I agreed and did a very good job and they still remind me and give good recommendations and still are in touch with me. I got a bonus and good projects and good recognition by the CEO of that company’s branch. So that is why I strongly believe hard work will never go in vain and there is no shortcut to success.

On the other end, I met people with lots and lots of attitude that they came from IIT and a big Universities like Cornell and Texas A & M – College station and Harvard and MIT but in reality they show only attitude and they don’t do small works assigned to them by managers in companies. I had a particularly good experience with this. One of the instance reminds me is one sister( who did MBA from Cornell university which is good university and her husband is a PhD) of an IIT guy who spoke very arrogant looking for a match to his brother, she speaks only in names of good universities and does not care for people who came with hard work but in end she was asking me how to join a body shop as her H1 was not picked in lottery. This shows the mindset and thinking of people desperate enough to get a job in H1 at any cost even ready to do a career with crime. Another instance is one of the girls whom I know, who built a very good career in non-IT field till her PhD and she got married to a citizen, so she got GC. Suddenly, she joined a body shop to do an IT job as she could not find jobs in her field at her residence place. I tried to explain to her for hours together, but she justifies her talk by saying that I should support my family, so I am doing an IT job through a body shop. Thinking and mindset of people is not changing and that is the primary reason for all these. Everyone needs fast and easy settlement, easy money, huge money and materialistic things like houses, cars, jewelry, vacation trips without doing hard work and without being honest.

Bottom line of my experience is all matters are the hard work and determination in learning things and executing them and the Genuity and passion one shows in their work and not the big or small universities they came from. All that matters is the attitude to do the work. Even a small project should be done in a way that it is the testing time for them and they work for it should be delivered with passion and hard work and not with the money associated with the work.

In my experience, I saw people with fake degrees or fake resumes and people from big Universities who did not show passion towards work and just used the big names of the Universities. On the other hand, I also saw good people with real and genuine experience and passion and determination towards work in every field but very few, countable on fingers. I hope and wish many should be like this who build their career genuinely and not on crime.

My suggestion would be to do any work with Genuity, honesty in their career and with passion and determination and not for the money or with a fake/fraud career. Any fraud/fake one day will be caught for sure and the person will be left with only guilt of doing it all his life. I hope at least people change their thinking and mind set after looking at so many frauds in H1 and IT jobs.

I appreciate you in standing with truth just like me at any cost till the end. Thank you for doing good service to people and making them aware of fake/fraud and helping them not to fall into them by your writings and videos.

Thank You.

Your subscriber.

Here are some of the comments from the Abolish H1B visa

The attached posts from the link Abolish H1B visa…It is very sad to read those..Some are homeless and some had to train their replacements and they got fired in return..One of the screenshot shows a woman ( i think American not sure) speaking about how caste works in hiring by Indians..One of the screenshot shows a guy gave 5 to 6 good points of suggestions..Very interesting..

Americans are colonized in America due to Indians and Mexicans.

Americans are colonized in America due to Indians and Mexicans.


I told America to raid every h1b business house and send willful violators to jail for 20 years.

Person2 :

Yes all IT consulting companies are doing it ….USCIS and DOL has to act on this.


A day will come, all Indians will be killed by Americans because government is corrupted.


This is same as 11 million illegal immigration in country USA could not stop it …simple reason some one in USA talking advantage…or there is no mechanism that can stop it…or simple reason one need cheap labor…

Without someone benefited /taking advantage h1b companies could not survive long enough …..answer is simple American companies should stop any H1b and hire only citizens and all the Big IT offshore companies to stop all the service in USA.

Government should take action over employment in country and hire only US citizens…

Govt. should stop H1b for good and stop any labor visa to come into country and stop student visas and don’t allow any foreign visas for students …reason all the students how come don’t go back ….why and why government don’t stop it…

Let’s help people and country u live in by staying legally!! And at the same time we should not for we came from..

God Bless America !!


Students are coming like in India, students from AP used to go to Karnataka state during 1970s and 80s donation colleges.

If you stop students then universities won’t survive but as per law, they should go back. Ultimately all are ditching America is truth, a day everybody will pay huge price for it.

The moment all Americans realize all illegal, Indians(outsourcing companies, Incs and all temporary workers) will be out.

11 million illegal immigration in country USA could not stop it

“half of them are Indians only.”

Rest of them are Mexicans.

An American friend wrote: India is sending you guys to poach our jobs and ditch us through H1B and top 10 Indian outsourcing companies.

Honestly Indians in USA has no respect at all, we all are here for more money since our country is scams and slums and all are polluted by caste.

People failed to annihilate caste from India instead spreading across the world.

UK parliament has passed a bill against caste discriminations at work among Indians.


Any thing illegal is wrong, any other country people coming in visiting visa staying back is a crime.

There should be way to fix it…or kick the people out of country who sponsored visitors …again this is all politics …whom people elect to rule government / country…

In broad way we will need to look at citizens vs non citizens ….

Yes if country/ govt.. find its a problem with any offshore companies just shut if off../ stop it…

And ask all the companies to stop doing business with other countries

Many MNC combines r running business in India … Not sure way they run to India / could be labor cost…

This is global economy/ finance ….

As long as people are paying tax u r legal and the best part is creating employment in country. Business for country ….people pay rents buy homes, cars, transportation, hotels any $$ spent is a business to country / tax…

Coming back to h1b companies not all but there is a % of companies who are cheap and they are bound to be under the bars ……


H1-B Visas Do Not Create Jobs in America

100% we know our resumes are fake, can you name one Indian who’s resume is guanine?

Either F1 or H1B or H4 EAD or GC or US citizen by naturalization all resumes or 70% resumes are 100% fake.

80% of the H1Bs arrive every year out of 65,000 are JUNK.

Tons of videos are proof in YouTube that 20 million Americans were displaced by Indians and their fake Incs and Indian companies.

Indians or people coming to USA are poor and their countries are poor hence they are coming here.

America failed to stop any crime by Indian Incs, top 10 Indian companies or individuals. Example: felony. During 1990s many entered here with FAKE B.TECH, there is no BTech studied but with fake they were here. Later they rejected all H1B visas which effected good guys too. SOLD OUT book told 45% applications are not checking. USCIS or DOL failed to curb illegal unethical or unlawful layers and America failed to stop fake resumes, felony(one’s interview attend by others, proxy project support etc.)


you just do n’t get it

As long as people are paying tax you are legal and the best part is creating employment in country. This ain’t happening.

proof is in these charts.

and the rest on this page


Who asked Mexicans to come to USA illegally to map American’s houses’ Laws?

Either legally or illegally

Who asked Indians to come on H1B for IT jobs when their immigration system is broken?

Who asked them to wait 10 to 20 years for a GREEN CARD? Get out.

Who asked H4 to cry when their immigration system is broken?

Who asked F1 to fight with USA for OPT cards or OPT extension cards?

Ask every body to get last if system is broken you idiots.

Indians failed to annihilate caste from India but spreading it to UK and USA work locations.

Caste Based Discrimination in the UK

Published on Apr 24, 2013

24/04/2013: Historic victory! UK parliament finally approved caste as a form of racial discrimination. We must spread the news to all corners of the world. Milestone legislation UK Equality act towards annihilation of caste. Let us celebrate the victory of good over bad.

Caste Based Discrimination in the USA:

All Indians from India have started caste based groups like TANA, ATA etc.


Dominant Caste and Territory in South India

Published on Nov 13, 2013

Dalel Benbabaali recently completed a Ph.D. in social geography focused on dominant caste and territory in South India from University of Paris Ouest-Nanterre. She has taught at the Sorbonne and is currently in a postdoctoral position at the Department of Anthropology of the London School of Economics and Political Science as part of the
international research program, “Inequality and Poverty in India: Dalits and Adivasis.” Benbabaali is working on a book on the Kamma caste based on her doctoral thesis.

TCS Confessions

TCS Confessions

 noun plural noun: confessions a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime.

One of the subscribers forwarded a Facebook clippings of this which is going viral. Upon that, when I browse Facebook, I found this.

Looks like one of the ex or former employees of TCS have started this FB page to express their frustration, agony or anger on TCS. Though the page mentioned it is for FUN, all the stories are tragedies there.

Generally in India or Indian companies in the USA won’t let any employees or former employees to express openly any of the employers crime or illegal activities.

When KE placed videos on TCS not paid salaries, TCS employees used to text or email and call to down the video. That is in the USA.

Can you imagine in India? They attack physically also. if KE analysis is correct, this FB Page owner might received several threats from TCS HR and Management.

Watch this short video 



Former employees of TCS writing live on Facebook about TCS.

I think this is more than enough for the proof of TCS criminal activities both in India and USA.

The illegal layers insert by TCS in USA one time attacked my friend.

His employer even nexus with the illegal layers by language.
He said ” he prefers to die than to work for TCS as a sub contractor”.

Anyone from TCS in my network, God bless you.



The greatest truth is honestly, and the greatest falsehood is dishonestly.

Subscriber’s voice: US visa abuse among Indians

Hi Kumar,

                  Below is my experience about H1B, S386, Body Shops and H4 EAD (2015 to Present)

Experience about F1 visa holders I faced from 2012-2020

Many of the people who come to the US (from India) on student visa do not come to the US with the intention of studying master’s or PhD.

This is my personal experience I faced when I have joined a university for MS in computer science in 2012.

The first thing they do is, they ask these FAQs:

they join university will I get RA??

will I get TA??

will I get a student assistant job??

will I get a job to work in gas stations or motels or stalls in malls (operated by desis)??

Their real intention is not study in USA but to make money and send it to India.

Hence due to this, tens, and thousands of American jobs are lost. – A fact whether people agree or not.

Experience about H1B visa holders: I faced from 2012-2020.

Let me give you an example of this issue. One of my friends got a contract job in XYZ Client located in Seattle WA,

I am not sure how he cleared the interviews whether he did it on his own or did someone take the interview through PROXY or PROXY SKYPE.

I am not sure of it. After he joined the company he started working as UI developer where someone logged into his system using team viewer and complete his work and he used to show up to work as if he completed the job every day. so, 1 month was remaining before his contract was going to end with XYZ Client and he was supposed to get married next month in Hyderabad India, so he invited his manager (who is Mexican) to India. he got his H1B stamped and once he was back to US, he was surprised to know that his contract with XYZ client cum employer is going to ending. They gave him 2 days’ time to pack his stuff and leave. It is sad at this point, but H1B is a total abuse.

I have also seen a lot of people in US on H1B working in malls and gas stations for hourly wages which is against the H1B law to work there.

There are also people who come from India on H1B visa like Indian outsourcing companies and  few New Jersey based American Outsourcing companies who work for less salary than the American workers and they are replaced by their H1B’s. It is sad what we are seeing.

Would India allow an Indian to be replaced by American in IT industry in India?? I do not think so, then why should it happen in US??

So, my conclusion is H-1B is totally abused mainly by bodyshops, outsourcing and all together. If the govt want to keep the H1B program they would need to change the pay slab to minimum of $150k from $60 k per annum so only the best and brightest candidates will be able to get the H1B.


Many people who graduate from school after completing their master’s, bachelor’s, or PhD’s from US join Bodyshops if they do not get a full-time job. The body shops modify the resume with 7+ years of FAKE experience be it any technology, the vendor calls would be taken my candidates and they do proxy interviews are done where in for phone interview they would set a google voice mail number and forward it to their number and video interview they would do lip-sync.  Once the candidate is placed at the job site, even if the candidate does not need to know all the skill sets of the job, the job will be performed by the proxy person at the end of the day who will be based in India. They work on Corp-Corp(C2C) and on percentage basis 80%- 20% or 70%-30%for first six months and next six months 75%-25% thereafter.

Even if the consultant loses job when he is on H1B, the body shop would run a fake payroll which is illegal and against the immigration law.  They would deduct the pay from the consultant once he/she gets the job, so the consultant also need not worry about visa.

So, based on this, I feel all the body shopped in the US should be banned since the genuine candidates are losing jobs due to body shops who fake the resume and place the candidate.

Experience about H4 Candidates:

H4 EAD was started in 2015 for H1B spouses who have a I140 approved with the intention of working in high skilled jobs.

Mostly H4 EAD are working women from India, who are now working as teller, schoolteacher, clerk, janitor and not working in highly skilled jobs.

So according to me H4 EAD program should be abolished.

Experience about S386 Bill.

If this bill is passed, this would be creating huge backlogs for peoples from other countries like Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Mexico.

This bill will not benefit any other country except India.

Most of the employment based green card with huge backlog are for people from India itself and this bill be a huge benefit to people from India waiting for long years.

why don’t they come back to US once the priority date becomes current as in the case of family-based immigrant visas are happening these days.

They should not have also not provided H1B extension every 6 years.

Once your H1B visa is done, they can come to the US once they get the green card.

The S386 is never ending bill since even if this bill passes which I don’t think it will then for years for come there would be more number of people waiting again in the backlog so then they would create another bill S387 bill.

So, my conclusion is No to S386 bill which would benefit only people from India and not from other countries.