America is land of scams?

Women Against Sexual Slavey (

Why Did Chanti Die? An Activist Takes On Berkeley Landlord For Alleged Sex-Trafficking ( 

“This is truth America is land of scams” – A subscriber statement

This is what Indians are doing in USA. – you need to dig it out.

To enter USA- three ways: legal route -non immigrant visas, immigrants, illegal route “donkey route via Mexico” and by enter through ship to land C1 batch. To accommodate all these people, brokers available in USA. Those who are honest immigrants and non immigrants also getting ripped by bad guys who arrived in the past. 

Telugu Vid: షిప్/క్రూస్ బ్యాచ్ C1, D1, B2 VISAs-కుక్ కి weekly 1,22,000 INR || Kumar Exclusive – Subscribers sent information:

all Indian restaurants, cooks are working illegally.

They do not have any legal documents. Oracle User sent the below.

Bodyshops of Telugus imported women for Sex on visas to USA. in 1970s and now 2021, also NJ based bodyshops are doing the same.

Careful when you are planning to coming to America or going to bodyshops.

Oracle User…

Oracle User Mr Kumar this blood truth sir not only Tamils ,Telegu , all film actors are involved in big crimes in USA sir .

In usa this crime is in full fledge from past 1975 sir . This crime was invented by Telegu people in 70 s only sir they rape below 16 girls , women’s , Gold smuggling ,

money laundering , fake passports , fake GC , This cooks are very dangerous criminal’s sir .

They don’t pay taxes ,they don’t have proper State ids , they love bedpage girls ,

they are involved in drugs , plying cards with high price tables , Fake cpt batch are helpers ,

All restaurant owners are also big criminal’s. In 1980 I was in CA sir . I know how they operate . hats of to you sir.

In NJ on Monday all massage center’s are packed for sex crimes drugs etc .…

A subscriber sent this. Check Netflix on Bikaram Yogi.

I did not come across single Indian get punished in USA whoever doing crimes.

Indians are doing crime in every field in USA, any visas or Green cards or USC. Getting caught for doing crimes in almost negligible. That is why H-1B bodyshops owners are running guest houses by placing f1 or H1b 25 to 50 members in 1 or 2 bed room apartments and make them to work for free or less than $10 or $30 an hr at USA client locations through fake resumes and proxy interviews. No one report and if report also no one get punished. This makes Indians super rich from 1970s in USA and that is why they are investing in real estate in India. You take any field or anything in USA, it is easy to do illegal things and scams and become super rich. 

Kumar – His Experiences at the 20th TANA in Detroit Michigan 2015

Kumar – His Experiences at the 20th TANA in Detroit Michigan 2015


20th TANA Conference in Detroit, Michigan (

I will make videos on it, what they told and what is reality etc.

It’s wonderful gathering of Telugu speaking people in America. It is for 3 days from 2-4th July 2015 in Detroit Michigan located at COBO Center located in 1 Washington Blvd.

I drove on July 1st from New Jersey/New York 630 miles for 11 hours 30 minutes to attend this wonderful event. Many people from all over USA have come to attend this event and I met one of my ex. colleagues of MNC in India visiting from Texas to attend this. Many dignitaries invited from India to attend this event.  It’s nice to attend people gathering because you need to meet people and network though am against caste systems. Frankly   speaking Telugu speaking communities broadly divided into two and one organize this event on odd number of the year and the next community organize on even numbers of the year.  ( community is a different meaning in USA, but as per community in Indian standards is caste).  Mainly Doctors well settled in USA are the biggest sponsors next to IT firms etc.

Amazing events:
Wonderful chain of events organized very well.
TANA, I see as a forum or platform for all and everything to anything for Telugu Communities here and it’s a business cum cultural activities and may try to fill the gap between India and USA interms of development but I am not sure whether TANA is getting benefitted or Andhra Pradesh people and government is benefitting is TANA need to address it.  But for sure, TANA is doing something good for Telugus and Telugus in India, no question on it.

I was amazed to see 10,000 people take lunch and participate in the events same time. I have seen such a gathering after NATS in New Jersey in 2011.
One must visit but am not sure whether TANA allow non-Telugus to participate as it’s purely for Telugus.  My interesting topic, political debate during 4-6PM today(July 3rd Friday 2015)  in one of the halls, I have asked questions to RK of ABN channel about Media corruption etc. and it was very sensitive and emotional program as they refuse to allow the first person to ask questions.

Interesting topics that I found are: 1. Politics 2. Immigration, Student Visas, Education in USA stalls for my writings to guide students 3. IT companies business meetings. Posted the pictures of H1B companies and Medicine University etc. I am not sure of their authenticity but you need to check H1B companies’ reviews in myvisajobsdotcom and check University status also. I do not recommend anyone but sharing information.

( Food is free but salt is too much in some of the items, need to be taken care of and it can be ignored but need to know by the management. )
Price of the ticket is high
Hats off to the TANA for such a wonderful management.

What best we can do?
Ppl comments in ABN RK program:- Every NRI here must build toilets in India in their respective villages.

I may record truth and the other side of TANA shortly.
Probably I may record a video on DAY-1 of events today followed by Day-2 and Day-3 tomorrow i.e Saturday July 4th.



A person working BEHIND the SCENES sent huge information about these(all Indian caste groups in the USA) and placed here below for information to the public 

Voice: Kudos to you – few suggestions by Subscriber


Life in Clayton Village NC USA

Life in Clayton Village NC USA -2010 Jan to April story 

2009 Nov, KE left for India as not feeling well due to C5-C6 disk slip issues because of Over Time Unpaid at PA Project with Deloitte.

December 2009 KE returned alone to USA. 

2010 January KE got a project here.

KE started driving from MI to NC.


KE searched for a room in Sulekha website and landed in Durham NC.

Indian roommate Sulekha and American room mate Craigslist.

One Apartment two bed room is shared by 3 people. One guy in One room and other two in other room.

The above is the utilities for month. KE lost his van here and the Indian landlord sold fake SONY cellphones to KE.

KE thought that he can send gifts to his parents. KE lost $550 plus $250 customs tax in India for that. The Indian landlord is from North India.

It was terrific nightmare for KE with Indian roommates in Dharam NC. The other guy used to talk over the phone all over the night to his parents in Singapore, spouse in India and

India offshore teams and finally snore loudly and could not sleep in the nights. But that guy helped KE for not taking $500 plus advance for the room as KE left with only limited amount.

He left the room as soon as KE entered due to landlord’s nuisance with African American girl friend watching TV all through the night loudly in the living room.

He told, if you want lessen the burden of rent, you also post a room share advertisement and total divided by three instead of two. 

This is how Indian room mates sublease apartments without the concerned of apartment managements in the USA. So that you can accommodate as many people as you want to lessen the rental burden. 

Painful to live with Indians in the USA. Then KE decided and moved close to work as no van and pathetic conditions with the roommates in Dharam NC. KE finally moved to American landlord’s room in Clayton. 


What is Clayton? 

Clayton is a town in Johnston County, North Carolina, United States, and is considered a satellite town of Raleigh. As of 2010, Clayton’s population was 16,116, up from 6,973 at the 2000 census. By 2019 the town’s estimated population was 24,887.

How is life in Clayton? 

It is very calm, peaceful and economical. American landlord in Clayton is very helpful. 

Few days, went to work by Bi-Cycle from home in this small village NC. 

Some times by walk, some times by cab and coworker American gave a ride(one way) and it is due to lost my Dodge Caravan in Durham NC.


NC to NJ

NY to NC


Purpose of visit:

KE lost his Dodge van in NC and a friend in India left USA offered his car to buy and car is located in NJ

A tennis friend Mr XYZ in India asked KE to take his car in New Jersey and KE went there by driving 500 miles from NC to NJ and dropped off the rental car.

Upon seen the car, KE return to NC by flight. It was a nightmare for KE, took two days loss of pay leave and drive hundreds of miles and the car is damaged and unused conditions.

The Tennis coach a friend of KE came to USA in the past left his car and asked KE to buy it when KE lost his Dodge van theft.

It is then KE decided not to buy used cars from Indians in the USA. They cheat by not telling the truth about the cars. 

NOTE: Always ask VIN number of the car, it does not matter friend or relative, they will still cheat you. 


Room rent advertisements and correspondence by Indians

Hi Kumar,

No problems. I could understand your issue.

Please find below the list of thoughts I prepared for other email communication. sharing the same with you.

If you have any concern / issue over any of them, let us discuss and sort it out. :: ))  ph : .

Basically I am a easy going and open minded person. Hence hope no issues.

1 ) I think you could come to my house in evening after 7 PM on week days and any time in weekends.
2 ) I am a full vegetarian and cook myself in home. No issues in joined cooking.

3 ) I usually keep my house clean also rest rooms. I would expect the same with my roommate also.
4 ) I am a night dog (used to be awake till late night) but there wont be any noise / disturbances to you as you are given a separate room and closed door.
5 ) I do get some phone calls in night due to offshore co-ordination, but I will make sure I don’t disturb you.
6 ) Usually I need bath room from 08.30 AM to 09.30 AM. Time is adjustable in some occasions.
7 ) I have pooja room and used to do minimum pooja every day. I guess you don’t have any concern on this if it is not disturbing you.

8 ) I used to pay rent 5th of every month. I would expect to get the share amount the same way from roommate. I don’t need any advance.
9 ) Room rent : $ 700, Water + Trash (Ista) : $47 (usually the same range every month), Electricity : $70 to $90 (this range I am getting every month), Internet : $29 (750 kb speed). I would request to share them between us.
10 ) I would prefer early communication : Ex, if you want to vacate room, you could let me know at least 5 to 7 days in advance. Don’t need to pay extra charges.  But please dont inform me today and leave tomorrow.

11 ) If you are leaving the room in the first half of month (for ex : 13th of month), you could pay 1/2 month share. If you are leaving around 22nd of month, please pay for full month. Kindly don’t calculate based on number of days. Reason : I might not get anyone for the remaining 8 days.

12 ) If you cook non-veg, I don’t have any issue. But request to use your vessals for that. 




On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Kumar


Thank you.

Please find my office address:

 Bus Hwy Clayton, NC 27520-9465

Your room is 34-38 mi and 50 min drive to my office and my current one is: 45min drive and please find my current home add.

 edinbarough dr dhuram.

Please let me know, (1) how much is rent, inclusive of utilities i.e electricity/water/internet

(2) Do you need advance or not?

(3) What if I lost project in between/relocated to another project due to change of employer(unexpected things), If I pay that month rent ok or do you need any specific days notice?

Currently, where I am staying, lost the privacy and couldn’t sleep in nights due to that disturbance and I need to address them today and if you let me know, answers for the above, I am ready to loose what I paid there as I lost basic interest to go home.

Thanks for quick response.

Clayton, NC


Sent: Thu, January 21, 2010 10:48:37 AM
Subject:  Address

Hi Kumar,

my office address :

 kit creek road, morrisville 27560

home address :  winter walk cir morrisville nc 27560.






noun: freedom

The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

in·de·pend·ence: the fact or state of being independent.

The FOUR pillars of Indian Democracy pit fall into the trap of Caste, Corruption,  Congress and Corporate Mafia (they get anything here from Imported wine, Imported Italian Tiles to their costliest houses toilets from IAS to Judges to Media personnel to Politicians and Imported Whiskey, W etc) so Freedom &Honesty are unknown words to public in India.  Who ever notices this during their stay in India, that is the reason no Indian would like to return to India for their kids/children to born in India?   Especially those who left India to USA/America love their kids born in America.  It is because kids born here are property of America, America takes care of them if their parents violate their Freedom because Americans born for Freedom and die for Freedom. I request my friends to check with their friends or relatives whose children born in America here above before writing negative comments.

I do not know what FREEDOM is really when I was in India. I know from my B.A Politics Books, and I know from few Freedom Fighters whom I met while working in AP Government, but I did not experience it to optimum with responsibility.

First time, I understand about it in 1992 when I opened Political Science book in P.R. Government College, Kakinada, AP. That is there is a term called Freedom not just to the nation but also to the citizens. I have started extensive study on Political news etc and discussed with my Lecturers Mr. Dayal etc. in college on the similar topics. Of, course I had humpty number of discussions with a good Economics Lecturer Mr. Reddy of Women’s College in Kakinada, AP at great length after he moved to our college.

I really do not understand the gap between theory and practices i.e. outside the books. Because all our constitution to what not everything is professionally written but none of us neither followed nor respected in reality except very few. You do not counter this because look at the Constitutional bodies or chairs today.

I do not know where my freedom ends or others, I mean boundaries of individual Freedom and freedom of the Nation I born. We might get freedom on 15th August 1947 and honestly, I do not know what is it? In 2014, I do not feel that I have freedom in India while I commute in Hyderabad when my Auto/cab was stopped by some mobs and asked me to go by walk next 40 kilometers. When I told my friends or others they said, Kumar giving much hype to it because he returned from USA. We did not know the value of it so we accept every body’s freedom into our rooms or our boundaries and it is because we are very ignorant. Please wait for in details on how a boy/girl in India raised and if the same boy/girl moved to USA on F1/H1B how much freedom they have with responsibility without racism of regional, religions or caste discriminations etc. That’s what is Independence but not what we have currently. There is no solution except CHANGE. To quote a last line, people Indians wherever they live sending advises to me in all forms of communication on topics what I should write and what I should not write on Facebook or any where. Honestly, we do not know what FREEDOM is. We only know caste, corruption, and curb other person’s freedom in the name of culture, castes, regions, religions rituals etc.

If we know what FREEDOM in India is, we will never (do not) come to know what AMERICA is. Because America is for FREEDOM.

When comes to individuals or citizens Freedom, I do not see Citizen Charter any where except during few Governments posted it on the walls to know what Citizens Charters and his/her freedom and responsibilities is.

I have written TRUTH about after 1947 hence not writing about that here but our politics is corrupted, or 4 pillars are totally corrupted and from where can I start write about FREEDOM? This is what I got this question when I worked in AP Government in India during 1998 to 2005. I also interacted with Media and noticed that they are highly corrupted next to our Judiciary. Of, course I had terrible experiences with Indian Judiciary too. So where is FREEDOM to the citizens? Does it make any relevance of these words in the current India?

Suddenly some one comes and condemns it and write filthy too? Does that person know what is FREEDOM? When someone writes about facts or his/her experiences, people condemn it but can these people condemn when politicians or custodians of citizens loot their taxes and Nations’ wealth?

Can these people question Politicians who kill the freedom of the press?

Can these people question Press who hijack the freedom of the people?

Can these people question Judiciary who never deliver justice on time?

Can you question yourself what is freedom and why are you doing gender policing to women on dress code?

Who are you to question the freedom of opposite gender?

India was delivered from the British Rule today, we commemorate it and celebrate this great day, but We Indians are still in the bondage of race, culture, religion, caste and creed. We will have the real freedom when we are free from the bondage of race, religion, culture, and caste.


What I noticed and experiencing here, USA

CHANGE: people decided to change hence nation changed drastically and dynamically. During course of time it becomes a great melting pot because leaders developed systems and people teach honesty at homes and schools by kick out racism and poverty.

LAW: That’s why people from 180 nations can live under one room where Law is equal for all and Law is ultimate, and nobody is above Law. All are having equal job or business opportunities.

What I experienced here: India.

 Nation knows only congress, castes, corruption, cinemas, cricket, crime, corporate mafia and people are not equal though Law in books equal for all, but implementation is different. Politicians divided people. People divided by castes, regions, and religions. Children initially live happily and go to schools in childhood and colleges in teenage and later to Universities. Later once get into jobs divided and formed into groups like CASTE A to Z, 25, 000 various subgroups and various religions and inside each caste or group they do help only to that group. But outside group they say ALL ARE EQUAL AND ALL RELIGIONS are same. I really do not understand what is this division and all are equal?

CHANGE: people scold you if you talk about this. People change cars, trousers designs, learn Mainframes to Cloud Technologies but no one leave racism or regional wars or caste and gender discriminations.

LAW: Implementation agency is not well equipped and Judiciary, BBC reported that it is most notorious unfit institution.

 It would be better to go to Graveyard and asleep rather than approach courts in India for justice.

Religions vs FREEDOM: Every alternative day in the Indian Calendar is a festival and one whole month is Ramzan and only December 25th is Christmas. Every day 5 times one has to bear the loud music from Mosques or temples and on Sundays from the churches.

In the months of September to March, Ganesh Festivals, Durga Lakshmi Festivals, for 11 days pandals and streets or roads fully loaded with masses and loud music and final day tensions of communal violence if Islam festival days crosses with Hindu festivals.  I was also participated when I was kid or childhood but later during my examination’s days, I beg them to reduce the sound of loud music, but you know in India, no body cares.   From west, when I noticed that it looks silly to me because all religions follow LAW here and respect FREEDOM of others but why cannot Indians do the same thing in INDIA? Is my question. When you kill or violate freedom of other person, how do you name it as Religion? Is it not wade? Is Religion greater than the word FREEDOM in INDIA?


CHANGE: people scold you if you talk about this. People change cars, trousers designs, learn Mainframes to Cloud Technologies but no one leave racism or regional wars or caste and gender discriminations.

LAW: Implementation agency is not well equipped and Judiciary, BBC reported that it is most notorious unfit institution.
It would be better to go to Grave Yard and asleep rather than approach courts in India for justice.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s civil or criminal cases. You know what Mr.JP said, “the winner of the court cases cry in public toilet in court and the looser cry in private toilets” no big difference. 68th Independence India, no idea who got freedom from British? Judges or people? Britishers left 67 years ago from India but their legacy is still continuing by Indian Judiciary. Not knowing facts to blind people comments Kumar writing against India.

Independent India, My India is a Great Country.  

Kumar Exclusive

08/17/2014 New York 

H2C attacks on Hindus in America




Several Indians in the USA attacking Hindus to convert them into Christianity. 

In fact, in 2010 when KE went to buy a used car, the American Christian couple offered the car $1400 free if you convert to Christianity. KE’s American landlord also present at that time. KE refused their offer. For your information, KE attended all religions prayers in Montana but KE against to these attacks on religions by people. 

Several Indian Incs aka bodyshops aka MOM and POP IT Consultancies aka “human trafficking agencies” are also into this H2C business. Mainly from Boston MA, they are operating this. KE against Churches in the USA funding people in India to convert into Christianity. 


To: “kumarexclusive
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 12:53:50 PM EDT
Subject: కీర్తనలు 37 (For you in Telugu) – Kindly read Both English and Telugu

1. చెడ్డవారిని చూచి నీవు వ్యసనపడకుము దుష్కార్యములు చేయువారిని చూచి మత్సరపడకుము.
2. వారు గడ్డివలెనే త్వరగా ఎండిపోవుదురు. పచ్చని కూరవలెనే వాడిపోవుదురు
3. యెహోవాయందు నమ్మికయుంచి మేలుచేయుము దేశమందు నివసించి సత్యము ననుసరించుము
4. యెహోవానుబట్టి సంతోషించుము ఆయన నీ హృదయవాంఛలను తీర్చును.
5. నీ మార్గమును యెహోవాకు అప్పగింపుము నీవు ఆయనను నమ్ముకొనుము ఆయన నీ కార్యము నెరవేర్చును.
6. ఆయన వెలుగునువలె నీ నీతిని మధ్యాహ్నమునువలె నీ నిర్దోషత్వమును వెల్లడిపరచును.
7. యెహోవా యెదుట మౌనముగానుండి ఆయనకొరకు కనిపెట్టుకొనుము. తన మార్గమున వర్థిల్లువాని చూచి వ్యసనపడకుము దురాలోచనలు నెరవేర్చుకొనువాని చూచి వ్యసన పడకుము.
8. కోపము మానుము ఆగ్రహము విడిచిపెట్టుము వ్యసనపడకుము అది కీడుకే కారణము
9. కీడు చేయువారు నిర్మూలమగుదురు యెహోవాకొరకు కనిపెట్టుకొనువారు దేశమును స్వతంత్రించుకొందురు.
10. ఇక కొంతకాలమునకు భక్తిహీనులు లేకపోవుదురు వారి స్థలమును జాగ్రత్తగా పరిశీలించినను వారు కనబడకపోవుదురు.
11. దీనులు భూమిని స్వతంత్రించుకొందురు బహు క్షేమము కలిగి సుఖించెదరు
12. భక్తిహీనులు నీతిమంతులమీద దురాలోచన చేయుదురు వారినిచూచి పండ్లు కొరుకుదురు.
13. వారి కాలము వచ్చుచుండుట ప్రభువు చూచు చున్నాడు. వారిని చూచి ఆయన నవ్వుచున్నాడు.
14. దీనులను దరిద్రులను పడద్రోయుటకై యథార్థముగా ప్రవర్తించువారిని చంపుటకై భక్తిహీనులు కత్తి దూసియున్నారు విల్లెక్కు పెట్టి యున్నారు
15. వారి కత్తి వారి హృదయములోనే దూరును వారి విండ్లు విరువబడును.
16. నీతిమంతునికి కలిగినది కొంచెమైనను బహుమంది భక్తిహీనులకున్న ధనసమృద్ధికంటె శ్రేష్టము.
17. భక్తిహీనుల బాహువులు విరువబడును నీతిమంతులకు యెహోవాయే సంరక్షకుడు
18. నిర్దోషుల చర్యలను యెహోవా గుర్తించుచున్నాడు వారి స్వాస్థ్యము సదాకాలము నిలుచును.
19. ఆపత్కాలమందు వారు సిగ్గునొందరు కరవు దినములలో వారు తృప్తిపొందుదురు.
20. భక్తిహీనులు నశించిపోవుదురు యెహోవా విరోధులు మేతభూముల సొగసును పోలి యుందురు అది కనబడకపోవునట్లు వారు పొగవలె కనబడకపోవుదురు.
21. భక్తిహీనులు అప్పుచేసి తీర్చకయుందురు నీతిమంతులు దాక్షిణ్యము కలిగి ధర్మమిత్తురు.
22. యెహోవా ఆశీర్వాదము నొందినవారు భూమిని స్వతంత్రించుకొందురు ఆయన శపించినవారు నిర్మూలమగుదురు.
23. ఒకని నడత యెహోవా చేతనే స్థిరపరచబడును వాని ప్రవర్తన చూచి ఆయన ఆనందించును.
24. యెహోవా అతని చెయ్యి పట్టుకొని యున్నాడు గనుక అతడు నేలను పడినను లేవలేక యుండడు.
25. నేను చిన్నవాడనై యుంటిని ఇప్పుడు ముసలివాడనై యున్నాను అయినను నీతిమంతులు విడువబడుట గాని వారి సంతానము భిక్షమెత్తుట గాని నేను చూచియుండలేదు.
26. దినమెల్ల వారు దయాళురై అప్పు ఇచ్చుచుందురు వారి సంతానపువారు ఆశీర్వదింపబడుదురు.
27. కీడు చేయుట మాని మేలు చేయుము అప్పుడు నీవు నిత్యము నిలుచుదువు
28. ఏలయనగా యెహోవా న్యాయమును ప్రేమించువాడు ఆయన తన భక్తులను విడువడు వారెన్న టెన్నటికి కాపాడబడుదురు గాని భక్తిహీనుల సంతానము నిర్మూలమగును.
29. నీతిమంతులు భూమిని స్వతంత్రించుకొందురు వారు దానిలో నిత్యము నివసించెదరు.
30. నీతిమంతుల నోరు జ్ఞానమునుగూర్చి వచించును వారి నాలుక న్యాయమును ప్రకటించును.
31. వారి దేవుని ధర్మశాస్త్రము వారి హృదయములో నున్నది వారి అడుగులు జారవు.
32. భక్తిహీనులు నీతిమంతులకొరకు పొంచియుండి వారిని చంపజూతురు.
33. వారిచేతికి యెహోవా నీతిమంతులను అప్పగింపడు వారు విమర్శకు వచ్చినప్పుడు ఆయన వారిని దోషు లుగా ఎంచడు.
34. యెహోవాకొరకు కనిపెట్టుకొని యుండుము ఆయన మార్గము ననుసరించుము భూమిని స్వతంత్రించుకొనునట్లు ఆయన నిన్ను హెచ్చించును భక్తిహీనులు నిర్మూలము కాగా నీవు చూచెదవు.
35. భక్తిహీనుడు ఎంతో ప్రబలియుండుట నేను చూచి యుంటిని అది మొలచిన చోటనే విస్తరించిన చెట్టువలె వాడు వర్ధిల్లి యుండెను.
36. అయినను ఒకడు ఆ దారిని పోయి చూడగా వాడు లేకపోయెను నేను వెదకితిని గాని వాడు కనబడకపోయెను.
37. నిర్దోషులను కనిపెట్టుము యథార్థవంతులను చూడుము సమాధానపరచువారి సంతతి నిలుచును గాని ఒకడైనను నిలువకుండ అపరాధులు నశించుదురు
38. భక్తిహీనుల సంతతి నిర్మూలమగును. యెహోవాయే నీతిమంతులకు రక్షణాధారము
39. బాధ కలుగునప్పుడు ఆయనే వారికి ఆశ్రయ దుర్గము. యెహోవా వారికి సహాయుడై వారిని రక్షించును వారు యెహోవా శరణుజొచ్చి యున్నారు గనుక
40. ఆయన భక్తిహీనుల చేతిలోనుండి వారిని విడిపించి రక్షించును.

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This is why we don’t require to roam around Temple. We are the Temple of God and God dwells in us.

Living God Spoke: ఆకాశము నా సింహాసనము భూమి నా పాద పీఠము మీరు నా నిమిత్తము కట్టనుద్దేశించు ఇల్లు ఏపాటిది? నాకు విశ్రమస్థానముగా మీరు కట్టనుద్దేశించునది ఏపాటిది? అవన్నియు నా హస్తకృత్యములు అవి నావలన కలిగినవని.

ఎవడు దీనుడై నలిగిన హృదయముగలవాడై నా మాట విని వణకుచుండునో వానినే నేను దృష్టించుచున్నాను.

Thus the Lord says,

“HeavenisMy throne,
And earth is My footstool.
Where is the house that you will build Me?
And where is the place of My rest?
For all thosethingsMy hand has made,
And all those things exist,”
Says the Lord.
“But on this one will I look:
On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit,
And who trembles at My word.

సర్వోన్నతుడు హస్త కృతాలయములలో నివసింపడు. (From Book of Acts 7th Chapter in Bible)

The Most High does not dwell in temples made with hands of men.

On Thursday, August 21, 2014 9:24 AM, Hiram Official  > wrote:

మీరు దేవుని ఆలయమై యున్నారనియు, దేవుని ఆత్మ మీలో నివసించుచున్నాడనియు మీరెరుగరా?
Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?
(1 Corinthians 3:16)

మీ దేహము దేవునివలన మీకు అనుగ్రహింపబడి, మీలోనున్న పరిశుద్ధాత్మకు ఆలయమై యున్నదని మీరెరుగరా?
మీరు మీ సొత్తు కారు, విలువపెట్టి కొనబడినవారు గనుక మీ దేహముతో దేవుని మహిమపరచుడి.

Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 20 For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s. ( 1 Corinthians 6:19-20)
“దేవుడొక్కడే అని నీవు నమ్ముచున్నావు. ఆలాగునమ్ముట మంచిదే; దయ్యములును నమ్మి వణకుచున్నవి.” (యాకోబు 2:19)
You believe that there is one God (GOD IS ONE). You do well (THAT’S GOOD). Even the demons believe—and tremble! – Bible

Now What Makes the difference? Devils are also Spiritual beings, they are Evil Spirit. They know God is one and they know who that true Living God is. They shiver just by hearing His name.


You can do that only by Faith in Jesus Christ!

See, if I send something to watch. I watched them first for you and sending you selectively the good ones for your education and enlightenment. If you don’t do what I say and learn from what I am sending, You will not be ready to face the repercussions that will come on your face.

I understand you traveled over weekend and was spending time with family. But during week days. Spare one to two hours of quality time for meditating on Bible verses and praying. If you don’t spend time with God, you will not know the solutions and you will not be able to overcome.
Please mind my words seriously and spend time on spiritual education. Don’t skip doing this everyday. You have to learn a lot and a lot and a lot. Without Power of God and knowledge about Him, we are just a lite empty jar that could blow away by the wind.

US Elections

POLLS: US Elections VOTE  2020

Nov 1st 2020 Update:


KE posted several times polls and most of the time people said President Trump but this time more votes polled for Democrats got 56% votes out of 104.

Few years ago, KE kept a video vote for Republicans when President Trump was contesting elections. Many Indians with US Citizenship by naturalization belittle in the private gatherings or parties. Saying that, you are the man requested people to vote for Trump etc. They did not speak after the elections as you know the results.   Upon research KE found that most of the Green Cards, (displaced Americans call it as GREED CARDs due to bodyshops crimes and GC people crimes in the USA) issued during Republicans tenure.

US Election 2020
Presidential debate: How the world’s media reacted


Indians in the USA

A person requested in this meeting, Indians in USA do not vote at least 50% of them. Because in India also, many do not vote and enjoy that day.

20 Million Americans displaced in  3 to 4 decades because of government policies and weak implementation of laws.


Indians in the USA eat PPP funds during President Trump governance but still they hate President. Because Indian attorneys criticize President Trump both in Telugu and Hindi Media. Few years ago, Indian attorneys circulated fake whatsapp messages against President Trump before elections. F1 and H-1Bs and Green Card Indians also got Stimulus checks during 2020 Covid19 time but majority hate Republicans. Do not know why? 

PPP Loan recipients COVID19

October 06, 2020

It has been a passion for Indians, Indians attorneys and Indians media to troll President Trump and EOs.

American said: I thought it was funny they complained about Trump in this article not passing any trade deals with India, but praised Biden for promising to give citizenship to people from India who are here with no papers.

“I think the biggest failure of the Trump administration engagement with India was not to achieve even a mini trade deal despite PM Modi and President Trump having personal chemistry,” said Rajesh Mehta. 

“Joe Biden has promised he will be giving citizenship to Indians who do not have proper papers. I believe Biden’s chances of sealing a trade deal or military deal are higher,” Mehta said. 

KE: Very interesting!

America bazar Gujarati news magazine I guess. 

Indians are in favor of Biden. 

Many Indians feel PM Modiji failed to get anything from President Trump’s friendship or his India visit but if they write outside BJP and RSS people attack online. 1.5 billion population in India. 

Scarcity for everything water food and shelter. 

2% only pay tax.

Corruption bribes 

Governments encourage people to flee to 90 countries. They feel proud. 

If any country gives gc pr usc they’re best friends to Indians otherwise trolling.

Indian media afraid to pin point Modi failure to get anything from President Trump. 

But freelance journalist people kept videos saying Modi failed to get anything to India or Indians. 


Matt: He’s probably right. It would require Congress to amnesty the illegals and Biden could then sign into law.

Somewhat unlikely although we have seen amnesty sneaked into many appropriations bills recently.

October 07, 2020 updates: 2020 United States Vice Presidential Debate

Matthew Bonness

Disappointing they did not talk about immigration.  At the Democratic candidate debates all of the Democratic candidates raised their hand in favor of decriminalizing illegal alien border crossings.

Barack Obama told them they have gone too far left on immigration if they do not believe the country should have a border.

All before elections.


Oct 15, 2020

President Trump’s rallies with Prime Minister Modi doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the Indian-American vote, writes




Indians die in USA

Sad news from USA

Often International student from India on F1 Visas, H-1B dependents like H4 parents or in-laws visiting the USA die outside homes. Like water falls, road car crashes (In India, we call accidents). Please take all precautions and avoid 2am to 6am driving to home from long distant places etc. Unplanned events, avoid $50 room rents in those places, many Indians continue to drive to home in the dark is what we often read in the news. The below is a different story, slip into water falls while trying for a selfie photo with fiance.

The cost of the dead body to move to India will cost around $10,000 and generally Indian communities pool money to support the family in India. We never heard of Indian caste groups doing anything good in the USA or India but difficult times like this, they actively participate, coordinate with USA and India and mobilize the dead bodies in 1 to 2 weeks times. Otherwise it is not an easy task.

27-year-old Indian woman dies after slipping at waterfalls in US

The woman hails from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh and had gone to the US a few years ago to pursue higher education.