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Marriage bridge or bridegroom verification etc., advises apart from

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Hiring: if you’re looking for new clients to your list to support on the hiring needs etc.

How to get IT job in USA?

How to move from NON IT to IT etc.?

How to report corruption by Hiring managers?

How to sue your employer? 

OCI Card filling help for non Indians 

Verifying job offers/Visa sponsorship emails – fake or Genuine? 

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Daily, I receive 100s of emails so NOT sure who is genuine or serious about time and life.

Do one thing, just send $60 to my account, send me your resume, biodata and all information.

I will send a zoom link, first 30 minutes you talk, I will listen and next 30 minutes, I will talk to you.

After the call, think and make a decision: Confusion to stay in USA or go back to India etc.

Send the money and  get a Zoom call invitation scheduled accordingly. 

Remember, I am NOT an attorney. This service for my time to advise you on how to move for the next step in your life.

Nobody can better understand your situation than to KE as going through this MESS in USA created by Systems and people. 

leave your bad boss but not jobs

Kumar’s Tips if you have a bad boss or bad employer. 

leave your bad boss but not jobs

From my life time experiences, society or corporate world does not respect honest and sincerity people. Confrontation, reporting crime, law, judiciary, justice, nobody is above law, justice delayed is justice denied – all these are bogus words. Even paying single dollar for an attorney in the USA to confront against bodyshops (bad guys) or worst Indian employers is time waste and money waste because you will die by the time either you get a green card or get justice. So just move on for your mental peace of mind and health purposes. It is because the world supports bad people first though inside appreciate your honesty but they do not like to hire you for your confrontation or integrity.  Last one decade, several Indian brothers and sisters have been calling or emailing Kumar Exclusive about their bad bosses, bad illegal layers between them and end USA clients, H-1B employers etc. They are in thousands and who refused to call USCIS, called KE. So you can understand the depth of the problem. There is NO solution in the IT corporate world if you’re boss is bad or employer is BAD. So choose wisely your first American boss in USA and choose your American Employer in the USA to set your life in case if you are not born in USA. It is to set your life otherwise life sucks in America if you’re boss is an Indian (he or she must have an illegal layer company to poach 50% of your paycheck) and employer is an India to break all wages and PW and what not? 

Several Indian with GC or USC status also brought to the notice of Kumar Exclusive about their bad bosses in top 1 to top 10 automobile industry and other IT industries in the USA and India. The end result is nothing but engineers left their managers and changed the jobs. One in million cases, a bad boss was removed but the enough damage is done to the team and do not know about the company. 

Coming to India, Indian judiciary supports default employers and as you know, no labor laws works in India. So best thing is, move out of the organization in stead of stay inside and confront with the bad bosses and bad managements. KE is NOT saying do not confront or compromise but from life time experiences and thousands of followers feedback, it is (confrontation) a time waste business. 

Another incident in Maryland, a friend of mine told, he does not believe in justice system except instant justice system. That is slapping the bad boss and his wife in a private party. He said, they remember that incident for life time and they ate more than 50% of his salaries in a decades time. The couple pee in pants whenever they see him in any other shopping malls or parties. KE does not encourage this but this is shocking news. 


US matches, Indians at crossroads in India

US matches, Indians at crossroads in India – Kumar Tips

Every day, people write emails from India about whether to choose bridegroom or bride from USA or not?

The confusion arises due to marriage bureaus in India create false hopes to Indians in India.

Also the parents of a girl in India living in darkness especially when comes to Life in America. 

They are seeking Kumar’s help to take a good decision with help of you.  Mostly they(people writing emails to KE)completed their B. Tech in the year 2000s, working in I.T in India.

They get an US Match from parents or some relatives references.  

 They never have a dream of US match, but parents or siblings forcing them(boy or girl) to agree to those USA f1/H-1B matches.

You need to analyze this:

Why are they forcing you to go to USA? Is life in India that bad?

is life in America a bliss? 

What do they know about USA?

People writing emails to KE, some are not interested to study further in the USA, but the bride or bridegrooms conditions is to do MS in USA. 

Yes, if you’re NOT interested to study then do not study, who is forcing you to study?

If you do things by force which you do not like to then it leads to disaster or suicides later.

but these guys cannot this openly to parents and the US match guy. They need KE’s tips to cross check what is what? 

KE advise is, Say to him (whoever it is) boldly.

Here you go:

1 Stay strong and be bold and be honest.

2 your life, your choice but not your parents’ life. They are in the illusion that America or the USA is something great but, the USA is also like any other country India. No need to give over weightage to people in the USA, that is foolishness.

3 several sisters wrote several emails like this from India and I kept videos on it. Even men are also victims in that but not just only women always. In fact a brother from India asked me to check a check list for his sister in India to cross verify that the boy in the USA is a genuine or fake resume experience guy or not? I was shocked to know that the boy A KAMMA caste rich person, did not reply to that KAMMA brother in India, a rich person, to that email. That means, the boy in the USA is 100% Fake. I am against generalization. Most of them available in Facebook with fake pictures but not real face in LinkedIn. 

  1. What is that boy/girl(your USA match) doing in the USA?

 do not quit your job in India for this US Match sake.

KE received such sad stories also and finally that MS student in USA escaped after wedding cards printed in India and never returned the dowry(bribe girl’s dad pay to the parents of the boy in Indian culture and tradition) Love marriage with dowry is bullshit. 

Which universities did he/she apply in the USA? you ask these questions to them.

Majority UNIV in USA are fake. if Day1CPT, then it is illegal. 

Did he/she work in India or just quit India to the USA for MS?

If he/she did not work in India at all, then he/she is unfit and since you have been working in IT in India, you are more talented than that boy/girl in USA.

Because getting a job in India is very tougher than in the USA.

90% of OPT resumes are fake, I kept a video on it. watch it if possible.

Only 10% Indians get jobs on the right route after MS. So, you need to check whether he/she falls into that 90% or 10% batch. If he/she falls into 90% batch, then you simply drop her/him. Time waste to follow up or negotiate with them on any topics. 

H-1B jobs are 4 types,

  1. American client FTE(full time employee) (salaries will be $120,000 to $250,000+) Prefer this match 

  2. American TOP 10 prime vendors only FTE, (salaries will be $80,000 to $120,000+) Prefer this match 

  3. Indian outsourcing companies FTE, (salaries will be $45,000 to $60,000+) these guys work 24x7x365 days for less pay-  REJECT THIS

  4. Indian Incs(aka bodyshops aka human trafficking agencies) FTE. (salaries will be $45,000 to no salaries most of the time as these 90% of 700,000 MOM and POP IT Consultancies are worst fellows). REJECT THIS

Which type of h-1b? Reject if L1A or L1B or B1, F1, or F2 visas people. Because their stay is temporary. 

Type 1 and 2 okay but type 3 and 4 worst. Ignore.

What is his/her green card status? (Green card is for future employment, 3 states, labor, i-140 and 485) Currently 3 million Indians are in great depression in the USA after sitting at the step-2, that is I-140 stage.

His/her I-140 approved? Which year? Check you can get H4 EAD or not? then you can work with fake resume(fake is a crime but Indians are doing it) and proxy interviews like any other Indian women in the USA. Ask him/her, when H4 EAD is available, why are you forcing you to take up F1 route? what is wrong with you? You ask those people. 

Currently the Green card waiting period is 455 years for Indians. So you can ignore him/her. It is depressing.

What is his/her employer name? boss name? What are their email ids? If he/she is afraid to share this, then he/she is doing crime here. Because you are putting your life in his hands and if he/she cannot share his/her employer/boss email id, then you can drop him/her.

What is his/her SSN number? You can check any criminal cases pending against him/her in the USA

What is a driving license photo id? check any DUI? 

Ask him/her to send h-1b or GC copies if any. How do you know his/her immigration status is valid or not? What is the company etc. and company reviews? 90% Indian employers’ reviews are the worst.

Finally, if he/she is putting a condition: “if she is interested in ms and job then only he will marry me” means, he is clearly telling that he is interested in the money that the girl is going to earn but not the girl.” If I were you, I would not entertain this bad guy. 100% money minded fellow. Of Course he is looking for safety in a foreign country, but this is NOT fair.  This is a highly pressure statement because you must write GRE and TOEFL and low score poor univ admissions, take money 15 to 50 lakhs loan for MS in USA, plus is he asking any dowry? I kept a video, people in the USA need not ask dowry as they earn 75 times more than people in India. $1=75 INR. After passing MS, you have to work 27 months OPT with fake resume and proxy interviews (your interview will be attended by another woman for $2000) and proxy job support (your job is done by another Indian woman illegally for that she takes $2000 a month) or he has to do your job for that. If this is the kind of life, 9 out of 10 are leading in the USA, then your mother and brother and future husband (this boy loves) it, then it is up to you. Indians majority earn money like this. What If failed in MS? What if Fired in job? You lose moral support and self-confidence. Who will restore it?

Thank God, your not a kid(above 18+), so you are NOT going for any child marriage  and you do not need anyone’s advice but you need genuine or honest brothers’ opinions from the USA. USA means dollars, green cards and US passports (kids born in the USA) this is the majority Indians’ dream. Maybe 99 out of 100.

What is your heart saying? Listen to your heart. That is more important than anything. Take good decisions and honor and respect your decision. Tomorrow you should not blame anyone. Case example, if you drop this boy, tomorrow all will blame you, you must be bold enough. Suppose you marry him and all is okay, you are happy, your mother and brother happy okay fine. If you are not happy then what? He wants money that is earned by a girl in the USA but not the girl. So, tomorrow something happens to your mother or brother for health and you want to quit your job in the USA and visit them, do you think he will allow it? Even if he allows, your OPT or CPT or F1 visa expired and return to the USA is NOT possible due to his h-1b expired or renewal in process. So what? These things, no one thinks about in India because they do not have any knowledge about the USA or any foreign country which I have explained in 2000 videos in my channel.

If it is India, good or bad, your parents and singling’s can come to your rescue, in the USA, they cannot because they need visas and money.

NOTE: at least 10,000 H-1B Indian husbands kicked out their h4 wives and many of such Indian sisters also wrote emails from India, their stories even painful. They are crying and nobody can get justice for them.

He knows H4 life is a curse in the USA hence forcing the new coming girl into F1 track to H-1B track. But H-1B is a lottery system and 25,000 H1Bs 200,000 F1s are waiting and Indians are doing 6 times MS or MBA until pick up in the lottery, so will you be able to study MS 6 times in the USA? until h1b gets picked up?

H4 EAD US Court Supports Job Renewal For H1B Spouses; Orders US Govt To Respond In 3 Days  


This is a Telugu video, girls in India rejected boys in USA who are not having USA client FTE job and minimum $120,000 salaries. Also some f1 girls in the USA rejected F1 boy who are working in software testing due to low end skills and short projects. One of such girl’s mother advised the boy, not to disturb her daughter for marriage unless you improve your IT skills to Java programming and getting USA client FTE in JAVA $120,000, do not contact them. So the girls’ studied in USA that matured than to some of the Indians in the USA. Most of them (both genders) have living relationships here during studies or somewhere so marrying such people without knowing from India is really dangerous as the new husband/wife will show you(guys in India) hell in America. 

Several times, Indians on F1 in USA, get jobs through not only fake, proxy but also getting through casting couch. If you marry such female candidates, then you’re gone. 

Currently market in demand IT skills are Azure/AWS/GCP or Cloud technologies etc. Anything less than to these skill sets, his/her job is very unstable and to hit next project is not easy. He/she stay on bench(jobless and employers do not pay salaries) and then he/she will beat you out of frustration. Check, what IT skills that he or she is working and why not improved the skills on part to the IT market demands.? 

Good luck and God bless you. 

Read this article also before making a decision to come to USA. just prepared for this.

What do you call this?

Matthew Bonness:  just an observation, based on one data point, I think it’s somewhat silly for parents to be arranging marriages to H1Bs in the U.S.

Is the boy in the U.S. good at what he does?  Have they met him in person?  Have they talked to his coworkers, his manager?  What are his long term career prospects?  These are the questions I would encourage any girls to ask if they are considering marrying someone in the U.S.

KE: Very interesting! Excellent questions but they never met in person or not even know him. Indians in USA visit one week to see 8 or 10 girls in one go, his (boy in USA) parents arrange all 10 girls in 2 to 3 days schedule and boy and parents visit each house one after another(arranged marriage system) and say yes to one of them after seeing the check list, dowry (bribe by girls parents to boy parents) whether the girl is BTECH or not, is she willing to do MS in USA? can she fake resume and get jobs in USA? in fact a boy in MD USA told, he will ask her to do proxy interviews for devops $2000 an hr by sitting at home in stead of IT job, how soon they can get ready to come to USA etc. 

Then the boy(f1 or h1b working in USA) return to USA as you know this contractor does not get loss of pay leaves more than a week and go back after 6 months for marriage if project is there on hand. In some cases, he extends the stay and fix marriage on the spot get H4 stamping and Return to USA. Life is a disaster for many such Indian girls or boys in India to marry Indians in the USA. Bodyshops lend money to h1bs to get marry in India and come back and recover that money with rate of interest also.

This site is for fun created by one of the US returned students. Otherwise Indians demand dowry something like this.

If a boy or girl is in Facebook but not in LinkedIn, you can drop them. Because they are fake people with fake resume so hiding on professional networking sites. 

Drop any USA matches if the boy or girl put any conditions like DO MS or MBA and work mandatory. What if you failed in studies or cannot get a job? will that person give divorce? Is he/she looking for any ATM any time money machine but not a human being? 


Jan 5th 2021 

I am incredibly happy today. One of the subscribers, young sisters denied or rejected a USA match. Because she is not interested in USA matches after watching fake resumes by MS students or Indians in the USA.

2. Lots of cheating by H-1B husbands vs h4 Victims

3 H4 is a curse visa

Hence the boy in USA on H1B still instating the girls in India to resign their IT jobs even before getting F1 Visa and forcing them to write GRE and TOEFL for UNIV in USA for MS/MBA.

4 the girls in India have to bear that expenses plus dowry = bribe given by girls’ parents to boy’s parents to marry, an Indian culture.

Luckily, she did not pit fall into the trap of NRIS – non reliable Indians in USA. Not all but majority. That boy in USA forcing her to agree to the conditions 1 dowry, 2 MS in USA must, get a job 3 so many conditions. Remember, the Indian male has no special items compared to Indian male in India. If you think, there are no men available in India then look for Indian male outside India for a marriage. life in USA is NOT that great as Indians projecting on Facebook and YouTube videos.  Surprisingly, the boy is missing in LinkedIn a professional job networking site but available in all dating sites or social media sites.

Rest you can read here: he never answered to anyone these questions mentioned.


Kumar discussion with Revathi, Venu, GC divorce issues in the USA(spoke about Indian married girls) and some videos. – These videos help my subscribers in India to get awareness and make a decision on US matches : DO NOT SAY YES WHEN YOU WANT TO SAY NO.



Do not come to America for MS/MBA/PHD- waste of money

Do not come to America for MS/MBA/PHD- waste of money

KE sincere advise to youth in India. Do not believe Indian YouTubers in USA, they are not speaking truth, bunch of liars.

Many Young graduates are following me on LinkedIn.

With due respect to many, writing this for their awareness to clear the fog in front of their eyes pump by UNIVS in USA.

America is all about dollars, green cards, and US passport. Anybody achieved anything here is after getting Greed(s) Card only either CEO of MS or Ex CEO of Google or BODYSHOPS or you name anyone. If they do not get H-1b in a lottery system while on F1 visa or H-1B extensions denied/GC denied, they would land in India by now and nobody knows about them on this planet.

That is the main reason or one of the main reasons, Indians with green cards are headstrong and bossy like our IAS or IITian in India. NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY.

If you try, you can get appointment with President of USA but not with Indians who has a green card.

It is filthy to sit next to them in the USA because of their greediness. study abroad or work abroad is good but don’t waste your parents money for America.

Its waste of time. going to Canada or Australia is much better than to USA for MS. later you can come on TN or E3 visa and get green cards. otherwise everyone steal your money in USA including attorneys.

Subscriber sent

This is a telugu tragedy song but reality from USA by an International student

America sucks your life. 

Did you apply for 10,000 jobs in 6 months?

Did you apply for 10,000 jobs in 6 months?

Remember, Kumar has interviewed one of F1 International students. 

He did BTECH electrical from Vijayawada of United Andhra Pradesh once upon a time in India and has been following Kumar’s posts and vids from his BTECH 2nd year. He came here to pursue his Masters/MS in Electrical and he does not want to go to IT or Bodyshops after watching or following Kumar’s videos.

Because bodyshops = Guest Houses,

Guest houses = Bench sales,

Bench or bench sales = 25 F1s/H-1Bs in two-bedroom apartment without salaries and pay $10,0000 to $25,000 for H-1B and $50,000 for Green card though all fees in H-1B, and Green card are employers payable, Indians MOM & POP IT consultancies collecting it for last 4 decades from applicants. On top of it, $2000 monthly rental for guest houses, $30,000 if bench time to pay taxes to them and USA GOVT- conditions.

NOTE: the word BENCH is illegal according to DOL and this is what Indians are doing in the USA. They are investing this money in real estate in India and USA and Film Industry in India.

So, he applied for 10,000 jobs and only 6 people (USA end clients) called him for an in-person interview. Only two of them selected and only one sponsored H-1B. He did this because he has a deadline to go back to India within 90 days otherwise, he must go to Indian bodyshops which he does not like to go because he watched all my 2000 videos. This is the best-case scenario. one in 10,000 Indian students (international) are like that.  I do not understand why you do not apply. Are you lazy? Is your Dad Rich? So that you can sit and eat like bodyshops?

Is your dumbass like 99,999 International students? What is your problem? Do you expect that asap complete MS, Microsoft, or Facebook comes to your room or house and knock the door and offers you a job?

 Applying for jobs and not getting interview calls or jobs is different but not applying and complaining is NOT an excuse at all.

Did you apply for 10,000 jobs in 6 months?

Leave a comment Yes or No. 

Applying for jobs is your job. If you failed to do it, do not blame anyone, blame yourself. 



How many pages do you have your resume? 

1,2,3,8, 11 and 13? -Please leave a comment with the number.

There is no thumb rule as such but RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE with a piece of paper turns a life/career.

For those who do not know, In India, Kumar has seen one or two pages resumes only during 1990s to 2000s. 

1990s to 2020 plus, Indian Bodyshops made Indians resume as 7 pages local (US experience – fake local ) and 1 page means India resume and they reject India resumes. 

Americans also having only 1 page resume. – 99.99% genuine 

Indian recruiters use Ctrl+F keys while searching key words to pick up the resume. Ofcoruse there are different software available to pick up the resumes. 

In your Resume, What is that USA client is looking for? 

Primarily, the clients are looking this: Past sense – what you did and what you can do for them? when comes to technical skills and technology. They expect some common words that must match in your resume = their job posted or released advertisement. Otherwise your resume won’t be there on their table.    – secret 1

When do you expect to join or how soon can you join? 

Before they ask this question in the first call, you should ask them, when do you want me to join? – secret 2

Clients expect immediate and some clients will wait for you if you are extraordinary.

So Resume is just a piece of paper or WORD document that gets you an Interview call. 

Honesty is the best policy 

Several people advise several things but ultimately honesty is the best policy 

1 Page resume: no doubt, no Indian recruiter accept this resume and reject it out rightly and ask for Technical resume that is 7 pages Resume in the USA.

One time, Kumar created 3 pages Resume and mentioned all layers/illegal layers in each project under each project.

Suddenly illegal layers started attacking saying that, do not mention layers in the projects. That is how USA IT market works. So illegal layers who are connected to prime vendors and h-1b bodyshops dictate the terms with candidates and IT Market. To skip this, reach out directly USA clients/American top 10 prime vendors. 

They want only “technical stuff pages” but not more than that.

Because USA clients will notice that and bar those guys in case if they know they are getting resumes from 3rd party layers and multiple layers companies.

Kumar is writing how US IT market is working on “Resume” so that the new comers will have better understanding of USA and IT market in the USA. 


On the people, people 46% selected 2 pages resume. 

Every where you see haters write non sense when you share your knowledge, ignore them. 


LinkedIn – public reaction 

YouTube- Poll 



Experts posts 

Your resume gets rejected because you don’t use Power words on your Resume! E.g. You only write: Responsible for this and that…

NO! Use these words instead… 👇

For Achievement or Personal award:
Recognized for
Succeeded in

For Leadership:

For your impact on company revenue/growth:

For improving a process:

For creating a new process or initiative:

Note: All power verbs must be in past tenses!

Remember – Don’t write your responsibilities in your resume, no one is interested in that!

No one cares what you did, but what you’ve contributed!

Agree? 👇

Do you think you need to change your CV?

If you need any help to revise your Resume, I do provide a Resume Checklist for FREE.

You can also download my ATS-Free CV Template!

If you want to download it, please:
– Leave a Comment: “Resume” below

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Send me a DM if you need other personalized career help!


see this post:


Public comments by Kumar’s followers:


Discrimination Claim

Kumar’s TIPS

Generally several consultancies operating by some group of people discriminating candidates.

American Said:

Feel free to file a complaint with IER.
EEOC has prosecuted a few of these cases recently.

Here is one of the classic examples: 

Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 10:39 AM
Subject: Contract/Full Time || Oracle SQL DBA || Reston, VA

Oracle SQL DBA

Reston, VA

No H1B(Only usc gc ,gc ead and h4)

Contract/Full Time

At least 10 years.


  • Assist with schema design, code review, SQL query tuning
  • Proactively and regularly make recommendations for system improvements
  • Perform review of schema, stored procedures, and other changes to the database DDL.
  • Expert knowledge of PL/PgSQL, triggers, and stored procedure development and optimization in PostgreSQL
  • Experience with PostgreSQL in the cloud, including Amazon RDS
  • Analyzing the method of transforming existing data into a format for the new environment and the loading of this data into other database structures.
  • Reviewing existing migration tools and providing recommendations for improving performance of the migration process.
  • Providing necessary change and support documentation.
  • Extensive experience with database technologies (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL Oracle, MongoDB)
  • Experience with cloud services (AWS, Microsoft Azure) a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Previous experience with DBA case tools (frontend/backend) and third party tools
  • Familiarity with programming languages API



IT Recruiter



Email id: 






What are options if my F1/H1B refused/rejected?

What are options if my F1/H1B refused/rejected?

Why do I get 214b or 221g and how go to next?

We did analysis for few Boys and earlier 3rd attempts failed and got in 4th attempt. Hence decided to write our experiences here to help any one out there who are about to appear for first time and second time will be beneficial too.

 Even if you are appearing for 3rd or 4th attempt then read this post and is confident and do more hard work. Good luck.

Visa Interview must be attended at the nearest place to the region where passport is issued. Although a person can approach any US consulate regarding Visa, it is advisable to visit the consulate based in the state where the passport is originated.

What is 214b?

What is 221g?

Here you go:

If your US visa got rejected earlier, you need to find out why. Unless there
 is a strong reason, they will not reject it. You need to find out the reason
 and overcome it and must be able to provide them evidence that you surpass
 your ineligibility to obtain US Visa.
 After being found ineligible (Rejected 214b) for a visa, you may reapply in
 the future. If you reapply for a visa after being found ineligible, with the
 exception of 221(g) refusals, you must submit a new visa application and pay
 the visa application fee again. If you were found ineligible under section
 214(b) of the INA, you should be able to present evidence of significant
 changes in circumstances since your last application.
 Well, The USA is the only country right now which will allow you to work
 after finishing your education. The European Countries, UK and Australia
 have denied work permit to International Students post completion of their
 education in their respective countries. You can get educated there but you
 can’t stay there or work there after your education and that would become
 difficult for you to repay your education loan.
 So, you better try for US only but make sure you find out the exact reason
 why you were rejected earlier. 


Writing a post for Students who received 214b and going for F1 attempt in 4th attempt.

We have been guiding students for F1 and 214b or IT Professionals on 221g and most of them are getting Visas issued and shared their experiences.

Hence I thought of share it to you and all so that it would be helpful to the students who are attending F1/H1B in first attempt will NOT do simple mistakes is the idea of this new upcoming post/article.

Forget how much it hurts but try again. Learn from mistakes. Every Day is Second Change.


Visa Interview must be attended at the nearest place to the region where passport is issued. Although a person can approach any US consulate regarding Visa, it is advisable to visit the consulate based in the state where the passport is originated.


Please understand what is 214b? Why did you receive it?

Stop identify visa officer by Gender wise and just wish by first name so listen carefully to catch his/her first name. Do not use Sir/Madam.

People in USA address any one by First Name or Last Name with Mr. or Mrs. No body uses SIR or MADAM like in India as suffix to everyone, which is British English.

Points to remember for Indian Students or H1B aspirants in India while talking to people in America: when you talk to someone in USA, Be cool and confident during interviews. Answer only the questions asked, talking slowly and confidently. Do not ever give more information than what asked for. Please remember that people have as much trouble understanding our accent as we have theirs. Talking slowly and confidently is the key.

 Example: I’d call everyone by their first name. Calling someone as Mr. Jordan is too formal and no one prefers that. If someone introduces themselves to you as ‘I am John Smith’ or ‘I am Steffi Graf’, you’d say, ‘Hi John’ or ‘Hi Steffi’. Do not be too submissive to call Sir/Madam. That is ugly and low-balling yourself.


Please give a gap between next attempts and write TOEFL.IELFTS & GRE/GMAT again to attain better scores. Check with Universities about I-20s validity etc.

Very primarily, you need to go through the IELTS/TOFEL exam again and must score high or else you will never be able to go.


Now to positively overcome in his next attempt. He needs to make sure about the following.

1) Appearance and Attire

2) Way of Speaking, you need to have Professional and Polished Communication

3) Boldness and Increased Confidence Level – Free without any nervousness.

4) High Amount of Money (incase amount is low to the college fees)

5) No One word Answers like Yes and No.

6) So, you must be very well prepared with high level of caliber and competencies

7) No bad looks and peeps during queue or in their observatory surveillance.

8) You have drilled a lot at home to meet their level of expectation in all the ways (scores, communication skills, confidence or boldness etc.

 9) When the score is Good, Best University will welcome with admission.

TIPS FOR H1BS – SECOND ATTEMPT after 221g received

For H1Bs

1 Please understand why did you receive 221g and what is it all about?

  1. Check your check list carried items to the Visa Interview and 221g form item ticked.

  1. Call your Indian Employer or Employer in USA and convey the message and discuss.

  1. Send by courier or fax the required documents from your end if need to submit it or if not, follow up with your employer until he/she answered the 221g query.

  1. In many cases, 221g means that are the end and can forget it in India and approach new employer for H1Bs. But in some cases, if employer answered to the queries on time to concerned officers through Attorney will be cleared and you will be called for Visa Interview again or passport can be handed over at the drop box what ever are the latest rule changes.

6 In case asked to attend in person again carry all documents what ever you were carried in the first H1B visa Interview plus any additional documents required as per 221g form and current pay checks as well.

7.Remember:  What ever carried the documents also must be or need to produce at POE (Port of Entry) at USA airports for the first time landing here.

I wrote from my experiences and I trust this information would be helpful to get your VISA. Good Luck and God bless you.

I did not include the below

If they ask you have agriculture lands,

he must not simply say Yes. He should have told; we have huge property of agricultural lands and we have high capability to afford my study and living expenditure in USA.

I am perfectly aware of it and prepared with adequate financial support. (They need to understand he has enough and sufficient revenue to accomplish his education

8) He answered very amateur on courses he learnt,

normally they never ask technical questions, but they wanted to twist and

test him before finalizing their decision to reject him and he could not meet their level of expectation.

Here is the best case who got visa in 4th attempt after consulted watching my videos after 3rd attempt of F1 VISA

Need help regarding MS in US and Career guidance


I am from Hyderabad. I have seen few videos of yours regarding Student visa, life in USA and few others. They were informative.

Actually I tried for F1 visa for Spring 2011 and Fall 2012, but unfortunately I couldn’t get visa thrice.

I took few wrong steps after my B. Tech, which were exactly same as you mentioned in videos. Like, not planning for next step, what if I do not get Visa? and not trying for jobs.

After visa rejections, I did few odd jobs, which were not related to my field like Tech support (BPO), US IT Recruiter. Simultaneously I learned Testing (Selenium).

Now I am looking for jobs in Testing for 2 months and started planning for Masters in US again. Started preparing for GRE and IELTS, will give exams in January for sure and apply for Univ in Jan itself. So I need your help, in my planning sir..

Sir, what will be the chances of getting visa fourth time and will my previous rejections effect in getting visa.

Facing tough time in my life, need help from people like you sir.

We need to know the reasons for Visa rejections. There will be set of various reasons. If we know the reasons clearly, we can analyze and will know the chances of overcoming before going to reappear for Visa interview.

Where did you attend the Visa interview? Which Consulate in India?

Visa officer didn’t give any reasons. But I believe, my confidence was the major reason, I was nervous in the interview and next my academics. I have only 61% in my acads.

 But my interview was not more than 2-3 mins in all the three attempts.

 question was like,

 1st attempt


 Which university?

 Who is sponsoring you?

 Whats your dad and income?

 I didnt answer this question… like first I told 3 lakhs PA and then corrected to 6 Lkhs, as it 6 lakhs was mentioned in the CA statement.

 Whats your acads?

 2nd attempt


 almost same questions

 This time he said like…. only 61%….

 3rd attempt for fall 2011


 only one question was added.

 Any change from last 6months

 I told that I am working for a company. she didn’t allow me to explain the job profile

Dear Subscriber, 

It seems like there is a hitch in your answer and looks like you went to Visa consecutively.

They rejected you based on showing less income of your father. The possible living cost of an individual in USA is $1000 per month and additional University fee. I believe this might be the reason for your Visa denial. Please find out from your friends/circle how much they showed.

Next time try to show more income and add additional sponsors. If you got to spend 65K Indian Rupees in USA, just realize how much your father should be earning to meet your expense and your University fee.

They will not see if you will do part time after you arrive in USA because part time jobs at University may not be guaranteed.

Best Wishes,


Hello sir,

Thank you for the reply.

Consulate: Hyderabad (All three attempts). Americans took my interview.

 Univ: FDU, Teaneck,NJ (All three attempts).

Visa officer didn’t give any reasons.

But I believe, my confidence was the major reason, I was nervous in the interview and next my academics. I have only 61% in my acads. But my interview was not more than 2-3 mins in all the three attempts. In all the cases, they didn’t check any documents.

question were like,

1st attempt


Which university?

Who is sponsoring you?

Whats your dad and income?

I didnt answer this question properly… like first I told 3 lakhs PA and then corrected to 6 Lkhs, as it 6 lakhs was mentioned in the CA statement.

Whats your acads?


Thank you for reply.

I told visa officer that my sponsors are my parents. Funds I mentioned was around 30 Lakhs (Rents, FD’s, liquid cash). Were my university fee and living expenses was only 20 Lakhs for 2 years.

Visa officer asked me about my father income. Not my parents income. There I got confused,answered 3 lakhs first and then corrected 6 lakhs. I mentioned father income as 6 lakhs in DS 160.

At the end of interview, visa officer gave me a white slip like, stating the reasons that  y visa was refused under section 214(b)

Dear Subscriber,

Based on your responses, our analysis seems to be correct. Your past DS Forms will be live in the records. US is not advisable for you until next year. Better try for European Countries if you think its getting late. Thank you

Sir, Can I plan for next fall (2014 august)?. May be I will go for visa in May/June 2014. Will that would be helpful for me?

Hi Subscriber,

I have gone through the PDF that you sent and here is my analysis and anticipated questions on next F1 Visa Interview:

The PDF attached clearly says, you do not have sufficient funds so when you go for next visa attempt

the first question is: what is the difference? Your answer must be funds

Now the next question is how did you get those funds?(Extra funds) because your existing funds are not sufficient is what clearly the query that you have received is explaining.

So now you have to justify how do you get the extra funds?

Like I said on phone, try for MNCs or US based Testing based companies for H1B.

Keep open your options for higher studies to Canada/Australia/New Zeeland/Europe etc.



Later he tried and got the VISA in 4th attempt and sent the below note:

Hi sir, hope you remember we spoke earlier abt my visa. I reapplied F1 visa this time and my visa is approved for southern new Hampshire university, Manchester, NH. Heading to Manchester in this August. Really thanks for the motivation and help sir. I need ur help and guidance further in my career.

He looks like pretty narrow minded person and he has no detail orientation.

I understood for the first time he got failed due to his less score and second time he told he has agricultural lands and he doesn’t have much experience on the courses he learnt. Overall he failed to be confident on what he learnt and he failed to prove his affordability.

Americans don’t like to have the students of India to sell the Agriculture lands for education and also they have some poor feedback on people from rural and cultivation background. They don’t have him to shell out so much of money for his education is what I understand from their perspective and again the have track of his previous rejections and reasons. The Visa Officer can review the notes upfront on their computer about his precious rejection reasons, the reasons could be strong. They never tell us the reason upfront but just give plain form to guess where he went wrong.

Now to positively overcome in his next attempt. He needs to make sure about the following.

1) Appearance and Attire

2) Way of Speaking, He needs to have Professional and Polished Communication

3) Boldness and Increased Confidence Level – Free without any nervousness.

4) High Amount of Money

5) No One word Answers like Yes and No. If they ask you have agriculture lands, he must not simply say Yes. He should have told, we have huge property of agricultural lands and we have high capability to afford my study and living expenditure in USA. I am perfectly aware of it and prepared with adequate financial support. (They need to understand he has enough and sufficient revenue to accomplish his education

6) Very Primarily, he needs to go through the IELTS/TOFEL exam again and must score high or else he will never be able to go.

7) When the score is Good, Best University will welcome with admission.

8) He answered very amateur on courses he learnt, normally they never ask technical questions but they wanted to twist and test him before finalizing their decision to reject him and he could not meet their level of expectation.

9) So, he must be very well prepared with high level of caliber and competencies

10) No bad looks and peeps during que or in their observatory surveillance.

Most of the credible information and authentic information is available on internet. Many people speak with little knowledge and many speak of what they are unsure. Never take the doubtful information. Whatever the information you get from a stranger or doubtful person, make sure you authenticate if the information provided is really true. You need to go to the Country’s Government websites and find out the real things and validate the info you read on blogs.

Yes, it is true some countries give 1 year or so work permit but there are many restrictions for that, so you have to read the particular countries immigration laws from that countries website. Here below I posted for you the Government websites of the nations you mention:

See here is the New Zealand and they clearly written about working while studying:




IMPORTANT: You will not be able to finance yourself entirely by working part-time while studying! And it is not easy finding a part-time job in all towns.

Try for higher studies in the following nations:

European Countries such as Germany




Belgium – Beautiful Nation


We shared a post about Education in Germany by Nitish Kumar from Germany.

We already shared such post Sweden from a friend in Sweden.

Please search it in Help2BuildCareer Group.

Read our previous post on this topic about my experiences shared on H1B page12/12/2013.

DREAM -> Study in Abroad or Work in Abroad

HIGHEST AMBITION FOR ANY INDIAN: I know it may not be possible for all. At least those who want India to be changed must visit USA. You must see and experience how drastically they changed over decades. They have driven out inequality, poverty & discrimination from the face of their nation. I think every Indian should have the experience of working abroad for a while to see the progress that Western nations have made(better living, best work culture, better minds and better hears). I do hope that one day you are able to come back home, and I also hope that you are able to contribute something to the society that gave you birth. I think that is the highest ambition for any Indian.

To full fill my America Dream, I have tried the below and sharing it here for Young Indians. I have started pursing persistently with patience and passion from 1995-96 till 2008 and hence am sharing my ideas to those young Indians who wish to see the CHANGE in USA to bring CHANGE IN INDIA. Remember, you do not need to leave India for money and to buy apartments as many misinterpret America means only Dollars or Money. Either you can get it there in India or you can also visit Kuwait, where 1 Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) = 219 Indian Rupee (INR) and one 1 US Dollar equals 61.85 Indian Rupee(today 12/12/2013).

You must see progress in America, progress means social justice, equal rights, equal standards of living standards unlike in India, caste/creed/gender/region/religion discriminations & corruption in all walks of life. THINK BEYOND MONEY & RELIGION i.e. Share & Care with Love(Humanity).

OPTION 1: Study Abroad if you can afford it if not or F1 refusals


 Set the Goal, set the Path, forget the Goal and follow the path

 Chose the path from this: Visas for Indian Students: Country-by-Country Guides

Alternative Options(What if US Visa is refused/rejected): Also try for Singapore and European nations

 I have shared my Singapore visit in 2000 year experiences in BuildCareer page.

 You can go to Germany to do MS free in Germany and can work there and apply for H1B to USA for temporary work.

 From Australia E3 Visa to work in USA

 From Canada E2 Visa to Work in USA

 Apply for Immigration to Canada/Australia/New Zealand and visit USA to see the progress or Change that America Made.

OPTION2. Apply for jobs or seriously try for campus placements (BTEC Students) to get into top 10 H1B USA/MNC/Indian companies to work at on sites to see the progress that WEST MADE.

Top 10 H-1B Employers who files H1Bs

  1. Wipro Limited

  2. iGate technologies Inc

  3. Syntel Consulting Inc

  4. Syntel Inc

  5. Infosys Limited

  6. Cognizant technologies Solutions US Corporation

  7. PriceWaterhouse Coopers LLP

  8. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

  9. Deloitte Consulting LLP

  10. Mphasis Corporation


 OPTION 3. If Option-1 & Option-2 failed, Finally try this Option -3-> Filing H1B through Indian/US Consulting in USA without paying application cost($5400) to middle men in India”.


Kumar  Exclusive

08/17/2014 New York.

Kumar Tips-harassment in the workplace.

Matthew Bonness told – Sorry to hear about that. 

Here is the info from EEOC about harassment in the workplace.

Kumar Exclusive: Mostly Indian women on H4 EAD being harassed by illegal layers and prime vendors for not leaving them to client full time jobs.

They are sending in writing to victims, life time you cannot work FTE with the clients. 

Kumar’s advise is, just change the project asap and sue the client and all the layers. 

Kick out Illegal unethical unlawful layers

Kumar’s TIPs

According to USCIS, anyone stand between your employer in case if you are on H-1B non Immigration status and between Prime Vendor. Prime Vendor is the one who finally place your resume on the table of the Hiring manager at the end USA client.  People call them as Gate keeper or Implementation partners and all that is bogus. They are just doing a postman job of delivery your resume to the end client. 

The TOP 10 American Prime Vendors kick those people who stand between your employer and them as prime vendors.

Of Course some of the American prime vendors also got corrupted and they too insert illegal unethical and unlawful layers to poach your money $45 to $85 an hr. Just kick them out by tell them USCIS laws otherwise you look for another project where no illegal layers. 

If you have EAD card, any EAD car it might be OPT CPT of F1 or DAY1CPT(Day1CPT is illegal) H4 EAD or L2 EAD or GC EAD or TN or E3 EADs, just apply directly to USA clients FTE jobs or American prime vendors (only 1 layer). If you are working more than one layer, then he/she is poaching rest of your salaries.

Generally all staffing agencies or Indian Incs staffing agencies are resume forward companies. They have no right to “captive” or attack you but as you know IT Industry is dominated like a MAFIA, several times, the middle men attack you, be careful. It is because they are connected to your employer (which you claim as GOD) by caste/language of Indian states/Indian states regional feelings or religions etc. Hence they call them as sister companies, that is BOGUS and fake.

Another scenario, North Indian staffing agencies and south Indian linguistic agencies connected by last bench friendship in Schools in India late 1970s,80s, 1990s so they three or 4 layers formed as one and sit in all government clients across USA and eat contractors money. If you try to kick them, they will do anything to you. For your safety, just look for another project as law could do anything to you in the USA.

Do not trust anybody, trust your God if exists, trust your hard work, knowledge, latest skills but not fake people, proxy people, proxy job supporters mafia and IT mafia. 

This is for Kumar followers who are looking for projects in the USA. For candidates only. As you know majority of them in the USA breaking all #uscis DOL IRS laws and eating contractors money, this is a small tip for them to eliminate illegal layers. Several Indian women on EAD are threatened by REDDY, CHOWDARY Caste BUDDY CASTE people are threatening those sisters.