Subscribers asked questions from India about Texas and An American friend Virgil Bierschwale from Texas answered it.

no idea, but my suspicion on the ones with water inside is the plumbing was ran in the ceiling and if there was no heat because the electricity was shut off, you have a disaster

Here are the questions:

  1. Wow.. why couldn’t they stop the inflow of water.when people were warned about this.. strange.. this would be an insurance nightmare again..

  2. What I can’t understand is leaking roofs …such posh houses with so much electrical appliances and AC and leaking roofs … does not fit in

  3. Thousands of houses in Texas having these kinds of nightmare scenarios.

  4. Extreme cold and subzero temperatures leading to frozen water pipes and eventually bursting. So sad.

  5. Want to see what the const style is… is the roof also wooden with some tiling on top …..

  6. Why? House damage? Houses are normally insured

  7. Surprising for a country where everything runs in insurance

  8. Insurance is  always for safety and to take care if that one percent disaster were to happen. Should never see insurance  as investment .


Subscribers questions about Texas

From India- people sent this


One of my Displaced American friends sent from Texas:

“very unusual pictures this winter as this almost never happens”

WOW, what we DON’T get in the daily news

WOW, what we DON’T get in the daily news

St. Louis agrees to $5 million settlement with Black officer beaten by police at protest

Biba Adams

Tue, February 16, 2021, 6:31 AM

Luther Hall was undercover at a ’17 protest after the acquittal of a cop charged with killing a Black suspect.

The city of St. Louis has agreed to a $5 million settlement with a Black police officer who was beaten by five white officers while working undercover at a protest.

Luther Hall was participating in a 2017 protest, working undercover following the acquittal of another St. Louis police officer, Jason Stockley, who had been charged in the 2011 murder of a Black man suspected of selling drugs.

Demonstrators confront police while protesting the acquittal of former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley on September 16, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis policeman Luther Hall was working undercover at these protests when he was beaten by five white officers. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

According to his lawsuit, which was detailed by a local news outlet, Hall suffered a tailbone injury and a two-centimeter laceration above his lips, plus he had to undergo surgery to repair herniated discs in his neck and back.

Four officers involved in the attack — Christopher Myers, Dustin Boone, Randy Hays and Bailey Colleta — have been indicted on federal civil rights violations charges. Colleta was also charged with lying to a grand jury. A fifth officer, Steve Korte, was also charged with civil right violations and of lying to the FBI.

Read More: Cuomo stops short of apology, denies cover-up in nursing home deaths

Hall remains a member of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, where he is a 22-year veteran. However, reports are unclear if he ever returned to duty after the incident.

Myers, Boone, Hays and Colletta all left the SLMPD; Korte is still employed by the department.

Colletta pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and a federal grand jury about the assault. Hays pleaded guilty to deprivation of constitutional rights. Both are awaiting sentencing. The remaining officers pleaded not guilty and will be tried next month.

Read More: Black leaders request Biden for targeted federal funds to save Black businesses

In addition to the vicious beating, the officers also destroyed Hall’s cellphone and were charged with the destruction of evidence.

The Ethical Society of Police, an organization that represents primarily Black police officers, released a statement supporting their brother-in-arms.

“Nothing will make Det. Luther Hall whole again. What he experienced was the epitome of evil from St. Louis City Police Department Officers,” officials said. “We hope this settlement will help him heal somehow, and there will be settlements for the citizens who were also brutalized by SLMPD very soon. “

Read More: Larry Wilmore talks ‘Amend: The Fight for America,’ importance of Black history

“We also look forward to the officers in Luther’s criminal case,” they added, “and other criminal trials from the 2017 Jason Stockley protest to be held accountable for their criminal actions.”

The city of St. Louis has 45 days to disburse the $5 million settlement to Hall.


One of the American subscribers sent this to KE. 

America’s GUN Culture: pennsylvania-couple-shot-dead-in-snow-shoveling-argument-with-neighbor-police-say

తుపాకీ సంస్కృతి

అమెరికా యొక్క తుపాకీ సంస్కృతి

America’s Gun Culture and violence 




Youtube removed this video and here are the comments

If non Americans involve in Gun violence in USA, America and Americans call it as “Terrorism”.

If Americans involve in Gun Violence, this is what they call: ” The right to own guns in US is guaranteed under the Constitution”   

This is America’s hypocrisy.



Subscribers sent information about WhatsApp merging into Facebook and fear of WhatsApp share their information/data.

Here are the below comments/posts sent by subscribers. 



Any alternatives?





The ceos of social media sites are asking everyone to share where they slept last night but they do not share their information for privacy concerns. 

Desecration of Hindus Temples in India

Hindus and Temples in India

Prof K Nageshwar Sir educating people of Indians on all topics. KE appreciate and admire his works. 

Under fire for desecration of temples in Andhra, Jagan blames TDP for vandalism – andhra pradesh – Hindustan Times

దేవాలయాలపై దాడులు ఆపండి, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాజకీయాలును మరో UP చేయకండి || Stop attacks on temples in AP || – YouTube

Here you go:

Hindus – do you think they have unity? no because they hate each other by upper caste or lower caste. Secondly, they never ever fought for stopping governments to poach temples money. Governments in India have no courage to poach money of other religious places but they poach Hindus temples. We have to condemn any religious places are attacked by anyone. But in Pakistan, see the Twitter messages and see how India reacts. When KE posted this, one Indian lady saying this masala media i.e. SEX media. This is the level of IQ for Indians.  Why do not people ask, stop attack on Temples? Same time, there are attacks on Muslims and Christians religious places in India, that also should be condemned. In this particular incident, KE posted a poll and this is what people said. 

India is full of swamijis bapus Bapujis babas and Ofcoruse fake and political babas are there. None opening their mouths except political parties during desecration of Hindus temples in India. Why?  


Governments poach temples in India, this man is explaining.

11 million illegal immigrants get citizenship & what about H1B GC backlogs?


11 million illegal immigrants get citizenship & what about H1B GC backlogs?

Several Indians sent messages about this Tweet.

Indians are in great shock whoever voted to Democrats’ because Democrat’s President elect and team is neglecting Indians who are legally here. 

If you are on Non Immigrant visas in USA, you are a tissue paper in America.

Illegal is a crime but not a race. But still Democrats love illegal immigrants. 

Honestly, America does not like Indians, America is promoting H-1B slavery along with Indians who received Greed Cards and

running h-1b bodyshops pimping business. If they want, they can give green cards in less than 3 months. Same time, they do not stop h-1bs.

It is promoting slavery so that cheap labor can work without opening their mouths for cents under the indentured servitude package. 

Indians got PPP funds from Trump administration but still voted to Democrats. 

PPP Loan recipients COVID19


H4 EAD US Court Supports Job Renewal For H1B Spouses; Orders US Govt To Respond In 3 Days


A card that gets economic power and freedom to the wives or spouses of H-1B slaves on the land of America.

Not just dependents of H-1B but also L1A, L1B dependents get L2 EAD, E3 EAD, TN EAD and GC EAD also eligible to work.

Why so specials?

It is because International students coming from India every year 200,000 and already existing Indian GC guys afraid of these women(approx. 90,000) entering from Kitchen to Cloud. They will take away their jobs is their(F1 and GC Indians) fear.

Several people ping Kumar in Facebook from 2011-2015 about their fear by calling H4s or H4EADs as AUNTIES. Even Recruiters from India referring them as “Aunties”.

How awkward these Indians nick name everyone on this planet. 

Kumar has kept few videos on H4 EAD how to get a job without illegal layers.

Example: (1) USA client-> H4 EAD Full Time Job

(2) USA client-> American Prime Vendor -> H4 EAD Contractor 

Anything else is illegal or unethical and those cultures eat H4EADs money.


WORST CASE (3) USA client-> Indian Outsourcing companies/Indian layer1-> Indian illegal layer2->Indian illegal layer3->H4 EAD

Recently H4 EADs wrote emails and contacted Kumar how illegal layers Indians harassing them and ripping them and barring them to attend FTE interviews with USA clients in spite of working with them from 18 to 21 months.

Of course there are some Indian women worked in IT in India and by luck or destiny they married to some H-1B and came to USA and house arrested (due to H4 dependent curse visa) so they fought for it and got this privilege’s to work. Still they are idle from the day 1 landing here to until the work permit. But the resumes no gaps and have to fake it to get a job through bodyshops first who do not pay salaries. few of such H4EADs at work also Kumar has come across and as you know we Indians do not complain to anyone. FEAR. 

Also H4 is a dependent visa which US Consulates cannot deny it when any person comes to Consulate with H4 documents or dependent visa documents. Of course some people contacted Kumar in the past that H4 visas being denied. By law, no need to issue visa.  So many Indian men who has criminal backgrounds in India came to USA on H4 visa and running BODYSHOPS scams in New Jersey and other areas. Can you imagine how are they misusing the power of H4EADs? Those bodyshops imported women on H-1B visa for Sex and recently someone complained about such bodyshops also. Those bodyshops produce fake paychecks and fake W2 to their employees. So do not misunderstand that H-1B means Indian men and H4 or H4 EAD means only Indian women. Both genders are using/applying for both the visa types. 

Why are they in news now?

Indian media writes daily about H-1B topics. American said, American media ignores it. 


US Court Supports Job Renewal For H1B Spouses; Orders US Govt (trak.in)

Many Indians are ignorant people.

Because they ask questions like this: if you stay 10 years in USA, you will get green cards, etc.

Sir, if children born in USA to H-1B and H4, will the parents get US citizenship automatically? 

Here you go:

If H-1B is given a temporary work permit for granted based upon the length of the project time. Not necessarily for three years and auto renewal. 

it is given for 1 month, 6 months and 1 years in many of the KE subscribers cases or issues. In those cases, the dependent H4 visas needs to be renewed at the cost of the H-1B as bodyshops many do not pay any fees in H-1B and GC though all fees in H-1B and GC are employer payable only.

In those cases, the H4 EAD work permit also will be expired and she/he loses her/his job and stay home.

This is a mess for them. Of course Driving license is linked to H-1b or H4 expiry time.

It is NOT just H1b or H4 but any non immigrant visas people face the same music.

Of course the children of H4 and H1b parents have to exit USA if they get 21 years of age.

During this renewal of H-1B time, getting H-1B transferred(new employment)  to new employer is NOT an easy task and H4s are almost dead if someone die in India and need to exit, gone case. Return to USA is not assured until this H-1B gets renewed and get the final copy and then the H4 has to get visa stamped in India and come in. 

Indian Youtubers and Indian bloggers and Indian attorneys write daily about H4 EAD though nothing has changed in H4 EAD for the last five years for their views/money and keep Indians blood pressure high for non sense posts.

When you type in Google H4 VISA Curse, you see this.


Kumar do not advocate anyone to marry a person in the USA.

He meant, NO TO NRI(Non Reliable Indians) matches for various reasons and one of it it dependent visa is a curse.

If you think your life is waste in India then marry an idiot on H-1B visa in the USA.

It is because at least 1000 H-1b kicked out h4 to India especially Indian women and they are unable to get this h-1b arrested and gave divorces to them sitting in the USA. 


KE always recommend anyone to go to Source site and do not approach anyone or even attorneys for anything.





Confused Indian Youth in Western Countries 

Confused Indian Youth in Western Countries 

Not all but majority of the Indian International students both Boys and Girls or men and women lose their goals and dreams and lost their lives in the USA and Canada.

There is another section of MAFIA called IT Consultancies AKA bodyshops – they well trained to trap International students at Universities (as you know most the univ in USA are either fake or bogus) to their guest houses for prostitutions and then IT job placements.  

Heartfelt Note message from one of the subscribers from Canada

on the incident of Telugu techie working in Canada commits suicide after relationship strains with his girlfriend He is Telugu person living in Canada, he deeply saddened after reading the note that one of our Telugu community people had committed suicide here in Canada. He is expressing and offer my condolences to his family members back home. His request to his juniors is that here in North America or in western part of the planet life is not easy as they think back-home so he requests people not to overthink and get in to psychological trouble with oneself by committing Suicide or any such violent acts. And please listen to elders because earning dollar is different and living happily with a balanced life is different. At the end of the day one has to take care of their respective parents & families so, through the medium of KE and as a long-standing subscriber I am here to utter my voice as an responsible Telugu guy. And I also appreciate the work of Kumar garu is doing by exposing the truths. Thank you


The Indians coming to USA on F1 Visa are the above types. You find 1 in 10,000 gets a job in NON IT his/her area of study without faking the resumes and without the support of the Proxy interviews. Rest, BODYSHOPS MAFIA place them in all wrong routes. Thanks to America for allowing Indians crime in IT and H-1B. 

Here you go:

The Innocent soul died for a stupid girl in Canada who flee Canada to USA just because she got H-1B Visa. That too 25 minutes before he made arraignments for their marriage. His allegation with proof is that she slept with 7 people before she reaches him and also wrote a suicide note before commit suicide. He mentioned that woman name, her parents names in the suicide.  



Pranay  shared everything in the google drive before he dies.

My subscribers requested me to make videos and my analysis on this topic.

Telugu video1: Pranay Telugu Techie ఆత్మ హత్య? ప్రియురాలి నాటకం Canada || Kumar Exclusive

love is a false emotion

ప్రేమ ఒక తప్పుడు భావోద్వేగం.



Pranay videos from his channel. he has a Youtube channel with 9K followers. 



Telugu techie working in Canada commits suicide after relationship strains with his girlfriend What happened to Pranay’s death Canada?

Telugu techie working in Canada commits suicide after relationship strains with his girlfriend

http://toi.in/EUs-GY/a24gk via @timesofindia

From google:

Family members alleged that Pranay took to the extreme step of committing suicide after being cheated by his girlfriend. Pranay ended his life by breathing nitrogen gas at 2 pm (IST) on Saturday.

Love failure is NOT end to happiness LOVE IS A FALSE EMOTION

Kumar TIP’s for Love failure – how to handle it?

how to let go toxic relationships and move on?

Several subscribers wrote emails about suicides and requested me to make a video: My reply MOTIVATION TELUGU VIDEO to depression and suicide emails.

LiA-Epi106 Kumar Exclusive Love failure does not mean it is the end to your happiness



Sad news. Don’t end up your valuable life for stupid things.

You’re life is important than to anything on this planet.

To save one life, ambulances rush to any corners of this planet. See the value of life when someone trying to save, the other side foolishly people are dying for no reason. H1b visa killed many lives. Telugu Man In Canada Leaves Suicide Note: Girlfriend Blocked Me After Getting H1 Visa


subscriber :

Abetment of suicide case on the girl and girls parents? Another tragedy Telugu student commits suicide in US

http://toi.in/Okpneb/a24gj via @timesofindia




Telugu people in USA trolling anyone on this site.


Indian analysis 


American Analysis 


Russian Subscriber Analysis 


KE asked questions to the followers. 

Public comments 

From Canada, one of the subscribers wrote email about this incident 




Kal Gandikota

ప్రేక్షకులందరూ నేను రాసిన అంశాలన్నిటినీ ఏకాగ్రతతో చదవాలని మనవి. బాధపడితే చస్తారా? ప్రేమకు , ఉన్మాదానికి తేడ ఉంది. కరుణ, దయ, వాత్సల్యం, గౌరవం, అనురాగం, ఆప్యాయత, అపేక్ష, ఐకమత్యం, సంఘ కీర్తి , దేశభక్తి పెంచి పోషించేదే ప్రేమ. ఉన్మాదాన్ని, ఉగ్రవాదాన్ని పెంచి పోషించేది ద్వేషం. ప్రేమ చిగురించాలంటే రెండు మనసులు కలవాలి. రెండు మనసులు కలవనప్పుడు పంతంవదిలి ఇంకో ప్రేయసిని వెతుక్కోవాలి లేక పోతే అది వ్యసనం , అత్యాశగా, ఉన్మాదముగా, వివాహేతర సంబంధముగా కూడా మారును. ఉన్మాదులు చంపుతారు లేక చస్తారు. ప్రణయ్ తల్లి తండ్రులు చూపించిన దాన్ని చేసుకొని పెళ్లైయ్యాక ఇంకో సాకుతో suicide చేసుకొనిఉంటే? It is clear that Pranay is suffering from dramatic cluster personality disorders. He got into a narcissist and codependency relationship. To learn more about narcissism, please watch Dr. Ramani YouTube Channel. She is an experienced Psychologist who understands these issues. ప్రేమలు, పెళ్లిళ్లు, విడాకులు తేలికగా తీసుకొనేట్లు ప్రజలలో అవగాహన కల్పించాలి. మనషులు కుక్కలు కాదు, ఒక మూల పడేస్తే గంట సేపు సంసారము చేస్కోడానికి, పిల్లలు ఈనడానికి. రెండు మనసులు కలవాలంటే time పడుతుంది. కొన్నిసార్లు బేధాలు వస్తాయి. అప్పుడు మనస్సు గట్టి చేసుకొని ఇంకో ప్రేయసి వెతుక్కోవాలి. In my view, woman did right thing leaving him and also Late Pranay did the right thing by making video but only wrong thing is killing himself. If one girl goes, the next girl will come. Education is also required on topics of s* education in at least colleges and universities like conversation skills, saying no, accepting no, sexual harassment, marriage, family planning, laws, escalation mechanisms, divorces, break-ups, masturbation, physiological health, psychological health etc. Then definitely we will see reduction in relationship crimes like suicides or murders which are often related to psychology and behavioral skills. ఇంకో విషయం ఏమిటంటే, సంఘంలో మహిళలకు పురుషులతో సమాన స్వేచ్ఛ లేకపోతె వాళ్ళను దోషులుగా నిలబెట్టినా తప్పించుకుంటారు. Social issues of women in India are serious matters worthy of debate and discussion often because the Indian women victims are often Objectified and show-cased for political reasons (votes, extortion, black-mailing them, using them to black mail men etc.). నేను రాసిన అంశాలన్నిటినీ ఏకాగ్రతతో చదవాలని మనవి. That said I am not affiliated with any political party. In my view, this case is a failure of mental health system in AP. All Indians are same people ripped apart by various discriminatory ideologies like caste, religion, language, race, tribe, sect, region, last name, gender (women, including LGBT), dress habits, food habits(veg, non-veg, beef, pork etc.) etc. Entire nation has become one gigantic dysfunctional family. Not only increasing Disha police force, even the mental-health system, research and education must be immediately improved and increased/expanded. Corona Virus may not be as much priority or solvable as mental health of Indian people which is a daunting task. The Mental health Equation of the entire nation is pretty bad compared to other developed nations. It is astonishing AND ANXIETY PROVOKING KNOWING that 1. 20% of Indian Population is going to suffer from some form of mental disorder by 2020. That’s roughly 40% of Indian adults or 24 crores of Indian adults. 2. Now there are at least 7 crore mentally-ill Indians and there are less than 4000 Psychiatrists. 3. 1 in 4 Indian adults are suffering from anxiety disorder. 4. 35 lakh Indians need hospitalization for mental illness but only 40 institutions and less than 26 thousand beds. 5. 5.2% of Indian adults suffer from depression that is roughly around 4 crores of Indian Adults. 6. India is the suicide capital of the world. (more than 7 lakhs committing suicides every year, almost half of them women) 7. Another statistic this year (2016) says 1 in 5 Indians has some form of mental illness. Is this representative of Demographic Dividend or indicative of an imminent Demographic Disaster? Hence besides just “physical health & education”, law-enforcement & Judiciary, even the mental-health system, research and education in India must be immediately improved and increased/expanded. If there is one branch of medical sciences that needs largest number of seats, it should be mental health (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Staff, Nurses, Marriage & family therapists, Social Workers, DeAddiction Experts etc.) Even after diagnosing “all mental patients” in India, India still is not going to be safe just as obviously as USA is not safe. Only when Psychopaths are also diagnosed, then only one can expect India (world) to be safe. However, the definition of Psychopaths is still not clear. On top of it, diagnosis is also vague and subjective. Hence, hope Indian Psychologists/doctors/scientists do research on Psychopathology (group, individual etc.) too. Also, flaky immigration policies of USA are drowning High-tech immigrants (especially from India) to a serious disadvantage. In many cases, the immigrants are feeling the oppression/discrimination/isolation/negligence/corruption that they’d see back in their home countries except for pay and career opportunities. In some cases, their life is as miserable as or more miserable than back in their birth countries. However since they don’t know if they’d have a better life going back to their home countries, they think they’d rather stay back in USA. When those who feel burdened/entrapped voice their opinions in their communities, they are being ostracized/isolated. I am a living-dead epitome of the same! And that’s the reason, I’ve been repeating that every effort must be made to develop birth-countries instead of depending on goragadi countries. For the size of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 4 more IITs and IIMs are required in each state. Totally 20 world-class universities are required in both TG and AP. How many are there now in both states with around 10 crores population compared to California which has only 4 crores population? In my view, India’s Governments at states and center must create a glut of engineers so that even USA or Canada cannot absorb that talent. In a nation, as many as possible must be educated in graduate and post-graduate degrees, with poor getting scholarships to improve their loyalty to that particular nation. Unemployed high-tech post-graduate youth are the least worry to a nation and majority will ultimately strive to be entrepreneurs, join civil services like IAS or IPS or armed forces, become politicians, go to foreign countries etc., thus ensuring AP and rest of India will develop in Fourth Industrial Revolution on par with at least China if not USA. Then we can save youth like both Pranay and Akhila. Besides diplomacy (and economic relations) at national level, let us all beg together that all privileged (political leaders (in position, opposition), business magnets, political pundits/mullahs/fatheries/rabbis, star celebrities, and yourself if possible) travel around USA, India and elsewhere around the world. Let us pray together and wish they not only enjoy their trips, take pictures/videos, opening bank accounts, teaching/learning/blaming religions and “experience foods, nature, imaraten/buildings/towers, shopping foreign mall, finding/giving/getting spouses, honey-moon, enjoying music, wine, dance, night-life, and cultures” but also advise/teach their fellow human-beings their experiences/wisdom (old & new) for progress, peace, harmony and prosperity of not only entire world but also India(their respective nations). (Given a chance, like you, they are also keen, highly adaptive and always refine themselves!) Sorry for my unprepared and poorly edited video. I am struggling due to inflicted injuries (brain injury, hand injury, spinal injury, and Knee injury) and symptoms of poisoning with nerve agents similar to Novichok, probably milder ones, not ruling out rat poisons and pesticides available in USA, China and Korea. That said, I am not affiliated with any political party, any religion, sect, caste, tribe, last name, pin code, region, language, gender (women, LGBTQ), media, NGO, business, any Government institution, dress habits, food habits, exercise habits etc. I wrote here to get replies from fellow viewers on how to avoid such circumstances, thus educating myself and others.

ICE arrests 15 nonimmigrant students for OPT-related fraud

ICE arrests 15 nonimmigrant students for OPT-related fraud

For those who do not know:

ICE arrests 15 nonimmigrant students for OPT-related fraud

Kumar explained in a video in April 2020: STEMP OPT SCAM: PAY TO WORK SCHEME, FAKE OFFER LETTERS.

Every year 200,000 F1 International students are coming into America, out of which 70-80% of them are from two Telegu states in India. Students from China mostly go back after studies to become entrepreneurs.

Coming to USA for MS or MBA is not the problem.

Then what is the problem?

“Looks like International students are following the rules / terms to get OPT. I feel it’s the grey area where student use that and get OPT. As long as some one is ready to give them the job for there skills and they work legally with out doing any illegal activities. I don’t see any thing wrong in it”

Kumar- 90 days deadline is the problem for opts to get an offer.

If no job in between lose status

“If that’s the rule by USA government, then they have to abide with it”

April 2020:

One of the followers from India shared information about Indian based caste BODYSHOPS collecting $2500 for one fake offer letters from 200,000 F1 students that are coming into USA every year.

4600 of such OPT students are under radar and 1100 will be deported soon.

American said:

Not only from India. Four of those arrested were from other countries.

11 Indian nationals, two Libyan nationals, one Senegalese national and one Bangladeshi national

It sounds like the ICE operation is just getting underway and there will be a lot more arrests. This is really promising. Ken Cuccinelli should be the head of DHS, in my opinion.

They started by looking at a pool of 3300 OPT workers that were suspicious and narrowed it down to 1100.

Ken Cuccinelli also talked about the university officials and their complicity in this fraud. He said there will be consequences for them.

HSI special agents interviewed the students following up on 168 leads in various field offices in Boston MA, Washington DC, Newark NJ, Houston TX, Fort Lauderdale FL, Nashville TN, Harrisburg PA, and Pittsburgh PA. 22 of the students left the country. 29 are working at new OPT employers. 7 have new valid status. 41 have not been located, the counterterrorism unit is after them.

On “Saturday, April 25, 2020 12:46 AM” – someone from India wrote about these OPTs and Fake bodyshops to KE. 

Came across your videos in youtube.

Have you heard of this website called XYZZZZZZZZ?

They take money from OPT students to give fake offer letters.

They charge around $2500 for STEM OPT.

I was a recruiter in India for a US based Desi Consultancy.

I know in and out of these companies.

Public Comments on KE YT


Public Comments on KE YT



ICE arrests 15 nonimmigrant students for OPT-related fraud https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/ice-arrests-15-nonimmigrant-students-opt-related-fraud#.X5GJhvI0-Yc.twitter

KE recommends always go to source site while reading any immigration related news.

That is US government websites.

Yesterday 10/21/2020 0831PM EDT, one of the subscribers shared this news.

Follower sent this message fist to KE

He wrote: He asks ice to increase opt fraud search

KE kept several videos on F1 OPT CPT DAY1CPT scams and FAKE UNIVERSITIES and BODYSHOPS.

That is why a TELUGU MAN FROM TEXAS started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL attacking KE and supporting BODYSHOPS’s crime.

That means, if you place videos, speak against Indians crime in the USA, a large section of Indians will attack you. Is it Indians culture? 


Upon google it, always KE prefers to go to GOVT websites.

Public Comments on KE YT

When see today morning, most of them are writing the same in their blogs or videos. 

Happyschools is one of the oldest blog and he is writing on F1 related issues for quite long time.



F visa

In the United States, the F visas are a type of non-immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to pursue education in the United States. F-1 students must maintain a full course of study. Wikipedia



What do Americans say about this?

it’s great ICE arrested 15 of them. I hope they catch the other 41 who are at large.


A subscriber: Looks like International students are following the rules / terms to get OPT. I feel it’s the grey area where student use that and get OPT. As long as some one is ready to give them the job for there skills and they work legally with out doing any illegal activities. I don’t see any thing wrong in it.

KE:  90 days deadline is the problem for opts and  If no job in between lose status

A subscriber: If that’s the rule by USA government, then they have to abide with it.

American STEM graduates saying, they do not like to fake resumes and F1 OPT International students are faking it so they are getting the jobs. American prime vendors knows many OPT CPT resumes are fake. Still USA clients prefer them to hire FTE is what one of the American prime vendors told KE. 


After American prime vendors gave feedback, KE made this video in 2016-17.

Many are writing this: How dare these Indians do crime and escape from ICE and remain in the USA.