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The video link is posted by Durga Viswanath guy, not by me. You can see the thread for your proof.

This Indian got Green card and returned to India and writing badly about KE on Facebook

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To get started, I do not know who you are. Your friend K. V. Reddy has posted your videos and I shared my opinion about your videos to him (after seeing your comments about women having affairs with bosses for US opportunities). You safely removed that message and showing me in negative light. I can see through your intentions. You are not helping any one or solving any problem. Amma paalu thaagi rommu guddinattu, India gurinchi meeru visha prachaaram chestunnaaru. Unlike you, I moved back to India after getting GC and trying to solve the problem by teaching skills in emerging technologies for free so that people are employable. Mukku moosukunte moodu nimishaallo chachipoyedaaniki, dollars kosam intha yaagi cheyyakkarledu.


Coppell businessman pleads guilty to $24.8 million in COVID-19 relief scam | News |

Coppell businessman pleads guilty to $24.8 million in COVID-19 relief scam | News |




Sam Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists

Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists

Indian vs American conversation

I was mentally harassed by Indians in USA, US resident who harasses Indians and Truth speakers, not all but only a majority doing crime. 




90% Indians are resumes in IT in USA are fake?

Can you believe this? 

In case, if you do not know, it is Indian outsourcing companies do resumes fake in India before applying H-1B, L1A, L1B visas.

Later Indian Incs aka mom and pop consultancies in the USA are doing this for anyone entering their houses or guest houses.

Surprisingly, Indian companies employees act as if they do not know anything.

NO FAKE NO JOBS IN THE USA if you are giving your resumes to Indians. In one of the USA client locations, one of the ex colleagues or MS fake resume OPT guy asking Kumar, how much is fake in your resume?

this is his introduction to Kumar in 2015 in one of the Indian outsourcing companies as prime vendors.

He practices Islam religion and he is from Hyderabad India.

By looking at him, I understood he is a fake profile MS student so he is thinking that everyone out there is a fake guy.

This is one of the reasons, F1 OPT, CPT, Day1CPTs hate H-1B from India. Another client location, another H4 EAD Indian women hales from Kerala of India argued her resumes is fake but she works better than Americans.

This is the level of crime defending Indians both men and female in the USA.

Immigration status does not matter, matter is how to earn dollars by faking resumes, forging Driving license, forging immigration documents to defend the fake resume.

In between, if they come across people like KE or honest men or women, they do not hesitate to reverse attack to false complaint against honest people to defend their jobs.

If their Indian or American bosses are corrupt and crocked, things go worst. They all together do not hesitate to eliminate the honest people. Another work location, one man from Tamil NADU of India speaking tamil in Edison NJ requested my resume to submit to his employer but he pass it to his Kerala Malayalam speaking friend to fake for him. Another location, one of the ex employer’s boss even faked my resume for his wife to submit her profile for the jobs that I am applying. He is also Tamilian. The reasons, that I am mentioned these languages names because non telugu Speaking Indians always blame Telugus only fake resumes etc. It is 90% of the Indians in the USA fake resumes no matter what? But they blame Telugus. One Kerala woman, I have asked her this question when she told her neighbor Telugu woman asked her to fake resume and she did it. Then she got a job in a client just like that.  I told if that Telugu woman ask you walk NAKED on the streets, do you walk? She has no answer. She is a Kerala Christian by religion. Several Hindus are also there who are doing this crime. So religion is just a book for them to read for time pass and do whatever crime they want to without fear in the USA for these people.

This is the true face of Indians in the USA.

If you do not fake resumes, vendors, illegal vendors, Indian employers in the USA treat you as either you’re an idiot or stupid.

Indian religions speaks volumes of ethics, morals and values are zero in the USA. I am sorry to say this, Indians in the USA steal your resumes first, then money second especially Indian roommates. It happened to KE in Durham NC state in 2010 and North Indian did this to Kumar. It happens to many Indians out there. Next, if it is consultancies or hiring managers of Indians especially telugus, illegal vendors Tamilians and Hindi speaking and Tamil speaking run away with your money. The amount ranges from $10,000 to no upper limit. Sadly, this is the true face of Indians, Indian culture and traditions and religions preaching it to them. Including their parents, teachers, etc. If they teach good, why do these people do this crime in the USA? 

Truth Seeker
KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Yes, the good ones suffer because they are now a part of this rotten system. I know a IIT graduate who has a post graduate degree from a premier Amarican university in AI. He is now in the most miserable state.
Truth Seeker
KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Yes. Exactly. The good ones are suffering because they are a part of this rotten system.


meanwhile, those of us who can do the jobs and have the experience, knowledge, and wisdom are denied the opportunity to do so by these unscrupulous individuals and ridiculed for trying to make a living.




 Getting a job in the USA is just a 60-minute task but everything is illegal.

1.     Upload a fake resume to jobs sites. 7 pages MUST.

2.   Copy and paste all Technologies to pick resume ASAP by anyone.

3.   receive nonstop calls from India There are separate whatsapp groups to attend American Vendors calls if you cannot Speak English, charges apply per call or slab rate $800 to $1200+ per day.

4.   Schedule client’s interviews (already by some)-call forward (operating by proxy groups, female voice also available). Telugu bodyshops in Texas doing this on a massive scale.

5.   Candidate A attends everything and

6.   Candidate B joins the site 6. Install team viewer and candidate C works from India. Pay $2000 slab rate or $10 an hr. At the end of the day he/she gets $4000(nontaxable cash).

7.   This is what has been happening for 25 years. If you are reading this for the first time, you might have slept for 25 years in USA and wake up just now.


8.   Option-2 (Illegal) Meeting directly hiring managers based on caste (Andhra) Telangana(region) Telugu meetings and caste groups only arrange the rest of it.

9.   In Some cities, SAI BABA Temples Presidents only arrange the schemes.

10. If you choose option 2, much easier than to option1 but the cost of the money remains the same.  

11. Several Clients locations, Government raided and conducted Technical interviews for candidates especially F1 OPTs, H-1Bs etc and fired them after came to know that they enter jobs in option 1 and 2. 

12. 90% 0f 90,000 H4 EADs are placed through this scam scheme only. Hence vendors are holding few months salaries as “Gift”.

13. Also 90% OPT/CPT resumes are fake- American recruiters only told this from their research in 2016-2017.

14. These vendors have made them to write lifetime bonds to work on this model only: USA client-Prime Vendor-Illegal Vendor (H4s call them as God or employers).

15. This eliminated completely Americans to get jobs.

16. L2 EADs, spouse of L1A, L1B, majority enter through backdoor in 60 minutes a different path than the above mentioned but they also need 1 or 2 vendors to place them.

17. Kumar wrote based upon the volume of emails/calls received from the various section of people, honest recruiters, candidates, victims etc. If you are in recruitment industry, you should know this, 2002, recruitment industry practices are failed utterly. Because you do not know with whom you are talking to on the call? It has already call forward enabled.


All information is gathered on actual conversations and electronic communication with followers of my videos. Although I can not guarantee the accuracy, it is my assumption all information provided is factual and true. My opinions are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any threats made against my family or myself is in violation of The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L. 101-12 and will be reported to proper authorities.




To people in India, see this: fraudulently seeking over $5.5 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans

To people in India, see this: fraudulently seeking over $5.5 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans

To people in India,

Whoever claims in India, that their children in USA created jobs especially consultancies, show them this playlist.

they eat $1 million to $5 millions in the name of retaining their employees especially H-1Bs.

First, they’re not eligible to beg dollars from government because they showed funds in their business accounts that they have funds and then get H-1B approvals. So they have to pay salaries to H-1Bs no matter what just like Indian outsourcing companies. If not, they should arrange flights to India but they fired H-1Bs without giving them salaries or money to goo back. This is your children in USA are doing especially who holds Green cards and US citizenship by naturalization. They’re 100,000 to 600,000 such consultancies are there. Some call bodyshops and some call brothel houses for their illegal activities. Some call them as GODs as they teach crime and build career on crime for many Indians here. This is what your children doing in USA from 1940s to 2020s. It has come into lime light from 1990s due to these two words 1 MAINFRAME and 2 COBOL. Now Cloud.

H-1B is not for I.T professionals. Indians attorneys bend rules to get it for IT folks. US congress didn’t close loopholes. Indians Inc ceo told this. Its America allowing this mess of Americans to lose jobs like anything. No Indian speaking truth because no Indian like to return to India.

“Mukund Mohan, a Washington tech executive was taken into custody today and charged with fraudulently seeking over $5.5 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and laundering the proceeds.”

Thanks for reading this.

Fake Software companies in India

Indians cheat Indians in India and USA.

It is easy to cheat Indians in India and USA. Indians pay money for jobs and visas to any countries though it is crime to pay and collect it. Subscribers from India sending information about such software companies in India. 


Regarding funlabs.: look at the name, FUN LABS. They made people fun. 

Fun Labs – the company which took away money from Job Aspirants  – is registered on the below person name as Director – and on his name there are 4 more companies 

ZEPTO MEDIHELP PRIVATE LIMITED  – is registered in Vignan College Vadlamudi – and striked off – means they closed that company…  so this guy must be from Vignan College 


when Subscriber checked in Ministry of Corporate affairs they do not have registration.. it is bogus company…