How to Market RESUME in USA?

How to Market your RESUME in USA?

These videos will be useful for those coming here on F1/H1B visas and local guys too. Just avoid Indians while searching a job here and prefer American bosses, American clients jobs, American corporations and American prime vendors. Otherwise our guys are so filthy here, they drink our blood and do mental torture here. You cannot complain to any one. If American boos, macro management and interview is also simple. If American employer, you do not need to pay employer payable like our Indian employers. If American Prime vendors or American employers, they are transparent and honest unlike our guys corrupted. If you avoid Indians in job search your life will be happy here and get $85 an hour otherwise life sucks here by forward 12 different resumes or skill sets fake resumes daily to desi vendors until die here, forget about green cards for time being. Good Luck. Avoid PV(prime vendor) as TCS not paid my salary, or any Indian Companies as they do not give salaries on time or never give and never give h1b extension letters. Their interviews are filthy and time waste.

All Indian Fraudsters and Indian Fraudulent MS Students , who corrupted US Staffing System by faking their experience to get jobs are highly offended by our truth expositions. Now those Cheap, Crooked, Immoral, Unethical, Shameless Indians defaming Kumar, spreading hate speech, using derogatory comments and profane language against Kumar. Everyone in USA must be educated about this massive employment havoc caused by Indian Fraudsters, using all sorts of loopholes in the Staffing and Immigration Systems. Please support us, Condemn and discourage the malpractice done by some wicked Indians in USA.