major employers for 600,000 H1B

major employers for 600,000 H1B

here is a version where I total the number of applications to show who the biggest employers are

think of the second one as the final employer who uses those employed by the first group

that data is what feeds all of my stuff

as an example, here is wells fargo

you can download the spreadsheets here and find the major employers for 600,000 H1B

Virgil Bierschwale

Is America promoting Crime and Slavery in H-1B?

America is nothing but slavery? or

Is America promoting Crime and Slavery in H-1B?

Unfortunately the answer is YES.

Whoever deny it is for denial sake only.

A BIG Hypocrite or a criminal.

Check FACTS!

Kumar aired his google voice number as H-1B Hotline. This is America supposed to do 4 decades ago and but USA is watching this DRAMA. So where do H-1B victims report?

Indians with GC and USC, Attorneys rip H-1Bs or non immigrants in the USA.

Can you show one good Indian employer in the USA? who is following USCIS/DOL/IRS rules?

Can you name one H-1B employer get punished for his/her crime? Can you show one H-1B victim who gets justice? It is almost impossible.

Your people in USA are doing either slavery or crime but positing fake pictures on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Most of them called- their employers did not pay $70,000 worth of salaries.

They do not want to complain to USCIS because they do not trust US Government, as they do not get any justice from them is their feeling.

Systems are weak and very bad in USA just like in India. In fact, it works better in India sometimes.

The local politicians with criminal background settle the issues outside courts in India. In USA, it is 0.

Look at Ashok comments, that is how Indians die for slavery and sex slavery in the USA by praising Indian employers.

If not, those employers will kill employees. 


America designed this slavery visas – nothing has changed in four decades. So your friends or relatives in the America are just either a slaver or a criminal.

Here you go: America needs cheap people or slaves but not talent or Americans Take the case of “A system administrator salary in USA.” to write this post. This 100K salary of a slave administrator drives everyone in India to USA. The people in offshore some of them cry by looking at onsite people salaries. They missed to see immigration hiccups, local expenses. In India, if your employer is bad, you can change jobs but in USA, if your employer is bad, you cannot do anything as you are a slave or sex slave to your employer because your immigration or non-immigration tied up with a slave master- That is America’s plan to import cheap labor from outside USA to replace/displace Americans for cents. Instead of paying $100,000 to H-1Bs or employees, bodyshops eat that money along with their spouse companies. Including outsourcing companies. So, the employees of Indian employers are slaves in a foreign country and do not open the mouths against the employer’s crime. THE USA also give fcuk to these slaves. it is like life in GULF, but Indians in USA post fake pictures on Facebook to give false impression to external world. A classic example for you to explain a case. Position Title: System Administrator Compensation: Annual Salary (based on 40 hours per week) $96,000.00 plus $2,000.00 insurance allowance, 11 paid Holidays, 10 days PTO, SIMPLE IRA 1% Match Optional Benefits: Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, Term Life Insurance Alternate Compensation (without benefits): W2 $51/hour or C2C $56/hour C2C means, slave masters agreement between corporations and ofcoruse if you have a GC, you can do that job with your firm with the prime slave master. $51, you pay all state and Federal taxes like Americans though you are temporary slave or worker in USA. Your take home would be somewhere 50% of 51 dollars and you pay end up all local expenses unless you live 15 to 25 members in one-bedroom apartment like MS students or outsourcing companies’ employees or bodyshops slaves. This is NOT seen to IT folks in Offshore people. To avoid this pathetic life, if you take up USA client FTE jobs, you never know when they throw you on US highways once the cheap labor work is done or outsourced to cheapest people on this planet. Thanks for reading this. Check with your friends or relatives in the America, why are they silent? Silent is NOT an option. The very first enemy in USA is your nationalities especially Indian.


No Indian dared to ask his/her employers Indian in the USA- why are you doing IRS frauds?

if they ask, they will be fired and lose project, H-1B and have to return to India. Watch the below videos.

So silence is NOT an option but Indians prefer silence is golden because it get them Greed cards.

IRS TAX FRAUD Indian Incs ||H1B-EPI 216 || Kumar Exclusive




IRS TAX FRAUD Indian Incs || H1B-EPI207 || Kumar Exclusive



S386 US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas

US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas

Who is benefited?

3 million H-1Bs, their children 200,000 on H4 status with 21 years of age &


all immigration attorneys and

Indian Doctors or Doctors who collects 485 medical tests HUGE fees.


Who is at loss?

Americans and Bodyshops.


Who is a bodyshop?

about bodyshops



Several subscribers sent lots of messages on this from yesterday.

Here are the few.


From India: 


Indian news papers from India- a subscriber sent.

US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas (


Green Card: US Senate passes S.386 bill, eliminates country cap for employment-based green cards | International Business News – Times of India



From USA: This is what Indians in USA are feeling about 


[12/2, 20:15] Telangana Subscriber T: Looks like S386 has passed with an amendment

[12/2, 20:16] Telangana Subscriber T: 😭 Congratulations! S386 passed Senate. ✌🏆


What is that Americans are saying about it?

One of the Subscribers Noor requested this video: Sir, would like to see your view about recent S386 and HR1044 bill. Foreign Education/ GRE Consultancies in India

(I witnessed in Bangalore) are going crazy, spreading news that this bill is passed because there is severe labor shortage and scamming innocent students saying that soon you will get Green Card within 3 Years now.

I returned to India after I didn’t get any job on OPT. I am thinking did I make a bad decision?

@KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Thank You Sir. But, I am still very interested to see your detailed explanation on S386 and HR1044 bills topic.

There is lot of misinformation going around here. It will help create awareness among innocent Indian Students here who are falling for this pipe dream. Noor 18 hours ago @Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (Excluding IVY’s and IITians from India) Majority of people who go to USA are the ones who fail to qualify competitive exams like GATE/CAT but want to make quick money without any effort.

I exactly don’t know about the labor statistics, but according to my experience in USA an under graduate from US is far more skilled than a graduate a from India.

Noor 6 hours ago @KUMAR EXCLUSIVE You are absolutely right sir I understand what you say I am an ex-Infy. Going abroad for a good life is not wrong. I was saying that skills are important irrespective of a college degree. Acquiring skills takes its own time and dedication. Yes, there is a lot of corruption in India and economy is not doing good, there is a saying that a frustrated IT employee sees only 4 options 1. IAS (or Government Job through GATE) 2. MBA from IIM 3. Startup and 4. MS in foreign Country. In terms of effort last one looks easiest. That is what my comment meant…
Please wait for a video on this.

Why do Americans afraid of Indians?

See the below

The entire US IT recruitment is hijacked to India.

700,000 Indian bodyshops, 10 Indian outsourcing companies ruined 20 million American jobs and lives and their children during last 4 decades. With simply one word: CASTE and commissions. 

 At least 1 to 3 million H1Bs are currently waiting for green card and they are in depression.
 because waiting period for them is 455 years.

Their children who born in India have to QUIT USA when they attain 21 years on H4. They are called DALCA and 200,000 such Indian children are there presently in the USA.

This helps them if their parents get green cards before they die.

Otherwise it will be a BIG MESS for their children. 
this may reduce waiting period but bodyshops will cry as they do not want cash cows or ATM that is H-1Bs to get green cards as they will run away from them to start new bodyshops or USA client FTE jobs. 


Public comments



What is displaced Americans version?



Subscriber Secret Santa   


S386 is unfair since Indians are anyways getting about 18% of allotted green cards (just to add some perspective, Indian population is 17% of world population ( and they are getting similar share of green cards currently anyways) more than 7% due to unused green cards from other countries. The root of the problem is currently Indians and Indian IT Consulting companies are gaming the system and filing 100,000s of applications for 65,000 cap h1b and thereby get 80% of lottery quota…so if this continues the backlog will never end even if per country quota is removed as Indians will keep flooding the pool….in-fact it will affect people from other countries as then entire green card quota will be retrograded for whole world…h1b lottery system should first be replaced with merit based system so only best and brightest are allowed in, like other countries, and then per country quota should be removed…S386 on its own is unfair to rest of the world and should not be passed without passing the merit based immigration system – current immigration system is setup on the basis of 1965 INAct where diversity was required for any immigration : EB, FB, Diversity VISA Lottery etc – same reason why we have diversity at workplace – Immigration overhaul is required first.

First Come First Served (FCFS) is not fair in this case as Indian companies are gaming the system by applying so many applications that it defeats the purpose of Green Cards being given to best and brightest based on meritocracy. FCFS works in hotel bookings and restaurants where people are supposed to leave after being served…not in this case – USA needs the best and brightest and not IT Body shop employees who are just a manager/liaison to offshore actual work to Indian sweat shops.

Example of how Indians are desperate to emigrate than fix their own broken system by illegally gaming the system:

As per Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965 – all green cards (EB, FB and DV) are meant to “preserve” diversity (just as at workplace diversity is recommended) to prevent abuse, discrimination, bias and nepotism. DV, Diversity Visa, is a dedicated lottery based green card to “add” to diversity in American population each year

If L1 and H1B’s dual intent continue unabated,  each year 65K+20K H1b applicants are approved, apart from 1000’s of L1, but green card is for the applicant and the dependents (spouse + children ~ average 3 applicants) which every year comes to 85Kx3=255K+1000’s of L1 added to green card queue and since 140K employment based green cards given each year how will the backlog end? Only Merit Based Immigration should be allowed as explained in detail:

Here are the time estimates with supporting math : currently about 600K approved I-140 for Indians awaiting I-485 out of which 500K is in EB2/3 category – since max GC allowed is 140K for all categories with 40K for each EB1/2/3 as per so that clearly shows that it would take 6+ years to clear just Indian backlog in EB2/3 category alone – what about Chinese, Vietnamese and Philippines etc…which is another 200K…easily clearing the backlog for these would take another 1.5 years…so total about 8 years just to clear backlog….now in these 8 years how many more I-140s would be issued for rest of the world? 85K h1b’s (65K with bachelor and 20K masters) are allowed and more 1000s for L1s etc each year and they would file I-140 along with family members thus easily the total number would overshoot 140K per year (ex: assuming h1 applicant filing for spouse too excluding kids to gauge a good average, 85Kx2=170K+1000’s of L1+spouse), thereby resulting in perpetual backlog for entire world for years all because of primarily Indians … please explain how do you dispute above mathematical calculations?

With 80% GCs going to people of Indian origin…unfair to rest of world…per country limit should be removed only after merit based immigration bill is passed with removal of dual intent of H1B’s

Back in 2007 priority dates for all EB categories were made current as per

But did that resolve the backlog for India? No because the influx from India via H1 and L1 is always more than the number of green cards issued – so even with selfishly removing country quota will unfairly favor Indians at the cost of rest of the world – since we all know it is difficult to regularize mass scale fraudulent activities carried out by IT Body shops – thus merit based immigration should be a precursor to removal of per country quota. S386 will create a back-door entry which will ruin the entire immigration system – such stopgap solutions like S386 will encourage more rampant abuse as floodgates will be open thereby creating a bigger immigration mess

Why only Indians have so much backlog whereas Chinese don’t have as high a backlog as Indian inspite of Chinese having more population-b’coz most Indians try to move out of India by applying 100,000s of temporary H1b applications (often multiple applications with different employers) since H1b has no country limit by thankfully green card has a limit to prevent such blatant abuse. Chinese worked to make their own country developed and less Chinese are vying to take shortcut to leave their own country and settle in USA…same is confirmed by USCIS:

Have you ever wondered why so many Indians are trying to come to US as compared to people from other developed countries (even Chinese don’t emigrate as much as Indians do)-b’coz they have ruined their own country inspite of so many resources, heritage and potential and now just want to run away from a broken (widely corrupt, selfish, unaccountable and unfair) system in India and migrate to a well developed fair and mostly honest system in US where rule of law is more important no matter how much wealth one has or how much power one weilds. Just think if such enmasse migration of world’s most populous country continues how can any country or rest of world support such population. Even if per country quota is removed still more Indians are willing to move out of their own country to go to a foreign country-have you wondered how to fix the problem back at home rather than try to escape by hook or crook – eventually US will also end up being rotten by these senseless overpopulation who are too irrational to find a sustainable solution to their problems-so much for the so-called “best and brightest”.

I see so many Indians (especially from now bifurcated 2 states) are fighting and bullying US senators to unfairly change the laws of American soil to suit their selfish agenda (just like they do back in India), without thinking about the future repercussions and impact on rest of world or being grateful to US, which gave them so much like jobs,money,good quality of life,birthright citizenship to kids yet their greed is unending and they are arm-twisting to get a free pass to US citizenship just for all Indians. If they worked so diligently collectively to fix and follow the laws of their own country, they would not have to beg to foreign senators to change their well-intentioned laws to prevent abuse.

Please see how Senator Dick Durbin is being hassled by these selfish immigrants:

I know many Indians who after getting green card/citizenship started their own body shop consulting companies to abuse the H1b loophole and make a quick buck – we don’t want such abusive immigrants who want to abuse the law as follows :



Read a very balanced article from Washington Post:


BREAKING: Calif. Judge Strikes Down H-1B Visa Restrictions

BREAKING: Calif. Judge Strikes Down H-1B Visa Restrictions

My friend Matt first informed about this and noticed it on the twitter about this news.

This is good news for bodyshops and bad news for Americans and locals. 

Americans feel: There will be no reason for Indian outsourcing companies to give pay raises any more either.

Indians in USA are celebrating tonight as it is good news for them.

Because they do not need to pay good wages or salaries for their employees so they will save more commissions and profits from the clients. 

Several subscribers and victims called KE regarding Indian BODYSHOPS are not paying salaries. In spite of having strict laws and immigration laws.

On top of it, judgements like this is a BIG FEAST FOR BODYSHOPS or VULTRUES now in the USA. 

Who is a bodyshop?

about bodyshops 



OPT/CPT student wrote a comment – truth 


BREAKING: Calif. Judge Strikes Down H-1B Visa Restrictions – Law360



Matt sent this information to KE first about this topic.

Thanks to Matt and team. 


Indian offshore people are feeling sad for not coming to USA or U K or Canada.

Meanwhile ,a person working in India for 14 years misunderstood on PROXY video and offended wrote his excuses for not able to make it to USA.

It it to earn more money to repay the house loan for this apartment in India. 





The H-1B program has caused a number of criticisms

The H-1B program has caused a number of criticisms.


No labor shortages
Paul Donnelly, in a 2002 article in Computerworld, cited Milton Friedman as stating that the H-1B program acts as a subsidy for corporations. Others holding this view includeDr. Norman Matloff, who testified to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Immigration on the H-1B subject. Matloff’s paper for the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform claims that there has been no shortage of qualified American citizens to fill American computer-related jobs, and that the data offered as evidence of American corporations needing H-1B visas to address labor shortages was erroneous. The United States General
Accounting Office found in a report in 2000 that controls on the H-1B program lacked effectiveness. The GAO report’s recommendations were subsequently implemented.

High-tech companies often cite a tech-worker shortage when asking Congress to raise the annual cap on H-1B visas, and have succeeded in getting various exemptions passed. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), described the situation as a crisis, and the situation was reported on by the Wall

Street Journal, BusinessWeek andWashington Post. Employers applied pressure on Congress. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates testified in 2007 on behalf of the expanded visa program on Capitol Hill, “warning of dangers to the U.S. economy if employers can’t import skilled workers to fill job gaps”. Congress considered a bill to address the claims of shortfall but in the end did not revise the program. According to a study conducted by John Miano and the Center for Immigration Studies, there is no empirical data to support a claim of employee worker shortage. Citing studies from Duke, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Georgetown University and others, critics have also argued that in some years, the number of
foreign programmers and engineers imported outnumbered the number of jobs created by the industry. Organizations have also posted hundreds of first hand accounts of H-1B Visa Harm reports directly from individuals negatively impacted by the program, many of whom are willing to speak with the media.
Studies carried out from the 1990s through 2011 by researchers from Columbia U, Computing Research Association (CRA), Duke U, Georgetown U, Harvard U,
National Research Council of the NAS, RAND Corporation, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rutgers U, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Stanford U, SUNY Buffalo,
UC Davis, UPenn Wharton School, Urban Institute, and U.S. Dept. of Education Office of Education Research & Improvement have reported that the U.S. has been producing sufficient numbers of able and willing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workers, while several studies from Hal Salzman, B.

Lindsay Lowell, Daniel Kuehn, Michael Teitelbaum and others have concluded that the U.S. has been employing only 30% to 50% of its newly degreed able and willing STEM workers to work in STEM fields. A 2012 IEEE announcement of a conference on STEM education funding and job markets stated “only about half of those with under-graduate STEM degrees actually work in the STEM-related fields after college, and after 10 years, only some 8% still do”.

Wage depression
Wage depression is a chronic complaint critics have about the H-1B program: some studies have found that H-1B workers are paid significantly less than U.S. workers. It is claimed that the H-1B program is primarily used as a source of cheap labor. A paper by Harvard Professor George J. Borjas for the National

Bureau of Economic Research found that “a 10 percent immigration-induced increase in the supply of doctorates lowers the wage of competing workers by about 3 to 4 percent.”
The Labor Condition Application (LCA) included in the H-1B petition is supposed to ensure that H-1B workers are paid the prevailing wage in the labor market, or the employer’s actual average wage (whichever is higher), but evidence exists that some employers do not abide by these provisions and avoid paying the
actual prevailing wage despite stiff penalties for abusers.

Theoretically, the LCA process appears to offer protection to both U.S. and H-1B workers. However, according to the U.S. General Accounting Office, enforcement limitations and procedural problems render these protections ineffective. Ultimately, the employer, not the Department of Labor, determines what sources determine the prevailing wage for an offered position, and it may choose among a variety of competing surveys, including its own wage surveys, provided that such surveys follow certain defined rules and regulations.

The law specifically restricts the Department of Labor’s approval process of LCAs to checking for “completeness and obvious inaccuracies”. In FY 2005, only about 800 LCAs were rejected out of over 300,000 submitted. Hire Americans First has posted several hundred first hand accounts of individuals negatively impacted by the program, many of whom are willing to speak with the media.DOL has split the prevailing wage into four levels, with Level One representing about the 17th percentile of wage average Americans earn. About 80 percent of LCAs are filed at this 17th percentile level. This four-level prevailing wage can be obtained from the DOL website, and is generally far lower than average wages.The “prevailing wage” stipulation is allegedly vague and thus easy to manipulate, resulting in employers underpaying visa workers. According to Ron Hira, assistant professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the median wage in 2005 for new H-1B information technology (IT) was just $50,000, which is even lower than starting wages for IT graduates with a B.S. degree. The U.S. government OES office’s data indicates that 90 percent of H-1B IT wages were below the median U.S. wage for the same occupation.In 2002, the U.S. government began an investigation into Sun Microsystems’ hiring practices after an ex-employee, Guy Santiglia, filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Labor alleging that the Santa Clara firm discriminates against American citizens in favor of foreign workers on H-1B visas. Santiglia accused the company of bias against U.S. citizens when it laid off 3,900 workers in late 2001 and at the same time applied for thousands of visas. In 2002, about 5 percent of Sun’s 39,000 employees had temporary work visas, he said. In 2005, it was decided that Sun violated only minor requirements and that neither of these violations was substantial or willful. Thus, the judge only ordered Sun to change its posting practices.

Risks for employees
Historically, H-1B holders have sometimes been described as indentured servants, and while the comparison is no longer as compelling, it had more validity prior to the passage of American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000. Although immigration generally requires short- and long-term visitors to disavow any ambition to seek the green card (permanent residency), H-1B visa holders are an important exception, in that the H-1B is legally acknowledged as a possible step towards a green card under what is called the doctrine of dual intent.

H-1B visa holders may be sponsored for their green cards by their employers through an Application for Alien Labor Certification, filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. In the past, the sponsorship process has taken several years, and for much of that time the H-1B visa holder was unable to change jobs without losing their place in line for the green card. This created an element of enforced loyalty to an employer by an H-1B visa holder. Critics alleged that employers benefit from this enforced loyalty because it reduced the risk that the H-1B employee might leave the job and go work for a competitor, and that it put citizen workers at a disadvantage in the job market, since the employer has less assurance that the citizen will stay at the job for an extended
period of time, especially if the work conditions are tough, wages are lower or the work is difficult or complex. It has been argued that this makes the H-1B program extremely attractive to employers, and that labor legislation in this regard has been influenced by corporations seeking and benefiting from such advantages.Some recent news reports suggest that the recession that started in 2008 will exacerbate the H-1B visa situation, both for supporters of the program and for those who oppose it. The process to obtain the green card has become so long that during these recession years it has not been unusual that sponsoring
companies fail and disappear, thus forcing the H-1B employee to find another sponsor, and lose their place in line for the green card. An H-1B employee could be just one month from obtaining their green card, but if the employee is laid off, he or she may have to leave the country, or go to the end of the line and start over the process to get the green card, and wait as much as 10 more years, depending on the nationality and visa category.

The American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 provides some relief for people waiting for a long time for a green card, by allowing H-1B extensions past the normal 6 years, as well as by making it easier to change the sponsoring employer.

The Out-Sourcing/Off-Shoring Visa
Further information: IT Body Shops

In his floor statement on H-1B Visa Reform, Senator Dick Durbin stated “The H-1B job visa lasts for 3 years and can be renewed for 3 years. What happens to those workers after that? Well, they could stay. It is possible. But these new companies have a much better idea for making money. They send the engineers to
America to fill spots–and get money to do it–and then after the 3 to 6 years, they bring them back to work for the companies that are competing with

American companies. They call it their outsourcing visa. They are sending their talented engineers to learn how Americans do business and then bring them back and compete with those American companies.”[74] Critics of H-1B use for outsourcing have also noted that more H-1B visas are granted to companies headquartered in India than companies headquartered in the United States.Of all Computer Systems Analysts and programmers on H-1B visas in the U.S., 74 percent were from Asia. This large scale migration of Asian IT professionals to the United States has been cited as a central cause for the quick emergence of the offshore outsourcing industry.In FY 2009, due to the worldwide recession, applications for H-1B visas by off-shore out-sourcing firms were significantly lower than in previous years,[77] yet 110,367 H-1B visas were issued, and 117,409 were issued in FY2010.

Social Security and Medicare taxes

H-1B employees have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes as part of their payroll. Like U.S. citizens, they are eligible to receive Social Security benefits even if they leave the United States, provided they have paid Social Security payroll taxes for at least 10 years. Further, the U.S. has bilateral agreements with several countries to ensure that the time paid into the U.S. Social Security system, even if it is less than 10 years, is taken into account in the foreign country’s comparable system and vice versa.

Departure Requirement on Job Loss

If an employer lays off an H-1B worker, the employer is required to pay for the laid-off worker’s transportation outside the United States.If an H-1B worker is laid off for any reason, the H-1B program technically does not specify a time allowance or grace period to round up one’s affairs irrespective of how long the H-1B worker might have lived in the United States. To round up one’s affairs, filing an application to change to another non-immigrant status may therefore become a necessity.If an H-1B worker is laid off and attempts to find a new H-1B employer to file a petition for him, the individual is considered out of status if there is even a one-day gap between the last day of employment and the date that the new H-1B petition is filed. While some attorneys claim that there is a grace period of 30 days, 60 days, or sometimes 10 days, that is not true according to the law. In practice, USCIS has accepted H-1B transfer applications even with a gap in employment up to 60 days, but that is by no means guaranteed. Some of the confusion regarding the alleged grace period arose because there is a 10-day grace period for an H-1B worker to depart the United States at the end of hisauthorized period of stay (does not apply for laid-off workers). This grace period only applies if the worker works until the H-1B expiration date listed on his I-797 approval notice, or I-94 card. 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(i)(A).

Fraud prevention

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services “H-1B Benefit Fraud & Compliance Assessment” of September 2008 concluded 21% of H-1B visas granted originate from fraudulent applications or applications with technical violations. Fraud was defined as a willful misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of a material fact. Technical violations, errors, omissions, and failures to comply that are not within the fraud definition were included in the 21% rate. Subsequently, USCIS has made procedural changes to reduce the number of fraud and technical violations on H-1B applications.In 2009, federal authorities busted a nationwide H-1B Visa Scam.

Similar programs

In addition to H-1B visas, there are a variety of other visa categories that allow foreign workers to come into the U.S. to work for some period of time.
L-1 visas are issued to foreign employees of a corporation. Under recent rules, the foreign worker must have worked for the corporation for at least one year in the preceding three years prior to getting the visa. An L-1B visa is appropriate for non-immigrant workers who are being temporarily transferred to the United States based on their specialized knowledge of the company’s techniques and methodologies. An L-1A visa is for managers or executives who either manage people or an essential function of the company. There is no requirement to pay prevailing wages for the L-1 visa holders. For Canadian residents, a special L visa category is available.
TN-1 visas are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and are issued to Canadian and Mexican citizens.[81] TN visas are only available to workers who fall into one of a pre-set list of occupations determined by the NAFTA treaty. There are specific eligibility requirements for the TN Visa.
E-3 visas are issued to citizens of Australia under the Australia free-trade treaty.

H-1B1 visas are a sub-set of H-1B issued to residents of Chile and Singapore under the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement of 2003; PL108-77 § 402(a)(2)(B), 117 Stat. 909, 940; S1416, HR2738; passed in House 2003-07-24 and the United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement of 2003; PL108-78 § 402(2), 117 Stat. 948, 970-971; S1417, HR2739; passed in House 2003-07-24, passed in senate 2003-07-31, signed by executive (GWBush) 2003-05-06. According to USCIS, unused H-1B1 visas are added into the next year’s H-1B base quota of 58,200.

One recent trend in work visas is that various countries attempt to get special preference for their nationals as part of treaty negotiations. Another trend is for changes in immigration law to be embedded in large Authorization or Omnibus bills to avoid the controversy that might accompany a separate vote.

H-2B visa: The H-2B non-immigrant program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come to the U.S. and perform temporary nonagricultural work, which may be one-time, seasonal, peak load or intermittent. There is a 66,000 per year limit on the number of foreign workers who may receive H-2B status.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

H1B tactics for Green Card:

Sometimes you are interviewed for a 100% matching job, you perform greatly in the interview expecting an offer but you never hear a feedback from them – That’s an interview intended to sponsor Green Card for their employee. It was not to disqualify you but prove they interview many in that area but could not select anyone, so must process GC to their person to keep him permanently since none nearby that were interviewed are a fit

Watch this Video: Permanent Fake Job Ads defraud Americans to secure GC:

Voice of People:
i) Average salary for a programmer in the Philippines is about $7,000/year, a programmer in India makes about $14,000/year while average salary for a programmer in the US is about $90,000/year. Obviously a US company can import a programmer from one of the above mentioned countries and save a shit ton of money, nothing wrong with that logic, it has nothing to do with qualifications and for your information most universities in America are much better than that of the Philippines and India.
ii) As an unemployed IT Specialist I can tell you if it gets much worse, I’m gonna hunting. And it won’t be for wildlife.

“H1B Holders have sometimes been described as indentured servants”


Pushing American Middle class to NO CLASS?
Dragging Indian Middle Class into modern bonded cheap labor force?

There is lot of noise on this in India.

Kumar Sreenivas Pandruvada American Corporates, Government and Indian Employers and Indian and other unethical illegal layers are enemies but not H1Bs. Of, course some pay and enter are also enemies. A day will come Indians may need to leave USA.


Virgil Bierschwale sad thing is, for everybody hired because of this, an American will be forced out of a job simply because the jobs are full and we’ve only created 400,000 jobs since 1999

Lisa Garcia ·

It sure looks like India has better job opportunities than the United States does.
Those companies showing layoffs that i posted links to are all companies that bribed our corrupt government to bring in H-1B visa workers and other types of visa workers…they of course lied about a shortage of American workers…one only has to look at the layoffs to see one cannot have a shortage of workers while letting so many workers go. Layoffs are different than being fired of course. A layoff means the person doing his/her job was let go through no fault of their own. While being fired means the employee was not doing a good job……as you can see these people being let go were through layoffs, NOT firing….meaning they were NOT lazy or unskilled, as has been told to the citizens of India and elsewhere about U.S. citizens.

There are many more companies doing the exact same thing. If I posted links to all of them it would probably take me all day, and I still would not have been able to list them all. This situation of course hurts American citizens who were born here, but it also hurts immigrants who decided to stay and got their green card as well. Make no mistake… I have nothing against immigrants, unless they lied or shared in illegal activity. Many U.S. citizens are indeed now homeless and poor….they couldn’t find another job…people now outnumber the jobs available by a large margin…it is sad…but what is sadder is the lies being told, which is why I showed so many links to show the truth.

We are just pawns to our corrupt governments and corrupt corporations. I would not be surprised that if the government of India and corporations there one day decide it’s own citizens should be replaced with cheaper workers from the United States or elsewhere. One day the corporations in India may decide they want more money for themselves and less for their workers…as has been done here. Then they may start LIES about the workers of India and call them dumb or lazy as a means to replace them….this is what happened here….why should it not happen there?? People of India need to ask themselves this question. After all, the corruption is not limited to the United States…the corruption is already Global…some refer to it as the New World Order…and having read much I see much truth in it. The HONEST and non greedy citizens of the world have to Unite to stop this…it seems to be the only way…but how to do this when so many fell for the lies, or would rather fight with each other than to see their true enemy?

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There are Federal laws against wage-fixing, but most US execs and pols are engaging in it. Wage suppression, and market tampering via mass immigration are the prime causes of America’s economic ills. Cheap labor kills economies.

“Indians not only reduced US Wages but also break ALL USA LAWS (MIN WAGE/Prevailing Wages) Kumar writing this live on this community wall to understand with a classic example how Indians are breaking all USA laws, Immigration laws without any respect or fear of LAWS in the USA. Unfortunately, the world is mistaken that the laws and immigration laws are very strict in the USA. It’s a joke and bogus. A Senior Active Directory Services Engineer ROLE in New York City (Indian in USA mistaken New York means only New York City, New York is combination of more than 1000+ island and popularly known only 5 Islands) and that is the level of ignorance we have here. Leave it for time being because that is not the core issue. This role in New York City USA carries Base 150-180k plus bonus. All that the job needs is, (1) excellent Active Directory, (2) DNS Group Polices, and (3) PowerShell are they key skills and (4) AWS an additional skill set.

Now a days, one must know multiple cloud technologies but not just one cloud technologies to survive in the current market. Anyone is not working in Cloud technologies in I.T in USA, they can go back home as technologies that they’re working is outdates or can be automated. No offense just an observation from the market. The pay (150-180k ) if you approach American clients or American Prime Vendors. As you know these days (2000s year) the American prime vendors also learned corruption from Indian vendors. In fact, Indians introduced all kinds of corruption or bribes into USA IT market. Kumar has no idea outside IT market in USA but similar as he heard from subscribers. So what Indians are doing here is, they change the titles to reduce the wages and destroy original LCAs– step1 A Boston MA based and New Jersey Based Indian Incs are very famous in doing this. Step-2 if they cannot change title, they kill h1b employees to save the companies. Step3 – if they cannot change, titles, they continue h1bs there and recover salaries later. that means, salary paid by bodyshops is a loan. Step4 – they form as layers, wife of bodyshops, brother-in-law of bodyshops, sisters/brothers, etc and eat that $180K and pay only $45 to $55 to H1Bs. What do they do with this money? They throw this in Indian caste meetings, throw this on TV Anchors imported from India, throw on Film Actors imported from India, throw this on TEMPLES in USA to get Tax exemptions and what not? They throw this in India in slums to show off as acting as eradicating poverty in India etc and same time ask local governments in India to give free land and free buildings to construct hospitals or schools to help poor and context local MLA elections to become Ministers.

If failed to do so, come back to BODYSHOPPING Business in USA. You can see thousands of such politicians cum bodyshops owners. They have connections with Indian cricket players who are now entering the real estate business in India. Also becoming producers for Telugu or Hindi films in India by sitting in USA by running 100s of Bodyshops with 1000 H-1Bs under one umbrella but with different names or fake names. Recruiters in India are part of this scam. $55,000 is a big amount from India so Indian outsourcing companies employees who frustrated working in India, go to Ameerpet (a money collection center for Bodyshops in USA) of Telangana state in India and pay them 2 to 10 Lakhs INR $9000-no upper limit and wait for H-1B. No client interviews and nothing, they assume that they get $50,000 a month or year as soon as landing in the USA. Unfortunately, this is American dream for many Indians.

Reality is different. Since the money collection located in Telangana, TRS Party MLAs (people elected representatives) are also involved in it. If it is another 29 states in India, the local political parties MLAs also might be involved who knows? The local police there support rich or politicians so there is no way victims get any support or no one receive any complaint from the victims. Victims also knows that paying that much money for visa is a scam, so they mourn in depression. This has been happening ever since USA opened the flood gates for Indians. It might be F1 or H-1B during Mainframe Era. What is that you need to know? They (criminals, Indians call as employers/consultancies or bodyshops) are paying 1/2(half of) the prevailing wage, which is illegal.

No one in their right mind would take that job in NYC for $60K. Costs would be more than that. $120K min, more like $140K. Please share this to everyone you know in IT in India who aspires for Dream America (minting dollars in Indian context). What Americans should know? First, they (criminals) hire Americans to prove that the President’s rule Hire Americans First in place. Then they fire Americans based upon budget issue to bring Indians purely based upon caste basis (any caste but must be an Indian ONLY) and take advantage of it. If you confront or complain, the MAFIA enters the picture and rest is history.

Disclaimer: All information is gathered on actual conversations and electronic communication with followers of my videos. Although I cannot guarantee the accuracy, it is my assumption all information provided is factual and true. My opinions are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any threats made against my family or myself is in violation of The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L. 101-12 and will be reported to proper authorities.

Raghu Valaboju 11 hours ago

You are giving awareness which was hiding. Great job kumar.

Argh D 20 hours ago

I think brother u r doing a great job, absolutely no doubt, but to make it more fruitful, u must expose these greedy Indians before whites, their hidden motives, their mindset, please lodge complains or least make some such post that ur thoughts r Grasped by whites ,God save USA.

Hello friends, Thanks for your comments, questions and here are few FAQS, answers and Americans reactions. Topic: – Indians reduced US wages. Argh D KUMAR EXCLUSIVE In that case they US should change the law and should not allow anyone to stay more then 2years or so, infact stop giving visa to Indians. Americans subscribers wrote We already have that law, Title 8, Section 1182 Indadmissible Aliens, Subsection (5) Full text of that law is here at bottom: It is illegal in any and every case to even admit ANY alien to US for work if doing so “adversely affects wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed”. Forget 2 years – if any alien works 1 day in US in a job while an American is unemployed from that job, then that alien is an inadmissible alien and is working illegally. Period. It’s that simple. We don’t need any Indians telling us to change our laws, since we already have those laws. India Incs need to stop doing the crime, and India lobbies stop bribing our pols to not enforce the existing law. I even made open letter to Apple about how it is breaking this law: As I tell Indians all the time, don’t lecture us about our own country when they are the problem. —- Americans subscribers displaced by Indians with fake resumes and felonies and proxies from 1990s to 2020, their life is like this: As I wind up a lifetime of working, I find that I am limited to making $18,240.00 per year. — Buz Off KUMAR EXCLUSIVE I knew early on it’s about cheap servile labor. An H1 coworker asked me to take up an issue with our H1 manager, and when I asked why, she said, “He doesn’t talk to you, the way he talks to us.” I recognized it immediately for what it is, subservience. Pre- work visas’ existence, 1970s/1980s, foreign workers were asked to come, with direct entry as EB-pending. H1, L1 is corporate ownership of employee, a defector 360 degree non-compete for staff, which is illegal for citizen/LPR. Americans subscribers sent to share, Yes, indentured servitude is illegal under Constitution, also L-1 is intracompany only – placing L-1s outside of the company that files them is fraud and crime, but most India Incs do it illegally – and there is no limit on L-1. Diane Feinstein even testified in 2003 about L-1 abuse. 17 years nothing done, ever. What most US companies are doing is crime, and they know it. But because they have lobbyists paying off gov’t they get away with anything. Most jobs in US now occupied via criminal activities. There are Federal laws against wage-fixing, but most US execs and pols are engaging in it. Wage suppression, and market tampering via mass immigration are the prime causes of America’s economic ills. Cheap labor kills economies.…



American posted comments on the post on LinkedIn. 

H4 EAD is awarded to the people who’s spouse on H-1B stayed 6 years in the USA and who’s I-140 is approved. I-140 is second stage of Green Card process. 

Green card has three stages: Labor, I-140 and 485(EAD).

H-1Bs supposed to get H-1B EAD but the BAD BOY billionaires of India formed as a ring killed this H-1B EAD so that the h-1b cash cows or ATM(any time money) will not run away from their clutches.

What is the problem?

like OPT CPT these H4 EADs have no minimum wages so Desi Indian layers and illegal layers are ripping these 90,000 H4 EADs. 

What is the solution?

They have to complain work harassment to USCIS. 

Kumar Tips-harassment in the workplace.

Illegal interview questions

discriminating interview questions

illegal interview questions


American Said:

Yes you can’t ask those questions in an interview. We were told the only acceptable question to ask is if a candidate is legally allowed to work in the US.

Anything else could be perceived as discrimination and used by the candidate to sue the company.


Here you go: 


I wanted to ask this question.

Some say no H-1B

Some say no OPT CPT etc

Some say only USC or GC

Some say only US citizens(Indians what they meant).

How far it is okay in USA to discriminate candidates based upon the immigration status?

Some recruiters call and first question is, do you have a green card?

I suspect that these are fake GC interview calls.

Often staffing agencies sending emails with Jobs like this:

Below is the JD for the position, please have a look and let me know if you interested for the same.

Please share me the updated resume with contact details so that we can discuss about the position and submit the profile asap.

No H1 candidates.



NO US Citizens


Role – Kronos Technical Architect

Location – Deerfield, IL

Duration – 12 Months

Knowledge of WIM Interface development (including people imports/exports, employee demographics), strong background with SQL, complex pay/work rule configurations, strong background interfacing with other HR systems preferred

High degree of Kronos technical expertise (at least 4-5 years) including V7 and preferably Dimensions

Business-minded approach to problem solving that involves collaboration, rapport building and interaction with all levels of management

Workday experience preferred, specifically in monitoring and resolving integration errors.

Excellent oral and written communication skills, and strong organizational skills

Strong problem solving/analytical skills

Highly analytical in problem solving with the ability to apply original and innovative thinking

Able to think clearly in challenging situations and in a logical manner

Ability to be flexible in approach and be comfortable with a fluid organizational structure that re-quires both team work and self-sufficiency as necessary, with ability to work under minimal supervision

US IT Desi recruiters

 Everything about US IT recruiters working from NIGHT SHIFTS in India.

This is dedicated to my brothers and sisters in the recruitment industry in India.

KE wish them to quit jobs to get into mainstream IT jobs if they have BTECH computers as qualification. 

Who are these people in India?

They are human beings like you and me.

Please treat them as our brothers and sisters.

Because many F1 students, GC people hate them like anything.

BTECH passed out students who are not selected in Indian companies campus placement

and who cannot afford to F1 VISA trials like writing GRE and TOEFL to get I-20s from Fake or genuine UNIV in USA.

Recruiter brothers and sisters from India told KE in video interviews, it is not a profession by love but an accident that they entered. 

What is the pay package? 

The pay starts from $50 a month to $2000 a month to a senior experienced person.

For juniors or no experienced people, or sometimes seniors too, “with a condition that you must place a candidate in the USA”

either trap them from UNIV to Guest house

Guest house to ONSITE Projects

or push from BENCH to Projects etc.

Otherwise that month no salaries. 


Does this experience counts in India? example working in Night shifts to USA and placing h1b bench candidates 

Unfortunately no. They have to keep searching for another BODYSHOP in the USA for their rest of the lives and suffer in night shifts. 

Here you go:

KE classified US IT Desi recruiters in to two classes and three types.  


Please ignore typos, again but not against

Recruiters are not paid any salaries by bodyshops unless

type 1: trap F1 to Guest houses

type 2: push them from guest house to client sites

type3; place them on bench to projects

here bench is nothing but guest house.

Guest house is offered for people first time new comers from India on H1B or F1 from colleges

Because 87% of BTECH graduates are unfit for IT jobs in India, most of them opt recruiter jobs in night shift, just making calls from vonage phone to USA in the past.

Now with new mobile apps

Salaries no unless candidates get PO and MSA from next vendor.

Salaries ranges from $50 a month to experts upto $2000+ a month.

Except those drawing $2000 a month only well versed with USA time zones, H1b knowledge upto some extent

These recruiters in night shifts cannot apply to jobs in INDIAN COMPANIES in India in day shift jobs.

Because they do not consider night shift jobs and they know bodyshops means crime so they do not let them even apply for jobs also.

One recruiter told, 10 years he wasted his life and career in night shift.

If you say in India bodyshop means, they considered as pimping business.

Thanks to internet, they are aware of these things.


How come recruiters phone number look similar to US phone numbers?

Earlier all bodyshops in the US used to send Vonage phones to India offices.

Now there are free apps available it seems.

Not good to use but they text or call from that number.

Any USA states 3 digits first you can pick.

Same in Canada also.

Examples of Class 1 recruiters is the below. 

KE made several videos on Recruiters brothers and sisters, just watch this English Video enough for non telugu speakers to understand it.



 American Said: 
Thursday, October 15, 2020 10:27:23 PM
Subject: Re: Bad bodyshops?

FYI.  That guy is a night shift recruiter.  I guess it should have been obvious from the “+1” area code in front of his phone number.  On Glassdoor it says these guys will harass you from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can’t even speak English. 

I am seeing reviews that say the recruiter tries to trap the candidate into booking travel to the bodyshop city, however when the candidate asks for the address of the guesthouse the recruiter won’t provide it, so some of the candidates get scared and back out.


One time 9pm EST I got a call 2017 New York.

He is speaking in Tamil begging for resumes. 

One time a girl speaking in Hindi.

They have a target of resumes submissions daily otherwise their bosses abuse them in Indian languages. 

Their managers trained them to snatch this information from the candidates no matter what?

Is it legal or correct to snatch(collect) this information?

Unfortunately NO

Then why do they collect it? 

Several answers for this. Media told KE, they sell it for $15 to others by ceos of bodyshops in the USA. Including scam call centers in India

Another version is, every 200,000 F1 international students are coming to USA. They cannot get jobs with their OPT/CPT cards without experience. They need someone’s H-1B/GC/USC copies to forge it to re-submit it for jobs.


What is the state and mentality of the recruiters on LinkedIn? Here you go examples. 

Class 2 Recruiter, nexus with CEO and attack KE.

This class 2 guy does not have last name displayed or having American faked named and work for filthy bodyshops.

Trap female F1s from UNIV to Guest houses and what? They abuse and attack candidates. 


They are highly frustrated due to night shifts and working for criminal bodyshops so they do not know what is right or correct. Some of them but not all of them. 

A recruiter in Delhi working for a bodyshops in Texas is attacking on the below post.


Americans are laughing at their website.  Do you think any of their employees look like this picture:


Recruiters working conditions in India.