do you know total number of h1bs in United States?

Just curious do you know total number of h1bs in United States?

sharath chandra  one of the subscribers asked this question: 



American sent this from his research of IL state.

Like this you need to do it for 49 states. Here are links to my research if you want to post them in the comments section for your Youtube video. Illinois bodyshops:

Bodyshops that received PPP:

H1B Dependent companies:


A friend who is doing investigations: “That is very difficult to find out, because USCIS doesn’t track that number. Some studies, however, have been done on it, and they estimate the number anywhere between 600,000 to 900,000 (as far as I remember). But it was an old study, and the number must have increased over the last several years. “


Certified Women’s Business Enterprises

Certified Women’s Business Enterprises

That’s illegal under EEOC laws.

Discrimination based on sex is illegal under EEOC laws.

Saying “Women owned business” shows they are biased for women – and that’s illegal for any biz owner.

Yes, lots of them say “Woman owned”, “Minority owned”.

That’s illegal but EEOC does nothing.

If it’s white male industry like Silicon Valley they come in and kick us all out.

Why do Americans pay EEOC $320 mil/year if they won’t enforce the laws?

American Subscribers sent this information

American said” It seem to be a pattern. Seeing many shops that are “certified woman and minority owned”, like this unironically named company.”

Women is not respected in India but suddenly all #bodyshops respect women in USA and start IT shops on their spouse names.

The secret is to escape from USA if any employees complain and the women pretend to be innocent about husbands’ crime.

It happened several times and these ceos walk into Mexico boarder or Canada boarders and later come back into the USA as if he or she does not know anything.

One of such criminal arrested at POE recently.

Women and diversity is suddenly touch hearts in USA only but in India,

none can confront against the governments inability to provide security to women.

illegal part time jobs by Indians


One of the subscribers asked KE two questions from India.

FAQ 1. What is the per hour wage Indian students make doing off campus illegal jobs.

KE: I have no idea as I do not encourage off campus jobs. Mostly for cash they work 

FAQ 2. Do a lot of students work more than 20 hours to pay their fees. If so then why aren’t they caught

KE:- This also I do not know. America is sleeping or Indians ditched America and Americans because one American wrote,

those jobs meant for local kids who are in 9th grade to do part time jobs are taken away by Indian F1 students.


International Student in USA KE Subscriber answered this:

7-9$ per hour depending on location.  Obviously tax free. 

Only students from not so good universities do it, since in good colleges there is no time for all this 

Non CS students do it more. In ME EE the studies are more theory and less practical so more time

They are sometimes caught, but US is generally favorable to illegal workers, all big cities are dem run sanctuary cities harboring this type of illegalities (NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, DC)



Student from India on F-1 visa deported for working illegally in restaurant



market demands

What is IT Industry is looking for? 

 below this guy, there is one more guy. BODYSHOPS call him/her as TRAINER OR FACULTY but Industry calls him/her PROXY INTERVIEWS and PROXY JOB SUPPORTERS.

They take $2000 per month from the salaries of the consultant who cannot clear the technical telephone or SKYPE technical interview and if selected connect to client laptops to complete the tasks. 


If you are honest guy, resume is genuine, unfortunately you have to swim against these tides in the ocean or IT Industry. 

LinkedIn is gender biased ?

LinkedIn is gender biased ?

One of followers asked this question and sent few clippings. So I thought of write a post and ask this question to the public.

Here is the question:

When a girl posts a message seeking help to get job so many people share and like her message and try to actively help her whereas when a male candidate posts similar message seeking help for job, he gets very little response, likes and any active help.

Why it happens like this even on such a professional platform ? Any thoughts??

KE: Good question. 

Generally speaking, always male try to be good on social media. We see in movies also.

But I saw recently men posts jobless etc bit compared to women posts, it won’t go that much viral.

Another reason is, “women and diversity “

You are welcome.

I just saw a woman posted it

Subscriber: This is just BOGUS. Just to make one’s image. In India may be 50 crore people are short of food and money. Where will this lady reach ? I don’t like such posts in fact hate on such professional platforms. People have made LinkedIn another Facebook.

KE: Yes. If you remember one site. Orkut Indians made it as dating site finally.

Subscriber: Yes I remember 😀

KE: I just read comments


Subscriber: Similar opinion of a person on LinkedIn.

KE: How can we expect likes?

Subscriber: Yeah ,,, also I don’t believe just one gets likes on LinkedIn will get job either.


Why Father in-law wants to kill son in law?

Why Father in-law wants to kill son-in-law?

Just caste or religion or money differences?,influential%20businessman%20from%20Miryalaguda%2C%20Telangana.


Even RGV Indian film Director made a movie on this.

Read the tragedy stories of Indian mother-in-law caste and American daughter-in-law divorce case. 

Love, Marry an American


Another subscriber’s tragedy story, A Brahmin Man married a Reddy Woman. In India context we use Boy and Girl but in International standards, anybody is above the age of ready to marriage is not called boy or girl. The parents of the Man does not like him marrying a Reddy caste person hence they asked him to get out by insulting that Reddy daughter-in-law. 

jobs laid-off

Many of my followers are writing this.

F1 OPT got H-1B #h1b picked up in the lottery but USA client FTE laid-off due to #cvoid19. OPT 27 months expired/ended.

Another follower, on H-1B picked up, project laid-off, #bodyshops, owner threatening fire,

another follower full time laid-off and cannot get jobs due to given the nature of the job

another follower full time laid-off but vendor ate ppp money,

another follower, h-1B project laid-off but spouse H4EAD working lost immigration statue, #bodyshop eating PPP funds.

From March 2020- sorrowful immigration or non immigration stories. Remember all of them have houses back home in India and not sure if Americans laid-off, where do they go?

LinkedIn, reading daily several tragedy stories on the same line from USA and India, especially Indian folks.

What do you suggest?

After MBA degree in USA

After MBA degree in USA

basically it comes under non STEM for F1 International students.

Hi Kumar,

Can you plz make a video on MBA graduates in the USA?
Do they join the bodyshops just like MS grads?

Student worker reply:

Sir this phenomenon also exists, but not as much as IT grads and IT jobs. US IT market has a shortage, MBA jobs don’t have that shortage.

I’ve seen MBA grads do fake cv, and contract jobs in IT related postings. Not in finance, HR, Marketing etc.

For example, it’s possible in the below jobs-

IT analyst, business analyst, business systems analyst, API analyst, scrum master, product owner, PM

In such cases the MBA grads will do some SQL course, an agile training and clear an interview and work in the IT.

But other than that, it’s not so easy as the demand is not that great.

Non stem or stem, for an MBA grad to work in IT is a bit tough, he must be very desperate because the market is not good for them.

There are IT grads who can do that job far better. Yes the bodyshops would pay them $25 if they hire them..

MS in US, what next? US Client FT job or CRIME(INDIAN INC JOB)? H1B Epi-254 Kumar Exclusive

Are Fake resumes and Proxy for Interviews legal in the US?

Are Fake resumes and Proxy for Interviews legal in the US?

Many Indians argued till now, “everyone is doing crime so what? I want my people to answer this FAQs.

Based upon the answers now you check your friends/siblings phones in the USA to know whether they are doing illegal things or not in the USA?

if they refused to do so then consider that they are doing illegal things in the USA.

Hence they had two houses in India and USA and most luxurious cars but nothing else. If they are honest, genuine, why do not they transparent?

This is applicable for bride and bridegroom matches in India for foreign matches. Out rightly reject them.

who is the father of this fake resumes?

Some say bodyshops

some say outsourcing companies

some say International students – it is triangle love story and blame game.

Whatever it is, they are doing successfully illegal things to poach Americans jobs.



KE friends argued, asking for LAW code for this.


Indian cannot respect fellow Indian why?

Indians hate each other by caste, region, language and religions. why?

I am not talking about India, am writing about Indians in the USA. You go to any apartment complex or subdivisions(where only Indians live together in a hamlet) or any work locations in the USA. You test it by take randomly pick up Indians or watching them. If you do not notice this, please let me know.

They speak only with their own caste people first. As you know we have 5 major castes, 25,000 sub castes.

First question is, what is your caste? in case they cannot identity your caste by your last name(Surname)

If not found same caste person, they will speak to same state(India has 30 states) that is same language speaking people.

Example Tamil language of Tamil Nadu. Marathi language of Maharashtra state etc.

Here the twist is, Telugu is a common language in Telugu states of India Andhra Pradesh and Telangana  but they do not speak each other or in fact, hate each other. I am saying at work locations and personal life in USA. Why? Ofcoruse the entire north India, speaks Hindi and do not know how do they discriminate each other in the USA? A woman told, Kumar we North Indians hindi speaking are far better than you south Indian telugu speaking women as they formed into filthy caste groups and Telangana/Tamil/Kerala groups etc.

Once they find their own state language people, they suddenly disconnect you no matter what? Unfortunately, Indians in USA did not change a bit.

They ask, do you know Tamil or do you know Hindi? if answer is NO, they disconnect you there.

After this language, they see religion, Hindus, Muslims and Christians etc.

Americans are far better in any locations, at least they wish good morning or Hi while come across on the streets either in the morning or evening walking. Indians hate to see you or wish you or even respond. but they start at you sometimes. NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY.

A SUBSCRIBERS TOLD, this is because of Indian society, cultural drawbacks and parental guidance, teachers, society, state and etc.

This is from Twitter.


Kumar’s subscribers replied to the post.

KE subscribers questions

he is my follower for two years but asking USA weather videos when I upload Hyderabad rain videos and roads conditions.

Why people target other things when we talk about one issue?

KE posted a poll.

KE subscribers replied to post.


A subscriber wrote, people of Gujarat state of India claims in the USA, that they build USA.

Gujarathis hate Hyderabadis and told on day-1 of landing that you hyderabadis get out.

This person writing the words like pussy etc for uploaded a video on rains in Hyderabad.

In What way, he targets and abuse all women on this planet for uploading a rain video of India?

Does it make any sense to you?