Is Indian community dangerous in US?

Is Indian community dangerous in US?

I love India and Indians and unfortunately am an Indian and never ever thought in my life that I will write a post like this online. The time has come to expose the criminals in Indian community in the USA. They are good and bad apples in every community but in Indian community, it is more. 

Sam and batch doing serious crimes in the USA. They are attacking Americans by skin colors.


8:54 AM 2/23/2021

site is not secure
attacking KE
this site is entertaining criminals to attack Americans by skin color
Earlier one American they attack by saying white Kumar uncle
black Kumar uncle etc
how insane?

From: Sam <>
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 3:40 PM
To: kumar Subject: Making a living through begging on Youtube

Great idea Kumar sirji, keep begging more and more. I will contribute $10 to your efforts.

Best regards,

Media: Oh my God – just listened to some of it. This guy sounds crazy and dangerous. Also, his email id looked familiar – he’s an old hater of yours.

Americans are attacked by this haters with fake American named SAM. This is how Indians are behaving in USA who are doing crime. 


Just because I write truth about H-1B or Indian politics in India, I have received filthy messages and attacks from these people on Facebook. See how many are Indians and Hindus/Christians and Muslims. 

What should I do to safe online or from Indians who attack honest Indians in USA? 

Do not share your cell phone number or email id online

Do not share your location

Do not share your resumes to Indians no matter what- Indian recruiters only told this 

Do not share your SSN-Full to anyone except American back ground check agencies

Do not talk to anyone who you believe they are not honest people otherwise they will attack you like the above

do not post pictures on fakebook of your family

instead, get out of Facebook, twitter and online

Do not use your original name, use fake names like haters

do not write anything online about anything 

Indians hate at work each other by immigration status wise. Example, F1 hates H-1Bs, H-1Bs hate Green Card holders, GC people hate USC or Americans etc. So at any cost, do not reveal your immigration status to fellow Indians. Example, if you say you are born Indian in USA, Indians call ABCD American Born Confused Desis etc. 


LinkedIn attackers 

For being honest and writing about H-1B on LinkedIn, see how many IT professionals attached Kumar on LinkedIn. 


On this blog hater comments by Telugu Indian living in Texas. 

See Indians culture in USA. This hater is from Reddy caste, if you type in Google, Reddys killed Dalits in AP state India”, you will know his history. 


Google Voice message – haters sent filthy messages, video and audio messages. The purpose of this is H-1B HOTLINE number is to help Indians.

If your boss is NOT an American, if your employer(h-1b) is NOT an American, if your team mates are NOT Americans, your life sucks in USA. Because see how ppl enter jobs in I.T? backdoor and they attack you at onsite if you are honest and do not even bother about them. Managements support corrupt and crocked managers in the USA. 

Next is, Indians attacking US Senators in 2020 for objecting Green Card bills for Indians. Some attacked Senators online, some went to Senators houses and stand outside and did agitations like in India we do. Remember, this is America. 



Some of the Indians horrible filthy comments and emails from USA

Indians in USA are NOT afraid of FBI also.

See this comment. He is warning KE to complain about him. You should understand by now, about MAFIA in IT in USA by Indians. 

Indian is an enemy for an Indian

Indian is an enemy for an Indian

because Indians cannot digest fellow Indians growth. 

The best example is, when KE is confronting the crime of bodyshops in USA, one Telugu man in Texas have started YouTube channel and attacking KE by attacking in person and copying KE videos scripts. 

Does it make any sense? If it is NOT hate, what is it? if it is NOT promoting crime by him openly, what is it? Haters also writing online, what is it? LOVE or HATE or promoting Crime by Indians in America? Then what does it mean? LAW sucks in USA? Is it NOT enough to prove that Indians are good at crime? Indians are worst people? 

Culture- caste, regional and religions: read my previous posts on Indian consultancies hiring people by caste and eliminate Indians by Muslim religions. Chowdarys, Reddys, Vysyas, brahmins, Dalits, H2C batch etc meet in USA to hire their own caste people. This is against America’s EEOC rules. This is inhuman. One time Malayalam speaking H4 EAD told, she got a job because of her neighbor Telugu speaking woman told her to fake resumes. India has 16 different languages and they are equally corrupt and doing crimes in faking resumes, felonies but they hate each other by language. at WORK in USA, each one speak in their languages so that the other Indian or non Indian won’t understand that language. Remember this is 2021. 


Lack of Trust & Love: One person named .….joined with Kumar in 2011. He attacked Hinduism, hindu gods etc. He wants to convert Hindus to Christians and his name is having Lord RAMA name. He make KE to trust him and created an email id and asked all subscribers to email to that if any questions. he did not shared the password and started asking $10,000 from subscribers. he becomes a layer and employer for KE also. he attacked KE for not giving $10,000 for H-1B. He looted lots of KE money. why lack of trust and love? he presented a Bible in telugu and daily asked KE to put videos that “I saw Jesus”. if Jesus is there, then why do Jesus followers do this?  Is it NOT crime and hate? Where is Trust among Indians and love? 

Indian parenting is very bad:  .….without any questions. Some of it are good and majority of it are worst parenting. Parents in India teach at home about caste, discriminations bribe culture etc. No confrontation, no honesty, no ethics and values but we talk too much of hypocrisy. Someone asked me, what about Americans? if father drinks alcohol, parents tell openly and children joins if they want to drink beer and legally eligible to drink. Do you think is it possible in India? Father drinks separately and son drinks separately and both tell lie to the woman at home. Is not it? Indian Parenting is full of Spoon feeding, too much pampering, teaching hate, too much studies on weekends in USA by Indian parents etc. Marks and percentage is important for parents. 


Crab Mentality: .. without any doubt. If hiring manager is having green card or USC in USA, he or she rips H-1Bs or F1s or non immigrations like anything. What is Indian bodyshop are doing? collecting money and threaten to them to fire. File Green cards only for their caste people. Do not let others to learn and grow. 


Here you go:

Unfortunately we are the nation of 1.5 billion population. Each one hate the other person by either caste or language or regions (Telangana or Andhra or Tamil Nadu or Bihar etc) in USA also. On top of it, 87% Hindus afraid of Muslims and Christians. Hindus converted to Christians is another batch attack Hindus. 

Politics is dirty in India: You take any political parties in 29 or 30 states of India, it is just hate and polarization of people. The same negativity spread to Indians living in America or outside India. Coming to IT companies or companies, it is full of hate, caste feelings, regional language feelings, dirty politics and what not? Ofcoruse in India, treatment is different for Muslims and Christians at work locations as we identify others by last names. On top of it, the educational qualifications matters a lot. How do Indians treat lower caste or upper caste differences, the same way, they treat BTECH or NON BTECH guys in IT companies. I thought it is bad management in India while I was working more than a decade in India. Unfortunately in New Jersey in 2011, I have a come across a professor from Guntur AP India at a film theater in Edison downtown New Jersey. He took my cell phone number and called me later to his room. He started illtreating because of my graduation.  I did post graduation in IT and do not know why Indians in USA are so cynical about BTECH? He cheats women and charge $2000 for SAS course. When I have asked, he said, do not ask how does he gets the software. So most of the Indians in USA and India use pyrite software for training and business purposes. On top of it, they expect employees to do wonders and behave good when they themselves are practicing illegal things. I just wrote an example of it. He also showed his passport that he is the only person got H-1B in 1999 March in US Consulate Chennai. He feels proud for that and insult Indians whoever come after 1999 or 2008. This tendency, I have seen in another caste based Chowdary Bodyshops owner. 

Screenshot: In India, Chowdarys caste based hiring 

Regional or language feelings in India: In Tamilians run software companies in India, all KEY roles occupy by them only. I am writing about IT companies. The same way, any IT company in India. Management is worst though company policies are good or great. One time in 2010, The USA top client head came to my desk and asked me, Kumar do you have any caste problem with the team lead? Why is he scolding you on the business calls? In fact that team lead speaks in Tamil in business calls and Americans complained about him and deported to India by the company itself. I do not know and why do to understand why Tamilians hate Telugus? in USA. 

It is NOT that all are bad but majority in every sect it is like this. Another location, it is bad Indian company and Tamilian team lead who hired me cried because the Kannada language speaking delivery manager fired me for wrong reasons.  Because he took money from OPT student to let him stay in and this Tamilian manager wants that guy to go. What kind of work culture is it? It is not from the childhood, parenting, cate, culture, religions, regions, religions inculcate into the brains of Indians? 

Another example, I tried to help a MS student who already worked 10 years in IT in India. Did his MBA, forwarded his resumes to all the 1000s of vendors that I know. 2014, manually I sent his resume. he started attacking South Indians in the list including me. he said he is from West Bengal and he hates South Indians from childhood. One Srilankan American tried to help me in writing Facebook posts on H-1B topics. he has a IT consultancy and trying to help people if I FWD resumes based upon my honest writings. He helped this man and this Indian ditched him. Later one Telugu guy filed H-1B for him and after 60 days he jumped to Prime vendor of the company by ditch the bodyshops. He disconnected the phone to me and the bodyshop that I referred. He said, he hate to speak to Telugus. he also asked me to find out his friends in my apartment complex Telugus helped him in the past. When I said, he is there in the apartment and then he started attacking both of us. In fact, I drove him in my SUV to visit different apartments along with his wife, son and the Telugu common friend.  This is really shocking to me. If he continued 65 days with that Stupid Indian prime vendor and Indian Telegu bodyshop, the bodyshop would get 65 days money. Because Indian outsourcing companies release money once 65 to 90 days to sub contractors. Many FTE of Indian outsourcing companies do not know. Their Delivery managers and HR managers insert two illegal layers and run away with that money. Lots of hatred among Indians in USA. I really do not understand, why people move places when they cannot learn from new place and new people and give up old bad habits or bad parts o their cultures? 

Screenshot: So education does not guarantee ethics, values, morals and human being. 


Companies in India or Indians run companies or consultancies are worst to work with.

That is why, Kumar always advocate people to move to American MNCs in India for better pay and best work culture. 

One time, a friend told as soon as entering the client building, he said Kumar If you’re boss and employer is an American, your life will be set in America. This is 100% true. unfortunately that building, boss in Indian and a chowdary caste corrupt fellow. you can imagine the rest. 


Indians force employees or contractors to write BONDS. only slaves write bond but not human beings. 

So definitely Indians are worst in Business by breaking rules and violate local laws in USA also. Neither laws nor immigration laws protect victims in USA. In India, forget it, neither the laws nor the justice systems support the victims. It is because of the same Indian mentality for those people in the positions. They think that Employer is GOD and BOSS is always RIGHT. 

After watching my videos, people Indians sent several audio files with full of truth and crime happening in those countries by Indians to Indians. I have yet to make videos on it.

They are from Canada, UAE and Australia, etc. All these people are getting cheated by Indians in India before going abroad and once land in abroad, Indians only cheating Indians. But Indian media always shows Pakistan as India’s enemy or China etc. The fact is, Indians only cheating Indians in India and in foreign countries. Something is seriously wrong in Indians mindsets, education, basic ethics etc. 

I love India and Indians. Dedicated this to honest Indians and honest people to read and share with people. 





You cannot transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant in overnight but IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT. It needs lot of commitment, dedication, sacrifice, effort, expertise and ability to become a reliable SAP Consultant. Unfortunately, there is no short cut to achieve this. Many people are of the opinion that the SAP Certification would bridge this gap however, in fact, it is not. SAP Certification would probably give you a better marketability; however, it does not make you complete SAP Consultant. For that matter, none of the Certifications in the market can you make you an expert consultant. Many people have asked me that they are interested in SAP and wanted to know how to become a good SAP Consultant?

Unfortunately, there is no short cut to become an expert SAP Consultant. There could be some people who followed short cut methods to become SAP Consultants; however, unfortunately, those consultants are only paper consultants. SAP Consultant jobs are lucrative, at the same time; they are mixed with hard work, lot of sacrifices, enormous amount of reading and flexibility to adopt new situations. Those consultants who have the real passion can only become the recognized consultants, remaining all become just workers working for salary. Your reputation lies in your hands by helping the people across the borders. You need to stretch yourself to level of helping people with selflessness and give them the real guidance possible. There are number of qualities that are required to become a successful SAP Consultant. Good education, business process knowledge, good configuration skills, communication, team playing,  understanding the business needs, quality documentation, reading ability, sharing knowledge and many more. A certification cannot make you a successful consultant in a day; however, it would help you in your life long career journey. Nothing can replace your hard work. To become a great SAP consultant is a long term process, learning new points on a daily basis and constructing a palace of knowledge over a period is a key to your success. The way SAP is coming up with new technologies, it is always difficult for the consultants to maintain that pace throughout their career. If you have a great listening quality, then you will always be open to learn new things. Learning is a process of life and there is no end to it. It is the greatest quality of any good quality SAP consultant. Furthermore, you should always will to share the knowledge, rather than hiding it in your head. Many SAP consultants, lacking this great quality. The more you share; your knowledge would be doubled, unlike money.


Many people have asked me how I can become a good SAP Consultant. My only answer is Passion. Without passion, we cannot be successful in what we do. I see myself SAP Consultancy is also skill like swimming. Before I learn swimming, I was always wondering how the people swim. Though I was so passionate for swimming, I did not know how to swim it. Once I learned swimming, and then compete with other people and learning all other new skills. Similarly, the people who aspiring to become a good SAP Consultant, also must be wonder, how can they become a good SAP Consultant. Read as much as you can, Practice whenever you find time and listen to what mentors are saying. Never feel you have reached a pinnacle once you become a SAP Consultant. Becoming SAP Consultant is not the end of story, it is the start of new life and new journey. New life also gives you more challenges, more awards, rewards, and sacrifices to achieve what you want in life. Learning new skill is always a challenge, to become a master in that skill it would take years together. Therefore, to become a great consultant, learn SAP with authority and do not keep any gaps in conceptual knowledge and basic fundamentals. If your fundamentals are strong, then you can build a great palace.
Many people try to fake / exaggerate their CVs to become consultants. Never try to do such things. It would hunt you for life. What you know is what you know. What you do not know is what you do not know. There is always a tomorrow to learn something new and exciting. There is no shame to accept that you do not know something. There is no hard and fast rule that you should know everything in this world. It is unlikely and not possible. THERE ARE ALSO MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY RELUCTANT TO SHARE THEIR KNOWLEDGE. Furthermore, they would discourage the people who are intending to share the knowledge with true spirit. Forget about SAP Consultant, being a social animal, every individual in the society has an ethical responsibility to share something and help the society. The life is only fruitful when you share something to this world and help the fellow human beings. If we are only taking and fail to give anything back to the society, then there is no difference between animal and us.
Though following qualities are not comprehensive list to become a good SAP consultant, however, they would immensely helpful in their life long journey.


Configuration Skills are the most important skills for any SAP Consultant. Unless, you master in this area, you are not going to get the confidence in any project and you will be dependent on other people. You should be master yourself not only just configuring the system, but also needs to understand the impact from end user point of view. There are number of consultants reluctant to put their hands on the key board, however, intended to become master consultants, that is never going to be happened. I have observed number of consultants, they would never take the ownership of doing anything on SAP system, however, sit next to you by just watching and talking. If you are going into that mode, you are never going to be a SAP Consultant. The number of times you are going to configure and follow the business process / end user documents, it would give great confidence. Therefore, try to gather configuration documents and do as much practice as you can. Exploring the options in system gives you enough confidence, as the troubleshooting skills are very required for SAP consulting profession.


SAP Help is like a Bible. Every day start reading SAP help.
 SAP help is written with utmost care by experts. The more number of times that you are reading it would give enormous conceptual clarity. Whatever be level of your skill and knowledge in SAP, you should never forget reading SAP Help. SAP Consultants who mastered has spent thousands of hours reading this. You need to have many years reading on daily basis and it is not an easy job. Many people find it difficult to read huge amount of text regularly and religiously. At one point when the consultants become good in their own area, they tend to ignore reading this. They would refer only as and when required. However, in my opinion, reading SAP Help is habit that needs to be practiced in case if you need to transform yourself to a great consultant.


There is number of people who are very reluctant to share their knowledge. You will only be recognized when you share your knowledge with your clients, colleagues and the community around you. If you do not share your knowledge, the knowledge inside you will be rusted over a period of time. Therefore, always open to learn to new things at the same go for an extra mile to share the knowledge with others. I may not be expert in writing blogs, if anybody is being motivated with my blog, the very purpose of my task is accomplished. It is not required to have great amount of knowledge to share, but you should have wonderful heart. If you just work for yourself, earn yourself and educate yourself, then you would never get an identity in the world. Remove every barrier around you and start using your fullest potential to share the knowledge.


Last, but not the least is Communication Skills. 90% of success to your career is dependent on your communications. Do not underestimate the power of communication skills in your career. It is not that everybody would have great amount of communication skills. It all depends on the natural skills, environment you grown up, the education you have undertaken etc. If you think you do not have them, and then try to develop over a period of time. Communication Skills are not just talking in English, being a SAP Consultant you should always learn to talk both in Business Language and Technical Language. When you go to client places, it is always expected to talk to them in business language. At the same you should also have good command on the technical abilities when you are conveying to the other consultants. Nobody is perfect in this world, keep pushing you to fill the gaps in this area.

I hope by reading this document to some extent you can understand what exactly SAP is…….

Thanks for reading this,
Santosh Tenneti.


Re-Posting the above article on behalf of Santosh Tenneti.

It was posted on KE FacebookPage on 10/06/2013.

Kumar Exclusive.



Every single line is copied from online job portals Attached.

One of the subscribers sent to post it here for awareness to the public to know how a FAKE RESUME looks like.

The comments on the right side on the fake resume is nothing but the technical interviewer received the resume and got suspicious so investigated by copying each line and pasted it on google. Google track it to job portals – original source site.

  For viewers to understand that it is FAKE RESUME, the comment section is remained there. 

That means the person entered USA either in 2017 or 2018 and searching for jobs or poaching the Americans jobs with local USA citizens type of experience which is FAKE in this below attached Resume.

Many brothers in recruitment industry from India told, they do not accept resumes if they see JNTU HYDERABAD on the resume.  


Is America a failed country?

Is America a failed country? 

Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. I have never seen in India, where Indians beg corporations and governments to save their jobs from foreigners.

unfortunately, that I see day in and day out in the USA by Americans.

What else do you need an example to write this, that this country is failed its people and successful outside? yes, it is. 


Example one: Virgil Bierschwale wrote everything on websites by mapping 20 million americans replaced/displaced by Indians with a single word “caste” or “outsourcing”. America failed to stop this crime. In fact, each Indian caste groups earn in trillion dollars profits as non profitable organization and hiring is taking place in the USA by caste. Can you name one country that failed to protect its own people from foreign cheap labor? 

Example Two: See Matt twitter account. How much time he has spend in exposing Indians crime in the USA and USA action is NIL on curbing the crime. So crime wins and crime never ends and people fighting for their jobs and exposing crime will be trolled by Indians in the USA. what a great country? 

Example three: Daily, Americans are asking in emails/phone calls from last one decade, Kumar how to get a job in USA? what a tragedy? I have shared them huge playlist. How to Market your RESUME in USA?:

I write to them on how to get a job and also speak to them but still some get and some are barred from getting the IT JOBS in the USA. why? think! 

It is too much HYPE that majority of the best/good and majority of the FAKE UNIV in the USA created that hype. I have not come across thousands of success stories especially among Indian folks. Example four: In fact, I must drive from MT to MA to find one Indian among 10,000 Indian F1s a successful story. He/she is successes in India, but America failed them here for not getting H-1B in the lottery systems and then waiting period for green card is 15 to 455 years if they are from India. This is after they have a great talent. Ofcoruse no visa is for Talent except O visa. I have met such students also and got O visa and finally green card in Eb1 and started his/her own firm in NON-IT.

Example five:  I must mention NON-IT because Indians have started mushroom kind of pimping (where pimp get her customer and brokers pay a little to her) business in I.T. How come USA is entertaining this kind of crime as business?  I do not need to write names of the Individuals or caste people who are fathers of these crime h-1B bodyshops pimping business. USA failed to punish any ceos of bodyshops. Check PPP funds eating list. That is why 700,000 Indian bodyshops becoming rich in USA and India and 700,000 H-1Bs waiting to receive greed cards to start”bodyshops” pimping business. Is it not failure? 

Example six: This country fails you for no reason. On top of it, I have not come across single Indian who said ” he/she is happy living in the USA”. They always refer to India for happiness and count number of days living in the USA and always remember 24*7 immigration status and ask everyone out there, do you have a green card? how did you get it? 

KE is against generalization but Ofcoruse sometimes need to write like this to understand the depth of the tragedy life in America for many people. They do not speak for various reasons. If they speak people attack them for speaking truth, blame them for being in USA, and what not? So finally, they are living in great depression. I will attach few pictures from the blog, that itself speaks volumes. Nothing has changed a bit in H-1B for last 4 decades but every day, attorneys, Indians, Indian YouTubers, or bloggers writing hype stories just like Indian media to create panic among Indians in the USA and India to cheat them by asking $1 to read daily WhatsApp message on H-1B to $225 for 25 minutes to answer two questions on H-1b or immigration to what not? You will be HAPPY if you do not get into America. VISA or job in USA is 100% luck but it is really SIN to come to America. It is because people take you for a ride just for green card or a dollar. You lose either character or your parents in India or something by the time you realize, you lost everything because of America. America is a great nation built by slaves and now modern slaves Indians are cheating each other and dying for Americans dollars and green cards. It is because every Indian in America feel that India is a specimen copy of hell and lost self-confidence to go back to home countries. 




Example 7:America’s Unemployment Problem

This is what Tanul wrote to KE yesterday.


You may be interested in this because of late we’ve been discussing why the H-1B scam has continued for so long. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I think that happens when you priorities corporations over people — both citizens and immigrants. And when the corporations (including the ‘layers’) dictate what the White House says, then it’s not democracy but oligarchy.  This has been happening in so many countries that it’s scary. Before I began working on the book, I was a cynic (even without knowing all the facts). Now when I know the ‘big picture’, I’ve become more scared, but in a strange way, also hopeful. 

Maybe all of this will end one day. Hoping is better. 

Whenever you’ve a few minutes to spare, you should watch this video:

 “It is about America’s own propaganda of false unemployment rate that is used as a political weapon to tell its citizens that everything is fine”


Public comments


Example 8: My subscribers requested me to

make a video on Homeless people in the USA

Here you go:

Each video costs me lots of time, money and my life because I dig to a great extent and speak truth in the name of GOD if God exists. During this process, some topics like depression, homelessness, unemployment, poverty in USA, takes me down. It is NOT easy to come out of that sadness to understand the depth of the subject to make an awareness video for my viewers. Remember, each video gets me good friends and haters/criminals emails also. 

Telugu Vid: 60 Million Homeless in US, H-1B Life in America ||Kumar Exclusive



The DOG in American landlord’s house is leading better lives than to H-1Bs in the USA. 2010- I wrote this line.


Example 9: Indians frequently hype on LinkedIn

by saying Indians built Silicon valley. If those idiots built America’s silicon Valley, why cannot they built it in India? so false statements. A professor told Kumar, those are called LinkedIn Jokers. 


Example 10: Check mobile phones of your friends/relatives

living in the USA when you get a chance. it speaks volumes. 


Is life in India really so bad?

Life in India.

See this: reason 1

See this: reason 2 


Daily people from India, especially offshore people writing to Kumar that life in India is worst.

They wanted to come to USA and you are exposing H-1B Visa frauds and crime is okay is what they said.

See, everyone wants to aim high and wanted to go abroad for studies or work or earn more money in short time. It is nothing wrong to aim high.

What is wrong is, cheating others and choosing crime path leads to disaster in a foreign courtiers.

We will take an example case Manmeet Singh. He is blaming KE saying that you are exposing Indians crime in H1B, crime is okay and why do you write negatively? Does it make any sense? he posted comments and deleted it. Earlier one IT guy from UK, telugu man wrote 100s of comments and deleted by the next day morning.

People inspite of studied and working in IT in India and U.K still crying for Indians in USA and for writing truth.

What is wrong with these people? Politicians in India cheating India? Lack of basic human values and comparison to USA roads and internet speed and cars? Why do not they understand the complete picture before commenting or attacking others? The average salary of a software coolie in India is $2 an hr and expected to work from 9 to 16 hrs a day. The same coolie moved to onsite, earns $25 an hr if same company sends him/her on L1A/L1B/H-1B etc. If he/she comes on F1 visa, earn $30 an hr on OPT/CPT or Day1cpt etc. H4 EAD his/her spouse earns $30 an hr. Market rate is $70 to $120 plus but as you know all the Indian middlemen mafia in the USA never allow anyone to earn better and breaks all uscis dol irs rules. This none is speaking out for 4 decades. 

50% of Indians want to flee India to USA is what articles says. 

Already 1 billion Indians fled India to 100 countries on this planet and 1.5 billion Indians are living in India. 

The curious case of donkey and donkers: On the great Indian (illegal) immigration trail – The Economic Times (



Recently one Chowdary subscriber called and he said, if he wants to go back to India, reservations for lower caste people and no jobs,

if wanted to continue life in America, USA is NOT giving green cards and all upper caste fellows cheating as layers and employers are eating money or robbing,

what to do Kumar? he asked. 

Even Americans asked questions online to KE, why Indians in India die for USA? Is India that bad? 

Indians pay upto 2 CR INR and reaching USA through Mexico illegally. 

2 CR INR is a very big amount and they cannot earn life time in USA under illegal entry. 


I don’t know what to say about such Anti diversity propaganda forwarded by upper caste on public forrums but they easily hide the fact that these IITs are Centres of propagation of Brahmin agenda. First of all to get in IIT YOU NEED TO SPEND NEARLY .5 MILLION TO 1 MILLION inr for some coaching at institute. If IITs have such high standard they must be top ranking of the QS world ranking. Forget top 10 ,top 25,Top 50,Top 100 they are not even in Top 150. There is a hidden segregation practiced in Indian education system. They rich , upper middle class goes to English medium schools from lkg to 12th. They go go best private schools . They pay huge sums of money for addmission . What about lakhs of students who face low quality teacher at govt.schools .in remote areas of mp ,up Bihar. Additionally police doesn’t care for them ,would not even register their complaint. The amount of castiest slur they receive is enormous in comparison to fees they would pay. This fee waiver thing is only applicable in IITs ,but in other colleges there is a limit to parents income upto 1.5 lakh per annum, 2.5 lakh per annum. Which is difficult to prove if you rich . So , bramin chaubey only tells his struggle to see a dalit processing . No wonder Brahmins have monopoly on education,media,politice and judiciary in India. May be they are definately Aaryan brothers of Hitler. They wouldn’t do anything to impove their life However when any lower caste does the same they get stomach upset. There was a girl who stood first in UPSE despite being a dalit ,as her parents were well to do and she took addmission in du .she has been a consistent performer through whole acadmic career ,took coaching and get all India rank 1 ,but she was cyberbullyied by this upper caste hypocrite lobby of nationalists. There is a tedx talk in which she told about how she was made to feel bad for securing 1st rank😂. Dalits study there is a problem. Dalit do not study there is no problem.

Awareness about how to hire a good lawyer in US

Awareness about how to hire a good lawyer in US

One of the followers shared personal experience on how Indian attorneys or lawyers work and their work ethics in the USA

Subscriber from personal experience and research thinks Indian lawyers in the US are the worst lawyers when compared to non- Indian lawyers in terms of their work ethics.

They usually come online on Facebook and give sessions to the audience just to become famous but nothing else.

Here, Lawyers usually prefer to come on TV and Radio to get famous so that they attract innocent clients and do publicity but in reality a true lawyer never needs publicity instead they get publicity by their true hard working nature for a client and through mouth publicity for their good work towards clients.

When subscriber did some research from their friend’s experience, talks in verbal and videos on you tube on lawyers in the US and their service towards clients, found that they speak as if they understand the pain of International students (F1) and H1B’s but in reality they do not.

The way they speak on Indian Telugu channels or Indian languages TV and radio interviews projects that they are faking a lot.  

In the end of their interviews to Telugu news channels they speak about the fraudulent employers taking H1B fees from students but in reality they are in favor of body shops (even your (Kumar – KE) one of the video shows the same) and fraud IT jobs always as they can make money out of their profession by supporting them.

In general, from personal experience, Indian lawyers are comparatively bad in the US and most commercialized.

From personal experience, some information subscriber wants to share is they (lawyers) trouble their clients to the most by making them come to their offices each day/week and not giving proper appointments, shut doors on the faces of their clients, making their assistants to tell client that they are not in office but they are sitting inside a room in the office, on the first day of the meet with them they talk smoothly until the client pays money and from the immediate next day they avoid clients, they try most not to meet client in person or phone from the second day only, all of a sudden they increase the fees once they come to know that client has a sibling or relative in US who is working or had green card/citizen  (so never say you have some sibling/relative to help you financially in US),they never lift client calls and they will make the case prolong to the most for years together until they make complete money out of it, make the client wait by not filing the documentation until couple of days to the deadline and then force the client to hire them only as the client will be left with no choice as the deadline to file the documentation is very near (this is the strategy bad lawyers use to get more clients get easily trapped and had to hire them as they are left with no option).This shows the lack of ethics in their service to the client. Subscriber suggests that do a proper research (in google see reviews) about a law firm and lawyer before you hire. Initially, talk to multiple lawyers and get an opinion on your case before you hire any lawyer where many local and international lawyers offer free consultation on the first talk.

As told by a lawyer to subscriber, in case after hiring a bad lawyer, if you feel that lawyer is troubling you by not properly answering or responding to your case, you have a right to change the lawyer as lawyers are here to help a client and not to trouble them.

As told by a lawyer to subscriber that you can change a lawyer in middle of case if you hire a bad lawyer but should be little cautious and careful in going with the process.

Be careful before choosing any lawyer and always do proper research about a lawyer and law firm before hiring them.

Subscriber’s personal advice for any clients who seek legal advice is never ever go to an Indian lawyer instead choose a non- Indian lawyer because they trouble you by prolonging the case, make you pay more money, never give proper response to clients. Choose a non-Indian lawyer or just sit and read the law rules from the government website, law related official website and google. That is the best way.

On the firsthand, better do not try to fall in any legal issues and if it requires any help then do not choose Indian lawyer instead choose a non – Indian lawyer.

Always see the google reviews before you choose a lawyer.

You will be shocked to see most of the bad and worst reviews are for Indian lawyers in google.

Everything became business here in the US.

All the professions especially IT, body shops and their owners, middle men in IT jobs, Indian LAWYERS, doctors, health practitioners, consultants like travel ticket consultants, IT recruiters, real estate people, Managers (they don’t deserve that position as many are with fake bachelor’s degree and have green card) are doing business in US.

In the disguise of wearing a blazer and professionally dressed they are doing cheap business in the US.

If you make them write one exam on the basics of their bachelor’s degree, out of 100, 99 will fail for sure but they act as if they have come up with a hard-working career.

They came with a fake profile and fake career.

This is the famous business by Indians in the US.

Thank you,

Your subscriber.

Happy Country with Happy People 

Happy Country with Happy People 

KE wrote this on Jun 20, 2014, 6:40 PM

Happy Country with Happy People

We believe this post will be highly Informative useful to young Indians.

For those who desired to see the world

For those who desired to change

For those who wish to settle in Abroad for Change but not for just money

People rated Top Ten Countries on basis of different things.

High Happiest Life

High Quality Life

High Human Development Index

High Equality

High Environmental Condition

High Economic Balance


Social Support – Share & Care
High Freedom of Choice 

Less Corruption 

Less Crime


These are the points which people derive. If you Google Top 10 Countries to live, you will get first 7 or 8 links but not all of them say the same. So, we must evaluate all countries and then we must create our own list of top 10 Countries.

For me it Top is Denmark because no murder, peaceful people, happy lives, cool weather, nice nature, and environment. Highly Peaceful and Great Quality Living and more over great place for business.

Have you ever heard of countries where murder and other crime rates are at zero? Can there be any other country offering a pollution-free and corruption-free life quality with stable economic growth even at recession times? If you want to live in such a country, head on to Denmark because it is the only country that comes closely to offer all the above. Every Danish citizen receives an outstanding health care system since it is their basic right. Therefore, Denmark tops for me as they have happiest lives in the world. 


For me 

1st Denmark

2nd Best is Sweden for me

3rd Norway

4th Netherlands

5th Canada

6th Switzerland

7th Finland

9th United States

10th I can give this place to UK, Germany, Austria & Belgium. 

And Iceland.


What about New Zealand?

New Zealand is Good Country. Citizen Friendly Government.

Naturally Good

So, USA is in 9th but why people and world is so crazy? About America!

People go crazy about America because it’s America

America was built only 400 Years old

It’s land of destiny and fortune

America is Open for All Nations
America is for ALL

Americans molded their lives for goodness

Americans committed for love and humanity

Americans live for freedom and die for freedom

My Personal Experiences:

Some of my friends studied in NZ

I met a peer in North Carolina, not one many.
They said Europe is best, work cultures and everything etc.
One told me, she moved to USA, because her husband liked it.
Telugus moved from Germany to USA said ” Germany is great but he had a feeling that he miss USA” so he moved to USA.
the list is endless.

One guy from UK expressed in Bus journey here in USA, he is visiting USA in 2009, settled in UK, lawyer a Bangladeshi by nationality with family wants to move to USA.
Asked KE, how to get green card, my knowledge is zero on GC at that time in 2009.
Many told KE several stories.

A distant cousin from Australia who explained,  helped in getting all the information about Australia told me, taxes are high.
He is CA.
Learned people soft, SAP applied for immigration and went there by took loan.
Later from Australia he informed to someone to meet him in Vijayawada.
Because, I don’t have phone, etc. anything.
People used to write letters to me.
Those days or some neighbor’s telephone line and wait for their Trunk calls/STD/ISD call.

This below picture is from Denmark, Country with No Dust .. Only with fully of flowers, colorful trees and green lush. 


We do not have Humanity, honestly but we tell ours land of Karma and Vedas.

We are now facing it as Land of Scams and Slums

Land of Rapes (Marital Rapes, Rapes on Wheels, Rapes on Roads and hang on Trees)

Indians committed for Castes & Corruption.
We are committed for Cash (to avoid Tax in USA too our guys demand Cash only if you go to any Indian Streets or talk to any Indian) Cinemas, Cricket, Crime, Congress.  .

All C’s are true. All C lead Indians to Collapse 

Kashmir an incredibly beautiful place on earth.
Same beauty I saw in Montana.
But we have violence in Kashmir.
After train passes through Delhi to Jammu route you sense that violence.
Srinagar, I was not sure I will return to home.
One time auto stopped, he asked me to take bag and run away because Army and Amarnath Pilgrims and all fighting on streets.

In built terrorism killed all or majority Hindus or Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir State and an Article 370 of the Indian Constitution bar rest of the Indians to buy houses/properties there hence they eliminated all Hindus last few decades.





Social Progress Index puts  

TOP 5 nations

  1. Norway

  2. Sweden

  3. Switzerland

4 Iceland

5 New Zealand

16 USA

128 India, lower than even Nepal and Bangladesh

The Index ranks and analyses 133 countries with similar resources

101 Social Progress Index rank

93 GDP per capita ranks

ppl comments:

Does that wake up anyone in charge?

Things are going from bad to worse. The 60 years Congress rule has destroyed the country. It will take at least 200 years to make any changes.

vast population is the reason for India to rank lower than Nepal.

India being a country with 1.6 billion population needs to work harder. Yes the population explosion has effected the development of India but the nexus of corruption between minister, elite corporate groups and bureaucracy has led this country with rich bountiful natural resources what the nation is today. Congress never had done enough in its 60 years rule

Yes. SPI is the real index that must be taken for a country like India and for the whole world because according to GDP model, only the wealthy people like Ambani could lead a life of happy n luxury life. According GDP model if the richest lead a life then how could poor people live happily. According to national per capital income per a person are those rich people giving any money to the poor people.

Please read our post on this page earlier we wrote “Happy Country with Happy People” top 10 nations in the world to live as per freedom, life, work, per capita, GDP etc.