Awareness about how to hire a good lawyer in US

Awareness about how to hire a good lawyer in US

One of the followers shared personal experience on how Indian attorneys or lawyers work and their work ethics in the USA

Subscriber from personal experience and research thinks Indian lawyers in the US are the worst lawyers when compared to non- Indian lawyers in terms of their work ethics.

They usually come online on Facebook and give sessions to the audience just to become famous but nothing else.

Here, Lawyers usually prefer to come on TV and Radio to get famous so that they attract innocent clients and do publicity but in reality a true lawyer never needs publicity instead they get publicity by their true hard working nature for a client and through mouth publicity for their good work towards clients.

When subscriber did some research from their friend’s experience, talks in verbal and videos on you tube on lawyers in the US and their service towards clients, found that they speak as if they understand the pain of International students (F1) and H1B’s but in reality they do not.

The way they speak on Indian Telugu channels or Indian languages TV and radio interviews projects that they are faking a lot.  

In the end of their interviews to Telugu news channels they speak about the fraudulent employers taking H1B fees from students but in reality they are in favor of body shops (even your (Kumar – KE) one of the video shows the same) and fraud IT jobs always as they can make money out of their profession by supporting them.

In general, from personal experience, Indian lawyers are comparatively bad in the US and most commercialized.

From personal experience, some information subscriber wants to share is they (lawyers) trouble their clients to the most by making them come to their offices each day/week and not giving proper appointments, shut doors on the faces of their clients, making their assistants to tell client that they are not in office but they are sitting inside a room in the office, on the first day of the meet with them they talk smoothly until the client pays money and from the immediate next day they avoid clients, they try most not to meet client in person or phone from the second day only, all of a sudden they increase the fees once they come to know that client has a sibling or relative in US who is working or had green card/citizen  (so never say you have some sibling/relative to help you financially in US),they never lift client calls and they will make the case prolong to the most for years together until they make complete money out of it, make the client wait by not filing the documentation until couple of days to the deadline and then force the client to hire them only as the client will be left with no choice as the deadline to file the documentation is very near (this is the strategy bad lawyers use to get more clients get easily trapped and had to hire them as they are left with no option).This shows the lack of ethics in their service to the client. Subscriber suggests that do a proper research (in google see reviews) about a law firm and lawyer before you hire. Initially, talk to multiple lawyers and get an opinion on your case before you hire any lawyer where many local and international lawyers offer free consultation on the first talk.

As told by a lawyer to subscriber, in case after hiring a bad lawyer, if you feel that lawyer is troubling you by not properly answering or responding to your case, you have a right to change the lawyer as lawyers are here to help a client and not to trouble them.

As told by a lawyer to subscriber that you can change a lawyer in middle of case if you hire a bad lawyer but should be little cautious and careful in going with the process.

Be careful before choosing any lawyer and always do proper research about a lawyer and law firm before hiring them.

Subscriber’s personal advice for any clients who seek legal advice is never ever go to an Indian lawyer instead choose a non- Indian lawyer because they trouble you by prolonging the case, make you pay more money, never give proper response to clients. Choose a non-Indian lawyer or just sit and read the law rules from the government website, law related official website and google. That is the best way.

On the firsthand, better do not try to fall in any legal issues and if it requires any help then do not choose Indian lawyer instead choose a non – Indian lawyer.

Always see the google reviews before you choose a lawyer.

You will be shocked to see most of the bad and worst reviews are for Indian lawyers in google.

Everything became business here in the US.

All the professions especially IT, body shops and their owners, middle men in IT jobs, Indian LAWYERS, doctors, health practitioners, consultants like travel ticket consultants, IT recruiters, real estate people, Managers (they don’t deserve that position as many are with fake bachelor’s degree and have green card) are doing business in US.

In the disguise of wearing a blazer and professionally dressed they are doing cheap business in the US.

If you make them write one exam on the basics of their bachelor’s degree, out of 100, 99 will fail for sure but they act as if they have come up with a hard-working career.

They came with a fake profile and fake career.

This is the famous business by Indians in the US.

Thank you,

Your subscriber.

Happy Country with Happy People 

Happy Country with Happy People 

KE wrote this on Jun 20, 2014, 6:40 PM

Happy Country with Happy People

We believe this post will be highly Informative useful to young Indians.

For those who desired to see the world

For those who desired to change

For those who wish to settle in Abroad for Change but not for just money

People rated Top Ten Countries on basis of different things.

High Happiest Life

High Quality Life

High Human Development Index

High Equality

High Environmental Condition

High Economic Balance


Social Support – Share & Care
High Freedom of Choice 

Less Corruption 

Less Crime


These are the points which people derive. If you Google Top 10 Countries to live, you will get first 7 or 8 links but not all of them say the same. So, we must evaluate all countries and then we must create our own list of top 10 Countries.

For me it Top is Denmark because no murder, peaceful people, happy lives, cool weather, nice nature, and environment. Highly Peaceful and Great Quality Living and more over great place for business.

Have you ever heard of countries where murder and other crime rates are at zero? Can there be any other country offering a pollution-free and corruption-free life quality with stable economic growth even at recession times? If you want to live in such a country, head on to Denmark because it is the only country that comes closely to offer all the above. Every Danish citizen receives an outstanding health care system since it is their basic right. Therefore, Denmark tops for me as they have happiest lives in the world. 


For me 

1st Denmark

2nd Best is Sweden for me

3rd Norway

4th Netherlands

5th Canada

6th Switzerland

7th Finland

9th United States

10th I can give this place to UK, Germany, Austria & Belgium. 

And Iceland.


What about New Zealand?

New Zealand is Good Country. Citizen Friendly Government.

Naturally Good

So, USA is in 9th but why people and world is so crazy? About America!

People go crazy about America because it’s America

America was built only 400 Years old

It’s land of destiny and fortune

America is Open for All Nations
America is for ALL

Americans molded their lives for goodness

Americans committed for love and humanity

Americans live for freedom and die for freedom

My Personal Experiences:

Some of my friends studied in NZ

I met a peer in North Carolina, not one many.
They said Europe is best, work cultures and everything etc.
One told me, she moved to USA, because her husband liked it.
Telugus moved from Germany to USA said ” Germany is great but he had a feeling that he miss USA” so he moved to USA.
the list is endless.

One guy from UK expressed in Bus journey here in USA, he is visiting USA in 2009, settled in UK, lawyer a Bangladeshi by nationality with family wants to move to USA.
Asked KE, how to get green card, my knowledge is zero on GC at that time in 2009.
Many told KE several stories.

A distant cousin from Australia who explained,  helped in getting all the information about Australia told me, taxes are high.
He is CA.
Learned people soft, SAP applied for immigration and went there by took loan.
Later from Australia he informed to someone to meet him in Vijayawada.
Because, I don’t have phone, etc. anything.
People used to write letters to me.
Those days or some neighbor’s telephone line and wait for their Trunk calls/STD/ISD call.

This below picture is from Denmark, Country with No Dust .. Only with fully of flowers, colorful trees and green lush. 


We do not have Humanity, honestly but we tell ours land of Karma and Vedas.

We are now facing it as Land of Scams and Slums

Land of Rapes (Marital Rapes, Rapes on Wheels, Rapes on Roads and hang on Trees)

Indians committed for Castes & Corruption.
We are committed for Cash (to avoid Tax in USA too our guys demand Cash only if you go to any Indian Streets or talk to any Indian) Cinemas, Cricket, Crime, Congress.  .

All C’s are true. All C lead Indians to Collapse 

Kashmir an incredibly beautiful place on earth.
Same beauty I saw in Montana.
But we have violence in Kashmir.
After train passes through Delhi to Jammu route you sense that violence.
Srinagar, I was not sure I will return to home.
One time auto stopped, he asked me to take bag and run away because Army and Amarnath Pilgrims and all fighting on streets.

In built terrorism killed all or majority Hindus or Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir State and an Article 370 of the Indian Constitution bar rest of the Indians to buy houses/properties there hence they eliminated all Hindus last few decades.





Social Progress Index puts  

TOP 5 nations

  1. Norway

  2. Sweden

  3. Switzerland

4 Iceland

5 New Zealand

16 USA

128 India, lower than even Nepal and Bangladesh

The Index ranks and analyses 133 countries with similar resources

101 Social Progress Index rank

93 GDP per capita ranks

ppl comments:

Does that wake up anyone in charge?

Things are going from bad to worse. The 60 years Congress rule has destroyed the country. It will take at least 200 years to make any changes.

vast population is the reason for India to rank lower than Nepal.

India being a country with 1.6 billion population needs to work harder. Yes the population explosion has effected the development of India but the nexus of corruption between minister, elite corporate groups and bureaucracy has led this country with rich bountiful natural resources what the nation is today. Congress never had done enough in its 60 years rule

Yes. SPI is the real index that must be taken for a country like India and for the whole world because according to GDP model, only the wealthy people like Ambani could lead a life of happy n luxury life. According GDP model if the richest lead a life then how could poor people live happily. According to national per capital income per a person are those rich people giving any money to the poor people.

Please read our post on this page earlier we wrote “Happy Country with Happy People” top 10 nations in the world to live as per freedom, life, work, per capita, GDP etc.

truth about IIT guys

Silicon Valley Bay area:

They hire F1 OPT CPT for $20 an hr. These start up companies owners have studied B.TECH in IIT colleges in India. USA recognizes B.TECH degree from IITs only, rest it does not recognize or consider.
In fact, BTECH from India = tissue paper in USA. If you do not know, google it. Irony is, the elite class students also not exempted in violating rules like “mom&pop consultancies” where the owners are B.A/B.COM/BSC/BTECH failed or from “TAPPAS” bogus colleges.
The sole purpose of IIT is to “BUILD INDIA”but not “DITCH INDIA” by flee India to USA for dollars, green cards, US passport & self goals. So the respect for IITs in USA is 0, sorry bro and sisters.
Those who do not know what is IIT?
The Indian Institutes of Technology are premiere autonomous public technical and research universities located across India. They are governed by the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961, which has declared them as institutions of national importance and lays down their powers, duties, and framework for governance

2009, one guy called KE to trap to his “mom & pop consultancies”. his introduction was, he was a graduate from IIT. so what? he is still doing h-1b broker business in USA like trapping other Indians. IIT has more value in India than to USA though USA recognize only IIT’s BTECH degree.

On the positive note, some of the IITs friends/Ex peers talk very politely and explain the issue technical in IIT style than to regular BTECH batches. So that you will never ask him/she how to fix the problem? You will get that much information to drive an issue.

Otherwise, in India, anyone get into IITs behave like IAS officers “head strong and bossy” just in USA, Indians posses Green Cards. NOT all but only a majority.

“It’s true. My h1b coworkers also say IIT are the best colleges in India.

In the US no one has ever heard of them and the name sounds like ITT which is a technical school in the US that closed.

If you graduated from ITT or DeVry here your coworkers will laugh at you.”  – Matthew Bonness

Education in India

Education in India

It is a very complex subject to touch.

The school system in India has four levels:

lower primary (age 6 to 10),

upper primary (11 and 12), high (13 to 15) and

higher secondary (17 and 18). – Internet

In other words, Pre LKG, LKG, UKG, 1 first standard to 10th standard and 11 and 12th. In Some states it is called +2 or Intermediate. Parents admit at 2-3 years of age into schooling, till the age of 18 study, study and study. No sports and games. After schooling it is 3 yr degree(BA/BCOM/BSC/BBM etc) or 4 yr BTECH degree. Medicine MBBS, just forget it, less seats for medical, high competition and private medical colleges cannot affordable by normal people.

Sports and Games:

only passionate kids participate in it and no much encouragement. Cannot make a career out of it definitely.

The above is theory, reality is, two years itself, parents admit kid in pre-LKG schools by paying 2,00,000 INR fees annually. 2,717.02 United States Dollar. This is apart from bus transportation and school annual functions cost etc. 

The lower primary school is divided into five “standards”, upper primary school into two, high school into three and higher secondary into two.

Is India good for education?

“The country is generally a good fit for Indian students because of its world-class engineering programs and—importantly—tuition-free education. Until recently, language barriers and limited post-study work opportunities kept Germany largely off the radar of Indian students” – Internet

Why Indian education system is best?

“One of the best advantageous points of the Indian education system is its inexpensiveness. Unlike other developed countries in the world, knowledge is clubbed with economy here and any student willing to explore the abundantly spread resources of education in the country can do so without spending exorbitantly. Aug 13, 2012″ – Internet 

“5 good things about the Indian education system”

KE posted polls:

Poll says, Indian parents, schools and government combinedly fault for ruining the children life,

career and abusing human rights of the children in India.

Mixed comments: Ashish Tripathi wrote about schools in the USA. Valid information.

Mixed comments

Mixed comments

Mixed comments

What is KE’s stake on the Education in India?


KE’s former bosses an Ex. IAS officers and many of his friends in government now in top services have studied under street lights. Studied under street lights means, no electricity in the houses. That poor. It is not that they are individually that poor, the towns/villages/cities that they are living is  having that poor infrastructure. Of course some cannot afford it also. But they studied hard to come up in life.

What is present situation?

2018, KE went to to corporate schools in India, they afraid to give bill or the annual prices, monthly fees, donations(bribes) to write it on the paper when inquired about school fees. In other words or in short cut, all private schools in INDIA are doing illegal business against state governments and central Government rules. They are asking huge money from parents without having any basic school in fracture like proper toilets (In USA, we call rest room), no play grounds. Of Course in India, sports and games is an untouchable subject. Education in India is: mugging, marks, ranks and seats in Engineering or BTECH colleges and MS in USA is the aim but nothing else. People consider government schools are only for poor and private schools for lower middle class and corporate schools for upper middle class and “international schools” for RICH people. There is nothing called lower or upper middle class, it is only rich and poor in the society. The Indian parents mindsets is, they do not want their children sit next to the children of the watchman of their building or apartment. Hence the more fees you pay, the more level of “class” PRIVATE schools available in India. So education is purely a business in India just like Medical. No values, no ethics, no morals and no social education so where is equality, humanity, compassion, empathy in India? From childhood, parents pamper children to grow within their caste systems or school systems  or limited societies.

What are the KE subscribers/friends from USA shared inputs about schools in India?

KE watched a Telegu video where one couple confronting the wrong doings of an International school “Mount Litera Zee High School in Hyderabad India”. For name sake it is international but it is 100% local attitude only. KE shared that video to friends and took their inputs and posting it here for the public interest and awareness.

Here are the videos and links and unfortunately they are in Telugu language otherwise more or less across India, same problem. Can you imagine the fate or plight of poor in India? Government schools students?

Educational experts, lawyers, parents have come forward to discuss the educational crisis in India

Educational experts debate on this topic on a news channel

Private School management blaming parents are attacking the school.

This is from Prof K Nageshwar Channel:

ప్రైవేట్ ఉపాధ్యాయుల అగత్యాలు, పిల్లలపై ఫీజుల భారాలు || Private school teachers pathetic plight || The teachers in private schools in Telangana were in dire straits and some have been forced to take up farm work during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown as they have not received salaries from mid March,a body of them said. There were around 11,700 government-recognised private schools in the state employing around 1.50 lakh teachers and they had not got their salaries since March 15, Telangana Private Teachers Forum president Sheik Shabbir Ali claimed. Left with no option, some private teachers were now forced to take up agricultural works in villages. In one instance, a teacher in Yadadri-Bhongir district had taken up drought-related works of removing unwanted plants in a village, he said. The association has represented to the government and also officials in districts about the problem despite circulars that teachers should be paid salaries as per government orders issued while announcing lockdown, he said.

I am a private school teacher sir. Our life became really horrible sir. Thanks for making this video sir.

Here you go:

KE told ex colleagues or friends about India news
one of my friend’s wife(in USA, we call spouse) admitted in hospitals for Covid19, they charged 5 lakhs INR, 30K per day room rent
I watched one video, film actors couple fighting with corporate school in HYD
they are charging in lakhs for zoom online classes from all students, lift maintenance no life in school, bus transportation etc
across India same in private schools and AP T state worst he said
kids in USA are lucky enough

Indian diaspora that is Indians living outside India afraid to go back after seeing these educational low standards and high prices and war type situation in educational systems.

Person A:

 Well, we paid taxes and feel that online classes are not sufficient for the money we are paying
Cut the teachers salary and refund us the amount next tax return

Person B

Same way if they start cutting salary for the remote IT workers like us ? Then we will start feeling the pain

They need to still maintain the school infrastructure. You need think from there shoes. If you run a school tell me will u be running online classes for free. (U will be still paying the bank loan and all maintenance for your school property


[17:11, 9/16/2020] : I understand but government passed rules
[17:11, 9/16/2020] : No fees during Covid19 situation

Principal talking exactly like Person B  Pay or get out and She said on the call

Person B: we run a ladies hostel in Chennai. From day one of pandemic we didn’t charge single rupees to tenants. But by gods grace we own the property for decades together and we do not have any loan or commitments in the property and we are not that dependent on the income we get from that by gods grace. So it’s not a big problem for us. I know few of my friends who run these kind of hostel where they purchased property on bank loan and they need to pay monthly emi. They purely rely on the income to pay the monthly emi for the property loan and they rely on that income for there family living. Now they end up paying for pending monthly emi’s and there life is all screwed. So much hard work they did on Business all got screwed


[17:23, 9/16/2020] K: 🙏reading this. Yes understood. That’s what principal said, we have to pay bus driver whether schools on or off.

Person B: They also need to pay the teachers and Infrastructure still to continue online teaching.

 They would have bought the school buses on loan and they might still need to pay emi for the busses and vans which they purchased. Big shots who run school Business can survive. The middle class people who did a startup school business and who is still upcoming in life is all screwed
Government should give free laptop and tablets to government school students only and they should equip well qualified teachers and infrastructure to government schools and make government school shine bright. They should introduce google classroom like how they do in public school here and they should use this opportunity to make people send there kids to government schools
This is BS to screw the private schools. U know what will happen. These private schools will soon run out of business and will close there facility

Person A:

We pay for the building and infrastructure. Client pays me for the code. And they can hire anyone they want every other month. Two different businesses.
We don’t move schools every 3 months. Schools should come up with a payment plan for unpaid fees.
Payment plans don’t work in India because our loan system sucks.
Schools have a problem of losing children to other schools if online classes continue. Cause they can sit for exams privately

KE: Excellent points

Person B: Government should improve public government schools quality & they should allow local big companies to adopt government schools & give give tax free for companies who spend /adopt local government schools

Person A: People don’t want to send their kids to same class as street children. I mean with the same kids. I see 1 private school to 7 govt schools in my zip. My house tax is 5000 per year 😭

Person B: They should not torture private schools. America we have private schools & public schools. Same way government should improve public school by giving free laptops, tablets / internet for public school students alone. This number they can be achieved if government focus on there public school systems & make it shine good like America public school

Person A: Yes but it will kill all the private schools owners

Person B: That’s way better than government banning them not to collect fees. They should make a law that all government employees (including IAS, IPA/IFS/IRS  officers) & politicians should send their kids to government schools only. If not they loose their jobs or positions. Things will get cleaned up automatically.

Person A: Lovely

KE: TRUE.  Many comments on this same. My schooling takes place across the two Telegu states. I have studied in Kakinada Eluru Nuzvid, Vijaywawada, Giddalur, Vizag, Vizianagaram, Hyderabad. My accent mixture of three regions.  I spent 100 INR for my graduation annual fees. $1=75 INR. My post graduation in IT is paid from my salaries while working in India. Education is less expensive or cheap in those days.

Person A: Why did you move to so many places in your schooling?

KE:  Studied with my uncle’s son, he was high court judge rtd now, then district judge and keep getting transfers.

Mastaru, I am writing a post on education in India, schools, please give me a title: like mafia corporates schools or something or your wish. I will use some of the advises that you made, children of IAS/IPS/Ministers/Politicians /CM and PMs should go to schools then problems will be fixed automatically. Wonderful.

Person A:

Locally collected taxes should go to schools directly. State govt should decentralize schools. Schools can be developed by local governing bodies. Standard of education should be set by the state. State should stop running the school business. Remember when AP India state manufactured scooter’s?
That’s what is happening to schools. If education is a business then government has failed in it.

KE: honestly, if you start a school or hospital in India, you will become super rich in no time just like politicians or criminals entering politics in India. within no time, you will become super rich but if you send your children to corporate schools or colleges in India or corporate hospitals, either they commit suicide or you lose your health, wealth or property and everything. Tragedy in India. God save India!