Please just watch these videos.
It is very easy to poach Americans jobs in USA.
1 Out sourcing companies, their delivery managers take $10 an hour commission with friends layer companies. 2. FAKE/Felony/Proxy.
2.STEM students get corrupted with Indian Incs and poaching your jobs instead of apply 40K to 50K starting salaries without faking resumes.
3. No Indian hiring manager hire Americans or locals. Indian hiring managers hire by caste/region of India or language of India and religion to erase America’s EEO.
Some Indians who are doing crime in USA are daily writing filthy about me on local Indian sites. Please watch them out as they harm you too and involve in terrorist activities also in USA. Please report about those people and sites to US government if you come across.

All Indian Fraudsters and Indian Fraudulent MS Students , who corrupted US Staffing System by faking their experience to get jobs are highly offended by our truth expositions. Now those Cheap, Crooked, Immoral, Unethical, Shameless Indians defaming Kumar, spreading hate speech, using derogatory comments and profane language against Kumar. Everyone in USA must be educated about this massive employment havoc caused by Indian Fraudsters, using all sorts of loopholes in the Staffing and Immigration Systems. Please support us, Condemn and discourage the malpractice done by some wicked Indians in USA.

Myvisajobs does a good job of exposing the data.

But I wanted to find a way that would be beneficial to the worker living in a specific city, so I created a system that they can search only the data for the city they are looking for.

Feel free to share and send it to US government for justice.