Is America promoting Crime and Slavery in H-1B?

America is nothing but slavery? or

Is America promoting Crime and Slavery in H-1B?

Unfortunately the answer is YES.

Whoever deny it is for denial sake only.

A BIG Hypocrite or a criminal.

Check FACTS!

Kumar aired his google voice number as H-1B Hotline. This is America supposed to do 4 decades ago and but USA is watching this DRAMA. So where do H-1B victims report?

Indians with GC and USC, Attorneys rip H-1Bs or non immigrants in the USA.

Can you show one good Indian employer in the USA? who is following USCIS/DOL/IRS rules?

Can you name one H-1B employer get punished for his/her crime? Can you show one H-1B victim who gets justice? It is almost impossible.

Your people in USA are doing either slavery or crime but positing fake pictures on Facebook and WhatsApp. 


America designed this slavery visas – nothing has changed in four decades. So your friends or relatives in the America are just either a slaver or a criminal.

Here you go: America needs cheap people or slaves but not talent or Americans Take the case of “A system administrator salary in USA.” to write this post. This 100K salary of a slave administrator drives everyone in India to USA. The people in offshore some of them cry by looking at onsite people salaries. They missed to see immigration hiccups, local expenses. In India, if your employer is bad, you can change jobs but in USA, if your employer is bad, you cannot do anything as you are a slave or sex slave to your employer because your immigration or non-immigration tied up with a slave master- That is America’s plan to import cheap labor from outside USA to replace/displace Americans for cents. Instead of paying $100,000 to H-1Bs or employees, bodyshops eat that money along with their spouse companies. Including outsourcing companies. So, the employees of Indian employers are slaves in a foreign country and do not open the mouths against the employer’s crime. THE USA also give fcuk to these slaves. it is like life in GULF, but Indians in USA post fake pictures on Facebook to give false impression to external world. A classic example for you to explain a case. Position Title: System Administrator Compensation: Annual Salary (based on 40 hours per week) $96,000.00 plus $2,000.00 insurance allowance, 11 paid Holidays, 10 days PTO, SIMPLE IRA 1% Match Optional Benefits: Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, Term Life Insurance Alternate Compensation (without benefits): W2 $51/hour or C2C $56/hour C2C means, slave masters agreement between corporations and ofcoruse if you have a GC, you can do that job with your firm with the prime slave master. $51, you pay all state and Federal taxes like Americans though you are temporary slave or worker in USA. Your take home would be somewhere 50% of 51 dollars and you pay end up all local expenses unless you live 15 to 25 members in one-bedroom apartment like MS students or outsourcing companies’ employees or bodyshops slaves. This is NOT seen to IT folks in Offshore people. To avoid this pathetic life, if you take up USA client FTE jobs, you never know when they throw you on US highways once the cheap labor work is done or outsourced to cheapest people on this planet. Thanks for reading this. Check with your friends or relatives in the America, why are they silent? Silent is NOT an option. The very first enemy in USA is your nationalities especially Indian.

US elections Americans voice 

US elections Americans voice 

Time to separate truth from lies, people of the Lord and follow the Lord to the pretenders, liars and witches!!!


As the US election is NOW behind us, even with all the lies and foolishness still being spewed to confuse and cause strife among men.  There were so many preachers and persons that called themselves prophets that spoke prophecies and said this is what the Lord had said. I am EXTREMELY angry at both elected politicians and media that have played in dishonesty and conspiracy theories, these people who claim to love this union, wear flags and speak authoritatively. However, they have dealt democracy a life altering blow, NOTHING excuses, the people of the LORD, which is supposed to be a higher calling, and a strict mandate on truth/honesty/love and helping the least among us.  However, they now speak about “alternative facts”, they openly have joined in this dark dishonesty that a free society can NOT survive.  They are smothering freedom in the light of day with glee and cheer.

 The very truths and freedom that they say they believe and love they work against! 

This is the doctrine of demons and spirits of darkness and division that are far from the Lord and father! 

I have never seen so many prophecies come to life than in the last 4 years. 

IF you do not understand what I mean, sit down and read the book of revelations.

These people that call themselves people of God owe an apology and need to pray for forgiveness from the Lord. 

If they are true prophets, this should have already been done.  However, I have not seen ANY of these people MOVE!! 

Even, now far after the end, the Evilness, lies and corruption have not stopped. Even as FOX News has recently moved away and the Attorney General has started to distance himself  from this awesome assault.  The evil childlike president rants and continues to commit ridiculous feats of lies, while clearly attempting to overturn righteous election by the people!!!  This is the essence of self-rule, “democracy”  the overturning of an election, which would make us a true autocracy and puppet government, now at the same time, he is attempting to rush people to executions and pardon himself and family for theft, conspiracy and working with our advisories.  This man never supported the US people or Government, Therefore, why are so many republicans and Christians pastors and prophets scared to move!!  “Read revelations”!!   Can someone show me ANY Christian values in this president or the people around him?  Last night’s rant, that looked straight out of what I saw as a child in countries that had military or dictator’s.  He used the US presidential seal to deliver another in a line of lies, foolish conspiracy theories. Just made up dumb lies and again, silence from the leaders!! 

I will close on this, 2700 American citizens died yesterday, and will continue to died every day, but NOTHING from the leader of the Country, the virus is now out of control. Nothing will slow it at this point, however, NOTHING from the people that made mask wearing look like weakness or an assault on freedom.  I feel dirty!!!

Deuteronomy 18

The Prophet

14 The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the Lord your God has not permitted you to do so. 15 The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your fellow Israelites. You must listen to him. 16 For this is what you asked of the Lord your God at Horeb on the day of the assembly when you said, “Let us not hear the voice of the Lord our God nor see this great fire anymore, or we will die.”

17 The Lord said to me: “What they say is good 19 I myself will call to account anyone who does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name. 20 But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death.”

21 You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?” 22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.

Jeremiah 14:14

14 Then the Lord said to me, “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries[a] and the delusions of their own minds.

Jeremiah 23

30 “Therefore,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me. 31 Yes,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who wag their own tongues and yet declare, ‘The Lord declares.’ 32 Indeed, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” declares the Lord. “They tell them and lead my people astray with their reckless lies, yet I did not send or appoint them. They do not benefit these people in the least,” declares the Lord.

False Prophecy

33 “When these people, or a prophet or a priest, ask you, ‘What is the message from the Lord?’ say to them, ‘What message? I will forsake you, declares the Lord.’ 34 If a prophet or a priest or anyone else claims, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ I will punish them and their household. 35 This is what each of you keeps saying to your friends and other Israelites: ‘What is the Lord’s answer?’ or ‘What has the Lord spoken?’ 36 But you must not mention ‘a message from the Lord’ again, because each one’s word becomes their own message. So you distort the words of the living God, the Lord Almighty, our God. 37 This is what you keep saying to a prophet: ‘What is the Lord’s answer to you?’ or ‘What has the Lord spoken?’ 38 Although you claim, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ this is what the Lord says: You used the words, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ even though I told you that you must not claim, ‘This is a message from the Lord.’ 39 Therefore, I will surely forget you and cast you out of my presence along with the city I gave to you and your ancestors. 40 I will bring on you everlasting disgrace—everlasting shame that will not be forgotten.”


“DOJ has not found fraud that would reverse Biden win over Trump, Attorney General William Barr says”

William Barr breaks with Trump’s election fantasy

Someone’s Going To Get Killed’: Ga. Official Blasts GOP (Republican party) Silence On Election Threats!!!

Fired director of U.S. cyber agency Chris Krebs explains why President Trump’s claims of election interference are false

Chris Krebs, a lifelong Republican, was put in charge of the agency handling election security by President Trump two years ago. When Krebs said the election was the country’s most secure ever,

Mr. Trump fired him. Now, Krebs speaks to Scott Pelley.

Trump Campaign Lawyer Suggested Executing Ex-DHS Staffer Chris Krebs

Trump says DOJ ‘missing in action’ on alleged election fraud /

  DOJ investigating potential White House ‘bribery-for-pardon’ scheme  /

The high rate of executions during Trump’s last weeks in office, explained/

This is sent by one of my subscribers


US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas

US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas

Who is benefited?

3 million H-1Bs, their children 200,000 on H4 status with 21 years of age &


all immigration attorneys and

Indian Doctors or Doctors who collects 485 medical tests HUGE fees.


Who is at loss?

Americans and Bodyshops.


Who is a bodyshop?

about bodyshops


Several subscribers sent lots of messages on this from yesterday.

Here are the few.


From India: 


Indian news papers from India- a subscriber sent.

US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas (


Green Card: US Senate passes S.386 bill, eliminates country cap for employment-based green cards | International Business News – Times of India



From USA: This is what Indians in USA are feeling about 


[12/2, 20:15] Telangana Subscriber T: Looks like S386 has passed with an amendment

[12/2, 20:16] Telangana Subscriber T: 😭 Congratulations! S386 passed Senate. ✌🏆


What is that Americans are saying about it?

One of the Subscribers Noor requested this video: Sir, would like to see your view about recent S386 and HR1044 bill. Foreign Education/ GRE Consultancies in India

(I witnessed in Bangalore) are going crazy, spreading news that this bill is passed because there is severe labor shortage and scamming innocent students saying that soon you will get Green Card within 3 Years now.

I returned to India after I didn’t get any job on OPT. I am thinking did I make a bad decision?

@KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Thank You Sir. But, I am still very interested to see your detailed explanation on S386 and HR1044 bills topic.

There is lot of misinformation going around here. It will help create awareness among innocent Indian Students here who are falling for this pipe dream. Noor 18 hours ago @Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (Excluding IVY’s and IITians from India) Majority of people who go to USA are the ones who fail to qualify competitive exams like GATE/CAT but want to make quick money without any effort.

I exactly don’t know about the labor statistics, but according to my experience in USA an under graduate from US is far more skilled than a graduate a from India.

Noor 6 hours ago @KUMAR EXCLUSIVE You are absolutely right sir I understand what you say I am an ex-Infy. Going abroad for a good life is not wrong. I was saying that skills are important irrespective of a college degree. Acquiring skills takes its own time and dedication. Yes, there is a lot of corruption in India and economy is not doing good, there is a saying that a frustrated IT employee sees only 4 options 1. IAS (or Government Job through GATE) 2. MBA from IIM 3. Startup and 4. MS in foreign Country. In terms of effort last one looks easiest. That is what my comment meant…
Please wait for a video on this.

Why do Americans afraid of Indians?

See the below

The entire US IT recruitment is hijacked to India.

700,000 Indian bodyshops, 10 Indian outsourcing companies ruined 20 million American jobs and lives and their children during last 4 decades. With simply one word: CASTE and commissions. 

 At least 1 to 3 million H1Bs are currently waiting for green card and they are in depression.
 because waiting period for them is 455 years.

Their children who born in India have to QUIT USA when they attain 21 years on H4. They are called DALCA and 200,000 such Indian children are there presently in the USA.

This helps them if their parents get green cards before they die.

Otherwise it will be a BIG MESS for their children. 
this may reduce waiting period but bodyshops will cry as they do not want cash cows or ATM that is H-1Bs to get green cards as they will run away from them to start new bodyshops or USA client FTE jobs. 


Public comments


BREAKING: Calif. Judge Strikes Down H-1B Visa Restrictions

BREAKING: Calif. Judge Strikes Down H-1B Visa Restrictions

My friend Matt first informed about this and noticed it on the twitter about this news.

This is good news for bodyshops and bad news for Americans and locals. 

Americans feel: There will be no reason for Indian outsourcing companies to give pay raises any more either.

Indians in USA are celebrating tonight as it is good news for them.

Because they do not need to pay good wages or salaries for their employees so they will save more commissions and profits from the clients. 

Several subscribers and victims called KE regarding Indian BODYSHOPS are not paying salaries. In spite of having strict laws and immigration laws.

On top of it, judgements like this is a BIG FEAST FOR BODYSHOPS or VULTRUES now in the USA. 

Who is a bodyshop?

about bodyshops 



OPT/CPT student wrote a comment – truth 


BREAKING: Calif. Judge Strikes Down H-1B Visa Restrictions – Law360



Matt sent this information to KE first about this topic.

Thanks to Matt and team. 


Indian offshore people are feeling sad for not coming to USA or U K or Canada.

Meanwhile ,a person working in India for 14 years misunderstood on PROXY video and offended wrote his excuses for not able to make it to USA.

It it to earn more money to repay the house loan for this apartment in India. 





Kumar – His Experiences at the 20th TANA in Detroit Michigan 2015

Kumar – His Experiences at the 20th TANA in Detroit Michigan 2015


20th TANA Conference in Detroit, Michigan (

I will make videos on it, what they told and what is reality etc.

It’s wonderful gathering of Telugu speaking people in America. It is for 3 days from 2-4th July 2015 in Detroit Michigan located at COBO Center located in 1 Washington Blvd.

I drove on July 1st from New Jersey/New York 630 miles for 11 hours 30 minutes to attend this wonderful event. Many people from all over USA have come to attend this event and I met one of my ex. colleagues of MNC in India visiting from Texas to attend this. Many dignitaries invited from India to attend this event.  It’s nice to attend people gathering because you need to meet people and network though am against caste systems. Frankly   speaking Telugu speaking communities broadly divided into two and one organize this event on odd number of the year and the next community organize on even numbers of the year.  ( community is a different meaning in USA, but as per community in Indian standards is caste).  Mainly Doctors well settled in USA are the biggest sponsors next to IT firms etc.

Amazing events:
Wonderful chain of events organized very well.
TANA, I see as a forum or platform for all and everything to anything for Telugu Communities here and it’s a business cum cultural activities and may try to fill the gap between India and USA interms of development but I am not sure whether TANA is getting benefitted or Andhra Pradesh people and government is benefitting is TANA need to address it.  But for sure, TANA is doing something good for Telugus and Telugus in India, no question on it.

I was amazed to see 10,000 people take lunch and participate in the events same time. I have seen such a gathering after NATS in New Jersey in 2011.
One must visit but am not sure whether TANA allow non-Telugus to participate as it’s purely for Telugus.  My interesting topic, political debate during 4-6PM today(July 3rd Friday 2015)  in one of the halls, I have asked questions to RK of ABN channel about Media corruption etc. and it was very sensitive and emotional program as they refuse to allow the first person to ask questions.

Interesting topics that I found are: 1. Politics 2. Immigration, Student Visas, Education in USA stalls for my writings to guide students 3. IT companies business meetings. Posted the pictures of H1B companies and Medicine University etc. I am not sure of their authenticity but you need to check H1B companies’ reviews in myvisajobsdotcom and check University status also. I do not recommend anyone but sharing information.

( Food is free but salt is too much in some of the items, need to be taken care of and it can be ignored but need to know by the management. )
Price of the ticket is high
Hats off to the TANA for such a wonderful management.

What best we can do?
Ppl comments in ABN RK program:- Every NRI here must build toilets in India in their respective villages.

I may record truth and the other side of TANA shortly.
Probably I may record a video on DAY-1 of events today followed by Day-2 and Day-3 tomorrow i.e Saturday July 4th.



A person working BEHIND the SCENES sent huge information about these(all Indian caste groups in the USA) and placed here below for information to the public 

Voice: Kudos to you – few suggestions by Subscriber


Confused Indian Youth in Western Countries 

Confused Indian Youth in Western Countries 

Not all but majority of the Indian International students both Boys and Girls or men and women lose their goals and dreams and lost their lives in the USA and Canada.

There is another section of MAFIA called IT Consultancies AKA bodyshops – they well trained to trap International students at Universities (as you know most the univ in USA are either fake or bogus) to their guest houses for prostitutions and then IT job placements.  

Heartfelt Note message from one of the subscribers from Canada

on the incident of Telugu techie working in Canada commits suicide after relationship strains with his girlfriend He is Telugu person living in Canada, he deeply saddened after reading the note that one of our Telugu community people had committed suicide here in Canada. He is expressing and offer my condolences to his family members back home. His request to his juniors is that here in North America or in western part of the planet life is not easy as they think back-home so he requests people not to overthink and get in to psychological trouble with oneself by committing Suicide or any such violent acts. And please listen to elders because earning dollar is different and living happily with a balanced life is different. At the end of the day one has to take care of their respective parents & families so, through the medium of KE and as a long-standing subscriber I am here to utter my voice as an responsible Telugu guy. And I also appreciate the work of Kumar garu is doing by exposing the truths. Thank you


The Indians coming to USA on F1 Visa are the above types. You find 1 in 10,000 gets a job in NON IT his/her area of study without faking the resumes and without the support of the Proxy interviews. Rest, BODYSHOPS MAFIA place them in all wrong routes. Thanks to America for allowing Indians crime in IT and H-1B. 

Here you go:

The Innocent soul died for a stupid girl in Canada who flee Canada to USA just because she got H-1B Visa. That too 25 minutes before he made arraignments for their marriage. His allegation with proof is that she slept with 7 people before she reaches him and also wrote a suicide note before commit suicide. He mentioned that woman name, her parents names in the suicide.

Pranay  shared everything in the google drive before he dies.

My subscribers requested me to make videos and my analysis on this topic.

Telugu video1: Pranay Telugu Techie ఆత్మ హత్య? ప్రియురాలి నాటకం Canada || Kumar Exclusive

love is a false emotion

ప్రేమ ఒక తప్పుడు భావోద్వేగం.



Pranay videos from his channel. he has a Youtube channel with 9K followers. 



Telugu techie working in Canada commits suicide after relationship strains with his girlfriend What happened to Pranay’s death Canada?

Telugu techie working in Canada commits suicide after relationship strains with his girlfriend via @timesofindia

From google:

Family members alleged that Pranay took to the extreme step of committing suicide after being cheated by his girlfriend. Pranay ended his life by breathing nitrogen gas at 2 pm (IST) on Saturday.

Love failure is NOT end to happiness LOVE IS A FALSE EMOTION

Kumar TIP’s for Love failure – how to handle it?

how to let go toxic relationships and move on?

Several subscribers wrote emails about suicides and requested me to make a video: My reply MOTIVATION TELUGU VIDEO to depression and suicide emails.

LiA-Epi106 Kumar Exclusive Love failure does not mean it is the end to your happiness

Sad news. Don’t end up your valuable life for stupid things.

You’re life is important than to anything on this planet.

To save one life, ambulances rush to any corners of this planet. See the value of life when someone trying to save, the other side foolishly people are dying for no reason. H1b visa killed many lives. Telugu Man In Canada Leaves Suicide Note: Girlfriend Blocked Me After Getting H1 Visa

subscriber :

Abetment of suicide case on the girl and girls parents? Another tragedy Telugu student commits suicide in US via @timesofindia



Telugu people in USA trolling anyone on this site.


Indian analysis 


American Analysis 


Russian Subscriber Analysis 


KE asked questions to the followers. 

Public comments 

From Canada, one of the subscribers wrote email about this incident 




Kal Gandikota

ప్రేక్షకులందరూ నేను రాసిన అంశాలన్నిటినీ ఏకాగ్రతతో చదవాలని మనవి. బాధపడితే చస్తారా? ప్రేమకు , ఉన్మాదానికి తేడ ఉంది. కరుణ, దయ, వాత్సల్యం, గౌరవం, అనురాగం, ఆప్యాయత, అపేక్ష, ఐకమత్యం, సంఘ కీర్తి , దేశభక్తి పెంచి పోషించేదే ప్రేమ. ఉన్మాదాన్ని, ఉగ్రవాదాన్ని పెంచి పోషించేది ద్వేషం. ప్రేమ చిగురించాలంటే రెండు మనసులు కలవాలి. రెండు మనసులు కలవనప్పుడు పంతంవదిలి ఇంకో ప్రేయసిని వెతుక్కోవాలి లేక పోతే అది వ్యసనం , అత్యాశగా, ఉన్మాదముగా, వివాహేతర సంబంధముగా కూడా మారును. ఉన్మాదులు చంపుతారు లేక చస్తారు. ప్రణయ్ తల్లి తండ్రులు చూపించిన దాన్ని చేసుకొని పెళ్లైయ్యాక ఇంకో సాకుతో suicide చేసుకొనిఉంటే? It is clear that Pranay is suffering from dramatic cluster personality disorders. He got into a narcissist and codependency relationship. To learn more about narcissism, please watch Dr. Ramani YouTube Channel. She is an experienced Psychologist who understands these issues. ప్రేమలు, పెళ్లిళ్లు, విడాకులు తేలికగా తీసుకొనేట్లు ప్రజలలో అవగాహన కల్పించాలి. మనషులు కుక్కలు కాదు, ఒక మూల పడేస్తే గంట సేపు సంసారము చేస్కోడానికి, పిల్లలు ఈనడానికి. రెండు మనసులు కలవాలంటే time పడుతుంది. కొన్నిసార్లు బేధాలు వస్తాయి. అప్పుడు మనస్సు గట్టి చేసుకొని ఇంకో ప్రేయసి వెతుక్కోవాలి. In my view, woman did right thing leaving him and also Late Pranay did the right thing by making video but only wrong thing is killing himself. If one girl goes, the next girl will come. Education is also required on topics of s* education in at least colleges and universities like conversation skills, saying no, accepting no, sexual harassment, marriage, family planning, laws, escalation mechanisms, divorces, break-ups, masturbation, physiological health, psychological health etc. Then definitely we will see reduction in relationship crimes like suicides or murders which are often related to psychology and behavioral skills. ఇంకో విషయం ఏమిటంటే, సంఘంలో మహిళలకు పురుషులతో సమాన స్వేచ్ఛ లేకపోతె వాళ్ళను దోషులుగా నిలబెట్టినా తప్పించుకుంటారు. Social issues of women in India are serious matters worthy of debate and discussion often because the Indian women victims are often Objectified and show-cased for political reasons (votes, extortion, black-mailing them, using them to black mail men etc.). నేను రాసిన అంశాలన్నిటినీ ఏకాగ్రతతో చదవాలని మనవి. That said I am not affiliated with any political party. In my view, this case is a failure of mental health system in AP. All Indians are same people ripped apart by various discriminatory ideologies like caste, religion, language, race, tribe, sect, region, last name, gender (women, including LGBT), dress habits, food habits(veg, non-veg, beef, pork etc.) etc. Entire nation has become one gigantic dysfunctional family. Not only increasing Disha police force, even the mental-health system, research and education must be immediately improved and increased/expanded. Corona Virus may not be as much priority or solvable as mental health of Indian people which is a daunting task. The Mental health Equation of the entire nation is pretty bad compared to other developed nations. It is astonishing AND ANXIETY PROVOKING KNOWING that 1. 20% of Indian Population is going to suffer from some form of mental disorder by 2020. That’s roughly 40% of Indian adults or 24 crores of Indian adults. 2. Now there are at least 7 crore mentally-ill Indians and there are less than 4000 Psychiatrists. 3. 1 in 4 Indian adults are suffering from anxiety disorder. 4. 35 lakh Indians need hospitalization for mental illness but only 40 institutions and less than 26 thousand beds. 5. 5.2% of Indian adults suffer from depression that is roughly around 4 crores of Indian Adults. 6. India is the suicide capital of the world. (more than 7 lakhs committing suicides every year, almost half of them women) 7. Another statistic this year (2016) says 1 in 5 Indians has some form of mental illness. Is this representative of Demographic Dividend or indicative of an imminent Demographic Disaster? Hence besides just “physical health & education”, law-enforcement & Judiciary, even the mental-health system, research and education in India must be immediately improved and increased/expanded. If there is one branch of medical sciences that needs largest number of seats, it should be mental health (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Staff, Nurses, Marriage & family therapists, Social Workers, DeAddiction Experts etc.) Even after diagnosing “all mental patients” in India, India still is not going to be safe just as obviously as USA is not safe. Only when Psychopaths are also diagnosed, then only one can expect India (world) to be safe. However, the definition of Psychopaths is still not clear. On top of it, diagnosis is also vague and subjective. Hence, hope Indian Psychologists/doctors/scientists do research on Psychopathology (group, individual etc.) too. Also, flaky immigration policies of USA are drowning High-tech immigrants (especially from India) to a serious disadvantage. In many cases, the immigrants are feeling the oppression/discrimination/isolation/negligence/corruption that they’d see back in their home countries except for pay and career opportunities. In some cases, their life is as miserable as or more miserable than back in their birth countries. However since they don’t know if they’d have a better life going back to their home countries, they think they’d rather stay back in USA. When those who feel burdened/entrapped voice their opinions in their communities, they are being ostracized/isolated. I am a living-dead epitome of the same! And that’s the reason, I’ve been repeating that every effort must be made to develop birth-countries instead of depending on goragadi countries. For the size of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 4 more IITs and IIMs are required in each state. Totally 20 world-class universities are required in both TG and AP. How many are there now in both states with around 10 crores population compared to California which has only 4 crores population? In my view, India’s Governments at states and center must create a glut of engineers so that even USA or Canada cannot absorb that talent. In a nation, as many as possible must be educated in graduate and post-graduate degrees, with poor getting scholarships to improve their loyalty to that particular nation. Unemployed high-tech post-graduate youth are the least worry to a nation and majority will ultimately strive to be entrepreneurs, join civil services like IAS or IPS or armed forces, become politicians, go to foreign countries etc., thus ensuring AP and rest of India will develop in Fourth Industrial Revolution on par with at least China if not USA. Then we can save youth like both Pranay and Akhila. Besides diplomacy (and economic relations) at national level, let us all beg together that all privileged (political leaders (in position, opposition), business magnets, political pundits/mullahs/fatheries/rabbis, star celebrities, and yourself if possible) travel around USA, India and elsewhere around the world. Let us pray together and wish they not only enjoy their trips, take pictures/videos, opening bank accounts, teaching/learning/blaming religions and “experience foods, nature, imaraten/buildings/towers, shopping foreign mall, finding/giving/getting spouses, honey-moon, enjoying music, wine, dance, night-life, and cultures” but also advise/teach their fellow human-beings their experiences/wisdom (old & new) for progress, peace, harmony and prosperity of not only entire world but also India(their respective nations). (Given a chance, like you, they are also keen, highly adaptive and always refine themselves!) Sorry for my unprepared and poorly edited video. I am struggling due to inflicted injuries (brain injury, hand injury, spinal injury, and Knee injury) and symptoms of poisoning with nerve agents similar to Novichok, probably milder ones, not ruling out rat poisons and pesticides available in USA, China and Korea. That said, I am not affiliated with any political party, any religion, sect, caste, tribe, last name, pin code, region, language, gender (women, LGBTQ), media, NGO, business, any Government institution, dress habits, food habits, exercise habits etc. I wrote here to get replies from fellow viewers on how to avoid such circumstances, thus educating myself and others.

Life in Clayton Village NC USA

Life in Clayton Village NC USA -2010 Jan to April story 

2009 Nov, KE left for India as not feeling well due to C5-C6 disk slip issues because of Over Time Unpaid at PA Project with Deloitte.

December 2009 KE returned alone to USA. 

2010 January KE got a project here.

KE started driving from MI to NC.


KE searched for a room in Sulekha website and landed in Durham NC.

Indian roommate Sulekha and American room mate Craigslist.

One Apartment two bed room is shared by 3 people. One guy in One room and other two in other room.

The above is the utilities for month. KE lost his van here and the Indian landlord sold fake SONY cellphones to KE.

KE thought that he can send gifts to his parents. KE lost $550 plus $250 customs tax in India for that. The Indian landlord is from North India.

It was terrific nightmare for KE with Indian roommates in Dharam NC. The other guy used to talk over the phone all over the night to his parents in Singapore, spouse in India and

India offshore teams and finally snore loudly and could not sleep in the nights. But that guy helped KE for not taking $500 plus advance for the room as KE left with only limited amount.

He left the room as soon as KE entered due to landlord’s nuisance with African American girl friend watching TV all through the night loudly in the living room.

He told, if you want lessen the burden of rent, you also post a room share advertisement and total divided by three instead of two. 

This is how Indian room mates sublease apartments without the concerned of apartment managements in the USA. So that you can accommodate as many people as you want to lessen the rental burden. 

Painful to live with Indians in the USA. Then KE decided and moved close to work as no van and pathetic conditions with the roommates in Dharam NC. KE finally moved to American landlord’s room in Clayton. 


What is Clayton? 

Clayton is a town in Johnston County, North Carolina, United States, and is considered a satellite town of Raleigh. As of 2010, Clayton’s population was 16,116, up from 6,973 at the 2000 census. By 2019 the town’s estimated population was 24,887.

How is life in Clayton? 

It is very calm, peaceful and economical. American landlord in Clayton is very helpful. 

Few days, went to work by Bi-Cycle from home in this small village NC. 

Some times by walk, some times by cab and coworker American gave a ride(one way) and it is due to lost my Dodge Caravan in Durham NC.


NC to NJ

NY to NC


Purpose of visit:

KE lost his Dodge van in NC and a friend in India left USA offered his car to buy and car is located in NJ

A tennis friend Mr XYZ in India asked KE to take his car in New Jersey and KE went there by driving 500 miles from NC to NJ and dropped off the rental car.

Upon seen the car, KE return to NC by flight. It was a nightmare for KE, took two days loss of pay leave and drive hundreds of miles and the car is damaged and unused conditions.

The Tennis coach a friend of KE came to USA in the past left his car and asked KE to buy it when KE lost his Dodge van theft.

It is then KE decided not to buy used cars from Indians in the USA. They cheat by not telling the truth about the cars. 

NOTE: Always ask VIN number of the car, it does not matter friend or relative, they will still cheat you. 


Room rent advertisements and correspondence by Indians

Hi Kumar,

No problems. I could understand your issue.

Please find below the list of thoughts I prepared for other email communication. sharing the same with you.

If you have any concern / issue over any of them, let us discuss and sort it out. :: ))  ph : .

Basically I am a easy going and open minded person. Hence hope no issues.

1 ) I think you could come to my house in evening after 7 PM on week days and any time in weekends.
2 ) I am a full vegetarian and cook myself in home. No issues in joined cooking.

3 ) I usually keep my house clean also rest rooms. I would expect the same with my roommate also.
4 ) I am a night dog (used to be awake till late night) but there wont be any noise / disturbances to you as you are given a separate room and closed door.
5 ) I do get some phone calls in night due to offshore co-ordination, but I will make sure I don’t disturb you.
6 ) Usually I need bath room from 08.30 AM to 09.30 AM. Time is adjustable in some occasions.
7 ) I have pooja room and used to do minimum pooja every day. I guess you don’t have any concern on this if it is not disturbing you.

8 ) I used to pay rent 5th of every month. I would expect to get the share amount the same way from roommate. I don’t need any advance.
9 ) Room rent : $ 700, Water + Trash (Ista) : $47 (usually the same range every month), Electricity : $70 to $90 (this range I am getting every month), Internet : $29 (750 kb speed). I would request to share them between us.
10 ) I would prefer early communication : Ex, if you want to vacate room, you could let me know at least 5 to 7 days in advance. Don’t need to pay extra charges.  But please dont inform me today and leave tomorrow.

11 ) If you are leaving the room in the first half of month (for ex : 13th of month), you could pay 1/2 month share. If you are leaving around 22nd of month, please pay for full month. Kindly don’t calculate based on number of days. Reason : I might not get anyone for the remaining 8 days.

12 ) If you cook non-veg, I don’t have any issue. But request to use your vessals for that. 




On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Kumar


Thank you.

Please find my office address:

 Bus Hwy Clayton, NC 27520-9465

Your room is 34-38 mi and 50 min drive to my office and my current one is: 45min drive and please find my current home add.

 edinbarough dr dhuram.

Please let me know, (1) how much is rent, inclusive of utilities i.e electricity/water/internet

(2) Do you need advance or not?

(3) What if I lost project in between/relocated to another project due to change of employer(unexpected things), If I pay that month rent ok or do you need any specific days notice?

Currently, where I am staying, lost the privacy and couldn’t sleep in nights due to that disturbance and I need to address them today and if you let me know, answers for the above, I am ready to loose what I paid there as I lost basic interest to go home.

Thanks for quick response.

Clayton, NC


Sent: Thu, January 21, 2010 10:48:37 AM
Subject:  Address

Hi Kumar,

my office address :

 kit creek road, morrisville 27560

home address :  winter walk cir morrisville nc 27560.




The H-1B program has caused a number of criticisms

The H-1B program has caused a number of criticisms.


No labor shortages
Paul Donnelly, in a 2002 article in Computerworld, cited Milton Friedman as stating that the H-1B program acts as a subsidy for corporations. Others holding this view includeDr. Norman Matloff, who testified to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Immigration on the H-1B subject. Matloff’s paper for the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform claims that there has been no shortage of qualified American citizens to fill American computer-related jobs, and that the data offered as evidence of American corporations needing H-1B visas to address labor shortages was erroneous. The United States General
Accounting Office found in a report in 2000 that controls on the H-1B program lacked effectiveness. The GAO report’s recommendations were subsequently implemented.

High-tech companies often cite a tech-worker shortage when asking Congress to raise the annual cap on H-1B visas, and have succeeded in getting various exemptions passed. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), described the situation as a crisis, and the situation was reported on by the Wall

Street Journal, BusinessWeek andWashington Post. Employers applied pressure on Congress. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates testified in 2007 on behalf of the expanded visa program on Capitol Hill, “warning of dangers to the U.S. economy if employers can’t import skilled workers to fill job gaps”. Congress considered a bill to address the claims of shortfall but in the end did not revise the program. According to a study conducted by John Miano and the Center for Immigration Studies, there is no empirical data to support a claim of employee worker shortage. Citing studies from Duke, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Georgetown University and others, critics have also argued that in some years, the number of
foreign programmers and engineers imported outnumbered the number of jobs created by the industry. Organizations have also posted hundreds of first hand accounts of H-1B Visa Harm reports directly from individuals negatively impacted by the program, many of whom are willing to speak with the media.
Studies carried out from the 1990s through 2011 by researchers from Columbia U, Computing Research Association (CRA), Duke U, Georgetown U, Harvard U,
National Research Council of the NAS, RAND Corporation, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rutgers U, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Stanford U, SUNY Buffalo,
UC Davis, UPenn Wharton School, Urban Institute, and U.S. Dept. of Education Office of Education Research & Improvement have reported that the U.S. has been producing sufficient numbers of able and willing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workers, while several studies from Hal Salzman, B.

Lindsay Lowell, Daniel Kuehn, Michael Teitelbaum and others have concluded that the U.S. has been employing only 30% to 50% of its newly degreed able and willing STEM workers to work in STEM fields. A 2012 IEEE announcement of a conference on STEM education funding and job markets stated “only about half of those with under-graduate STEM degrees actually work in the STEM-related fields after college, and after 10 years, only some 8% still do”.

Wage depression
Wage depression is a chronic complaint critics have about the H-1B program: some studies have found that H-1B workers are paid significantly less than U.S. workers. It is claimed that the H-1B program is primarily used as a source of cheap labor. A paper by Harvard Professor George J. Borjas for the National

Bureau of Economic Research found that “a 10 percent immigration-induced increase in the supply of doctorates lowers the wage of competing workers by about 3 to 4 percent.”
The Labor Condition Application (LCA) included in the H-1B petition is supposed to ensure that H-1B workers are paid the prevailing wage in the labor market, or the employer’s actual average wage (whichever is higher), but evidence exists that some employers do not abide by these provisions and avoid paying the
actual prevailing wage despite stiff penalties for abusers.

Theoretically, the LCA process appears to offer protection to both U.S. and H-1B workers. However, according to the U.S. General Accounting Office, enforcement limitations and procedural problems render these protections ineffective. Ultimately, the employer, not the Department of Labor, determines what sources determine the prevailing wage for an offered position, and it may choose among a variety of competing surveys, including its own wage surveys, provided that such surveys follow certain defined rules and regulations.

The law specifically restricts the Department of Labor’s approval process of LCAs to checking for “completeness and obvious inaccuracies”. In FY 2005, only about 800 LCAs were rejected out of over 300,000 submitted. Hire Americans First has posted several hundred first hand accounts of individuals negatively impacted by the program, many of whom are willing to speak with the media.DOL has split the prevailing wage into four levels, with Level One representing about the 17th percentile of wage average Americans earn. About 80 percent of LCAs are filed at this 17th percentile level. This four-level prevailing wage can be obtained from the DOL website, and is generally far lower than average wages.The “prevailing wage” stipulation is allegedly vague and thus easy to manipulate, resulting in employers underpaying visa workers. According to Ron Hira, assistant professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the median wage in 2005 for new H-1B information technology (IT) was just $50,000, which is even lower than starting wages for IT graduates with a B.S. degree. The U.S. government OES office’s data indicates that 90 percent of H-1B IT wages were below the median U.S. wage for the same occupation.In 2002, the U.S. government began an investigation into Sun Microsystems’ hiring practices after an ex-employee, Guy Santiglia, filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Labor alleging that the Santa Clara firm discriminates against American citizens in favor of foreign workers on H-1B visas. Santiglia accused the company of bias against U.S. citizens when it laid off 3,900 workers in late 2001 and at the same time applied for thousands of visas. In 2002, about 5 percent of Sun’s 39,000 employees had temporary work visas, he said. In 2005, it was decided that Sun violated only minor requirements and that neither of these violations was substantial or willful. Thus, the judge only ordered Sun to change its posting practices.

Risks for employees
Historically, H-1B holders have sometimes been described as indentured servants, and while the comparison is no longer as compelling, it had more validity prior to the passage of American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000. Although immigration generally requires short- and long-term visitors to disavow any ambition to seek the green card (permanent residency), H-1B visa holders are an important exception, in that the H-1B is legally acknowledged as a possible step towards a green card under what is called the doctrine of dual intent.

H-1B visa holders may be sponsored for their green cards by their employers through an Application for Alien Labor Certification, filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. In the past, the sponsorship process has taken several years, and for much of that time the H-1B visa holder was unable to change jobs without losing their place in line for the green card. This created an element of enforced loyalty to an employer by an H-1B visa holder. Critics alleged that employers benefit from this enforced loyalty because it reduced the risk that the H-1B employee might leave the job and go work for a competitor, and that it put citizen workers at a disadvantage in the job market, since the employer has less assurance that the citizen will stay at the job for an extended
period of time, especially if the work conditions are tough, wages are lower or the work is difficult or complex. It has been argued that this makes the H-1B program extremely attractive to employers, and that labor legislation in this regard has been influenced by corporations seeking and benefiting from such advantages.Some recent news reports suggest that the recession that started in 2008 will exacerbate the H-1B visa situation, both for supporters of the program and for those who oppose it. The process to obtain the green card has become so long that during these recession years it has not been unusual that sponsoring
companies fail and disappear, thus forcing the H-1B employee to find another sponsor, and lose their place in line for the green card. An H-1B employee could be just one month from obtaining their green card, but if the employee is laid off, he or she may have to leave the country, or go to the end of the line and start over the process to get the green card, and wait as much as 10 more years, depending on the nationality and visa category.

The American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 provides some relief for people waiting for a long time for a green card, by allowing H-1B extensions past the normal 6 years, as well as by making it easier to change the sponsoring employer.

The Out-Sourcing/Off-Shoring Visa
Further information: IT Body Shops

In his floor statement on H-1B Visa Reform, Senator Dick Durbin stated “The H-1B job visa lasts for 3 years and can be renewed for 3 years. What happens to those workers after that? Well, they could stay. It is possible. But these new companies have a much better idea for making money. They send the engineers to
America to fill spots–and get money to do it–and then after the 3 to 6 years, they bring them back to work for the companies that are competing with

American companies. They call it their outsourcing visa. They are sending their talented engineers to learn how Americans do business and then bring them back and compete with those American companies.”[74] Critics of H-1B use for outsourcing have also noted that more H-1B visas are granted to companies headquartered in India than companies headquartered in the United States.Of all Computer Systems Analysts and programmers on H-1B visas in the U.S., 74 percent were from Asia. This large scale migration of Asian IT professionals to the United States has been cited as a central cause for the quick emergence of the offshore outsourcing industry.In FY 2009, due to the worldwide recession, applications for H-1B visas by off-shore out-sourcing firms were significantly lower than in previous years,[77] yet 110,367 H-1B visas were issued, and 117,409 were issued in FY2010.

Social Security and Medicare taxes

H-1B employees have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes as part of their payroll. Like U.S. citizens, they are eligible to receive Social Security benefits even if they leave the United States, provided they have paid Social Security payroll taxes for at least 10 years. Further, the U.S. has bilateral agreements with several countries to ensure that the time paid into the U.S. Social Security system, even if it is less than 10 years, is taken into account in the foreign country’s comparable system and vice versa.

Departure Requirement on Job Loss

If an employer lays off an H-1B worker, the employer is required to pay for the laid-off worker’s transportation outside the United States.If an H-1B worker is laid off for any reason, the H-1B program technically does not specify a time allowance or grace period to round up one’s affairs irrespective of how long the H-1B worker might have lived in the United States. To round up one’s affairs, filing an application to change to another non-immigrant status may therefore become a necessity.If an H-1B worker is laid off and attempts to find a new H-1B employer to file a petition for him, the individual is considered out of status if there is even a one-day gap between the last day of employment and the date that the new H-1B petition is filed. While some attorneys claim that there is a grace period of 30 days, 60 days, or sometimes 10 days, that is not true according to the law. In practice, USCIS has accepted H-1B transfer applications even with a gap in employment up to 60 days, but that is by no means guaranteed. Some of the confusion regarding the alleged grace period arose because there is a 10-day grace period for an H-1B worker to depart the United States at the end of hisauthorized period of stay (does not apply for laid-off workers). This grace period only applies if the worker works until the H-1B expiration date listed on his I-797 approval notice, or I-94 card. 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(i)(A).

Fraud prevention

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services “H-1B Benefit Fraud & Compliance Assessment” of September 2008 concluded 21% of H-1B visas granted originate from fraudulent applications or applications with technical violations. Fraud was defined as a willful misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of a material fact. Technical violations, errors, omissions, and failures to comply that are not within the fraud definition were included in the 21% rate. Subsequently, USCIS has made procedural changes to reduce the number of fraud and technical violations on H-1B applications.In 2009, federal authorities busted a nationwide H-1B Visa Scam.

Similar programs

In addition to H-1B visas, there are a variety of other visa categories that allow foreign workers to come into the U.S. to work for some period of time.
L-1 visas are issued to foreign employees of a corporation. Under recent rules, the foreign worker must have worked for the corporation for at least one year in the preceding three years prior to getting the visa. An L-1B visa is appropriate for non-immigrant workers who are being temporarily transferred to the United States based on their specialized knowledge of the company’s techniques and methodologies. An L-1A visa is for managers or executives who either manage people or an essential function of the company. There is no requirement to pay prevailing wages for the L-1 visa holders. For Canadian residents, a special L visa category is available.
TN-1 visas are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and are issued to Canadian and Mexican citizens.[81] TN visas are only available to workers who fall into one of a pre-set list of occupations determined by the NAFTA treaty. There are specific eligibility requirements for the TN Visa.
E-3 visas are issued to citizens of Australia under the Australia free-trade treaty.

H-1B1 visas are a sub-set of H-1B issued to residents of Chile and Singapore under the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement of 2003; PL108-77 § 402(a)(2)(B), 117 Stat. 909, 940; S1416, HR2738; passed in House 2003-07-24 and the United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement of 2003; PL108-78 § 402(2), 117 Stat. 948, 970-971; S1417, HR2739; passed in House 2003-07-24, passed in senate 2003-07-31, signed by executive (GWBush) 2003-05-06. According to USCIS, unused H-1B1 visas are added into the next year’s H-1B base quota of 58,200.

One recent trend in work visas is that various countries attempt to get special preference for their nationals as part of treaty negotiations. Another trend is for changes in immigration law to be embedded in large Authorization or Omnibus bills to avoid the controversy that might accompany a separate vote.

H-2B visa: The H-2B non-immigrant program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come to the U.S. and perform temporary nonagricultural work, which may be one-time, seasonal, peak load or intermittent. There is a 66,000 per year limit on the number of foreign workers who may receive H-2B status.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

H1B tactics for Green Card:

Sometimes you are interviewed for a 100% matching job, you perform greatly in the interview expecting an offer but you never hear a feedback from them – That’s an interview intended to sponsor Green Card for their employee. It was not to disqualify you but prove they interview many in that area but could not select anyone, so must process GC to their person to keep him permanently since none nearby that were interviewed are a fit

Watch this Video: Permanent Fake Job Ads defraud Americans to secure GC:

Voice of People:
i) Average salary for a programmer in the Philippines is about $7,000/year, a programmer in India makes about $14,000/year while average salary for a programmer in the US is about $90,000/year. Obviously a US company can import a programmer from one of the above mentioned countries and save a shit ton of money, nothing wrong with that logic, it has nothing to do with qualifications and for your information most universities in America are much better than that of the Philippines and India.
ii) As an unemployed IT Specialist I can tell you if it gets much worse, I’m gonna hunting. And it won’t be for wildlife.

“H1B Holders have sometimes been described as indentured servants”


Pushing American Middle class to NO CLASS?
Dragging Indian Middle Class into modern bonded cheap labor force?

There is lot of noise on this in India.

Kumar Sreenivas Pandruvada American Corporates, Government and Indian Employers and Indian and other unethical illegal layers are enemies but not H1Bs. Of, course some pay and enter are also enemies. A day will come Indians may need to leave USA.


Virgil Bierschwale sad thing is, for everybody hired because of this, an American will be forced out of a job simply because the jobs are full and we’ve only created 400,000 jobs since 1999

Lisa Garcia ·

It sure looks like India has better job opportunities than the United States does.
Those companies showing layoffs that i posted links to are all companies that bribed our corrupt government to bring in H-1B visa workers and other types of visa workers…they of course lied about a shortage of American workers…one only has to look at the layoffs to see one cannot have a shortage of workers while letting so many workers go. Layoffs are different than being fired of course. A layoff means the person doing his/her job was let go through no fault of their own. While being fired means the employee was not doing a good job……as you can see these people being let go were through layoffs, NOT firing….meaning they were NOT lazy or unskilled, as has been told to the citizens of India and elsewhere about U.S. citizens.

There are many more companies doing the exact same thing. If I posted links to all of them it would probably take me all day, and I still would not have been able to list them all. This situation of course hurts American citizens who were born here, but it also hurts immigrants who decided to stay and got their green card as well. Make no mistake… I have nothing against immigrants, unless they lied or shared in illegal activity. Many U.S. citizens are indeed now homeless and poor….they couldn’t find another job…people now outnumber the jobs available by a large margin…it is sad…but what is sadder is the lies being told, which is why I showed so many links to show the truth.

We are just pawns to our corrupt governments and corrupt corporations. I would not be surprised that if the government of India and corporations there one day decide it’s own citizens should be replaced with cheaper workers from the United States or elsewhere. One day the corporations in India may decide they want more money for themselves and less for their workers…as has been done here. Then they may start LIES about the workers of India and call them dumb or lazy as a means to replace them….this is what happened here….why should it not happen there?? People of India need to ask themselves this question. After all, the corruption is not limited to the United States…the corruption is already Global…some refer to it as the New World Order…and having read much I see much truth in it. The HONEST and non greedy citizens of the world have to Unite to stop this…it seems to be the only way…but how to do this when so many fell for the lies, or would rather fight with each other than to see their true enemy?

Top American graduates heading to India for employment

Former US immigrants find better life in India

Walt Disney World information technology workers laid off

Lou Dobbs: H1B visa scam hurts American college grads

Gov Quinn Outsourcing IL Jobs to India

Facebook Can’t Cite Evidence to Support Claims of U.S. Tech Worker Shortage

For Mark Zuckerberg, Discriminating against American Workers is Good for Business

Where Are The Engineering Jobs? Outsourced To India? My Advice To Fellow Engineers

Is There a STEM Worker Shortage?

Massive Worldwide Layoff Under Way At IBM

Why Microsoft’s Layoff Is Much More Sweeping Than The 18,000 Cuts


USA Information technology job market

USA Information technology job market

KE wrote this on 4/24/2013 10:12:40 PM on FB but now 2020 the situation is even worse.

50% of job requirements float in USA market are fake. some of the Consulting Incs keep float in market to give the impression that they have good client and good job requirements.

After h1bs waste time and updates and send or submit resumes there is not response from anyone.

The other Consulting Incs make consultant resume fill with the Job requirement to match and select by hiring managers

Here is the twist: knowing all this some of the US clients may not release the entire job requirements to the vendors/layers.

Once H1B consultants reach job interviews for in person the client shows entirely a different job requirement. of, course they may not change from Windows Admin to .Net, but requirement totally contrast to the requirement that you received it in email from a vendor/broker.

If H1B consultant ask for the reason, the client explains the same.

on top of it, the low billing with too many layers is near waste to attend/travel to in person interviews unless any Ms Student/H1Bs are fresher to attend or get first hand experience on in person interviews is ok. Otherwise for experienced h1B consultants, such interviews may not be useful unless the H1Bs skill set is wide open and able to understand the job requirement.

50% of job requirement is matches to your skill set or resume then any guy can attend interviews and if selected can perform in projects and rest of the 50% he/she can learn in either first few days to 2 weeks. No big deal here and majority learn on job rather than learn everything and apply for jobs.

50% of staffing agencies are fake and doing identity theft. – 2020 scenario

Staffing agencies circulating forged H-1B papers for F1 OPTs, forced GC and USC papers for International students to get place them. 2020 Scenario 

Staffing agencies marketing OPT as GC/USC, Victims reported ||Kumar Exclusive

every year 200,000 F1 International students are coming to USA. how are they getting jobs easily? Desi staffing agencies marketing them as green card holders or USC by forge GC/USC papers. One of such or many of such OPT students have come forward to report their crime after watching KE videos. They blackmailing them and sent emails to DSO of the UNIV by false allegations towards the international students. They are not paying salaries and recovering money as taxes on bench etc and asking F1s to return the salaries for leaving them. KE advise is, do not build career on crime.