Is Indian community dangerous in US?

Is Indian community dangerous in US?

I love India and Indians and unfortunately am an Indian and never ever thought in my life that I will write a post like this online. The time has come to expose the criminals in Indian community in the USA. They are good and bad apples in every community but in Indian community, it is more. 

Sam and batch doing serious crimes in the USA. They are attacking Americans by skin colors.


8:54 AM 2/23/2021

site is not secure
attacking KE
this site is entertaining criminals to attack Americans by skin color
Earlier one American they attack by saying white Kumar uncle
black Kumar uncle etc
how insane?

From: Sam <>
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 3:40 PM
To: kumar Subject: Making a living through begging on Youtube

Great idea Kumar sirji, keep begging more and more. I will contribute $10 to your efforts.

Best regards,

Media: Oh my God – just listened to some of it. This guy sounds crazy and dangerous. Also, his email id looked familiar – he’s an old hater of yours.

Americans are attacked by this haters with fake American named SAM. This is how Indians are behaving in USA who are doing crime. 


Just because I write truth about H-1B or Indian politics in India, I have received filthy messages and attacks from these people on Facebook. See how many are Indians and Hindus/Christians and Muslims. 

What should I do to safe online or from Indians who attack honest Indians in USA? 

Do not share your cell phone number or email id online

Do not share your location

Do not share your resumes to Indians no matter what- Indian recruiters only told this 

Do not share your SSN-Full to anyone except American back ground check agencies

Do not talk to anyone who you believe they are not honest people otherwise they will attack you like the above

do not post pictures on fakebook of your family

instead, get out of Facebook, twitter and online

Do not use your original name, use fake names like haters

do not write anything online about anything 

Indians hate at work each other by immigration status wise. Example, F1 hates H-1Bs, H-1Bs hate Green Card holders, GC people hate USC or Americans etc. So at any cost, do not reveal your immigration status to fellow Indians. Example, if you say you are born Indian in USA, Indians call ABCD American Born Confused Desis etc. 


LinkedIn attackers 

For being honest and writing about H-1B on LinkedIn, see how many IT professionals attached Kumar on LinkedIn. 


On this blog hater comments by Telugu Indian living in Texas. 

See Indians culture in USA. This hater is from Reddy caste, if you type in Google, Reddys killed Dalits in AP state India”, you will know his history. 


Google Voice message – haters sent filthy messages, video and audio messages. The purpose of this is H-1B HOTLINE number is to help Indians.

If your boss is NOT an American, if your employer(h-1b) is NOT an American, if your team mates are NOT Americans, your life sucks in USA. Because see how ppl enter jobs in I.T? backdoor and they attack you at onsite if you are honest and do not even bother about them. Managements support corrupt and crocked managers in the USA. 

Next is, Indians attacking US Senators in 2020 for objecting Green Card bills for Indians. Some attacked Senators online, some went to Senators houses and stand outside and did agitations like in India we do. Remember, this is America. 



Some of the Indians horrible filthy comments and emails from USA

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