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Telugu vid: DC ONSITE Project: BROKER FIRED

H-1B for asking 6 months salaries || Kumar Exclusive

ThirdEdit DC govt onsite Project Exp: H1B Employer FIRED for asking 6 months salaries

He came to USA and his immigration status unknown. A recruiter with American name connected to him.

His brother’s company is another layer. He runs the show and ceo is missing when USA client asked him to come and join for the official conference call.

Hrly pay rate is $85 plus to this shop. Prime vendor inserted one American and 2 Indian layers because they are his friends. Total 7 layers, 2 months payroll release for each one.

This guy harassing daily and did not pay salaries and issued Fake W2.

IRS NJ asked me to pay fine for his fault. IRS NJ said they do not find this company in their database but USCIS approved H-1B. HOW?

This is how Indians are running H-1B PIMPING BUSINESS for last 4 decades. This is 10 miles away from Washington DC MD USA. This is how 3 to 9 million H1Bs have been suffering.

The bodyshops owners cannot speak English also.

They use foul or filthy language in meetings.

They harass if you write emails in business emails asking for salaries. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Hindu converted Christians, all castes in Hinduism, Punjabis are running h-1B shops like this.

What is required to open a bodyshops?

Green card for INC. Any visa for LLC – resumes forward agencies 100$ to open a consultancy 30$ to create a website What are the returns? $1-$100 million.

This is how 700,000 Indian bodyshops are earning money by NOT paying salaries to H-1Bs.

USCIS/DOL/IRS any US govt is NOT helping H-1B victims.

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