Subscribers asked questions from India about Texas and An American friend Virgil Bierschwale from Texas answered it.

no idea, but my suspicion on the ones with water inside is the plumbing was ran in the ceiling and if there was no heat because the electricity was shut off, you have a disaster

Here are the questions:

  1. Wow.. why couldn’t they stop the inflow of water.when people were warned about this.. strange.. this would be an insurance nightmare again..

  2. What I can’t understand is leaking roofs …such posh houses with so much electrical appliances and AC and leaking roofs … does not fit in

  3. Thousands of houses in Texas having these kinds of nightmare scenarios.

  4. Extreme cold and subzero temperatures leading to frozen water pipes and eventually bursting. So sad.

  5. Want to see what the const style is… is the roof also wooden with some tiling on top …..

  6. Why? House damage? Houses are normally insured

  7. Surprising for a country where everything runs in insurance

  8. Insurance is  always for safety and to take care if that one percent disaster were to happen. Should never see insurance  as investment .


Subscribers questions about Texas

From India- people sent this


One of my Displaced American friends sent from Texas:

“very unusual pictures this winter as this almost never happens”

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