Indian is an enemy for an Indian

Indian is an enemy for an Indian

because Indians cannot digest fellow Indians growth. 

The best example is, when KE is confronting the crime of bodyshops in USA, one Telugu man in Texas have started YouTube channel and attacking KE by attacking in person and copying KE videos scripts. 

Does it make any sense? If it is NOT hate, what is it? if it is NOT promoting crime by him openly, what is it? Haters also writing online, what is it? LOVE or HATE or promoting Crime by Indians in America? Then what does it mean? LAW sucks in USA? Is it NOT enough to prove that Indians are good at crime? Indians are worst people? 

Culture- caste, regional and religions: read my previous posts on Indian consultancies hiring people by caste and eliminate Indians by Muslim religions. Chowdarys, Reddys, Vysyas, brahmins, Dalits, H2C batch etc meet in USA to hire their own caste people. This is against America’s EEOC rules. This is inhuman. One time Malayalam speaking H4 EAD told, she got a job because of her neighbor Telugu speaking woman told her to fake resumes. India has 16 different languages and they are equally corrupt and doing crimes in faking resumes, felonies but they hate each other by language. at WORK in USA, each one speak in their languages so that the other Indian or non Indian won’t understand that language. Remember this is 2021. 


Lack of Trust & Love: One person named .….joined with Kumar in 2011. He attacked Hinduism, hindu gods etc. He wants to convert Hindus to Christians and his name is having Lord RAMA name. He make KE to trust him and created an email id and asked all subscribers to email to that if any questions. he did not shared the password and started asking $10,000 from subscribers. he becomes a layer and employer for KE also. he attacked KE for not giving $10,000 for H-1B. He looted lots of KE money. why lack of trust and love? he presented a Bible in telugu and daily asked KE to put videos that “I saw Jesus”. if Jesus is there, then why do Jesus followers do this?  Is it NOT crime and hate? Where is Trust among Indians and love? 

Indian parenting is very bad:  .….without any questions. Some of it are good and majority of it are worst parenting. Parents in India teach at home about caste, discriminations bribe culture etc. No confrontation, no honesty, no ethics and values but we talk too much of hypocrisy. Someone asked me, what about Americans? if father drinks alcohol, parents tell openly and children joins if they want to drink beer and legally eligible to drink. Do you think is it possible in India? Father drinks separately and son drinks separately and both tell lie to the woman at home. Is not it? Indian Parenting is full of Spoon feeding, too much pampering, teaching hate, too much studies on weekends in USA by Indian parents etc. Marks and percentage is important for parents. 


Crab Mentality: .. without any doubt. If hiring manager is having green card or USC in USA, he or she rips H-1Bs or F1s or non immigrations like anything. What is Indian bodyshop are doing? collecting money and threaten to them to fire. File Green cards only for their caste people. Do not let others to learn and grow. 


Here you go:

Unfortunately we are the nation of 1.5 billion population. Each one hate the other person by either caste or language or regions (Telangana or Andhra or Tamil Nadu or Bihar etc) in USA also. On top of it, 87% Hindus afraid of Muslims and Christians. Hindus converted to Christians is another batch attack Hindus. 

Politics is dirty in India: You take any political parties in 29 or 30 states of India, it is just hate and polarization of people. The same negativity spread to Indians living in America or outside India. Coming to IT companies or companies, it is full of hate, caste feelings, regional language feelings, dirty politics and what not? Ofcoruse in India, treatment is different for Muslims and Christians at work locations as we identify others by last names. On top of it, the educational qualifications matters a lot. How do Indians treat lower caste or upper caste differences, the same way, they treat BTECH or NON BTECH guys in IT companies. I thought it is bad management in India while I was working more than a decade in India. Unfortunately in New Jersey in 2011, I have a come across a professor from Guntur AP India at a film theater in Edison downtown New Jersey. He took my cell phone number and called me later to his room. He started illtreating because of my graduation.  I did post graduation in IT and do not know why Indians in USA are so cynical about BTECH? He cheats women and charge $2000 for SAS course. When I have asked, he said, do not ask how does he gets the software. So most of the Indians in USA and India use pyrite software for training and business purposes. On top of it, they expect employees to do wonders and behave good when they themselves are practicing illegal things. I just wrote an example of it. He also showed his passport that he is the only person got H-1B in 1999 March in US Consulate Chennai. He feels proud for that and insult Indians whoever come after 1999 or 2008. This tendency, I have seen in another caste based Chowdary Bodyshops owner. 

Screenshot: In India, Chowdarys caste based hiring 

Regional or language feelings in India: In Tamilians run software companies in India, all KEY roles occupy by them only. I am writing about IT companies. The same way, any IT company in India. Management is worst though company policies are good or great. One time in 2010, The USA top client head came to my desk and asked me, Kumar do you have any caste problem with the team lead? Why is he scolding you on the business calls? In fact that team lead speaks in Tamil in business calls and Americans complained about him and deported to India by the company itself. I do not know and why do to understand why Tamilians hate Telugus? in USA. 

It is NOT that all are bad but majority in every sect it is like this. Another location, it is bad Indian company and Tamilian team lead who hired me cried because the Kannada language speaking delivery manager fired me for wrong reasons.  Because he took money from OPT student to let him stay in and this Tamilian manager wants that guy to go. What kind of work culture is it? It is not from the childhood, parenting, cate, culture, religions, regions, religions inculcate into the brains of Indians? 

Another example, I tried to help a MS student who already worked 10 years in IT in India. Did his MBA, forwarded his resumes to all the 1000s of vendors that I know. 2014, manually I sent his resume. he started attacking South Indians in the list including me. he said he is from West Bengal and he hates South Indians from childhood. One Srilankan American tried to help me in writing Facebook posts on H-1B topics. he has a IT consultancy and trying to help people if I FWD resumes based upon my honest writings. He helped this man and this Indian ditched him. Later one Telugu guy filed H-1B for him and after 60 days he jumped to Prime vendor of the company by ditch the bodyshops. He disconnected the phone to me and the bodyshop that I referred. He said, he hate to speak to Telugus. he also asked me to find out his friends in my apartment complex Telugus helped him in the past. When I said, he is there in the apartment and then he started attacking both of us. In fact, I drove him in my SUV to visit different apartments along with his wife, son and the Telugu common friend.  This is really shocking to me. If he continued 65 days with that Stupid Indian prime vendor and Indian Telegu bodyshop, the bodyshop would get 65 days money. Because Indian outsourcing companies release money once 65 to 90 days to sub contractors. Many FTE of Indian outsourcing companies do not know. Their Delivery managers and HR managers insert two illegal layers and run away with that money. Lots of hatred among Indians in USA. I really do not understand, why people move places when they cannot learn from new place and new people and give up old bad habits or bad parts o their cultures? 

Screenshot: So education does not guarantee ethics, values, morals and human being. 


Companies in India or Indians run companies or consultancies are worst to work with.

That is why, Kumar always advocate people to move to American MNCs in India for better pay and best work culture. 

One time, a friend told as soon as entering the client building, he said Kumar If you’re boss and employer is an American, your life will be set in America. This is 100% true. unfortunately that building, boss in Indian and a chowdary caste corrupt fellow. you can imagine the rest. 


Indians force employees or contractors to write BONDS. only slaves write bond but not human beings. 

So definitely Indians are worst in Business by breaking rules and violate local laws in USA also. Neither laws nor immigration laws protect victims in USA. In India, forget it, neither the laws nor the justice systems support the victims. It is because of the same Indian mentality for those people in the positions. They think that Employer is GOD and BOSS is always RIGHT. 

After watching my videos, people Indians sent several audio files with full of truth and crime happening in those countries by Indians to Indians. I have yet to make videos on it.

They are from Canada, UAE and Australia, etc. All these people are getting cheated by Indians in India before going abroad and once land in abroad, Indians only cheating Indians. But Indian media always shows Pakistan as India’s enemy or China etc. The fact is, Indians only cheating Indians in India and in foreign countries. Something is seriously wrong in Indians mindsets, education, basic ethics etc. 

I love India and Indians. Dedicated this to honest Indians and honest people to read and share with people. 

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