Bodyshops do not pay salaries

Indian Bodyshops do not pay salaries

People are mistaken laws and immigration laws are super strict in USA. 

They are several stories are there from the subscribers and no justice is done yet. 

many left USA with great happiness to live in India rather than America, a land of depression nd crimes by Indians. 

One time, a recruiter brother called from India on a video call. He connected his brother h1b victim who did not get paid salaries and who went to Court in Texas. The Telugu Indian bodyshops won the case. The Judge told him, you have a week days to re-appeal. The question here is, on one side, h1b did not get salaries, hiring Attorneys (Americans but not Indians as Indians connect by caste further damage the cases) and who will take LOSS of PAY leaves from the current project to attend the court cases? The Recruiter follows KE videos. He took interest in introducing him because he and his new staff h1b dragged by him to the new employer. The new employer did not pay salaries to the recruiter and the H-1Bs.

Law sucks in USA. Indians crime is unlimited in USA. USA immigration departments have no staff to look at any cases and simply go by paper work by employers who often produced fake paycheck and fake W2s. Shutdown the companies(website) and open another website.

One time, another SUB(subscriber)ex employer’s produced fake W2 and did not pay 6 months salaries. USA could do nothing.

That bodyshops bring women on h-1b to USA for Sex. 


American friend wrote this about this Indian bodyshop in MI:

Saw one review yesterday where they were charging $15,000 to file H1B extension or $20k for GC.

The smaller company size to get around higher fees is interesting. I have been ignoring those mom & pops but they deserve exposure too.


This man is from Detroit MI did the same.

A f1 now H-1b picked up told he will come to MI from the west coast to go to his house to ask 6 months pending salaries.

He and his wife run the guest house and show.

He has staff but nobody knows anything about it because everything either she or he manages.

If anyone complains, he closes one company, open another one. 

Mostly we refer to them as “MOM&POP IT Consultancies”.

Otherwise XYZABC Global has staff and one Chowdary CEO runs, it is called BODYSHOP or Indian Inc. 

They do fair deals (looks like) but they do pay less etc but not XYZ MAN or ABC MAN type.

This is the thin difference between them. 

Also they keep both companies in loop next Indian illegal vendors.

That’s how layers formed, eating more money from their own employees.

Several times, employees do not know that the next layer is the spouse company of the same employer.

American friend Said: Speaking of guesthouses, I read in a review one employee said he had to sleep on the floor, 8 people in 2 bedrooms. 

Another review said no furniture or lights where they put him.


At least 15 to 25 members- average.

I do get emails: employers put them in the basement, no food etc.

I tell them to call 911. later no response.

generally bodyshops afraid to send them out like stay with their cousins house etc.

because lose control is their fear.

Why I hate Indian YouTubers in the USA is because they do not speak this truth out to people in India.

They speak lies.

Chicago Subbarao one channel guy in IL made cash on it by making funny videos on all h1b topics.

Like RGV, one director makes films on all crimes in India a thriller movie with real time looking characters.

Earlier I wrote a script with Ravi (discussed but not on paper) and thought of making a short film on GUEST HOUSE in 2015.

Fun one but all truthful info to be presented.

Asked a few MS students to act in it. 

I said in a video:

If I anyone with 2 kids, apartment management does not allow me to stay in a single bedroom apartment,

how come they allow 15 to 25 members in one bed or two bedroom apartments?

It is either a guest house or MS Students college area apartments etc.

Imagine this: 2011 Story 

A person H1B went to UNIV drag them F1s to my room(means empty apartment with beds and sofa) in Edison NJ.

My room because my landlord working in SAP in CA holds an apartment in Edison NJ also. 20111 Story. 

His friend asked me to move here close to him while I was in American’s house in Phillipsburg NJ.

I do not have anything because I am on the edge of leaving the USA.

For that person’s sake, I used to buy stuff, food etc. because he has no car.

That H1B used to bring his wife to my apartment to teach both of them Oracle.

This F1 asked me, sir how is my employer?

I told him, tell your employer not to bring his wife to the apartment because I lose my privacy.

At that time I recorded one audio file about bodyshops and I asked him to listen.

He left his employer and changed at least 3 to 4 employers before he got a project.

His friend trapped him in this company.

He called me in 2015 after 2011, he told he will do the same business after getting GC because he can trap F1s from UNIV to guest houses easily.

XYZ Edison, XYZ or ABC from Boston, MA, – you name any bodyshops, they are doing the same.

They feel something great. One time my friend (then) argued what is INFOSYS is doing? He is doing the same.

With this attitude, h1bs or f1s sleep on the floor and they collect $2000 rent from each person in 2018 onwards.

American friend:

One H-1B ex employee called.

Her cousin is also an ex employee of this company.

I spoke to them for almost 1 hr.

CEO took 5 LKAHS for H-1B in 2016 and got H-1B approved but by that time that person came to the USA on L1B through a USA client- another employer.

They got NOIR on (Company name removed) on USCIS website – subscription email received.

the current employer asked them to get a reply from the old employer and he is not responding to them.

I guided them whatever best I can but they did not send any email of NOIR (company name removed) and h-1b copies of (company name removed) and current employer.

Irony is, USA clients also misusing H-1Bs and H-1Bs of Bodyshops. it is NOT just Indian Bodyshops or Indian outsourcing companies alone doing the crime. 

Tragedy is, “Google” is the End Client for these H-1Bs unpaid salaries and working there. 


H1B Synopsis:

The H1B Visa Sponsorship program is actually a Company Sponsored Work Permit with no cost incurred to candidate. It is a Visa that will be sponsored when a company in USA desperately needs employee from out of country due to scarcity or difficulty in finding required technical expertise. But during the course of time our Indian companies made it a commercial business and created a market for H1B in USA. 

Now Majority of US based companies who can sponsor H1B are charging the Visa Fee from the candidates which is illegal. The companies had to turnout this way because software people in India highly crave to work in USA for better living or better income. So, now it has become more

of the candidate’s requirement and less of employer requirement. 

This is the scenario:

Absolutely there is no wrong in seeking US employment and looking for someone who can sponsor US work Visa. But if you are highly skilled

and have rich experience and special expertise in software technology, then surely there will be a company who can do it for free of cost for

your talent and also because they need you. Again this technical talent has gained lot of competition and it is hard to find a job in

USA with sponsoring company. So candidates are coming in-front to payoff their Visa fee and get their Visa applications filed by

eligible US employers.

The cost of Visa fee varies from employer to employer depending on the size of the company and the attorney they hire to file your Visa

petition. It could be between $2600 to $6000. If employer collects fee from you and you do not get picked in lottery, they could refund your

fee based on the terms you agree them. Normally, H1B company deducts the cost of attorney fee and refund the remaining amount if your

petition is not picked in lottery.

The best advised is to find an US employer who can do it for free of cost by requiring your skillset. We strongly recommend this because it

is legitimate and risk free.

If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to write to us.

But Please don’t write to us if you just require some knowledge or

Information about H1B. First of all, we recommend you to go thorough my  pages, videos in Kumar Exclusive YT review our articles and watch my videos.

You will get maximum idea and knowledge. If you still have further question, feel free to approach me and am happy to help you out.

I do not associated with any educational and placement agencies either in India or USA. 

Note; 90% of Indian Incs in USA and their family members in India are collecting $10,000 or 5 lakhs INR from the applicants(F1/Opt/cpt/H1B) and dream America aspirants. Both paying and taking h1b fees is crime as per USCIS. If you come across such guys, please share their information and proof of asking h1b fees. Let us expose those criminals on this page and report to US government.



Tragedy is a Hindu Converted Christian friend involved in writing posts and helping KE also cheated 12- 25 subscribers by taking $10,000 each from them. So in H-1B business, a subscriber wrote, dog eating dog’s shit type. if you trust anyone in USA or in H-1B pimping business, you are dead. 



Kumar recommendation to followers across the globe: First try for (1) USA client FTE jobs, secondly(2) top 10 American PV(Prime Vendor FTE. Because they 100% follow USCIS/DOL/IRS rules. Worst case: (3) go with Indian outsourcing companies and (4) Bodyshops(Indian Inc). Both are alike as they do not follow USCIS/DOL/IRS rules on the ground but on the paper. Many h1b victims writing emails with evidence and crying for their torture. Hence Kumar recommends Germany not to start H1B type of Visa and USA to Stop H1b if failed to implement LAWS properly. From 1995 to 2019, Kumar met several h1b/L1/B1/L2/H4s/H4EADS/GC/USC in India/USA. If they’re from 3&4, their paychecks/W2/h1b papers etc have many dots unconnected shows their employer’s true colors

Disclaimer: All information is gathered on actual conversations and electronic communication with followers of my videos. Although I can not guarantee the accuracy, it is my assumption all information provided is factual and true. My opinions are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any threats made against my family or myself is in violation of The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L.101-12 and will be reported to proper authorities.

American media: An excellent synopsis! I’ll get in touch with that guy, and perhaps your invitation will at some point bear fruit… thanks!


Below is just a sample how consultancies in DC area collecting money for H1bs. Bodyshops use personal email ids to do crime. They warn employees if they write business emails about salaries etc. Bodyshops want only phone calls by anyone and no business emails to avoid proof. In USA, they often slap or beat or molest H-1B employees and none can dared to complain because of fear of losing h-1b immigration status. America knows this very well 40 years ago or whenever the inception of H-1B into USA’s immigration systems. They defined it as Indentured servitude. Most of the times, Indian caste based bodyshops physically abuse hF1 or H-1B employees at the guest houses. 

This person from Company name removed has called me asking for money for H1B visa. He also sent me the account details using another gmail account (I will forward that in my next email) and asking me to pay the money($1500 for lottery, $3500 after lottery) as early as possible as they are rushing up. However when I enquired long back I just got email yesterday from HR (I will send that email too to you) saying that there are not processing any more. I have recorded the audio, please check. Thanks.

This Company or consultancies all H-1Bs received NOIR. 

The Subscriber drove second time from CA to MI to meet his employer for salaries. Earlier another female subscribers asked KE advise, is it okay to meet the employer in person and beg salaries and H-1B documents by touch his feet? Indian culture. KE said NO. Do not touch feet for stupid things by LAW he has to give. 

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