Indians IT business model AKA ‘ghanta’ companies

Indians IT business model AKA ‘ghanta’ companies

Last decade, my ex colleagues or friends in India used to request, Kumar could you please visit this “IT Company” and enquire about them to pay #h1b fees $10,000 cash in Ameerpet(SCAM Centers) HYD India? They do not understand that these IT bodyshops run by mom&pop are like a small roadside PAN shop(who sells leaf to eat after lunch) in India. Like that they are 700,000 such Indians with green cards are running IT shops in basements in their houses. They say proudly that there is no difference between them and TCS or Infosys who supplies resumes to the USA clients. Their point of argument is correct but charging $10,000 for H1B, $50,000 for green cards, not paying salaries to #h1bs, guest houses in basements is illegal otherwise same to same.

Here you go:

1 Send WhatsApp messages to trap non immigrants in USA and Indians in India for H-1B(work permit free) to pay $10,000 illegally. 

2 Once getting trapped, LOCK them in the guest houses(15 to 25 F1 or H1Bs in one room) in the basements 

3 lock them with H-1B or green card processing for 1 to 3 decades 

4 America also NOT interested in Indians so they do not want give green cards for Indians. Hence waiting period is 455 years. 

5 Smart people remain in India and if they are smart enough, quickly realize and jump into Canada and come back to USA on TN visa and get Green cards

6 otherwise mourn in great depression in the America. 

7 During this process, illegal layers or caste groups presidents or bodyshops owners mint billion dollars.

8 Meanwhile these vendors trap you for amway, other money circulation business here including Indian hiring managers 

9. earlier KE friends used to send these kind of address and requested Kumar to visit these address to enquire about H-1B for them, who are working 10 plus years in India in IT. 

10. One of my friends also started this kind of “resume forward” business from his home basement in Edison New Jersey. he used to argue that whatever Infosys or TCS or Indian outsourcing companies are doing it, he is also doing the same, that is “FORWARIND RESUME TO USA CLIENTS OR VENDORS”. Indian outsourcing companies employees(frag in well until company kicks them out in USA) deny this and they say bodyshops are worst fellow as if they are doing something great. Both together rip International students or non immigrants and blame them too. It is a triable love story with American dollars and green cards. 

Many asked KE, what is America doing this? The answer is America is SLEEPING. 

Here you go:



This message below came in our neighborhood whats app group yesterday. Seems very fishy to me.

The message below..

Hello, This is XYZ from Consulting  . We are a very transparent & Honest IT consulting company which provide 80/20 fixed payrate. We hire job candidates on any visa status (H1B, OPT, CPT, H4 EAD), Permanent Residents and US Citizens. If you are looking for job, switching your employer or filing new H1B with job search, please reach out to   or call 214-425-XXXX. Thank You !!!

(We also provide training for various IT technologies – BA, QA, etc.)

Surely, new because the website is plain with no information.

Indians websites do not have SSL certificate also.

What is this address? From India, people think that it is a BIG IT Company. Here is the truth.

700,000 Indian bodyshops.

almost all 100% are of the same type.


That is what I thought..

When I went to check out the website 

He is basically a single man working USA client FTE elsewhere and trapping people through his spouse registered named company running from home.

This is what every Indian does after getting GC.

Whoever replies to him, he will start making his own database and sell the data to others: SSN/Resumes/Cell phone numbers and what not?

he will FWD resumes to another person like him to loot $25 to $50 an hr from the candidates as a middle illegal layer.

after 10 years, he will earn trillion dollars

You and I look at them as crime 

They look at as business 

Victims looks at as they are helping them to get a job until realizing that they’re ditching them.

All you have to do is,

1 avoid Indians for job searching 

2 otherwise ask them who is your direct USA end client?

If answer is suspicious skip them. Every Indian having a green card has a website and doing this.

How many people do we expose?

SUBscriber: I agree it’s a big ring with nothing we can do.

It is =  I. T. MAFIA.

You will understand about these websites.

I made a telugu video on it.

Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016, 05:07:08 PM EDT

Dear Mr. Kumar

I have seen your videos, most of them. I am basically from Hyd, been here for 14yrs, US citizen now. You are doing a great job of making a case for legitimate, genuine well deserved people to live in US peacefully. Really appreciable work by you.

I have few suggestions/comments/improvements whatever you call.

Your videos are focussed on how the middle layers/vendors ‘ghanta’ companies act as $2 to $25 commission agents. They are ofcouse.

But I think we should go beyond it to provide more bigger picture for audience. These people who run these ‘body shops’ – what do they do ?

They run politics, they groom, support, nurture politics back home and here. They formed a cartel – a vicious circle where things are going per understanding with each organizations. When they grow, they are forming tax free organizations – TANA, ATA, NATA, NATS, TDF. 

After formation of Telangana, the situation has become even worse. Now they are promoting region/caste/party/group politics. 

The irony is, how US govt is tolorating these fringe groups ? All the organizations that are set up are tax free voluntary orgs – non-profit based registrations on sole purpose of social service and culture promotion. But what are they really doing – bringing political leaders, bringing TV/movie actresses, doing ‘recording dances’, promoting vulgar double meaning songs in name of culture. Is this what our NRIs kids are leaning for future generations ? 

Do you know what these TV/movie beautiful actresses are doing here ? I have seen them with arrangements of prostitution with $3000 to $5000 per night. That’s why they line up in Hyd to come to US. They have 2 or 3 managers who are coordinators here for negotiation and privacy/secrecy. Otherwise, why managers are needed here for few days/weeks pleasure visited – with no shootings and no sessions ?

This is what is going on here in name of these H1b companies, blood sucking commission agents, our own Telegu businessmen are doing. We already have become a laughing stock with non-Telegu community with this kind of strange culture, before it goes and trickles down to all house holds – it should be made aware of what’s going on. 

I am sending you this email with anonymity, because I cannot reveal my real name – but I would really appreciate if you can bring to notice of wider audience on the way things are going here with these Telegu poisonous organizations ruining Indian culture in general and Telegu pride in particular. I am a Telangana person, but Indian first, Telugu second – lastly a Telangana person I believe.


What you FWDed whatsapp message is this one:  middle layers/vendors ‘ghanta’ companies act as $2 to $25 commission agents
Once eating $25 an hr, they will show their true colors as starting a bodyshops in full fledged manner.

Another Sub: Brilliant analysis, Kumar. Thanks for sharing. 

In NYNJ project, one Chowdary caste person started this business on F1 Visa by created this kind of fake consultancy on his sister’s name. His sister came to USA and got GC. he even place 100s people there and takes $25 an hr from another American illegal layer. Remember this is a GOVT USA client supports airports. Mainly Chowdary caste people started this and then others addicted to this easy money. 

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