Educational & Placement Consultancies in India promises jobs abroad, cheats people of millions

Indians scams in India

Indians in India cheating Indians. In the name of educational consultancies and placement agencies, they are collecting huge amount of money and vanish. Some take money and pump those students to UNIV in abroad. UNIV in USA pump huge amount of dollars to recruiters or agencies in India to trap students and send it to them. This is how this MAFIA CYCLE works. It is very simple common sense, if you pay money for jobs or UNIV for middlemen, there is nothing exists there. 




this is the reality 


A subscriber who studied BA in HYD INDIA went to Y-Axis and they collected 25000 INR to tell whether he is eligible for MS or not? Another subscriber studied BSC in HYD INDIA and went to educational agencies told, not eligble for MS in USA. he got scholarship and admission from number 1 UNIV in NYC. He contacted me in USA after arrival because of my videos, he got educated and applied for UNIV without brokers. 

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