Services offered by KE

Let us respect and value our time each other. 

and nothing is free on this earth.

F1 Visa guidance or any Visa guidance 

How to get first job in USA?  

KE placed 2500 plus videos on various topics in Life in America. 

Those are all in general but in specific if anyone needs advise or wanted to seek serious advises, here are the list below.

Frequently, many people are calling and asking for advises in personal matters like

Marriage bridge or bridegroom verification etc., advises apart from

their F1/OPT/CPT/RFEs/H-1B/$/L1A/L1B/TN visa/Green Card, etc.

Hiring: if you’re looking for new clients to your list to support on the hiring needs etc.

How to get IT job in USA?

How to move from NON IT to IT etc.?

How to report corruption by Hiring managers?

How to sue your employer? 

OCI Card filling help for non Indians 

Verifying job offers/Visa sponsorship emails – fake or Genuine? 

Here are the services changes for any kind of advises. 
Enter the amount correctly.
$60 an hour on H-1B topics/any topics.

Daily, I receive 100s of emails so NOT sure who is genuine or serious about time and life.

Do one thing, just send $60 to my account, send me your resume, biodata and all information.

I will send a zoom link, first 30 minutes you talk, I will listen and next 30 minutes, I will talk to you.

After the call, think and make a decision: Confusion to stay in USA or go back to India etc.

Send the money and  get a Zoom call invitation scheduled accordingly. 

Remember, I am NOT an attorney. This service for my time to advise you on how to move for the next step in your life.

Nobody can better understand your situation than to KE as going through this MESS in USA created by Systems and people. 

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