Quitting American Dream

Quitting American Dream


Greetings Kumar sir,

Thanks a lot for contributing a wealth of knowledge through your videos.  You are totally right. I tried to contact Desi consultancies, after losing my job again on OPT. The economy is not as healthy as it used to be for Industrial/Mechanical engineering. Watching your videos, once again has helped me not to fall into their trap.

American dream is not for immigrants anymore. No rights (removed the bad words here) on OPT/h1b. Just a bloody playground for body shops. The more you work for Vultures for only a temporary period, the more you keep falling into their trap just for meagre Dollars. Those Vultures and vendors seem to be making upwards of 50-75% of the total billing rate if I work through them.

By doing a simple Indeed/LinkedIn search for similar jobs, I could easily figure out how much they are looting.  They lie to the candidates, that they are taking only 30%.  

The USA is not an advanced country as perceived in the media. Even with all the killer technologies, they are still not able to catch fake resumes. Or the corporates are just pretending as if it does not exist for the sake of saving millions of Dollars?

I have decided not to fall into this trap. No one is going to blackmail me to send me to my country. I plan to leave the country USA in 2 months. I am grateful for whatever the limited opportunities, this country has provided me. 

Please keep your videos and content coming, sir. 

Please forgive me for using expletives and ranting in this email.

I hope you remember me. You made the video “Eye Opener Email” based on my email to you in November 2019 from the states (removed the exact physical location) in USA. Names of the Indian bodyshops removed for the subscriber safety and privacy. I have not gone to any of their premises, due to Covid-19 situation. I have had phone calls with them only. They try their best to demotivate anyone on h1b. They asked permission to create fake gc ead and fake h1b copies to market to vendors.  They asked me to “deposit of $2000 for online training and placement guaranteed scheme” 


One of subscribers sent this email before leaving USA. 

here are my comments:

America is just a trap?
Americans also cheating like Indians.
So both countries are 0 in laws and ethics.

if Indians on F1 or H1bs are getting cheated by bodyshops, there are some Americans trap them to further cheat them in the name of “justice, U or T visa or Green Cards etc.”. So do not trust Americans also but not just Indians in USA. 

This is America. 

Do not worry, you have a bright future in India.

Dream America is 100% bogus and fake created by bodyshops and Americans and Media.

Reality is nobody knows better than you.

write the names of the bodyshops that you have come across in your research.

Subscriber: Do the vendors or clients not verify ead forgery? 


I kept 3 videos on this.

Behind the scenes – Bench sales.

You will know the truth in it.

Recruiters 2 types.

type 1 criminals

type 2 truth seekers, who are following my videos and quit bodyshops jobs in India

because it is not recognized in India

type 1 recruiter aka vendor aka companies or bodyshops or you can any name  – they do not care because they need a body to sit in a chair to run the billing.

hope you understand it

type 2 working for a USA client with genuine resumes and honest clients catching fake resumes gone.

So they do care about forged EAD but they are not doing any scientific method of investigation. 

It is a BIG IT MAFIA bigger than the DRUGS Mafia. 

If background checks fail they do not get salaries so they do pass it.

SUB: Thanks for your insight once again, sir. No one has explained to me more clearly.


Yes, 40 years no one is speaking truth to the external world.
Since I am speaking of MAFIA(recruiters, F1s with fake resumes and forged GC copies, Outsourcing companies, bodyshops,

anyone doing crime in this IT business like Proxy calls supporters, proxy job supporters etc.)

sending death threats to me daily.
To down the videos.
Some people put a condition to down videos to take their job offers.
It is a billion dollars free money to them.
I will add Q and A and those bench sales video links also into it.

Sub: That would be really awesome, sir

KE: If bodyshops takes $10,000 for H1Bs fees, Americans take $3000 to help you from bodyshops in the name of justice and fighting. Sad state of affairs in USA. Bodyshops make million dollars by not paying salaries and attorneys also making million dollars in the name of attorney fees in fighting against these bodyshops. USA is a land of scams, crimes, depression and those have green cards or USC ripping non immigrants in the name of dream America or American dream. Displaced Americans hate India and Indians. 

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