America is land of scams?

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Why Did Chanti Die? An Activist Takes On Berkeley Landlord For Alleged Sex-Trafficking ( 

“This is truth America is land of scams” – A subscriber statement

This is what Indians are doing in USA. – you need to dig it out.

To enter USA- three ways: legal route -non immigrant visas, immigrants, illegal route “donkey route via Mexico” and by enter through ship to land C1 batch. To accommodate all these people, brokers available in USA. Those who are honest immigrants and non immigrants also getting ripped by bad guys who arrived in the past. 

Telugu Vid: షిప్/క్రూస్ బ్యాచ్ C1, D1, B2 VISAs-కుక్ కి weekly 1,22,000 INR || Kumar Exclusive – Subscribers sent information:

all Indian restaurants, cooks are working illegally.

They do not have any legal documents. Oracle User sent the below.

Bodyshops of Telugus imported women for Sex on visas to USA. in 1970s and now 2021, also NJ based bodyshops are doing the same.

Careful when you are planning to coming to America or going to bodyshops.

Oracle User…

Oracle User Mr Kumar this blood truth sir not only Tamils ,Telegu , all film actors are involved in big crimes in USA sir .

In usa this crime is in full fledge from past 1975 sir . This crime was invented by Telegu people in 70 s only sir they rape below 16 girls , women’s , Gold smuggling ,

money laundering , fake passports , fake GC , This cooks are very dangerous criminal’s sir .

They don’t pay taxes ,they don’t have proper State ids , they love bedpage girls ,

they are involved in drugs , plying cards with high price tables , Fake cpt batch are helpers ,

All restaurant owners are also big criminal’s. In 1980 I was in CA sir . I know how they operate . hats of to you sir.

In NJ on Monday all massage center’s are packed for sex crimes drugs etc .…

A subscriber sent this. Check Netflix on Bikaram Yogi.

I did not come across single Indian get punished in USA whoever doing crimes.

Indians are doing crime in every field in USA, any visas or Green cards or USC. Getting caught for doing crimes in almost negligible. That is why H-1B bodyshops owners are running guest houses by placing f1 or H1b 25 to 50 members in 1 or 2 bed room apartments and make them to work for free or less than $10 or $30 an hr at USA client locations through fake resumes and proxy interviews. No one report and if report also no one get punished. This makes Indians super rich from 1970s in USA and that is why they are investing in real estate in India. You take any field or anything in USA, it is easy to do illegal things and scams and become super rich. 

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