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Till covid-19 hit as an American born citizen one heard of the all stories of H1B and struggles but one never knew the impact it would cause for a USC to get a job if Furloughed or laid off during Covid-19. The following write up talks about the impact H1B has with the massive loopholes associated with the H1B process that makes a USC ability to get a JOB in IT a living HELL.

I never knew finding another job would be so hard that I have nearly given up because an H1B will be chosen against me.

The massive amounts applying with the massive amounts of rejected emails returned got so annoying that I decided to educate my self on how it an H1B is getting a job against a natural born USC.

(Credits to Kumar and his efforts on the subject).

First thing I learned via channels on the internet was the body shops which hire any H1B via illegal means. There is so much illegal activity I could write an essay but for the sake of time I am just going to touch the surface with knowing friends who get jobs via this channel.  Those on H1Bs who deny such things exist can live in denial. The funniest part is your neighbor probably got job this route, and you will know based his or lack of experience.

Also, we all know who is doing it because the person in question never keeps an actual job, they keep changing jobs every 3 to 6 months.

if you never heard of Body shop minus taking your car to get repaired. Then just come to various cities in America with a high percentage of Indians on H1B. There are so many body shops active for job placement that if you are a USC you should just convert to being on an H1B as that is the only way to get a job. Also make sure to keep a fake resume on hand with a consultant who will back your resume when you apply for the job.

Many may ask why do not body shops hire USC? Maybe the USC is not qualified. The real reason is they cannot harass us or skip payments. If such was done and complained about. The body shop will get in a ton of trouble.

Real stories of a person who never did IT in their life. Only to land a high paying job in IT a few months later scratch the surface the illegal activity for job placement. Oh, and the mysteries comment from this person “I did a course in a week” (Fake). Other stories of people on H1B using this route where a person wakes up and decides I want to be a BA not a tester. The next thing you hear is the person got a job as BA with zero certification and experience. Not only that it likely the same person who could not even do the job of a tester at the client site which the client even stated (probably sounds like people we all know).

Sadly, the examples above are highly the same people who will text the USC out of a job each week asking did you get a project or a job yet?  The best reply should be to them. No, as you stole my job. To be honest I never replied as such.

To note this, write up is not against the legit H1Bs who come to this country and got jobs the legit way with the proper channels and education done.   Sadly, Indians on H1Bs doing things the proper way are out shadowed by the H1Bs doing things the illegal way with using the Bodyshop’s.

Also, to note that lawyers of Indian descent born and raised from birth as a USC who are quick to back up the H1B cries for help to get an H1B. If they are supporting such cases knowing the illegal activities, then shame on them.  We all known such lawyers who are quick to post on Facebook and other media outlets.

So, this maybe a brief and quick write up from USC point of few on how hard it is to get a job during Covid-19. Those doing illegal activities do not chime in with well millions are out of a job. The sad thing is those using the Bodyshop’s have likely taken my job along with millions of other USC.


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