leave your bad boss but not jobs

Kumar’s Tips if you have a bad boss or bad employer. 

leave your bad boss but not jobs

From my life time experiences, society or corporate world does not respect honest and sincerity people. Confrontation, reporting crime, law, judiciary, justice, nobody is above law, justice delayed is justice denied – all these are bogus words. Even paying single dollar for an attorney in the USA to confront against bodyshops (bad guys) or worst Indian employers is time waste and money waste because you will die by the time either you get a green card or get justice. So just move on for your mental peace of mind and health purposes. It is because the world supports bad people first though inside appreciate your honesty but they do not like to hire you for your confrontation or integrity.  Last one decade, several Indian brothers and sisters have been calling or emailing Kumar Exclusive about their bad bosses, bad illegal layers between them and end USA clients, H-1B employers etc. They are in thousands and who refused to call USCIS, called KE. So you can understand the depth of the problem. There is NO solution in the IT corporate world if you’re boss is bad or employer is BAD. So choose wisely your first American boss in USA and choose your American Employer in the USA to set your life in case if you are not born in USA. It is to set your life otherwise life sucks in America if you’re boss is an Indian (he or she must have an illegal layer company to poach 50% of your paycheck) and employer is an India to break all wages and PW and what not? 

Several Indian with GC or USC status also brought to the notice of Kumar Exclusive about their bad bosses in top 1 to top 10 automobile industry and other IT industries in the USA and India. The end result is nothing but engineers left their managers and changed the jobs. One in million cases, a bad boss was removed but the enough damage is done to the team and do not know about the company. 

Coming to India, Indian judiciary supports default employers and as you know, no labor laws works in India. So best thing is, move out of the organization in stead of stay inside and confront with the bad bosses and bad managements. KE is NOT saying do not confront or compromise but from life time experiences and thousands of followers feedback, it is (confrontation) a time waste business. 

Another incident in Maryland, a friend of mine told, he does not believe in justice system except instant justice system. That is slapping the bad boss and his wife in a private party. He said, they remember that incident for life time and they ate more than 50% of his salaries in a decades time. The couple pee in pants whenever they see him in any other shopping malls or parties. KE does not encourage this but this is shocking news. 


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