Desecration of Hindus Temples in India

Hindus and Temples in India

Prof K Nageshwar Sir educating people of Indians on all topics. KE appreciate and admire his works. 

Under fire for desecration of temples in Andhra, Jagan blames TDP for vandalism – andhra pradesh – Hindustan Times

దేవాలయాలపై దాడులు ఆపండి, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాజకీయాలును మరో UP చేయకండి || Stop attacks on temples in AP || – YouTube

Here you go:

Hindus – do you think they have unity? no because they hate each other by upper caste or lower caste. Secondly, they never ever fought for stopping governments to poach temples money. Governments in India have no courage to poach money of other religious places but they poach Hindus temples. We have to condemn any religious places are attacked by anyone. But in Pakistan, see the Twitter messages and see how India reacts. When KE posted this, one Indian lady saying this masala media i.e. SEX media. This is the level of IQ for Indians.  Why do not people ask, stop attack on Temples? Same time, there are attacks on Muslims and Christians religious places in India, that also should be condemned. In this particular incident, KE posted a poll and this is what people said. 

India is full of swamijis bapus Bapujis babas and Ofcoruse fake and political babas are there. None opening their mouths except political parties during desecration of Hindus temples in India. Why?  


Governments poach temples in India, this man is explaining.

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