What do you call this?

What do you call this?

One of my subscribers and Kumar has been attacking by one of the frustrated Americans.

He sends filthy messages – daily. 

He attacks Indians

He posts hatred posts on Indians.

Here you go:

If accused is Muslim, Americans or America “call it terrorism.”

If accused is an illegal immigrants from Mexico, America will build a wall between USA and Mexico.

If accused is on F1 visa like 9/11 attacks, America will ban F1 visa.  

If accused is an American, America call it as mentally ill person.

You take any example, that is the conclusion in the media.

What do you call this?

So America failed to STOP Americans crime in USA. But blames rest of the world if anyone from ROW commits any fraud. If this is the condition, America is NO longer an immigration  country and NOT safe. 

Do not think America and Americans are 100% perfect. Not all of them, but majority of them are good. Some are not.

Some of them hate Muslims and Indians by skin colors or by religions.

Some even do marriages for money and later they hate Indians, India culture or take revenge if those guys depart from them after green card marriages. 

Sir you never know. It could be a genuine marriage failure also 😜
If two Americans divorce, it’s a genuine divorce.
If one of them was Indian, oh it was a gc fraud!
It’s bad that the guy did that. The women should have known the guy will benefit by gc. She should also have been more alert.
Nobody forces Americans to marry Indians, they are responsible to be careful and not fall prey to such things. Wait for years before they marry..

If one is Indian and the other is American in a green card marriage then it is fraud. You have to suspect both the parties but the party from America blames Indians. 

Americans also hate Indians for no reasons and started attacking one of the subscribers just because he is young Indian Muslim boy in India aspiring for MS in USA.

The American white person hate him so much and created fake accounts on his BTECH student name and posted his pictures as terrorist etc.

How insane is it? So careful when you chat with people online and especially Americans in USA while you chat from India. 

We do not know them in person and we cannot take it for granted that all of them are innocent, they are innocent until proven guilty. 

That American frustrated using Indian Muslim boy identity and misusing his identity.

In what way, an honest Indian in India responsible for an American’s frustration in USA?

Why should Americans hate Indians in India? if Indians are poaching your jobs in USA, you report to USA or you do whatever you want as per the law of the land,

but how can you attack Indians in India aspiring for MS in USA? Does it make any sense? 

Kumar is against fraud in H-1B or H1B Visa fraud. 

Kumar is against crime in India and USA or anywhere.

Kumar is against Indians faking resumes and proxy interviews.

Kumar is against companies displacing Americans because in India, Indians do not accept Americans replace them

Kumar is with Displaced Americans

Kumar is against Americans hate Indians in India for no reason. 

Some displaced Americans hate “all Indians and India” but trying to use Kumar’s posts/videos for their self goal, KE is against to this. 

Kumar is against generalization. 

America is NOT safe? 


USA is equally dangerous country like India. You can lose life in USA for resist to give up your cell phone/car/wrong arguments in wrong places in bars/pubs with Americans. 


Think all this before you think of dollars, Green Cards, US passports, marrying an American or writing to an American etc. 

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