US matches, Indians at crossroads in India

US matches, Indians at crossroads in India – Kumar Tips

Every day, people write emails from India about whether to choose bridegroom or bride from USA or not?

The confusion arises due to marriage bureaus in India create false hopes to Indians in India.

Also the parents of a girl in India living in darkness especially when comes to Life in America. 

They are seeking Kumar’s help to take a good decision with help of you.  Mostly they(people writing emails to KE)completed their B. Tech in the year 2000s, working in I.T in India.

They get an US Match from parents or some relatives references.  

 They never have a dream of US match, but parents or siblings forcing them(boy or girl) to agree to those USA f1/H-1B matches.

You need to analyze this:

Why are they forcing you to go to USA? Is life in India that bad?

is life in America a bliss? 

What do they know about USA?

People writing emails to KE, some are not interested to study further in the USA, but the bride or bridegrooms conditions is to do MS in USA. 

Yes, if you’re NOT interested to study then do not study, who is forcing you to study?

If you do things by force which you do not like to then it leads to disaster or suicides later.

but these guys cannot this openly to parents and the US match guy. They need KE’s tips to cross check what is what? 

KE advise is, Say to him (whoever it is) boldly.

Here you go:

1 Stay strong and be bold and be honest.

2 your life, your choice but not your parents’ life. They are in the illusion that America or the USA is something great but, the USA is also like any other country India. No need to give over weightage to people in the USA, that is foolishness.

3 several sisters wrote several emails like this from India and I kept videos on it. Even men are also victims in that but not just only women always. In fact a brother from India asked me to check a check list for his sister in India to cross verify that the boy in the USA is a genuine or fake resume experience guy or not? I was shocked to know that the boy A KAMMA caste rich person, did not reply to that KAMMA brother in India, a rich person, to that email. That means, the boy in the USA is 100% Fake. I am against generalization. Most of them available in Facebook with fake pictures but not real face in LinkedIn. 

  1. What is that boy/girl(your USA match) doing in the USA?

 do not quit your job in India for this US Match sake.

KE received such sad stories also and finally that MS student in USA escaped after wedding cards printed in India and never returned the dowry(bribe girl’s dad pay to the parents of the boy in Indian culture and tradition) Love marriage with dowry is bullshit. 

Which universities did he/she apply in the USA? you ask these questions to them.

Majority UNIV in USA are fake. if Day1CPT, then it is illegal. 

Did he/she work in India or just quit India to the USA for MS?

If he/she did not work in India at all, then he/she is unfit and since you have been working in IT in India, you are more talented than that boy/girl in USA.

Because getting a job in India is very tougher than in the USA.

90% of OPT resumes are fake, I kept a video on it. watch it if possible.

Only 10% Indians get jobs on the right route after MS. So, you need to check whether he/she falls into that 90% or 10% batch. If he/she falls into 90% batch, then you simply drop her/him. Time waste to follow up or negotiate with them on any topics. 

H-1B jobs are 4 types,

  1. American client FTE(full time employee) (salaries will be $120,000 to $250,000+) Prefer this match 

  2. American TOP 10 prime vendors only FTE, (salaries will be $80,000 to $120,000+) Prefer this match 

  3. Indian outsourcing companies FTE, (salaries will be $45,000 to $60,000+) these guys work 24x7x365 days for less pay-  REJECT THIS

  4. Indian Incs(aka bodyshops aka human trafficking agencies) FTE. (salaries will be $45,000 to no salaries most of the time as these 90% of 700,000 MOM and POP IT Consultancies are worst fellows). REJECT THIS

Which type of h-1b? Reject if L1A or L1B or B1, F1, or F2 visas people. Because their stay is temporary. 

Type 1 and 2 okay but type 3 and 4 worst. Ignore.

What is his/her green card status? (Green card is for future employment, 3 states, labor, i-140 and 485) Currently 3 million Indians are in great depression in the USA after sitting at the step-2, that is I-140 stage.

His/her I-140 approved? Which year? Check you can get H4 EAD or not? then you can work with fake resume(fake is a crime but Indians are doing it) and proxy interviews like any other Indian women in the USA. Ask him/her, when H4 EAD is available, why are you forcing you to take up F1 route? what is wrong with you? You ask those people. 

Currently the Green card waiting period is 455 years for Indians. So you can ignore him/her. It is depressing.

What is his/her employer name? boss name? What are their email ids? If he/she is afraid to share this, then he/she is doing crime here. Because you are putting your life in his hands and if he/she cannot share his/her employer/boss email id, then you can drop him/her.

What is his/her SSN number? You can check any criminal cases pending against him/her in the USA

What is a driving license photo id? check any DUI? 

Ask him/her to send h-1b or GC copies if any. How do you know his/her immigration status is valid or not? What is the company etc. and company reviews? 90% Indian employers’ reviews are the worst.

Finally, if he/she is putting a condition: “if she is interested in ms and job then only he will marry me” means, he is clearly telling that he is interested in the money that the girl is going to earn but not the girl.” If I were you, I would not entertain this bad guy. 100% money minded fellow. Of Course he is looking for safety in a foreign country, but this is NOT fair.  This is a highly pressure statement because you must write GRE and TOEFL and low score poor univ admissions, take money 15 to 50 lakhs loan for MS in USA, plus is he asking any dowry? I kept a video, people in the USA need not ask dowry as they earn 75 times more than people in India. $1=75 INR. After passing MS, you have to work 27 months OPT with fake resume and proxy interviews (your interview will be attended by another woman for $2000) and proxy job support (your job is done by another Indian woman illegally for that she takes $2000 a month) or he has to do your job for that. If this is the kind of life, 9 out of 10 are leading in the USA, then your mother and brother and future husband (this boy loves) it, then it is up to you. Indians majority earn money like this. What If failed in MS? What if Fired in job? You lose moral support and self-confidence. Who will restore it?

Thank God, your not a kid(above 18+), so you are NOT going for any child marriage  and you do not need anyone’s advice but you need genuine or honest brothers’ opinions from the USA. USA means dollars, green cards and US passports (kids born in the USA) this is the majority Indians’ dream. Maybe 99 out of 100.

What is your heart saying? Listen to your heart. That is more important than anything. Take good decisions and honor and respect your decision. Tomorrow you should not blame anyone. Case example, if you drop this boy, tomorrow all will blame you, you must be bold enough. Suppose you marry him and all is okay, you are happy, your mother and brother happy okay fine. If you are not happy then what? He wants money that is earned by a girl in the USA but not the girl. So, tomorrow something happens to your mother or brother for health and you want to quit your job in the USA and visit them, do you think he will allow it? Even if he allows, your OPT or CPT or F1 visa expired and return to the USA is NOT possible due to his h-1b expired or renewal in process. So what? These things, no one thinks about in India because they do not have any knowledge about the USA or any foreign country which I have explained in 2000 videos in my channel.

If it is India, good or bad, your parents and singling’s can come to your rescue, in the USA, they cannot because they need visas and money.

NOTE: at least 10,000 H-1B Indian husbands kicked out their h4 wives and many of such Indian sisters also wrote emails from India, their stories even painful. They are crying and nobody can get justice for them.

He knows H4 life is a curse in the USA hence forcing the new coming girl into F1 track to H-1B track. But H-1B is a lottery system and 25,000 H1Bs 200,000 F1s are waiting and Indians are doing 6 times MS or MBA until pick up in the lottery, so will you be able to study MS 6 times in the USA? until h1b gets picked up?

H4 EAD US Court Supports Job Renewal For H1B Spouses; Orders US Govt To Respond In 3 Days  


This is a Telugu video, girls in India rejected boys in USA who are not having USA client FTE job and minimum $120,000 salaries. Also some f1 girls in the USA rejected F1 boy who are working in software testing due to low end skills and short projects. One of such girl’s mother advised the boy, not to disturb her daughter for marriage unless you improve your IT skills to Java programming and getting USA client FTE in JAVA $120,000, do not contact them. So the girls’ studied in USA that matured than to some of the Indians in the USA. Most of them (both genders) have living relationships here during studies or somewhere so marrying such people without knowing from India is really dangerous as the new husband/wife will show you(guys in India) hell in America. 

Several times, Indians on F1 in USA, get jobs through not only fake, proxy but also getting through casting couch. If you marry such female candidates, then you’re gone. 

Currently market in demand IT skills are Azure/AWS/GCP or Cloud technologies etc. Anything less than to these skill sets, his/her job is very unstable and to hit next project is not easy. He/she stay on bench(jobless and employers do not pay salaries) and then he/she will beat you out of frustration. Check, what IT skills that he or she is working and why not improved the skills on part to the IT market demands.? 

Good luck and God bless you. 

Read this article also before making a decision to come to USA. just prepared for this.

What do you call this?

Matthew Bonness:  just an observation, based on one data point, I think it’s somewhat silly for parents to be arranging marriages to H1Bs in the U.S.

Is the boy in the U.S. good at what he does?  Have they met him in person?  Have they talked to his coworkers, his manager?  What are his long term career prospects?  These are the questions I would encourage any girls to ask if they are considering marrying someone in the U.S.

KE: Very interesting! Excellent questions but they never met in person or not even know him. Indians in USA visit one week to see 8 or 10 girls in one go, his (boy in USA) parents arrange all 10 girls in 2 to 3 days schedule and boy and parents visit each house one after another(arranged marriage system) and say yes to one of them after seeing the check list, dowry (bribe by girls parents to boy parents) whether the girl is BTECH or not, is she willing to do MS in USA? can she fake resume and get jobs in USA? in fact a boy in MD USA told, he will ask her to do proxy interviews for devops $2000 an hr by sitting at home in stead of IT job, how soon they can get ready to come to USA etc. 

Then the boy(f1 or h1b working in USA) return to USA as you know this contractor does not get loss of pay leaves more than a week and go back after 6 months for marriage if project is there on hand. In some cases, he extends the stay and fix marriage on the spot get H4 stamping and Return to USA. Life is a disaster for many such Indian girls or boys in India to marry Indians in the USA. Bodyshops lend money to h1bs to get marry in India and come back and recover that money with rate of interest also.

This site is for fun created by one of the US returned students. Otherwise Indians demand dowry something like this.

If a boy or girl is in Facebook but not in LinkedIn, you can drop them. Because they are fake people with fake resume so hiding on professional networking sites. 

Drop any USA matches if the boy or girl put any conditions like DO MS or MBA and work mandatory. What if you failed in studies or cannot get a job? will that person give divorce? Is he/she looking for any ATM any time money machine but not a human being? 


Jan 5th 2021 

I am incredibly happy today. One of the subscribers, young sisters denied or rejected a USA match. Because she is not interested in USA matches after watching fake resumes by MS students or Indians in the USA.

2. Lots of cheating by H-1B husbands vs h4 Victims

3 H4 is a curse visa

Hence the boy in USA on H1B still instating the girls in India to resign their IT jobs even before getting F1 Visa and forcing them to write GRE and TOEFL for UNIV in USA for MS/MBA.

4 the girls in India have to bear that expenses plus dowry = bribe given by girls’ parents to boy’s parents to marry, an Indian culture.

Luckily, she did not pit fall into the trap of NRIS – non reliable Indians in USA. Not all but majority. That boy in USA forcing her to agree to the conditions 1 dowry, 2 MS in USA must, get a job 3 so many conditions. Remember, the Indian male has no special items compared to Indian male in India. If you think, there are no men available in India then look for Indian male outside India for a marriage. life in USA is NOT that great as Indians projecting on Facebook and YouTube videos.  Surprisingly, the boy is missing in LinkedIn a professional job networking site but available in all dating sites or social media sites.

Rest you can read here: he never answered to anyone these questions mentioned.


Kumar discussion with Revathi, Venu, GC divorce issues in the USA(spoke about Indian married girls) and some videos. – These videos help my subscribers in India to get awareness and make a decision on US matches : DO NOT SAY YES WHEN YOU WANT TO SAY NO.



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