prisoner khaidi 6093 APCM vs AP HC

prisoner khaidi 6093 APCM vs AP HC

Breaking- Andhra Pradesh High Court Judge Calls For Collegium Transparency In The Wake Of Transfer Proposals Of Chief Justices Of AP, Telangana HCs (

Analysis by Journalist Sai and Prof K Nageswhwar-Indians in USA follow them mostly.

Analysis by Prof K Nageswhwar-Indians follow them mostly.

Analysis by Prof K Nageswhwar-Indians follow them mostly.

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Here you go:

India has 29 states. There are also 7 union territories. One of the states earlier United States of Andhra Pradesh has a state political head   He has involved in massive scams by misusing his father’s position or political power(Chief Minister). Later he was in jail for 18 months(subject to correction) and awarded a number as a prisoner 6093. He was released and people elected him as Chief Minister of bifurcated Andhra Pradesh state. He has written letter against the Judiciary of State and complained to the Chief Justice of India. That trigger the issue to High Court Justice of AP State to dig about him on Google Search.khaidi 6093″

Finally, the AP HC Judge got transferred though he made mockery of this issue. The question is, whether the judiciary lost its power because of a letter written by a state political head? The head of the state was in Jail for 18 months on economic offenses. 

Indians have 700,000 Bodyshops in the USA. Among all, the following castes: Chowdarys aka KAMMAS, Reddys, Velamas AKA Telangana people, KAPUs, Vysyas, Brahmins, Dalits, H2C Hindus Converted Christians, from AP state of India has a majority share. They all formed caste groups and also majority of them owns Hindu Temples here. 

Ofcoruse, TDP people also came to USA and Chowdarys aka KAMMAS in USA also gather like this every year. And other caste people for caste unity and other business reasons. 

Here are some of the pictures when TDP Ministers came to New Jersey to collect funds from Indians in the USA for the capital build Amravathi in AP.

Chowdarys aka KAMMAS caste people unity in CANADA.

Majority of them are working in Information technology either in USA or Canada and some of them are running bodyshops aka consultancies and guest houses after getting green cards. These two Chowdarys and Reddys are super rich in AP state in India and also leading Consultancies in USA and Canada. In fact, KAPUS, Vysyas also have a big share. Each caste people do not allow other caste people to their offices or guest houses. They have that much unity among them. Reasons need to write here is, they all watch all political or news developments in India and placing videos, writing on blogs about those castes or issues here. 

Matthew Bonness wrote his reviews after reading the above post. 

“Interesting. It reminds me of Trump pardoning his son in law’s father who was in jail for tax evasion. Politically connected criminals seem to find a way to get away with their crimes.  
It’s the same here. Most Illinois governors end up in jail. The president released the last Illinois governor who was in jail for trying to sell a US senate seat. Chicago is probably more corrupt than any city in the US.” 

if you touch the subject of political corruption in India, Indians like Sravan Kalvakota attack people like this. 

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