Indians hate Americans in USA?


Indians hate Americans in USA?

Unfortunately the answer is YES.

Incident one: One of the client locations, the manager is from a state in India, team is from Telugu state and offshore is from Telugu. They fired one of the African American in team and hired my friend because he speaks Telugu. So qualification to get a job in America is TELUGU. Idiots write, he does not know English etc. But English is NOT required when hiring manager is India and if he or she has a layer companies. Layer company means, illegal suitcase company that takes 50% of your salary cut. he surprised to know 90% of the people in the office campus are Indians. The builds or campuses can accommodate 20,000 people. 


Incident two: One of the Kumar’s ex colleagues in India moved to USA, west coast. He called one day at 2am, asking about how to get a new employer? Because he is working 24X7X365 days for 2080 hrs pay(8 hrs a day, M to F) and he was shocked to know that most of them are Indians in the work location. The former colleagues called from Redmon, Seattle Washington States.  HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND REST OF THE STORY!.

Incident three: Earlier, during 2011-2018 one recruiter cum CEO of a Bodyshops from Boston MA run behind Kumar for subscribers contacts. He told several times, Kumar do not talk to Americans/Displaced Americans etc. His fear is, Americans or displaced Americans if know truth, they will retaliate against bodyshops.

Incident four: Recruiters from India told, they call Americans by skin colors and their managers told them to do so while speaking with Indians and bar Americans and do not pick Americans or displaced Americans resumes.

Incident five: one person from Kerala of India got a client FTE job. He noticed Kumar talking to a vice president of the American prime vendors in the party. He took Kumar outside and warned, Kumar do not talk about H-1B with Americans. His fear is, his resume is fake and went to USA client FTE because of that VP(Vice President) of PV.(Prime Vendors). So no gratitude for Indians. Not all but only a majority. The same person American PV gave tips on list of items which Indian international students lack and advised me to place a video to educate Indian international students. Then Kumar placed the below video.


Incident six: bodyshops 700,000 do not hire Americans in immigration and administration staff except in marketing and front end jobs. It is because Americans will notice their illegal activates and report to USCIS.

Incident seven: Indian outsourcing companies give “standing instructions” to employees before leaving for USA, do not talk about your immigration status(H-1B or B1 or L1A or L1B) with Americans(teams or anyone). That is why most of the Indian outsourcing companies employees speak in Indian languages in office locations even in front of the Americans like any other Indians. It is because Americans should not understand of what Indians are discussing any topic – immigration or work location issues etc. 


Haters comments for writing or speaking truth in videos.

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