Do not come to America for MS/MBA/PHD- waste of money

Do not come to America for MS/MBA/PHD- waste of money

KE sincere advise to youth in India. Do not believe Indian YouTubers in USA, they are not speaking truth, bunch of liars.

Many Young graduates are following me on LinkedIn.

With due respect to many, writing this for their awareness to clear the fog in front of their eyes pump by UNIVS in USA.

America is all about dollars, green cards, and US passport. Anybody achieved anything here is after getting Greed(s) Card only either CEO of MS or Ex CEO of Google or BODYSHOPS or you name anyone. If they do not get H-1b in a lottery system while on F1 visa or H-1B extensions denied/GC denied, they would land in India by now and nobody knows about them on this planet.

That is the main reason or one of the main reasons, Indians with green cards are headstrong and bossy like our IAS or IITian in India. NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY.

If you try, you can get appointment with President of USA but not with Indians who has a green card.

It is filthy to sit next to them in the USA because of their greediness. study abroad or work abroad is good but don’t waste your parents money for America.

Its waste of time. going to Canada or Australia is much better than to USA for MS. later you can come on TN or E3 visa and get green cards. otherwise everyone steal your money in USA including attorneys.

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This is a telugu tragedy song but reality from USA by an International student

America sucks your life. 

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