Racism? Germans are white people.

Way before Hitler the Germans were using slaves in Guatemala in the coffee industry.


Racism? Yeah of course. Germans are white people.

White folks today are again abusing non-whites, running with the age-old story that hey the Indians sign up for H1b visas and no one puts a gun to their heads.

Okay that is undeniable, so the real question then becomes when do nonwhites sign up to NOT being abused?

If never, then mathematically nonwhites know what they are getting into and whites have every reason to keep on taking advantage of those who literally pay to be abused!

It’s not up to white people to stop the abuse it is literally up to nonwhites to put their foot down and say enough is enough.

My money is on the white folks winning that bet since there are 100s of thousands of Indians waiting to sign up to get abused EVERY year!

My children are all under 18 yrs of age but all of them are aware that nonwhites seem inclined to submit to abuse.

White dominance ending soon? Do not count on it as long as you have nonwhites that sign up and politicians make rules like H1b that make it all possible.

Does a single American care about the plight of H1b Visa holders?

No chance. Americans think Indians are lucky…

Indians are you feeling lucky?

When does the cycle end?  When do ppl actually sign up tp be equal?

It cannot be while trading freedom for dollars

First the British abused India now the colony?

Germans (whites) abusing the Mayans

Whites have always constructed cute ways to steal and enslave and today is no different.

Build bridges not walls are just white man code for “send me cheaper labour that I can abuse.”

Best and Brightest is just bs that makes the unfortunate indentured servants feel okay about being abused.

English whites used contract laws and loans to American Indians to relieve the Indians of their land. Land they had no reason to give up.


In America, most Blacks voted for Biden and Harris. These two individuals were responsible for locking up Blacks at alarming rates and in the process ruining families.

How do Blacks in America ever escape the cycle if they keep voting for the folks that are consistently responsible for keeping them down?

Super predators?  Really? and the conclusion yeah count me in on Biden?  WTF?

cool…. I have a lot of Indian friends, yet I cannot get past this reality in 2021 that Indians sign up to be abused

the reality is that I just do not really appreciate the caste system back in India is worse than the white man’s abuse I suppose

sad really . which is why I really admire what you do

you demonstrate that Indian has nothing to do with it

That it is only a decision to decide to be free

admirable and keep at it


Person B: It’s unfortunate to born as Indian for Indians. 1 caste systems 2 blood is corrupted that is people give and take bribes no shame


Person C:  it is and always will be a “cost” issue


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