Indian man cheated woman in Singapore


According this Source:,

A marathi speaking maharastrian cheated Indians in Singapore. He is now trying to cheat Americans in USA. According to the story:

“His name is Rajan Shamindra.

He claimed that he from Latur Maharashtra but lives in USA. Currently in Sao Paulo Brazil for work.

His address in USA.. 137 kingsland Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63133 United State.

After getting help from some expert in Saint Louis Missouri, they info me that they cannot find such address.

Tis fella is BIG TIME FRAUD. Know him since 2016. Sweet talker. Will gave empty promises.

Will create sympathy to get things done. LIAR n CHEATER. Trusted him a lot. Help him with financial from day one till now.

He cleared all my savings. Found out that HE is having an affair wz other woman in HYDERABAD. Confronted him n he denied it.

Now he blocked my number n been DISAPPEARED for months.

I believe he now very active with the new woman. His victims is women’s in INDIA.

He trying his luck wz women in Hyderabad.

Dear ladies.. Pls be careful with this man.

I will update all his HP Nbrs. He have few numbers to use to different different women’s.

PLS don’t become his victims like me. I have gone thru a lot with him since 2016. I have all the evidence.

His friend is helping him in this cheating/fraud too. I update his details too. So please be aware of tis CONEMAN.

If u need more details about him or his friend.. Don’t hesitate to PM me.

I don’t want him to use woman weaknesses as his tool to cheat and betrayal.
All women in INDIA..

Pls keep away from this man. His motive is to get CASH wz FAKE LOVE. I hope his family/friends/relatives and his daughter(study in Saint Louis Missouri) get to know the REAL him.
I’m spreading this message to all women in INDIA, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL n USA so that they don’t fall for him n become victims like me.
FRAUD man like him need to be punished. These are all his HP Nbrs issues from different states in USA.
+15736147851 “

(1) Raj Shamindra | Facebook






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