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R Visa


R-1 Nonimmigrant Religious Workers | USCIS

Hindu Priests part time job is this much easy but not in Temples under management with $1000. 

Some Hindu priests requested KE to make videos on R visa, how to come to USA etc.

Till then KE has no interest about digging about R visa and scams in Hindu Temples in America.

Kumar got some shocking facts from people working in Temples as volunteers and priests and priests from India who are investigating about R visa frauds.

Like H-1B applicants, these R visa applicants also paying huge amount money to Temple brokers or owners in the USA. All fees in H-1B and R visa are employer payable only. Including Green Card fees.

Green Card is for future employment so one need not be in USA to get a green card from that employer.  Temples supposed to pay them $3000 monthly salaries and other medical benefits.

Most of the temples in the USA do not pay medical and do not pay $3000 but pay only $1000. So one must make a living in $1000 that inclusive of all(medical, car, and all expenses). No money on temple premises be allowed to taken by them. That is donations by visitors who generally give it to priests like in India.

Temple owners watch it over cameras and beat those priests and snatch that money.

This is informed by many off record. Ofcoruse I told in videos also. One time, a temple priest met an accident injury on his shoulder and due to lack of medical insurance he could not go to any hospitals. 

Let me write how easy to work in Temples in the USA.

Also you type R visa scams in google and see. R visa and Green Cards scams by Hindu Temples.

According to Hindu Dharma, you are NOT supposed to cross oceans for building temples or to work as a priest in temples.

If so you lost your purity as a hindu or “Brahmin” (not caste but varna here) so there is no point in talking about Hinduism anymore.

But USCIS is awarding R visa R-1 Nonimmigrant Religious Workers | USCIS for all religious workers so let us see priests also workers like H-1b indentured servitude.

  1. Lord Balaji Temple Priest job is like a Java Programmer ( not easy)

  2. SAI BABA Temples Priests jobs – Software Test engineer – very easy

  3. Goddess Temples priests: In between Java and testing kind of jobs                                                                                                                                                                                                              Only Vedas required for VISA interviews otherwise day to day jobs not much knowledge required. Because seniors priests manage everything. So technically Hindu Priests in India are more knowledgeable and work hard but paid less or nothing. The same priests in USA after getting green cards, can earn for one event $250 to $2000 dollars where as in India, that event he gets $2 to $10 or $100 maximum in a day or two. Hope you understand now why America?

All the money comes into Temples from American corporations as donations and donations by Indian Doctors and Indian software professionals is not audited and not accountable to anyone. Because Temples are NOT a business and non profitable organizations. So questions asked. Indians doctors some donate money and get fake slips for tax exemptions.

Temples minting profits because they run food canteen( Indian restaurants) and sell food for $5 per plate on weekends(crowd pulling) so they get money from Temple kitchens.

So they are so matured and trying to hire cook and priests as one person for cost cutting. One of such temples in South Carolina, the cook, restroom cleaner cum washing all stuff in temples cum Priests for $1000, someone complained and the priest deported to India and management get a warning from the government for violations of local laws.


At Hyderabad’s “Visa Temple,” Indians pray to come to the U.S. (slate.com)

Kumar will continue to update on this topic. 

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