Identity Theft Business by Indians in India and USA

Identity Theft Business by Indians in India and USA

Being an Indian, I feel ashamed to write this an awareness post. 

Incident One: One day in 2011, I went to this Telugu movie in Edison New Jersey.

Jai Bolo Telangana – This is about Telangana people in United Andhra Pradesh state fighting for separate state and the same state people in the USA also formed separate groups just like Andhra caste based groups to spread hate and hiring process made easy for hiring managers layers companies. It is mainly for jobs sake they divided state into two. During my stay in Edison New Jersey from 2010 to 2015, it is very painful to meet telugu speaking people. Because the state United Andhra Pradesh in India is not bifurcated into two as AP and Telangana. So the Telangana people and AP people in USA fight like street dogs in India over office meetings or private parties. The very first question they ask is: Are you from AP, do you Support Telangana or not? Thank God, the state is divided into two otherwise you will see more cases in the USA where Telugu people drink too much and fighting each other in apartments for the state divisional dirty politics in India.  There was an instance, I told my friends, that I do not attend private parties if invited by telugu people, situation went that worse in America. Things are even worse now after division because the corrupted bodyshops, corrupted caste grousp and corrupted Indian hiring managers are hiring by caste of AP and region of Telangana in the USA. 


After watching this movie alone, coming out of the theater, two gentlemen aged about 50s also walking out of the theater.  They have asked my reviews on the movie. I told, whatever I have knowledge on the Telanagana movement in India. One of them asked my cell phone number by introduced himself as ceo of an Indian Inc. I trusted them because he told he is worked as professor in Guntur District Andhra Pradesh India but not CEO of a bodyshop. We left from the parking lot in Edison New Jersey and started our vehicles and driving to home. Even before reaching my home, I got a call from Guntur AP with Edison NJ digits number. Upon the enquiry the person told, his boss in Edison NJ shared my contact number. I have called again the person who took my cell phone number. He said, he has a training institute for SAS technologies in Guntur AP India and a bodyshop in Edison NJ. His cell phone data will be shared to those two offices among recruiters and staff. They will keep call those numbers until they receiver send their resume, h-1b copies, DL, SSN and other crucial information and also opt for any computer training. It took almost an year to dig out on this subject “identity theft” and contacted American Media about it. 

WSJ confirmed in email that Indians are doing identity theft. Later Al Jazeera confirmed that Indians are forging USA Immigration documents to place their people. From then, I have never stopped my investigations or research on this topic.

Here you go:

There are 700,000 Indian MOM and POP IT Consultancies in USA. At least 50% of them have branches in India across 30 states. Majority of them are corrupted and collecting huge sensitive information from the candidates and selling it to call centers in India for $15 per record. The end result is, you will receive fake calls from fake call centers from India for Tax submissions, IRS scam calls, SSN Scam calls, Training – proxy job supports, and various cyber crimes etc. 

Simple common sense question is, American prime vendors do not ask any of the following information like Indian recruiters are asking or demand or blackmailing to gather the information along with the resume. 

Another professor from USA helped Kumar in doing this research and sent literature that Indians are doing scams – confirmed. Sad part is, neither America nor India could do nothing about it. 

Read this:

Indian call centre that cheated Americans of US$14 million gave staff Christmas bonuses | South China Morning Post (

Public comments


Incident Two: One day in 2011-2017, I have posted an article on this on LinkedIn, it went viral in a day and recruiters have started attacking. Then one of the H2C(Hindu converted Christian) recruiter cum ceo of a bodyshops from Boston MA begged Kumar to delete that post. 

The post is about “identity theft”. How Indian Incs operating in the USA and India stealing information about immigration and SSN details from the candidates. Europe noticed it as “identity Theft”.  

one of my followers told that the people collecting H-1B copies DL, GC and USC etc are selling it for $15 to fake call centers in India. careful when anyone demanding immigration documents along with resume. US clients don’t need your immigration papers for interviews. this is called identity theft. recently Singapore arrested a man from Gujarat India who earned 540 cr inr approximately 8 millions USA asked him to pay back. he recruited 15,000 recruiters to collect these information and call back same people to get their credit cards information. this is an awareness post. you can check in Netflix for similar scams. 90% of 700,000 Bodyshops mom & pop IT consultancies are also doing the same practice. don’t share immigration documents. period.  

With India passport number, anyone can buy a cell phone SIM in India and can be used to place a remote bomb to blast it. This is what happened in Hyderabad India couple of times. How does it matters to India’s passport number for a recruiter in USA when a candidate is applying for a 36 hours project or 3 months or 6 months contract job in the USA? 

American top 10 prime vendors send references checks to the previous work location supervisors. That is fine. Since Indians scammed it, Americans demand only American professional references. In my investigation came to know that Indians layers send jobs, requirements, candidates for future projects and projects outsourcing enquiries to those references rather than really check a reference. 


This shows that all Indian outsourcing companies have two illegal layers (as per USCIS anyone sitting between prime vendor and h-1b petitioners. Those companies have to collect resume directly from the candidates but they are lazy so they depends upon the brokers is what recruiters complained about them. So all outsourcing companies know that these brokers are doing “identity theft”. Interviews with outsourcing companies even painful, they do not share their skype video interviews and record and take pictures of the candidates by assuming that all Indian candidates are fake and fraud. This is after end client is unknown, because outsourcing companies do not share, billing rate would be $25 an hr after 2 to 3 layers and outsourcing companies and questions will be bombarded on only one technology and the interviewer is NOT  SME(Subject matter expertise) is other technologies where job needs multiple skills set. 

Full date of Birth: This is illegal to ask in the USA and local laws violations. But majority of Indian companies and consultancies somehow interested in your age than to your skill set or expertise in IT. They ask either complete DOB with year on the call or in the email. If you refuse to give, they will ask India passport number, latest i-94 or GC or USC copy or Drivers Licenses by telling a lie a photo ID is needed. They tell you, all this is needed for the client. When enquired, one hiring manager told recently, the vendor filtered out and did not even give email id and phone number of the candidates except the first name and last name and the resume. Vendor coordinated for Skype video call link to share with the candidate. So all the information – sensitive gathered to sell it to Call Centers in India.

Fake calls that you receive.. Indian national gets 20-year jail for running call centers that defrauded US citizens

Public comments on this TV news and written in Telugu by people.

Public comments on this TV news and written in Telugu by people.

All these thousands of call centers in India getting information from the fake IT staffing agencies and bodyshops in the USA. 


Subscribers research

Significant EEOC Race/Color Cases(Covering Private and Federal Sectors) | U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Indian Consultancies and Indian recruiters want to filter candidates by nationality.


Indian Consultancies and Indian recruiters want to filter candidates by religion. 

Nityo-Infotech ‘Please Do Not Submit Muslim Candidates’ Recruiting Message – Kumar Exclusive

Why hiring manager is not hiring talented people?

We read everyday in the news that there is a shortage of talents. But, the reality is talented people never get to talk to you hiring managers or get hired. Why, because of (some of) the following reasons:

  1. Job description is not really description of job but it is a grocery list of all the skills, which no one really can acquire all the skills in the world. You are too greedy or stupid or total a total Idiot.

  2. Resumes are shortlisted based on key word search by ATMs (Automated Talent (search) Machines). So, whoever writes good resume to beat the ATMs will get to speak to recruiter.

You are encouraging another talent of writing resume skills. Resumes are mostly FAKE stories. None of you really read. You are relying on ATM’s keywords not TRUE talent

  1. You have hired recruiters to source people by reading resumes (this is a mistake). Recruiters outsource to bunch of recruiters and they are also like your recruiters with no skills of recruiting talented people. Outsourcing cheap 3rd grade India Incs search resumes on Monster/Dice/online social resume engine, which any 10th standard Fail can do and India has millions of such useless people.

  2. Indian recruiters are bunch of Jokers in circus who put up some american fake accent and american fake name and sitting in Indian smelly toilets and try to recruit for American circus companies.

  3. These bunch of Indian cheap labour companies try to recruit criminals instead of genuine people. They think by asking Green card copy, DOB, SSN, are doing screening of criminals. Most genuine talented people/talented American citizens refuse to provide such information. Hence you will end up recruiting only criminals.

Good Luck hiring manager hiring talent!!!

PS:  You can hire me as your coach for recruiting talented people!!

You have hired untalented people to find talent.

  1. You have listed

Indian Consultancies, Indian recruiters want to eliminate Americans.

Former Infosys recruiter says he was told not to hire U.S. workers | Computerworld

SAP Field-glass details. NO SSN or DOB required

FAQ: Managing contingent workers in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central | SAP Blogs

nonsense job interviews and job descriptions!!


Many Job Descriptions are nonsensical and meaningless!! Probably written by some brain dead, Indian INC HR recruiters!!

Companies waste so much time and money on interviewing and yet they claim they fire people because of poor performance?

 Tell me, how would someone test #3 and #4 in below job description?

  1. 2+ years of Java coding experience

  2. Technical proficiency with transforming structured and unstructured data set 3. Strong analytical skills, attention to detail and accuracy 4. Expert problem-solving skills and creative thinking ability



50% total data breaches happen in India

Those who share SSN, DOB, DL Copy, Passport number, with recruiters, PLEASE READ THIS!! GOOD LUCK!!!


Data breaches cost organisations in India about Rs 12.8 crore on average between July 2018 and April 2019. The global average total cost of a data breach was USD 3.92 million (about Rs 27.03 crore).

India orgs lost avg 12.8 cr to data breaches: IBM | Deccan Herald


Honest unemployed people in India!!!

Marketing head-turned-cabbie awes customer, gets lucky | Deccan Herald


Kumar, Read this story!! Many honest, talented people are unemployed in India (and now in USA) because of corrupt, hypocrite, unqualified, idiot Indian Incs useless cheap Leaders!!

“The 52-year-old had knocked at many doors but was rejected by most of the companies as he was old and overqualified. Finally, Nair became a cab driver as he always knew he was good behind the wheel.”


Fake Recruitment Companies


Let’s take couple of scenarios:

Scenario 1. Fake resume/candidate: Recruiters can google candidates name and check his fakebook page or social media, etc. OK, they don’t find. Then he goes for interview, why can’t interviewers find out whether candidate is genuine or not? OK, candidate passes interview. Next step is background check. BC should reveal everything. If found fake, then don’t hire.

Just because, useless interviewers in organization not able to find out FAKE candidates, why are you encouraging illegal activities like collecting SSN,DL copy, passport number etc? Looks like this whole IT recruitment in USA is FRAUD and FAKE!!

Scenario 2. Genuine candidates: Genuine people are tortured and killed by the useless, brain dead, uneducated, 10th std fail, IT recruiters sitting in dirty smelly toilets in India (and recruiting US people). Eventually genuine candidates do not get any jobs as their resumes don’t even reach hiring manager.

There is a big FRAUD going on in current IT recruitment. Do you agree?

If there is a genuine recruiter he would explain you the whole process. Can you judge the taste of the food just by its looks??? I am sure there are fake recruitment companies as much so as there are fake candidates….


Tech M contract cancelled!!

”  several major breaches in contract by Tech Mahindra, including failure to supply documentation in understandable English and supplying fewer personnel to the project than originally promised. “

After alleged ‘bait and switch,’ Nevada DMV cancels $78 million IT contract (



I do not even know your company and I am not sure whether your company is fraud or genuine.

How can I share my personal details such as SSN and DOB (partial). Once can use this partial information and hack into my US Bank accounts.

How dangerous is it to reveal your date of birth, and why?

ID Thieves Love These Everyday Numbers

Fraudsters need just three details to steal your identity – and most of it can be found on Facebook

Don’t Share Your Birth Date Online


Please read this:


Subscribers sent this, not only identity theft but also Indians are doing visa fraud.



Poorna Sekhar 3 hours ago


Worked as an engineer and retired after 32 years. Never understood how these young Telugu guys are driving most luxurious cars like Porsche, level higher than BMW, Audi, etc, and living in 1.2 million dollar homes!!!!!.

Initially I thought these Telugu guys must be smart,I accidentally stumbled upon your videos, and like yous said with 50000 consulting body shops, and constant supply of 150000 students coming from India every year. Oh My God This much Fraud is going on?????.

“My request is the honest IT professionals should start exposing these fraudsters, otherwise their own survival and the future for their own children is in jeopardy”

KUMAR EXCLUSIVE 16 minutes ago

I noticed one out of 10 h1bs does proxy business to F1s, h4 Eads etc. That man gets $1000 to $2000 per call. Average they attend as many interviews as possible so they can buy anything. I have evidence too but the government is not interested in it. Displaced Americans reported to FBI about fake, proxy so no change. A boy told F1, he will marry a girl in India who knows DevOps because DevOps proxy for a female is demanding here. She sits at home and attends 5 to 8 proxy calls get her huge money. His idea. Later found body shops only doing interviews for female by using voice modulators.


Identity Fraud of candidates  vs (Fake)resumes collection from candidates

It’s illegal and crime to theft others sensitive information like Driver license copy, H1B copy, Passport copy, i-94 copy, SSN copy, complete date of birth, H1B Visa stamping copy, in the name of resume collection either from India or USA. The top 10 American vendors or any American vendors won’t do these cheap tactics or scams. Friends, stop providing these details if you are H1B looking for projects.

This is a scam. H1B-Epi 381; IDENTITY FRAUD/THEFT by firms; US & EU Noticed

Recruitment friend’s version;

  1. Recruiters ask for American references and they don’t provide because they don’t have genuine experience. If we post a requirement out of 50 resumes may be only 1 resume found to be genuine, rest are fake. 2. No LinkedIn profile, resume is fake.

  2. Indian reference is cannot trust worthy.

  3. Asking for Passport Information is wrong but Asking for Date of Birth(mm/dd) and Last Four Digits SSN is not wrong.

  4. Majority of the Indian incs fake h1bs resumes to 7 years local -junior, 10 years local -senior though guys worked 10 years in India.


Kumar, Can you tell us how to find a genuine candidates, because now a days many firms are editing opt-ead card into Gc-EAD card…. so let us know the best way how to screen the candidates……..

Displaced Americans/Locals(Americans) Version; Why don’t you hire American? (22 Millions Displaced, 50% of local graduates unemployed.

  1. Why don’t you hire American? (Million displaced 50% of local graduates unemployed.

Law of the land version;

  1. Anyone between prime vendors and H1B petitioner is illegal, unethical and unlawful.

8.Please don’t ask for Full SSN and Passport. Full SSN can be misused and Asking for Passport is not appropriate as per EEO Labor laws. You can check on American References and Client Letters to verify genuine experience.

Richard Boruta

It is a part of the widespread identity fraud. Since 2012 India became the largest hotspot for identity theft. Millions of people had their identity stolen by fake job postings originated by Indian “recruiters”. The EU estimated that up to 5 million of its citizens have their identity stolen and abused in India alone. The DoJ is aware of this problem in the US as well and there been dozen arrests in last several years. One fake company located in NoVA managed to steal several thousands Pii alone. Once you put your resume out you will be surprised how many accented, unintelligent calls you get to monitor your credit, refinance loans, or offered some fake financial services.

Richard Boruta

. It is not much different when criminals in Russia are using online dating sites or Nigerians emailing you to claim some sort of inheritance. The identity theft from fake job sites is widespread and many are not yet aware of this problem. It just been noticed by US and EU. Since about 85% job recruiters are now operating from India and there is a high chance that there is a higher probability for a criminal activity originating from one segment of life (job hunt) and country.

Kumar’s friend Ravi version;

Watch “H1B-Episode 64 A million Dollar question” on YouTube Https:// Many do not know and Employers some agree but others do not agree. I have no clue if H1B searches for projects, what does employers do in USA? A million Dollar question.

Victims version; A victim sent a message :The article which you have written about the identity theft happened to him. Someone used his opt extension I797c to get a job. His ssn too. Credit report shows different employer name.

An Indian woman worker wrote;

She was threatened by consulting companies: They don’t submit her profile if she won’t not provide sensitive information. She is already in crisis and do not insist her to give this information.

Few others;

Shekhar Shiveshwarkar

Fully agree with you Kumar. Sharing I797 to confirm work status is fine. But getting passport copy and verifying Arrival Departure records of H1 individuals from USCIS site is against the USCIS policies.

Cyber bulling by Indian recruiters

Watch “Inappropriate comments on LinkedIn, personal attacks” on YouTube

In person, attacking me, Telugu MS Student USA.

Thanks for his Indian culture.

Media friends told Indian recruiters selling sensitive information for $15 in USA. These days(2017), for no reasons, recruiting firms owned by Indians are collecting all information of about h1b/opt/cpt/h4 ead etc. Also they forward resume to their spouse companies to take $25 to $65 an hour commission. Middle layer is illegal in USA.

I am trying to write it on LinkedIn, a boy named MAHESH M studied BTECH in India and MS in USA, wrote filthy comments in Telugu( one of the 16+ languages in India which we speak in India in our Telugu states.). He also wrote he will attack me if I write further on that topic.

Americans can imagine how much these F1 and H1bs can attack or kill fellow Indians in USA for writing TRUTH. This is in spite of Law of the Land is very strict.

One hand, we are ditching America, Americans and on the other hand we prey on our fellows and acting like vultures in USA.

The bottom-line or the truth is; people on temporary visas or GC or US Citizens by naturalization faking resumes like anything including their visa documents to get into an highly paid American’s job. The same time, Recruiters especially firms owned by Indians hijack someone’s job(background check firms) into their hands and started collecting all the sensitive information like SSN/complete DOB/Passport copies/VISA stamped pages/DL copy/Library ID copy/i-797 copies etc at the initial stage(layer-1) itself to forward it to layer 2 to 5. Layer is noting but a middlemen/broker.

Layer business is not wrong but illegal layers or middle layers is wrong.

All this HIGH DRAMA after not hiring locals or Americans by hiring managers(especially who are on H1B/GC or US Citizen by naturalization) and

Insert a layer or conflict of interest (his or her own layer company) to loot $25 to $65 an hour from these fake resumes guys or experienced guys but they want only Indians who are on temporary visas.



New York



Privacy risks of giving out the last four digits of SSN (



What do they do with your DL and SSN?

They will apply for Credit Card and ruin your credit history and life in America.

What should I do?

Go to DMV and complain about the thief stolen your identity and get a new DL.

This is the damage Indians are causing to Indians.

Kumar will continue to update this post.

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